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KIYARA about info comming soon...



YESBANK 12 Dec 11:16 AM

Newspaper reports are that RBI approval is received for two FIIs to take up to ten percent share investment in the bank. This will give the bank fresh equity to grow business.

AUROPHARMA 12 Dec 11:16 AM

This stk only buy put earn full money nd call side only zero value … only put buy

JYOTIRES 12 Dec 11:15 AM

Say Tata To Your All Lossesss Be In Touch and get Daily Levels For Earnn frm mrkt.

NSEI 12 Dec 11:15 AM

aaj ka target 🎯 18700 .........

NSEBANK 12 Dec 11:14 AM

bank nifty like indexes should be banned they re bidding gambling they can trap many ones easily with less number of banking stocks their duty very easy ones

NSEI 10 Dec 05:36 PM

nifty year 2021-2022-12k to 19k year 2023 20k 🆎ovep dont worry light dip buy on dip why thinking? 21

NSEBANK 10 Dec 05:36 PM

The market is positive and trends continue nifty 44000 on Monday

ITC 10 Dec 05:35 PM

A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart...

ALKEM 10 Dec 05:35 PM

Say Tata To Your All Lossesss Be In Touch and get Daily Levels For Earnn frm mrkt.

INDUSINDBK 10 Dec 05:35 PM

RK was Warren Buffett of US plus George Soros of Hungary combined. The real big bull unlike Harshad Mehta..

CHAMBLFERT 12 Sep 02:44 PM

DJ Mediaprint & Logistics touches roof on securing orders from IDBI Bank

NSEBANK 12 Sep 02:43 PM

After 3 PM Today Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy for Target is 40800

CONCOR 12 Sep 02:43 PM

What a Lollipop this is!A container overflowing with moolah! All lliputs are encouraged to pick up this Loolipop as a portfolio stock.Drool,drool....

HEG 12 Sep 02:43 PM

valuation is showing incorrect on monecontrol website for HEG for some seconds on 12th September it is showing prices as 1316 but in last couple of days its doesnt gone above m1250 even

NSEI 12 Sep 02:42 PM

maruti suzuki pressure continues better to exit and entry lower levels target again move 8700 and 8675 levels lower levels can come

ACC 09 Sep 03:01 PM

ye sab bolne ki baat hai sir ye ab 2300 ke range mai trade hoga for few months atleast

JSL 09 Sep 03:01 PM

Hold Jindal Stainless at current level ... It may taste 145...

NEWGEN 09 Sep 03:01 PM

see how its going in due course this idly sambar will be very tasty soon

TATASTEEL 09 Sep 03:00 PM

what a blast, it broke 2-3 up circuits..great, stock of the day...

NSEI 09 Sep 03:00 PM

as told you that market cant fall, and here it is, it will close around 17890 and Monday opening will be more than 18000, market will never fall for a single day in 2022, mark my works, market can never fall

GLAND 09 Sep 02:59 PM

buy mark my words intraday 2400 tgt 2435.

GUJGASLTD 08 Sep 05:11 PM

Search in google adani green recommendation by prit patel

BARBEQUE 08 Sep 05:11 PM

ABFRL surges on getting SEBI s exemption over listing shares of Rs 2,195 crore alloted to Caladium

NSEI 08 Sep 05:11 PM

Sell Vi! Vodafone Idea as it crosses 13.50. i feel the due conversion update is an opportunity to cover losses and exit.

IRCTC 08 Sep 05:10 PM

IRCTC gains on wining e-auction for commercial space in New Delhi

SCANDENT 08 Sep 05:10 PM

Selling pressure 50% down ho chuka hai, only 14 lakh selling order today and next day very down selling pressure then Monday sercute open from uper sercute, because this prize is great support

NSEBANK 08 Sep 05:09 PM

holding pe for next week what will happen tomorrow up or down.

PTC 07 Sep 03:01 PM

any time circuit... bye 1 power company 2 almost debth Free 3 regular dividend pay 4 3 subsidiaries which want to sell out if not than also bnifitd 5 not a single quarter it book loss 6 assets are good 7 collebration with all psus...

CONCOR 07 Sep 03:00 PM

amazing voloumes from 7 lakh shares yesterday already crossed 2 crore shares and volumes rising every minute....

