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NSEI 13 Feb 10:18 PM

nasdaq finally will flat end

AMBUJACEM 13 Feb 10:18 PM

Ambuja Cement buy for TGT -500/- FII DII koi to kharid raha hoga bada player.

ADANIENT 13 Feb 10:18 PM

How much more fall there can be in next two days. Panic increasing day by day may further drag it down.

ADANIPOWER 13 Feb 10:17 PM

Hindenburg gaya Kam se, SEBI and Union Home Ministry launched an FIR against the firm and its founder Nathan.

NSEBANK 13 Feb 10:17 PM

Nasdaq-Dowjones will be in the red end of the day... tomorrow will gap down opening surely...

KRETTOSYS 11 Feb 10:25 PM

Millitoons Ente is a constantly moving up everyday other company which is constantly moving up is Kretto Syscon Ltd.

ADANIENT 11 Feb 10:24 PM

In short term this stock can make bottom of 300 by april 2023

NSEI 11 Feb 10:23 PM

Hope markets do fly up from next week. And set a stage for fresh bull run towards 21,000.

NSEBANK 11 Feb 10:23 PM

Fiis are pulling out money and billions of rupees means any time we can see huge down fall so keep light position in buy side...sellers will have good opportunity.....

NSEI 10 Feb 09:52 PM

from Monday market time change ? 9 to 5 pm ... nse circular its correct ?

BCG 10 Feb 09:52 PM

Suresh kumar reddy had 15 point 77 percent shares as on March 2020 and now his personal holding has come down to just decimal 86 percent. Shame on him and his greed. He himself has no faith in his own company.

EDELWEISS 10 Feb 09:52 PM

edelweiss Buy signal monday above 68 only, rally to 72 possible

CAMPUS 10 Feb 09:51 PM

one of the best share to hold for long time❣️ already good returns on investment. slow resistance at 425 level... if it cross 425 then there is no coming back.. soon it will cross 500 mark

NSEBANK 10 Feb 09:51 PM

bank nifty tired & it will fall drawstically at least 700- 900 point can be hitted 40700-40500 sharp fall decision is yours

IDEA 08 Feb 01:37 AM

buy idea for short time 9.20

PNCINFRA 08 Feb 01:37 AM

pnc infra buy at 340 target 352 stop loss 326

ADANIPORTS 08 Feb 01:36 AM

Adani administration may have expected all these and more when seizeage of their Vizhinjam port in Kerala by Clergies earlier ended some days or weeks ago. Even a section of Indian public also may have expected some backlash.

NSEI 08 Feb 01:36 AM

data looks very weak on NF and BNF. Today 2 cr CE added in NF and 1cr in BNF. NF oi Rose by 6% and BNF increased by 10% on short side. Kal badi move aasakti hain on downside..

NSEBANK 04 Feb 09:42 PM

Governments Conversion of Vodafone Idea debt to Equity is Going to Boost banks having debt with VI SBI , indusind , Axis , Icici , idfc first , etc 👍👍

SAIL 04 Feb 09:41 PM

in this feb month, SAIL is not gonna move much .. but future of SAIL looks great. will be trading above 120 levels April

MAHABANK 04 Feb 09:41 PM

bank of mah buying at cmp short term target 34 sl 25

ITC 04 Feb 09:40 PM

Breakout, trend, results all is good for ITC. also good for long term investment...but Big fall may possible if Govt sell its stake... (holding huge chunk.). Please consult expert before investing at this rate

NSEI 04 Feb 09:40 PM

maximum percentage vary go 1000 percentage depends on up or down and we need margin means more money..that all

NSEBANK 02 Feb 10:05 PM

kal banks girega badly due to adani issue

NSEI 02 Feb 10:04 PM

adani stocks under ASM from tomorrow, so much drop will be restricted

IBREALEST 02 Feb 10:04 PM

Quarterly results are on 10 February I e. Friday. Tomorrow I am not hopeful of merger since the promoters are not able to push the case.

