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INTRADAY01 about info comming soon...



JAICORPLTD 13 Sep 09:13 AM

next Jaicorp Correction Levels is upto 146-141 downside and Upside rally shud be 177-186-204-208 range

MAZDOCK 13 Sep 09:13 AM

sell this duffer, it will go down today

SCANSTL 13 Sep 09:12 AM

Buy for Target of 44 in few sessions... buy for good returns

NMDC 13 Sep 09:12 AM

NMDC stock will hit to 129 and 131 today. Many news have not moved the stock.

NSEI 13 Sep 09:12 AM

Shriram Transport Finance Company inches up on planning to raise funds

NSEBANK 13 Sep 09:11 AM

Bull run today banknifty above 41000

DISHTV 12 Sep 10:20 AM

healthy correction overdone. now upmove will start.. ride d rally

UNITECH 12 Sep 10:19 AM

large land bank will allow the management to raise enough capital to meet the cashflow requirement, courts will support management to ensure the buyers get reasonable resolution. so nothing to worry for investors

WIPRO 12 Sep 10:18 AM

Came back strongly from almost 400 level.

NSEI 12 Sep 10:18 AM

Incognito - your TCS 3140 CE has hit both targets !

CAPACITE 12 Sep 10:18 AM

Now after my messages you will see speedy fluctuation in volume as well as price do not sell anything just wait n watch they are trying to afraid you n grab it below 200 all the quantities

NSEBANK 12 Sep 10:17 AM

Confirm news today Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell for Target is 40200-40100 today confirm News Today Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell

SRHHYPOLTD 10 Sep 03:03 PM

Is it entering Green Energy SPACE

BCG 10 Sep 03:03 PM

I am expecting some big news next week. Lets con call today at 4pm. ๐Ÿ‘

IDEA 10 Sep 03:02 PM

Best avoid futures and options. VI has many challenges ahead, so shift some money to Bharti Airtel and Reliance industries

NSEBANK 10 Sep 03:02 PM

recovery in market is s as ll about discipline and patience, profit sharing work

CHENNPETRO 09 Sep 10:34 AM

arey yaar kuch bhi means, ek din mein koi 13-15% ka jump??

JINDALSTEL 09 Sep 10:34 AM

martke tgaine dhuge positive momentum nifty crossing 18200 no whappy investing:)) add metals autos banks

IBREALEST 09 Sep 10:33 AM

Yesterday was supposed to be the last date of merger hearing at NCLT. The company has still not updated on this?

NSEI 09 Sep 10:32 AM

Those who still have monthly short positions should try and exit today.... this market is now beyond logic and will not fall below 17600 all this month. What a bear-killer rally for 2 continuous days!

BCG 09 Sep 10:32 AM

Artificial pressure on bears will not do any good. 18.05 is intact. We will revise after that . Trajectory by technicals shoud visit 18.05 for any further trajectory.

NSEBANK 09 Sep 10:25 AM

Look what I Said again 40600 now the target is high 41000

DEEPAKNTR 08 Sep 10:13 AM

touched 2056. now getting ready for 2070 today or tomorrow

TATAMOTORS 08 Sep 10:13 AM

looks in correction mode.... expect more down trend in coming days..... i think there is a strong reason behind it..... better wait for few days

BCG 08 Sep 10:12 AM

Operators are in action, dont buy single share. Guaranteed upper circuit at close..

BHARTIARTL 08 Sep 10:12 AM

This stock is moving upto 800 by EOD huge demand

NSEI 08 Sep 10:12 AM

EU is expected to announce the energy price ceiling today which can be around three dollars for NATGAS vs eight dollars now. Anticipating this RUS has stopped supplies totally. Crude will react to this in coming days.

NSEBANK 08 Sep 10:11 AM

Big move ahead it will jump above 40100

ADORMUL 07 Sep 10:32 AM

Ador Multi is on fire moving up daily.

NSEBANK 07 Sep 10:31 AM

Market will go up from here Nifty and Bank nifty both looks bullish

BCG 07 Sep 10:30 AM

over a crore shares traded with 70 percent delivery in the first hour. look at the strength. gone are the days the stock drops if someone here sneezes! bacha party is over, real investors are in.

