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INVESTINGPOWER about info comming soon...



TTML 13 Feb 10:20 PM

Ab Chlega Ye 150 up target

ADANIPORTS 13 Feb 10:20 PM

As expected, SBI joins 3rd place in nifty loser along with couple of Adani stocks ahead of valentines day.... Be safe until issue resolves. This monkey dance will continue for some more days.

ADANIENT 13 Feb 10:20 PM

short Karo Paisa kamao. best stock.

NSEI 13 Feb 10:19 PM

Market will be 18k by tommorow or day after tommorow bank nifty 42k.

NSEBANK 13 Feb 10:19 PM

Market going to fall big in coming days.. Extremely cautious.

ADANIPORTS 11 Feb 10:17 PM

port money will be used to pay enterprise debt all scam fraud not trust worthy....

NMDC 11 Feb 10:17 PM

Buy NMDC for short term target of 145 and log term target of 280 this sector is safe and will perform in 2023

ADSL 11 Feb 10:17 PM

bright future proven track record of healthy pnl ...jump jump up from Monday

NSEI 11 Feb 10:16 PM

Monday M& M going to lead. 18000 will cross Sure

NSEBANK 11 Feb 10:16 PM

60 points already up Bank Nifty from 41500 to 14560, should open strong on Monday!!

ADANIGREEN 10 Feb 09:55 PM

pado ye bai adani green kya stock hai buy đŸ”ĨđŸ”ĨđŸ”Ĩ bindass karlo soon 2000 continue UC đŸ”ĨđŸ”Ĩ from monday

ZENTEC 10 Feb 09:54 PM


SJVN 10 Feb 09:54 PM

sjvn business is seasonal. it is always better to compare y-o-y quarterly results till it becomes majority of production is from solar and wind power.

NSEI 10 Feb 09:53 PM

17859 after breaking only keep watching it touched

NSEBANK 10 Feb 09:53 PM

banknifty will open a 500 points gap down on Monday.. be aware

MTCL 08 Feb 01:28 AM

Associate company of markolines in which Markolines holds 50% equity has been awarded crore (excluding GST) projects. detailed announcement is available on BSE website

MTCL 08 Feb 01:28 AM

Associate company of markolines in which Markolines holds 50% equity has been awarded crore (excluding GST) projects. detailed announcement is available on BSE website

SONATSOFTW 08 Feb 01:28 AM

sonata super strong on charts, Technical suggest BUY for target 630

INDIGO 08 Feb 01:27 AM

buy now it will close above 2200 on tomorrow

NSEBANK 08 Feb 01:27 AM

Tomorrow gapup. sgx nifty ve

NSEI 08 Feb 01:26 AM

FII are back with magic figure in index shorts

EIDPARRY 04 Feb 09:44 PM

eid pary buy at 536 target 544

MARICO 04 Feb 09:43 PM it wont near that levels.... if it trades around 500 levels ..that too will be a great deal...but forget 10-15 points gap up opening....

BCG 04 Feb 09:43 PM

During recession period BCG posted one of the highest ever Qtrly Revenue

NSEBANK 04 Feb 09:43 PM

Banks disclosed their holdings in adani, 20k cr for Sbi is huge and it may have negative impact in bn Monday

NSEI 04 Feb 09:42 PM

Due to windfall tax reliance and ongc will go down 10 per. just chk july 2022 when the govt introduced this.

ZICOM 02 Feb 09:58 PM

Super recovery in PAT, to 100 cr. Good to know that the post-COVID recovery is solid

TAJGVK 02 Feb 09:57 PM

taj gvk hotels is looking ok and ready to invest

HDFCBANK 02 Feb 09:57 PM

best time to take profit no if

NSEI 02 Feb 09:57 PM

Ridiculous to see some experts coming on TELE and asking for action on HINDENBG, but same people are not question how ADAEN price moved from 125to 4100in three years.

NSEBANK 02 Feb 09:56 PM

Banknifty Tomorrow blood bath.... sbi and pnb bad news

VSTTILLERS 01 Feb 09:56 PM

vst tillers strong on charts, technical suggest buy for target 2300

OCCL 01 Feb 09:55 PM

oriental carbon strong on charts and technical suggest to buy for 735

HDFCLIFE 01 Feb 09:55 PM

start buying .its gonna effect 10% new business only and that is priced in

NSEI 01 Feb 09:54 PM

Let it fall to 6K or 7K .........iss ki Today Aam janta including corporates of India lossed 20 L cr Rupee 😡

NSEBANK 01 Feb 09:54 PM

tomorrow market will open either way.. big gap up or big down. one thing is sure if fall will not recover for at least 3-4 days and if rise then not going to reverse as it did today. so make your position accordingly.

