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EQUITAS 13 Sep 01:36 PM

Looks like stock is a buy call targte of....115...levels....short term...!!!

HDFC 13 Sep 01:36 PM

Hdfc ltd must be trading on value buy level so accumulate for tgt 2510 : 2535 : 2610

HAPPSTMNDS 13 Sep 01:35 PM

Small consolidation going on before a big upmove.string hold will easily cross 1150 levels

ADANIPORTS 13 Sep 01:35 PM

adani port will cross 1000 mark at anytime accumulation going on must buy it for the target of 1200

AMBUJACEM 13 Sep 01:34 PM

given target of 846...with buying

HAL 13 Sep 01:33 PM

after 2pm correction around 2500 ,sell now book the profit if holding position

NSEBANK 13 Sep 01:33 PM

Market View 13th Sept - The market is likely to open on a cheerful note as the Global market is strong! FII continues to buy strongly and Brent crude is around $90 both very positive for India!! For today, Bank Nifty has good support at 40300/40100 (spot levels) whereas resistance lying at 41000/41300!!

NSEI 13 Sep 01:32 PM

Market View 13th Sept - Market is likely to open on a cheerful note as Global market is strong! FII continues to buying strongly and Brent crude around $90 both very positives for India!! For today, Nifty continues to have good support 17800/17700 (spot price!) and resistance at 18100/18150.

SBILIFE 13 Sep 01:31 PM

Brokerages gave 1500 targets for SBI Life this morning, Insurance companies must in portfolio and SBI may move towards new 52 week high!!

SRF 13 Sep 01:30 PM

Chemical stocks made my morning guys, Tata Chemical and SRF simply unstoppable today!! Have a great day everyone!

IRCTC 12 Sep 01:35 PM

perfect analysis so I totally agree 👍 👌 the price should reach 950 by December 22

MENNPIS 12 Sep 01:35 PM

dont hurry to sale hold tightly will touch rs.70=00 on this diwali

CDSL 12 Sep 01:34 PM

cdsl 1400 level sustain Good for 1500

WIPRO 12 Sep 01:34 PM

buy wipro 450 Target soon just buy it

IRFC 12 Sep 01:33 PM

get ready for breakout 23 and hold

NSEBANK 12 Sep 01:32 PM

Good morning - 12th Sept For today, Bank Nifty has good support at 40000/39800 (spot levels) whereas resistance lying at 40780/41000!!

NSEI 12 Sep 01:32 PM

Good morning - 12th Sept For today, Nifty continues to have good support at 17700/17650 (spot price!) and resistance at 18000/18050.

ADANIPORTS 12 Sep 01:31 PM

Adani stocks are the strongest of stocks in this market, must at every fibo retracement support!

ZEEL 12 Sep 01:31 PM

Guys - Told you above 260 fresh breakout and here you go :) Need your blessings!

EXIDEIND 12 Sep 01:30 PM

Guys - Above 170 can be rallied, hope you remember my couple of days earlier message on Exide!! Enjoy the ride by trailing the SL!

TCS 12 Sep 01:30 PM

Hi Megha - If you believe in SIP every month then quality stocks like Reliance and TCS can be bought in SIP mode, I am expecting 18100 resistance and 17500 levels can be tested again but with SIP no issues!

SBIN 12 Sep 01:29 PM

Hi Mohit - Lower level 17400 and higher 18300 thats my levels for September, Nifty may swing between these levels!

COSMOFE 07 Sep 01:35 PM

370 is also too high. Should come down to 300 levels.

HDFCBANK 07 Sep 01:35 PM

dont worry. it never crosses 1500 and stay there in its entire life time. Shorters opportunity.

EICHERMOT 07 Sep 01:34 PM

sell target 2900 in near term

HCLTECH 07 Sep 01:30 PM

will go down at anytime by looting our money. Above 940, it is bullish

IDEA 07 Sep 01:29 PM

it will touch 9 again by Friday.. dont worry..tariiff hike means loss to Vi only as jio will be still cheapest..

NSEI 07 Sep 01:28 PM

Sir - Better to buy Dreamfolks rather than Zomato or GMM. Or go for Reliance, Larsen and SBI at dips if market corrects 300-400 points

NSEBANK 07 Sep 01:28 PM

GM - 7th Sept Market is likely to open on a weak note as Global market is weak to subdued. We expect volatility to continue and you need experienced hands to guide you! For today Bank Nifty has good support at 39000/38700 (spot levels) whereas resistance lying at 39800/40100!! Stocks in News - IT and Power Stocks

NSEI 07 Sep 01:27 PM

GM - 7th Sept Market is likely to open on a weak note as Global market is weak to subdued. We expect volatility to continue and you need experienced hands to guide you! For today, Nifty continues to have good support 17450/17350 (spot price!) and resistance at Same way, Stocks in News - IT and Power Stocks

NTPC 07 Sep 01:26 PM

Power stocks could be in action also brokerages raised the targets for NTPC as 200!!

