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INVESTINGPOWER about info comming soon...



NSEBANK 13 Sep 12:21 PM

buy icicigi lambard 1250 CE at 28 for Target 50 at any moment .

DAAWAT 13 Sep 12:15 PM

I have strong conviction in Chamanlal setia has huge upside left

NSEI 13 Sep 12:15 PM

book all profit on 18000 ce book nifty future profit and wait again 40-50 point downside then buy again

UNITECH 13 Sep 12:14 PM


WELSPUNIND 13 Sep 12:14 PM

Welspun india now in momentum.Good to add for a target of 100 plus. Enjoy the rally.

TIMETECHNO 12 Sep 02:47 PM

Deal of 2000crs will be announced in this week hold. selling of land of 60crs is also in progress and will be finished in his month only...

IEX 12 Sep 02:47 PM

Current month daily trading volumes are showing decent improvement MOM. If this sustains, then IEX could stabilize in a higher band.

TATAELXSI 12 Sep 02:46 PM

Buy this GEM..for multiple the data with GMM and HLE glasscoat....1500 plus would be real value

NSEI 12 Sep 02:46 PM

shares without any fundamentals are going up. but shared with strong fundamentals like HUL are going down inspite of positive news like extension of concessional duty and steep fall in price of palm oil.

NSEBANK 12 Sep 02:45 PM

After 3 PM Today Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy for Target is 40800-40850 today make my words

PRESTIGE 11 Sep 06:10 PM

Properties worth Rs 25-50 lakhs constituted 55% of the total sales in August 2022, an increase from their share of total sales in August 2021, according to a Knight Frank India report.

BCG 11 Sep 06:10 PM

Should this be impacting investment decision? Higher circuit only helps traders in my view and these so called operators for whom Adian Bhai is working for.

RAIN 11 Sep 06:10 PM

RI sell below 180 for target 150~130 ....Big negatives in revenue from EU ...Buy near to 130... Happy Investing !!!!!

NSEBANK 11 Sep 06:09 PM

hold on u will get profit be patience

NSEI 11 Sep 06:09 PM

18300 possible in expiry....strong upmove possible in nifty as well as us market

NSEBANK 10 Sep 03:06 PM

Monday will be gap down

NSEI 10 Sep 03:05 PM

anyone has idea abt ambuja cement tgt next week

TIINDIA 10 Sep 03:05 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

SPARC 10 Sep 03:05 PM

So this is very worst stock forever for options trading. Mostly CE options players demolished their wealth. This is waste stock forever.

MARUTI 10 Sep 03:04 PM

Maruti 9000 ce options stop loss 175. All people still stop loss again 175. Suggestion need.

AWL 09 Sep 12:58 PM

circuit limit might revised Monday onwards ,likely to come out from asm 2 720 levels cannot be ruled out .......

MGL 09 Sep 12:57 PM

interested to gain wealth? Profit sharing is the way to go

SCPL 09 Sep 12:57 PM

agm announced on 28th of September. accumulate now!

IDBI 09 Sep 12:56 PM

sab gov entities milke retail people ko target kar ke paise kama rahe hai news base pe up down suru hai bas or kuch nahi dont trust on any news

NSEI 09 Sep 12:56 PM

Todays trend is to go slowly downward

NSEBANK 09 Sep 12:56 PM

resistancecs 40500 stuck between 40500 n 40534

RELINFRA 08 Sep 04:25 PM

please confirm once if the slp filed by dmrc has been dismissed by the supreme court...thanks in advance

CONCOR 08 Sep 04:24 PM

Websol Energy System touches roof on inking term sheet for establishment of Joint Venture

GTLINFRA 08 Sep 04:24 PM

i have 1.2L shares in GTL infra with 1.63 avg. minimum 10 words

NSEI 08 Sep 04:24 PM

protrader tomorrow also nifty may open postive if there is any recovery in dow hope so

IDEA 08 Sep 04:23 PM

 "There is a SEBI norm that the acquisition should take place at par value. DoT will clear the acquisition after VIL shares stabilise at Rs 10 or above," an official source told PTI Govt now and then Adani to get the shares finally?

NSEBANK 08 Sep 04:23 PM

Bnf super bullish sold monthly 42000 Pe in the morning.

SUBEXLTD 07 Sep 11:53 AM

Subex will touch 42-50-68-100 by March, 2023. Stop it if you can.

