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parvin about info comming soon...



HDFCBANK 13 Sep 12:27 PM

buy hdfc life SL 585 target 610.

DRREDDY 13 Sep 12:27 PM

I think one can sell this..I have been observing from past few never gone 4300 above..if it goes up the next it brought down to near one can buy above pharma stock is good

SIEMENS 13 Sep 12:27 PM

SIEMENS cash bought at 2800 target was 3000 today hit all targets

SUNTV 13 Sep 12:26 PM

ready to bounce. no sellers are lower level. needs to move to 525 to get sellers back in

CGPOWER 13 Sep 12:26 PM

πŸ™ thanks a ton for the sweet spot push buy on CCD. I reserve the corner & that is know to me. πŸ™

ITC 13 Sep 12:25 PM

cheapest stock ever.Buy for a target of 800 in one year

GAIL 13 Sep 12:25 PM


WORTH 13 Sep 12:24 PM

supplies packaging board to Flipkart andAmazon and many more MNCs with festival salecoming up it is a perfectly re-rating candidate

COFFEEDAY 13 Sep 12:24 PM

Orders for 1.75 crores are still pending....

ANMOL 13 Sep 12:24 PM

FREE FLOAT 18 .... be alert .....decide yourself.....Q1 report card is very GOOD .....decide yourself ....tgt 220

NSEI 13 Sep 12:23 PM

bola tha 19000 on cards

NSEBANK 13 Sep 12:23 PM

Today .. After 1 PM Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell for Target is 40500-40450 today confirm News

MRPL 12 Sep 12:08 PM

prime minister inaguarated two new projects so it is worth investing in this stock, in the near future it may go upto 135 ,

SHANTIGEAR 12 Sep 12:06 PM

target 450 with in 2 months so buy buy only buy

IDEA 12 Sep 12:06 PM

9.30 to strict stop loss for all type of longs.

HATHWAY 12 Sep 12:06 PM

Many experts says, this is fundamentaly strong stock so I am holding since last one year, but till the date i dont understand what is mean by fundamentaly strong.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

UJJIVAN 12 Sep 12:05 PM

if sufficient close on 230 is obtained then next rest point for UJJIVAN is 267

FCL 12 Sep 12:05 PM

what do you think fcl s target would be give some practical opinion rather than saying 1000-2000

NSEI 12 Sep 12:05 PM

buy 17900CE buy 17800CE buy banknifty 40500CE

TCS 12 Sep 12:04 PM

I have no doubt that TCPL will soon be on a massive bull run. It has underperformed the market now for almost one year. So after one year consolidation it is ready for a sustainable bull run

SUNTV 12 Sep 12:04 PM

Buy Sun TV network for short term target 10%.Risk Reward very good

NSEBANK 12 Sep 12:04 PM

hope it will reach 40720 if it bounce will see 40800 easily keep watching

SAIL 11 Sep 02:18 PM

Lets make huge money together on profit sharing and recover your losses

TATAPOWER 11 Sep 02:18 PM

Let us recover your losses together on a profit sharing basis

NDTV 11 Sep 02:18 PM

This is result of speculative scrips, being garlanded to investors, by unnatural news.

TVSMOTOR 11 Sep 02:17 PM

If you are tired of your losses let us recover it together on profit sharing basis

NSEI 11 Sep 02:17 PM

buying puts Monday morning for weekly or monthly expiry will give you loss only. nifty will close above Monday opening on weekly and monthly expiry

NSEBANK 11 Sep 02:16 PM

Bank nifty In 5 min timeframe bearish Flag pattern appear market may be falll

DRREDDY 10 Sep 10:51 AM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

NYKAA 10 Sep 10:50 AM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

SBIN 10 Sep 10:50 AM

always stay away from intraday / futres and options trades dear sugothamji !

RPOWER 10 Sep 10:50 AM

it is not 15.5 Rs share to USA company but validation of functioning and continuity and soundness and future prospects of Reliance power,moreover rpower has taken loan of 1200 crores from this company as well.

NSEI 10 Sep 10:49 AM

Monday nifty 150 gap up opening,Dow Jones 370 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

NSEBANK 10 Sep 10:49 AM

just a small gap down or immediate negative in the morning it does not mean that complete market is down it may start up from there.. but any huge gap up is a dangerous sign for tomorrow

RELINFRA 09 Sep 06:21 PM


TATAMOTORS 09 Sep 06:20 PM

sell 350 target September expiry...

