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ASIANPAINT 13 Jun 08:09 PM

Asian Paint could be mover in the short term as Brent crude at 72 dollar now!

NSEBANK 14 Jun 12:10 PM

Now bank nifty very now breakout possible above 44500 also ..

NSEI 14 Jun 12:08 PM

nifty may close above 18775 to 18800 levels today. buy HAL, HUL and kotak Mahindra bank.

USHAMART 13 Jun 08:33 PM

BUY USHA MARTIN : 272 - 273 TARGET : 282 - 285 SL : 260

GOLDTECH 13 Jun 08:32 PM

BUY OLECTRA : 847 - 848 TARGET : 875 - 890 SL : 830

NSEBANK 13 Jun 08:30 PM

18890 confirm ayega blast

NSEI 13 Jun 08:29 PM

I believe that tomorrows All time High of 18887 will be broken. Now Target One 19,200 Target Two 19650 and Target Three 20,000-. All targets within December 2022. Good Luck to my followers and Friends.

SBCL 13 Jun 08:28 PM

BUY SBCL : 666 - 667 TARGET : 685 - 690 SL : 655

INDHOTEL 13 Jun 08:21 PM

Highest ever revenues and net profits with earnings growth visibility very strong Indian Hotels is a winner and will create huge wealth for investors going forward. Add Indian Hotels and buy for a target of Rs.550.

ZOMATO 13 Jun 08:20 PM

By Zomato as it will cross Rs.90 in a few trading sessions and then head to Rs.105. The target of Rs.120 holds for Zomato..

POLICYBZR 13 Jun 08:18 PM

pb fintech resistance at 644. crossover may give good upside, track for this week.

TIMETECHNO 13 Jun 08:18 PM

Fresh upmove likley in timetechno over 114, support 113, check charts

NBVENTURES 13 Jun 08:17 PM

multi year breakout in nava, keep track for few sessions. Great setup

DIXON 13 Jun 08:16 PM

Day High 4385 Dixon Tech ... All Mid Term Targets Achieved

TVSMOTOR 13 Jun 08:15 PM

Stay invested for 1400 midterm

RECLTD 13 Jun 08:11 PM

REC and NTPC BTSTs both gave good profit. Thank you and need your blessings.

AXISBANK 13 Jun 08:10 PM

Axis Bank morning call, would you book or trail the SL to cost. Remember only 3-4 days back Axis ready for new 52 week high!

IEX 13 Jun 08:09 PM

Only couple of days ago I wrote if IEX breaks 152 may fall sharply, can someone repost my message?

NSEI 13 Jun 08:08 PM

18500 spot levels on Nifty is very important below that 18300 levels can be seen on the upper side above 18700 you will see strength for new 52 week high!

NSEI 30 May 09:45 PM

had posted on May 5th that Dow was positionally sell, the high on that day was 33700 and is trading today under 33k

NSEI 25 May 10:39 AM

Nifty book profits 18276 Reco at Target 18160

NSEBANK 25 May 10:38 AM

update on index short positions.. we have nifty shorts of 18100 approx and BN 42500.... rolling over positions to next month.. and will add more at right levels

ABFRL 25 May 10:38 AM

ABFRL is looking a great cash buy at 200 levels cmp.. buy 25% here, and add remaining at lower levels

POWERGRID 25 May 10:37 AM

Poweredgrid Jun Fut High Made 241,35 Which Buy Suggested 236,50 Now it is Up By 4,85 Points As of Now Safe Traders Keep Booking partial Profit time to time Agressive Trader Hold Position for Full given targets

NSEI 25 May 10:36 AM

big sell off will start at anytime which will take nifty to the level of 18100 and bank nifty below 43000 by end of the day

NSEBANK 25 May 10:35 AM

bank nifty 43450 last swing support is good support whereas 44050 is resistance zone, breakout on either side another 200 points coming due to expiry!

BHARTIARTL 25 May 10:35 AM

Now all the channels are suggesting Bharti Airtel to buy :) Need your blessings guys as I have been advising Bharti since last 2 days as it was sustaining good 800 crucial levels!!