ICICIBANK 30 Jan 10:30 PM

can we see a 10% percent jump in Icici Bank share price tomorrow...given its intrinsic value vis a vis its peers,?

VIKASECO 30 Jan 10:30 PM

consistency in results is more important which is being shown by vikas ecotech.if it gives consistent and good results no problem in holding it.its just the start its profit will be in double digits in coming quarters.

NSEI 30 Jan 10:29 PM

shortselling and then leaking information is a crime in USA Hindenberg report guilty of leaking information and shorting on adani group

GREAVESCOT 30 Jan 10:29 PM

results on 9th Feb greaves cotton

NSEBANK 30 Jan 10:29 PM

Market will rally.Prebudget rally on card..42000 bank nifty may rose 500 plus very soon

BANKBARODA 29 Jan 09:06 PM

make india is in not worry....bob will see sharp recovery tomorrow....upcoming result will be better than q2 too.

DMART 29 Jan 09:05 PM

Next report of Dmart too if retail stock really grows fast this is a really big question

ADANIENT 29 Jan 09:05 PM

fully agreed PALFR... but i would say not only adani but stay away from market for two days.. few people might earn good profit but most of the other retailers would be trapped... so be cautious...

ADANIPORTS 29 Jan 09:05 PM

they took 2 years to prepare report against adani and Indian loosers like u want the reply in few minutes?

NSEBANK 29 Jan 09:04 PM

Guys - All the stocks have come to very attractive levels including Bank Nifty 40,000 believe very strong support, time now to start collecting good fundamentals stocks who showed good profit this quarter specially Auto n Banking!

NSEI 29 Jan 09:04 PM

Friday selling was a knee jerk reaction market may rebound on Monday

ADANIPOWER 27 Jan 10:13 PM

Mr arm1979, yes, w . e . f 30th Jan 2023 Adani Power will be in ASM LT Stage 01. So 2 weeks from then it should be completely out of ASM List. Which is by mid of Feb. And by, before around that time will have budget news, quarterly results,... 

VEDL 27 Jan 10:12 PM

Zinc Intl is good cash flow. But Electrosteel is deadwood. It would be good riddance. Has no synergy with VEDL s core biz.

HDFCLIFE 27 Jan 10:12 PM

Hdfc life available at 587 buy for target of Rs 600 soon

NSEI 27 Jan 10:11 PM

adani frad 44000 crores bank nifty target 38000 tak aa sakta hai

NSEI 27 Jan 10:11 PM

i hate adani group of companies as they are very high valued like tesla but if we have to support indian markets we would need to help adani stocks to move up....

MANINDS 26 Jan 08:12 PM

Man Industries ke Management ne jaisa bola hai. Qtr results waisa hi aaya to phir upper circuit lag sakta hai.

SAMBANDAM 26 Jan 08:11 PM

i expect 3rd quarterly results before February 15th 2023

GTLINFRA 26 Jan 08:11 PM

And case is registered with unknown directors and bank officials . Ye log sudharne wale nahi hai. All money will going to mint now.

NSEI 26 Jan 08:11 PM

i expected market gap up open 150 points nifty

NSEBANK 26 Jan 08:10 PM

Gtl infra news definitely affects banknifty because of icici better avoid ce and pe until market settled.bad news always came when market is hanging to squeeze retailers.

NSEBANK 24 Jan 10:07 PM

tomorrow bank nifty will blast atleast 1000 points upmove

NSEI 24 Jan 10:06 PM

My view is bearish trend for another couple of days before budget announcements. We have to be very cautious because of volatility. Its good for MIS.

ICICIBANK 24 Jan 10:06 PM

Buy icici bank 870, target will come 899 soon, stop loss 860

VAKRANGEE 24 Jan 10:06 PM

Vakrangee is a fraud company. Harshad Mehtas favourite stock was Vakrangee. They have been cheating investors for years with one listed company. Now they are planning to do that with 2 companies.