MMP 07 Sep 03:00 PM

no any future in this script. jabaki company bahut profit me hain but share at dip.🙁

NSEI 07 Sep 03:00 PM

said earlier short term trend profit booking indicate market heavy tired zone

NSEBANK 07 Sep 02:59 PM

After 3 PM Today confirm news Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy for Target is 39600 again confirmed News Today confirm news today

GRASIM 06 Sep 04:30 PM

Search in google adani green recommendation by prit Patel

RELINFRA 06 Sep 04:30 PM

Reliance infra jalwa mode 13% upppp,from 16 to 182 now,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

TATACHEM 06 Sep 04:29 PM

Tata chem 13% up total jalwa mode,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

LAXMIMACH 06 Sep 04:29 PM

Dreamfolks Services lists with 54.91% premium on the BSE

NSEBANK 06 Sep 04:27 PM

I have 50 lot of CE 40000 at a price of Rs 162. I hope gapup tomorrow. This is my final trade.

NSEI 06 Sep 04:26 PM

all nifty 50 stocks are going down but index is moving up bcoz of algorithms running fno

GRASIM 05 Sep 04:47 PM


GAIL 05 Sep 04:47 PM

Ex bonus price would be 91.15 since todays closing price is 136.75. After ex bonus issue, once gas supply issue is resolved , Gail price may reach again 130 level.

YESBANK 05 Sep 04:47 PM

Dish tv trading at Rs.17/- after 20%UC but Yes Bank 😌😌😌

NSEI 05 Sep 04:46 PM

Given the conditions, a gap up of 40-50 points will be golden opportunity to short. Thats why I will initiate heavy shorts for this expiry tomorrow. After gap up, A good trade can be initiate in first 15 minutes.

NSEBANK 05 Sep 04:46 PM

Bank Nifty closing has been bad , check last 3 candles all red and inside candle farmed broke bottom of the mother candle only what saved BN today was market closing else formed very bearish pattern today.

NSEBANK 03 Sep 04:12 PM

it will boost on Monday big upmove expected

NSEI 03 Sep 04:12 PM

Indian economy is on a different path than US or EU.Buy on dip even if it falls the fall will not be big

M&M 03 Sep 04:10 PM

interested to gain wealth? Profit sharing is the way to go

BALRAMCHIN 03 Sep 04:09 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day..

MINDTREE 03 Sep 04:09 PM

Recovery in market is all about discipline and patience, profit sharing work

RBLBANK 03 Sep 04:08 PM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

MPHASIS 03 Sep 04:01 PM

Market rewards teamwork lets work on profit sharing

HSCL 02 Sep 04:21 PM

Search in google adani green recommendation by prit Patel

ZOTA 02 Sep 04:21 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

TTML 02 Sep 04:20 PM

jinhone aaj exit liya wo exit gd luck exit hone wala hai Monday ko sure down jayega ye mera khud ka study hai

RELIANCE 02 Sep 04:20 PM

Bjp is adani. Congress is ambani. Tata is thug life for both. Dont compare

NSEI 02 Sep 04:20 PM

Nifty fifty 16700 possible in September series , one correction required for fresh entry

NSEBANK 02 Sep 04:19 PM

By the way some option buyers say that made big today but I believe both sides option buyers lost today as market was flat , dont believe blindly in this free forum. Only option seller made money today as premium has gone down both sides.

NBVENTURES 01 Sep 03:15 PM

someone consume all big selling sold by panic holder

TATASTEEL 01 Sep 03:14 PM

Tata Steel start its Jamsedpur unit 4 September....... Increase profit margin....... Cool Dear.... its hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥......After suggest TATA Tele ( once again buyer circuit)......... Buy. ....TATA STEEL...and...ho... 

RTNINFRA 01 Sep 03:14 PM

Aaj ka din to nikal gya....Kal kya Hoga Bhai...? Market kitna UP or Down Jaiyega..? Any Idea from Expert here.?

INDUSINDBK 01 Sep 03:14 PM

sell all shares in indusind bank ..huge crash ahead expected

GLENMARK 01 Sep 03:10 PM

blind whenever you get chance... valuation reduced to 12 p.e.

NSEI 01 Sep 03:10 PM

IMAX screen Nifty Movie will start now at 3.15PM. Be ready for down fall.

NSEBANK 01 Sep 03:09 PM

Now it seems heavy buying of FII.. lets see

NSEI 30 Aug 10:55 AM

At 10.50 am. PE additions around 530k lots and CEs almost NIL. Nifty can remain super strong in plus hundred fifty to plus two hundred fifty points range.