INDHOTEL 25 May 10:34 AM

Guys - Easy 6-10k profit per lot in Indian Hotel morning call - need your blessings :)

ADANITRANS 31 Jan 01:42 PM

there is definitely something wrong. book value was 98 and it went all the way to 4200s. it s the same story with all adani stocks. bubble to futna hi tha. the worst part is that it won t go down alone.. to know more follow us on

ADANIPOWER 31 Jan 01:40 PM

150 rupiya dega iska .. jisko sell Krna ho transfer to my account and contact me I will pay 100-150 rupees that's what the correct price is...good luck . to know more follow us on

ADANIPORTS 31 Jan 01:39 PM

Good to buy Adani ports at 480 levels. Soon we can expect a big fall. Good to buy on dips and hold for a long-term target of 950 by June 2023. to know more follow us on

ADANIGREEN 31 Jan 01:36 PM

Still you can buy green and book heavy profit, it had started moving up limit is 2000.. to know more follow us on

AWL 31 Jan 01:35 PM

RSI of this stock is 29 so still a chance to go till 20 RSI which will be a strongly oversold zone. so hv to wait for 350/370 leval.. to know more follow us on

ADANIENT 31 Jan 01:35 PM

I will not be surprised if this stock closes today above 3200 to know more follow us on

NSEBANK 31 Jan 01:34 PM

keep watch on 40788 resistance to know more follow us on

NSEI 31 Jan 01:33 PM

after 2 bounce will come can take 17700 ce .. to know more follow us on

BAJFINANCE 30 Jan 11:52 AM

must cross 6090 for 6200rs

TATAMOTORS 30 Jan 11:51 AM

Turn around story ... Will make new high with in two days 525 Opportunity to Buy

ITC 30 Jan 11:51 AM

positive moment buy it for budget 2023 cigarettes price will increase..

ADANIPORTS 30 Jan 11:50 AM

580 target reached. It won't be able to sustain and it won't be able to come back....... to know more follow us on

YESBANK 30 Jan 11:49 AM

Yes. I am short selling from 23 levels over 3 cr profit in mkt only

ADANIENT 30 Jan 11:49 AM

Adani can easily bubble this share back to 3800 levels he has enough CASH from the rulers.. and the Mauritius FIIs have given TAX-FREE status to do their free ride.......... to know more follow us on

BPCL 30 Jan 11:48 AM

i have 1300 share rate 370 price

NSEBANK 30 Jan 11:48 AM

39584 is the very strong support will take buy side from there strong.......... to know more follow us on

NSEI 30 Jan 11:47 AM

Just Buy 17500 CE of 9th Feb Expiry around 320 u will be surprised to see the outcome........ To know more just follow us on

GICRE 26 Jan 02:39 PM

General insurance 2% Down rockinggg,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

NSEBANK 26 Jan 02:39 PM


TATASTEEL 26 Jan 02:37 PM

Tata steel is always remain strong ,buy call for 136

NSEI 26 Jan 02:37 PM

Big Target 100% done target 1948 to 58 dollars after data is coming up 100% guaranteed with

M&M 26 Jan 02:36 PM

Once satyam computer scam take stock upto 7.then now watch after proper take over company renamed as tech mahindra and trading at 1000 .So keep patience and it is another satyam computer. to know more follow us on

IBREALEST 26 Jan 02:35 PM

all stage set for coming days 1 target 94 and if it cross 100 than 127 156 190..... some Fii/ Fpi and big Hni accumulating between 70 to 90 level heavily from last 1 month delivery increasing all weak hands getting out .

ADANIPORTS 26 Jan 02:34 PM

already down from 980 to 710......already correct 270......, last time high 865 to correct up to 640..... correct 225, now every downfall is an opportunity to accumulate...... big and strong support 640-660. to know more follow us on

RELIANCE 26 Jan 02:33 PM

We may see 2520-2540 plus levels in this expiry...