LUMAXIND 24 Jan 10:05 PM

Icici Bank Investors Note This: Full FY20 PAT was 7931 cr. FY21 16193 cr. FY22 23339 cr. FY23 9 months actual 22775 cr. Full FY23 expected 32000 cr.

IDFC 23 Jan 05:01 PM

Operators have no other option but to contain the prices till expiry. Best time to buy if you are an investor as its fair value would be atleast 65 after the results.

AXISBANK 23 Jan 05:01 PM

Tomorrow the opening is below 890......... keep looking at the surprise

KIRIINDUS 23 Jan 05:01 PM

Your credibility mrgpk is negative. Dont question other credibility . You should go to Singapore court and bring the order.

NSEI 23 Jan 05:00 PM

mkt look ver y good only ABOVE 18059.....BE ALERT DECIDE YOURSELF

NSEBANK 23 Jan 05:00 PM

tomorrow Gap up at 43000 and it will go atleast 43300, Happy trading guys ✌

IBULHSGFIN 20 Jan 07:35 PM

indiabulls & others wins a case against yes bank this case was for AT1 bonds in which Indiabulls have exposure of 662 crores

PTC 20 Jan 07:34 PM

Adani is raising 20000 cr through fpo . Part of the funds may be used for acquiring PTC .

SUZLON 20 Jan 07:34 PM


NSEI 20 Jan 07:34 PM

Go Nifty and Bank Niftry go, no stopping guys for Nifty, Bank Nifty, Reliance and Zee, should move more up and up....all 4 calls morning rocked!

NSEBANK 20 Jan 07:33 PM

banknifty expiry alert Monday 42200 important levels if hold next 43000 comes otherwise break 41800 Monday blood bath comes all are spot levels power of technical analysis rocks again history repeats itself

WIPRO 19 Jan 05:56 PM

Wipro is Technically very bullish .. breakout coming soon

PCJEWELLER 19 Jan 05:56 PM

Completely Manipulation with the help of that operates achieve 31Lac volume today.. Tommarow it will touch Upper Circuit or last Lower Circuit also..Well Done Operators..

HINDSYNTEX 19 Jan 05:55 PM

Massive volume today. Would be interesting to see if there was a bulk deal.

NSEBANK 19 Jan 05:55 PM

bank nifty will be positive tomorrow, just come back to this after tomorrows expiry!!

NSEI 19 Jan 05:54 PM

gap up open 18314, new ass. nso. has appointed.

SPARC 18 Jan 09:26 PM

Truly an Indian MNC Pharma .. Expert in Psychiatry ,Cancer and so many branches of medicines,,,,,,

DSSL 18 Jan 09:26 PM

good time to add at this price huge upside possible in near days get order approx 200cr to 300 cr in coming days soon cross 700

NMDC 18 Jan 09:25 PM

Buy NMDC 128 target will be 130/135

NSEI 18 Jan 09:25 PM

Yesterday Dow didnot fall that much as expected. The fall came at the end. Need to see today.

NSEBANK 18 Jan 09:24 PM

just wait. if correction occur it will be huge which will drag the BN to 37700 to 37600

NSEI 17 Jan 09:58 PM

Goldman Sachs share down7% Dow downside

NSEBANK 17 Jan 09:57 PM

today ..dow & nasdaq moving alike nifty & bank nifty ..

APOLLOTYRE 17 Jan 09:57 PM

hi but DIC news came at 12:30 at market hours... toh why it will react tomorrow bhai

RADHIKAJWE 17 Jan 09:56 PM

Radhika Jwellers is Good Brand in Rajkot and will sure give Good returns in Long Term

DMART 17 Jan 09:56 PM

Trend is bearish means it can correct a little from here. Compounding will continue and using corrections to buy more. SIP method.