TATAPOWER 07 Sep 01:26 PM

Friends - As per my market view all power stocks rocked this morning whereas IT stocks went down. Keep 230 as trailing SL in Tata Power and hold if invested. Trading wise once in above 5k profit either book partially or trail the SL above cost to avoid any loss!!

TATAPOWER 07 Sep 01:25 PM

Hi Sir - Tata Power good support at 210 levels, so one need to buy at Fibonacchi support rather than when running high!! Rest choice n discretion is yours!

JAICORPLTD 06 Sep 12:09 PM

sureshot looks like jai corp will cross 180 intraday trgt 185 on cards by closing bell

RCF 06 Sep 12:08 PM

Another stock you can buy is DAAWAT price is at 94 today. It will take a while but its in uptrend and will definitely break 100 - 105. Good opportunity to make money. Inflation is bringing good money for DAAWAT.

HDFCAMC 06 Sep 12:08 PM

accumulate and hold for the tgt of 2040 for the day.

SAMRATPH 06 Sep 12:07 PM

so tomorrow 970₹ atleast, enjoy as told

EXIDEIND 06 Sep 12:07 PM

GM and good news guys - JP Morgan gave 215 targets for Exide, yesterday price and volume action, so stay invested till you see 200 plus levels in the short term!!

TATAPOWER 06 Sep 12:06 PM

No stopping for Tata Power morning call, super duper and remember guys suggested to invevst from 40 levels this multibagger!!

NSEI 06 Sep 12:05 PM

DreamFolks Services- Hi Raashi Jee - Please keep 2700 as SL for TCS and hold for 4000 targets. I am available if you have any more questions!

NSEI 06 Sep 12:04 PM

GM Guys - Nifty has strong resistance at 17750 to 17800 levels for today above that fresh breakout towards If not, then we may test 17400-500 again in the near term! 40,000 at Bank Nifty is stiff resistance zone, above that fresh breakout for 300-500 points rally, failing that Bank NIfty may see 39000 levels again!

NSEBANK 06 Sep 12:04 PM

Yes Dev - Nifty and Bank NIfty suggested resistance levels worked beautifully - enjoy the 500 points profit per lot in Bank NIfty and more than 100 points in Nifty.. Keep showring your love and support as I need blessings!

TORNTPOWER 06 Sep 12:03 PM

BUY TORRENT POWER ONLY ABOVE 592.1 SL 585.9, cash level.

NTPC 06 Sep 12:02 PM

BUY NTPC ONLY ABOVE 167 SL 164.9, cash levels. Thanks!

TCS 05 Sep 12:34 PM


BHARATFORG 05 Sep 12:33 PM

My target for Bharat Forge 900-950 in 12 months

SUZLON 05 Sep 12:32 PM

super volume of 50 crore shares and back to upper circuit 10.57

LICHSGFIN 05 Sep 12:32 PM

buy now & keep holding for three trading sessions you will get multiple returns decision is yours my normal target today 435-440--460

RELIANCE 05 Sep 12:31 PM

Sell between 2560 and 2565 with SL 2571.9. Target 2535

DEN 05 Sep 12:30 PM

ab nhi rukne wala den next 44.20 - 46.70 - 55.45 Bindass accumulate kro no tension

NSEBANK 05 Sep 12:29 PM

We expect volatility to continue! For today Bank Nifty has good support at 39000/38700 (spot levels) whereas resistance lying at 39650/39800!! Stocks in News - Hind Zinc, Idea Vodafone, Spice Jet, HFCL, and ACC

NSEI 05 Sep 12:29 PM

We expect volatility to continue! For today, Nifty continues to have good support 17375/17300 (spot price!) and resistance at 17700/17800. Stocks in News - Hind Zinc, Idea Vodafone, Spice Jet, HFCL and ACC

ACC 05 Sep 12:28 PM

ACC looking good above 2315, seeing a breakout. Lets watch!

EXIDEIND 05 Sep 12:27 PM

No stopping for Exide guys - suggested to buy at 163, 10000 plus profit per lot, how would you rate my morning call. Happy Trading!

ICICIBANK 05 Sep 12:27 PM

Thanks ICICI Bank, Adani Ports and Infosys for making our morning. Stay Invested for Long term wealth creation. Happy Investing!