NSEI 26 Jan 02:32 PM

SGX NIFTY is a Massive GAP UP on Friday and Monday we may see DO NOT COPY and trade on this POST. I am ORIGINAL NIFTY 19000 to 23000 to know more and to get Sureshot Intraday calls to follow us on

NSEBANK 26 Jan 02:31 PM

Frydey 42400 dane 2 Feb 43000 up to know more and to get Sureshot Intraday calls to follow is on

AXISBANK 25 Jan 02:30 PM

Axis Bank : Intra day target will be 902

HINDUNILVR 25 Jan 02:30 PM

HUL : Intra day target 2615 , buy buy buy in this FMCG buy

BAJFINANCE 25 Jan 02:29 PM

Bajaj Finance : Intra day target : 5865 , buy buy in this financial services counter...good time to add

INFY 25 Jan 02:29 PM

Infosys Intra day target 1552 , buy buy in infosys ..good time to buy

RIIL 25 Jan 02:29 PM

RIL : Intra day target 2405 , buy buy buy

HDFC 25 Jan 02:28 PM

HDFC Ltd : Intra day target : 2752 , buy in this banking counter

HDFCBANK 25 Jan 02:28 PM

HDFC Bank : Intra day target : 1670 , buy buy buy

ICICIBANK 25 Jan 02:27 PM

ICICI Bank : Intra day target : 862 , buy buy in this banking space ...good counter

KOTAKBANK 25 Jan 02:27 PM

Kotak Bank Intra day target : 1770 , buy today ..good gains to be made today

NSEI 25 Jan 02:25 PM

market expiry between 17890 to 17910...max..... to know more follow us on

NSEBANK 25 Jan 02:25 PM

42000 ce todays expiry having highest open interest about 90 lakh Tough to crack.. to know more follow us on

INDUSINDBK 24 Jan 07:55 PM

Buy IndusInd Bank target of Rs 1408

MANAKSTEEL 24 Jan 07:54 PM

Buy in every dips making a good return.

TCS 24 Jan 07:52 PM

Yesterday my target of 3395 has been achieved and most of my followers have made good money on this stock. Pls understand there will not be a one way movement in TCS counter.

SATINDLTD 24 Jan 07:49 PM

Is it face hurdles at 93 point.? close above 96 then 111.

TVSMOTOR 24 Jan 07:48 PM

Price hikes and easing commodity price has helped higher revenue n profits inspite of diminishing sales. to know more follow us on

MCDOWELL-N 24 Jan 07:47 PM

pathetic Results :profit at Rs 110.5 cr Vs CNBC-TV18 poll of Rs 262 cr

M&MFIN 24 Jan 07:46 PM

Seems its on the way to test back 225-220 range prior..during expiry series start..

JINDRILL 24 Jan 07:46 PM

This will be. Range. Bound now. From 225-275. Just. Play in this range. From now

NSEBANK 24 Jan 07:43 PM

I think tomorrow expiry will be around 43200 levels. Simple reason everyone is expecting downside and market will always react opposite. to know more follow us on

NSEI 24 Jan 07:43 PM

Kal Nifty 18300 for sure & Bank Nifty 43500 for sure . All the Best to know more follow us on

HDFC 23 Jan 08:52 PM

HDFC Ltd : Intra day target 2730 , buy buy buy .... Follow Priya JI for Jackpot and sure calls on

HDFCBANK 23 Jan 08:48 PM

HDFC Bank : Intra day target : 1675 , buy buy

ICICIBANK 23 Jan 08:47 PM

ICICI Bank : Intra day target 885 , buy buy in this banking buy

KOTAKBANK 23 Jan 08:47 PM

Kotak Bank : Intra day target : 1820 , buy buy today....good upside today in this counter

LT 23 Jan 08:46 PM

: Day target for monday : 2285 ...good one

NSEI 23 Jan 08:44 PM

dont miss budget opportunity as market is heading 18500 and bank nifty Follow us on

SUNPHARMA 23 Jan 08:43 PM

stupendous breakout. no stopping till 1100. keep invested guys. happy investing.

JSWSTEEL 23 Jan 08:40 PM

Weak results guys, sell below 735 keeping 1% as stop loss. Over value stock!

NSEBANK 23 Jan 08:39 PM

I bet you tomorrow the market gap down and hit 42500 again

NSEI 23 Jan 08:38 PM

Surely stay invested for more and much bigger targets! Here is learning for you guys - Whenever any stock in cash segment crosses 10% with at least 1000-2000% increase in volumes and after 2:45 pm going on the upper side and 5 day moving average shows that today is the first day where volume and price breakout has happened... certainly a share for BTST in cash segment also... hope you guys got it how to catch BTST stock with small amount as per your pocket for good 3-10% gain either same day or next morning for some of our friends followers who have limited capital but really want to be part of our successful and fruitful journey. Thanks!

