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Palkin about info comming soon...



NSEBANK 13 Feb 10:27 PM

buy buy dont sell only buy......

NSEI 13 Feb 10:27 PM

new dreams bloom inthe night and wither next day

COCHINM 13 Feb 10:27 PM

Microcap with outstanding results, buy for short time gain of 50% minimum...

PERSISTENT 13 Feb 10:26 PM

Coming back into the buy zone!!! Gobble up at every downtick!!

ADANIPOWER 13 Feb 10:26 PM

I think tomorrow adani will get upper circuit.

NSEI 11 Feb 10:15 PM

I wish Adani come out victorious against all foreign conspiracy because the fate of indian stock market depends on it.

POWERGRID 11 Feb 10:15 PM

Buy Power Grid Corporation of India target of Rs 265

IRCON 11 Feb 10:14 PM

This is 2023 take profits whenever possible. Dividends is helps you survive in tough market condidtions. Still in the Hangover of 2022 profits.

M&MFIN 11 Feb 10:14 PM

The habit of saving is itself an education. it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order and so broadens the mind. Always try to save some part of your earnings. Thanks!

NSEBANK 11 Feb 10:14 PM

Nifty Bank at days high looks like it has broken the range on the upper end and can see some fireworks. Lets see!

AEGISCHEM 10 Feb 10:01 PM

Aegis logs sell at cmp target 348

VIPIND 10 Feb 10:01 PM

vip ind sell at cmp target 666 stop loss 680

IDEA 10 Feb 10:01 PM


SUBEXLTD 10 Feb 10:00 PM

they are living lavish life from the money of public

NSEI 10 Feb 10:00 PM

I bought IOC at 83.50. Please advice what could be the target from 1 year perspective.

NSEBANK 10 Feb 10:00 PM

Bank Nifty holding 41500 good sign and may move towards 41700/42000 soon - watch out!

TRITURBINE 06 Feb 09:53 PM

triveni turbine strong on charts and technical suggest to buy for 275

ADANIENT 06 Feb 09:52 PM

I also recommend to buy Adani stocks, for a minimum upside of 20% within this series

SHYAMCENT 06 Feb 09:52 PM

dont have idea but if next quarter is not good it may trade below 15...

NSEBANK 06 Feb 09:52 PM

tomorrow nifty and BN open positive.... nofty 100 and moves till 17900...and slowly moves to 17800...and finally at end session it will swttle at 17850๐Ÿ‘

NSEI 06 Feb 09:51 PM

dow 34200 can cross in upside

TRIDENT 04 Feb 09:51 PM

trident buy at 35 target 42 stop loss 26

ADANIENT 04 Feb 09:50 PM

Adani acquired countless lands and properties already established by others by force or threatening them with cases, all done by central govt and its agencies.

RELAXO 04 Feb 09:50 PM

old inventories bought at high price should be out by now.. profit margin will be much better from next quarter.. topline grow hona suru ho jaye baas..

NSEBANK 04 Feb 09:50 PM

What shall be the effect on bank nifty on monday

MIDHANI 04 Feb 09:49 PM

mishra dhatu nigam Remains weak below 200, new buying starts only after crosses 205

NSEI 04 Feb 09:49 PM

I think our nifty should be below 10000 as hindenbwrg report out. and some other report out it will be 5000 such like it will go to negative

NSEI 02 Feb 09:56 PM

ASM makes other stocks to sell bcoz of margin adjustment and open sharp down also possible SGX NO confided at all and global market are green, again emotional big down also possible all stocks minimum 1 to 2 percentage lower.. tomorrow

SOUTHBANK 02 Feb 09:55 PM

market me esi afva he ki next month se F&O me add hoo Raha he south indian bank so dont worry guys yaha se rocket ๐Ÿš€ hone wala he yeh. so buy in every prise . marawadi walo ne April Tak ka 65 ka target Diya hey.

CAPACITE 02 Feb 09:55 PM

capacite infra looking very bullish on charts, buy immediately abve 155

ABCAPITAL 02 Feb 09:55 PM

Aditya Birla Capital - With previous weeks strong gains, the stock has surpassed its almost two years multiple resistance zone of Rs140 levels on a weekly closing basis.

