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parvin about info comming soon...



NSEBANK 13 Feb 10:23 PM

Bank Nifty target for tommorow - Enjoy the money rain. Inflation data has come much higher than expected - RBI will increase rate - loan growth will go down significantly and hence in anticipation market will crush bank nifty. Sell for target.

NSEI 13 Feb 10:22 PM

fii buying happening in adani group through tax heaven... nothing just to confuse retail

NIITLTD 13 Feb 10:22 PM

Hulst BV sold 60 lakhs shares, Nomura , Kuwait investment, Aditya Birla MF together bought around 14 lakhs shares. deal done at 4050.

FCSSOFT 13 Feb 10:21 PM

jai ho FCS for excellent results.. Investors just grab as much as possible before hitting upper circuit.

HAL 13 Feb 10:21 PM

Winners of orders in aerospace fighter planes in defence space show this will cross new heights in this week. 2600

NSEBANK 11 Feb 10:20 PM

Bank Nifty holding 41500 good sign and may move towards 41700/42000 soon - watch out!

NSEI 11 Feb 10:19 PM

There is a possibility that the market Nifty50 will go up to 18700 from where it is now and at the same time, there is high possibility that the Nifty will go down to As far as I am concerned Nifty may go up to 18700 first. Let see.

NMDC 11 Feb 10:19 PM

Buy NMDC for 12-24 Month for porfolio - My target for NMDC is Rs 250 for the long term with a stoploss of Rs 100

ACC 11 Feb 10:19 PM

all scam and fraud cheaters. SEBI investigating. over hipped price company

POWERGRID 11 Feb 10:18 PM

Buy Powergrid for long term accumulation target of 380 as power sector in flavor and this is re rating candidate

NSEBANK 10 Feb 09:57 PM

Nifty Bank at days high looks like it has broken the range on the upper end and can see some fireworks. Lets see!

NSEI 10 Feb 09:56 PM

dow uptrend side no weakness here trend postive profit booking again buying

ADANIENT 10 Feb 09:56 PM

hold it soon u can see double price

DALBHARAT 10 Feb 09:56 PM

dalmia bharat Will Stay In weak stock radar, no clear trend for buy & sell

OBEROIRLTY 10 Feb 09:55 PM

oberoi realty Strong charts above 860 levels, stay long on charts for 940 target

EXCELINDUS 08 Feb 01:32 AM

excel crop Will Stay In week stock radar, no clear trend for buy & sell

PNB 08 Feb 01:31 AM

buy as much as you can, tomorrow pnb will cross 54 atleast,

IFBIND 08 Feb 01:31 AM

ifb ind buying at cmp short term target 822 sl 800

NSEBANK 08 Feb 01:30 AM

Bank nifty if sustain above 41800 then 1st target 42200 *43100*44000 if sustain bellow 40800 then 1st target 40400*39500*39000 CMP 41600

NSEI 08 Feb 01:30 AM

reliance touch 52 week low soon..and everybody market go up finally slowly go down...18000 very difficult this week..things are not at all good..

IDEA 04 Feb 09:46 PM

I just responded to puranik ....also on a seperate note....i can notice 5G signals now near hosur which is close to Bangalore....this was not there yesterday when I reported 5G signals outside of hosur opposite to Ashok Leyland plant.

RELAXO 04 Feb 09:46 PM

YOY growth is very important for relaxo as market gave high valuation (PE) to this stock but as its already been beaten down a lot hopefully it will get support around 800 level..also need better guidance from management for upcoming Qs

SUZLON 04 Feb 09:45 PM

on friday we see hammer candlestick pattern in suzlon on 1 day chart now we will see Monday closing if monday closing above friday high i.e. 9.30 then we can see trend reversal and see V shape recovery in this stock 1st tgt 9.80 then 10.20 ... 

NSEBANK 04 Feb 09:45 PM

All indian banks together have given Rs 80000 crores loan to Adani group companies. Better to avoid Bank stocks until probl settles.

NSEI 04 Feb 09:44 PM

Technically speaking, this 20-DMA level at 17912 remains an important resistance point for the NIFTY followed by 100-Day MA on the daily charts at This has created a resistance zone of 17900-950

NSEBANK 02 Feb 10:00 PM

RBI and SEBI to investigate Adani. Adani meltdown shall take the banks alongwith it. This shall continue overhang on the market. BN is likely to drop further and shall reach to the level 35000 soon.