CANBK 23 Jan 08:37 PM

Hi Prachi - 17800 is the level to invest even good fundamentals stocks such as Reliance can be bought in staggered manner, 17800 is levels where I gave buy calls in recent days, hope this helps and I am available if you have any questions!

RELIANCE 23 Jan 08:36 PM

Hi Ritik - Be it Reliance or TV18 I am very positive on both the stocks. Hope this helps!

RELIANCE 23 Jan 08:35 PM

Reliance up 1% from 1% down - thats 2% gain in FnO and you are saying very misleading call!! Increase your technical knowledge Tmkshare!! Before results Reliance already corrected 200 rupee so market digested news before hands only!!

WIPRO 16 Jan 09:11 PM

Market View - 16th January (Monday) Wish you ALL a Good Monday and profitable week ahead! Market is likely to open on stable note today as Global market is stable! But you need experienced hands to guide you as near Budget and quarterly season volatility will continue to confuse you!! Nifty Support (spot price) 17800/17750 and resistance 18100/18200 Bank Nifty Support (spot price) 42000/41800 and resistance 42700/43000 Watch out for Banking Stocks today along with LT Finance, HDFC Bank, Federal Bank and Wipro!! Have a cool n profitable day ahead!

TCS 16 Jan 09:05 PM

GM Guys and hope you are happy when I suggested TCS as investment idea around 3k levels, what a good return, stay invested for 4000 plus targets!

ULTRACEMCO 16 Jan 09:04 PM

Ultratech suggested as investment idea at 6500 levels, stay invested for 8000 targets.

FEDERALBNK 16 Jan 09:04 PM

Thank you Federal Bank for making our morning along with PNB :) Simply rocking banking calls today!

PNB 16 Jan 09:03 PM

PNB suggested at 35 as investment idea now at 58 plus, stay invested for 70 target next!

NSEBANK 16 Jan 09:03 PM

Here you go Bank Nifty up 150 points from the suggested support level, enjoy the gain

KARURVYSYA 12 Nov 01:43 PM

best time to accumulate adani enterprises for tgt 5250 very soon short term . by here for tgt 5250

VIMTALABS 12 Nov 01:43 PM

very High Debit and Dollar Price Hike so company paid more interest rate to foreign banks Margin Pressure Sell Sell Sell from Upper Side target 3000 in Current month

IBULHSGFIN 12 Nov 01:41 PM

we can see 150 it will reach soon

GODREJPROP 12 Nov 01:41 PM

buy for next target 1350/-

LAMBODHARA 12 Nov 01:39 PM

Increased in revenue and profit over previous quarter and Q2 of last year. Monday gap up opening Price will cross 120

NSEI 12 Nov 01:39 PM

Wait for the whole market trading hours and probably Nifty may be closed 18500 on Monday. Accordingly you can make the profit booking.

NSEBANK 12 Nov 01:38 PM

bank nifty target for Monday 43000 buy buy

IRCTC 12 Nov 01:36 PM

Watch out IRCTC, results coming on Monday - should be on our radar!

RELIANCE 12 Nov 01:35 PM

Great Shruti and yessss Reliance never disappoint us perfect trading and investing opportunities Reliance provides us to avail :)

INFY 12 Nov 01:34 PM

Watch out Infosys and Wipro along with Coforge as BTST hedge with PE out of the money call to protect capital!

NSEBANK 30 Oct 01:22 PM

Sab log sochte hai 41500 open hoga waha se pe buy kar lo but 100% waha se fir up hi jayega

NSEI 30 Oct 01:21 PM

Dow is going up 10% in last 1 month and nifty is up 5% one healthy correction is much awaited so be cautious in current level if your view on buy side

HBLPOWER 13 Sep 01:29 PM

hold for 107 will show uptrend today it self, buy as much as possible

IDEA 13 Sep 01:28 PM

Buy Vodafone target 15 in short term

PNB 13 Sep 01:27 PM

buy PNB, PNB must be hit the 52 week High with in some sessions. It has good potential to go up. Good luck

ADANIENT 13 Sep 01:26 PM

haha see my previous predictions crossed 3500. Now it will ran fast towards 3700. Enjoy money rain.