NSEI 09 Sep 06:20 PM

I feel its a big big scam of reducing premium of later expiries very fast ..when we see the premium very down as retailers we average and give the operator more money to take index further up fast.

PATELSAI 09 Sep 06:20 PM

Promoters of Patels Airtemp have not sold any stake in June 2022 quarter. Please read my previous post of a few days ago in this regard.

GNFC 09 Sep 06:19 PM

today sold 800 option at 15.80 & delivery based at 764. Will again enter at 740 levels

NILAINFRA 09 Sep 06:19 PM

Waiting n try to buy at mkt rate if start hitting uc for 9months v can see 3500 plus rate golden opportunity buy on Monday any rate loss is 7β‚Ή n profit is ????

BHARATFORG 09 Sep 06:19 PM

By by 🎯 of 790/815 next week ......πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

SSTL 09 Sep 06:19 PM

Break 10 rs...all time hopes...

NSEBANK 09 Sep 06:18 PM

cryptos are up bitcoin up 10% people are putting money in riskier assets eventually market will move higher levels

AMBUJACEM 09 Sep 06:18 PM

Have to wait till any case F&O ban will impact it. How fast it comes out of ban is good for the retailers.Hope he increases bid price.

GREAVESCOT 09 Sep 06:17 PM

i only short when this GARBAGE is in GREEN

SUZLON 08 Sep 03:11 PM

buy immediately at 10.05...good luck friends

TATASTEEL 08 Sep 03:10 PM

Buy tata steel 105.90 target 108

HFCL 08 Sep 03:10 PM

before AGM minimum 1 order news must come ,so buy hfcl 120 to 150 with in 2 month sure

BGWTATO 08 Sep 03:09 PM

super duper result price of co share will blast on Wednesday 10 july

SUVENPHAR 08 Sep 03:09 PM

Suven Pharma in green....use this opportunity to buy...short term target 600

PCJEWELLER 08 Sep 03:09 PM

This script will be 900 by December 2023

RELIANCE 08 Sep 03:08 PM

Can enter at current level next week it may Boom!

GREAVESCOT 08 Sep 03:08 PM

those who were talking about breakout have beaten beaten out from this forum πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

BEML 08 Sep 03:08 PM

Upper Circuit means there are only BUYERS and no SELLERS which is the case today at this point of time. Where is the question of misguiding ??????????????

NSEI 08 Sep 03:07 PM

nifty touches 17800, now it will turn back.

NSEBANK 08 Sep 03:07 PM

150 points for pe from here on

BPCL 07 Sep 02:58 PM

What happen to this script ? In spite of strong fundamentals, it is not moving UP. Any way right I have accumulate it for future run.....

FCONSUMER 07 Sep 02:57 PM

Unveiling of new Buy Platform through for Jiomart. Future Consumer to benefit a lot as Isha takes reigns in coming days for mega growth in Retail , FMCG Sector

TARSONS 07 Sep 02:57 PM

any news guys in tarson...

GVKPIL 07 Sep 02:56 PM

Power sector set for a long haul on sustained demand spike, large capex push.

NSEI 07 Sep 02:56 PM

Before EOD , seems two more jump down with 40 points in each !

IDEA 07 Sep 02:56 PM

It is purely operator driven market.

INOXWIND 07 Sep 02:55 PM

Preparing for Upper Circuit ??!!!!! inox wind blast on positive news.

ADANIPORTS 07 Sep 02:55 PM

PM confirmed about coal import from Russia, is great news for adani port and sez , thye will.make.much profit upon this

COSMOFILMS 07 Sep 02:55 PM

PB 2 and pe 6 fv 10 top notch performance over the past decade.soon 1500 cosmo

NSEBANK 07 Sep 02:54 PM

ECB expected to hike rates by 50 basis points - RBI too will raise rates by 50 basis points. The rate hike will boost bank NIMs and profits - buy SBI for a target of 580 or HDFC Bank for a target of 1540

IBULHSGFIN 06 Sep 05:05 PM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

SUZLON 06 Sep 05:04 PM

the sempcorp order is fake released to cover the price hike of the SBI typo error as they need to grab stock at cheap price from retailers before the original news of take over will come in due course of time....