CAMPUS 02 Sep 12:36 PM

Buy at 495 target 550 SL 480

TATACHEM 02 Sep 12:35 PM

BUY 1145 TARGET 🎯 1290 SOON

GSPL 02 Sep 12:34 PM

good time to enter GSPL with an immediate price Tgt of 243 and 245 SL 238

ONMOBILE 02 Sep 12:34 PM

As usual, big green candle before the quarter result, expect the prices to go above 200.

JAICORPLTD 02 Sep 12:34 PM

today close below 140...lets see..wait and watch sl 155 sell if u can...tgt 128 to 130

HAL 02 Sep 12:33 PM

RS 2600 targets are expected in near future.

NSEI 02 Sep 12:32 PM

Market View - (Friday - 2nd September) Wish you all a good Friday and great weekend ahead! Market is likely to open on a stable note as Global market is stable! For today, Nifty continues to have good support 17400/17350 (spot price!) and resistance at 17700/17800.

NSEBANK 02 Sep 12:32 PM

Market View - (Friday - 2nd September) Wish you all a good Friday and great weekend ahead! Market is likely to open on a stable note as Global market is stable! Bank Nifty has good support at 39000/38700 (spot levels) whereas resistance lying at 39550/39700!

IRCTC 02 Sep 12:31 PM

IRCTC looking good above 700 levels if sustain, my target for investment is 900! Happy investment!

CHOLAFIN 02 Sep 12:30 PM

How would you rate my call of Cholamandalam and delta guys, hope you all have booked. If you have any query or doubt regarding your portfolio, feel free to message here. Thanks!

HDFCLIFE 02 Sep 12:30 PM

HDFC Life looking good and I have 750 targets as investment idea!! Must in portfolio and favourite of FII!

NSEBANK 01 Sep 01:27 PM

time to buy 39600 CE 40 for target 250 EOD ...good luck.

NSEI 01 Sep 01:26 PM

As soon As nifty hits 17 450 and below, immediately square off puts and buy 17 500 ce or 17 550 ce...For now just wait for it to come below 17 450..

HINDUNILVR 01 Sep 01:25 PM

Rains are extremely good across India. Exports are nice. Input cost is lower and advantage to HUL huge. HUL will cross 2800 soon and may touch 3000 in current month.

HCC 01 Sep 01:25 PM

HCC on fire..... keep on hold. All the best..!! Fireworks above 14.25 ....God bless.

NBVENTURES 01 Sep 01:24 PM

dont sale your shares in nava, today itself may close above rs.220/-

HINDZINC 01 Sep 01:23 PM

Buy Zinc Cmp 296 SL 295 ( 1 Hour Sustainable) Tgt 301 and then 306

HDFCBANK 01 Sep 01:23 PM

HDFC Bank : Intra day target : 1490 , buy buy in this counter..good counter

ICICIBANK 01 Sep 01:22 PM

ICICI Bank : Intra day target : 886 , buy

KOTAKBANK 01 Sep 01:22 PM

Kotak Bank : Intra day target : 1907 , buy buy in this good banking counter..make money..make profits.

DLF 01 Sep 01:20 PM

Buy DLF near Rs 387-385 Stop loss: Rs 376 Target price: Rs 410 The stock rallied on higher volumes. Sizable bullish candle with steady move above key support warrants a positive outlook on the stock.

IBULHSGFIN 01 Sep 01:20 PM

Indiabulls Housing Finance Stop loss: Rs 130 Target price: Rs 145 With sustained move above short-term averages, the recent congestion phase seems to be in a mature phase. Positive follow-up through could lift the stock till Rs 145.

TTML 01 Sep 01:19 PM

12% up today till now. good rally

BALRAMCHIN 01 Sep 01:18 PM

Seeing a breakout in Balrampurchini above 366, lets watch out. Happy Investing!

NSEI 31 Aug 12:35 PM

please ignore sgx and Dow, all of us saw what happened yesterday...even a two hundred point fall to nothing but a level higher than Friday closing which means no impact of Powell speech on nifty..

NSEBANK 31 Aug 12:33 PM

Bank Nifty spot price 38800-900 resistance zone if that helps keeping 80 points as SL.

MMTC 31 Aug 12:32 PM

MMTC: Buy | LTP: Rs 44.1 | Stop-Loss: Rs 40.5 | Targets: Rs 49-53 | Return: 11-20 percent The stock has broken out from multi-week consolidation with rising volumes.

PCBL 31 Aug 12:32 PM

PCBL: Buy | LTP: Rs | Stop-Loss: Rs 118 | Targets: Rs 144-153 | Return: 11-18 percent The stock has been forming higher tops and higher bottoms on the daily chart.

SJVN 31 Aug 12:31 PM

SJVN: Buy | LTP: Rs 29.95 | Stop-Loss: Rs 28 | Targets: Rs 34-37 | Return: 13-23 percent The stock has broken out from the narrow consolidation which held for last 7 weeks.