IDFC 02 Feb 10:03 PM

If this crosses 70, next target is 95. Hoping to see the targets soon

ADANIENT 02 Feb 10:03 PM

The group is going in Anil Ambani way , We may see the price of the scrip in three digits and feel for the lenders

AWL 02 Feb 10:03 PM

still time to sell this . the stock will test 240 levels . May buy below 220 which is fair value for the stock .

NSEI 01 Feb 09:53 PM

Except adani market is still strong & resilient..I think not only hindenburg but also some short seller hedge fund is active in adani stocks..Market Sentiments are low

ICRA 01 Feb 09:52 PM

icra sell at cmp target 4340 stop loss 4385

INDIACEM 01 Feb 09:52 PM

suggested to buy blindly near bottom 188 support based just two days back.. today its posted high nearly 203...isnt?

BOMDYEING 01 Feb 09:52 PM

bombay dyeing sell at cmp target 65

NSEBANK 01 Feb 09:51 PM

Tomorrow gap down in bank nifty

NSEBANK 30 Jan 10:38 PM

tomorrow bank nifty opening 40700 and can rally towards 41200 surely

HIKAL 30 Jan 10:38 PM

Co is going to declare interim dividend that means results will be good.

SOUTHBANK 30 Jan 10:38 PM

South Indian Bank will trade above 65₹ before 28 April 2023.

ADANIENT 30 Jan 10:37 PM

This will going to trade in hundreds in few months. better come out of the stock asap.

IDFC 30 Jan 10:37 PM

Get ready for 60 tom and 65 day after.....good days ahead for this stock...n nifty 18k plus tom....and 18200 day after.....if it hits or not ....but still Ill be with this stock....holding 45k idfcbank and 10k idfc at 19 and 16... .

NSEI 30 Jan 10:37 PM

Gap down for tomorrow...mark it..

TATASTEEL 29 Jan 09:11 PM

105 Again. Avoid any buying in February in any shares.

HFCL 29 Jan 09:11 PM

HFCL Limited bags Purchase Orders aggregating to ~INR Crores from Reliance Projects & Property Management Services Limited and Reliance Retail Limited for supply of Optical Fiber Cables

IBULHSGFIN 29 Jan 09:10 PM

Start SIP buying till 90 levels in small quantities.

IFCI 29 Jan 09:10 PM

ifci buy at cmp target 15 stop loss 8

NSEBANK 29 Jan 09:09 PM

All US market ended higher. Might see green start on Monday. All news are positive towards SBI and due to union budget on 1st Feb we still cant able to decide exactly what will happen next in coming week.

NSEI 29 Jan 09:09 PM

Genuine investors need not worry. Adani is not India. Indian companies are going great and there are many companies operating at worldwide level. Indian stock market is resilient enough to face such turbulence

AWL 27 Jan 10:17 PM

Today volume is 12 Lakh and 81

FCSSOFT 27 Jan 10:17 PM

buy this stock in bulk future multibegger

IDFC 27 Jan 10:16 PM

Moreover today 27th Jan is also over I think Bandhan is so busy in replacing the MF team and preparing for name change ceremony that they forgot to make the payment ....ha ha ha

NSEBANK 27 Jan 10:16 PM

Bank nifty made low 40889...... Wait for more fall........

NSEI 27 Jan 10:16 PM

no upward movement only downward movements

DANGEE 26 Jan 08:16 PM

reliance acquired to stock just talk because chocolate business in Gujarat most watch this stock.

GGPL 26 Jan 08:16 PM

any one know, this stock value or LTP is NA in ICICI direct.

VEDL 26 Jan 08:16 PM

Hi good result expected to.orrow 6.30 Asset sale 3b stock will cross. 400 buy on every dip

NSEI 26 Jan 08:15 PM

Market View - 24th January (Tuesday) Wish you all a good Tuesday and continued profitable week ahead! Market is likely to open on strong note today as Global market is strong... But you need experienced hands to guide you as near Budget

NSEBANK 26 Jan 08:15 PM

hindenburg news on adani will drag the BN more deeper.

