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stocknews24 about info comming soon...



STARPAPER 12 Sep 10:16 AM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

NSEBANK 12 Sep 10:16 AM

Confirm news today buy buy buy buy buy buy for Target is 40850-40900

WIPRO 12 Sep 10:15 AM

Nasdaq up 2%, IT stocks could be in focus this week, watch out!

BHEL 12 Sep 10:15 AM


NSEI 12 Sep 10:15 AM

BUY PVR 2000CE ABV 38.50 SL 30 TARGET 42 46 52 CMP 37.50

MARUTI 10 Sep 03:01 PM

Every one taken CE options. I was again bought 15 lots at 220. But in same price traded.

BANASFN 10 Sep 03:00 PM


SPARC 10 Sep 03:00 PM

Premium eating from retailers money. This is dabba script. Every one ready to sell on higher. This script maximum foolish all.

NSEI 10 Sep 03:00 PM

Bajaj Auto fell from 4131 to 3844, expecting a bounce back in this one. Long build up is taking place per futures data. Plan to take 1 lot 3800 CE for SEP max for a weeks time.

NSEBANK 10 Sep 02:59 PM

work in options and futures on profit sharing basis together with safety

NSEBANK 09 Sep 07:06 PM

it will cry between 39500 n 40500 has to break one level

NSEI 09 Sep 07:03 PM

as I said I am curious to see what will lift Sgx / nifty whether Dow, Nasdad or Dax.. either mild gspdown or immediate down according to me will see how this pans out

RPOWER 09 Sep 07:02 PM

buy at Rs18... again it will reach 26....30....35...45....55

BIOCON 09 Sep 07:02 PM

Its usual price is at 390/.. ..Thismonth it will reach at least 340...

NESCO 09 Sep 07:00 PM

Hope all long-term investor enjoyed the rally today...

NBVENTURES 09 Sep 06:59 PM

Some one want it below 220 for some reason and bringing it down

CENTURYTEX 08 Sep 03:16 PM

Best stock to buy in Textile is Sutlej Textile. Fully benefitted from low crude oil price

PIDILITIND 08 Sep 03:16 PM

Search in google adani green recommendation by prit Patel

BDL 08 Sep 03:15 PM

multibegger stock BDL will fly one day as Govt of India has focused on local manufacturing companies BDL is one of the big defence company tgt 1000 in short term

NSEI 08 Sep 03:15 PM

Ok I hope all my PE friends booked huge profit :D lets enjoy :D

NSEBANK 08 Sep 03:14 PM

lost all money today, huge manipulation going on, option data is of no use in indian market 🀬

GTLINFRA 07 Sep 03:15 PM

indeed Happy Zone in 5G Today. Coming October 23 This Will Scale Great Heights. Tomorrow Will Trade at 1.85 Enjoy the Dream Money Run in with fastest 5G Speeds.

KTKBANK 07 Sep 03:15 PM

This is great movement. It will hit 3 digits very soon

PNB 07 Sep 03:15 PM

tata bye bye katham hahagga dheere dheere sabko maal deke neeche aa raha ki hold will cme after few years

VAKRANGEE 07 Sep 03:14 PM

buzz in market adani buying vakrangee 😎

NSEI 07 Sep 03:14 PM

Busy indian market... showing volatility :D hehe full fake

NSEBANK 07 Sep 03:14 PM

it will go up from 39450 now will go up and above 39550 again

BGRENERGY 06 Sep 05:07 PM

Still people have faith in this stock, 🀣🀣 management pledged their stock 40% its a new story,

BGRENERGY 06 Sep 05:07 PM

Still people have faith in this stock, 🀣🀣 management pledged their stock 40% its a new story,

MOREPENLAB 06 Sep 05:06 PM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

NAGAFERT 06 Sep 05:06 PM

is this company delisted year ago and list back?...i have 1000 shares bought on 2008 and unable see holding in dmat account

NSEI 06 Sep 05:06 PM

chaosis...your devil was so right:) the market actually gave almost 150 points swing both sides today....