NSEBANK 30 Aug 10:54 AM

as said close to 39000 this is very positive now expiry till 39400/500

TEJASNET 30 Aug 10:53 AM

tejas is my best investment till date.

KIRIINDUS 30 Aug 10:52 AM

500 ke uper jaana chahiye and then Mrgpk will be proved wrong as always

ASHOKLEY 30 Aug 10:51 AM

medical sectors super strong you can expect sharp recovery

UTTAMSUGAR 30 Aug 10:51 AM

promoter pledge share nil now to increase capital for repaying debt they are declare right issue so guys ready for flying

SNOWMAN 30 Aug 10:51 AM

Buy it will blast any time upto level 45

RELIANCE 29 Aug 06:34 PM

RIL : Ril Says Will update Shareholders About JIO , Ril Retail IPO in Speech Next Year

GAIL 29 Aug 06:33 PM

This is 100% truth. In todays world, Bonus, dividend, stock splits etc are irrelevant. The gist of relevance is how much potential upside is possible from the current levels.

REPCOHOME 29 Aug 06:33 PM

It will consolidate in the range of 210-220 after a few days, till then keep selling.

EICHERMOT 29 Aug 06:33 PM

expected goid upmove. but disappointed. let us see.

SBCL 29 Aug 06:32 PM

Any interpretations on whether this bonus ratio is good or bad ? Is it disappointing in any way ?

NSEI 29 Aug 06:32 PM

Powell speech is not unknown...the reaction is over. The aura of market is positive...Auto...FMCG...Banks has lot to go ...The IT beaten for long is yet to recover...By Deepavali Nifty will be above 19000....

NSEBANK 29 Aug 06:32 PM

strong support 37850 if trade below support then 37500 & 37300

RBLBANK 27 Aug 02:10 PM

cref has bought only .75 % stake ... 45 lakh shares ... dont spread lies

JAICORPLTD 27 Aug 02:09 PM

Big news expected in jaicorp Reliance agm.. Sez news.. Reliance may buy jaicorp land parcel in navi mumbai sez..

TCS 27 Aug 02:09 PM

Buy TCS at 3222 tgt will be 3400 keep sl 3190

TTML 27 Aug 02:09 PM

dont create selling presure in TTML

NSEI 27 Aug 02:08 PM

nasdaq almost crashed. usually rpower performs better when nifty is down. lets see what happens. might experience some turbulence.

UNITECH 27 Aug 02:08 PM

buy unitech and hold patiently target multifold but may take time dont miss to add hero zero call

NSEBANK 27 Aug 02:07 PM

Russian market always go opposite to USA n European market.. indian has to react again USA market

TTML 26 Aug 04:33 PM

How can just a high volume be an indicator for reversal to UC? 106L volume in NSE today and still closed at minus 5 percent..

BCG 26 Aug 04:33 PM

There is No big or large deals after 3pm, so either FII or DII invested not any operators...

ALKYLAMINE 26 Aug 04:32 PM

Sell alkyl amines and buy Balaji amines

SHIVAMAUTO 26 Aug 04:32 PM

very solid fundamental, excellent company near target is RS 50 hold it

NSEI 26 Aug 04:31 PM

sell off coming in nifty driven by metals, energy, and auto.

NSEBANK 26 Aug 04:31 PM

positive upmove expected on Monday

BSOFT 25 Aug 05:20 PM

UNO Minda zooms on investing around Rs 300 crore to expand manufacturing capacity

SPICEJET 25 Aug 05:19 PM

Samvardhana Motherson International gains on signing MoU with MISA

PVR 25 Aug 05:19 PM

Bandhan Bank jumps on planning to open 551 more branches in FY23

INFIBEAM 25 Aug 05:19 PM

good news. should show upmove of 10% tmrw

NSEI 25 Aug 05:18 PM

most of them must be carrying puts...must be deep fried if they get holds till monday

NSEBANK 25 Aug 05:18 PM

Bank Nifty: rsi is oversold intraday so expect a bounce tomorrow from current levels. but in daily tf we can clearly see a negative divergence and so does the price action tells of selling.