PAUSHAKLTD 07 Sep 11:53 AM


NSEI 07 Sep 11:52 AM

what about taking 17600 CE

ADANIENT 07 Sep 11:52 AM

Excellent business models and strategy will help to give much better position. Should be 3600 soon.

BCG 07 Sep 11:52 AM

Did they not know that MeduaMint business prior , they just spammed the investor community. However MeduaMint do not add much earnings , at max, 10-15 paise max . . .

NSEI 06 Sep 11:35 AM

When lost money in Options , it is JP Power Suzlon and RPower saved me.. again going green , Rpower UC expected by EOD.

NTPC 06 Sep 11:31 AM

BUY NTPC ONLY ABOVE 167 SL 164.9, cash levels. Thanks!

GAIL 06 Sep 11:31 AM

Bonus shares will be credited at F V 10.00

NSEBANK 06 Sep 11:31 AM

retailers jholi vorke PE aur CE utalo 🤣 opertaor tumhara paisa 10x krke dega expiry tak 🤣🤣

BIOCON 06 Sep 11:30 AM

It continues to slide in-spite of the news flow, may be an opportunity to add.

NSEBANK 05 Sep 11:31 AM

TODAY Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy for Target is 40200 today confirm News Today sure sure sure sure

NSEI 05 Sep 11:31 AM

At 11:22 AM.. EXACT ACCURATE Calls and Puts writing present on 17 600 strike of 118Ks making a STRADDLE active.. With combined premiums of 270 Rs..

BEL 05 Sep 11:30 AM

very strong price strength and buying in trucloads by big investors.. not coming to 260.. still time to buy and avoid any shorts or puts in this stock

BDL 05 Sep 11:30 AM

by year end bdl will be 1500, buy with peace of mind

ROHLTD 05 Sep 11:29 AM


INFY 05 Sep 11:29 AM

INFY, TCS, Infoedge are few of the IT sector stocks that you wont ever regret but only if bought at the right entry point. Looks good above 1700

NSEBANK 03 Sep 04:56 PM

Seems will consolidate in a 50 point range for few days before major upside , lets

NSEI 03 Sep 04:55 PM

it will boost on Monday big upmove expected

BIRLACORPN 03 Sep 04:54 PM

The zeel of trading comes with Red color in our portfolio to make it Green

VINYLINDIA 03 Sep 04:54 PM

vinyl chemicals has clarified to SEBI , that all price sensitive info have been disclosed,but Prices of VAM , trending up ,in global markets by 30% has created spurt in the scrip.

NHPC 03 Sep 04:53 PM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

NSEI 02 Sep 10:45 AM

Bulls will take over NIFTY to 17700 levels buy good blue chip stocks

GGENG 02 Sep 10:44 AM

Buy as soon as at this level big moment is coming, it will be on fire

JHS 02 Sep 10:44 AM

Seems company isfearing some takeover bid and that is why Consider Fund Raising Via Equity Shares or Warrants on Preferential Basis.

ALKYLAMINE 02 Sep 10:44 AM

Alkyl Amines Chemicals has delivered an astronomical return of 13,345 per cent as the stock price jumped to Rs on August 30, 2022, from Rs 22.07 on August 31, 2012.

FAIRCHEMOR 02 Sep 10:43 AM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day..

NSEBANK 02 Sep 10:41 AM

Confirm News Today Buy Buy Buy Buy for Target is 39800-39850 sure sure sure today confirm News Today Buy Buy Buy

SUNPHARMA 01 Sep 11:34 AM

what if it breaks 870 first

HFCL 01 Sep 11:34 AM

buy buy buy buy only buy...........this week 80 cross confirm...

RAILTEL 01 Sep 11:33 AM

Im holding RailTel stock at 119 price when will reach the price

PONDYOXIDE 01 Sep 11:33 AM

POEL (Pondy group) doing very well june quarter, sales 157cr, net profit 2.6cr, q. eps ₹6, Buy for one year trgt of 170₹.

GRSE 01 Sep 11:32 AM


OBEROIRLTY 01 Sep 11:32 AM

Moving to 1050. This month target is 1100. Technically strong movement

TTML 01 Sep 11:31 AM

Today made 1lac by trading in this script and now final lot holding for UC by 2.30pm

NSEBANK 01 Sep 11:31 AM

bank nifty turning positive side may move up from here ..just buy CE and hold till eod .