NSEI 05 Sep 04:01 PM

Tomorrow we will hit upper circuit in Bank Nifty... shorters to get squeezed. Thanks to the worlds best FM Taai Ji and Modi Ji who brought SGX in Gujarat to crush down anti national Put buyers

HDFCBANK 05 Sep 04:01 PM

I have HDFC 2520 CE at 25 Sept Expiry. Should I exit on cost or hold till expiery..

KARDA 05 Sep 04:01 PM

Kbc global share long term hold definitely big profit target Rs 28 buy hurry up.....big project soon completed

SUZLON 05 Sep 04:00 PM

almost 45

UJJIVANSFB 05 Sep 04:00 PM

100% truth. Just hold on to this stock and wait till full year results.

NSEBANK 05 Sep 04:00 PM

do u think tomorrow will down .... today no us Market holiday

PARADEEP 01 Sep 07:11 PM

is it ok to buy in 60 for 75 in a month

EDELWEISS 01 Sep 07:10 PM

Edelweiss is worst performing stock in a decade... Even psu gave hefty dividends to beat inflation... Next dhfl in making

RELINFRA 01 Sep 07:10 PM

5022 ji, RINFRA was undervalued, now FIIs are increasing stakes regularly in RINFRA and RPOWER from past few quaters, Plus many due payments from the past are coming, this is the reason why it is increasing.

TCS 01 Sep 07:09 PM

Sir IT stock ke bare me pls suggestions kare ki kya tcs/Infosys/Wipro ko buy karne ka time h ya abhi aur girawat aa sakti h

SAKHTISUG 01 Sep 07:09 PM

mark my words this share can big rally for here so buy share and sit tight

NSEI 01 Sep 07:09 PM

very heavy oversold position usa market too many red candles made last 10 days now dow jump 2% over here

NSEBANK 01 Sep 07:08 PM

badly fall in dow jones ...enjoy pe holder

NSEI 31 Aug 09:32 AM

dow higher target for this year end 2022 , 34400 levels

PEL 31 Aug 09:32 AM

piramal pharma in normal course should list in about 45-60 days depends on sebi relaxation of rule 19(2)(b) .

TCS 31 Aug 09:31 AM

target review tcs second target 3222 touch in last hour trade πŸ‘Œ

INOXWIND 31 Aug 09:31 AM

IPO of Inox Green and recent private placement to third parties will bring another Rs. 700 crores of funds.

ADANIPOWER 31 Aug 09:31 AM

After stock comes in ASM it goes down 30-40% and the same wil happen to Adani Power also just wait n watch. its better to switched to CDSL as KYC is very good news and it will hit UC within few days. its for Short term traders.

KARDA 31 Aug 09:30 AM

see after March bulk and block deal you see koi Gujarat company counties buy and check

NSEBANK 31 Aug 09:30 AM

America to announce rate hike by 150 pta soon.. I dian market to follow

RECLTD 30 Aug 05:16 PM

Ex date was 17th and record date was 18th, hence if you you sold the share on 17th so your are eligible to get bonus. but the price will be add into trading account. u will note get share

NSEI 30 Aug 05:16 PM

Market will open gap up 20,000 on Thursday... Thank you Vishva Guru... Congrats Taai. You proved yourself πŸ€ͺ

HINDUNILVR 30 Aug 05:15 PM

after a run over 4 to 5% , hope it may cool down before it catches the steam again

CHORDIA 30 Aug 05:15 PM

my target for this is 400 in a year,1000 in 2 years,you will see it in a year , remember my words

INDOCO 30 Aug 05:15 PM

Today Indoco Remedies nicely recovered on closing at days low.

NSEBANK 30 Aug 05:14 PM

earlier i posted ,,,,(buy buy buy bank nifty cmp near 38340..75 ........................ target ..38850../39000..) today my all target 39450 plus... keep use following trailing stoploss...