PFC 13 Sep 01:26 PM


REDINGTON 13 Sep 01:25 PM


IDFCFIRSTB 13 Sep 01:25 PM

Sell it for a target of 48. This stock looks too week on technical chart

VEDL 13 Sep 01:24 PM

Should cross 300 by weekend.. .. .. 300

ADANIPORTS 13 Sep 01:24 PM

1123 tak ja sakta hai is baar..

NTPC 13 Sep 01:23 PM

today ntpc may close above 170 upmove expected at the end.donot short guys will trap badly.

DELTACORP 13 Sep 01:23 PM

buy buy today delta will go to 220

NSEI 13 Sep 01:22 PM


INDHOTEL 13 Sep 01:22 PM

Buy Indian Hotels 317 target will be 320/315

NSEBANK 13 Sep 01:21 PM

buy buy will touch 40825 plus today positive momentum immediately

HDFC 12 Sep 01:28 PM

buy hdfc for today intraday target of 2445

ICICIGI 12 Sep 01:27 PM

ICICI Lombard on 休休休休. Told to buy Enjoy Jay Mogal.

NSEBANK 12 Sep 01:25 PM

looks like todays closing above 40800..and tomorrow open at 41000

PRAJIND 12 Sep 01:24 PM

Can fall to 400 levels by today...Bears are in tight grip...Already run up huge from 360 to 435 levels in last few days...Can take entry below 400 blindly....

ANSALAPI 12 Sep 01:24 PM

Buy this you will witness 5x in 1year my post on db forum ...ansal too will move like db .

ONGC 12 Sep 01:23 PM

After earning 72 points gain in sell side now we initiate buy trade at 738 will add if get 728 with 724 sustainable 15 min sl for 25-35points target. Jai Hind

DEEPAKNTR 12 Sep 01:23 PM

it can hit 2250 today minimum

NSEI 12 Sep 01:22 PM

Buy PUT.........NIFTY now19940-970.....very long time...........NIFTY would be 50-90 point dip any movement....Good LUCK

NIKKIGL 12 Sep 01:22 PM

Nikkei today up 350 points. Hangseng up 555 points. Dax opened and trading up 167 points. Dow futures up 120 points.

LATENTVIEW 07 Sep 01:23 PM

Theres no competitors for this company. Hold this stock minimum 2 years for the target of 1450-1550..

BCG 07 Sep 01:23 PM

those who enter at single digit have no worries as they sitting on profit but think about those who enter at high double digit 60-70 range no respite...

HEIDELBERG 07 Sep 01:22 PM

10rs moments in a single day Company back on track dividend selloff is gone in few days it will go back to 198-210 levls

STARHEALTH 07 Sep 01:22 PM

Citigroup initiated coverage on Star Health with a sell rating and a target price of Rs 670

FSL 07 Sep 01:21 PM

Hopefully today FSL triggers 110 and 112 .

CDSL 07 Sep 01:21 PM

CDSL is on the way to 1600 and then 1800. Thanking you.

NSEBANK 07 Sep 01:20 PM

today Sell for Target is 39100-3900

NSEI 07 Sep 01:19 PM

immediate target post bounce of nifty is 17839

LXCHEM 07 Sep 01:18 PM

agar ye 340 se down gaya then again 330 will come

ABHICAP 07 Sep 01:17 PM

Today it should cross 118 with good volumes. AB Cap should start performing now

IDFCFIRSTB 07 Sep 01:17 PM

TODAY IDFC first Bank Sell for Target is 49 ....

MOTHERSUMI 07 Sep 01:16 PM

just buy call for this counter in septemer series 140 plus target fix

NATCAPSUQ 06 Sep 12:01 PM

looks like will break 52w high today and further rally will start.

NSEI 06 Sep 12:00 PM

nifty reversed from 17765 and couldnt touch given target 17810 now one can sell it at 17710 for target of 17600

MSUMI 06 Sep 11:59 AM

Yes, 95-100 will be seen very shortly. But keep it for long terms. Multi bagger stock.

TATAELXSI 06 Sep 11:59 AM

9000 is risk free buying zone..... if you buy above 10000 then you would sell in lesser profit....stop loss 8400 no target for medium term investors

REDINGTON 06 Sep 11:58 AM

160 cing soon so hold, my targets 160/180/200 enjoy

SAKHTISUG 06 Sep 11:58 AM

Target 70-75 soon....... Keep hold............