BOMOXY-B1 24 Jan 10:12 PM

Dont sell single share...tgt 11500 soon

AXISBANK 24 Jan 10:11 PM

Axis Bank Didnt have any ADR. correct me if I am wrong.

MRPL 24 Jan 10:11 PM

soon 45 levels can be seen wait to enter at lower levels

NSEI 24 Jan 10:10 PM

chal market one way only buy tomorrow

NSEBANK 24 Jan 10:10 PM

But, what is news or logic for such big move

NSEBANK 23 Jan 04:59 PM

banknifty expiry alert rocks alerted above 42500 next cross 43000 comes now 42800 tomorrow if hold next 43200 comes otherwise break 42500 all are spot levels power of technical analysis rocks again history repeats itself

PTC 23 Jan 04:59 PM

only sebi can decide . no predefined rules to change limit

OIL 23 Jan 04:58 PM

It is nice to see OIL moving upwards, it would be excellent if bonus is declared this year.

AXISBANK 23 Jan 04:58 PM

Guess you carry a lot of puts. Let us wait and watch

NSEI 23 Jan 04:58 PM

reliance only dragged the market...tomorrow will lift reliance then only market will go up otherwise same

NSEBANK 20 Jan 07:41 PM

Sell bank nifty now cmp 43300-4350 sl 43500 target 42500*40000........

NSEI 20 Jan 07:41 PM

Yes you are absolutely correct Friend.. Always the DII is the main culprit to trap the retailers than FII.. We always be cautious on DII.

BALAMINES 20 Jan 07:40 PM

All those people who are having sleepless nights over share price drop should once again go through the latest annual report and know the company they have invested in. Your conviction will automatically change.

IDEA 20 Jan 07:40 PM

agr recalculation not happening when no govt transperancy how promoter put money in company do you put money if you are managing company govt not settled agr case

TANLA 20 Jan 07:40 PM

waiting...refreshing...waiting ......refreshing... Come On Tanla.

NSEI 19 Jan 05:53 PM

Nifty has not been following US markets for the past 2 weeks... and CNX IT which should have corrected today in line with Nasdaq , has held up well and ended green.

INDHOTEL 19 Jan 05:53 PM

31st Jan 23 Quarterly result for IHCL , 1feb Budget and boom will come.

MEGH 19 Jan 05:52 PM

Results are not ok. No effect of newly commissioned projects. Stock can touch 1000 considering the market conditions.

HINDUNILVR 19 Jan 05:52 PM

tomorrow gap down 5% royalties incries 2.65%to3.45% very nigetive

NSEBANK 19 Jan 05:51 PM

Yesssssssssss 100 points gain in Bank NIfty from the suggested levels, enjoy the gain and need your blessings guys!

NSEBANK 18 Jan 09:33 PM

tomorrow bothside trade 300 points

NSEI 18 Jan 09:33 PM

Gap Down - 100 points.

IDEA 18 Jan 09:32 PM

Buy Vodafone 7.30 sl 7 target tomorrow 9/10 soon

VEDL 18 Jan 09:32 PM

Vedanta acquired Meenashi Energy at a cost of 1440 crore thereby Vedanta entered in power segment.Source....MC.

VAKRANGEE 18 Jan 09:31 PM

can someone highlight the clearly Exact Status of Demerger of VL Software Division E Governance From Vakrangee

NSEBANK 17 Jan 09:50 PM

BN positive nahi ho sakta kabhi only red rahega

NSEI 17 Jan 09:49 PM

I guess it s going to be just opposite

JSL 17 Jan 09:49 PM

Jindal stainles super strong on charts, Technical suggest BUY for target 260

GNFC 17 Jan 09:49 PM

GNFc buy 574 tgt 600

IEX 17 Jan 09:48 PM

120-130 should happen in next few days.