INDOBORAX 29 Aug 08:40 AM


JINDALSTEL 29 Aug 08:39 AM


NSEI 29 Aug 08:39 AM

Today is the distribution day. Unfortunately Bulls or Bears... nobody will earn

IRCTC 29 Aug 08:39 AM

back to pavilion again expect irctc again to touch 550 in coming days...

NSEBANK 29 Aug 08:38 AM

if it recovers 700 points from gap down open, then please dont 😭😒

TRIDENT 26 Aug 05:23 PM

Dividend last date is 15th September

QUESS 26 Aug 05:22 PM

Goa Carbon soars on resuming operations at Bilaspur Unit

BRITANNIA 26 Aug 05:21 PM

The zeel of trading comes with Red color in our portfolio to make it Green

NSEI 26 Aug 05:21 PM

No gap down Is possible on Monday, Given the conditions, flat is a best possibility. Otherwise wont rule out a 200 point up move.

NSEBANK 26 Aug 05:20 PM

pe holder trap today after 3:00 pm

CANFINHOME 23 Aug 07:17 PM

canfin.... good fundamental stock ... buy buy canfin cmp near 597.15......... target 630/650... short term.....

FSL 23 Aug 07:16 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

ZOMATO 23 Aug 07:16 PM

IndusInd Bank surges on launching two digital banking units

SBIN 23 Aug 07:16 PM

IOC climbs on getting nod for capacity expansion of Digboi Refinery in Assam

GENUSPOWER 23 Aug 07:16 PM

Genus Power Infrastructures surges on incorporating wholly owned subsidiary

NSEI 23 Aug 07:15 PM

Expiry will be bullish to flat. New put writing has done today on 17500 and 17400 strikes. Only goal is to save innocent retailers who are buying puts blindly.

NSEBANK 23 Aug 07:14 PM

expiry will be 40000 for Nifty bank.. PE Holders are in Trap today.. πŸ˜€ so now shouting market will be down and blood bath..

SHREECEM 20 Aug 07:11 PM

IOC climbs on getting nod for capacity expansion of Digboi Refinery in Assam

AXISBANK 20 Aug 07:10 PM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

ULTRACEMCO 20 Aug 07:09 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

WIPRO 20 Aug 07:09 PM

banking stock looking week but after some time grow up fastly keep your eyes..

GRASIM 20 Aug 07:08 PM

cement sector looking good you can buy on any dip..

BAJFINANCE 20 Aug 07:08 PM

rajeev jan sold 125k shares on 17th August , what coiluld be the reason and isnit time to sell?

NSEI 20 Aug 07:07 PM

How many of you have added Nifty 18000 CE yesterday. Who the idiot bought tons of call at such a high price.

NSEI 20 Aug 07:07 PM

How many of you have added Nifty 18000 CE yesterday. Who the idiot bought tons of call at such a high price.

NSEBANK 20 Aug 07:06 PM

sensex 60000...the beginning of a new bull on Dalal Street....πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

NSEI 18 Aug 05:24 PM

almost all shorters are dead so no blood bath crying should happen choasis still bearish until last bear turn bull no fall

PENINLAND 18 Aug 05:24 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

IIFL 18 Aug 05:23 PM

IOC climbs on getting nod for capacity expansion of Digboi Refinery in Assam

FSL 18 Aug 05:23 PM

once it will cross 113 , it will fly

AFFLE 18 Aug 05:22 PM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

SONACOMS 18 Aug 05:22 PM

Europe market is falling big trap exit early and save ur money..

NSEBANK 18 Aug 05:22 PM

As mentioned yesterday, since majority of retailers have a PUT bought or a Future contract short, this market wont stop the upward journey. Imagine Putin calling off the war now.. imagine what the new highs could be.

SOUTHBANK 17 Aug 02:34 PM

Most undervalued stock. Buy for big gains in Q2 results. Good profits in 3 quarters would push demand higher.

KARDA 17 Aug 02:33 PM

company ke last result better but operates counties down share profit company ha

KPIGREEN 17 Aug 02:33 PM

should be above 800 ...good time to collect..