GMDCLTD 06 Sep 11:57 AM

today target 180....if today cross 180 level then see 500 level in one year on words.....

RENUKA 06 Sep 11:57 AM

Definitely UC, 57.40 - 57-50 will be closing price. No need to watch it now. Save your eyes..

PARADEEP 06 Sep 11:56 AM

as, per movement it vl touch 66 today and may also cross 66 lets hope for the best....

NSEBANK 06 Sep 11:56 AM

Sell for Target is 39400-39500 today

BRIGADE 05 Sep 12:24 PM

Opportunity to Buy: Rally will see ... Uptrend just start ..... Today... 570 ... 580

RASIELEC 05 Sep 12:23 PM

2 month Target 40 4 month Target 60 8 month Target 100

NSEI 05 Sep 12:21 PM

All heavyweight supporting market today...Expecting close above 17700

KPIGREEN 05 Sep 12:21 PM

So, it reversed from 871..very close from my levels of 862...

NSEBANK 05 Sep 12:20 PM

Buy Bank Nifty spot cmp 39800 Short Term positional tgt 41000/41500

JSWSTEEL 05 Sep 12:19 PM

metal sector ready to bounce again after good consolidation and correction, minimum target 750 in short term here so buy buy buy

JSWENERGY 05 Sep 12:19 PM

355 target end of the day

UJJIVANSFB 05 Sep 12:18 PM

time to book profits. re-enter around 21 levels...

ONGC 05 Sep 12:18 PM

again ng went down from the hill and trading at 732. we are seller from 745 levels yesterday. Enjoy 13 points till now because this is the trailer abhi Puri film baki hai mere dost. Just stay tuned with Jai Hind for much more bomb blast

PNB 05 Sep 12:17 PM

Buy and HOLD PNB at 35.40 , in a very short period its targets are as 40 - 45 -53 in a month or two By March 2023 its expected target is 82 to99 with dividend expected of rs 22 per share

INFY 02 Sep 12:28 PM

now the buying will start tgt 1480 mark my workds by 1300

NSEI 02 Sep 12:28 PM


BHEL 02 Sep 12:27 PM

BHEL 52 week high is Rs.80.35 it will reach any time. Because Bharat Electronics reached 52 week high.

PARAGMILK 02 Sep 12:27 PM

aj yeh 122 cross karega hold it 儭儭

JSWENERGY 02 Sep 12:26 PM

As of now stock struggling to stay above 350 which is the strongest resistance level if today successful to close above it then direct jump to 400 otherwise 325 operators decision will impact the move as buyers will go on decreasing

RELIANCE 02 Sep 12:26 PM

heavy accumulation going on at this level..touched and honoured last swing low of 2530..after couble bottom may head 2570-2600 in short time

LT 02 Sep 12:25 PM

Clear all your position, it will reach 1940 soon..

ALANKIT 02 Sep 12:25 PM

My target Rs 14 hit, now book your 50% holding on and above Rs 14

BCG 02 Sep 12:24 PM

After 11.05 AM, price went up from Rs. 42 to Rs. 44. If there were sellers, there were buyers too.

NSEBANK 02 Sep 12:23 PM

common everyone get in the banknifty week 40000 ce

TATAELXSI 02 Sep 12:23 PM

cms info systems is the most undervalued gem. Tata elxsi is at a pe of 90 and cms is at 15. CMS info will boom short term. Stop loss 250.

RELIANCE 01 Sep 12:03 PM

this is waiting to fall. upper range has shifted further down from 2580-2600 from 2660-2680 a week before. if nifty falls 100 points till will give another 40 points means another 60-70 point fall

NDL 01 Sep 12:02 PM

buy ndl strict stoploss target 59 buy buy buy

PVR 01 Sep 12:02 PM

Earlier I told, PVR will reach 1850 soon. The journey begins now...

NSEI 01 Sep 12:01 PM

straddle of 104 nifty may go to 17550 to 17525

JHACC 01 Sep 12:00 PM

now you can purchase to it for new target of Rs 1275

SAINTGOBAI 01 Sep 12:00 PM

this share has a capacity to go to 159鈴ny time before third quarter results.. happy ingesting..

KINGFA 01 Sep 11:59 AM

Kingfa May hit 52 week high next week. Auto sales figures being released today are expected to be very good

BHARTIARTL 01 Sep 11:58 AM

Buy for target 743..

