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Palkin about info comming soon...



8KMILES 13 Sep 11:20 AM

Tracking this share since 2010.... right from 85 rupees to 3800 rupees and back to 34 rupees.. This company is the Biggest FRAUD I have ever seen.

IISL 13 Sep 11:19 AM

BUY every dip .... and keep it for 2 years ...... Its a Multifold stock with no debt or stock pledged.

IDBI 13 Sep 11:19 AM

Idbi me saajish ka daur chal raha hai ...jab tak chacha chaudhary ka khajana nahi bharega tab tak aise hi chalega eoi ,no further upside

SOUTHBANK 13 Sep 11:19 AM

South Indian Bank kind of stocks surge upwards within few trading sessions a double digit percentage surge over a few trading days. so from 8.70 to say about 10.50 can be very Swift within 3 to 5 trading days.

MISHTANN 13 Sep 11:18 AM

its a waste scrip to be invested waste of time and money rather

INDHOTEL 13 Sep 11:18 AM

buy indian hotel targat prises rs. 323 327 330

COFFEEDAY 13 Sep 11:17 AM

its 6 crore bro... 80 in Friday...

ADANIPORTS 13 Sep 11:17 AM

Adani Group Total debt was Only 200000Crores ....... Only fools can buy this Govt Supported Stock..

NSEBANK 13 Sep 11:16 AM

The way it resist.. it seems 41k near exit looks

NSEI 13 Sep 11:16 AM

American markets are down 15 % from 52 week high almost every other market down india seems to be in BULLSHIT zone

NSEBANK 12 Sep 11:27 AM

41800 is the target after that it will come down side till 35000

NSEI 12 Sep 11:26 AM

This MC app.. is having so many bugs that it CONTINUOSLY makes u log out and u have to really struggle to put a single msg in the forum... Mota bhai and team kindly work on fixing the bugs.. Its irritating

OMAXE 12 Sep 11:23 AM


BHARTIARTL 12 Sep 11:23 AM

buy bhartiairtel 770CE at 13 for 🎯 20 ...go long

BANASFN 12 Sep 11:22 AM


CHENNPETRO 12 Sep 11:22 AM

If not today, it is likely to go over 300 within two or three days. Good luck ..

FINEORG 12 Sep 11:22 AM

Raw materials for Fine Organics is mostly vegetable oil, not crude oils.

INDIAGLYCO 12 Sep 11:21 AM

Preparing fresh jalwa India glycols,cmp 947,from 129 to 1150 done once !

VALIANTORG 12 Sep 11:21 AM

on chart 1st Target is 840. and 930 and 1020. hold

AMARAJABAT 11 Sep 02:21 PM

Friends if you are genuinely tired of your continuous losses in the market then dont worry let us work on profit sharing basis

TITAANIUM 11 Sep 02:21 PM

💎Multibagger STOCK, VB Desai Finance Ltd, Bse Code:511110. All Time High.₹.242.30, on 15 June 2008, Buy For A target 🎯of Rs.50/-. uppercircuit rally can begin at any time💥boom💥 boom💥 Enjoy the Ride.

RELCAPITAL 11 Sep 02:20 PM

no good news come from this company as promoters hold 1.51% and lotted investors

NSEI 11 Sep 02:20 PM

infact if you are interested in puts only then sell puts of 17500 because i doubt nifty will close below that n next few weeks

NSEBANK 11 Sep 02:20 PM

kal Bank Nifty Gap Up Khulega By Atleast 200 Points. very bullish on Bank Nifty tomorrow

IBULHSGFIN 10 Sep 07:00 PM

same i explained in my earlier post fall was largely due to mf selling from 2 crore shares to 17 lakhs since they are buying and no sellers hence price is sustaining .. you cant beat Operator.. good luck 🤞

MTNL 10 Sep 06:59 PM

what to do our frnd adani is showing more interest on NDTV not on MTNL...

NMDC 10 Sep 06:59 PM

Stock will hit value of 140 150 soon. Also it will see 200 plus by Jun 2023

ICICIBANK 10 Sep 06:59 PM

read TARGET 1260/- muthubaba kanyakumari Mumbai Jai maharashtra

PODDARMENT 10 Sep 06:58 PM

the most pathetic stock in the market... not moved at all in the last 5 years... pathetic management.... 1400 to 147 in the last 5 years... and they cannot show profits... i am cursing the father and son duo for sure ..