GAIL 07 Sep 10:29 AM

Absolutely l, bonus shares show the strength of a company

RAMCOCEM 07 Sep 10:29 AM

RAMCO CEM BUY ON CMP AND KEEP TGT 800 - 850 - 900 SL 650

NSEI 07 Sep 10:28 AM

Nifty- Support: 17480 Resistance: 17690

NSEBANK 06 Sep 11:37 AM

Confirm news today buy buy buy buy buy fo r Target is 40300-40400 today confirm News Today make my words confirm news today sure sure today confirm News

RUCHI 06 Sep 11:37 AM

Ruchi Soya has already made a run

SUNTV 06 Sep 11:36 AM

High Promoter holding , so no scope of price discovery like Zee/Sony etc...........flat trading stock

TTML 06 Sep 11:36 AM

no way bro learn more and came to comment here with fundamental datas dont post blindly..

NSEI 06 Sep 11:36 AM

nifty building up momentum before breakout.

NSEI 05 Sep 10:15 AM

This consolidation you see is where position gets shifted and made, next few candles is to trap and after that It start its fall.

BANKBARODA 05 Sep 10:15 AM

sell sell it will go to 130 again

LGBFORGE 05 Sep 10:14 AM


PETRONET 05 Sep 10:14 AM

Indias biggest gas importer will invest Rs 40,000 crore in the next five years for expanding import infrastructure as well as foraying into new business to boost profitability to Rs 10,000 crore. //

SPIC 05 Sep 10:13 AM

What is it you really want? Focus on the OUTCOME, and then allow the Universe to use its infinite ways to make it happen.

NSEBANK 03 Sep 06:06 PM

Guys maintain buying flow soon The market will breach the previous all of us INDIANs to surpass UK and becoming worlds 5th growing economy

NSEI 03 Sep 06:05 PM

loo bhai hoo gya, india now 5th largest economy

RUCHI 03 Sep 06:04 PM

patanjli foods expected earning per share 43 rs, yearly sale 42500 cr for Year 2023,

SUZLON 03 Sep 06:04 PM

Any way the good news is, now every one wants suzlon, so guys hold it and watch the tamasha, dont sell a single share

IDEA 03 Sep 06:03 PM

Time has come that it has to reach its original target of 25 rs, in one or two months. good luck to Vodafone Idea Share holders

NSEBANK 02 Sep 01:21 PM

its not late buy CE Monday big gap up and will cross 40 k plus

NSEI 02 Sep 01:21 PM

need to cross 17650 for futher upside

GREAVESCOT 02 Sep 01:20 PM

This less spoken E scooter manufacturer is 2nd/ 3rd largest E scooter segment after TVs motor . Eicher motors CFO is on board. Stay invested may become 2nd Eicher motor who knows..

TANLA 02 Sep 01:20 PM

Tanla Platforms to consider share buyback on September 8

IDEA 02 Sep 01:19 PM

Vi should be careful of its inttellectusl property of 5g not to be leaked out to rival operators . Neither jio nor Airtel can provide 5g without vi... Even if provides not better than 4g ...

BEL 02 Sep 01:19 PM

This is clearly a Trader operated counter now. No stock can go one way without any looking back. Either this should go on F&O ban or on its own it will have a freeee fall...

ADL 01 Sep 10:07 AM

Strong signs of drying up of floating stocks.....stronger hands holding for bigger gains.......keep holding.....

CIPLA 01 Sep 10:07 AM

Also take a sure shot buy at current now sunpharma 884 target 894. Hold cipla for tomorrow. Tomorrow US and Asia will be recovered. show

GEOJITFSL 01 Sep 10:06 AM

heavy selling by bnp Paribas. hence better to avoid the counter.

JUBLFOOD 01 Sep 10:06 AM

Sell Jubilant Foodworks Tgt : 580 by eod. Global indices showing strong sell off. FII are selling this stock. Sell for now and book profit

NSEBANK 01 Sep 10:05 AM


NSEBANK 01 Sep 10:05 AM

market rigging dont sell now.. dont sell

NSEI 31 Aug 05:14 PM

SHX turned green, Rain in CE holders account

PACIFICI 31 Aug 05:14 PM

i am add tommaro 352 to 340 rs down side is very low, pacific ind. is over sold.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…

NSEBANK 31 Aug 05:14 PM

SGX almost recovered 250 points, very confusing to predict tomorrows BN trend ๐Ÿ™„

CENTENKA 31 Aug 05:13 PM

This means now Century enka and 6 other listed/unlisted companies ownership will now be transfered to Aditya birla group from BK Birla group.