NSEBANK 02 Feb 09:54 PM

Banknifty gap down tomorrow

SHILPAMED 01 Feb 10:04 PM

shilpa buy at cmp short term target 260 stop loss 243

KCP 01 Feb 10:03 PM

kcp looks weak and weekly charts suggest sell for 100

NSEBANK 01 Feb 10:03 PM

tomorrow maybe close below 39900 then sharp down side see on this market

NSEI 01 Feb 10:02 PM

tomorrow morning , all opposition politacal party leader meeting at 10 am . a big movement against this govt is expected. they may ask for joint parliamentary committee to prove the adani and bbc episode. govt caught red handedly.

SOUTHBANK 01 Feb 10:02 PM

Jnardenji, I fully agree with your views.. Some of us who are in this Forum give unrealistic target with no basis. Very bad indeed.

NSEI 30 Jan 10:28 PM

Hindenburg.... 5 employees company.... ek Report and 3 days mai 12 lakh cr saff ..... SEBI etc Kar kya rahi hai? Investors ko sirf barbaad karana and tax lutna?

SAIL 30 Jan 10:27 PM

Coal prices crashed today by over 25% which is positive for steel companies.China has lifted the ban on importing coal from Australia.. - My target for SAIL is Rs 99 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs 79.50

BAJFINANCE 30 Jan 10:27 PM

accumulate B FIN for a target of 6500 within 2-3 sessions

SUZLON 30 Jan 10:27 PM

People are loosing trust on Suzlon. If they are not disclosing new orders still price is going down on daily basis I think it s not good for company s image. Any can happen and if it s going to bottom no one will trust this company again.

NSEBANK 30 Jan 10:26 PM

41100 opening tomorrow... rest whatever you guys want and do on PE side please do thta...

KSB 29 Jan 09:15 PM

ksb pumps sell target 1740 and stop loss 1763

NSEI 29 Jan 09:14 PM

tomorrow, short covering.. it will move index to 18000

SUDARSCHEM 29 Jan 09:14 PM

sudarshan chem buy target 420 and sl of 370

FSC 29 Jan 09:14 PM

future supply buy target of 26 stop loss rs 18

NSEBANK 29 Jan 09:13 PM

those who have heavy losses and wanted to cover the loss just mail on banknifty8 at the rate gmail dot com they are best they have recovered all my losses in 1 mnth

VESUVIUS 29 Jan 09:13 PM

vesuvius ind buy target 1640 and stop loss 1600

ADANIGREEN 29 Jan 09:12 PM

The sown from3000 to 1500 now this will surpass 3000 and will reach 4500, the negative people will be kicked fully out of ring, the blank sellers will be banned by SEBI for trading in future in case of cartel

SBIN 29 Jan 09:12 PM

tomorrow sbi will go below Rs.500 levels. damn

NSEBANK 27 Jan 10:10 PM

nothing bank nifty bottom outed now no body stop bank nifty before 43500 till budget decision is yours

BAJFINANCE 27 Jan 10:09 PM

stellar results, magnificient and higher than the highest of expectations.... and let me remind u guys, BF is trading almost 30 percent lower than 52 week high.... best part is no exposure in any of the adani businesses....

TRIDENT 27 Jan 10:09 PM

stock is surely a gem considering fundamentals and future growth and expansion plans the stock not rising is the true story of any stock which has reached heights its takes a pull back as it has travelled a long distance give some time

GRANULES 27 Jan 10:08 PM

By seeing the valuation this scrip deserves the best. Hence, it should sail past 300 shortly.

NSEI 27 Jan 10:08 PM

HDFCB and Icici adr again down more than 3 percent...

CANBK 26 Jan 08:19 PM

huge fall happens to be in this counter sure

BANKINDIA 26 Jan 08:18 PM

tomorrow big fall in this counter as GTL FRAUD CASE

PCJEWELLER 26 Jan 08:18 PM

I am sure LC in PCJ is not budget game, not debt game, no bad news game. it is game of q3 result, may be trade receipt news in q3 result or q4 result. it is SHARKS bleeding game strategy, take care of you PCJ INVESTOR.

NSEI 26 Jan 08:18 PM

why SGX is so negative. I expected more upside around 18100 by today end. but its very slow.

YESBANK 26 Jan 08:17 PM

The banks/organisations follow standard norms to provide for debts if those cross certain stipulated due/overdue period. Debtors ageing through due/overdue timelines is a routine process followed by organisations.