NTPC 31 Aug 12:30 PM

Buy NTPC target of Rs 188 Emkay Global Financial is bullish on NTPC has recommended buy rating on the stock with a target price of Rs 188 in its research report dated August 29

BAJFINANCE 31 Aug 12:29 PM

Friends - Remember when market trending and bullish, Bajaj twins stocks are to watch for trading on the upside

ICICIBANK 31 Aug 12:29 PM

Banking looking strong and I have 1040 targets for ICICI Bank!

TTML 31 Aug 12:28 PM

Congratulations and Jubilation - Woww 20% jump in a single day - stay invested for more friends!! Good relationships or investments are like Trees, They Demand attention

ASHOKLEY 30 Aug 11:48 AM

it should make a new high today if nifty sustains above 17550

SWSOLAR 30 Aug 11:48 AM

It s struggling to close above 300.

NURECA 30 Aug 11:47 AM

by this stock this time and diwali target 1500 se 1540 jauega

GUJALKALI 30 Aug 11:47 AM

After 1 year for 2550 as eps will be 225 due to doubling the production capacity of all products.

NSEBANK 30 Aug 11:47 AM

convert the position in 39500 call will recover all losses

NSEI 30 Aug 11:46 AM

Call addition negative 5% put addition massive 105%...Nifty should easily grab 18,000 by today itself

RPOWER 30 Aug 11:45 AM

RP need to move Rs20 for upward keep holding

BANASFN 30 Aug 11:45 AM

Pramoter ne 19% share buy kiya August me, but retail investors ko pata nhi chalta, first target prize 55/- short terms

SYNCOMF 30 Aug 11:44 AM

7-10 is the range of syncom formulation, its very unlikely to cross beyond this range

POONAWALLA 29 Aug 02:00 PM

Buy Poonawalla Fincorp, target price Rs 400

NSEI 29 Aug 02:00 PM

Nifty can fast ⏩ Run up......17362......17380........17426........Eod.........

GREAVESCOT 29 Aug 01:59 PM

all set to cross 193 mark today

RASIELEC 29 Aug 01:59 PM

can see 25 short term long term 100 hold for big

NSEI 29 Aug 01:58 PM

Syrma SGS- closing may be above 340.....lets see

NSEBANK 29 Aug 01:57 PM

Market will be below 38000 .. be carefull for last hour trading

MTNL 29 Aug 01:57 PM

Will close above 27 today keep buying CMP target 44 in coming months. keep buy CMP

PARADEEP 29 Aug 01:56 PM

strong management , best production capacity i think next year in aug 120 target. any comments plz share.

RELIANCE 29 Aug 01:56 PM

Sir no comments on future retail as it is news based, better to invest in Reliance directly for target of 3200!!

M&M 29 Aug 01:55 PM

Hi Akshay - See my support n resistance levels on nifty and bank nifty on my market view

RELIANCE 29 Aug 01:55 PM

REliance will help nifty make the next move towards new 52 week high, very positive on Reliance. I am available if you have any more questions Rashi!

BHARTIARTL 29 Aug 01:54 PM

Hi Bhumika - Reliance, Bharti, Larsen, TCS, Exide Industries, Cipla must as investment idea!

NCLIND 28 Aug 12:23 PM

Buy NCL Industries target of Rs 240

ICICIBANK 27 Aug 01:00 PM

Buy ICICI Bank at 870 tgt will be 890 sl 845

MPHASIS 27 Aug 12:59 PM

mphasis preparing mega jalwa,towards new highs frnds,suggested at 450 !

IRCTC 27 Aug 12:58 PM

Dear frnds one can look into IRCTC cmp 742 nd dips for long trm,always make own research first !

INDIAGLYCO 27 Aug 12:58 PM

Dear Friends one can look into India glycols CMP 895 and dips for long term, initially stock was suggested at 129 in 2016, always make own research first

HGS 27 Aug 12:57 PM

Hinduja global preparing bigger jalwa frnds, from 960 to 1564 now !

ADANIPOWER 27 Aug 12:56 PM

Adani power 5% upp new highs,trg 400 also done as updated,suggested from 22

NELCO 27 Aug 12:55 PM

nelco trg no limits,suggested at 250,enjoy the moneyrain

NSEBANK 27 Aug 12:54 PM

last one week it has taken many attempts of 39500, next week surely closing will be above 39700...all banks are on blast with good result

NSEI 27 Aug 12:53 PM

17150 is my target for next on downside. Not seeing any up movement above Check the 1hour candle you can see nifty going for a reverse N pattern :D And my target is 17150.. Even below is possible

TATAPOWER 26 Aug 12:57 PM

240-242 target point when cross its will on rocket mode.