TATAPOWER 06 Sep 05:03 PM

Buy Tata Power 247 tgt 280 sl 239

LAXMIMACH 06 Sep 05:03 PM

Please us for witnessing the latest in Textile Automation, Innovation and Digitalization from LMW at Pavilion 3, Stall H20,Uz Expo Center,Tashkent, Uzbekistanr

VAIBHAVGBL 06 Sep 05:03 PM

Vaibhav Jewellers Files Draft Papers, To Mop-Up Funds Via IPOΒ 

RUDRA 06 Sep 05:02 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

BALAMINES 06 Sep 05:01 PM

steady and strongπŸ’ͺ may give 3-5β„… upward move tomorrow or day after tomorrow

GKP 06 Sep 05:01 PM

Last hope from AGM where positive news were announced but cant stop falling price. Last support if broken then stock will become penny stock. Forget about profit and investment price we will only get walkover amount.

NSEBANK 06 Sep 05:01 PM

all pe holders enjoy today night nd ce cryyyy this expiry 38500

NSEI 06 Sep 05:00 PM

300 gap up tomorrow now international market going to shoot

POKARNA 05 Sep 03:58 PM

Search in google adani green recommendation by prit Patel

BEL 05 Sep 03:58 PM

BEL has run up with just Bonus news for over Rs.100. There has to be a sharp correction up to Rs.65 at least - My target for Bharat Elec is Rs 261 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs 339

JPPOWER 05 Sep 03:58 PM

MVS, ek chindi hai. he is an operator. playing with some lakhs of share.. daily.. selling at high and buying at low. today he lost so pinged here. observe carefully. and just stay invested I think.

MTNL 05 Sep 03:57 PM

NTPC trades higher on registering 62% growth in coal production in April to August

GOODLUCK 05 Sep 03:57 PM

It s very good share with 2600 Cr turnover with just 5 Cr capital .It s growing business plus adding capacity which will further profitability. With 20PE which it should deserve based on its credentials it should go minimum to 600.

POLYCAB 05 Sep 03:56 PM

Maximus International hits new 52-week high as its arm enters into agreement with NLFL

NSEI 05 Sep 03:56 PM

Now new trande .SGX in red night & Nifty trading in geen zone during day time ..even global market in red ... all world market money moving towards indian market ...

TTML 05 Sep 03:56 PM

you are lucky, you learn a lesson 1st day, form now on you take carefull steps, instead if youre in profit in 1st day that leads to some heavy losses in future πŸ˜€

CAPACITE 05 Sep 03:55 PM

Hold on tightly, last bid was for 50000 shares at 173.5...solid accumulation,

NSEBANK 05 Sep 03:55 PM

Tomorrow we will hit upper circuit in Bank Nifty... shorters to get squeezed. Thanks to the worlds best FM Taai Ji and Modi Ji who brought SGX in Gujarat to crush down anti national Put buyers

SHUBHAM 04 Sep 07:57 PM

Its multibagger stock for 2022. ...... Dont believe such messages.

UBL 04 Sep 07:57 PM

Ubl buy 1700 sl 1660 tgt 1750/1780

BHARATFORG 04 Sep 07:56 PM

Buy Bharat Forge 766 target will be 775/780

PNB 04 Sep 07:56 PM

upper circuit coming soon in pnb after 38.50

SAIL 04 Sep 07:56 PM

When even date for AGM has not been announced, it is foolish to talk about dividend (Final ).

NSEI 04 Sep 07:55 PM

fii full bearish in fno nifty down 17260 but when short cover then 17855

NSEBANK 04 Sep 07:53 PM

Yes it can flat opening it Gapup, very less chance for gapdown, Indian markets are bullish specially Banknifty

TCS 03 Sep 02:41 PM

shirted 5 lot of tcs stop loss 3500.enjoy profit.all the best.friend....

RELINFRA 03 Sep 02:41 PM

Monday it can touch 195. as there is good momentum in this stock.

VIKASECO 03 Sep 02:40 PM

Monday only chance to buy Monday.