NSEI 02 Feb 09:59 PM


DIVISLAB 02 Feb 09:59 PM

All the negatives are already factored into and hence scope for upward journey is on the cards. If we see the Balance Sheet nos. and understand , everything is clear. Neel not be panic at all.If it is down by Rs.100, will move up by 150-200... 

HDFCBANK 02 Feb 09:59 PM

RANK 52...BEST TIME TO EXIT PURI FAME STOCK ...bleeding for profit dcide

GNA 02 Feb 09:58 PM

next. Enhancing capacity by 20% using internal accruals. order book to grow by 23% FY24 revenue growth is expected at 15_20 %

LAXMIMACH 01 Feb 09:58 PM

Textile Machinery Market is anticipated to reach USD 90005 million

ADANIENT 01 Feb 09:58 PM

book value 236 Only see lots off down side possible.............

BEL 01 Feb 09:57 PM

bel if u hold for minimum 5 years then only get some return. below that its a garbage stock

NSEI 01 Feb 09:57 PM

tomorrow market will not open that low, although in red. but within minutes it will create panic and may go down beyond imagination. do not trade tomorrow morning. start your trade after 12 noon

NSEBANK 01 Feb 09:56 PM

Dow and Nasdec in red So red red red tomorrow.

NSEI 30 Jan 10:36 PM

all will be good....thats y Im confident of 18000 before budget bro

ADANIGREEN 30 Jan 10:36 PM

2100 valo stock 4 session ma 1100 thokyo 10 % continue lower circuit inspite of adani enter fpo price rs 3276 no change and adani enter in positive and green ko red red red it will be closed or delisted

MAZDOCK 30 Jan 10:35 PM

Excellent result.Good dividend paying company. consistent performer. what else we need to invest?

AMARAJABAT 30 Jan 10:34 PM

very massive fire break out at Amaraja Factory....

NSEBANK 30 Jan 10:33 PM

Tomorrow 41500 will be tested day after 42500 with extension of 42700/43k....then a fall to test 39000 till 10th march after that will testing 37500-on extension 35k....take screenshot if anybody feel otherwise.

TIMETECHNO 29 Jan 09:08 PM

time techno buy at cmp target 85 stop loss 78

AMBUJACEM 29 Jan 09:08 PM


ACC 29 Jan 09:07 PM

What can you do now? No point in giving excuses or cry over the split milk. In stock market what money goes out of one hand can be collected slowly and steadily by your other hand from the same looters who looted your money.

DIXON 29 Jan 09:07 PM

Hidenberg shorts Adani group shared without having real shares so tomorrow morning Shorters will be trapped

NSEBANK 29 Jan 09:07 PM

cryptos are up by more than 3%. good news from global markets...our market will make rally on Monday and Tuesday

NSEI 29 Jan 09:07 PM

ADA share price movement could be erratic and retailers have very little role in this. What biggies do will matter a lot. Eg., if LIC decides to keep buying on MON there could be some bounce back.

NSEI 27 Jan 10:15 PM

FIIs are misusing derivative segments, specially call and put. fii wants to spoil Indian market horizon. SEBI should interven this.

NSEBANK 27 Jan 10:15 PM

for Monday what will be the sentiment guys?

APOLLOHOSP 27 Jan 10:14 PM

Apollo hospital buy 4244 keep target of Rs 4400

AWL 27 Jan 10:14 PM

Hindenburg short adani bonds in USA in October 2022 and after three months Hindenburg published report... now this fight interesting lets see what happens for short Hindenburg earn huge money... I hope one day adani buy Hindenburg 😛

SUNTV 27 Jan 10:13 PM

Sun TV will come with flying colors. Good result is awaited in the forthcoming Board.

NSEI 26 Jan 08:09 PM

roz hi log kehte hai gap up open hoga.....but daily downtrend NiFtY😄

GTLINFRA 26 Jan 08:09 PM

adidrivastava dont read headline. see detailed news by opening link. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered a case against GTL Ltd, some unknown bankers

MGL 26 Jan 08:09 PM

OMC sector will show positive momentum, back on track.

BANKBARODA 26 Jan 08:08 PM

will fall sir tomorrow GTL fraud case involved Dena Bank now bank of baroda

NSEBANK 26 Jan 08:08 PM

i hold bank nifty 43000 CA Feb 2 60 lot . Friday praise

NSEBANK 24 Jan 10:09 PM

kal market continuously niche girega, one way movement. price acton ko samjho. 42300 aramse jayega.