DLF 31 Aug 05:13 PM

again it will come back to 75 -80 range. and bounce back to 400.

ZOMATO 31 Aug 05:12 PM

zomato having current assets of 7336 crore against current liability of 700 crore only, it has best financial position, If co should do business tactfully will go on track very fast, it is desirable to invest at this rate.

NSEI 30 Aug 06:32 PM

Will trade in hero zero with the money I saved in puts today by booking early in loss๐Ÿ˜Ž

MAXHEALTH 30 Aug 06:31 PM

my target 1250 un two years .

RCOM 30 Aug 06:31 PM

can any one guide what exactly has happened. why stock not trade. thanks

LAURUSLABS 30 Aug 06:30 PM


PEL 30 Aug 06:30 PM

i have bought it yesterday at 1926 am i eligable.

RAJNISH 30 Aug 06:30 PM

What can you expect from a company which is NPA ? I am surprised for those people who bought the shares just on Bonus issue. There many good stocks to invest.

NSEBANK 30 Aug 06:29 PM

bank nifty maximum go till 39750 and keep this as SL closing basis... we may see 17450 17370 and 17250 soon in bnf 39200 38800 and 38600 by 15th sept.

WALCHPF 29 Aug 03:41 PM

Defence Minister Sri Rajnath Singh approved "positive list"to promote domestic defence industry. Looks like Walchandnagar industry will be one of the beneficiaries to this approval.

NSEI 29 Aug 03:40 PM

oversold condition europe and usa index indian market outperform world nifty cross 18000 levels september 1st week

DEVYANI 29 Aug 03:40 PM

In fact.... This stock is good buy between 145-1590 range.. So you can make some profit,

ADANIPOWER 29 Aug 03:40 PM

What a perfect prediction, keep it up. Hope todays UC is not a trap as long it doesnt lock in LC tomorrow and from there on. Leta hope for the best.

POKARNA 29 Aug 03:39 PM

exit pokarna and buy pacific ind at 355 to 340 rs target 650 to 950 in 1 to 2 year๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

NSEBANK 26 Aug 10:04 AM

buy bank nifty 39600 220 sl 180 tgt 290

NSEI 26 Aug 10:04 AM

Update hold nifty fut and nifty 17600 ce for Tgt

YESBANK 26 Aug 10:01 AM

frnds buy power finance corp for dividend of Rs 2.25 on 1/9/2022.

AHLADA 26 Aug 10:00 AM

Sell getting 38% profit in 2 days good...its a trap downfall will start

KALYANKJIL 26 Aug 09:59 AM

smart people exited at 82. now wait for a long time

TATAELXSI 26 Aug 09:59 AM

do buy this as buying opportunities same said by Icici sec we all know and it reach 11800 so I think buy is call

NSEI 25 Aug 09:14 AM

those bought calls better book ur profit or else the profit can be turned as loss if u keep on watching without putting target and SL...

NSEBANK 25 Aug 09:14 AM

sudden down fall below 37800 is expected, be careful guys โ†˜๏ธ

ADANIPORTS 25 Aug 09:13 AM


SONACOMS 25 Aug 09:12 AM

Ye stock 530 ke upper kabhi nahin jayegaโ€ฆ.opening mei sell karoโ€ฆ..kyuki ye wapas 515 pe aayegaโ€ฆโ€ฆ

MFL 25 Aug 09:12 AM

Meghmani Finechem has impressive expansion schemes for current year. it will excel over all its future performances. it could turn out to be multibagger in less than 2 years.

RAUNAQEPC 25 Aug 09:11 AM

Buy buy buy good opportunity at CMP short time Target around 125-130 & long term Target would be 150 Happy Earning guys.. :)

NSEI 24 Aug 01:35 PM

I booked my CE profit in the morning itself....Not carrying or holding any position..But possibility to cross days high.Cheers to CE holders.

HINDPETRO 24 Aug 01:35 PM

Sell HPCL for 236~220~205 ....Stay away from OMC .. Nothing is positive ..... Happy Investing !!!!

ZOMATO 24 Aug 01:35 PM

Zomato buy targets big 89 long-term 189 buy hold anything blast fire Zomato

CAMPUS 24 Aug 01:34 PM

campus will 450 level soon

HAL 24 Aug 01:34 PM

buy ce will recover shortly

BCG 24 Aug 01:33 PM

It looks like the LC might open today. However, it will close in red. The picture will be more clear after 3:20 pm.