NSEI 10 Sep 06:58 PM

Bhai If this is the case one can go with both call and Put options. In these kind of volatile days option buyers can make money...

NSEBANK 10 Sep 06:57 PM

Even Iam holding 39800 PE Hoping Bank Nifty to go down...

BRITANNIA 09 Sep 02:14 PM

short selling could be seen in britannia today....dont short for the ....stay invested....a chance of bounce will be regretted.. best of luck.

NTPC 09 Sep 02:13 PM

Positive Alert for NTPC: Indian Army western command signed a 27 year deal with NTPC to procure 25 mw of solar power directly. expect more such deals in coming months.

TANLA 09 Sep 02:13 PM

One more circuit n entire post result fall will be wiped out. Wow. Would love to hear fm experts who felt it d be zero. 🤣

RELINFRA 09 Sep 02:13 PM

DMRC money has to come with interest. Panic selling is happening and will happen till some extent. Lets not get carried away and hold our holdings. Sharp recovey will come soon. Should recover from intraday lows ...

NSEBANK 09 Sep 02:12 PM

immediate move above 40440 till 40550/600

CEATLTD 09 Sep 02:11 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

GULFPETRO 09 Sep 02:11 PM

HDFC Bank rises on inking MoU with Institute of Economic Growth

ICICIBANK 09 Sep 02:11 PM

1000 crore ki buying to icici bank mein hui hogi yesterday......very bullish

MOTHERSUMI 09 Sep 02:10 PM

To be honest, this should be trading above 180 with all bad news factored in. Ever heard of rubber band effect? This can shoot up anytime.

MFL 09 Sep 02:09 PM

This gem has consolidated nicely after the results. Hold tight for a good upside.

SUZLON 09 Sep 02:09 PM

will close around rs 10.15.

ZENSARTECH 09 Sep 02:09 PM

zensar is going to blast today

NSEBANK 08 Sep 10:10 AM

as said 39950 now if it crosses 40050 immediately

NSEI 08 Sep 10:09 AM

should have bought 17750 pe, on expiry day it makes more sense to buy puts of strike price which are nearest to spot. the returns are more exponential in such cases

GKP 08 Sep 10:07 AM

As the vol is 8 lks today it should open positive tomorrow, also bonus declared shulod help retail investors.

TRIDENT 08 Sep 10:06 AM

we got some news yesterday right regarding to textile industry in Punjab? anyone know about this?

THYROCARE 08 Sep 10:05 AM

we have successfully achieved our target in Thyrocare

TTML 08 Sep 10:05 AM

buy in bulk 500 anewala hai by diwali immediatly

IBULHSGFIN 08 Sep 10:04 AM

when 225 will come ?.......... any one pls suggest

BANKBARODA 08 Sep 10:04 AM

Confirm news today Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell for Target is 134

DENORA 08 Sep 10:04 AM

1300 in one month..

NYKAA 08 Sep 10:03 AM

Nykaa : Intra day target : 1370 , buy buy buy in this counter and make some good gains , money today , buy

INSILCO 08 Sep 10:02 AM

insilco has taken back writ petition from allahbad high court, which it filed for refund of smome amount, Good for shifting registeted office out of UP..

BINDALAGRO 07 Sep 12:04 PM

every rise sell good opportunity last time also 29.2 high back to 22 levels check onces not cross 30 onces book profit i think better..

NSEI 07 Sep 12:03 PM

All in put side and market going up

CPSEETF 07 Sep 12:02 PM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

NSEBANK 07 Sep 12:02 PM

now buy any CE bank nifty will move up ..

RELIANCE 07 Sep 12:01 PM

sell reliance future at 2590 target will be 2569

ADANIENT 07 Sep 12:01 PM

A decade back, ADAG group companies used to fly like DANS today. For few weeks, ADAG was valued much higher than MAMB and those who shorted seeing 100or 150pe were butchered. Eventually, most ADAG companies are buried now.

HINDZINC 07 Sep 12:00 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day

BCG 07 Sep 12:00 PM

Good thing is midiamint realised they can sell company not only 600 cr but 6000 cr in next 3 years. good work by mediamint, and lazy work by BCG management.

SUMICHEM 07 Sep 11:58 AM

Can make a new high today.... GEM 💎 will shine brighter than ever before..