NSEI 16 Jan 09:43 PM

everyday sgx turn green and next morning 9.15 am turn red.:D

NSEBANK 16 Jan 09:43 PM

Here you go Bank Nifty up 150 points from the suggested support level, enjoy the gain :)

NECCLTD 16 Jan 09:42 PM

north eastern is on fire moving up daily. another stock which is on fire is unishire urban infra ltd and kretto syscon ltd.

OBCL 16 Jan 09:42 PM

orissa bengal carrier ltd as once again posted very good results and will hit the upper circuit tomorrow. unishire urban infra ltd and kretto syscon ltd.has posted good results and is locked at the upper circuit.

BCG 16 Jan 09:42 PM

top managements r seriously working to resolved pending issues asap, for which they are traveling abroad, soon you will be hear that long pending daum finally settled..

ARCHITORG 13 Jan 08:33 PM

Nothing exciting in December numbers.. The next trigger could be commencement of commercial production from subsidiary company Archit lifescience..

KARDA 13 Jan 08:33 PM

You are right. Strong promoters never sell their holdings. My prediction is that they are facing acute financial problems.

TATASTEEL 13 Jan 08:32 PM

Hold for the tgp of 135 there is one resistance till that no resistance monday might rally 5 percent uc

NSEI 13 Jan 08:31 PM

Sgx positive close.....recovering from lows...

NSEI 12 Jan 09:00 PM

tomorrow will be nifty on fire . Indias CPI rate fallen to 5.7 percent from 5.9 in December .

NBCC 12 Jan 08:59 PM

HG infra 713 from 188 🔥🔥 Recommended to our paid clients 279% return till now🔥🤩 Get more recommendations like this by clicking on our profile picture

SHIVATEX 12 Jan 08:59 PM

It seems Mr.Jindal is waiting for 15th January….. Then there will be no looking back

RTNINFRA 12 Jan 08:58 PM

Have you come across Rattan India Premier League tournament....Check their twitter account....

NSEBANK 12 Jan 08:58 PM


MAANALU 11 Jan 08:16 PM

Maan 6% up rockinggg, major jalwa pending frnds,sugested from 101 cmp 200 plus now !

ADORWELD 11 Jan 08:16 PM

ador welding overall bearish now, sell for 800

RUBYMILLS 11 Jan 08:16 PM

ruby mills currently weak now, sell below 205 for short term profit

NSEI 11 Jan 08:16 PM

May be Portfolio sector re arrangement done by FII..need to check from and to which sector

NSEBANK 11 Jan 08:15 PM

Since PE Oi is concrete stronger than CE OI...No question of any Gap down tomorrow....either Upside or flat opening....NO GAP DOWN....SURE SHOT

NSEBANK 07 Jan 07:10 PM

right sir u r right,no more down side expected indian market

TCS 07 Jan 07:09 PM

More fall expected, should test 2800 in Feb

CLEAN 07 Jan 07:09 PM

long term ke liye buy on dip Karo diis he baar baar niche leja kar kharidte he saale range bound kar diya aacha results par hi kuch ho payega nhi to aur correction ke liye mauka mil jayega

NSEI 07 Jan 07:09 PM

yes thank u bro....i feel if nifty touches 18100 in monday morning, the value should reach 250 or so....lets see how things goes

IRCTC 07 Jan 07:08 PM

IRCTC is risk free at any price below 600. Should not miss it at these prices

LICI 06 Jan 07:07 PM

again 600 in coming days

BAJAJFINSV 06 Jan 07:06 PM

useless stock take 6 months for comeback tab tak 1200 jane wala hai beth kar bas apna paisa dubte dekho

TCS 06 Jan 07:06 PM

TCS rally is finish. Only in 2025 you will see this at 4000 range. Until then it will be lackluster

NSEBANK 06 Jan 07:06 PM

have 41900 pe 252 average ..closing 189 .. what should I do ?