NSEI 01 Sep 11:30 AM


COALINDIA 31 Aug 06:48 PM

Coal india rockinggg new highs,from 160 to 234 now,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

NELCO 31 Aug 06:48 PM

Nelco 5% upper circut new highs,from 250 to 989,Enjoy the Moneyrain Frnds !

ATGL 31 Aug 06:47 PM

Adani gas rockingg,new highs,from 110 to 3680 now,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

ADANIPORTS 31 Aug 06:46 PM

Adani ports jalwa mode 5% up,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

KABRAEXTRU 31 Aug 06:46 PM

kabra rockingg and preparing for new highs,initially suggested at 130,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

RELIANCE 31 Aug 06:45 PM

Buy RELIANCE for 1 week Target 2744

NSEI 31 Aug 06:45 PM

I think Maximum 100 points down excepted, End of the day recover possible or 17550 to 17650 range bound

NSEBANK 31 Aug 06:44 PM

bank nifty may open at around 38700-39100 and may further decline upto 38500 after which quick recovery is expected.

NSEI 30 Aug 10:03 AM

do not get trapped.... nifty might correct upto 17361 on profit booking before making any further move....

NSEBANK 30 Aug 10:00 AM

Today Confirm News Today Buy Buy Buy Buy at 38850-38900 levels for Target is 39200 today sure sure today

HFCL 30 Aug 10:00 AM

Today going to UC ... PAKKA....BE READY

GRANULES 30 Aug 09:59 AM

new capacity will help increase profits substantially. buyback being done at good price of 400 which is below fair value of 500 plus. it is win win for all.

APOLLOPIPE 30 Aug 09:59 AM

Paints Secter Looking week this days so stay away from pants stocks

NSEBANK 29 Aug 10:40 AM

BANKNIFTY - Support: 37960 Resistance: 38710

NSEI 29 Aug 10:39 AM

I bought 5 lot of Nifty PE17200 54.85 keeping no stop loss, expect 90 Rs. before EOD

PATELENG 29 Aug 10:39 AM

overall book order is 20k crores. thats 5 years of current quarter. imagine how it will run.

PEL 29 Aug 10:39 AM

Last day to buy for benifit of demerger, buy above 1950 for TGT 2050 then 2100.

8KMILES 29 Aug 10:38 AM

Information furnished by the companies under continuous disclosure requirements, should be published on the web site of the exchange instantly. Do not rely on roomers sharing by people always in negative side.

IOC 29 Aug 10:38 AM

i am expecting 10% drop by end of the day today .... any other experts please guide why its falling...

GUFICBIO 29 Aug 10:37 AM

Gufic will zoom today.... more from 29 August.... till 250 ....Then consolidate around 225 ...then again upward journey till ...350 ..

AARVEEDEN 28 Aug 10:51 AM

buy nandan denim. cheapest available denim stock with good book value & high turnover.

NSEBANK 28 Aug 10:50 AM

Always Let trades come to you. Trade here in (bnf) with conviction and discipline

NSEI 28 Aug 10:50 AM

Nifty will open in green

VEDL 28 Aug 10:50 AM

For better returns through dividend invest in this counter and add more if any dip. If we see Aug 2020 price and Oct 2020 to till date dividend in absolute terms of rupees its more than the share price of double dight in 2020.

SBIN 28 Aug 10:49 AM

huge downward movement coming on Monday

JITFINFRA 28 Aug 10:49 AM

delhi high Court case is most important and 5 year old.. Jindal saw AR( latest) can give hints

NSEBANK 26 Aug 11:51 AM

Confirm News Today Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell at 38900-38950 levels for Target is 38500 today confirm News Today make my words confirm news today

NSEI 26 Aug 11:51 AM

At 11.35 am. PE additions around 280k lots and CEs at 310k lots. Nifty can trade in plus hundred to neutral zone. Taken a Combo short now.

APOLLOHOSP 26 Aug 11:50 AM


GAIL 26 Aug 11:47 AM

buy before Ex bonus it will Show price of 160 , record date 6th sept

MIRZAINT 26 Aug 11:46 AM

demerger when & its eligibility pl specify

IDEA 26 Aug 11:45 AM

rank ..94.. be alert ....WHITE HORSE OVER 3 MIN CHART.... 100% looking very hot .....decide y/s...ABOVE NECK LINE ..another positive sign...