NATCOPHARM 26 Aug 12:56 PM

it may go 140 today after 1.30

MANAPPURAM 26 Aug 12:56 PM

MANAPURAM SHORT NOW QUICK..105.70...TARGET104.30........MINIMUM...0.70PAISA TRAGET CONFIRM....................STOPLOSS..........107.10....................

ENIL 26 Aug 12:55 PM

Network - Accumulate this company is on the growth trajectory it will be a multi bagger, shorter it should cross 27

SONACOMS 26 Aug 12:55 PM

Selling above 530 is seen in last few days....Enter below 500

COALINDIA 26 Aug 12:54 PM

How would you rate my call of Coal India futures guys - suggested to buy at 229.4, conservative may book or trail the sl to cost now. Thanks!

NSEBANK 26 Aug 12:53 PM

buy it will go above 39200 ......tgt 39300 today

NSEI 26 Aug 12:53 PM

Hi Deepak Ji- In SIP n staggered made you may invest in any quality stocks, however would advise to invest after some healthy corrections. 17700 proving resistance zone so 17300-400 you may start investing in SIp and staggered mode only. All 3 are quality stocks!

INDUSTOWER 26 Aug 12:52 PM

Indus Tower can be bought above 203 keeping 207 as target. Happy Trading!

HINDALCO 26 Aug 12:51 PM

Conservative may book Hindalco at 445 or trail the sl to cost. Happy Trading!

RELIANCE 26 Aug 12:50 PM

Hi sir, If invested in cash and is a part of portfolio stay invested in Reliance keeping 2300 as sl and Reliance should touch 3000 levels in long term, stay invested. Hope this helps!

EKC 25 Aug 11:53 AM

Todays high for EKC and that for Time Techno 121.75.Predictions comes true often not always!

TCS 25 Aug 11:52 AM

TCS BUY CALLS: TCS spot fell to 3236 to eat CE of 3240 ce and above. now spot is 3240. buy september future or september atm ce now for spot minimum 3300 within next week.

NDTV 25 Aug 11:51 AM

stock will touch 800...keep adding

NTPC 25 Aug 11:49 AM

NTPC trading range is 153 to 163. around 163 CEs are written and around 153 PEs are written. 155 to 161 is safe trading range both sides.

BAGFILMS 25 Aug 11:48 AM

I see above Rs 1000 cr valuation for bagfilms

TATAELXSI 25 Aug 11:48 AM

9800 seems to be a strong support level. cheers 🍻

NSEBANK 25 Aug 11:47 AM

39000 pe we can see 250 level buy at current level 35 PE call . must buy pe possible today with -200 points

TATASTEEL 25 Aug 11:46 AM

buy tata steel at CMP .it will cross 120 in a few sessions.

RELIANCE 25 Aug 11:45 AM

Short RIL in futures when it reaches 2665 spot, ...cp 2649

SUNTV 25 Aug 11:42 AM

Hi Akshay - Easily 5-10% appreciation in the short term can be seen in media stocks!

NMDC 25 Aug 11:41 AM

Guys - Clearly told you above 118.5 fresh breakout yesterday closing, count the profit per lot :) Now either book or trail choice is yours, do not give your profit back to the market by overtrade!

NSEI 25 Aug 11:41 AM

Hi Raashi - Siemens already made our morning and Nifty strong resistance at 17750 levels zone for today whereas support at Hope this helps!

CHEMCRUX 23 Aug 12:59 PM

it will come m down then buy and add qty ...nobody is reach to buy on daily basis.addi g 5 5 qty is enough.300 is nice range.

BAJAJFINSV 23 Aug 12:58 PM

Bajaj Finserv will not touch 20,000 if the Nifty touches 18,000 however if the Nifty crosses 20,000 then Bajaj Finserv can be seen at 20,000. We can expect Nifty 20,000 by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

WIPRO 23 Aug 12:57 PM

: Hold on to Wipro for 450 levels soon by early September.

EROSMEDIA 23 Aug 12:56 PM

today on 5 minute chart it made cup with handle pattern now if this time stock cross 39.50 level it will be locked in UC right now price is 37.50 intrday traders buy only above 39.50 for tgt 41 , 42

SKMEGGPROD 23 Aug 12:55 PM

buy CMP 2.80 TGTS 7 rs by mid September .......2022 skm book above 74 .....🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

MARINE 23 Aug 12:54 PM

Range bound in zone -25 ----31 two months. Today break previous high 30.90 on 31/05/2022.. & make today high till now is 32.30... Now resistance is 34.