TATAMOTORS 24 Jan 10:09 PM

Right time to exit Tata motors now, one can reinvest after some time at much lower price.

ALKYLAMINE 24 Jan 10:08 PM

Interest payments on government borrowings have shot up by 38% to Rs 9.4 lakh crore, in just last two years. This is higher than income tax or corporate tax collection aim of Rs 7 lakh crore set out for each head this year.

TATAELXSI 24 Jan 10:08 PM

Tata Elxsi has inverted hammer on daily charts.. which confirms downtrend.. though I too want this to perform in next 2 sessions.

NSEI 24 Jan 10:08 PM

Its all part of the game ,Who ever winning market is going good,who ever lose in market Dont trade option trading . Do limit trade , get minimum profit enough for single trade. First moto save your capital.

NSEI 23 Jan 05:03 PM

if Tomo Nifty touches the 18050...then PE price will try reach...63..

NSEBANK 23 Jan 05:03 PM

check out the bn closing price now, its 42821, and 5 secs before it closed the price was 42755... almost 70 points bounce.... most probably we will see another gap up tomorrow.... same pattern has been going on for past 2-3 days now

ZENITHEXPO 23 Jan 05:03 PM

Buy call from 80/84 hit Upper Circuit at 96.20... next 100

BANKBARODA 23 Jan 05:02 PM

st chance to acquire the stock above alert decide... yourself...tgt 188 decide

GOLDTECH 23 Jan 05:02 PM

this stock goes all time high.....dont panik ...if not gone I change my name.......

IBULHSGFIN 20 Jan 07:37 PM

Varma ji sir don t avg every rise exit …… I don t want to make you loss ….Zomato 55% public exit …..

MISHTANN 20 Jan 07:37 PM

Seems daytraders are controlling the price based on the deliverypercentage

DCM 20 Jan 07:36 PM

Good results, low PE and high dividend paying co. hoping for 2X in next 12 months.

NSEI 20 Jan 07:36 PM

REliance later results today so either hedge trading wise or book good 15 rupee move upside already, so FnO before evening may book and cash hold for 3000 plus trgets as suggested many times before!

NSEBANK 20 Jan 07:36 PM

Sell bank nifty now cmp 42400 sl 42670 target 41500*40400 and more............

NURECA 19 Jan 06:00 PM

tomorrow Friday sale at more discount

MUL 19 Jan 06:00 PM

get out of this asap.

LINDEINDIA 19 Jan 06:00 PM

Maruti Suzuki trades higher on starting exports of Grand Vitara

NSEI 19 Jan 05:59 PM

Yesterday I told clearly that expiry going to be eighteen one hundred. And see where it closed.

NSEBANK 19 Jan 05:59 PM


MAGNUM 18 Jan 09:28 PM

Buy Magnum Cash cmp 29,75 SL 27,50 target 32 and 37

TRITURBINE 18 Jan 09:28 PM

today company announced q3 results date as 24 january, 25 january conference call investors meet

JINDRILL 18 Jan 09:27 PM

Fantastic writeup yellow_alert. Thanks for the providing insight. The stock is is a buy at CMP.

NSEI 18 Jan 09:27 PM

Tomorrow Nifty will open gap down, around

NSEBANK 18 Jan 09:27 PM

tomorrow opening expected at what level

RVNL 17 Jan 10:02 PM

RVNL wins metro projects in Surat and Ahmedabad..L1 for both...

HDFCBANK 17 Jan 10:01 PM

Buy hdfc 2640 tgt going 2750

BERGEPAINT 17 Jan 10:01 PM

Yes. I wanted buy more at lower levels. Looks like a dream now Stock will touch 600 in coming days.

NSEI 17 Jan 10:01 PM

Tomorrow BOJ And BOJ Will Give Surprise 😮

NSEBANK 17 Jan 10:00 PM

bank nifty tomorrow 41300 level

TANLA 16 Jan 09:41 PM

less volume but price has corrected a lot.. excellent opportunity to grab at this price. Once Q3 result announce, you will never see this price... study and decide

MACPOWER 16 Jan 09:41 PM

Sold 9k shares above 345. Great selling opportunity. . minimum TP 270/245/205

SUZLON 16 Jan 09:40 PM

har level pe strong zone bna rha h kl 11.50rs k upr aaj ...12 gya ab wps niche so next strong zone is 12rs ...then i think this week cross 14rs to 15rs ....good luck 🤞

NSEI 16 Jan 09:40 PM

Diis FnO position for the day: Diis made Index futures long and Futures stock long for 2000 and 3412 quantities with shorting just 8K Calls in Stock Options..