NSEBANK 26 Jan 08:17 PM

please square off, market will not give your diffence point gap up, save your capital

AWL 24 Jan 10:04 PM

Dubai mai adan bro bought wilmar shares at 740 region

BLISSGVS 24 Jan 10:04 PM

very good result. profit increased

YESBANK 24 Jan 10:04 PM

FII investment increasing, NPA reduced in balance sheet, retailers are panic sellers. Its time to accumulate, still its in good position. In current market level, this is 1 of the best buy.

NSEI 24 Jan 10:04 PM

Good recovery from here you can take entry on any dip...

NSEBANK 24 Jan 10:03 PM

tomorrow BN might be up throughout the day.

BCG 23 Jan 05:08 PM

in the last one year, retail shareholding has decreased by more than 10 percentage points and FII and DII holding increased. Retail shareholding will further decrease due to fear benefiting FII and DIi l. Then this share will shoot up...

IDBI 23 Jan 05:08 PM

#1IDBIBank transferred a single loan worth Rs 3,750 crore to NARCL. This is key development and As per Rakesh sharma ..the GNPA to come in single digit by 31st March itself

TWL 23 Jan 05:07 PM

Titagarh wagons 5% uccc,rockingg,enjoy the MoneyRain Frnds !

BEPL 23 Jan 05:07 PM

I have had enough of this stock. I am at a 37% loss in this but I have almost decided to sell.

NSEBANK 23 Jan 05:06 PM


NSEI 23 Jan 05:06 PM


NSEI 20 Jan 07:33 PM

i believe as there is huge call option open interest... difficult for nifty to go up straight away on opening

PVR 20 Jan 07:32 PM

today movie ticket price only 99 big loss for pvr thats why fallen

TATAPOWER 20 Jan 07:32 PM

TP momentum will be seen post Q3 numbers....Till time range bound 204~208 ..... Happy Investing!!!!

IEX 20 Jan 07:32 PM

Results are good q on q basis but poor y o y basis. I think it will remain between 130-140 for the time being. nothing spectacular nor very bad.

NSEBANK 20 Jan 07:31 PM

as told yesterday evening, bank nifty closed positive! cheers!

NSEBANK 19 Jan 06:03 PM

fii 400 crore buying dii selling. kal aag lagega aag. B.N 42700-800 Likh lo

NSEI 19 Jan 06:03 PM

Sokal put walon ki lottery

YESBANK 19 Jan 06:02 PM

kuch nai hona ....this bank is used to all will gain momentum instead ...

RUCHI 19 Jan 06:02 PM

om babaji good to see up move

PVR 19 Jan 06:02 PM

Compare it with Q1 2022 reaults. Looks like will be hammered badly tomorrow

RELINFRA 19 Jan 06:01 PM

we can say the rubbish system.......

NSEI 18 Jan 09:24 PM

Yes of course. You got it right. But i am getting greedy for 21,000. Hope it creates base above 18,400.

BANKBARODA 18 Jan 09:23 PM

Bank of baroda achived all tgt 175/180 next 200

IDEA 18 Jan 09:23 PM

vi tommorow maximum upord 8 4 dwn freez 630

ALPA 18 Jan 09:23 PM

Expected result is excellent. Dont sell....still its buying will cross 100 in week or 2 week.

SAIL 18 Jan 09:22 PM

Buy Godrejcp Jan Fut cmp 922 SL 907 target 932 and 942

NSEBANK 18 Jan 09:22 PM

too much one side correction occurred in last two weeks short covering is happening can see 100 to 200 points more upside... after that budget movement can happen

ITC 17 Jan 10:04 PM

stock Buy ITC target of Rs 355,

ICICIBANK 17 Jan 10:04 PM

Icici bank 865 buy for tomorrow 875/890

LT 17 Jan 10:03 PM

Good move today. Strong hands are buying now so the upward trend may continue. Buying long term.

IBULHSGFIN 17 Jan 10:03 PM

Again in this quarter also retail shareholders are reduced.

NSEI 17 Jan 10:03 PM

18300 tomorrow? Retailers are trapped by taking short positions๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

NSEBANK 17 Jan 10:02 PM

42800 till Thursday expiry dont short buy on dip 43000 call

NSEI 16 Jan 09:34 PM

After long time Fiis reduced Cash selling today below 1K at 750 Crores while Diis bought for 685 Crores respectively.