NSEI 06 Jan 07:05 PM

Again same support and resistance. SGX Nifty needs to close above 18,400 to start a fresh bull run. I hope this is double bottom pattern. Hope so.

ICICIBANK 05 Jan 09:32 PM

after many days, it is looking very weak, target for tomorrow is 862

VSSL 05 Jan 09:32 PM

Vardhman steels strong on charts and technical suggest to buy for 355

BCG 05 Jan 09:31 PM

Let us raise some meaningful questions to SKR on conference call. We need to talk some aggressive questions.

NSEI 05 Jan 09:31 PM

putin ordered ceasefire. market may jump

NSEBANK 05 Jan 09:30 PM

all major supports broken consistently so again blood bath

NSEI 04 Jan 06:10 PM

today both nifty and banknifty pe side 6 time profit with one hero zero call 3 time profit.

PNB 04 Jan 06:10 PM

PNB is an undervalued stock and its price will easily cross 64 levels in the short to mid-term, by RK Finament.

CANFINHOME 04 Jan 06:09 PM

I brought one more lot at lower price today. Selling is over hope lock UC from tomorrow.

TVSELECT 04 Jan 06:09 PM

Tvs electric hit first positional TP 350. Next 385/405/451

NSEBANK 04 Jan 06:08 PM

man i stuck with 5 lot at 43200 call i was busy with work did not see mobile till now and market is ed up. any big news that i was missing?

HINDZINC 03 Jan 02:42 PM

just on E.T target piece of hzl is 360 . mined production increased 1% . enjoy the ride.

MAZDOCK 03 Jan 02:41 PM

mazagon dock is to be locked in uppar band....some internal news seems positive

YESBANK 03 Jan 02:41 PM

When this will move up sharply big short covering ………

BANDHANBNK 03 Jan 02:41 PM

Bandhan bank has started shining. Just waiting to cross 252.

NSEBANK 03 Jan 02:40 PM

Lets see how correct you are by the end of the day

NSEI 03 Jan 02:40 PM

looks like again 3 pm market will give heavy bounce by 18200 unwinding....pattern is looking positive

ZENSARTECH 02 Jan 03:15 PM

Divided up for 3 1 2023 days please let us what your records happy

IDEA 02 Jan 03:15 PM

all penny stocks are running except will go to 10 by March end when all penny stocks will double...

NSEBANK 02 Jan 03:14 PM

Sir, still i have not done trade in this call , should i take as positional or not ? please suggest

NSEI 02 Jan 03:14 PM

3pm candle probably going to give 50 points upside

IRFC 02 Jan 03:14 PM

IRFC consolidating and readying for 44 plus Price target in near future. Normally after restest, it should move 25 per cent higher (Chartists in the group can correct me).

UCOBANK 31 Dec 07:10 PM

BUY / HOLD TGT Rs 35-38-40-45 .... SLOWLY STRONG UPSIDE ..🌹👍

HIKAL 31 Dec 07:10 PM

promoter increased .25% holdings last week

MISHTANN 31 Dec 07:09 PM

30 crore share addition by Rights issue news followed by Declaration of Financial Results for Qtr. Ended December 31, 2022 on the way.

ZSARACOM 31 Dec 07:09 PM

why this one not moving up in spite of 4 digit large hope book value and more enough promoter holding

ICICIBANK 31 Dec 07:09 PM

In Credit Suisse 30-stock India portfolio, ICICI Bank is among the top 10 stocks with a 7% weightage. In Morgan Stanleys 10 focus list of stocks, ICICI Bank is the 4th.