NSEBANK 16 Jan 09:39 PM

Not at all. Even with worst news the index rises and vice versa. Some big giants determine the market direction. After the prediction/expectation goes wrong, the analysts in these forums have some answer to justify the markets happening

PAYTM 12 Jan 08:52 PM

It could correct further depending upon market condition and selling pressure.

INTELLECT 12 Jan 08:52 PM

it must fill gap of 324 something..

TOYAMIND 12 Jan 08:52 PM

Then what type of income sponsor will get, especially Toyam ? Kindlt explain.

NSEI 12 Jan 08:51 PM

Hope for the best towards the closing bro... Fingers crossed 🤞🏼

NSEBANK 12 Jan 08:51 PM

I am smelling 42800 by tomorrow 😋.... and back ro back budget movement... buy as much as possible.

TATAINVEST 11 Jan 08:19 PM

Tata invest 6% up rockingg, preparing new highs gradually frnds,sugested from 700 cmp 2320 !

CANTABIL 11 Jan 08:18 PM

cantabil retail stocks Still Looking weak on charts, trade accordingly.

PNBHOUSING 11 Jan 08:18 PM

The nature of the Universe is to give. When we are in harmony with the laws of the Universe, we cannot stop ourselves from giving.

NAGAFERT 11 Jan 08:18 PM

Nagarjuna agric Looking strong for investors, buy for 105 soon

NSEBANK 11 Jan 08:17 PM

Tomorrow if BN cuts 42340 then go for CE, If BN goes below 42000 then it will be drastic down .Please trade will level points

NSEI 11 Jan 08:17 PM

Those are crazy numbers. Fiis gross sell value is 10k Crore on a totally non trending day! This is getting ugly much sooner than anticipated. The AKF vs GS battle heats up.

NSEI 11 Jan 08:11 PM

intense selling by Fiis. Money is being taken out from India and reallocated is another Asian countries. As per Fiis India is expensive.

MENONBE 11 Jan 08:10 PM

menon remains weak below 100 only, new buying starts only after crosses 100

IEX 11 Jan 08:10 PM

Dear KGM the price for buy back is maximum 200 it means if the price of share will go beyond 200 during buyback period then the compony will not buy back share on more than 200 price.

TATAELXSI 11 Jan 08:10 PM

Kpittech and Tata elaxi both are futuristic company buying opportunity these level and hold for long term investment.

NSEBANK 11 Jan 08:09 PM

Dont Short tomorrow BN if sustains above 42430 Spot for atleast 5-10 minutes. Just go long.

BANDHANBNK 07 Jan 07:26 PM

ON strong ...upmove alert decide yourself...tgt

ASHOKLEY 07 Jan 07:26 PM

hold for a year to see it 175

AWL 07 Jan 07:25 PM

Okay, please pick it for a medium time horizon ie up to 3 years you will see it making high of 2500. Fortune is a very nice brand covering wide areas and acceptable to users in bulk.

CGPOWER 07 Jan 07:25 PM

sir can you give some thought on IDFC first bank

ADANIENT 07 Jan 07:25 PM


DWARKESH 07 Jan 07:24 PM

All sugar investors must subscribe my YouTube channel related to stock market which name is.... share market astrologer Bhatt ji..... subscribe my channel to get new multibager jackpot stocks.

NSEI 07 Jan 07:24 PM

LOOKonly above::: alert decide yourself...DEPP OBERSOLDs very good

INFY 07 Jan 07:24 PM

2.50 to 3.50% bull run on Monday Short term Target 1600 sl 1405

NSEBANK 07 Jan 07:23 PM

Bank nifty will settle above 43000 with speedy recovery by Monday or Tuesday ...Result season ...Budget moves will begin

NSEBANK 06 Jan 06:52 PM

Good analysis. the way it reversed i guess it will open around 42250~42300

BAJAJFINSV 06 Jan 06:52 PM

How would you rate my sell call of Bajaj Finserv guys - hope you all have made good gains and trailed the sl. Happy Trading!