HINDZINC 16 Jan 09:36 PM

Zinc High made 278,30 As Of Now Which Buy Suggested 270,50 and 268 ( Avg Buy Price 269,25 ) # 9,05 Points Up As Of Now* 2 Lots , Safe Trader Book partial profit time to time and Aggressive Trader hold your positions for given full targets

ONGC 16 Jan 09:36 PM

Buy Ng Cmp 306 SL 301 Tgt 316 and 326 ,Trade with Stop Loss

TINPLATE 16 Jan 09:36 PM

agree with you. should be around 390 considering Tata Steel todays price

NSEI 16 Jan 09:35 PM

y want reverse it may go down again depends on CE OR PE addition..wait and see tomo

NSEBANK 16 Jan 09:35 PM

bank nifty took little breath..dont underestimate.. tomorrow it will fly like anything

IRFC 13 Jan 08:28 PM

Buy and wait for target 150 do not miss this opportunity

TIRUPATIFL 13 Jan 08:28 PM

ha haaa ... what a . bounce.. lets see next week target đŸŽ¯ 40 .3 months

IDBI 13 Jan 08:27 PM

InterLedger request you to pls create

NSEI 13 Jan 08:27 PM

informed trader , never mind from someones abuse may be that person is a newbie in his own world , market teaches in a hard way some lessons and with time .

NSEBANK 13 Jan 08:27 PM

Down zone is coming guysssss so mandayyyyy ko dubki lgayenge

NSEI 12 Jan 08:55 PM

US Market falling in early opening time?... Strongly believe it will close good at the closing time.

LSIL 12 Jan 08:54 PM

A good story is that it has been positive even though the exchanges are in the Reds, hopefully a good jump ahead.

FSL 12 Jan 08:54 PM

We dont believe in sharing biased investment advice. Our recommendations are based on our authentic research and not limited to promoting a particular company. To get more information click on the profile picture.

GLAND 12 Jan 08:53 PM

definitely it will breach 1400 very soon...

NSEBANK 12 Jan 08:53 PM

US inflation and Indian inflation both will be released before market opening . Any one is bad. it will have the impact in tomorrows trading.

GODFRYPHLP 11 Jan 08:13 PM

Book val 564 eps 108, gofrey for 2070, too expensive, so book full profit n exit b4 it fizzles out.

THANGAMAYL 11 Jan 08:12 PM

thangamayil strong now buy immediately

NCC 11 Jan 08:12 PM

NCC is unstoppable now, nobody can stop it

NSEI 11 Jan 08:12 PM

FTSE making high on high from last 3 days, European markets rallied 4-5% in last one week, US is doing fairly enough but just bcs retailers are buying CEs so operators are dragging down NIfty.

NSEBANK 11 Jan 08:11 PM

I guess tomorrow if bank nifty goes down heavily, then may be we can see budget rally from net week, or else if bank nifty goes up, then next week, market will go down for sure, and from next to next week, budget rally will roar

NSEBANK 07 Jan 07:08 PM

Update at night 100% Profit future On monday bank nifty update

NSEI 07 Jan 07:07 PM

nifty will reach 17550 mark my words 100%sure now Indian market going dow and usa market up funds will move to cheaper value market

GMRINFRA 07 Jan 07:07 PM

GMR has moved from 35 to profit booking is going on and GMR has corrected to air travel has increased generating in GMR for there month target of 75

IEX 07 Jan 07:07 PM

Please share your levels for study purpose sir. It reversed at 130 like you said

IDEA 07 Jan 07:06 PM

Vi is again to bring 59 rupees plan with 52 rs talktime , 200 mb data , 24 days validity to cater to low income group sections.

NSEBANK 06 Jan 07:02 PM

Bluffing retailers at EOD. Monday morning gap up then swing to Strategy to trap at high price. hero to zero.

NSEI 06 Jan 07:02 PM

dont buy any single CE till it crosses 18100,enjoy in barish 17400 Monday or Tuesday

ARCHITORG 06 Jan 07:01 PM

lower circuit start from monday

JMFINANCIL 06 Jan 07:01 PM

last year they gave dividend in q3.. this year not there looks like..

ICICIBANK 06 Jan 07:01 PM

Thanks ICICI Bank for making our day on the Sell side, book good profits and trail the sl guys. Happy Investing!

NSEBANK 05 Jan 09:27 PM

Banknifty predefined entry and expiry check t g dharshfish

BAJAJFINSV 05 Jan 09:26 PM

Bajaj Finance : Interesting point Since 2009 only 3 times it went below 20 month EMA Recently in short span of 6 months 2nd time going below 20 EMA Is this opportunity or caution needed ?

POLYPLEX 05 Jan 09:26 PM

if it indeed reaches 1200 in upcoming month, it would become a no brainer investment stock. I will buy as much as possible at those rates.