NSEI 03 Sep 02:40 PM

nifty next target 8890 in next December

RELIGARE 03 Sep 02:39 PM

RFL Lenders 51 % agrees to settle , only SBI is pending . RFL and Care together will command for atleast 300 valuation within a year time . stay investrd

NSEBANK 03 Sep 02:39 PM

Market makers/ brokers have tasted retailer blood... they are now actually putting out TV ads to lure new retailers into the Options game. RETAILERS BEWARE !

TANLA 03 Sep 02:38 PM

Yes Management sincerely trying to keep the share price high. It seems there was pressure from FIIs and other investors too. Any way going forward things will be set right.

VEDL 03 Sep 02:38 PM

Vedanta is one of the best co in terms of rewarding shareholders. In last 12 months, they have given total dividend of 96 rupees. For a share with MV of 260, just calculate the dividend yield for this 96 rupees dividend.

KARDA 03 Sep 02:37 PM

Kbc global share 5% ke upper circuit start buying pr lakho share lg gye hai monday open hote hai kharid lo target Rs 28 long term hold upper rally start buy hurry hurry up

RPOWER 03 Sep 02:37 PM

Adani power production is just double then reliance power 12000 MW While reliance power is 5900 MW.

ASIANTILES 03 Sep 02:37 PM

There is no risk in it for medium to long term investors as the good building material manufacturers are going to give very decent returns.

RELIANCE 02 Sep 09:17 AM

in positive market also its falling, it impossible to regain 2650 today.

RUCHI 02 Sep 09:17 AM

Patanjali Foods (Ruchi Soya) will set new 52week high today, enjoy rally, keep adding... Buy Buy ... Our patience will reward definitely πŸ‘

LESHAIND 02 Sep 09:17 AM

The only thing is that operators are in buying mode , so no clear direction and they are trying to create panic to grab the shares from retail investors.

MAZDOCK 02 Sep 09:16 AM

It was trading between 100-200 for long ,how it can become 600/1000 ? Speculation does not work in the stock market.

RELIGARE 02 Sep 09:16 AM

All penny stocks are rising for no logical reason. including Religare. Sell on rise is my strategy.

PARADEEP 02 Sep 09:15 AM

Buy PARADEEP 61 - 61.50 Target : 67 - 69 SL : 55

RPOWER 02 Sep 09:15 AM

today rpower will open on upper circuit

IDBI 02 Sep 09:14 AM

It is almost certain that Transwarranty Finance will acquire the controlling stake in IDBI bank for Rs 23500 crore.

NSEI 02 Sep 09:13 AM

IT stock will lift nifty today

NSEBANK 02 Sep 09:12 AM

100 point gap up....will trade in positive side

IDBI 01 Sep 08:28 PM

But NSDL IPO is scheduled for 2023

HDFCBANK 01 Sep 08:27 PM

sell all holding ... warning for retail investors

SHIVACEM 01 Sep 08:27 PM

Would never want it to be a Adani nor an Ambani. Best it remains a JSW and if not, then a Tata or a Wipro. Just my opinion.

GTLINFRA 01 Sep 08:27 PM

Even Quadrant Tele is showing some intent ,it feels We are riding in a Dead Snake ...Gtl Infra

VINYLINDIA 01 Sep 08:26 PM

One must keep this scrip in his/her portfolio. It is a gold mine as it has equity of only 1 cr and turn over of close to β‚Ή1000 cr.

RPOWER 01 Sep 08:26 PM

adani power planing to buy rpower, will be in three digits soon, good days are coming....

BSOFT 01 Sep 08:25 PM

I was eligible for 12. but applied for 25 . finally 14 was accepted

VBL 01 Sep 08:25 PM


BCG 01 Sep 08:25 PM


BAJAJ-AUTO 01 Sep 08:24 PM

buy Bajaj Auto at 4075, tgt 4150, 4200, 4250, SL 4010

NSEI 01 Sep 08:24 PM

Heavy shorts build in IT, Pharma & Oil Sector! Private Banking is also not an exception!

NSEBANK 01 Sep 08:24 PM

enjoy PE buyers....... jabardast tomorrow blood bath on street......