HDFCLIFE 06 Jan 06:51 PM

Happy guys HDFC Life suggested as investment idea at 530 levels, even when breakout happened at 580- informed now at 610, enjoy the momentum I have 700 plus targets for HDFC Life!

ICICIBANK 06 Jan 06:51 PM

Friends - Market specially nifty I feel again 17800 very strong support, so one may start buying quality stocks in nimble way to make the most specially the banking stocks which are likely to post blockbuster results this quarter!

NSEI 06 Jan 06:51 PM

before flying biggies need clear cloud so heavy pressure washing hope frm.monday comt flying till 18500

TWL 05 Jan 09:34 PM

After budget wht would be target of twl it will be go ahead after budget or will be start profit booking again.

WALCHANNAG 05 Jan 09:34 PM

Walchandnagar super strong on charts, Technical suggest BUY for target 90

NSEI 05 Jan 09:34 PM

nifty teri halat par rona aa raha hai. aana wala din tera bhagwan hi malik hai

NSEBANK 05 Jan 09:33 PM

bank nifty up tomorrow 500 point

POONAWALLA 04 Jan 06:00 PM

Poonawala fin corp can reach the 350 level in the short to mid-term because of the excellent future, of RK Finament.

ABFRL 04 Jan 06:00 PM

jan fno buy nearly 30 lacks , that purly operator manipulate dont buy & sell wait for confiramtion to buy, operator stock ple avoid

ABCAPITAL 04 Jan 05:59 PM

I think 150 is tops this stock can go. Falls 4 percent when market declines 1 percent. But cannot go more than 1 or 2 percent when market rises 1 percent. Amazing.

NSEI 04 Jan 05:59 PM

today one hero zero nifty pe side already taken with usdinr ce side hero zero call let see.

NSEBANK 04 Jan 05:58 PM

Tomorrow bank nifty will be a big move gap up above 43300 ready for really

ORIENTBELL 03 Jan 02:44 PM

isma tgt hogayaa hai buy below tabtak short sell

RELCAPITAL 03 Jan 02:43 PM

Next focus sales increased by Unitec.... good luck

HFCL 03 Jan 02:43 PM

yes good orders will take Hfcls revenue up 15 percent and price of hfcl also above 100 rs anytime this Jan to march in between

NSEBANK 03 Jan 02:43 PM

trade with SL at 43350 ,dont sell just hold with caution

NSEI 03 Jan 02:43 PM

Dow future above 250 green Nasdaq F above 100 g....Do they know what FED will do?

ASHOKLEY 02 Jan 03:20 PM

Ashok Leyland shines on reporting 45% growth in December sales

PNB 02 Jan 03:20 PM

PNB Rocking .........towords UC ,catch 🪝🪝🪝

MBLINFRA 02 Jan 03:20 PM

Ashok Leyland shines on reporting 45% growth in December sales

MBLINFRA 02 Jan 03:19 PM

Just trapped by operaters nothing else bigbig upper circuit Few minutes ago

NSEBANK 02 Jan 03:18 PM

Having Banknifty 43300 what should i do ...exit at cost or hold it. plz suggest..

NSEI 02 Jan 03:18 PM

Nifty has formed a Bullish candle or an Inside Bar on weekly frame but continues to form highs . Now, it has to continue to hold above 18190 zones, for an up move towards 18300 and 18450 levels , BUY /BUY

LOTUSCHO 31 Dec 07:03 PM

Alok textile stock example is before all of us to see.

SCI 31 Dec 07:03 PM

monday price will go down 5-7 rs per share. my guess

SHREYAS 31 Dec 07:02 PM

even 260/240/220 we will buy and add more and more from public out of 60lacs. buy back announcement soon. # Muthubaba kanyakumari Mumbai Maharashtra# Technical advisor and powerBull game changer. jai Maharashtra.

NSEI 31 Dec 07:01 PM

if you have proper planning you can get good amount from delivery and IPO also.

NSEBANK 31 Dec 07:01 PM

war time covid time shooted up now RRUS OFFERED DEMILITARIZED PLAN BN 40000

NSEI 29 Dec 08:23 PM

when it happened dreams yesterday yes it happened

UPL 29 Dec 08:22 PM

Short UPL near 722 for target 700/680

ONGC 29 Dec 08:22 PM

buy ongc 144.70 Sl 143 tgt 158/150

BANDHANBNK 29 Dec 08:22 PM

rank ..67..bandhan bank most weakest stock alert decide

NSEBANK 29 Dec 08:21 PM

very soon it will touch 50000

NSEI 27 Dec 09:27 PM

now they are creating a platform for shorting again and down move would be fast.