MEGASTAR 07 Sep 11:55 AM

most undervalue stock and lower price promoter continuesly buying 110 120 130 this 3 hurdel and once cross this stock open for 150 180 210 and much more rok sako to rok lo

TANLA 06 Sep 07:22 PM

Even after announcement of 3rd BB, the stock is still at 750 from 2096...another disaster 😒

IDEA 06 Sep 07:22 PM

Time to pic & hold . Long time has passed in this range

NSEI 06 Sep 07:22 PM

I think market will be on a consolidating level any close above 17750 will leads to fresh buying in the market and that will fetch the market on higher level short covering will be good booster for market also

SUZLON 06 Sep 07:21 PM

Now Suzlon is in big Hands as today volume 80 Cr shares is not any retailer buying this qty shows that big people have entered suzlon immediate target of 15 in 15 days

RENUKA 06 Sep 07:21 PM

Kans Mama who boght 40000 to 10000 Lakh shares also waiting with patience Iam HOLDING very huge qty till relaxed. You bought 500-600 shares and torturing Daily all

BEML 06 Sep 07:21 PM

it will remain below 1900 till ex date.and no 20%u.c. as one boarder was misguiding

SRTRANSFIN 06 Sep 07:20 PM

TOMORROW, IF,SHRI RAM GAP UP ABOVE 1400 and sustain for 5 minutes, then we can see 1450,1500 . STRICT STOP LOSS 1300

IBULHSGFIN 06 Sep 07:20 PM

dont panic guys hold big movement expected this month keep adding

ONGC 06 Sep 07:20 PM

recovery buy call buy ng at 670 (2 lot) with 665 closing sl for 30-40-50 points target. Jai Hind

NSEBANK 06 Sep 07:19 PM

banknifty will be bullish tomorrow

APOLLOPIPE 05 Sep 05:37 PM

Shriram Transport Finance moves up on raising Rs 64.70 crore through NCDs

SCI 05 Sep 05:37 PM

these guys never accept facts and data they are simply want SCI to move to 150 they dont know what going on Economy, Humbly request to ignore these blind Bullish people ignoring fundamentals

JSWSTEEL 05 Sep 05:36 PM

September steel price down by steel manufacturing companies

CGPOWER 05 Sep 05:36 PM

Buy and hold for short term for good gains Getting ready for breakout .

LICHSGFIN 05 Sep 05:35 PM

Currently trading on below its value, once start running, unable to stop, buy and hold for good returns

TTML 05 Sep 05:35 PM

Now I have done that enough. If you want connect and take a download. Just completed another long call that gave me added dope!

ABB 05 Sep 05:35 PM

Strong buy recomended Will reach new 52W high again soon. buy as 3400Ce sep options . Pl do your own research before buying

RUCHI 05 Sep 05:34 PM

Block of 2,68,569 shares at Rs. worth 8.11 crore rupees at 11:16 AM

NSEI 05 Sep 05:34 PM

FIIs are having stake in Indian equity market, otherwise nothing positive, manipulated market, show off

NSEBANK 05 Sep 05:33 PM

Expecting some fall tomorrow..BN can open 200-400 points down.

VISESHINFO 03 Sep 10:12 AM

Bros, thanks for your criticism, I like it, rockets readying 🚀🔥🎯

HFCL 03 Sep 10:12 AM

Welcome to HFCL journey 2.0...billion words...Cheers!

NSEI 03 Sep 10:11 AM

Monday ,Tuesday full bearish nifty will touch 17300 ,Tuesday afternoon recover possible,full call value less, and then only high movement happen

TTML 03 Sep 10:11 AM

I feel merger news of TTML and TTSL was the trigger for the movement last week. Just hold on with your scrips. UC or LC doesnt matter for long term investors. Just wait till year end this would trade between 400 amd 500 range.Even the technical projection are indicator of the same.

NLCINDIA 03 Sep 10:10 AM

banking secters looking super strong you can take entry for postional terms

YESBANK 03 Sep 10:10 AM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

REPL 03 Sep 10:10 AM

It and technology secters not strong but will be very super strng..

IDEA 03 Sep 10:09 AM

all this doesnt matter.. only one thing matters is subscribers addition till it reach 32 crore to remain in compidition..

SRECR 03 Sep 10:09 AM

On which demat service provider I can buy this company. Not able to buy on angel broking

BALRAMCHIN 03 Sep 10:08 AM

we can expect some positive moments aftet this short breakdown.