BCLIND 24 Aug 01:33 PM

Buy Target 400 in 2 trading session..

ITC 23 Aug 09:10 AM

Good time to take position in IEX for trade as well as long term gain

RITES 23 Aug 09:09 AM


ADANIENT 23 Aug 09:08 AM

expected big Ballon blast in adani can see 2000 soon

SYNCOMF 23 Aug 09:08 AM

its breakout levels are above 9.6 and can see ahead with a near long term Target of โ‚น11.5-12 a good company with a very long vision holds a target of its previous high around 19-19.5

NSEI 23 Aug 09:07 AM

when the market was going up ..many were shouting bears ...shorter..etc etc....

NSEBANK 23 Aug 09:07 AM

banknifty made low of 1200 points down..

GTLINFRA 22 Aug 09:22 AM

seems like astro rocket is sort of nose dive !

JISLDVREQS 22 Aug 09:22 AM

Good morning all, hope to see some good movement in the stock this week.

ZOMATO 22 Aug 09:21 AM

brokerage house gave target of 50

DEEPAKNTR 22 Aug 09:21 AM

Accumulate at dips...Iran oil deal almost certain....Add and hold...2400...2700...mid term

NSEI 22 Aug 09:21 AM


NSEBANK 22 Aug 09:20 AM

bank nifty will touch 38200 sure....38200 strong suppoet buy on 38200

APOLLOTYRE 20 Aug 09:31 AM

very good results.. atractive PE, Lower than market average. sales and revenues are up QnQ and YoY

ADANIPOWER 20 Aug 09:30 AM

the way it is going, it can cross 500 before September 22 end

AXISBANK 20 Aug 09:30 AM

positive trend anytime. big news! just buy it

SUZLON 20 Aug 09:29 AM

db power acquired by adani, wait for some time suzlon will also be of adani...

EKI 20 Aug 09:29 AM

carbon Price break records high...eki also break new high...all who sell now regret buy again at high price and get loss๐Ÿ‘.. patience is key in share market and success

NSEBANK 20 Aug 09:29 AM

Bn will fall to 36000 in this expiry... Bears is back๐Ÿป๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

EROSMEDIA 19 Aug 09:41 AM

it has not filed the annual report as per rules of NYSE till 17th August 2022. because of which the delisting process has been initiated. but the company has informed to raise a review request for the same.

GVKPIL 19 Aug 09:41 AM

yes...sell order have come down from yesterday....sure lc will break in 2-3 trading session

IRCTC 19 Aug 09:40 AM

this company is now upgrading the portal good news will go high ....

PIDILITIND 19 Aug 09:40 AM

Buy pidilite today New High come raday to move 3250

NAHARPOLY 19 Aug 09:40 AM

May be after Declaration of liberal Bonus Issue.....

NSEI 19 Aug 09:39 AM

Go long in Nifty for target of 18 045 ... cp17978

NSEBANK 19 Aug 09:36 AM

Today After 10 Am ..sell sell sell sell sell for Target is 39300 confirm today

NSEI 18 Aug 03:12 PM

the way nifty is movinghigher and higher tose invested in stocks are getting out of market cost to cost with fear....this move is not a safer move new investors not doing dare to buy stocks

IDEA 18 Aug 03:11 PM

Accumulate VI ..... very good time to enter before fundraising official annulment!

INFY 18 Aug 03:11 PM

More than short covering , selling in covering is heavy , morning seems 1550 opening , take care guys , lets see

RELIANCE 18 Aug 03:10 PM

After acquisition as per NCLT order what will be done.. Dilution of equity or delisting of share.. in both case share holders most of the time loose their hard earned money.

DIVISLAB 18 Aug 03:08 PM

no bounce divislab small covering. every up selling continues in price. 5

CHENNPETRO 18 Aug 03:08 PM

sellers ki vaaat lagnewali hai ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ last chance to grab from tomorow uc till 900 levels

GICHSGFIN 17 Aug 02:43 PM

GIC Housing Finance has fixed 02 September 2022 as record date for dividend. The dividend, if approved shall be paid on or after 27 September 2022.

SUULD 17 Aug 02:42 PM

Reversal is in process, can buy in tonnes.

RTNINFRA 17 Aug 02:42 PM

I think RattanIndia Enterprises started buying shares for ESOP in open market. Price started moving up. Cheers.