ARVSMART 16 Jan 09:34 PM

it will reach to more than 400 rs. soon

BCG 16 Jan 09:32 PM

Anibillion recommended PKTea also around 500-600 level and given a target of 2000, made so many people to buy. But stock drifted to 200 level. Still it trembling. Never trust Anibillion.

IDEA 16 Jan 09:32 PM

tomorrow lower circuit surly downtrend start target 6 rupees

NSEBANK 16 Jan 09:32 PM

only good results are not sufficient to lift the BN up. These already been taken into account. Maximum banks have write off their bad loans. Huge loads to banking sector. it will come down.

NSEI 13 Jan 08:36 PM

The price action of the indices does not give a good indication of the market sentiment but that is what generally happens when the indices are contemplating a turnaround.

NSEBANK 13 Jan 08:36 PM

gap down will on Monday & NB will go towards 41K ...huge correction us pending due to NB in oversold zone . big consolidation is pending before budget 2023

RVNL 13 Jan 08:35 PM

please guys guide can i buy at this price or wait for little correction

BPL 13 Jan 08:35 PM

I think bpl has imported machinery from tivan and mfg chip which are in great demand also reliance is opening more stores and more sales of bpl products will be done.expecting good dec result

RELIANCE 13 Jan 08:35 PM

Reliance today informed exchanges that it will declare Q3 results next friday 20th January. historically, results come in the evening after trading hours, so price action felt on monday 23rd.

HDFCBANK 13 Jan 08:35 PM

result is average not upto to expected so Monday hdfc bank will Crack 3 to 5% . because NB is highly oversold position .All banking share is in all time high . be aware banking stock

NSEI 13 Jan 08:26 PM

Did a little digging. FIIs did similar derivative activity on 5th and 9th january. Bought futures and calls and sold puts. And 6th and 10th were very juicy.

IDEA 13 Jan 08:25 PM

Vi Stress: Are We Staring At The End? Vodafone Ideas struggles with capital are now reaching the terminal stages. Vishwanath Nair & Hiral Dadia 07:38 PM IST, 13 Jan 2023 07:38 PM IST, 13 Jan 2023 Read more at: BQ Prime

SBIN 13 Jan 08:25 PM

Result date expected. But not yet declared. Show

LT 13 Jan 08:25 PM

How is the share going to react on Monday ?

NSEBANK 13 Jan 08:24 PM

Bank Nifty will cross 43000 Monday. All fear will taken out on Monday. Bull is back from Monday till Thursday.

WINSOMTX 12 Jan 09:03 PM

yeh share ka volume dekhoo 1000 ya 2000 ya mins .........?????

DEN 12 Jan 09:03 PM

Profit increase from last qtr

GMRINFRA 12 Jan 09:02 PM

Due to kotak recommendation GMR has been sold from 43 GMR is stabilized around 40 invest now for smart recovery

RTNINFRA 12 Jan 09:02 PM

enough good news have already come but share does not move . so dont be overjoyed.

JPPOWER 12 Jan 09:02 PM

JP power pledge reduced by 16% in December Quarter. Hope for same for JPA , it may reduce by more percentages due to sale of cement division

NSEI 12 Jan 09:01 PM

aaj fir -1 peecent nsdaq

JUBLINDS 12 Jan 09:01 PM

Nifty is heading towards 15000 Jubilant will break 450 levels also. But it is time to buy buy and buy you have 2023 for buying 2024 k baad se kuchh milne wala nahi ye rates me.

NSEBANK 12 Jan 09:01 PM

BN will be range bound tomorrow

IDEA 07 Jan 07:04 PM

Vodafone Idea faces DoTs..operations & finance inspection.....i see this as soft stick....if they dont budge then more will come.

COALINDIA 07 Jan 07:04 PM

Coal India already distributed dividend. I have already received.

NSEBANK 07 Jan 07:04 PM

pe buyers will hold to see more selling . but it will trap . good open n sustain. 500 points rally expected . kitne bhi downtrend likh lo. par jana to up hi hai

BAJFINANCE 07 Jan 07:03 PM

monday gap up opening. I think it will move towards 6400 level. hold position

NSEI 07 Jan 07:03 PM

Monday nifty will face resistance around 18000..fii are heavily short so everyone will buy the PE expecting index to be down butI think operator will move the index the other say and will take your profit .Ce holder book your profit and wait til noon

MAWANASUG 06 Jan 07:10 PM

Sugar sector is in bullish mode and will give us good return in coming days.