JKPAPER 23 Aug 12:54 PM

Expect uptrend in ruchira papers to resume soon. Target more than 200. Unnecessarily hammered down from 134 to 112 after fantastic quarterly results

LGBFORGE 23 Aug 12:53 PM

this is good company promoter holds more than 73 percent of shares soon will see upside so buy call for this share for now target for this share will be 22 for mid long term

NSEBANK 23 Aug 12:52 PM

Guys - That's the Power of Technical for you, Bank Nifty took exactly to support at 38000 suggested levels this morning and book 475 points up already, remember the name - Power of Technicals!!

NSEI 23 Aug 12:52 PM

Hi Sir - Nifty strong support as suggested this morning is at 17360 and from there 200 points upside already, now 17600-700 is mini resistance zone if that helps

WIPRO 22 Aug 11:55 AM

buy Wipro at current price anytime its definitely reach or cross at the price of 436 then 455

BHARTIARTL 22 Aug 11:54 AM

bharti has a history of going 2 to 3 percentage down SPECIALLY on good news/events. so dont go blindly.

KTKBANK 22 Aug 11:54 AM

very soon, it will bounce back.

EASEMYTRIP 22 Aug 11:52 AM

Positional call: Buy on every dip in easetrip, buy near 388-389, sl 375, target 415

NBVENTURES 22 Aug 11:52 AM

Top class results and blockbuster fundamental take this stock above 456

TTML 22 Aug 11:51 AM

Tata tele sevice June qtr sale 266 cr profit -295 share price 103 to iska atleast 50 hona chahiye

TEXINFRA 22 Aug 11:51 AM

45 47 above bulls breakout and bears breakdown very fast move expecting in this stock

NSEI 22 Aug 11:49 AM

buying will start soon buy 15670 sl 15500 tgt 15770 today

NSEBANK 22 Aug 11:48 AM

its sell on rise today, it will not even recover to 38600 today, its under bear control.

SUNPHARMA 22 Aug 11:46 AM

Pharma the weakest sector, lets watch out today!! As market is weak!

SBIN 22 Aug 11:46 AM

SBI has good support at 500 levels, so present healthy correction is a buying opportunity!

RELIANCE 20 Aug 12:32 PM

hold in short time Target price is 3000

LICHSGFIN 20 Aug 12:30 PM

Buy LIC Housing Finance, target price Rs 460

KSB 20 Aug 12:30 PM

Buy KSB, target price Rs 2180

IIFL 20 Aug 12:29 PM

Buy IIFL Finance, target price Rs 378

TIMETECHNO 20 Aug 12:29 PM

Buy Time Technoplast of Rs 125

TATACONSUM 20 Aug 12:27 PM

expect a sales/EBITDA/PAT CAGR of 11/19/31 per cent over FY22-24 and have a target price of Rs 890 on the stock.

NSEBANK 20 Aug 12:26 PM

May raise to 39300 as correction all most over and shows 39900 on expiry, fallen a lot

NSEI 20 Aug 12:25 PM

Book 2 lots which you shorted near 18K on Nifty at 17750 and trail the SL of balance 2 at 17800 mini support resistance also broken today!! So hold short positions!

NSEBANK 19 Aug 02:00 PM

bank nifty will start going up today on closing basis tgt 39300 plus

IRCTC 19 Aug 01:59 PM

IRCTC suggest at 490 yesterday 730 - once in good profit always book or trail the SL upwards!!

HDFCLIFE 19 Aug 01:59 PM

Hi Sugotham - For long term I have 750 targets in HDFC Life, but since in short term have risen so much will keep 570 as closing basis SL! Or you may book partial profit. Happy Investing!

ITC 19 Aug 01:58 PM

Hi Sir - If holding and staying in cash, stay invested for good 375 targets. Thanks

ADANIPOWER 19 Aug 01:58 PM

Very happy for your 10% profit Emma Jee - just crazy stock Adani Power is but analysis was bang on :) Enjoy the profit but remember do NOT give your profit back to the market!

ONGC 19 Aug 01:57 PM

News RIL/ONGC/Other Oil Stocks: The government hiked windfall profit tax on diesel to Rs 7 per litre from Rs 5. It also brought Rs 2 per litre tax on ATF exports after scrapping it in the last review. Tax on domestically produced crude oil cut to Rs 13,000 per ton from Rs 17,750. Disclaimer - Holding ONGC for a target of 180 in my portfolio!

ALMONDZ 19 Aug 01:56 PM

Congratulations and Jubilation - Woww 20% jump in a single day - stay invested for more friends!! Good relationships or investments are like Trees, They Demand attention

KOTAKBANK 19 Aug 01:56 PM

Hi Deepak - Advised this morning to book some profit at 18K levels on Nifty, would suggest fresh investment ideas when the right time come!!

NSEI 19 Aug 01:55 PM

Thank you Raashi for reposting my messages which I posted on 17th August that 17950 sai 18000 resistance zone, be it Nifty and Bank Nifty proved resistance and good profit guys - how would your rate my advance analysis!!!

