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ASIANPAINT - 3318.15 (0.72%) AXISBANK - 981.55 (0.45%) BAJAJFINSV - 1509.65 (2.37%) BAJFINANCE - 7200 (1.03%) BHARTIARTL - 837.8 (0.98%) BPCL - 376.8 (-0.55%) COALINDIA - 228.55 (-0.02%) HDFCBANK - 1602.5 (1.29%) HEROMOTOCO - 2832.05 (-0.39%) HINDUNILVR - 2715.65 (0.96%) ICICIBANK - 934.2 (0.82%) INDUSINDBK - 1314 (1.3%) ITC - 453.5 (1.21%) KOTAKBANK - 1857.4 (1.3%) MARUTI - 9605 (0.11%) ONGC - 157 (-0.41%) RELIANCE - 2577.4 (0.97%) SBIN - 571.25 (0.84%) TATAMOTORS - 569.8 (0.24%) TATASTEEL - 114.25 (0.44%) TCS - 3174.9 (-1.29%) TITAN - 2959 (1.75%) WIPRO - 381.3 (-1.97%)

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TechyInvestor01 (NSEBANK) 16 Jun 10:43 AM

reversal inside candle market will ho up now

TechyInvestor01 (NSEI) 16 Jun 10:41 AM

Update retailers may get trapped here see nifty todays low write it down will update soon now, no longs here still fiis

TechyInvestor01 (BCG) 16 Jun 10:39 AM

I think there may be trading at 28 to 33 level as it is near its 200 dma. One consolidated it will again starts its upward journey. So dont panic .....just chill.

TechyInvestor01 (RANASUG) 16 Jun 10:39 AM

sugar stocks going to blast withina month due to delay in monsoon. all stock move up. 20% within month and 50% to 80

TechyInvestor01 (NSEBANK) 14 Jun 08:19 PM

today no short covering do may come tmrw .once fed meeting is over it shud go up. idiot hdfc bank shud ne out on bn. worse stock opens up n selling starts bn has support around 43970 n resistance 44025 about 50 points it keep on dancing

sonya (NSEBANK) 14 Jun 08:16 PM

tomorrow put holders will have a great day... mostly 300 points we will see downside

TechyInvestor01 (NSEI) 14 Jun 08:15 PM

Thursday closing till WED closing Nifty has moved 120 points up. OIs indicate a likely swing from 18800 to 18650 to optimally gain from these OIs.

sonya (ZEEL) 14 Jun 08:10 PM

Invesco exit was the good clue of upcoming things which we missed, its a great learning actually, if 20 years partner suddenly leaves you with no sensible explanation some terrible future is waiting for you. I didnt listen to my instinct that time.

sonya (NSEBANK) 14 Jun 08:09 PM

bank nifty will show 44150 in the opening then gradually till 11oclock slips upto 43750 and and again start recovering till then huge put buyers become zero

sonya (NSEI) 14 Jun 08:09 PM

Bank Nifty is remaining at the same level today vs last THU closing. May not see big move tomorrow. eating range could be plus or minus hundred as premium is around 140 points today closing.

deep1985 (NSEBANK) 14 Jun 12:10 PM

Now bank nifty very now breakout possible above 44500 also ..

deep1985 (NSEI) 14 Jun 12:08 PM

nifty may close above 18775 to 18800 levels today. buy HAL, HUL and kotak Mahindra bank.

sonya (NSEBANK) 13 Jun 08:51 PM

Tomorrow Get Ready for 44600 ATH, Surely

sonya (NSEI) 13 Jun 08:50 PM

Nifty index towards ATH up opening gain ,3 pm up move.... otherwise trade in narrow range of 15 to 20 point during market hrs.....

BestStockChoice01 (NSEBANK) 13 Jun 08:48 PM

tomorrow bank nifty blast Hdfcbank adr 2.2% up, icicibank adr 1.8%up if 44300 cross then 44500 sure

BestStockChoice01 (NSEI) 13 Jun 08:48 PM

nifty will take correction from 18975 50 points... straight to 18325... then premium adjustments..

deep1985 (USHAMART) 13 Jun 08:33 PM

BUY USHA MARTIN : 272 - 273 TARGET : 282 - 285 SL : 260

deep1985 (GOLDTECH) 13 Jun 08:32 PM

BUY OLECTRA : 847 - 848 TARGET : 875 - 890 SL : 830

deep1985 (NSEBANK) 13 Jun 08:30 PM

18890 confirm ayega blast

deep1985 (NSEI) 13 Jun 08:29 PM

I believe that tomorrows All time High of 18887 will be broken. Now Target One 19,200 Target Two 19650 and Target Three 20,000-. All targets within December 2022. Good Luck to my followers and Friends.