BALKRISIND 26 Aug 11:42 AM

What is the weakness or news that it is falling continuously. There are no signs of recovery.

RELINFRA 26 Aug 11:40 AM

200 before Diwali. Lets keep fingures crossed

AUROPHARMA 26 Aug 11:39 AM

SL was hit yesterday for investors who were hoping Auro to go up beyond 570...Money lost by investors... 😔

SKMEGGPROD 25 Aug 01:33 PM

closing in upper circuits do not sell a single share✍️

PRIMESECU 25 Aug 01:32 PM

Prime Customer Services as once again posted very good results and will hit the upper circuit tomorrow. Creative Eye ltd. has posted good results and is locked at the upper circuit.

IDFCFIRSTB 25 Aug 01:31 PM

Book youre profit here in idfc first and rsi is indicating overbought zone possibly it will test 46/47.50 level one major concern is it left a gap on chart which it may come again to fill sooner or later

MANGCHEFER 25 Aug 01:31 PM

126 done... charts are super... keep holding

NSEBANK 25 Aug 01:31 PM

Confirm News Today Buy buy buy buy buy at 39520-39500 levels for Target is 39800 today by 3 PM Today make my words

AMINTAN 25 Aug 01:30 PM

do not sell a single share.....making leather from mango waste will take this company to next levels by 40 buy and sit strong tight ✍️ 🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧🧧

TIMETECHNO 25 Aug 01:30 PM

running today... long way to go...

NSEI 25 Aug 01:30 PM

wait now immediately ll hit 17675

HINDUNILVR 23 Aug 04:52 PM

Tommarow buy near at 2557 for day trading.

IEX 23 Aug 04:52 PM

When sensex turn in to green will cross 550 Opportunity to Buy.

IDEA 23 Aug 04:51 PM

Seems will consolidate in a 50 point range for few days before major upside , lets

BHARTIARTL 23 Aug 04:51 PM

Global markets in deep red, todays blood will be scattered on Monday as well

NSEI 23 Aug 04:48 PM

Heavy selling for 2 anticipation of downturn of market..many retailers must have bought PEs....Market will react exactly opposite..

MRPL 22 Aug 02:52 PM

Stoploss of 69 breached.. If it reclaims 69 by EOD then fine else its better to get out and buy either at around 60 or once it claims 70 again

ZENTEC 22 Aug 02:51 PM

dro e procurement framework in works by govt news from ET today page no.4. so zen is flying so height like drone to 300. happy investment

BHEL 22 Aug 02:50 PM

stock is in oversold zone, big short covering possible in the stock, tomorrow gap up opening at 55.90 and positive movement expected in stock

RTNPOWER 22 Aug 02:50 PM

All power including JPPower is up today . Our Rattan power still limping..............................

SUZLON 22 Aug 02:49 PM

UC UC UC......... Target 25/50/100/200/500....................Non stop.........

NSEBANK 22 Aug 02:49 PM

buy bank nifty 38000 put 149 sl 118 tgt 190 positional

NSEBANK 20 Aug 02:44 PM

Operator dekh rha bahut laal laal laal likh rhe bhailog ab ye operator ulta krega 40000 aur nifty 18200 operator se bardas nhi hoga pakka 40001 monday

BHARTIARTL 20 Aug 02:43 PM

I am still bullish on this stock. expecting 210 by Aug month end

CADILAHC 20 Aug 02:43 PM

Buy Zydus life cmp 388.50 Short Term positional tgt 486/510

SIGACHI 20 Aug 02:42 PM

Sigachi is going to cross tripple tops made during the months of May, June and July 22. When it closes above the tops with volume definitely it will start journey towards touching previous high.

FRETAIL 20 Aug 02:42 PM

these are fake news dont trust these fake medias. these media houses are corrupt to the core.

ADANIPOWER 20 Aug 02:42 PM

seems like this is going to hit 430-440 , due to sb power 7k cr buy, balance sheet will be good next time too

NSEBANK 19 Aug 01:21 PM

Today Buy buy buy buy buy buy at 39250-39200 levels for Target is 39450 sure sure sure today

ASIANTILES 19 Aug 01:20 PM

Product is good. Sales is improving yoy basis. Product is good. Expansion is on card. PE is very less.. Everthing seems good except management reliability. I would like to beton this. This has potential to be multibagger

ATHENAGLO 19 Aug 01:19 PM

sudden spike of 100 rs is imminent.