ADANIPOWER 31 Aug 06:57 PM


NSEI 31 Aug 06:56 PM

tomorrow 18000 levels in nifty

GMRP&UI 31 Aug 06:56 PM

GMR Group to divest its 30% equity stake in PT GEMS, engaged in coal mining in Indonesia β€’ GMR Group to receive gross consideration of USD 420 million upfront plus deferred consideration β€’ Divestment to result into strengthening of balance sheet through significant reduction of corporate debt of GPUIL, and β€’ Reinforces GMR Groups commitment towards Asset Light Asset Right strategy and reduce Groups carbon footprint

NESTLEIND 31 Aug 06:55 PM

Buy NESTLE for 1 week Target 20723

WIPRO 31 Aug 06:55 PM

Wipro complete 78.6% retrachment level at 402. from 445. now 418. is important level break and trade above can touch 420. 424. 432.

CENTENKA 31 Aug 06:55 PM

This is a big news, if its covered on TV can bring a 20% circuit, everyone was waiting for this company to go under ambit of Kumar Mangalam Birla. Finally better proactive management for centuryenka.

BAJAJ-AUTO 31 Aug 06:54 PM

Buy BAJAJ AUTO for 1 week Target 4249

CHEMCRUX 31 Aug 06:54 PM

1500rs target in 2022.....just hold.......

ASIANPAINT 31 Aug 06:53 PM

Buy ASIAN PAINTS for 1 week Target 3528

NSEBANK 31 Aug 06:53 PM

touch bank nifty to 38500

FINEORG 30 Aug 06:15 PM

Fine organics can reach 12000 February end buy as much as possible don t waste your time and other s too

MEGASOFT 30 Aug 06:15 PM

Megasoft is still in BE category so circuit revision not possible.

JINDALSTEL 30 Aug 06:15 PM

In September target is 500 and in October target is 600 before deewali Buy buy

GALLANTT 30 Aug 06:14 PM

Name changed from 21 June 2022 and bse/nse will change it from 6 September 2022 ..the isin no is if you have shares with this ISIN you hold correct shares .

GKP 30 Aug 06:14 PM

mere paas confirm news hai guruvaar se buyer circuit chalu ho jayegi...dont sell

NSEI 30 Aug 06:14 PM

Amazing that the entire reaction of Nifty to the FED move was limited to 30 minutes on Monday morning and since then Fiis have only pumped more liquidity into India. Lets watch where this is going through September.

BSOFT 30 Aug 06:13 PM

Birlasoft trading at P.E 19 ..has potential to double from here is my thinking

TATAELXSI 30 Aug 06:13 PM

tata elxsi stock now most with short term traders and big traders

SKYIND 30 Aug 06:13 PM

u have to buy 800 shares in lot then only u will be eligible to buy it

SANDUMA 30 Aug 06:12 PM

IF you have purchased shares on or before 25 July , You have lost big money no 2 ways about it IF you have neither sold RE nor applied for Shares .

NSEBANK 30 Aug 06:12 PM

bank nifty maximum go till 39750 and keep this as SL closing basis... we may see 17450 17370 and 17250 soon in bnf 39200 38800 and 38600 by 15th sept.

ESSARSHPNG 29 Aug 06:15 PM

banking secters looking super strong you can take entry for postional terms

IRCTC 29 Aug 06:14 PM

it and technology secters not strong but will be very super strng..

VINYLINDIA 29 Aug 06:13 PM

keep patience And be awarre about charts stock turn very soon

ARVIND 29 Aug 06:13 PM

petrolium lookong very strong bht dnt get confused dint be trap

FIEMIND 29 Aug 06:13 PM

Dont trap with news and dont buy this time wait for few more days

TEJASNET 29 Aug 06:12 PM

I like this stock, though shakky result of recent, the sector will have good demand, but yes the price action is totally confusing as insider are selling but price moves up ???, though I have been holding this and will keep it.

TATAELXSI 29 Aug 06:12 PM

we can expect some positive moments aftet this short breakdown..

PACIFICI 29 Aug 06:12 PM

iron & steel segments looking super so you can go long...

RELINFRA 29 Aug 06:11 PM

5% profit bokking today weak investors who sale remove from trading upcoming days fit for upper circuit

NSEI 29 Aug 06:11 PM

Amid global cues and Powell uncle s speech fall will continue tomorrow......