ATUL 06 Jan 07:09 PM

It will boom shortly. Expecting better result. Debt free company.

JSWSTEEL 06 Jan 07:09 PM

JSW Steel Q3 profit seen halved to 2011 cr down 55% yoy.

CANFINHOME 06 Jan 07:09 PM

Whats going on CANFIN , reversed from 551 again , any experts advise.

TECHM 06 Jan 07:08 PM

All IT stocks will start rallying only in 2024 and 2025 . With recession and inflation , no company would invest in IT. Pls exit and invest in other industries

NSEBANK 06 Jan 07:08 PM

how everyone saying it is recovery, more than double oi in ce side, another fall is waiting for retailers... dont be trapped, they are only buying in dip and will exit when you enter..

NSEI 06 Jan 07:08 PM

Monday gap down opening at 17200.. exit with amo sell orders.. massive blood bath on cards..exit all holdings before massacre!

NSEI 05 Jan 09:24 PM

Tomorrow nifty will go up by 350 points

AGCNET 05 Jan 09:23 PM

AGC Networks Remains weak below 135, new buying starts only after crosses 140

PRICOLLTD 05 Jan 09:23 PM

Pricol Will Stay In weak stock radar, no clear trend for buy & sell

JUBLFOOD 05 Jan 09:23 PM

kal market bahut buri tarah giregi dont take buy of this stock

NSEBANK 05 Jan 09:22 PM

BN today touched 42298 and was about to break most important support of once this support breaks it will sharply fall towards 40000

NSEBANK 04 Jan 06:14 PM

Market was supposed to be recovered in the evening but pulled down, tomorrow morning would be gap up opening and it will be around 43400-43500

RAILTEL 04 Jan 06:13 PM

From tomorrow, Railtel should show good upside as mostly all experts are bullish but share market runs behave in reverse direction to expertise.

BFINVEST 04 Jan 06:13 PM

kicl is the same company like bfinvestment so who miss the rally in bf can buy kicl which same

AWL 04 Jan 06:13 PM

Keep tweeting Adani ji to look after this stock.

HDFCAMC 04 Jan 06:12 PM

HDFC AMC is one of the largest AMC and its price can reach the 2600 level in the short to mid-term, by RK Finament.

ASIANPAINT 04 Jan 06:12 PM

on what basis you are saying it will cross 6000

NSEI 04 Jan 06:11 PM

Kal 300 400 ya to neeche bhaage ga ya phir uper bhaag jaayega. Agar fed ka outcome idhar udhar hua toโ€ฆ

XPROINDIA 03 Jan 02:32 PM

It will go upto Rs. 750 very soon but today Xpro is looking weak. Might drop down to Rs. 640 levels.

CHOLAHLDNG 03 Jan 02:32 PM

Look at the way Cholafin is moving after every time tick. Soon we will be able to see fresh 52 Week high also ( This week isnt impossible but difficult, Next week every probability and possibility) GOOD LUCK

UNIONBANK 03 Jan 02:32 PM

PNB will overtake union Bank before Budget

NSEBANK 03 Jan 02:31 PM

Buy 43500 pe again Target 300 to 350

NSEI 03 Jan 02:31 PM

now can buy 18200 call ...put buyers are trapped ...

RUSHIL 02 Jan 03:25 PM

volume almost dried and no movement after anouncement of right issue. i says its book are manipulated. sales and profit no are false. dumb company of share market.

SURYAROSNI 02 Jan 03:25 PM

Brilliant stock available at fair value looking solid on charts can aim for 900 medium term

JINDALSTEL 02 Jan 03:24 PM

Supreme Petrochem rises on obtaining consent to operate for PS, EPS capacity expansion projects

IEX 02 Jan 03:24 PM

Bounce from here first target 150, second target 155 in this week. happy investing

NSEBANK 02 Jan 03:24 PM

it will go exactly in opposite directions that you expect so... the market is now became a scalpers market

NSEI 02 Jan 03:23 PM

....and now its same developing wings on Monthly chart....min wing words...

MARUTI 31 Dec 06:58 PM

its a clear buy for maruti.. just before Q3 results declaration, it will hit โ‚น8900. clearly visible on charts !