NSEI 19 Aug 01:18 PM

Ye 18000 wale kaha gye aur gapup wale

BANKBARODA 19 Aug 01:18 PM

Those who shorted intraday today will rush to book profits and others to cover their positions at a loss if BOB sustains above 121

ZOMATO 19 Aug 01:17 PM

market recovered almost 300 points and this crap doesnt have chance ,

SUNTV 19 Aug 01:17 PM

Hello Friends .... Sun Tv On BreakOut ... Keep Tracking

NSEBANK 18 Aug 03:20 PM

i dont what type market running may be flower mkt

ZEEL 18 Aug 03:18 PM

zee strong consolidation if sustaining can see strong upside,when is zee sony merger expected?

IRIS 18 Aug 03:17 PM

Porinju Veliyath the Big Bull from Kerala has picked around 1 lakh shares at Rs 102 per share in IRIS Business Services in June 2021

NSEI 18 Aug 03:16 PM

Indian markets are just way too strong than every other market in the world. This is simply unbelievable.

TRIDENT 18 Aug 03:16 PM

Hope to get some response from new management team in regards to way forward.

SHREDIGCEM 18 Aug 03:15 PM

Moving towards 75-76 DCC cement. zee 🚍ness gave first target of 76 and next expected target is 83.

JPASSOCIAT 18 Aug 03:15 PM

Today positive moves to be considered as Smart One which happened in volatile market conditions

ADANIENT 18 Aug 03:14 PM

Looks at financial and tell me does it deserve such pricing. If fy24 eps going to be 150 now it is 9. Is there any other company with such valuation. If it s not manipulation/ rigging what else it is.

DELTACORP 18 Aug 03:13 PM

goa casino house full buy buy Delta corp zee business target 234 245 265

NSEI 17 Aug 04:11 PM

compounding capital requires patience and Discipline.. Be focused

UCOBANK 17 Aug 04:10 PM

buy advice in uco bank... green light for uco bank

NSEBANK 17 Aug 04:10 PM

For Bank Nifty 39444 is strong Support. Tomorrow even any gap up and sustain for 5 Minutes then target is 40000 .Maintain strict stop loss at 39400 and move trailling stop loss for every 100 points.

MHLXMIRU 17 Aug 04:09 PM

This Stock will be Hitting above 303 before Feb 2023

SUZLON 17 Aug 04:09 PM

By October next year, Adani & Ambani will build their own plant of generating renewable energy & compete Suzlon.

RELIANCE 17 Aug 04:09 PM

Your buy levels should be crossed by this year itself

MAWANASUG 17 Aug 04:08 PM

Why bad, please elaborate the reasons. Otherwise people will consider your advice as it is from a novice. Please give suitable reasoning to make it acceptable. Thanks. Hope this in future pl.

HCC 16 Aug 11:43 AM

Last chance to sell will be this month...sell and exit...

TATAMOTORS 16 Aug 11:43 AM

HUGE growth potential ...just see a vid on u tube type...bull brezza defi...750X

HIGHENE 16 Aug 11:43 AM

operator trying to squeeze out retailers. huge acculumation going on . just hold for 12 months & see the gains .

APOLLOTYRE 16 Aug 11:42 AM

keep stop loss buyers huge fall down possible next 2days also keep watching

LXCHEM 16 Aug 11:42 AM

Strong uptrend will start anytime in this super chemical stock. Huge upmove in the offing

SUBEXLTD 16 Aug 11:42 AM

London bridge is falling. Falling. Down. Some. Bad smell coming.

NSEI 16 Aug 11:41 AM

put waale buy buy or average it...u will be billionaire...another short covering can take above 18k

NSEBANK 16 Aug 11:41 AM

buy now exactly for tgt 39400 now again will see up move buy 39400 CE at CMP 167 tgt 210/220/250

NAHARPOLY 15 Aug 06:55 PM

Q1 results are slightly down comparing to last year Q1.. FY21-22 is turnaround story ..FV is Rs 10 ..EPS is about may double in 3-6 months

WHITEORG 15 Aug 06:55 PM

Super duper result of White Organic Retail Limited..... Target of minimum 300 very soon.

GTLINFRA 15 Aug 06:52 PM

Next five years GTL INFRASTRUCTURE target its all time high 🎯🚀

RELIANCE 15 Aug 06:51 PM

when is the last time to sell to not get the dividend?