NSEBANK 27 Dec 09:27 PM

US knows that recession in 2023 then knowingly this why they buy again Dow will be down likely till 32.5k

IOC 27 Dec 09:27 PM

Govt plans $2 billion incentive for green hydrogen industry: Report. Indian companies such as Reliance Industries, Indian Oil, NTPC, Adani Enterprises, JSW Energy and Acme Solar have big plans on green hydrogen.

YESBANK 27 Dec 09:26 PM

this share was touched year high on 24th dec and again volumes is increasing day by days, May be cross the year high withing first week of Jan 2023

TIMETECHNO 27 Dec 09:26 PM

time techno Short term TGT 94Rs to 98Rs.

HSCL 27 Dec 09:26 PM

Hold onto current stock positions for a target of 102 in the very nearish term! JAI HIND

NSEI 24 Dec 07:52 PM

What a mouth watering 17800 near levels guys who wish to invest, just assume nothing serious on Covid front and how market would perform with strong quarterly results around the corner!

SPIC 24 Dec 07:51 PM

Trading and Investing doesn t just reveal your character, it also builds it if you stay in the game long enough with good knowledge.

JKPAPER 24 Dec 07:51 PM

excellent breakout seen in jk paper... huge rally seen towards 500 initially.. then to 710

POLYCHMP 24 Dec 07:51 PM

Guys check out Unishire Urban Infra ltd. It has posted very good results and anytime soon it will declare a good dividend and bonus.

NSEBANK 24 Dec 07:50 PM

Clash between bulls & bears some bulls joining bears so bn 40999

HINDUNILVR 23 Dec 09:22 PM

Benefit of investing in equities……---saral freee e-book---its an amazing booket which you cant miss.

CAPACITE 23 Dec 09:22 PM

Variman is expanding its plan in new cities like Pune, Chennai & Bhubaneswar, which will help the company to grow at a fast pace.

PTC 23 Dec 09:21 PM

hold tight till reach Rs 50/-. then switch to another stack. because it will not go down further

UPL 23 Dec 09:20 PM

Buy on dips,,,expiry target 735 - My target for UPL is Rs 735 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs 700

NSEBANK 23 Dec 09:20 PM

Monday would be gap up opening and there will be a movement between 41900 and 42200, heard this is from one of the leading broker house

NSEI 23 Dec 09:20 PM

Do know that winners have no happiness but have greed, only loosers enjoy the pain and this pain is incomparable

RELINFRA 22 Dec 08:05 PM

december reliance expiry 2645-2655 level.

BCG 22 Dec 08:04 PM

guys, when we will get information on FA.. kindly share details if u have.. any updates from management we can expect..

TATAMOTORS 22 Dec 08:04 PM

shivsakthi thanks buddy I will be very happy if it go to 410 I have CE of 410

NSEI 22 Dec 08:03 PM

Thanks bro....were at/in Raigad fort for booster dose from The Power house....lifetime...whenever down...stay always blessed...Thanks!

NSEBANK 22 Dec 08:03 PM

Tomorrow gap up or gap down?

NSEI 20 Dec 06:20 PM

be cautious before taking any buy position.... market can take u turn....

SINTEX 20 Dec 06:20 PM

why and who are buying the shares . , whe. such risk is there. capital can be wiped out

AXISBANK 20 Dec 06:19 PM

Axis Bank gets Buy with 1140 target

ESCORTS 20 Dec 06:19 PM

Why the trading in the stock stopped at BSE for the last 3-4 days.?

NSEBANK 20 Dec 06:19 PM

open gap up and go towards ath

BCLIND 19 Dec 06:40 PM

The government lowered the GST rate on ethanol meant for blending under Ethanol Blended Petrol Programme to 5% from earlier 18%. Ethanol manufacturers such as BCL Industries Ltd.

STERTOOLS 19 Dec 06:39 PM

OFS on 20 and 21 December at floor price( minimum bidding price) of 270 to sell 67 lac 62164 shares.