PERSISTENT 17 Aug 02:32 PM

Now trading at 3810. High 3865. Hope will fall more

GFSTEELS 17 Aug 02:32 PM

Europe market is falling big trap exit early and save ur money..

ZOMATO 17 Aug 02:31 PM

s exiting is not so easy at this price for people struck at higher prices, so further fall if at all to 58.5 59 possible or not

NSEBANK 17 Aug 02:30 PM

BN never do below 39300 so enjoy and buy CE only CE

NSEI 17 Aug 02:30 PM

sell for target of 17800

ZEEL 16 Aug 05:25 PM

suggested to buy zee 210-212 levels... suggested to booked out 252 levels... right now neutral view intact on zee

MAPMYINDIA 16 Aug 05:24 PM

may not be due to operator rather some analysts and brokers . they have separated the acquisition from MMI revenues and said the losses from Aquisition may affect future profits

TV18BRDCST 16 Aug 05:24 PM

kuch nahi ho pota jab operator kamjor mil jata yeh share tho dabba hai bhai nifty jab 8000 approx tha tab yeh 27 rs mein trade kar raha tha ab nifty near 18000 magare yeh napansuk ki tarah 39 ke aas pass hai

ATGL 16 Aug 05:23 PM

Superb stock ATGL...What a movement it has...Key player of Adani stock....5000 on the card.

ADANIPORTS 16 Aug 05:23 PM

I expected only to reach 820...but it broke the range..and now gradually may reach 860

HSCL 16 Aug 05:23 PM

after cross 107 it can move towards side relly. lets see and hope for the best.....

NSEI 16 Aug 05:22 PM

tomorrow 17900 pe open Hoga market.

NSEBANK 16 Aug 05:22 PM

38650 I am sure - CE people will cry because sentiment is very negative

TATAELXSI 15 Aug 11:16 AM

it will go upto 10800 and do retesting..better to sell half qty at 10800 for safer side

SHRENIK 15 Aug 11:15 AM

International & domestic market falling heavily... trap for retail investor exit exit...

TATACHEM 15 Aug 11:15 AM

IOC climbs on getting nod for capacity expansion of Digboi Refinery in Assam

NSEI 15 Aug 11:14 AM

Dow jones futures are 0.2% down... Still bullish on US market?

EASEMYTRIP 15 Aug 11:14 AM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

SUZLON 15 Aug 11:06 AM

Suzlon energy is going to get huge surge since in today s speech PM modi spoke about wind energy atam nirbhar so let s see

RTNINFRA 15 Aug 11:06 AM

This week we will see price trading above 50 ... no naysayer can stop this ... ha ha ha ... Enjoy ..

NSEBANK 15 Aug 10:57 AM

hey pls dont stop writing in this forum. if you do then NSE will go on freeze and everyones money would be locked in stock market. pls dont stop dont stop

IDEA 15 Aug 10:57 AM

After last price hike, all the players saw subscriber loss / churning and hence are not ready for another hike without value addition. Introduction of 5G can help in next round of price hike of ten to twenty percent.

BIBCL 13 Aug 07:49 PM

still not upload 1st quater result Bibcl very poor management not intrestted in shareholders no growth no future since 20 years only one product oral polio vacine n tablet

IBREALEST 13 Aug 07:49 PM

QIP will be issued at a price which is 6 months average of share price as per sebi guidelines which should work out between 60-70 so keep your belts tight till the share price reaches this price atleast

LSIL 13 Aug 07:48 PM

Tuesday this will be in lower circuit bcz no such good news they declared in AGM..... No future ramp up plannings

RTNINFRA 13 Aug 07:48 PM

So how are the Revolt Motors numbers accounted for? Rattan Enterprises does have a 43% stake in this compnay.

BAJAJHIND 13 Aug 07:47 PM

any expert here have any opinion on what would happened on Tuesday to the stock price?

NSEI 13 Aug 07:45 PM

Am sure he will be back with winning trades soon. Must appreciate his no guts no glory, all or nothing style of trading. Win big or go home types.