NSEI 19 Aug 01:55 PM

Guys - USA Market down by 151 per future indicated, if our market ends at days low I am expecting weak opening on Monday as well !

NAVKARCORP 18 Aug 01:09 PM

Buy in sip mode for a target of 3 figures. Hope it will reverse from 72 levels.. wait and watch.

NSEBANK 18 Aug 01:07 PM

BANK NIFTY will touch 40k today. buy all possible CE. Inspite of present blood bath in market i m giving a call in advance.Mark my words.

SBILIFE 18 Aug 01:07 PM


BHARTIARTL 18 Aug 01:06 PM

Yep BTST on Bharti Airtel with Nifty puts as hedge gave handsome profit this morning, ONe call sure shot call - very happy for everyone profit!

SBICARD 18 Aug 01:05 PM

Hi Sir - Just normal profit booking at 4 digits psychological resistance level, if holding in cash and long term investor, stay invested!

ITC 18 Aug 01:05 PM

Hi Sir - Would advice to buy below 300 if possible, holding stay invested for 375 targets!

NSEI 18 Aug 01:04 PM

Hi Deepak Jee - At 18K levels on Nifty you don't do fresh investment either you do pyramiding or wait for a Fibonacci retracement to come to or any healthy corrections to jump in the market, I am expecting 2-4% corrections in Nifty in the near term, then you may invest in SIP mode in Reliance, SBI, HDFC Life, Bharti Airtel, and Larsen! Hope this helps!

ADANIPOWER 18 Aug 01:04 PM

Hi Sir - Adani Power may even show 5% more and IRCTC I have 900 targets in one year time frame. I am available if you have any questions.

SBILIFE 18 Aug 01:03 PM

Great Emma jii - Very happy for your gains, Keep Learning n Earning. Hope this results season was a bang on one. Happy Trading!

APOLLOTYRE 18 Aug 01:02 PM

Friends - How would you rate my advice of trailing in Apollo tyres and ride the profit till it continues to make new 52 week high!!

INFY 17 Aug 12:59 PM

Infosys : Intra day target: 1615 , buy in this IT counter and make some good money , profits today

IDEA 17 Aug 12:59 PM

IDEA graph is getting better today. Definitely it will trade at price 9.35/9.40 by tomorrow.

MOLDTKPAC 17 Aug 12:58 PM

today 1000 sure shot.... hurry

AUROPHARMA 17 Aug 12:57 PM

even all most stocks are but.not this..lot of hype created .better sell and wait for lower levels.exp3cting 500...

KSB 17 Aug 12:55 PM

Buy call at Cmp for next target 1861/1887. Accumulate now

RELIANCE 17 Aug 12:55 PM

Reliance is the next to move towards new 52 week high, watch out!

NSEBANK 17 Aug 12:54 PM

Guys - Bank NIfty 39450-39600 has a strong resistance zone. Happy trading!

NSEI 17 Aug 12:54 PM

Guys - Nifty has resistance at 17950-18000 levels spot one. Happy trading!

HDFCAMC 17 Aug 12:53 PM

Dear Naveen Jee - FIIs are in buying spree, must hold and add all HDFC series stocks for medium to long term for wealth creation! I am available if you have any questions!

HDFCLIFE 17 Aug 12:53 PM

Hi Emma - I have 160 targets for Gail in the medium to long term! Stay invested good stock!

IEX 17 Aug 12:52 PM

Hi Sharma Jee - I wish I could tell the time frame also but you may have to hold for 6 months or so, surely you will see 230 in early part of 2023. I am available if you have any more questions!

WHIRLPOOL 17 Aug 12:52 PM

Whirlpool chupaa rustam - Thank you for making our morning!

SBICARD 17 Aug 12:52 PM

SBI Cards can be bought as Investment Idea Pick, Expecting a target of 1100 in a time frame of 6 months. Happy Investing!

TARSONS 16 Aug 01:28 PM


GOLDCORP 16 Aug 01:27 PM

RBB from 19 to 25 August ...floor price 192/66 .....promoters hold 72/86% ...