NSEI 15 Aug 06:51 PM

be alert ....we are still under water ::::: Bear Market Remains Incomplete, Morgan Stanley Analyst Warns.....decide yourself....

TORNTPOWER 15 Aug 06:51 PM

Buy Torrent Power 579 will go 600 sl 555

TITAN 15 Aug 06:48 PM

Titan May Fall Tomorrow..There are many such rumors flying in the market that Titan will fall Very badly tomorrow because Rakesh Jhunjhunwala had a lot of investment in it.

NSEBANK 15 Aug 06:48 PM

Bank Nifty will be down minimum by 1500-2000 points tomorrow, as our markets will go direction less for some time with the great loss of RJ. RIP RJ…

RBLBANK 13 Aug 05:31 PM

Apollo Tyres Q1 Result | Net profit surges 49% YoY to Rs 191 crore, revenue grows

BDL 13 Aug 05:30 PM

New TTM PE is coming around 26.86 and Margins have gone down due to high cost of material.

GTPL 13 Aug 05:30 PM

after independence day..this stock will growth lot. 5G 5G 5G

MUTHOOTFIN 13 Aug 05:30 PM

This news was one month old, doesnt have any impact.

UNIDT 13 Aug 05:29 PM

Hwz the result, Shall we expect a good move?

ALOKINDS 13 Aug 05:29 PM

Since the promoters likely want to delist the company, at what price do you think the delisting will take place? I m especially curious about this considering the increase in FII holding over the last quarters.

NSEI 13 Aug 05:28 PM

Nifty now buy in dip 17300/16900 short term tgt nifty will made new life high 18600 upside tgt 19600/20000 for Nifty

NSEBANK 13 Aug 05:28 PM

any logic for Tuesday down fall in banknifty ...? Short position hai kya

ADORWELD 12 Aug 08:41 AM

Results are not great. QoQ revenue has declined, Profits declined and so EPS too.

HDFCBANK 12 Aug 08:41 AM

HDFC to cross 2500 today. Buy Buy Buy

TTML 12 Aug 08:40 AM

What is the big announcement that Tata Tele has been talking about, any clue?

INDUSINDBK 12 Aug 08:40 AM

Now time to book profit sell for the first tgt of 1040

PNB 12 Aug 08:39 AM

PNB is financially worst performing bank..Degrowth is seen all around..Asset quality is very poor..You can see PNB at 25 levels..Any price more than 25 is purely speculation and a trap

TRIVENI 12 Aug 08:39 AM

India to start supplying petrol with 20% ethanol from April 2023:

NSEI 12 Aug 08:38 AM

US markets flat. Yesterday DIIs sold around 700 Cr worth and FIIs bought around 2000 Cr plus. The cues says there may be a correction for about 50 to 100 points.

NSEBANK 12 Aug 08:38 AM

sell banknifty 700 points down

BSELINFRA 11 Aug 02:26 PM

nothing to cheer till it crosses 10 rupees goes to 4/ 6/8 and comes down check 10 yrs chart only movement after it crosses 10 till then no fresh buy

GREAVESCOT 11 Aug 02:26 PM

hahahahahaha 🤣😅 kya hua 180 190 200

NSEI 11 Aug 02:25 PM

An investor should be disciplined―and a trader 10X more. So master discipline with Masters

GNFC 11 Aug 02:24 PM

GNFC guys not able to sustain.. something blunder negative in results not disclosed by management to media.....

MOTHERSUMI 11 Aug 02:24 PM

I am holding and I am sure it goes to 175 in 3 months of time from now,, these calls i am posting is just for knowledge that what various brokerages are thinking .. final call is ours.

MOL 11 Aug 02:24 PM

once crossed 155, Non stop rally can be expected

NSEBANK 11 Aug 02:22 PM

once again telling guys buy on dips strategy is on we will end higher for sure

IMFA 10 Aug 10:49 AM

no movement at all wnt move this month q2 results will be bad due to low realisation...exit ..

NSEI 10 Aug 10:48 AM

L&T looking good on daily chart ....

AWL 10 Aug 10:48 AM

when this will come out of asm, this stucked here for some time..