NSEBANK 13 Aug 07:42 PM

Why FII will continue buying on top? Are they fools? They will make sure a dip comes...may not be in Tuesday but surely and soon.

SDBL 12 Aug 07:24 PM

SDBL closed above 100.. now next hurdle is around 116-117.. closing above it would open up 143 levels.. lets go step by step..

AEGISCHEM 12 Aug 07:24 PM

con net profit up 56% Revenue up 230

AMBUJACEM 12 Aug 07:24 PM

*Commission approves acquisition of the stake in Holderind Investments , Ambuja Cements and ACC by Endeavour Trade and

PICCADIL 12 Aug 07:23 PM

PICCADILY AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD.has informed BSE that the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company is scheduled on 19/08/2022 , 19th August 2022 inter alia to recommend the final dividend for the financial year 2021-22.

HGS 12 Aug 07:23 PM

nice result from current business can earn 400 cr yearly so 10pe plus mean 4000 cr plus 6000 cr cash = 10k mc) mean apporx 2000 to 2200 by march23.

NSEI 12 Aug 07:23 PM

Bhasin told to take 17600PE for this weekend , what do you think guys what he smokes ?

KARDA 12 Aug 07:22 PM

50 lac share selling nakshatra garment

NSEBANK 12 Aug 07:22 PM

39150 to act as a major resistance.. BN can continue to rally only if it breaks 39150 strongly..

NSEBANK 10 Aug 08:03 AM


AMBIKCO 10 Aug 08:02 AM

Just buy this stock and dont look at the stock price till May 2023 if you want to make good money.1st Qr results will not be good as compared to the previous Qr because of high raw material prices.

TTML 10 Aug 08:01 AM

Can go up very quickly!!!!

TATAELXSI 10 Aug 07:58 AM

RANK 80... CHECK PE .95.. highly over priced ...check decide yourself..

COALINDIA 10 Aug 07:57 AM

Buy Coal India 215 will go 230 sl 205

SUBEXLTD 10 Aug 07:57 AM

Good bet for long term.

M&M 10 Aug 07:54 AM

Buy M&M 1276 Tgt Will Be 1300 sl 1255

NSEI 10 Aug 07:52 AM

Any virus any war any bad news doesn t matter . When FIIs come in then market has to go up and up only .

ZEEL 10 Aug 07:52 AM

Buy Zee Entertain 251 will go 300 keep sl 234

NSEBANK 09 Aug 06:24 PM


TRIDENT 09 Aug 06:21 PM

Good result by a good fundamentals company, already dragged from 70 rs, it should go up now.

NSEI 09 Aug 06:21 PM

I will wait for you to turn Bull and then Sell 

ADANIPORTS 09 Aug 06:20 PM

tommarow 10 percent lower circuit

TANAA 09 Aug 06:20 PM

good results. stock will move up tomorrow

GLOBUSSPR 09 Aug 06:19 PM

result is not gud due to inflation...but future guidance is super..

SHREYANIND 09 Aug 06:19 PM

looking at this qtr results full year sales expected around 750cr plus and profits annually 30 cr plus and current market cap of shreyans ind 150cr only share of shreyans ind looks highly underpriced

CENTENKA 09 Aug 06:17 PM

Nice to hear that...roughly, when is the capex going to happen?

GUJGASLTD 07 Aug 07:02 PM

banknifty hold above 38133 will reach 38500 and 38900 wait for above price.

IRFC 07 Aug 06:59 PM

not yet, still awaiting, hope they decide new dividend , give both together

SRD 07 Aug 06:59 PM

Try to get in dips this money making Machine ...... down only due to Bonus .... 2 Share on 1 Share ...

RELIANCE 07 Aug 06:58 PM

Is there any good dividend and bonus announcement soon????????? In next AGM

NSEI 07 Aug 06:58 PM

But DII do not seem so confident about this rally…. They have been continuously selling

SUBEXLTD 07 Aug 06:57 PM

Partnership with jio is the excellent and turn around opportunity for subex. Catch it as early as possible ,once it reach to 500 level then will have to regret. Artificial intelligence plays the important role in 5G for bandwidth allocation.