INFY 31 Dec 06:57 PM

Those who bought Infosys for share rise , its exactly the right time now .. Just Hold the shares till 12-Jan and u wl see the fireworks.. 5 trading Sessions will help u reap the benefits of investing.. target โ‚น1600

PTC 31 Dec 06:57 PM

OMG, all the resolutions were passed with thumping majority. This was certainly big slap on the face of all negative forces. This shows the power of shareholders vis-a-vis the nuisance values of all negative forces.

NSEI 31 Dec 06:57 PM

some people are telling they are not getting profit from Stock in delivery if you have no idea when to buy and where to sell then it will problem.

NSEBANK 31 Dec 06:56 PM


NSEBANK 29 Dec 08:35 PM

Gap up Tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

NSEI 29 Dec 08:34 PM

seems like SGX nifty is showing month-end adjustment..

TTML 29 Dec 08:34 PM

290 is a dream, 100 bhi jayega kya doubt hai

BALAMINES 29 Dec 08:34 PM

sell balaji amines nd buy tata elixes....tata elixes all time high 10700 nd now 6300.....

RCF 29 Dec 08:33 PM

By end of Jan 2023, RCF will trade in the range of Rs 210-220 range

TATAMOTORS 29 Dec 08:33 PM

New milestone. plus news of Tata Punch ev now. 400 very soon.

SDBL 29 Dec 08:33 PM

As I informed, momentum commenced and to cross previous high within 3 months. Buy for doubling up within 6 months. Buy and be eligible for RE shares . After RE listing it will shoot up like anything.

AXISBANK 29 Dec 08:32 PM

Sell.. Sell Sell.. Axis Bank Futures.. It will come down to below 900 level.

CIPLA 29 Dec 08:32 PM

consolidation is over dnt be trapped buy & hold for target 1130- 1135 decision is yours

ITC 27 Dec 09:18 PM


YESBANK 27 Dec 09:17 PM


GDL 27 Dec 09:17 PM

Hi. hold without any will definitely give very good returns.i am also holding 3500 shares below 70.00 possible rally once result date will be announced.

NSEI 27 Dec 09:16 PM

tomorrow will be starts with negative....

NSEBANK 27 Dec 09:16 PM

Banknifty gapup 43048, T 43280 SL 42750

ONGC 24 Dec 08:02 PM

sir, what about the debt equity ratio???? highest among peers

NSEI 24 Dec 08:02 PM

Nifty will touch below 17000 next week

BASANTGL 24 Dec 08:01 PM

dont sell below 18, hold company working well

CGPOWER 24 Dec 08:01 PM

Thank you so very much Vigai sir for dropping by. we were concerned about you. Wishing you all the very best for everything that you have been doing ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ.

PDMJEPAPER 24 Dec 08:01 PM

stock will up from Monday onwards .. down is over

NSEBANK 24 Dec 08:00 PM

Dont worry whoever Hold with Put positions... Sensex will correct up to 5% , Nifty will correct up to 5% and Bank nifty will correct up to 15%.... This is a sure level and this will happen before January Expiry.... This is a confirm newz......ย 

INDIACEM 24 Dec 08:00 PM

yes..this is the modus operandi for quite some years .this is how lala Ramdev acquired edible oil company by taking loan from bank

NSEBANK 23 Dec 09:10 PM

Monday will be again a bad day for CE Holders it seems.

RELIANCE 23 Dec 09:09 PM

buy reliance 2502 sl 2480 target 2530/2590,

YESBANK 23 Dec 09:09 PM

last on week pay portfolio crashes more than 15 percentage. upcoming days iam averaging my stocks

PACIFICI 23 Dec 09:09 PM

i am new add pacific ind. at 331 to 305 rs tak for long term and stop loss reviesd 278 rs closing. next teji ka hero he my view๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

NSEI 23 Dec 09:08 PM

16500 and 15500 next support levels to watch for..will retest it..1000 points lower circuit possible any day for corona news ..exit all holdings below 16000 levels for hefty gains..wait till Dec end or January for our target.