NSEBANK 29 Aug 06:10 PM

banking secters looking super strong you can take entry for postional terms

GRANULES 28 Aug 02:48 PM

can anyone tell , when I apply for buyback

NSEI 28 Aug 02:48 PM

will buy sure tomorrow

VELHO 28 Aug 02:47 PM

Everyone in the market is talking about Velan Hotels......Another stock which is in the news for hitting the upper circuit

WIPRO 28 Aug 02:47 PM


SCI 28 Aug 02:47 PM

it may possible that sci come around 100 again but its not for stock weakness or dull fundamental or so so its only for global issue . we may see health correction on entire market and sci is not out of market sci is also part of market .

LICI 28 Aug 02:46 PM

buy karo ye lambi res ka ghoda he...... vapas ye rate me nahi milega...

NSEBANK 28 Aug 02:46 PM

FIIs and Pros are bullish on the market and BNF, so whatever dip comes should be bought into immidiately

NSEI 27 Aug 04:13 PM

You will not getting much profit against 17000 NIFTY PE.better to switch over 17250 NIFTY Pe .

KTKBANK 27 Aug 04:13 PM

KARNATAKA BANK: Karnataka Banks 99.2% shareholders approve fundraise via debt issue

GVKPIL 27 Aug 04:13 PM

I have 20000 shares in it but I have not sold a single share yet because I know it will take a U-turn anytime.

RCOM 27 Aug 04:12 PM

That is correct trading is banned in Zerodha due to IBC process it will trade only once in a week. Do you have any idea will it get delisted in future?

HFCL 27 Aug 04:12 PM

ya i also got the mail... but exact on what date they will pay divided?

VISHWARAJ 27 Aug 04:12 PM

While looking into peers saw Ravalgaon Sugar, Its market cap is only 17 crores, but share price is more than Rs 2609/- and face value 50. Wow!!?

TV18BRDCST 27 Aug 04:11 PM

This stock. May. Go up after. On year. As. Next. Year. And. 2024 . Till next. July. I think waste to. Buy.

SBIN 27 Aug 04:11 PM

Market started buying PSU Banks which was long overdue. Bull run on PSU Banks will continue for next 2 to 3 moths. SBI can touch 625 in September series. Strong Buy

YESBANK 27 Aug 04:11 PM

it will reach 20rs before this quarter end

NSEBANK 27 Aug 04:10 PM

on Monday gap down, it will jump above 39000, but its can in negative below

YESBANK 26 Aug 05:19 PM

accumulate yes bank for a target of 18 latest by tomorrow

INDOCO 26 Aug 05:19 PM

Alliance Integrated Metaliks soars on bagging Dabwali-Chautala Project in Haryana

SHAREINDIA 26 Aug 05:18 PM

Cyient moves up on completing acquisition of Sentiec Oyj, Citec Engineering India

JYOTIRES 26 Aug 05:18 PM

record date for bonus share is 9 september now continue upper circuit

VGUARD 26 Aug 05:18 PM

Syrma SGS Technology debuts with 19% premium on the BSE

BAJAJHLDNG 26 Aug 05:17 PM

J&K Bank shines on aiming to tap benefits of phase of accelerated growth in Jammu and Kashmir

TVSELECT 26 Aug 05:17 PM

tvseassure through inteagram I had booked my laptop service. but no customer service No. website mob no not reachable not going.... how this company service to people. its very bad. they ask me to pay Rs 705. even without Bill.

IDEA 26 Aug 05:16 PM

RailTel surges on partnering with CloudExtel

NTPC 26 Aug 05:16 PM

Today NTPC is the highest closing since May 2011 Next week upside Tgt 178/185 Enjoy

MARKSANS 26 Aug 05:16 PM

this is 1st time stock has broke our of 200 DMA level after making high of 97.

BCG 26 Aug 05:15 PM

brightcom group is a profit making company.....very undervalued hold tight....and go to will not get this share again at this price....minimum πŸ’― words.