IOB 19 Dec 06:39 PM

arvindji pls update about GMR .. When can we expect the rally in gmr.. waiting for ur reply. thank u in advance

NSEI 19 Dec 06:39 PM

nifty premium going to melting tomorrow nothing save in call

NSEBANK 19 Dec 06:38 PM

43518 is resistance-if it trades above the resistance point for 15mins or more-exit (based on todays oi support is at 43300 & 43400) (market may reverse tomorrow)

YESBANK 15 Dec 05:35 PM

THIS PRICce i never.At all expected to reach in near term

IBULHSGFIN 15 Dec 05:35 PM

on 14th December promoters company calleis properties sold 8 lakh shares

ADANIPORTS 15 Dec 05:34 PM

have 920ce expiry 29 dec, any chance of recovery?

NSEBANK 15 Dec 05:34 PM

Good recovery by eod. closed near support. again BN will hit ATH shortly

NSEI 15 Dec 05:34 PM

Update See my message if two days ago i clearly told watch list next week 18600 to 18700 pe yesterday was the chance to buy & nifty fut was above 18810 " or more also i also told youll big seller price is 18561 clearly written it

NSEBANK 14 Dec 06:31 PM

SGx is sustaining guys, BN tomorrow again will touch 44300✍

YESBANK 14 Dec 06:31 PM

short term target 32 rs

NSEI 14 Dec 06:30 PM

I have 56 lots of 22 expiry 18600 ce at 200 now its 181. kindly advise.

IDEA 14 Dec 06:30 PM

There is nothing new which pushed Idea up.. Lot of shorts in f&o which was covered. fresh position is in short again. better for retail investors dont get trapped.

PAYTM 14 Dec 06:30 PM

company board approved buyback at 810 per share record date to be declared

CDSL 13 Dec 06:38 PM

sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell

HINDPETRO 13 Dec 06:38 PM

Viki Sahab, do you mean 250 and 270 levels? 350 and 370 is unrealistic?

MARUTI 13 Dec 06:37 PM

Gaddi bik nee rahi, puncture Upper se, Sale down last month 😞😞😞😞🌹

KRISHNA 13 Dec 06:37 PM

when it will cross 200

NSEBANK 13 Dec 06:36 PM

Kal 10/11 baje tk news ane par market achaa khasa movement karege i think market girega

NSEI 13 Dec 06:36 PM

Today as on 13th December 2022, both Fiis and Diis bought in Cash for 619 Crores and 36 crores respectively.

NMDC 12 Dec 05:33 PM

Govt usually participate in share buyback and thus collects money from NMDC.

HSCL 12 Dec 05:32 PM

It secters will be more superior Yoy Can keep It in you watchlist asap

APOLLOTYRE 12 Dec 05:32 PM

MTAR Technologies shines on signing MoU with Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre

GLOBUSSPR 12 Dec 05:32 PM

finance Growing Because People Investing So be A part Of growing Stock with Us,,

GLOBUSSPR 12 Dec 05:32 PM

finance Growing Because People Investing So be A part Of growing Stock with Us,,

RAYMOND 12 Dec 05:30 PM

mktgod - Great. Have faith in Raymond for growth. Waiting for IPO of Raymond Engg / Files.

NSEI 12 Dec 05:30 PM

Today as on 12th/December/2022 Fiis sold in cash only for 138 Crores while Diis Bought in cash for 695 crores respectively.

NSEBANK 12 Dec 05:30 PM

Banknifty option tomorrow 100% sure accurate call on wattsup

NSEI 10 Dec 04:38 PM

why this guy is crippling all the time about Govt. instead of concentrating on trading?

SONACOMS 10 Dec 04:38 PM

finance Growing Because People Investing So be A part Of growing Stock with Us,,

ALBERTDAVD 10 Dec 04:37 PM

As per charts Pattern Looking good abut after few moments ready to take entry..

NBVENTURES 10 Dec 04:37 PM

Banking Secters Perforiming Well Exclude some Of bank stocks be aware Be a profitable Traderz…

NSEBANK 10 Dec 04:37 PM

BN ke operator upper ke level pe phase huwe hai. By Up and down strategy all holding will be transferred to retail investor bahut neeche nahi jaane denge, nahi bahut upper jane denge, 5 days week hone se premium eat karenge.. Views invited

NSEBANK 09 Dec 03:53 PM

next week 45000 target ...... boom .....