HDFC 16 Aug 01:26 PM

buy and hold it Will anytime may cross 180..its a gem at this level.. big future ahead

HINDALCO 16 Aug 01:25 PM

Buy for TGT 455 by Thursday. Motilal Oswal TGT - 525 in this Quarter

BAJAJHIND 16 Aug 01:25 PM

on chart to 8.60 ja raha hain 🤔

NSEI 16 Aug 01:24 PM

Nifty will touch 15800

NSEBANK 16 Aug 01:23 PM

so far stuck at 39250 / 260 not sure will go up

TIMETECHNO 16 Aug 01:22 PM


DEEPAKFERT 16 Aug 01:22 PM

Deepak ferti 5% uccc new highss,from 60 to 892,enjoy the moneyrain frnds

COALINDIA 16 Aug 01:21 PM

Coal india new highss,rockingg,from 150 to 210 now,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

ATGL 16 Aug 01:21 PM

Adani gas new highss,from 110 to 2910 now ,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

VEDL 16 Aug 01:21 PM

Dear frnds one can look into INDIAN METALS cmp 293 and dips for long trm,always make own research first,enjoy the moneyrain

TATACHEM 16 Aug 01:20 PM

Tata chem 8% up rockingg,enjoy the moneyrain Frnds !

SAKHTISUG 16 Aug 01:20 PM

Sakthi sugar locked in 20% upper circut,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

SYNCOMF 13 Aug 08:55 PM

expected redult 7.3pm tomorro & net profit jump 100

TGBHOTELS 13 Aug 08:54 PM

Good. Results. Can wait for. Correction. To. Buy. At. 9.5-9.75.

HIKAL 12 Aug 01:24 PM

It will not fall back will cross 300 soon. may be next week itself.

TATACONSUM 12 Aug 01:24 PM

Were the results so bad that from 810-824 l evels TCPL has collapsed to 760 levels.

NSEI 12 Aug 01:23 PM

week point 17700 level dnt buy ce buy pe my tgt today 17550 sl 17720 thanks

ZOMATO 12 Aug 01:22 PM

Today all shorters are trapped be careful this will touch 63 to 65 as well

JSWHL 12 Aug 01:22 PM

6000 by Diwali, Gonna be best performing stock in Next 6 months.

NURECA 12 Aug 01:21 PM

stop loss for short is 1050 to 1060............................cheers

PAYTM 12 Aug 01:21 PM

Paytm Buy Call, Target Rs 1,100

RELIANCE 12 Aug 01:20 PM

I feel Reliance has consolidated enough and now ready for next upmove, watch out!

MGL 12 Aug 01:20 PM

Hi Tayg Jee - Please always keep standard 1.5% as SL also if one BTST like MGL gave good profit, try to exit another at cost to make the day profitable!

BHARATFORG 12 Aug 01:19 PM

Bharat Forge results related calls simply unstoppable and rocked this morning, enjoy the gain and trail the SL to ride the profit :)

NSEBANK 12 Aug 01:18 PM

Buy for Target is 39300 confirm confirm today today

GAIL 11 Aug 01:40 PM

today anytime will move up adn and touch 134... mark my words...

SKMEGGPROD 11 Aug 01:39 PM


GREAVESCOT 11 Aug 01:39 PM

surely will come down by EOD !! Nothin to get excited in Results !! very average results !!

MARUTI 11 Aug 01:38 PM

maruti chairman on cnbc talking abt maruti stock shld react .. stock above 9000 will blast nw 8850

WONDERLA 11 Aug 01:38 PM

Wonderla up 13% to 313... stellar results np 64 cr highest in last 3 years vs 2 cr loss yoy...🥳

CANTABIL 11 Aug 01:37 PM

Now start booking profit now it will fall from here till 1252

SUNPHARMA 11 Aug 01:37 PM

Take a sure shot buy at current e 928. show

NSEBANK 11 Aug 01:35 PM

today 38820 act as support for next 2 hour

SRF 11 Aug 01:35 PM

will only upside before closing...after 2,30 will see big spikes...........2480 is tgt

IRCTC 11 Aug 01:33 PM

Yes Anmol Jee - Any dips would be a buying opportunity in IRCTC. Strong results delivery!

NSEI 11 Aug 01:33 PM

Series of investment ideas were suggested at 15300 levels, it would not be bad idea to book partial profit when Nifty trading at 17700-800. Thanks!

TATACHEM 11 Aug 01:32 PM

Friends - Learning for you about IDEAL PORTFOLIO - Please ensure to diversify your PORTFOLIO by investing equal amount of money in all the sectors like Banking, IT, Auto, Capital Goods, Pharma, Media, Oil n Gas, Metals, FMCG, Reality, Cement, Power, Telecom etc. as that will help you as some sectors/ stocks will always work for you even in weakest of market. NEVER put all your money in one sector / stock. IDEAL stocks should be constituted of blue chips as well as quality midcaps stocks giving blockbuster results along with dividend yield companies.

NSEI 11 Aug 01:31 PM

Sir in August 2nd half I am expecting some correction or healthy profit booking which may take Nifty to 17200 levels, so we need to book some profit between 17700-17800 levels!

TATACHEM 10 Aug 12:49 PM

today u will see 20% circuit sure hold tomorrow it will cross 1220