PVR 05 Jan 09:26 PM

very weak stock sell on rise

NSEI 05 Jan 09:25 PM

Market will stay Neutral for around 2 weeks....

UNIENTER 04 Jan 06:04 PM

niche mai 557 closing basis naya mandi aur 595 plus ka closing matlab naya teji result key hai abhi bina news k bada move aayega nahi

NATCOPHARM 04 Jan 06:04 PM

200 points down in nifty and this stock fell by meagre 0.8%. May be week hands are already gone or in their last leap.

BALRAMCHIN 04 Jan 06:03 PM

Sugar is a relatively price-inelastic product, I do not see any major impact on exports on account of any likely recession.

NSEBANK 04 Jan 06:02 PM

Market was supposed to be recovered in the evening but pulled down, tomorrow morning would be gap up opening and it will be around 43400-43500

NSEBANK 04 Jan 06:02 PM

Market was supposed to be recovered in the evening but pulled down, tomorrow morning would be gap up opening and it will be around 43400-43500

NSEI 04 Jan 06:01 PM


BCG 03 Jan 02:35 PM

Brightcoms HyGrowth model is a new way of looking at future acquisitions

ABFRL 03 Jan 02:34 PM

Today its 283. You cant be surprised if it touches 250 very soon. Total kachra stock.

AARTIIND 03 Jan 02:34 PM

when is Aarti Pharmalabs gping to be listed any idea please....

NSEBANK 03 Jan 02:33 PM

buy from here it will reach 500/600

NSEI 03 Jan 02:33 PM

18300 possible today............hold...............

NSEBANK 02 Jan 03:17 PM

18300 call 60 now book partial profit

NSEI 02 Jan 03:17 PM

kab kidhar jayega index kisiko kuch nahi pata. Opetytors ka buy sell button par dependent hai bas. retailers marte rahe aur oferytor malai khichta rahe, bas yahi hai intraday ki kahani

UNIVCABLES 02 Jan 03:16 PM

Universal 20% upper circut,what a start Lovely 2023,enjoy the Moneyrain Frnds !

BURGERKING 02 Jan 03:16 PM

The King Burger outlet on the outskirt of Pathankot also gives a similar impression of brisk business. Looks good times are ahead

MBLINFRA 02 Jan 03:16 PM

Guys again intimate to you tomorrow again open in upper circuit buybuyhurry hurry up

SCI 31 Dec 07:00 PM

there is no big hurdle in mca order as per et infra news. MCA is seeking clarifications and assurances. but process gets delayed by 2 weeks or so.

ASIANPAINT 31 Dec 07:00 PM

pahle 2800/- to nahi aa jayega. is mahine ki range batao sath sl

CGPOWER 31 Dec 06:59 PM

Ankola... I have a good feel about Affordable Robotics at 200..may go through earning call transcript.. in midcap space ,fancy remains in Indian B, PNBHFL, Sheetal, Tejas.. Holding the last two..

NSEI 31 Dec 06:59 PM

still some midcap and small cap stocks are still not performing.

NSEBANK 31 Dec 06:59 PM

14000cr infused in ce writing will buy them back 5 paisa dont wait all ce holders otherwise butchered

NSEI 29 Dec 08:26 PM


NSEBANK 29 Dec 08:25 PM

BN never down only will be down when I buy CE then BN will down otherwise BN will fly and fly

PVR 29 Dec 08:25 PM

Mark my word . pvr definitely cross 1800 level in coming days . no lockdown

ABB 29 Dec 08:25 PM

whats the reason for 3000..yes anyday could move up

NIRAJ 29 Dec 08:24 PM

Company going to windup the business finally, poor CFO doing business without ability

NSEBANK 27 Dec 09:22 PM

BN will be gap down tomorrow

NSEI 27 Dec 09:21 PM

live trade dekho sgx nifty 200 point plus hain

MHLXMIRU 27 Dec 09:21 PM

make profit and wait for down side

ADANIENT 27 Dec 09:20 PM


IBULHSGFIN 27 Dec 09:20 PM

Buy yes bank tgt 35 Varma ji it will fly like rocket â€Ļâ€Ļ. 2/3 lk buy

RELIANCE 24 Dec 07:54 PM

What a mouth watering levels of Reliance at 2500 to invest and hold for 3000 plus targets in 2023. Thanks! SL is merely 100 rupee from here

NSEI 24 Dec 07:54 PM

Friends - Risk reward certainly favours from here as risk is 50 points on Nifty 17775 and reward is 400 points towards 18200 levels!!