JSWSTEEL 23 Aug 05:06 PM

Indian Hotels Company inches up on opening Ginger hotel in Ahmedabad

NSEBANK 23 Aug 05:05 PM

Tomorrow huge gapup, entire day will be in green thirdwave

SURYAROSNI 23 Aug 05:05 PM

sir..I had 4700 shares at 510...but now 370..will it bounce back?

PATELENG 23 Aug 05:04 PM

Patel Engg. Pledge taken Over for Qty. 20,12,53,512 Please check BSE update site.

COROMANDEL 23 Aug 05:04 PM

Shriram Transport Finance Company inches up on planning to raise funds

NSEI 23 Aug 05:04 PM

nifty while closing 17623 but after 15 mins its showing as 17577..

NSEI 22 Aug 05:06 PM

Nifty break its strong level 17500 . Now next level is enjoy PE

ICICIBANK 22 Aug 05:06 PM

International & domestic market falling heavily... trap for retail investor exit exit...

CHENNPETRO 22 Aug 05:05 PM

Asian grm crosses 21 usd today very good news for standalone refinery companies like MRPL and CHENNAI PETRO.... if it crosses 25 USD both these stock will touch new highs in just 2/3 days.... fingers cross

PARACABLES 22 Aug 05:05 PM

buy as many shares as your wallet permits.This is a turnaround company with very good future prospects.My target for this multibagger is at least between Rs.45 to 55 by September quarter results.

ZOMATO 22 Aug 05:05 PM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

FSL 22 Aug 05:04 PM

Shriram Transport Finance Company inches up on planning to raise funds

NSEBANK 22 Aug 05:04 PM

bought 17500ce and 38400 ce for hedging

NSEBANK 20 Aug 03:25 PM

The monthly expiry should be at 40000, after reaching near to its target, it should not reverse..surely it can try once to reach at 40k.

EKI 20 Aug 03:24 PM

Kuch bhi! Keep talking. Nobody is falling for your pseudointellectual bearcrap here.

SHIVACEM 20 Aug 02:59 PM

132 KV Incoming Power Status The civil work on 23/40 line towers is completed while the balance work is still under progress. Further, a total of 12 towers have been erected.

CHEMCRUX 20 Aug 02:53 PM

Heading towards 400 by mid September ......

NATIONALUM 20 Aug 02:51 PM

If FII and DII are holding 26% of the equity, and gradually adding in their portfolio..then there is a dividend YIELD of 6% , lets stay invested for atleast 3 months.. should do very well

PNB 19 Aug 05:47 PM

looking gud for long term buy on any dip and hold for more

TATAELXSI 19 Aug 05:47 PM

profit booking was happening at present as it rallied 30% from past one month

BOROLTD 19 Aug 05:46 PM

ADD on solar cells was imposed for 2 years in May22 month...No change i think.

BANDHANBNK 19 Aug 05:46 PM

Fundamentally its a very strong stock , all divisions are firing, buy and keep it for posterity

ITC 19 Aug 05:46 PM

When sensex turn in to green will cross 550 Opportunity to Buy.

NSEBANK 19 Aug 05:45 PM

Correction will reach 32500 soon.

ADANIPOWER 18 Aug 07:34 PM

book for half of the profit, if you can take risk, book full, wait for correction and buy full strength again

POLYPLEX 18 Aug 07:34 PM

IF both FII and DII are increasing, then who will purchase. Understand the cycle of investment. FIIs are not selling any quantity here, so DIIs are not buying.

MISHTANN 18 Aug 07:33 PM

when compared with sayaji industries Ltd...., mishtann foods Mcap is large ,why mishtann foods pvt Ltd is in two digit figure and sayaji industries in 3 digit figure....,

BCG 18 Aug 07:33 PM

If LC starts you will not able to sell.

RATEGAIN 18 Aug 07:32 PM

after huge run up yesterday now rategain today in consolidated phase.... my view intact bullish as need to change thats right now

RBLBANK 18 Aug 07:32 PM

above 102 closing great... now revised the tgt 112 -115 ..

NSEI 18 Aug 07:31 PM

Triple S...also interesting to note how the SGX is falling in line with the US mkts...for over a lonth when the US mkts fell 200 pts sgx fell only 15 or 20 ots...we shall see how this goes going fwd once fiis turn short...