PNB 22 Dec 08:10 PM

PNB will close above 56 today, save this message

RELINFRA 22 Dec 08:09 PM

Rcap selling confirmrd to 8000 lenders will get 8 crores

COCHINSHIP 22 Dec 08:09 PM

kab.... I have IPO price this stock

SUZLON 22 Dec 08:08 PM

Though suzlon came down from 12 levels and broken the support levels, one need to see if it takes crucial support levels of 9.50 and 9.25

EDELWEISS 22 Dec 08:08 PM

how many shares we will get of nuvama wealth I think it will be 1:27. coz equity share capital of edelweiss is 94.31 cr and nuvama wealth is 3.5 cr.

NSEI 22 Dec 08:08 PM

Sell on rise once 18039 broken it will retest 17800-17850 gap region then dead cat bounce to 18200/18440 then it will re test17163 and in long term 15200 /- 500 in 4/5 months take position with ones own risk appetite

NSEBANK 22 Dec 08:06 PM

41600-800 ka put haath mein h na???? kal subah le lena .... aur uske next 2000 ka bhi... shayaad kaam aa jae.... today made 10 ka 80 aur 20 ka 100.... Capital bacha ke rakhna, Hedging laga ke rakhna....

SUZLON 20 Dec 06:18 PM

Any high light about of suzlon REs please. I am afraid to miss the opportunity.

NSEI 20 Dec 06:17 PM

Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ bhaiโ€ฆ 19k kabhi bhi aane do tension nahi i have already succeeded in my convictionโ€ฆ

POONAWALLA 20 Dec 06:17 PM

excellent observation and analysis sir. all the best for all the shareholders who feels this will be the stock that will give solid returns

IOLCP 20 Dec 06:17 PM

ibuprofen shortage in china. this has to boom

LT 20 Dec 06:16 PM

Jefferies increased weightage of L&T, Reliance, SBI and Indudindbank in its India model portfolio.

NSEBANK 20 Dec 06:16 PM

today put holder wipe day no chance to exit from tommorow only bull run

NSEBANK 19 Dec 06:43 PM

cool.. it is sell on rise mode. once it reaches to 43800 max then sell will start.

NSEI 19 Dec 06:43 PM

I have taken 20 lots of 18400 PE 62.. pls advice what to do

SCI 19 Dec 06:43 PM

will be open offer of shipping and by whoever is successful in getting shipping co if it is to be deleted.

IRCTC 19 Dec 06:42 PM

The increase in shareholding in IRCTC by LIC from 5% to 7.2

HCC 19 Dec 06:42 PM

Dear Guys today on CNBC aawaj recommend to buy HCC. Dear keep patience to get very handsome return till the budget session.

KTKBANK 19 Dec 06:42 PM

KTk is firing and firing and firing. All banks with low or medium pe , low pb value and consistent net profit are on fire. Keep buying such stocks. Karur vyasya and the federal bank is also gearing up.

MOTHERSUMI 19 Dec 06:41 PM

As per Moneycontrol, 13.58crore block deal at 58.5Rs

KIRIINDUS 19 Dec 06:41 PM


MTNL 15 Dec 05:40 PM

MC must censor the foul language being us3d by bloggers.

LICHSGFIN 15 Dec 05:40 PM

All housing finance companies shares are up, except this junk stock. yesterday also all was up 5% to 10% but LIC was up only 2%.

YESBANK 15 Dec 05:39 PM

market is down 800 points....but yes Bank in green....great stability

NSEI 15 Dec 05:39 PM

just 2.499 percent correction from ath , dont see much downward movement from here , 2-3 percent up down should be daily now, market will be 25000 plus before March and there will be huge volatility in coming days , as in ibulhouseing

NSEBANK 15 Dec 05:39 PM

i told this yesterday.. aj to diwali hogayee

PNB 14 Dec 06:34 PM

just buy n hold not to be sold for another 6months to see awesome returns..

IOB 14 Dec 06:34 PM

Arvind ji, I have been holding IOB since 4 years and now it crossed my average price and in profits. I want your sincere advise the exit price for IOB which is very important for me to get out of the stock

NSEI 14 Dec 06:33 PM

No rate hike by fed due to new year festival this time.18800 nifty sure

NSEBANK 14 Dec 06:33 PM

your views clear cut market tomorrow open flat ๐Ÿ‘

PAYTM 14 Dec 06:32 PM

Highly Overvalued stock..... without any profitability..... paytm is dull stock..... highly bearish since listing.... it can touch new lows..... Absurd move to buyback shares..... Time of easy money by Venture Capitalists are gone.