HSCL 10 Aug 10:48 AM

today it can go 110/- tak jayega. it can blast above 100/-

JPPOWER 10 Aug 10:47 AM

By the end of the day everything will be absorbed today keep selling buyers will buy all

TRIDENT 10 Aug 10:47 AM

Move To 38 Again Big Sharks Accumulated

INDHOTEL 10 Aug 10:47 AM

Chalet hotel will give multibagger returns than indian hotels... results are extraordinary.... expansion to North India very positive move..... happy investing.....

PNB 10 Aug 10:45 AM

Fresh Buy 33/34 Call.... intraday.............. only...........

NSEBANK 10 Aug 10:45 AM

38200 PE may be a good option now to buy

TRIDENT 09 Aug 03:19 PM

as per global situation trident results are good so downside limited due to festive season start so buy in bulk qty if below upto 37/ rupess

UNIONBANK 09 Aug 03:19 PM

Hi, Hi, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has openly said that he is Bullish on PSU Bank, it means PSU will definitely shake. SBI is completely overbought position, Union Bank is only in oversold position. Keep your grip.

IBULHSGFIN 09 Aug 03:18 PM

IBH has not been able to raise much by Debentures and most of the borrowings last quarter should have been from bank loans. Need to see how that would have impacted their margins.

NSEI 09 Aug 03:17 PM

those who have holding puts dont panic ... till Thursday we are going to see a 400 points cut ... Tomorrow 17465 will be taken out in first half after that nifty is going to touch 17380..

PCJEWELLER 09 Aug 03:16 PM

Good you hot from exit from this junk…Highly insider traded information and sheer manipulation in the stock…New retail investors please avoid the trap

HFCL 09 Aug 03:16 PM

dont trapped in hfcl fully manipulate by operators promoters playing drama with small investors..... so better to💰 sell sell your... holding and converted into another be careful about your investment...... sell sell sell sell.... again all the public holders are dreams😴💭 like 100 .... 125 175....and what ever.... but think your self and⚡ sell sell at high and if you want to buy at very🚴三 low...... in this type of share sell sell...

ADANIENT 09 Aug 03:15 PM

BJp losing bihar now this is start for 2024.what about adani stocks if BJP not in power?

IEX 09 Aug 03:14 PM

If you buy iex before 11 august you will be eligible for 1 Rs dividend. not a bad deal as per the current price.

NSEBANK 09 Aug 03:14 PM

big big movement up up FII will buy cores tommorow be in CE dont listen nyone be brave europe flat only will come green soon today itself us futures all in dark green tommorow GAP UP UP UP 👆👆

NSEBANK 08 Aug 09:14 AM

Today again BN 300 pnt in Red for sure🧿

YESBANK 08 Aug 09:13 AM

Positive 1. Moddy and ICRA Rating Upgrade 2. NPA sold to ARC

TTML 08 Aug 09:13 AM

Looks like any time...stock may cross....120....levels..!

NSEI 08 Aug 09:12 AM

8th august - sensex 60k, 9th august -sensex 61k, 10th august-sensex 62k, 11th august - sensex 63k, 12th august- sensex 64k, 13th august- sensex 65k, 14th august- sensex 75k Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav On Radar. Nifty 20,000 and sensex 75,000 by August 15th

ABFRL 08 Aug 09:10 AM

I sense that ABFRL should not only takeout 380 but race to 400 levels by October-November. It is a must have in your portfolio

IOC 08 Aug 09:10 AM

IOC looks good 73 to 70 can test 82 support at 67. Triangle breakout seen .positionalview

NAVKARCORP 08 Aug 09:09 AM

the best entery leval is 71rs - 72 rs . the best exist leval is 105 106 107 108 according o the anaysis

KOKUYOCMLN 08 Aug 09:09 AM

Scooboo - the online stationery platform of HOKO Products LLP is creating buzz in the India stationery market for its innovative approach, high-quality stationery products and excellent post-sales service.

DAICHI 08 Aug 09:08 AM

worst stock to hold.....huge losses to all .

BPCL 08 Aug 09:07 AM

BPCL is given Outperform with a price target of 400 by Credit Suisse.

ZOMATO 06 Aug 12:04 PM

almost 90% of the brokerages have given a buy tag now with average future price of 85-90 inr. with strong results, the stock has picked up positive momentum now. because of Uber block deal, there might be interim downtrend, but my opinion is that positive momentum will continue, its all about momentum in stock market, as of today there are more positives of Zomato, including latest results and brokerages buy tag, from here on at least it should reach the listing price bar a short term downtrend selling pressure.