DCBBANK 17 Aug 02:42 PM

nifty reach 5 month high but dcb not ready to hold 88 , sell this buy other bank

NSEI 17 Aug 02:42 PM

at any moment market may fall down to -200 points just want for 2 hrs good luck.

BEPL 17 Aug 02:41 PM

Everyone in the market is talking about Lawreshwar Poly......Another stock which is in the news for hitting the upper circuit

WIPRO 17 Aug 02:39 PM

Intaday and BTST Buy wipro above 486 if jump then immediately Buy wipro for tomorrow target 600

NSEBANK 17 Aug 02:39 PM

the fiis that are restricting the markets to go down.. I wish your house and families get demolished.. you guys will soon beg

SRF 16 Aug 09:56 AM

Keep stop loss in mind 80-200 expected today can trade anywhere

VAIBHAVGBL 16 Aug 09:56 AM

VGL is going through a cycle of business downturn. Given the Q1 performance, the stock is currently overvalued.

TATAELXSI 16 Aug 09:55 AM

next 12000 very fast then 15000 catch it

BPCL 16 Aug 09:55 AM

Sagar, Yes 400 is our next stop , very very quickly ..

SPIC 16 Aug 09:54 AM

Analysis shared from rs 18/- and june 22 quarter result has been very good 750 cr sales and net profit is 66.85 cr

VOLTAMP 16 Aug 09:54 AM

It seems seller scrucit... but nothing to worry..

LXCHEM 16 Aug 09:53 AM

Decrease in Crude oil will benefit chemical sector, targets short term for Laxmi organic should be 400 short term

NSEI 16 Aug 09:53 AM

in stocks mad shorting and pe additions what will nifty do wiggle its tail and fallow stocks

NSEBANK 16 Aug 09:53 AM

buy for the target of 39600, no more red days in bnf nifty.

NSEI 15 Aug 09:58 AM

dont expect much downside as here market players digest negatives and they know how to inflate index rj gone but his team want allow market to fall another bull kp is still there to play for gov and putwriters

TITAN 15 Aug 09:56 AM

buy titan 2453 to 2442 in f&o for 1 month๐Ÿ‘ˆโœˆโœˆ

GTLINFRA 15 Aug 09:53 AM

Happy Independence day friends look forward for developed and competitive India globally, Jai Hind ๐Ÿ™

STLTECH 15 Aug 09:53 AM

Is it going to be a boom boom time for ST ?

PMCFIN 15 Aug 09:52 AM

MrMidcap if you so sure on UC then you should provide exact date with UC % and duration rather than generic statement.

VISESHINFO 15 Aug 09:52 AM

PM Modiji speaks about 5G in the Independence day speech, Jai Hind, rockets readying ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ”ฅ๐ŸŽฏ

SUBROS 15 Aug 09:49 AM

Khambatta Securities bullish on Subros Ltd recommended buy call target price Rs416 Subros is the largest manufacturer of condensor management said they are witnessing strong growth from Passenger vehicle,Bus and Truck segment

NSEBANK 15 Aug 09:47 AM

Tommorow Again bn full fire 39650 will break easily ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ Congratulations Ce Buyers ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ’ฏ

TATACHEM 13 Aug 11:10 AM

Seems will consolidate in a 50 point range for few days before major upside , lets

PAR 13 Aug 11:10 AM

When sensex turn in to green will cross 550 Opportunity to Buy.

TORNTPOWER 13 Aug 11:09 AM

Opportunity to Buy : Its temporary situation... Bounce back will see ....

TATAINVEST 13 Aug 11:09 AM

Tata Motors rises on entering into strategic partnership with Renesas Electronics along with Tejas Networks

MCLEODRUSS 13 Aug 11:08 AM

Results are better as compared for last quarter despite loss. Overseas business from Uganda showing strength. Volume has been seen since last one month. hopefully we may see some firework till next resistance at 39 level

GRASIM 13 Aug 11:08 AM

Grasim on Friday reported a 67.9 per cent jump in its standalone Q1 profit to Rs 808.6 crore as against Rs 481.6 crore in the year-ago period.

GULFOILLUB 13 Aug 11:08 AM

Buy Gulf Oil Lubricants India, target price Rs 650

NSEBANK 13 Aug 11:07 AM

traders are trading for profit they know being greedy may loose their capital gist of the above is after huge upmove profit booking is unavoidable

NSEI 13 Aug 11:07 AM


SUZLON 12 Aug 09:52 AM

Jackpot share Suzlon is available at 8 rupees .. there is no time even to feel guilt that we didn t purchase it then . It s a 100 plus rupees share available at 8 rupees

LYKALABS 12 Aug 09:52 AM

what a heavy buying.....within 15 minutes....2 million shares traded....