ADANIENT 24 Dec 07:54 PM

The person who starts simply with the idea of getting rich won t succeed you must have a larger ambition.

BAJAJHIND 24 Dec 07:53 PM

In Stock Market no body has ever made high returns in stock market without taking risk, The more risk you take the more you earn - The more risk you take the more you might loose too, Always calculate your risk taking carefully - Every once... 

NSEBANK 24 Dec 07:53 PM


NSEBANK 23 Dec 09:13 PM

koi support ya resistance ka kaam nahi hai....Agar Covid ka khatra hai....toh Market sureshot down..down...down...

SUZLON 23 Dec 09:13 PM

Indias Renewable Energy Progress: At GW By November End, Installed Capacity Nears 2022 Target

SBIN 23 Dec 09:12 PM

Is it possible to reach 600 this expiry?

YESBANK 23 Dec 09:12 PM

time is the best answer telling to us hopefull good return ahead

NSEI 23 Dec 09:12 PM

Gloub suffering because of ::: CHINA only . Realistically think ........why no G7 country declare " WAR " ...a huge mistory ⁉ī¸â˜šī¸

RELINFRA 22 Dec 07:58 PM

NCLT Ahmadabad special court will pronounce the order tomorrow at 10.30 AM on Rel Infra, JSPL, Citi Securities and CoC petitions in the matter of Rnaval Insolvency. This will be the final judgement.

MOSCHIP 22 Dec 07:57 PM

Company is in semi conductor designs and presently catering to overseas SC manufacturers. New units set up in SC can give it boost as their expertise would be deployed locally.

FACT 22 Dec 07:57 PM

Fact 6% up again, new highs, from 138 to 310 now,enjoy the moneyrain Frnds !

NSEI 22 Dec 07:56 PM


NSEBANK 22 Dec 07:55 PM

Monday indian market is on they will sell in Indian market although holiday in usa on Monday...

NSEBANK 20 Dec 06:25 PM

today put holder wipe day no chance to exit from tommorow only bull run

NSEI 20 Dec 06:25 PM

dust has been settled now tomorrow nifty will gapup above yesterdays closing i.e then range bound of 50 points /-..

CANBK 20 Dec 06:24 PM

thinker.... intresting information. No doubt Canara was above yesterdays close although other PSU Banks were drifting lower

IDEA 20 Dec 06:24 PM

dogs smelling power is very high.

MOTHERSUMI 20 Dec 06:24 PM

ohh.ok.. I think hero motors inspite of being an investor friendly stock, the cmp is less than its value in 2014..this is what Sushantji meant to say..

UCOBANK 19 Dec 06:34 PM

saying again its overvalued right price is around 28-30 for this stock!!! check my msg 3 days ago!!!

WIPRO 19 Dec 06:34 PM


GMMPFAUDLR 19 Dec 06:34 PM

Atma nirbhar bharat. Hold for long term target 18000 to 20000 in 8 to 10 years..

NSEI 19 Dec 06:34 PM

Today as on 19th December 2022 Fiis sold shares worth Rs 538 Crores while Diis Bought shares worth Rs 687 crores respectively.

NSEBANK 19 Dec 06:33 PM

now i am holding 43400 pe at 220 4 lots. closed at 165. not sure what will happen tomorrow. any experts suggestions what to do tomorrow. hold or exit full by booking losses. please advise

RUCHI 15 Dec 05:38 PM

Everybody is loosing money here as no future perfect vision of company appears anyway.

PNB 15 Dec 05:37 PM

PNB tomorrow 65.20. enjoy new year first week target đŸŽ¯ 100

BINDALAGRO 15 Dec 05:37 PM

today all fertilizer stocks 20% uc when cross new high bindal dead stock nfl also new high........

NSEI 15 Dec 05:36 PM

.I also sold 18700 and 18600 pe...when nifty was 100 point down,☚ī¸â˜šī¸â˜šī¸

NSEBANK 15 Dec 05:36 PM

kvlr you you said nifty bank will close are you kidding? and now you say it will recover. GOD watching you and you will get it back

RPOWER 14 Dec 06:37 PM

once it crossed 25 it Wii be rocket thanks

GGENG 14 Dec 06:36 PM

who is that big shark. if big shark was accumulating then price would not have fallen to such low level.