deep1985 (SBCL) 13 Jun 08:28 PM

BUY SBCL : 666 - 667 TARGET : 685 - 690 SL : 655

deep1985 (INDHOTEL) 13 Jun 08:21 PM

Highest ever revenues and net profits with earnings growth visibility very strong Indian Hotels is a winner and will create huge wealth for investors going forward. Add Indian Hotels and buy for a target of Rs.550.

deep1985 (ZOMATO) 13 Jun 08:20 PM

By Zomato as it will cross Rs.90 in a few trading sessions and then head to Rs.105. The target of Rs.120 holds for Zomato..

deep1985 (POLICYBZR) 13 Jun 08:18 PM

pb fintech resistance at 644. crossover may give good upside, track for this week.

deep1985 (TIMETECHNO) 13 Jun 08:18 PM

Fresh upmove likley in timetechno over 114, support 113, check charts

deep1985 (NBVENTURES) 13 Jun 08:17 PM

multi year breakout in nava, keep track for few sessions. Great setup

deep1985 (DIXON) 13 Jun 08:16 PM

Day High 4385 Dixon Tech ... All Mid Term Targets Achieved

deep1985 (TVSMOTOR) 13 Jun 08:15 PM

Stay invested for 1400 midterm

deep1985 (RECLTD) 13 Jun 08:11 PM

REC and NTPC BTSTs both gave good profit. Thank you and need your blessings.

deep1985 (AXISBANK) 13 Jun 08:10 PM

Axis Bank morning call, would you book or trail the SL to cost. Remember only 3-4 days back Axis ready for new 52 week high!

deep1985 (ASIANPAINT) 13 Jun 08:09 PM

Asian Paint could be mover in the short term as Brent crude at 72 dollar now!

deep1985 (IEX) 13 Jun 08:09 PM

Only couple of days ago I wrote if IEX breaks 152 may fall sharply, can someone repost my message?

deep1985 (NSEI) 13 Jun 08:08 PM

18500 spot levels on Nifty is very important below that 18300 levels can be seen on the upper side above 18700 you will see strength for new 52 week high!

sultanmirza (KOTAKBANK) 03 Jun 10:24 AM

buy Kotak Mahindra. Foreign investment may pour in at any time due to increase in weightage in MSCI. Kotak has come down more than 7% of peak of 31st May 2023, just 2 days ago, Now it is time to accumulate for short term target of 2000

sultanmirza (KOTAKBANK) 03 Jun 10:23 AM

dkkulk Since MSCI has increased the weight age of Kotak Mahindrashould have been traded above 2100. in fact on 31st May it traded somewhere around 2140. But profit booking dragged to 1930 levels.

Raj Misrhra89 (NSEBANK) 02 Jun 11:28 PM

This is perfect prediction... If not Monday....then tuesday

sultanmirza (NSEI) 02 Jun 11:24 PM

good thing of todays trade......bought Nifty 18750ce 4 lots at 3:28 pm. Monday will be great day for me. All the bestπŸ™‚πŸ‘

sultanmirza (ADANIGREEN) 02 Jun 11:23 PM

Please understand the real reason of downtrend. Commercial LPG cylinders price slashed by β‚Ή83.5 Check latest prices. Not only Adani all of the gas sector companies are down. Just hold and wait

sultanmirza (VEDL) 02 Jun 11:15 PM

How do you Know people in the forum call yo, Mr Zero accountant, teesmarkha, Parrot, or Dhol Chee.

Telegram_DreamNifty (SBIN) 02 Jun 11:14 PM

Check our premium channel, we are holding 600ce in position

sultanmirza (VEDL) 02 Jun 11:14 PM

can u check when we will get dividend .most of guys have foreign nationality .help in getting loans n travelling

sultanmirza (SBIN) 02 Jun 11:13 PM

Monday SBI will cross Rs.600/-πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

sultanmirza (NSEBANK) 02 Jun 11:12 PM

Monday SBI will cross Rs.600/-πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Telegram_DreamNifty (ADANIPORTS) 02 Jun 11:05 PM

With US market also getting huge gains today, Monday will be a big gain day for Indian market and adani ports will also gain at least 1% especially given brilliant increase in cargo volumes

sultanmirza (ADANIENT) 02 Jun 10:48 PM

aggressive new short position created.... any good news will result in short squeeze and prices will move up significantly next week... fiis seem to have offloaded holding in the stock... future open interest has increased today

Surbhi22 (SUZLON) 02 Jun 10:47 PM

Today 7,72,25,566 shares have taken on delivery i.e. 29.86 % its sign of upwrad move heading towards 15 immediately

Telegram_DreamNifty (NSEBANK) 02 Jun 10:44 PM

As of now, International markets are in your favour. expect good returns by Monday

Raj Misrhra89 (NSEI) 02 Jun 10:11 PM

Monday Nifty boom boom move coming

Surbhi22 (NSEI) 02 Jun 10:04 AM

Keeping a sl of 18,510 aim for 626 and or 742

Surbhi22 (NSEI) 01 Jun 10:21 AM

no stopping of nifty to get to new highs now..

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