M&M 03 Sep 10:08 AM

iron & steel segments looking super so you can go long...

NSEBANK 03 Sep 10:07 AM

1000 points bank nifty crash on Monday. black Monday.

NSEI 01 Sep 01:53 PM

RIL 2580ce at 75 now buy on dips for Intra only ... 2560support coming spot

DISHTV 01 Sep 01:52 PM

Saregama India zooms on inking global deal with YouTube for YouTube Shorts

PACIFICI 01 Sep 01:52 PM

my stop loss revise 338 rs and 347 rs closing ka he👈🌍🌍

KENNAMET 01 Sep 01:52 PM

Kennametal is a great stock for the capex cycle. The company is investor friendly and gives good dividends too

RENUKA 01 Sep 01:51 PM

Adani Wilmar indirectly connect with SRS.... Bcos the sugar they are selling in the name of FORTUNE packaging,, that is SRS product.. Check it on FORTUNE Packed...

GVKPIL 01 Sep 01:51 PM

Trap Trap pls exit . Same operator of GKP share active in this . Pls exit if you can else you see share will not stop anywhere in downside like GKP.

MOTHERSUMI 01 Sep 01:51 PM

what is the ex date of 1:2 bonus shares date...has this being announced? is it worth adding more shares...any views

SBIN 01 Sep 01:50 PM

petrolium lookong very strong bht dnt get confused dint be trap

APLAPOLLO 01 Sep 01:50 PM

Jubilant Ingrevia surges on raising Rs 50 crore via CPs

NSEBANK 01 Sep 01:50 PM

as told good strong support it has at 39200 levels it cannot go down below today so expiry to happen between 39350 to 39400

YESBANK 31 Aug 05:52 PM

CAN I BUY YES BANK FOR 2-3 YEARS 16.50- TO 17.00

NSEI 31 Aug 05:52 PM

jisko lag rha tha GDP growth kam hoga unn sab ki kal lag gyi, atleast nifty open 250

NSEBANK 31 Aug 05:51 PM

double digit GDP itself ok,

POEL 31 Aug 05:51 PM

Tomarrow good chance to buy sxnifty down more then250 point So accumalte between 84-86 range for a tgt of life time near 120 before diwali

ZEEL 31 Aug 05:51 PM

The zeel of trading comes with Red color in our portfolio to make it Green & Positive results Come ....

NSL 31 Aug 05:50 PM

Anirudh Sethi claims Danny Group is going to buy Nila Infra, maybe that is a triger here?

ADANIPOWER 31 Aug 05:50 PM

asm4 me aane se hi ye stock uper jayega weak investor will sell due to fear and operator will buy so take care ultimately it will go upper its my opinion whats your please share thanks 🌹🙏

GREAVESCOT 31 Aug 05:50 PM

buy for target of Rs.300 within one month

DEEPAKNTR 31 Aug 05:49 PM

Highest ever FII buying took place yesterday over 4400 crores in Indian equity market

HCC 31 Aug 05:49 PM

Tsag...essay writer we know the management better than you. am seeing them from 2012..right from CDR..then s4a..then right qip. If QIP is issued at good price i II never come back here. What is the QIP price? Any body can say....

INOXWIND 30 Aug 08:02 PM

Infusion of Rs. 800 cr by promoters through issuance of non convertible Preference Shares. So, no equity dilution. Company aims to become net debt free soon.

TRIDENT 30 Aug 08:01 PM

tata pillars hai India ka. Vaha esse scams commission k liye koi jaga nai hai. yeah trident hai. yaha k management tho suitcase khol k bethe hai commission khane.

YESBANK 30 Aug 07:59 PM

The lock-in period for Yes Bank end s around March 2023.

NSEI 30 Aug 07:59 PM

open to be below 17200 tomorrow .. pressure on reliance and bajaj fin plus icici

MAXHEALTH 30 Aug 07:59 PM

i invest like this only share at onr time ....for 2 years and take return of 3x 4x..

NSEBANK 30 Aug 07:58 PM

put valo ki kher nahi 40500 Friday morning 🙏

BAJAJFINSV 30 Aug 07:58 PM

Stock had moved by 50 percent in few months. So value unlocking for bonus and split is already factored. As split and bonus does not alter the financial performance, further upward movements if any may attract stiff resistance.