NSEI 26 Aug 05:15 PM

nifty is down today Monday get ready for a fall on market

NSEBANK 26 Aug 05:14 PM

banknifty strong expiry alert rocks yesterday alerted unable to hold 40000 break 39000 now 38800 important levels if hold next life time high otherwise break 38000 levels power of technical analysis rocks again

J&KBANK 25 Aug 11:07 AM

Guys Piyush sir is advising to buy in loads, 7.5cr shares to be sold in mid September volume will be high and stock will be locked in continuous uc

PACIFICI 25 Aug 11:07 AM

i am buy today 500 share keep stop loss 326 rs closing target 465 rsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒπŸŒβœˆβœˆ

TITAN 25 Aug 11:05 AM

Shriram Transport Finance Company inches up on planning to raise funds

JPPOWER 25 Aug 11:04 AM

Artificial suppression of Market Price in Jppower but how long it will Last ?

YESBANK 25 Aug 11:04 AM

holding since fpo 25000 shares...holding with 5 years horizon...higher the risk...higher will be the reward

VIKASECO 25 Aug 11:03 AM

Investors always accumulate during dips while momentum players sell during dips.... The universal mantra is holding a stock for at least 2 to 3 months gives returns better than flipping stocks.. Keep this mantra for VEL

NMDC 25 Aug 11:03 AM

Very happy for your profit Emma Jee - enjoy n preserve this profit and do not give your profit back to the market!!

SUNDARAM 25 Aug 11:03 AM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

DHAMPURSUG 25 Aug 11:02 AM

no no dont expect anything it will crash any time now sell sell sell

AJANTPHARM 25 Aug 11:01 AM

promoter company . never gives return to shareholders..

NSEI 25 Aug 11:00 AM

sell sell sell 17300 today on screen ,its just educational and social awareness against loyal operators

NSEBANK 25 Aug 10:59 AM

Today Buy buy buy buy buy buy buy for Target is 39600

CAMS 24 Aug 06:48 PM

value less stock all small investors has lost his money, only promoter are villan for this ,MC BC great terrain .

PCJEWELLER 24 Aug 06:48 PM


BIL 24 Aug 06:48 PM

Closing should be above 200 for further rally.

SATIA 24 Aug 06:47 PM

even today Wstcoast paper ,jk paper, pdmjee paper, orient paper,ruchira paper ,all were above 5 to 12%upn all time high ,but this laggard is not moving ,now operator will touch 128 in few days again n ,pull it back to 115..

NSEI 24 Aug 06:47 PM

17700 will touch tomorrow and rest depends on

SONACOMS 24 Aug 06:47 PM

tomorrow if it sustained 540 & close......100% chance its breakout.......move towards 607........

TNPL 24 Aug 06:46 PM

Here are the small-cap stocks that the largest mutual fund houses

MEGH 24 Aug 06:46 PM

because no one can earn in this stock operated by chawanni chhao operators

RUCHIRA 24 Aug 06:46 PM

the given taget is 250 hope it will reach 200 Thank you guys - keep investing happy investing

NSEBANK 24 Aug 06:45 PM

as per technical chart analysis weekly and monthly chart next expiry will be be cautious

ONGC 23 Aug 07:13 PM

book profit ng 778 given 795 770 daily 1-2 levels in gold silver crude ng

EICHERMOT 23 Aug 07:12 PM

more UP move possible, if market remains green it will go UP tommorow.

ADANIENT 23 Aug 07:12 PM

So you are back to stoke up rumours of Adani buying Vi for the nth time. Good for you. Some livelihood this.

SUBEXLTD 23 Aug 07:12 PM

subex last year price 74 know 36 what a perform co all are long time investors fullish to subex investment......

IDEA 23 Aug 07:11 PM

Adani enter in TV media....He also enter Telecom sector S...U...R...E....

RBLBANK 23 Aug 07:11 PM

RBL has crossed 100 with strong volumes and the game has just started

CANBK 23 Aug 07:10 PM

Canara Bank plans to raise Rs 2,000 crore, which includes Rs 1,000 crore through Basel-III Tier-II bonds Buy for huge returns.

ZOMATO 23 Aug 07:10 PM

I have 3662 shares of Zomato, how much and how long will it go up

NSEBANK 23 Aug 07:09 PM

Bought CE in last 10 mins, BN seemed to have a breakout in the end. Tomorrow some 100/200 points positive upmove possible

NSEI 23 Aug 07:09 PM

Chances are very less to cross 17800 this expiry. So blind call buyers also be cautious.