TATAELXSI 12 Aug 09:51 AM

Split and bonus all together one share will become 20shares.Next qtr they announce all these. So buy in bulk to get youge money.

MTARTECH 12 Aug 09:50 AM

My estimate of EPS for the FY 23 is 28-30. If their design of SSLV is approved by ISRO, it will make every shareholder proud. Hold for ten years for 10X returns.

SPARC 12 Aug 09:50 AM

Guys expect a fall further as this is ex divdend on 19th hence buy as many as you can on lower price

ABCAPITAL 12 Aug 09:50 AM

It will never happen with the current management

NSEBANK 12 Aug 09:49 AM


SESHAPAPER 12 Aug 09:49 AM

As per technical chart we can see suddenly spike in seshasayee paper towards fasttttt

NSEI 12 Aug 09:48 AM

nifty strong support at 17600 what do you say guys?

KOHINOOR 11 Aug 12:18 PM

UC after long time. sometimes good news on the way?

LT 11 Aug 12:18 PM

L&T : Intra day target : 1872 , buy buy buy in this capital intensive counter and make some good profits today.

NSEI 11 Aug 12:17 PM

feel like Nifty will remain range bound with another 40-50 points, up and down.

FINCABLES 11 Aug 12:17 PM

Range bound stock Finolex Cables for decent upside stock has to sustain above Rs444 with huge volumes breakout

KARDA 11 Aug 12:17 PM

Results seems to be worst and all the retailers will kicked out and this manipulation will remain at least one year after this it will start moving. Completely in the hands of operators

SAPPHIRE 11 Aug 12:16 PM

Company announcement does not mention time. Last time also the result was declared before market closed.

GPPL 11 Aug 12:16 PM


TGBHOTELS 11 Aug 12:16 PM

worst company and worst management. Sell Sell and only Sell.

NSEBANK 11 Aug 12:15 PM

BNF will cross 39200 today

JINDALSTEL 10 Aug 11:56 AM

the market upward momentum will continue from here nifty soon will cross 19000

STEELXIND 10 Aug 11:56 AM

When sensex turn in to green will cross 550 Opportunity to Buy.

ISEC 10 Aug 11:54 AM

ruchira papers looking very good for its journey past Rs. 218 , its 2018 high. After underperformance over last 1 year, expect it to outperform market.

INDSWFTLAB 10 Aug 11:54 AM

Looking at Indswift results yesterday. Does not look much positive for lab results. Lets wait and see till evening.

NSEI 10 Aug 11:54 AM

Buy Sunpharma and McDowell fast going to blast towards upper side keep buying for good profits

MALUPAPER 10 Aug 11:53 AM

good news today go up 38 sure and short term target 60

YESBANK 10 Aug 11:53 AM

Opportunity to Buy : Its temporary situation... Bounce back will see ....

NSEBANK 10 Aug 11:53 AM

Confirm News Today Buy Buy Buy Buy at 38400-38300 levels for Target is 38600 by 3 PM Today Buy Buy Buy Confirm news today

PCJEWELLER 09 Aug 10:28 AM

Have been to pcj store in Panchkula. They were empty. please check your nearest store. Just a caution.

INTEGRA 09 Aug 10:28 AM

Many good news on way in Integra. Don t wait for another trading days. Buy on first opportunity.

MISHTANN 09 Aug 10:27 AM

Mishtann Foods is a diversified agribusiness and foods company with a dominant portfolio of basmati rice. The Company owns leading brands such of Mishtann- Jasper Emerald Ecstasy Pristino Basmati Rice.

PAYTM 09 Aug 10:27 AM

Buy Paytm in stagger manner. out of recently listed unicorn 2 or 3 will become real wealth creater. so as the big investor are investing in all the unicorn in stagger manner and they won in 2-3 , hence we should learn from them and invest only 1% of our whole portfolio in one new age companies to protect our wealth due to misfortune in unicorn.