LAURUSLABS 30 Aug 07:58 PM


ATHENAGLO 30 Aug 07:57 PM

friends ATL is not just gas distribution and see it will soon be in gas exploration in I india with TOTAL in ANDHRA as reliance is terribly failed in fields

AWL 29 Aug 06:19 PM

You are double dhol.. When you want to sell .. positive msg... than ..when you want to buy... negative mesg..

BAJAJHIND 29 Aug 06:19 PM

The great fire of Rome that was occurred on the night of 18th July AD 64...when the fifth Roman emperor " Nero fiddles while Rome burns"...that is the position the executive chairman of bhsl is currently in....

RPOWER 29 Aug 06:19 PM

those who want to sell. please sell and exit. buyers are enough to absorb the quantity.

RUPA 29 Aug 06:18 PM

Tomo Rupa will. fly to 360 levels as available very cheap.

NSEI 29 Aug 06:18 PM

exaclty retailera we are really trading against not only the best brains in the industry but also the best execution systems, rusk management and algos...the dice is heavily loaded against us...

KCPSUGIND 29 Aug 06:18 PM

pharmacutical stocks are very fine presenting performance..

KARDA 29 Aug 06:17 PM

Naresh Jagumal Karda has invoked the pledged share.. 25,000,000 shares..

HIKAL 29 Aug 06:17 PM

no BuyBack coming.. Just wait for right time and take suoer entry

NSEBANK 29 Aug 06:16 PM

bankin & bank nifty made triple bottom in weekly chart. which is super bullish will cut by 5 days only.

NSEBANK 29 Aug 09:45 AM

Confirm News Today Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy at 38400 levels for Target is 38800 today confirm News Today make my words sure sure

IEX 29 Aug 09:45 AM

buy iex cmp 157.5 interday target 160 plus sl 156

ISEC 29 Aug 09:44 AM

Really very sad that only private companies stocks going up. Deepak fertilzers continuously making new high but RCF and NFL just refusing to shoot up in spite of fantastic results.

GODREJPROP 29 Aug 09:44 AM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

RELINFRA 29 Aug 09:43 AM

Within 5 minutes of market opening, traded volume more than 50 lakh. Heavy accumulation & buying in Relinfra. Something very positive is happening on this counter, which is yet to be disclosed but insiders are well informed with the same.

BANCOINDIA 29 Aug 09:43 AM

Correction is done for last three days. Upward journey to start. Today may close in green. 300 in few weeks

MADRASFERT 29 Aug 09:43 AM

buy at low price now sell this week to 55/56/57

RELIANCE 29 Aug 09:42 AM

Yes, Reliance, MnM, Nifty all rocked this morning from suggested levels and buying!

NSEI 29 Aug 09:42 AM

buy pe 17000 at 50 upto expiry reach 150.....

IRCTC 29 Aug 09:41 AM

I believe that IRCTC price absorb this hiccup, and close in green at EOD. BE POSITIVE YAR.

NAVNETEDUL 29 Aug 09:41 AM

Navneet headed past its all time high of around 200 based on latest qtr EPS. Min target 240-260. Navneet selling at a PE of only 6 in a market where fancied stocks are selling at a PE of 100. Nykaa selling at a PE of 700. GREAT.

RCOM 29 Aug 09:40 AM

The stocks shall be retained in each stage as applicable for a minimum period of 5 / 15 trading days and shall be eligible for review from 6th / 16th Trading day onwards.

NSEI 28 Aug 05:50 PM

yes,nifty going crash....only ev section can buy..../............

PVR 28 Aug 05:49 PM

OTT platforms set to be a 12000 crore industry by 2023 and is likely to overpower the multiplex business. a SBI research report said

NSEBANK 28 Aug 05:49 PM

sgx is exactly -234 points

BIOCON 28 Aug 05:49 PM

USFDA looms over this company.. Monday it will dfntly go down

IDEA 28 Aug 05:48 PM

Birla are Congress supporters from last 100 years and everyone kows it..

NDTV 28 Aug 05:48 PM

NDTV is not an industry/business where profitability of the company can not be so much jacked up by anyone even Adanis to match its current price acceleration. Beware of operators game.

NSEBANK 27 Aug 12:08 PM

Monday will be blood bath, minimum 700 point down . pe holders get 10 times return.