SAIL 22 Aug 06:07 PM

When sensex turn in to green will cross 550 Opportunity to Buy.

TTML 22 Aug 06:07 PM

ttml chapter over it will go below 60

GKP 22 Aug 06:06 PM

No this stock reduce to atleast 50 percent from here.

FINCABLES 22 Aug 06:06 PM

Heavy selling going on. Nifty might hit Finolex cables might go to 410-420 range. Good to evaluate there and buy if market is ok.

NSEI 22 Aug 06:06 PM

Both Fiis and Diis have sold shares worth Rs 453 and 85 Crores respectively as on 22nd/August/2022...

ADANIGREEN 22 Aug 06:05 PM

tomorrow most priy 2700 coming mark my words soon cross new life high only adani green enjoy money 🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️

KIRIINDUS 22 Aug 06:05 PM

Adani power one month back 280 to day 432, uc.kirikri share cheers.

IDEA 22 Aug 06:05 PM

Vodafone Group Plc has agreed to sell its Hungarian unit to 4iG Public and Corvinus, a Hungarian state holding company, in a deal worth E1.8 billion.

ADANIPORTS 22 Aug 06:04 PM

every Adani Group stock has made new highs except Adani Poets...its not so that Adani Port is very weak....but I think it might be selfishness of a father towards his son...Adani is caring only for his companies

ADANIPOWER 22 Aug 06:04 PM

where is cute doggies .....only one or two left in this forum, but share price is not giving any chance to bark

NSEBANK 22 Aug 06:04 PM

39000 PE bumper dhamaka 85 to 790 in 2 sessions. lol. might end at 1200-1500 this expiry

IDEA 21 Aug 03:51 PM

What you said is all true. What is why the government cunningly brought in Dani. Now they can harass Vi if they want. That could be one explanation. Very shrewd.

SAIL 21 Aug 03:50 PM

7500 very soon bullish on nifty metals index.sail at 220

NSEI 21 Aug 03:50 PM

nifty will recover upto 100 points tomorrow

ADANIENT 21 Aug 03:50 PM

i agree with u we will have to observe the movements for few hours before taking a call. in stock market at times inactivity is also an activity.

BHARTIARTL 21 Aug 03:49 PM

PMC fincrop next multibigger stock target RS.10 plus March 2022 buy and hold once again RS.100 plus next 2 years..

NSEBANK 21 Aug 03:49 PM

Bank Nifty will zoom up in the expiry 40K for sure

NSEI 20 Aug 06:03 PM

Volatility may remain in nifty between 16500 and current levels

HCLTECH 20 Aug 06:02 PM

promoter company . never gives return to shareholders..

NSEBANK 20 Aug 06:01 PM

joke or reality pe addition huge no one get chance to book operator game changer happy gapup 39300

TTML 20 Aug 06:01 PM

ttml is a debt free story since tata sons is paying their debts at maturity. all debts will be paid by 2023. so the price u see is about it becoming debt free

ADANIPORTS 20 Aug 06:01 PM

Shriram Transport Finance Company inches up on planning to raise funds

BHARTIARTL 20 Aug 06:00 PM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

NIITLTD 20 Aug 06:00 PM

It seems this share was to go down to 300. But, we shall watch y-o-y sales are up 35 %. Whether this will move up furthur.

TECHM 20 Aug 05:59 PM

Tata Motors rises on entering into strategic partnership with Renesas Electronics along with Tejas Networks

TCS 20 Aug 05:59 PM

Opportunity to Buy : Its temporary situation... Bounce back will see ....

LT 20 Aug 05:59 PM

why some people are giving this type of messages.

INFY 20 Aug 05:58 PM

Seems will consolidate in a 50 point range for few days before major upside , lets c

KPIGREEN 19 Aug 07:42 PM

Strong Buy suggestion by ET Now Swadesh, visit You Tube.. Target Rs 1000 with stoploss Rs 820.. Strongly buy.. If already bought then Hold tightly..

ZEEL 19 Aug 07:42 PM

buy ZEEL 300 ce and target 3 .. waiting period aug month end and my channel

NSEI 19 Aug 07:41 PM

Any upmove from now onwards will be an opportunity to short. Turnaround time is now. Happy September! red September.