IOC 06 Aug 12:03 PM

IOC climbs on getting nod for capacity expansion of Digboi Refinery in Assam

NMDC 06 Aug 12:03 PM

the only matra to invest in PSU is above FD dividend return and trade them 2 to 3 times a year ..... my game in NMDC was buy at lows and sell high my 2019 shares I sold at 180 and stayed out for good 15 months and bought again at 128 then I did not anticipate it wi fall to 102 .... but I revised my strategy to wait for 6 months for further averaging .... now I am holding for 2 month and every 6 month I will average the original quantity..... I will also sell if I make 20% in the 12 months and enjoy all dividend if any

IDEA 06 Aug 12:02 PM

banking stock looking week but after some time grow up fastly keep your eyes

NSEBANK 06 Aug 12:01 PM

In all the products like stocks, commodities be it forward or future derivatives are there but this is high risk high return gain and novice should ignore the same!

NSEI 06 Aug 12:01 PM

watching thumbad for 8th time now chill no positions closed all sold to operators including reliance , sbi , tcs all sitting with only 200 ce for the weekly only if i see 50% of decay will go short else i see only consolidation to happen mostly dont wish to giving time decay either cost or nothing hate losses though ..if short covering bank nifty mummy and nifty mummy will take care to reward anyway

NYKAA 06 Aug 12:00 PM

other income 30 crore, saleas 37 crore, profit 9 crore in q1. company runs on other income, this stock is highly recommended for destruction of capital.

CREATIVEYE 06 Aug 11:59 AM

But It has produced only 1 TV Series in the last 4 years.. Daddy_cool, i would like to speak with you

SCI 06 Aug 11:58 AM

Post approval of the Revised Scheme of Demerger by MCA, the assets and liabilities pertaining to the said Non-core assets will be transferred to SCILAL as per the book value as on 31.03.2021. Does it mean that the assets will not be restated as per market value in SCILAL?

NSEI 05 Aug 11:34 AM

bravehearts can buy the 17300 pe at 80 odd levels currently trading for a target of 130 to 140. intraday. better to holdnit over the weekend...given the uncertaijity. i retain my target of 300 once before expiry.

NSEBANK 05 Aug 11:34 AM

banknifty has recent high. now chances to go back to 37900 by day end

NDTV 05 Aug 11:33 AM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

BHARTIARTL 05 Aug 11:33 AM

Bharti airtel 800 Call Options seen very active

ADANIENT 05 Aug 11:32 AM

reported audited networth of less than Rs 13000 crores trading at Rs 3 lakh crores based solely on hopium and some background action

GAIL 05 Aug 11:32 AM

looks good for short term to long term

GRAPHITE 05 Aug 11:32 AM

Keep buying this stock on dips upside movement coming any time .......buybuybuy

SBIN 05 Aug 11:31 AM

Trending stocks....... SBI.............DEEPAK NITRATE........TATA STEEL

TATAELXSI 05 Aug 11:31 AM

Global markets in deep red, todays blood will be scattered on Monday as well

NCC 05 Aug 11:30 AM

62 also achieved .... next target is 64

NSEBANK 04 Aug 11:37 AM

Book complete profit at 210 Initiated today at 18 with 250 quantity

ABCAPITAL 04 Aug 11:36 AM

if result come 10% down from expectation what conditions become this share

YESBANK 04 Aug 11:36 AM

Opportunity to Buy : Its temporary situation... Bounce back will see

VEDL 04 Aug 11:35 AM

Tata Motors rises on entering into strategic partnership with Renesas Electronics along with Tejas Networks

GREAVESCOT 04 Aug 11:35 AM

Greaves giving good opportunities to enter at 163 ... Harish, just wait and see how this moves up to 180 and beyond ... but will you be here till then? ...just forget about your garbage 150 .

ASAL 04 Aug 11:35 AM

time to buy now... 500 very soon in 5 days...

NMDC 04 Aug 11:34 AM

As I said earlier a major player is silently accumulating NMDC Shares in delivery. A great value unlocking in the coming months can double the Investors money.

VAKRANGEE 04 Aug 11:34 AM

do not buy now. it will come down to 25 by next week

NSEI 04 Aug 11:33 AM

Booked profit...Yesterday was in loss...great conviction...needed guts.