IDBI 07 Aug 06:56 PM

WATCH TWO BLACK CROW ....BE LERT .....below 4...90....100% looking ready.. decide yourself ...

GAIL 06 Aug 07:37 PM

Again why are certain elements giving a buy call on GAIL? , coz they need gullible investors to buy the scrip, they are offloading.

SWORDEDGE 06 Aug 07:37 PM

I am very positive about its business and fundamentals.

SUZLON 06 Aug 07:36 PM

Power Ministry s Wind Energy Obligations to generate extra 58 GW by 2030--The Ministry of Power s recent move to define the renewable power obligation for wind energy is expected to result in an estimated 58 GW of wind power installations by 2030 going by the Central Electrical Authority (CEA) demand projections. The recent order of the Ministry of Power now has a separate class for wind RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation) with a clear increase in the wind RPO trajectory. This increased trajectory ensures that at least a minimum quantum of wind energy is installed in the country, said Mr Tulsi Tanti, Chairman, CII Renewable Energy Council, Chairman and Managing Director, Suzlon Group

HINDPETRO 06 Aug 07:35 PM

Surprised that many are surprised with results. This was expected

ASTERDM 06 Aug 07:34 PM

Trade like a master in (ASTER)Take calculated risks, not dumb, lazy, poorly-planned risks.

BAJAJCON 06 Aug 07:34 PM

Investments fetch long term returns. Time is short. Trade the right way.

YESBANK 06 Aug 07:33 PM

Absolutely right..... . ..... day by day, in every way, Yes Bank will be stronger and stronger.

NSEI 06 Aug 07:33 PM

Book profit around 200 as nifty will close in green after initial gap down

NSEBANK 06 Aug 07:32 PM

sbi results pathetic . will fall big time.on monday

NSEI 05 Aug 09:39 AM

Japan Calls For \"Immediate Cancellation\" Of China Military Drills seems bulls will active today

NSEBANK 05 Aug 09:36 AM

Confirm News Today Buy Buy Buy at 37900-37800 levels for Target is 38200 confirm confirm today today |

NSEBANK 05 Aug 09:36 AM

Confirm News Today Buy Buy Buy at 37900-37800 levels for Target is 38200 confirm confirm today today |

BHEL 05 Aug 09:34 AM

not down anymore , 60 is sure ,sl 48.95. good company,good sales

VAIBHAVGBL 05 Aug 09:34 AM

short this stock for daily discounts... short short.. target below 300

AWL 05 Aug 09:33 AM

By september it should come out of ASM list . min 10 words

RTNINFRA 05 Aug 09:33 AM

Anyone excepting divided suprise on this quarter result?

TTML 05 Aug 09:32 AM

Today closing will be in red.

SKMEGGPROD 05 Aug 09:32 AM


PRAJIND 05 Aug 09:31 AM

Todays volumes are increasing fast...Buy in loads or you will repent later...No need to worry...Even if it goes down buy aggressively the dips...It will not break 360 thats for sure...only 1 way traffic seen...Up up and up

GKP 04 Aug 01:11 PM

Buy More, Earn More make a purchase and hold it will give upper circuit

VEDL 04 Aug 01:10 PM

any news of dividend getting in our accounts, or its after 19th aug

STARCEMENT 04 Aug 01:10 PM

buy buy buy ,target Rs110

NSEI 04 Aug 01:09 PM

koi mujhe ge bolega nifty ab up side move karega ya down side

SUBEXLTD 04 Aug 01:09 PM

After 3 back to back U.C. the U.C. will be changed to the case of Subex it is second . U.C. today ..if it hits tomorrow also then from Moday the U.C. may be changed to 10%

LUPIN 04 Aug 01:08 PM

720 to 750 today We want to Buy Large Equity 2% In Lupin Ltd today

FCONSUMER 04 Aug 01:08 PM

The Tumkur Plant is a Very Big Asset. Agressive Expansion of Reliance Retail along with recruitment of more 60000 employees and tie up with 15,700 smartbazaar apart from online platforms will boost sales in Q2.