SPICEJET 09 Aug 10:26 AM

With new routes and additional flights, the timing for departure and arrival for the existing flights have been altered from October 30. SJ flights from Bengaluru will arrive in Puducherry 11.20 am, and take off at 3.15 pm for Bengaluru. Similarly, they will arrive in Puducherry at 5.15 pm and depart at 5.40 pm to Hyderabad. SJ planes to Kochi will depart from Puducherry at 11.45 am and arrive at 2.45 pm. The flight to Tirupati will depart at 11.45 pm and arrive at 2 pm at Puducherry. The AA flights to Bengaluru will arrive at 5.30 pm and depart at 6 pm. Meanwhile, the land acquisition for expansion of the Airport runway is under way. On directions from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Civil Aviation, the AAI sent a Detailed Project Report (DPR) to the Centre as per the revised Master Plan, said Lakshminarayanan. The MHA directed the UT government to include central assistance of around Rs 500 crore for acquisition in the budget for 2022-2023 and send a proposal for it along with the budget, he said adding that it has been sent. The MHA also sent letters to the Tamil Nadu government on the matter, as a greater part of the land required is situated in TN, adjoining the airport. The runway expansion involves 30 acres in Puducherry, and 395 acres in TN, in two phases.

GTL 09 Aug 10:26 AM

debt 10000 to 4800 crores....not by growth in business

MOTHERSUMI 09 Aug 10:25 AM

instead of bonus they should have reduced debt

KTKBANK 09 Aug 10:25 AM

stock didnt move much ,only four trading days even if it moves one rupee avg it can touch 78 only inthat case it may hold 74-75 ex dividend. It is getting huge selling pressure at every rupee rise.

NSEI 09 Aug 10:24 AM

Wednesday nifty 17600 above gapup

NSEBANK 09 Aug 10:24 AM

buy bank nifty target 39200/39500 fpi investing continue indian market dont short any bank share ....hold long position market new high possible

NSEI 08 Aug 10:36 AM


NSEBANK 08 Aug 10:34 AM

buy nifty 17500 call 97 sl 78 tgt 120

SADBHAV 08 Aug 10:31 AM

Is this scrip already nailed in coffin.. no movement at all.. If not going up, it is not moving down as well.. waiting for this to fall to 8 level

GREAVESCOT 08 Aug 10:30 AM

eye on 160 by EOD for sure and there after straight fall to 150 !! enjoy the fall coming โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

AVADHSUGAR 08 Aug 10:30 AM

sugar stocks are looking good, exp limit increased to 12 lmt, see this will fly above 560 soon, accumulate

ASHOKA 08 Aug 10:29 AM

upper circuits today ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€ buy buy buy๐Ÿ›ซ๐Ÿ›ซ๐Ÿ›ซ๐Ÿ›ซ๐Ÿ›ซ๐Ÿ›ซ๐Ÿ›ซ๐Ÿ›ซ

ONMOBILE 08 Aug 10:29 AM

Growth will be too slow to propel the prices. They told in Zee business within two years new product will surpass the existing sale. Difficult to achieve this with slow management action.

BIOCON 08 Aug 10:27 AM

Biosimilar oncology big volume from Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ is on the cards soon *** Other Biosimilar In Malaysia increasing revenue **

IDEA 08 Aug 10:27 AM

Rather worrying to still see some seasoned respectable knowledgeable boarders talking of great bounce back in VI. Given the unserviceably massive EQUITY and huge negative networth, VI is not a worthy candidate.

BPCL 08 Aug 10:27 AM

Heavy call buying and Put buying is happening at lower levels... beware we may see sudden fall...

LICI 06 Aug 09:09 AM

worst seems over for LIC . Maximum gainer of current rise in stock market. it may consolidate and start rising slowly from here

YESBANK 06 Aug 09:09 AM

one thing is clear at every level till 300โ‚น RI r trapped n now huge quantity given between 10_14.78 to anchor investors n institutions then how it will go ri can hold till 14โ‚น once break n start trading below 13โ‚น then it is ???

GAIL 06 Aug 09:08 AM

CFO Gail has made a statement tat this quarter they will have to suffer losses due to Russian Gasparov not supplying gas and they have to buy now expensive gas but sell at loss as contracts for selling locally already done at lower price.

INTEGRA 06 Aug 09:08 AM

they have not sold even a single share, reduction is due to Right Issue, so pls dont spread wrong things

TTML 06 Aug 09:07 AM

if it doesnt go to upper circuit after results then it is dangerous & risky share.