NSEBANK 18 Aug 07:31 PM

I dont think BN is going to correct before Making All Time or after Diwali, Bcoz FII just started Buying and DII sips are running, Chances are very less of Huge Correction - lets see

QUADRANT 17 Aug 05:21 PM

What may be the circuit,let Quadrant Tele. go to 10 rs...

BCG 17 Aug 05:21 PM

very great explained...just saw a vid they said growth return upto 750X in watch type...bullbrezza email..must see

TATASTEEL 17 Aug 05:21 PM

Good stock to accumulate. buy on dips.

NSEI 17 Aug 05:20 PM

All CE Holders Superb Trapped Today ,I think Minimum 100 Points Down Excepted , Bank Nifty Down 300-500 Points Excepted

RBLBANK 17 Aug 05:19 PM

UltraTech Cements capacity to grow to 159 mtpa post latest round of expansion

MINDACORP 17 Aug 05:19 PM

please suggest expert share go down today and future situation.i bought around 575 per share 200 nos for shairt term

NSEBANK 17 Aug 05:16 PM

ha ha ha tomorrow min 600 points down mark my words

NSEBANK 17 Aug 05:16 PM

ha ha ha tomorrow min 600 points down mark my words

YESBANK 16 Aug 06:18 PM

sare investors mare pade hain sabhi ko lollypop de raha hai thoda move karta hai aur naye investors fas jate hai ki ab yeh chalega math buy karo jab tak 25 nahi cross karta

SINGER 16 Aug 06:18 PM

good stock in your portfolio

TTML 16 Aug 06:17 PM

BCG not going up even with good result. Also promoters reducing stake in BCG. TTML with same revenue and a normal result still holding with good consolidation. Moral is never compare third rated scrip with the TATA GROUP. Wait for one month more and see the rally in TTML scrip.

GATI 16 Aug 06:17 PM

tomorrow down and down gati no up zee business live semi ji

UJJIVAN 16 Aug 06:17 PM

Expected full year EPS is Rs2.5 post equity dilution and merger, and at 15 PE stock can touch Rs 37 in 9-12 months

ALOKINDS 16 Aug 06:16 PM

next month target 17

RATEGAIN 16 Aug 06:16 PM

my view intact as per my previous posts... buy in every declined... 272 now strong support based already tolds several times before thats

NSEBANK 16 Aug 06:16 PM

booked 120rs profit per lot and bought for BTST as well. after a very long time seen green in my trading.

NSEI 16 Aug 06:15 PM

Nifty will not cross Happy Trading. Short at 17900 tomorrow. SL 17920

IOC 15 Aug 07:35 PM

Oil drops as China data disappoints, Iran talks in focus . .

MANGALAM 15 Aug 07:34 PM

V. much disappointing results, LC likely

RELINFRA 15 Aug 07:31 PM

In my opinion,now onwards,it should show positive share price returns,on qoq basis.Hold is the call,buy if you are not invested in other profit giving stocks,now qoq basis it will give good returns.

GRASIM 15 Aug 07:31 PM

Buy Grasim target of Rs 1880

APOLLOHOSP 15 Aug 07:31 PM

Buy Apollo Hospitals target of Rs 5110

LICI 15 Aug 07:30 PM

Buy Life Insurance Corporation target of Rs 830

NSEI 15 Aug 07:30 PM

dow futures jumped 200 points.. looks nifty open abv 18k

NSEBANK 15 Aug 07:30 PM

short covering short covering short covering i only know that i also will short for that volumes should support price action should support my ultimate target is profit not which side i take profit and buy dips again is my agenda for now ✌️

MGL 14 Aug 05:41 PM

Very happy for your blockbuster profit on MGL BTST call, enjoy n preserve this profit as your profit has become part of your capital :)

NSEI 14 Aug 05:40 PM

Please always keep standard 1.5% as SL also if one BTST like MGL gave good profit, try to exit another at cost to make the day profitable!

IRCTC 14 Aug 05:38 PM

Friends - Hope you got benefitted from my near term support of IRCTC :) Enjoy the profit :)

BHARATFORG 14 Aug 05:37 PM

Bharat Forge results related calls simply unstoppable and rocked this morning, enjoy the gain and trail the SL to ride the profit :)

EROSMEDIA 14 Aug 05:37 PM

Friends - I%u2019ve always believed that you can think positively just as well as you can think negatively. Positive thoughts always brings the BEST in you!! Never mind if your portfolio is down as tomorrow going to be very bright!