NSEI 27 Aug 12:08 PM

Fundamentals are nowhere near the 27 500 levels so a correction to 15 500/ 16 000 levels in inevitable.

BLUECHIP 27 Aug 12:07 PM

Yesterday 73

APOLLOHOSP 27 Aug 12:06 PM

looking gud for long term buy on any dip and hold for more

SWSOLAR 27 Aug 12:05 PM

302 iska resistance hai and if it cross this with volume then we can see upto 350.

GAIL 27 Aug 12:05 PM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

RELINFRA 27 Aug 12:04 PM

I think adani group is interested in rel infra......some big investors grp is buying...

INDSUCR 27 Aug 12:04 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day.

HBESD 27 Aug 12:03 PM

promoter company . never gives return to shareholders..

ACME 27 Aug 12:02 PM

looking gud for long term buy on any dip and hold for more

SIGIND 26 Aug 11:59 AM

Above 45 we may see this rally towards previous highs. Good luck 😃.

PDMJEPAPER 26 Aug 11:58 AM

Technically very strong and will cross new high may be on Monday. Also suggest to buy Star Paper for decent gains

BALAMINES 26 Aug 11:58 AM

Can go 1st 5000 then 7000 final target 10000

ADANIGREEN 26 Aug 11:58 AM

why minimum slot is of 10000 shares only? Is it for big buyers only?

NSEI 26 Aug 11:57 AM

On Monday 29th is Reliance AGM. Market will fly.

IDEA 26 Aug 11:57 AM

Corrupt System they do nothing from past so many years. Hope for the Best if Legal matters solve

BAJFINANCE 26 Aug 11:56 AM

Dont sell hold u will regret on monday

INTELLECT 26 Aug 11:56 AM

When i suggested to add the price was R590.40 and now its traded at 592.10. I have no surprised to see even today its cross RS600 marks and next week see Rs633 plus.

NSEBANK 26 Aug 11:55 AM

Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell at 38900-38950 levels for Target is 38500 today confirm News

CGPOWER 26 Aug 11:55 AM

result will add much gains.. its not overvalued.. buying interest may continue..

TIRUPATIFL 26 Aug 11:54 AM

promoter company . never gives return to shareholders..

RBLBANK 26 Aug 11:54 AM

accumulate more its a good support for rbl.

NSEI 25 Aug 02:55 PM

Further escalation in China Taiwan US tensions. Buy metals and chemical stocks

RASANDIK 25 Aug 02:55 PM

stock is showing good recovery after so many days....

HINDPETRO 25 Aug 02:55 PM


WOCKPHARMA 25 Aug 02:54 PM

Slowly slowly it will break 200 and will be available at 160 to 170.

POWERINDIA 25 Aug 02:54 PM

I guess today is the day....Breakout ...Awesome buy buy

SOUTHBANK 25 Aug 02:53 PM

South Indian Bank currently have 1st short term target Rupees10.25 ...

NSEBANK 25 Aug 02:53 PM

39300 Pe 70 points double

UJJIVAN 24 Aug 06:53 PM

most likely it will touch 211 in intraday tomorrow.

YESBANK 24 Aug 06:53 PM

20 confirm yaar - dont sell a single share - keep investing thank you guys -

KIRIINDUS 24 Aug 06:52 PM

All know who is cheating, by luring with Dystar money coming soon buy narratives, which are flopped for the last four years!!! please notice this point boarders!!!

NSEI 24 Aug 06:52 PM

One more truth :D... Tomorrow heavy selling by FII. Hehe. DII also...

RBLBANK 24 Aug 06:52 PM

no chance. this stock will go up. shortest will suffer badly

SOUTHBANK 24 Aug 06:51 PM

2022 was an great year for all sectors - accept This junk - may be 5 paise moving shares also thank you guys keep investing

ALOKINDS 24 Aug 06:51 PM

reliance retail ipo can be announced on 29th aug thats the reason price not going up??

ASTRAMICRO 24 Aug 06:51 PM

sell tmrw Asa market opens operator driven stick if gomto lc u wont be able to sell

NSEBANK 24 Aug 06:51 PM

Tomorrow there will be a gap down of 300 points

IPCALAB 23 Aug 05:02 PM

its a buy from most of the investors and analysts😉 one great news can increase the price of this shares. its a Buy buy buy☺️

NSEI 23 Aug 05:02 PM

Heavy selling for 2 anticipation of downturn of market..many retailers must have bought PEs....Market will react exactly opposite..