INFIBEAM 14 Dec 06:36 PM

sab co buy back kar rahe hai..... ya co share badha rahe hai.....itni reserve hone ke baad bhi naye allotment karti hai co.... pata hai paiso ka kya karti hai.... menegment is very doutfull....

NSEI 14 Dec 06:36 PM

Indian mrkts are not following global markets.. lol.. abhi aur kitna dekhna baaki Hain.. No fall.. only uptrend.. 19k tomorrow! 🚀🚀🚀

NSEBANK 14 Dec 06:35 PM

no rate hike by fed due to new year festival s bnifty 44500 sure

PAYTM 14 Dec 06:35 PM

be careful otherwise u will burn ur hands wait till tomorrow picture will be clear

NSEI 13 Dec 05:39 PM

24 hours before FED announces a 50 bps hike and take FFR to 4.5, US 3M treasury is at 4.37. Ask yourself when was the last time US3M lower than the FFR? if this is not crazy territory what is?

HINDUNILVR 13 Dec 05:38 PM

For -Daily Live Free Levels in Stock Options Jovin Us Daily 2 to 4 Trdes

MIRZAINT 13 Dec 05:38 PM

concur that 262. it should take support there

SOUTHBANK 13 Dec 05:37 PM

Expect 24-25 easily —30

CENTRALBK 13 Dec 05:37 PM

UC on cards. It has potential to touch 70-75 in six months

NSEI 12 Dec 03:20 PM

Huge gap between Nifty Futures and SGX. Wow!

NSEBANK 12 Dec 03:19 PM

last minute scene up bank nifty whereas Indian market dont have much grip nd brave inbetween hrs

DISHTV 12 Dec 03:19 PM

Upside I can see sky..Add it ..last opportunity to Add below 22

ABCAPITAL 12 Dec 03:19 PM

Sir Birla Tyres is among IRP list in NCLT, means very risky hold. Please check it. I am afraid if it goes like DHFL, Sintex now.

SINTEX 12 Dec 03:17 PM

Reliance will take care of the small investors. May be some attractive conversion, we will get. Let us wait and watch.

BHARATFORG 12 Dec 03:17 PM

Hold Bharat Forge as BTST for targets in excess of 900...positional target 925-940

NSEI 10 Dec 05:33 PM

Market will not recover from here guys trailer dikha dia operator ney 18000 is coming soon 😊

NSEBANK 10 Dec 05:33 PM

Thanks Bank Nifty and Bharatforge for making our morning - How would you rate my BTST Call guys - Hope you all have booked good gains.

ANURAS 10 Dec 05:33 PM

23 Dec record date announced for bonus

TITAN 10 Dec 05:32 PM

Today TV Anchors pretending to be experts explained massive addition to 18000 Strike Puts as Put writing..!!!

NTPC 10 Dec 05:32 PM

Better to stay away for sometime Then Losseee This stock is not looking strong

NSEBANK 13 Sep 12:21 PM

buy icicigi lambard 1250 CE at 28 for Target 50 at any moment .

DAAWAT 13 Sep 12:15 PM

I have strong conviction in Chamanlal setia has huge upside left

NSEI 13 Sep 12:15 PM

book all profit on 18000 ce book nifty future profit and wait again 40-50 point downside then buy again

UNITECH 13 Sep 12:14 PM


WELSPUNIND 13 Sep 12:14 PM

Welspun india now in momentum.Good to add for a target of 100 plus. Enjoy the rally.

TIMETECHNO 12 Sep 02:47 PM

Deal of 2000crs will be announced in this week hold. selling of land of 60crs is also in progress and will be finished in his month only...

IEX 12 Sep 02:47 PM

Current month daily trading volumes are showing decent improvement MOM. If this sustains, then IEX could stabilize in a higher band.

TATAELXSI 12 Sep 02:46 PM

Buy this GEM..for multiple the data with GMM and HLE glasscoat....1500 plus would be real value

NSEI 12 Sep 02:46 PM

shares without any fundamentals are going up. but shared with strong fundamentals like HUL are going down inspite of positive news like extension of concessional duty and steep fall in price of palm oil.