TATASTEEL 14 Aug 05:36 PM

Metals stocks are on fire today, watch out!! Happy trading day!

NSEBANK 14 Aug 05:35 PM

market is immune to deaths and births.. it will continue its uptrend till 41000..

SUNPHARMA 13 Aug 06:40 PM

I have purchased 100 shares of sunpharma 910 about 7 years back . even after 7 years it has not crossed my purchase price. we all should request in the agm to the chairman at least issue bonus SHARES . last bonus was on 2013.

RASIELEC 13 Aug 06:39 PM

This is going to hit all time high in next 6 months. Excellent results from last 4 qtrs.

NSEBANK 13 Aug 06:39 PM

Monday FII can turn the Sellers ... Tuesday can be Bears day...after gap up open ..profit booking will drag to 39000..388800/38500 further any upmove..move downward.. consolidate and go up...normal phenomenon but its continuously increasing from past 15 days... already both index are in over bought position.. selling pressure may drag the index min 1000 to 1500 points in couple of days.. Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday

OONE 13 Aug 06:39 PM

OMG!! Fantastic growth both in top line and bottom line at record levels in recent past.. This share will be on fire from now on ..

ATULAUTO 13 Aug 06:38 PM

results are positive since losses have come down. due to festive season there can be significant improvement of sales in Q2. Im of opinion next quarter profits will happen

CHENNPETRO 13 Aug 06:38 PM

Good news. It will move upwards and may cross 300 in near term.

HILTON 13 Aug 06:37 PM

no profit in company no future see last bulk trade only broker are buying and selling retaliers not buy

NSEI 13 Aug 06:37 PM


SANGHIIND 12 Aug 02:57 PM

In Aug2021 Sanghi was priced at 76

NSEI 12 Aug 02:57 PM

you know thr zero to hero trade might be on bajaj finance and icici from now till end of august..they have had a monster rally ...

GTLINFRA 12 Aug 02:56 PM

Tuesday We may witness GAP Up Above 1.53.

KMCSHIL 12 Aug 02:56 PM

Finally. UC. , best. Results. From last. 6. Quarters. Hope. Upside continues. From here . But. In markets. Support is needed. Else. No use of good. Results. This should be near. 160. But. Only below 60. So no support in the market.

AWL 12 Aug 02:56 PM

Hope by the asm removal, my pulses will still be beating. Already in hospital on dribs.

MSTCLTD 12 Aug 02:55 PM

The only stocks bleeding in my portfolio 😐

EKC 12 Aug 02:55 PM

Intra day short covering coming soon, can take it to about 127. Due to consolidation, upper end got capped, or it would already be at 123.

SUZLON 12 Aug 02:55 PM

Huge net profit of Rs.2432/- Cr. for June202 Google news

NSEBANK 12 Aug 02:54 PM

ok i know be careful on Tuesday you all ce holders will caght be very careful tuesday fall 800 bank nifty

NSEBANK 11 Aug 08:13 PM

first earn two lacs profit those who have five lacs capital and wants to earn per month profit wasap me above no

NSEI 11 Aug 08:12 PM

Tomorrow also marker open gap up, market almost over brought, Aug 16 onwards correction will be start up to NIFTY 17200

RENUKA 11 Aug 08:11 PM

Dear. Honorable Respectable Mr. Kans ji please clarify are you holding only Renuka stock in your portfolio?

SIEMENS 11 Aug 08:10 PM

Short Term View: Buy Siemens Above 2835 Target Level 2890.

GLENMARK 11 Aug 08:10 PM

Short Term View: Buy Glenmark Above 393 Target Level 405.

STARPAPER 11 Aug 08:10 PM

Hopefully, first quarter report will pave the way for good year ahead...this may turn out to be best paper stock.. catch before it flies further.

IDFC 11 Aug 08:09 PM

Buy idfc first bank Target Targets Rs 52 FIRST AND SECOND 60

SALASAR 11 Aug 08:08 PM

Stock has consolidated for good time.. Order Book 1200 Cr Plus Two new Expansions would start working in Dec 22 Looks good to me for Medium to Long Term First target 56 for 18-24 Month time horizon Second target 72 for 30-36 Month horizon

INTEGRA 09 Aug 12:15 PM

Do not sell single share otherwise missed this next journey start soon, big deal happen ahead

TRIDENT 09 Aug 12:15 PM

wait till evening result is good and dividend also good amount

PCJEWELLER 09 Aug 12:14 PM

Why export default is increasing quarter on quarter? Are they again going to give discount to appropriate party 🥳 . Have not seen jewellers giving discount on gold to anyone.