NSEBANK 01 Sep 11:57 AM

Today Buy for Target is 40100-40200

HIMATSEIDE 31 Aug 12:26 PM

Himatsingka Sei, accumulate HOLD, avg....for min 20-30percent pro in 1-2qrt....GOOD LUCK!

CANBK 31 Aug 12:25 PM

Buy canara bank 241 target will be 245/250

PCJEWELLER 31 Aug 12:24 PM

PC Jeweller has made profit of 200 Cr the share price will cross 1000.

BBTC 31 Aug 12:24 PM

buy near term target 1800

BALRAMCHIN 31 Aug 12:23 PM

Moving Averages : higher than 5 day moving averages but lower than 20 day, 50 day, 100 day and 200 day moving averages

MOTHERSUMI 31 Aug 12:22 PM

When Nifty takes a correction, MSUMI can move lower towards 115levels or so. As record date is not announced yet, long term buying can be done after some dips, if somebody feels like investing in MSUMI.

NSEI 31 Aug 12:21 PM

Dow will fall tonight definitely and sgx nifty will give you more than 400 point fall.

NSEBANK 31 Aug 12:21 PM

gap down of 1400 points. blood bath for all CE

CESCVENT 31 Aug 12:20 PM

Indusbulls Vent- this will trade in a range to 71 only till next qtr cannot go to 100 in sep.

KAIRA 31 Aug 12:19 PM

Being partnership with AMUL its valuation is going to be hefty. so patient investor will be rewarded in future. This scrip will able to reach 5k levels.

KBSINDIA 31 Aug 12:18 PM

All Time High..242.30, on 15 June 2008, Buy For A target 皋f Rs.50/-. uppercircuit rally can begin at any time半oom boom Enjoy the Ride.

SOTL 30 Aug 11:42 AM

Today last day to buy pre split Hopefully 200 level post split in this week

NSEI 30 Aug 11:40 AM

touch nifty 17550 now 17576 levels cross and long for 17750 next target till friday

NSEBANK 30 Aug 11:39 AM

Banknifty will close below 38800 end of the day

BCLENTERPR 30 Aug 11:38 AM

ready for fire stop-1.79 Target 3.43 short term

SHREYAS 30 Aug 11:38 AM

put sell order above 396 from holding. ##

PRAJIND 30 Aug 11:37 AM

500 buy buy buy ....breakout hogya ...wah praj wah

TINPLATE 30 Aug 11:36 AM

Before Diwali it will touch 500/- stay invested

NSEI 30 Aug 11:36 AM

Syrma SGS- any time go up and closed near 348 .

ZOMATO 30 Aug 11:35 AM

. wait n watch for news to come.. it will be below 20 soon

AFFLE 30 Aug 11:34 AM

buy 休休休 big upmove today 休休半last 休休休ㄅoday

CESCVENT 29 Aug 01:52 PM

SCIL ventures- Ready for 515 Strongly recommend to Buy

SADHNA 29 Aug 01:51 PM

from tomorrow upper circuit confirm as today was AGM.

ACC 29 Aug 01:50 PM

started moving up will cross today 2320 upto 2350

NSEI 29 Aug 01:50 PM

If Nifty and Banknifty breaks todays high then again shortcovering will start till closing.. Nifty may reach to 17450 its support level

PICCADIL 29 Aug 01:49 PM

Buy in correction...... HOLD ..... Trade in green in last hour.

NSEBANK 29 Aug 01:49 PM

Buy at 38400 levels for Target is 38750 make my words today confirm News

ADANIPOWER 29 Aug 01:49 PM

stay invested by year end it will be on 1000 plus

MAITHANALL 29 Aug 01:48 PM

volumes not picking up it may come down , Due to low volumes but price Tgt is 1045 plus

JSWSTEEL 28 Aug 12:20 PM

near golden cross over. it will hit 52w price to buy.

NSEBANK 28 Aug 12:18 PM

Market os going to fall big this time it will be some where near 17300- 17200 and bank will be 38500-38600

NSEI 28 Aug 12:18 PM

Market is going to fall big this time it will be somewhere near 17300- 17200 and bank Nifty will be 38500-38600

SURYODAY 28 Aug 12:17 PM

its already bitten stock. its now in upward swing. every decline better to accumulate. target Rs. 155/- in two to three quarters.