ZOMATO 06 Aug 09:07 AM

if you have Rs 5000 to invest into a big stock, borrow 4000 from someone and buy 1 share of Tata Elexi.

UFLEX 06 Aug 09:01 AM

Result is on 10th Aug 2022 as per BSE website.. good result can take it above 720 previous high.

ADANIPOWER 06 Aug 09:00 AM

this isnt over valued actually, but yes now will be down trend we need to be very cautious as major stake is with DIIs & FIIs only, they can sell any day and make it really down like 2-3 LC can happen, in a way its good that circut limit is 5% . Also, a learning - when it is expected a profit booking do make it and enter at little low like if done three times an year can add up another 12-15% of cash and buy it again, fundamentally this is supperb. Current only worry is tata power moved to SC, lets see how much ap has to pay if it loses the case.

NSEI 06 Aug 09:00 AM

big big consolidation nifty 17300 to 17400 ..from monday start big big buying fii n dii n retail buy cement stock pharma stock ....... tata consumer buy big big profit

NSEBANK 06 Aug 09:00 AM

In all the products like stocks, commodities be it forward or future derivatives are there but this is high risk high return gain and novice should ignore the same!

TIMEX 05 Aug 11:41 AM

circuit should be reverse to 20% as before

IGPL 05 Aug 11:40 AM

Margins may come down this quarter. But long term good story.

MASFIN 05 Aug 11:40 AM

Promoters has increased their stake in Mas financial inspite of low floating means the price should be in 4 digit

SURYODAY 05 Aug 11:40 AM

should hit UC today overall results good

VEDL 05 Aug 11:39 AM

dont rush to buy at these higher levels, chaina tiwan crisis is happening now, any time nifty may free fall be cautious while buying any stock

NATIONALUM 05 Aug 11:39 AM

Expecting below expectations results for last quarter....Sell Nalco for 72~66 levels... Happy Investing !!!!!

20MICRONS 05 Aug 11:38 AM

20 micron Buy and hold for short term tgt 150 with sl 75

PAYTM 05 Aug 11:37 AM

today I may touch 930 level finger ๐Ÿคž

NSEBANK 05 Aug 11:36 AM

wait till 2 pm market may consolidate at dip ....with days low .

NSEI 05 Aug 11:35 AM

Repeatedly I had written in this forum that after yesterdays downfall Nifty uninterrupted ly. will reach 17800 and then, only fall possible.

NSEBANK 04 Aug 10:30 AM

I think market will fall in the second half and banknifty to reach 37900

IDEA 04 Aug 10:29 AM

INTRADAY BUY IDEA 8 pe at 0.20 Target 1/1.5/ dont miss 100% lower circuit today

DEVYANI 04 Aug 10:29 AM

sudden spike above 192..199..230...on card .keep buying

PIIND 04 Aug 10:28 AM

Today may be profit booking will be seen, but very soon it will cross 4000

ASRL 04 Aug 10:27 AM

This can go back to 86-90 range. Worth accumulating at those levels.

BAJFINANCE 04 Aug 10:26 AM

great opportunity to buy for levels 7450 today rbi policy will make bn go up to 38350 this also to rally

NSEI 04 Aug 10:26 AM

I think nifty has mind of its own.

CONCOR 04 Aug 10:26 AM

Any time green colour possible. keep invested.

GREAVESCOT 04 Aug 10:25 AM

Best price one can get to EXIT this Garbage !

GSFC 04 Aug 10:25 AM

such a worst stock not moving upward

GRAVITA 03 Aug 05:15 PM

back to back positive side results will lead this counter to a next level

TRITURBINE 03 Aug 05:15 PM

What is the future of the scrip bhailog

NSEI 03 Aug 05:14 PM

Chances are grim bro flat to slightly negative will be tomorrow opening

YESBANK 03 Aug 05:14 PM

Retail investors are willing to pay Rs. 17 per share which is 25% higher than Carlyle !! fundamentals do not justify more than 13.78 !!

ADANITRANS 03 Aug 05:14 PM

i think kal ye split karnga ya to bonus ke liye

MRPL 03 Aug 05:14 PM

tomorrow and day after tomorrow will show clear signal for stock movement as OPEC plus decided to increase the production

SPICEJET 03 Aug 05:13 PM

Spicejet is excellent player in Aviation sector and today again Mr. Ajay Singh again proved no one is Master for him in Aviation sector. Spicejet today clear its all dues and from today onwards Spicejet will be in profit.