KTKBANK 09 Aug 12:14 PM

A close above 80 changes movement of this scripe .volume and swift movement to come for close above 80.Exdividend this time it may not fall much due to better market conditions.

MRPL 09 Aug 12:13 PM

Get ready for big up move ...just wait for one month.

BAJFINANCE 09 Aug 12:13 PM

Book your FD online through paperless process & lock into returns up to 7.75%

PICCADIL 09 Aug 12:12 PM

Piccadilly Agro Next Level is 46,51,55 Than 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

YESBANK 09 Aug 12:12 PM

GTL INFRASTRUCTURE and Yes bank both next multibigger stock 🔜🔥🔥🔥🔥

NSEI 09 Aug 12:11 PM


NSEBANK 09 Aug 12:11 PM

bullish trend will continue one more week since fii not yet started the selling they know the target wen shud offload so we hav to follow them thats only the way to get some gud bucks 👍happy days ahead enjoy the raid

GTLINFRA 09 Aug 12:10 PM

till now business is in loss.....high interest paying....

CGPOWER 08 Aug 06:14 PM

i have inspected mgt-7 of cg power. none individual including promoter category exceeds 30lacs shares. cant say what basis stampers hold that much quantity as alleged by jvj. just 4 information. internal check for some other purpose.

POWERGRID 08 Aug 06:13 PM

This result will have positive or negative impact?

MOTHERSUMI 08 Aug 06:13 PM

Q1IS etter than Q4 PAT 181Crs

AXISBANK 08 Aug 06:13 PM

earlier i suggested .....(buy buy buy axis bank cmp near ....... target 735/45/60) today mu second target achieved..... enjoy money rain friends.... jeep use trailing stop loss,,, capital and profit are preserve must......

TVSMOTOR 08 Aug 06:12 PM

looking good to buy on this level 1020 on board .

GNFC 08 Aug 06:12 PM

498 cr comprehensive income eps 36.61 good result in line with q4 22

BECTORFOOD 08 Aug 06:11 PM buying from open market...n good result will come..first target 365-370 if cross 370 then it will comes 415

VISHAL 08 Aug 06:11 PM

tomorrow onwards upwards no issues where you loss there only you have to find

IRCON 08 Aug 06:11 PM

Strong Q1 results reported by Ircon International (YoY)...

NSEI 08 Aug 06:11 PM


NSEBANK 08 Aug 06:10 PM

holding CE 2 Days is risky. pe r slightly safe in this uncertain scenario

SUPER 06 Aug 03:23 PM

Super Sales is a good stock for long term investment. Another stock which is good for long term investment is Creative Eye ltd.

RELINFRA 06 Aug 03:23 PM

FCCBs will be convertible into approximately 25,84,39,024 equity shares of Rs.10.00 each of the Company at the conversion price of Rs. 123 (including a premium of Rs. 113) per equity share. The above conversion price is 5.60% more than the floor price of Rs. calculated as average of the weekly high and low of the closing prices during the two weeks preceding the relevant date i.e. August 5, 2022.

DCW 06 Aug 03:22 PM

DCW Target 400- plus from CMP 38- within 3 years

VINATIORGA 06 Aug 03:22 PM

yoy results are good 👍 margins are flat yoy. nice results in the end.🚀

CHANDRAP 06 Aug 03:21 PM

500 rs in a year...split and dividend due

TARSONS 06 Aug 03:21 PM

Monday hi lc lagega my target 600 in coming days sell sell all positions

SBIN 06 Aug 03:20 PM

sell and buy canara bank .valuvation good fundamentally very good. recommended by Mr Anil shingvi long back. good returns in future. maybe multibagger.

SAIL 06 Aug 03:20 PM

Shrey, 130 before Deepavali, already confirmed ,,,,, Just buy and add , done .. . . .

NSEI 06 Aug 03:20 PM

Valid question. Rarely I take such small lot positions whenever I see drastic reduction in the PE CE gaps. Swings from plus to minus happens in such times , if people keep adding more CEs aggressively and the gap keeps coming day. may also fail, hence keep wider stop loss.