NSEBANK 13 Dec 06:35 PM

From tomorrow any time SBIN share price can go up...reason 1. Yes Bank is going up which will benefit SBIN as its an owner of Yes Bank... 2. lots of Buy call from major brokers Target price of โ‚น700

NSEI 13 Dec 06:35 PM

7 pm IST Dow charge pending. Toward up I guess ?

MAHABANK 13 Dec 06:34 PM

Bank of Maharashtra jalwa mode 6% up,long way to go frnds,Jai Maharashtra !

IOB 13 Dec 06:34 PM

IOB 16% up,dats some jalwa Frnds, major pending,enjoy the moneyrain with your frnd Arvind bajaj !

CAMS 13 Dec 06:34 PM


JUBLFOOD 13 Dec 06:33 PM

5 future sold sell kre hai lets see....kya lagta hai 500 se niche jayega es month ?

GMRINFRA 13 Dec 05:42 PM

HDFC Bank gains on partnering with Startup India for Parivartan SmartUp Grants

TGVSL 12 Dec 05:28 PM

Dont Grow Your capital grow your profit Evryday select right stock on right time.

SCI 12 Dec 05:27 PM

Better to stay away for sometime Then Losseee This stock is not looking strong

DEEPAKFERT 12 Dec 05:27 PM

trading Is simple and easy game you have to take practical knowledge first

NSEI 12 Dec 05:27 PM

fii sold 138crs and dii bought 695crs.

NSEBANK 12 Dec 05:26 PM

Hold longs no problem range is 43500 to 44 k spot tomorrow fut ATH 44k touch hold longs buy the dips put writers active

NSEI 10 Dec 04:41 PM


YESBANK 10 Dec 04:41 PM

This stock is still at very cheap price. After December Qtr results it will available at 25/ so do not miss the opportunity and hold tight.

POLICYBZR 10 Dec 04:40 PM

according to strength this is well performing stock you can buy it.

BHEL 10 Dec 04:40 PM

It secters will be more superior Yoy Can keep It in you watchlist asap

HITECH 10 Dec 04:40 PM

Trading in all segments stock options index future with our most accurate calls with super accuracy everydy..

NSEBANK 10 Dec 04:39 PM

upside possible after budget... profit booking and healthy correction required

NSEBANK 09 Dec 02:03 PM

upward journey started time to enter and enjoy

YESBANK 09 Dec 02:03 PM

hold tights 2:30 is new upper leval today

IDEA 09 Dec 02:03 PM


NSEI 09 Dec 02:02 PM

buy nifty now its look oversold now tgt 18700

WIPRO 09 Dec 02:02 PM

buy confidently now for target 420

POWERGRID 09 Dec 02:02 PM

buy power grid at level sl 215 makes double bottom pattern .........dont penic market go not below 18400 level s. ,.,.....,..for target ๐ŸŽฏ 223.5 --225 end of next week .

8KMILES 13 Sep 11:20 AM

Tracking this share since 2010.... right from 85 rupees to 3800 rupees and back to 34 rupees.. This company is the Biggest FRAUD I have ever seen.

IISL 13 Sep 11:19 AM

BUY every dip .... and keep it for 2 years ...... Its a Multifold stock with no debt or stock pledged.

IDBI 13 Sep 11:19 AM

Idbi me saajish ka daur chal raha hai ...jab tak chacha chaudhary ka khajana nahi bharega tab tak aise hi chalega eoi ,no further upside

SOUTHBANK 13 Sep 11:19 AM

South Indian Bank kind of stocks surge upwards within few trading sessions a double digit percentage surge over a few trading days. so from 8.70 to say about 10.50 can be very Swift within 3 to 5 trading days.

MISHTANN 13 Sep 11:18 AM

its a waste scrip to be invested waste of time and money rather

INDHOTEL 13 Sep 11:18 AM

buy indian hotel targat prises rs. 323 327 330

COFFEEDAY 13 Sep 11:17 AM

its 6 crore bro... 80 in Friday...

ADANIPORTS 13 Sep 11:17 AM

Adani Group Total debt was Only 200000Crores ....... Only fools can buy this Govt Supported Stock..

NSEBANK 13 Sep 11:16 AM

The way it resist.. it seems 41k near exit looks

NSEI 13 Sep 11:16 AM

American markets are down 15 % from 52 week high almost every other market down india seems to be in BULLSHIT zone