NSEBANK 23 Aug 05:01 PM

Already closed 170points down post market… Keep SL ad save money can fall by tomorrow…as global scenario are negative

WIPRO 23 Aug 05:01 PM

bhai 697 k rate pr 260 le rkhe hai 🥺🥺

AMBUJACEM 23 Aug 05:00 PM

International & domestic market falling heavily... trap for retail investor exit exit...

SHOPERSTOP 23 Aug 05:00 PM

RBL Bank moves up on further offloading 0.87% stake in Kilburn Engineering

GKP 23 Aug 05:00 PM

same I also invest 3 lacs in all 3 shares and now God know what happen.. I borrowed at 8% interest and invest in this....

ADANIENT 23 Aug 04:59 PM

That i have been saying since 1 year. And last 3 months has put conviction to that.

ICIL 22 Aug 02:58 PM

current price is 142.4 :-) and he is giving a 5-6% upward target. that is an achievement for indocount these days.

PRAJIND 22 Aug 02:58 PM

3 days back I told to buy below 365 with whatever u have and see today it exactly made a bottom of 364 and then upmove till 382...Buy buy in qty to be super rich this year itself

NSEBANK 22 Aug 02:57 PM

buy banknifty 38300pe and hold till expiry. retailers..

MARUTI 22 Aug 02:57 PM

anybody received Maruti dividend of RS.60 per share

SONACOMS 22 Aug 02:57 PM

as said tgt hit dont sell in small profit buy every dip soon 600 happy trade

RTNPOWER 22 Aug 02:56 PM

They are making 10 percentage profit in maximum 2 -3 days , sometimes in single day also . It is not for retailers

NSEI 22 Aug 02:56 PM

Hdfc Bank took rejection at 1480... Making big red in 5 mins chart recently at 2:34 PM exactly same is visible in Reliance too... What matters if both breaks their RECENT lower low... Nifty spot would not sustain 17 500 and break it once...

BHEL 22 Aug 02:56 PM

Buy or target INR 63...64...65.. SL 53.......all the best

KSB 22 Aug 02:55 PM

Now huge spike expect anytime soon tgt 2222

ELECTCAST 22 Aug 02:55 PM

delivery volume is less , May come down but will reach 37 plus , Quickly

TTML 22 Aug 02:54 PM

even I lost 40 to 45

NSEBANK 21 Aug 05:44 PM

banknifty flat open hoga close green me hoga

GTL 21 Aug 05:43 PM

this junk is stock is not going anywhere. Rallies started in many penny stocks ..plss dont miss them bcz of this bearish stock. pls save ur time and money

IRB 21 Aug 05:43 PM

Irb infra complete 50% retrachment level near 246. from 270. now 243. 238. support level. up side possible up to 254. 257. 260.

SUZLON 21 Aug 05:43 PM

Having debt is not a problem as lot of companies have debt. It is debt cost should be very less than profit earned from that debt employed in the business. Suzlon is nowdoing that which is great.

IDBI 21 Aug 05:42 PM

Can anyone tell me when this idiot bank is going to be closed

ZENSARTECH 21 Aug 05:42 PM

Possible range of 400-500 within 6-12 months. Looking at the numbers, in short term this stock will be facing a storm, better to average at dip.

NSEI 21 Aug 05:41 PM

bitcoin prices are recovering, indicating recovery of equity market also. nifty will open green tomorrow

ADANIPOWER 20 Aug 12:12 PM

My view is that Adani Power would triple in an year. what do you think. Other is BCG for a triple value.

ZOMATO 20 Aug 12:11 PM

Europe market is falling big trap exit early and save ur money..

NSEI 20 Aug 12:10 PM

18000 ce call 120₹ se 36₹ hogyi monday ko 10₹ aur badh me 2₹ expiry mei 5 paisa hahaha

IDEA 20 Aug 12:09 PM

As a vi share holders we must admit our mistake for investing in this company. Two triggers one was SC verdict on refusing recalculation and Kmb S hidden letter to goi warning collapse. Reform package kept vi alive. And VI is out of ventilater but still in icu. Two triggers pending one is goi equity conversion and new investor both seems fading. One zoomala by Kmb and another by goi. Is management confident about turnaround. Or just want to save their assets from bankruptcy. Long term share holders wait or exit and buy only after atleast 1 event is triggered

CONFIPET 20 Aug 12:08 PM

Hold this stock Tight,,, Good Potential... I am also having in my portfolio

HUHTAMAKI 20 Aug 12:07 PM

hope the new management take action on the same lines you mentioned. I am invested in this from 290 levels. They need to take drastic action to change top line and bottom line, else this is going to spiral down.