GOKULAGRO 04 Aug 01:08 PM

and one should also see that promoters hold huge chunk of share holding and they are buying more so whoever is selling is retailers one needs to add rather than sell because this share will become expensive later

NSEBANK 04 Aug 01:07 PM

Today Buy buy buy buy at 37800-37700 level for Target is 38000 today

NSEI 03 Aug 07:34 PM

those who are interested in option trading and wants tomorrow guarantee profit two lacs wasap me above no

ADANITRANS 03 Aug 07:33 PM

neither split nor bonus. direct 10000next year

MRPL 03 Aug 07:33 PM

OPEC increasing production due to forecasted all the factors was considered. now real momentum or movement of mrpl have to see

DATAMATICS 03 Aug 07:33 PM

Fundamentally its a very strong stock , all divisions are firing, buy and keep it for posterity

SOUTHBANK 03 Aug 07:32 PM

Very difficult to find out multi bagger, where as we can find many stocks that make multi beggars.

ZOMATO 03 Aug 07:32 PM

uber eats was sold for 206 mn use in 2020 when exchange rate was 70. now it sold its stake for 392 mn usd at exchange rate of 80. maths question in exam what will be the price tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

KTKBANK 03 Aug 07:32 PM

from past five years i am hearing the same old dialogue from this management going forward, I am optimistic,i hope,i am confident

IDEA 03 Aug 07:32 PM

not a very bad resuly. ARPU is increased, Sales increased, Revenue increased . Only profit is les bcz of subscription.

NSEBANK 03 Aug 07:31 PM

Again telling you everything tomorrow BANK NIFTY will open in green and open in Red with 350 to 550 point correction.

NSEI 27 Jul 10:22 AM

whether operators are giving exit to Big players or becoming positive trend

KIRIINDUS 27 Jul 10:22 AM

I think difference is only in patience level. Others are able to keep patience where as one person has lost his patience. Kiri is kiri ie equal fundamentals and equal dystar story for everyone

IDBI 27 Jul 10:21 AM

35...05. br eak hote hi next 34.5ooooo. print hoga. 60% possible

HDFCAMC 27 Jul 10:21 AM

Accumulate HDFC AMC at this price 1860 for next six months.

NSEBANK 27 Jul 10:20 AM

Maybe today FII and some big guns could jack up the bank nifty for selling it off tomorrow..

KARDA 27 Jul 10:20 AM

some big players sell today

MAGMA 27 Jul 10:19 AM

buy poonawala for the target of 275 today .

SRF 27 Jul 10:19 AM

Buy now SRF for the target 🎯 of 2530 coming by Friday....

NSEI 26 Jul 08:53 PM

Not tomorrow, this whole week will be below 16500, Next week will cross 17000...and by mid August will be at 17600...

NSEBANK 26 Jul 08:48 PM

You can make a lot of money in (Bnf) as a trader just by being Patient and not greedy,

TATASTEEL 26 Jul 08:47 PM

Sir I mean to say 144 post split...JP Morgan given the target before split...So calculate accordingly

DENISCHEM 26 Jul 08:46 PM

hold it ..will be the next multi bagger.. just look at it moving from 55..56 to 72 today..and someone is nibbling at it slowly

KARURVYSYA 26 Jul 08:46 PM

The share is good but time to time book some profits and add on profit booking on low price so at least earn the more than fixed deposits and keep additional add of numbers.

JSWSTEEL 26 Jul 08:46 PM

Buy JSW STEEL for 1 week Target 616

ZOMATO 26 Jul 08:45 PM

Let us not forget that zomato is biggest food chain . Spanning across.Tomorrow it should reverse, infact gap up ... Below 39.9 is dangerous zone . Owners should arrange some cash buying to push it up above 50 plus.

PACIFICI 26 Jul 08:43 PM

wait for new buying in pacific wait result market trend is weak buy after 315 few qty.πŸ‘ˆπŸŒπŸŒ

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