NSEI 09 Dec 03:53 PM

On Monday, Nifty can break 18800 CE

HCLTECH 09 Dec 03:52 PM

Dear Brothers By holding Shares of this company you are owner of this company, your companies fundamentals are strong So dont panic

NMDC 09 Dec 03:52 PM

when NMDC Steel will be listed. before listing price is forecast but no one is giving about listing.

EASEMYTRIP 09 Dec 03:52 PM

what will be target for 1 year

SCI 09 Dec 03:51 PM

kodaklaxman sir dividend is regular process so we cant melt it with disinvestment its clear cut late process from these gov lazy officers and ministers

HDFCBANK 13 Sep 12:27 PM

buy hdfc life SL 585 target 610.

DRREDDY 13 Sep 12:27 PM

I think one can sell this..I have been observing from past few never gone 4300 above..if it goes up the next it brought down to near one can buy above pharma stock is good

SIEMENS 13 Sep 12:27 PM

SIEMENS cash bought at 2800 target was 3000 today hit all targets

SUNTV 13 Sep 12:26 PM

ready to bounce. no sellers are lower level. needs to move to 525 to get sellers back in

CGPOWER 13 Sep 12:26 PM

🙏 thanks a ton for the sweet spot push buy on CCD. I reserve the corner & that is know to me. 🙏

ITC 13 Sep 12:25 PM

cheapest stock ever.Buy for a target of 800 in one year

GAIL 13 Sep 12:25 PM


WORTH 13 Sep 12:24 PM

supplies packaging board to Flipkart andAmazon and many more MNCs with festival salecoming up it is a perfectly re-rating candidate

COFFEEDAY 13 Sep 12:24 PM

Orders for 1.75 crores are still pending....

ANMOL 13 Sep 12:24 PM

FREE FLOAT 18 .... be alert .....decide yourself.....Q1 report card is very GOOD .....decide yourself ....tgt 220

NSEI 13 Sep 12:23 PM

bola tha 19000 on cards

NSEBANK 13 Sep 12:23 PM

Today .. After 1 PM Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell for Target is 40500-40450 today confirm News

MRPL 12 Sep 12:08 PM

prime minister inaguarated two new projects so it is worth investing in this stock, in the near future it may go upto 135 ,

SHANTIGEAR 12 Sep 12:06 PM

target 450 with in 2 months so buy buy only buy

IDEA 12 Sep 12:06 PM

9.30 to strict stop loss for all type of longs.

HATHWAY 12 Sep 12:06 PM

Many experts says, this is fundamentaly strong stock so I am holding since last one year, but till the date i dont understand what is mean by fundamentaly strong.😄😄

UJJIVAN 12 Sep 12:05 PM

if sufficient close on 230 is obtained then next rest point for UJJIVAN is 267

FCL 12 Sep 12:05 PM

what do you think fcl s target would be give some practical opinion rather than saying 1000-2000

NSEI 12 Sep 12:05 PM

buy 17900CE buy 17800CE buy banknifty 40500CE

TCS 12 Sep 12:04 PM

I have no doubt that TCPL will soon be on a massive bull run. It has underperformed the market now for almost one year. So after one year consolidation it is ready for a sustainable bull run

SUNTV 12 Sep 12:04 PM

Buy Sun TV network for short term target 10%.Risk Reward very good

NSEBANK 12 Sep 12:04 PM

hope it will reach 40720 if it bounce will see 40800 easily keep watching

SAIL 11 Sep 02:18 PM

Lets make huge money together on profit sharing and recover your losses

TATAPOWER 11 Sep 02:18 PM

Let us recover your losses together on a profit sharing basis

NDTV 11 Sep 02:18 PM

This is result of speculative scrips, being garlanded to investors, by unnatural news.

TVSMOTOR 11 Sep 02:17 PM

If you are tired of your losses let us recover it together on profit sharing basis

NSEI 11 Sep 02:17 PM

buying puts Monday morning for weekly or monthly expiry will give you loss only. nifty will close above Monday opening on weekly and monthly expiry

NSEBANK 11 Sep 02:16 PM

Bank nifty In 5 min timeframe bearish Flag pattern appear market may be falll

DRREDDY 10 Sep 10:51 AM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

NYKAA 10 Sep 10:50 AM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

SBIN 10 Sep 10:50 AM

always stay away from intraday / futres and options trades dear sugothamji !