BHARTIARTL 27 Aug 12:51 PM

first 721 then 780. so if u have patience then hold otherwise selling is preferable.

AMBUJACEM 27 Aug 12:50 PM

Buy Ambuja Cements Buy at 402 tgt will be 415 keep sl 389

RBLBANK 27 Aug 12:49 PM

jab kha tha 125 nhi cross krega..130 dur ki baat hai..dekh liya..ab to agar long term kehta hai to 220 bhi paar krega.

NSEI 27 Aug 12:49 PM

Fundamentals are nowhere near the 27 500 levels so a correction to 15 500/ 16 000 levels in inevitable.

BAJFINANCE 27 Aug 12:48 PM

Buy Bajaj Finance Buy at 7062 tgt will be 7200 keep sl 7009

TATAELXSI 27 Aug 12:47 PM

I m heavily invested in tata elxsi . Hopefully it meet my target of 12000 soon . Best of luck to all my friends .. holdings 200 shares

NSEBANK 27 Aug 12:46 PM

last one week it has taken many attempts of 39500, next week surely closing will be above 39700...all banks are on blast with good result.

NSEBANK 26 Aug 12:48 PM

Sell for Target is 38700

NSEI 26 Aug 12:47 PM

I expect nifty will come back to 16800, mostly before next weekend

HDFCBANK 26 Aug 12:47 PM

Will zoom past 1500 today only

BRITANNIA 26 Aug 12:47 PM

wait for 3300 this must touch minimum

DISHTV 26 Aug 12:46 PM

you mark my words will see 20 levels soon.

UPL 26 Aug 12:46 PM

Buy UPL will move upwards now can expect 800 soon

APOLLOHOSP 26 Aug 12:45 PM

finally it started moving up.. hope to see at least 4250 today

KALPATPOWR 26 Aug 12:44 PM

holding 670 shares for the last one and half year at 340/-...yes this will go to 900-950 within 8 months..

ELECON 26 Aug 12:44 PM

Good breakout on daily chart, ready for blast..immediate target is 390 to 400...medium term target 450.

BILENERGY 26 Aug 12:44 PM

SYRMA CGS- told you it will reach 350.lot of potencial in it

ADANIENT 25 Aug 11:37 AM

buy adani target of 3150

BLS 25 Aug 11:36 AM

BUY BLS AT 226-227.50, SL 222, TARGET 235

RENUKA 25 Aug 11:36 AM

as i said day before yesterday anytime movement starts.. now next way to 50.70 important level

MTNL 25 Aug 11:35 AM

just wait and watch you will come to know it will be 30 Plus

TIMETECHNO 25 Aug 11:35 AM


NSEBANK 25 Aug 11:34 AM

wait for it to go below 39300..then buy PE and enjoy atleast 200pts fall. If it brks 39100 then definitely wl go below 39k too

ADANIPOWER 25 Aug 11:32 AM

Save your money sell now won t go above 400 again Target of 371 by eod

NSEI 25 Aug 11:32 AM

Buy 17700 CE for today expiry...Have a nice trade, keep a strict stop loss

EASEMYTRIP 25 Aug 11:31 AM

totally in range of 390 to 395 from last 1 month

SBICARD 25 Aug 11:30 AM

today it will gain 950 plus ...

BEL 23 Aug 12:49 PM

299 302 target 2 pm onwards bel

NUVOCO 23 Aug 12:49 PM

Nuvoko vistar ka buy target 409 ka target Best Buy

SPARC 23 Aug 12:48 PM

Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company | Buy | Target Price: Rs 265-275 | Stop Loss: Rs 218

RELIANCE 23 Aug 12:47 PM

It will surely go to 2760 soon but after Thursday . Till Thursday it may not cross 2660

KTKBANK 23 Aug 12:47 PM

After one year also this stock will be at 68 to 72 only

HDFCBANK 23 Aug 12:46 PM

Add on dip take a sure shot buy at current target 1472. Tomorrow global strength. So BN and nifty index & stocks will be recovered. Any stock BTST. Show

TATASTEEL 23 Aug 12:46 PM

If market supports it can cross 110/- mark today best of luck

NSEI 23 Aug 12:45 PM

Nifty-50 will be target 18000 within 2-3 days or late by next week.