ENGINERSIN 20 Aug 12:06 PM

rank .100.. looks very good above 66 ...nothing to loose at this price ... good dividend co..

BAJFINANCE 20 Aug 12:05 PM

Bajaj Finance will fall further till 6800 levels to go till 9100 levels. Mark my words. this will surely fall on Monday so sell as market opens.

INDUSINDBK 20 Aug 12:04 PM

enormous benefit are made when we buy at the bottom and sell at the top

BANKBARODA 19 Aug 11:08 AM

Today Bank of Baroda Buy Buy Buy Buy at 123-122 levels for Target is 126

NSEI 19 Aug 11:07 AM

McDowell United Spirits getting ready to moveup fast the bullet run start soon keep buying for good profits ....keep buying at low good opportunity

PNBHOUSING 19 Aug 11:07 AM

All beaten down stocks recover a minimum of 20-30% in this series...maybe its time for PNB!!?

GREAVESCOT 19 Aug 11:06 AM

looks like 170 levels will be broken easily today !!

EASEMYTRIP 19 Aug 11:06 AM

Easemytrip will bounce back from this level, buy add few qty at this price, target will be 450 in next comming days..

CHENNPETRO 19 Aug 11:05 AM

grab in bulk huge buying in line will touch upper circuit for sure

SRHHYPOLTD 19 Aug 11:05 AM

350 hojaye to maza ajaye

GMBREW 19 Aug 11:04 AM

Those follow only earned profits. see GM suggested at 571 and 574 and Tv 18 at 37.05 now book 20% profits in both and now added biocon which come on very attractive price.

TATASTEEL 19 Aug 11:03 AM

What are some potential stocks under %u20B9500 to invest in for 2023?

NSEBANK 19 Aug 11:03 AM

Confirm News Today Buy buy buy buy buy at 39500 levels for Target is 39800 today sure sure today

NSEBANK 18 Aug 03:59 PM

I clearly remember during HDFC merger.. nifty reached 18053 and Bank nifty reached 38635 and today nifty is around 17956.. and banknifty is 39646.. hows this possible? just how?

NSEI 18 Aug 03:57 PM

Gap down gap down bolke...1 mahina gaya. nifty is gaining strength day by day.

INDIACEM 18 Aug 03:57 PM

if this breaks 209 to 210 level than next resistance is 222 to 225

DLINKINDIA 18 Aug 03:56 PM

i also received dividend just now cheers 😊

TATASTEEL 18 Aug 03:56 PM

tomorrow it may cross 114.5, if sustains above that next stop is 117..take delivery dont trade..

DIVISLAB 18 Aug 03:56 PM

tomorrow divislab gap down open maybe. last three days no strength continues selling trend selling volumes increase. dont buy wait 3600 buy start

KTKBANK 18 Aug 03:55 PM

Within one month from the record date, record date is 19-08-2022

SBIN 18 Aug 03:55 PM

hold for a target of 550 with in monday..

TALBROSENG 18 Aug 03:54 PM

Today Last chance to buy.. otherwise cry... because this is pure multibagger stock..hold atleast 2-3 month 1000 rupees cross easily...

IRCTC 18 Aug 03:54 PM

what is the reason for this spike today in IRCTC?

ADANIENT 18 Aug 03:53 PM

I short this stock at prise of 2900 now i lost big 🤬😩😢 but still hope its go down 🤞 totally scripted but go on and on I don t understand 🤪 3250 my stop loss i wish its go down 🙄🤪

NSEI 17 Aug 03:39 PM

As usual even if Fed comment is negative market will ignore and go up. Lets see how long this drama goes on.

COSMOFE 17 Aug 03:38 PM

5% circuit is more favourable instead of 10%

JSWSTEEL 17 Aug 03:38 PM

jsw steel soon crossing 1000 happy investing:)) add steel aluminium and zinc

APOLLOHOSP 17 Aug 03:38 PM

kal ye aur girega dividend ke karan jab bhi koi share dividend deta hai wo sure girta hai sure shot 4200