NSEBANK 12 Sep 02:45 PM

After 3 PM Today Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy for Target is 40800-40850 today make my words

PRESTIGE 11 Sep 06:10 PM

Properties worth Rs 25-50 lakhs constituted 55% of the total sales in August 2022, an increase from their share of total sales in August 2021, according to a Knight Frank India report.

BCG 11 Sep 06:10 PM

Should this be impacting investment decision? Higher circuit only helps traders in my view and these so called operators for whom Adian Bhai is working for.

RAIN 11 Sep 06:10 PM

RI sell below 180 for target 150~130 ....Big negatives in revenue from EU ...Buy near to 130... Happy Investing !!!!!

NSEBANK 11 Sep 06:09 PM

hold on u will get profit be patience

NSEI 11 Sep 06:09 PM

18300 possible in expiry....strong upmove possible in nifty as well as us market

NSEBANK 10 Sep 03:06 PM

Monday will be gap down

NSEI 10 Sep 03:05 PM

anyone has idea abt ambuja cement tgt next week

TIINDIA 10 Sep 03:05 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

SPARC 10 Sep 03:05 PM

So this is very worst stock forever for options trading. Mostly CE options players demolished their wealth. This is waste stock forever.

MARUTI 10 Sep 03:04 PM

Maruti 9000 ce options stop loss 175. All people still stop loss again 175. Suggestion need.

AWL 09 Sep 12:58 PM

circuit limit might revised Monday onwards ,likely to come out from asm 2 720 levels cannot be ruled out .......

MGL 09 Sep 12:57 PM

interested to gain wealth? Profit sharing is the way to go

SCPL 09 Sep 12:57 PM

agm announced on 28th of September. accumulate now!

IDBI 09 Sep 12:56 PM

sab gov entities milke retail people ko target kar ke paise kama rahe hai news base pe up down suru hai bas or kuch nahi dont trust on any news

NSEI 09 Sep 12:56 PM

Todays trend is to go slowly downward

NSEBANK 09 Sep 12:56 PM

resistancecs 40500 stuck between 40500 n 40534

RELINFRA 08 Sep 04:25 PM

please confirm once if the slp filed by dmrc has been dismissed by the supreme court...thanks in advance

CONCOR 08 Sep 04:24 PM

Websol Energy System touches roof on inking term sheet for establishment of Joint Venture

GTLINFRA 08 Sep 04:24 PM

i have 1.2L shares in GTL infra with 1.63 avg. minimum 10 words

NSEI 08 Sep 04:24 PM

protrader tomorrow also nifty may open postive if there is any recovery in dow hope so

IDEA 08 Sep 04:23 PM

 "There is a SEBI norm that the acquisition should take place at par value. DoT will clear the acquisition after VIL shares stabilise at Rs 10 or above," an official source told PTI Govt now and then Adani to get the shares finally?

NSEBANK 08 Sep 04:23 PM

Bnf super bullish sold monthly 42000 Pe in the morning.

SUBEXLTD 07 Sep 11:53 AM

Subex will touch 42-50-68-100 by March, 2023. Stop it if you can.

PAUSHAKLTD 07 Sep 11:53 AM


NSEI 07 Sep 11:52 AM

what about taking 17600 CE

ADANIENT 07 Sep 11:52 AM

Excellent business models and strategy will help to give much better position. Should be 3600 soon.

BCG 07 Sep 11:52 AM

Did they not know that MeduaMint business prior , they just spammed the investor community. However MeduaMint do not add much earnings , at max, 10-15 paise max . . .

NSEI 06 Sep 11:35 AM

When lost money in Options , it is JP Power Suzlon and RPower saved me.. again going green , Rpower UC expected by EOD.

NTPC 06 Sep 11:31 AM

BUY NTPC ONLY ABOVE 167 SL 164.9, cash levels. Thanks!

GAIL 06 Sep 11:31 AM

Bonus shares will be credited at F V 10.00

NSEBANK 06 Sep 11:31 AM

retailers jholi vorke PE aur CE utalo đŸ¤Ŗ opertaor tumhara paisa 10x krke dega expiry tak đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ

BIOCON 06 Sep 11:30 AM

It continues to slide in-spite of the news flow, may be an opportunity to add.

NSEBANK 05 Sep 11:31 AM

TODAY Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy for Target is 40200 today confirm News Today sure sure sure sure