NSEBANK 06 Aug 03:19 PM

In all the products like stocks, commodities be it forward or future derivatives are there but this is high risk high return gain and novice should ignore the same!

ADANIENT 06 Aug 08:19 AM

awesome results dont sell this gem

ZENSARTECH 06 Aug 08:19 AM

Massive underperformer. Very bearish. All recommendations Very deceptive .

IDEA 06 Aug 08:19 AM

Mr takkars biggest achievement was that he was working for free... maybe hell only put the 20,000cr money that he said was coming very soon...

YESBANK 06 Aug 08:18 AM

Confirm next weak target is 14.8₹ before Friday Tuesday market is holiday

BANKBARODA 06 Aug 08:18 AM

bank of Baroda Monday target 125 stoploss 117.8..... mutual fund holding increase by bank . next target 130.....

QUICKHEAL 06 Aug 08:17 AM

no service tax on antivirus update This is supreme court verdict. Good news for quick money makers

NSEBANK 06 Aug 08:17 AM

Expecting Strong Results from M&M, Already suggested as BTST yesterday and opened strong. Lets watch out the results. Thanks!

NSEI 06 Aug 08:17 AM

China will finished war practice on 7th August then we will see real tandav on 8th August in the market big gap up opening possible... 🤘

NSEBANK 05 Aug 08:44 PM

In all the products like stocks, commodities be it forward or future derivatives are there but this is high risk high return gain and novice should ignore the same!

NSEI 05 Aug 08:44 PM

Monday bullish day for Indian mRkets... 17550 defenetly will reach... Congratulations Ce Buyers 🍺💐

NMDC 05 Aug 08:43 PM

You can find the daily Iron ore update in macro business site which provides good insights into China iron ore and steel market trends. At least you get four updates every week.

IEX 05 Aug 08:43 PM

I just brought down my average yesterday. I still believe it was a correct decision taken at the right time. Lets see what returns the stock can give me in two years from now.

KARDA 05 Aug 08:42 PM

today selling satguru private limited .52lac share

ANKITMETAL 05 Aug 08:42 PM

Hopefully circuit should be increased in coming days

CHEMPLASTS 05 Aug 08:41 PM

qoq results are better if you are good observer. last quarter there was in extraordinary income which is not available in this quarter moreover OCI income is also not available in this quarter so a good result even after high crude prices.

RELIANCE 05 Aug 08:41 PM

Can see 4/5k by next Diwali for this.

GTLINFRA 05 Aug 08:41 PM

can gtl be the next Astra microwave in coming future?

ICICIBANK 05 Aug 08:40 PM

due to change in REPO rate ....what effect will be on this stock in next week..???

DLF 04 Aug 04:46 PM

Hold for 390 / 400 by next week.....

RENUKA 04 Aug 04:45 PM

hike in price of sugarcane announced just recently....and this result would be of upto June effect of hike in price should not be reflected in this quarterly results.

LUPIN 04 Aug 04:45 PM

buy lupin target 728 in 10 days👈🌍🌍

MRPL 04 Aug 04:44 PM

My open challenge note date time and Target MRPL Asin 30th January 2022 just Six months to go TARGET 150 And as on 30th April 2023 Target 300 .

BEL 04 Aug 04:44 PM

till bonus share issuance, the share will boom....

REDINGTON 04 Aug 04:44 PM

weaker hands already exit ... no major selling will happen . maybe Minor retracement .. hold .. patience will win

IDEA 04 Aug 04:43 PM

Dirty politics killed the investors, promoters & business. Under such situations, no one will invest in India.

NSEBANK 04 Aug 04:42 PM

Bank Nifty has made a new high and has closed below the close of the previous two days which is a classical DOUBLE CLOSE KEY REVERSAL pattern . Expecting a sell-off in bank nifty for the coming week.

NSEI 04 Aug 04:42 PM

dont pay heed to dail fluctuations when u r investing.. invest like stock market will close next day for 5 years n forget abt investment...😉

NSEBANK 02 Aug 09:09 AM

Banknifty will show downward movement today.

SUNPHARMA 02 Aug 09:08 AM

SBC on Sun Pharma Buy Call Target Raised To Rs 1,120

BSOFT 02 Aug 09:07 AM

too much traffic on this route of BUYBACK as many many new investors have attracted towards this arbitrage play ....not more than 10% A/R expected in Reserved category ....