NSEBANK 31 Dec 07:08 PM

when global markets up indian indices crash

SCI 31 Dec 07:08 PM

government delaying all the matters, if demerge then listing problem LIKE BEML LAND AND NMDC STEEL share

NSEI 31 Dec 07:08 PM

Any reason for the market to go down? Don t just simply spread negativity each and every day… provide a valid concrete reason…

BANKBARODA 29 Dec 08:29 PM

buy bank of baroda cash target tomorrow 190/200 soon

GODREJPROP 29 Dec 08:28 PM

GP is going take flight as showing in the charts and positive news for this adding, so hoping tomorrow it will open atleast 3% upside and till closing it can reach to 1275 levels

ZOMATO 29 Dec 08:28 PM

Buy Zomato 60 sl 58 tgt 65/67 Tomorrow

NSEI 29 Dec 08:27 PM

its my prediction markit will 100% touch to 18500 in 05 Jan expiry

NSEBANK 29 Dec 08:27 PM

BN tomorrow fly fly fly, 💸💸💸 so dont buy PE

SUNTV 27 Dec 09:24 PM

Sun TV network buy 488, keep target 500, follow SL 484

RELIANCE 27 Dec 09:24 PM

5G services and metro retail acquisition will take it towards 2700

APOLLOHOSP 27 Dec 09:24 PM


NSEBANK 27 Dec 09:23 PM

BN will face gap down tomorrow as FII sold 3800 cr today in index option

NSEI 27 Dec 09:23 PM

Start looking upward cowards, earning is not dependent to PE . Go and fly the sky is yours.

NSEI 24 Dec 07:59 PM

Indian stock market is being treated as a casino by FIIs and operators.. genuine retail investors must keep away

VARDHACRLC 24 Dec 07:59 PM

We cannot speculate anything about the future prospects until 30th when the news will be out on the details of mode of raising funds of 1250 crores. Until then keep your fingers crossed. Do not make fantastic statements about this or that.

INDIACEM 24 Dec 07:58 PM

india cements raid is an attempt to depress its share price so that adani can buy dirt cheap and share the spoils with BJP

NSEBANK 24 Dec 07:58 PM

sir I hold puts 30 lots what will happen on Monday plzz suggest me

YESBANK 24 Dec 07:57 PM

Bounce back expected. 18.90, 19 75 and 20.75. Long term investors may hold tight. Or sell on rise between 23 to 24.75.

NSEBANK 23 Dec 09:18 PM

Sell bank nifty now cmp 43300-4350 sl 43500 target 42500*40000........

BRITANNIA 23 Dec 09:18 PM

Think long term.. Think equiities. Searcch… ---saral guide how to grow your savings---- n understand how to build wealth in long run

PACIFICI 23 Dec 09:17 PM

my prediction pacific right issue price 280 rs above wait and see👈👈🌍🌍

SIGACHI 23 Dec 09:17 PM

Some Dividend expected during SGM on 23rd January 2023. Fingers crossed.

NSEI 23 Dec 09:17 PM


SPIC 22 Dec 07:53 PM

Spic preparing for ultimate jalwa frnds, initially sugested at 47,hit highs of 92, cmp 70 near,use cmp and dips frnds !

AMBUJACEM 22 Dec 07:52 PM

As said earlier 800 coming soon..

RVNL 22 Dec 07:51 PM

Total contract value is Rs. 198 crores and portion applicable to RVNL not given. Considering implementation period of 20 months this would have no impact on stock price.

NSEI 22 Dec 07:51 PM

2500 crore buying in cash market by FII and DII. we retailer and traders are the ones who sell in panic mode. nothing like covid there.

NSEBANK 22 Dec 07:50 PM

gapup opening tomorrow I hold expirycall above 43000lets hope for best

NSEBANK 20 Dec 06:27 PM

positive open, today unexpected down, japan market crash so

NSEI 20 Dec 06:27 PM

good luck to folks who again bought CE in afternoon and didnt book profits..overnite positions are recipe for ...............

TVSELECT 20 Dec 06:26 PM

tvs electronics high 332 clear then after next target 390

CAMS 20 Dec 06:26 PM

This is six figures quoted ( including paise columns) share but rupee figures have no value here as gradual increase in paise columns will add to rupee in long term

DECCANCE 20 Dec 06:26 PM

voting opened up at deccan gold for. two resolution on merger

IDEA 19 Dec 06:37 PM

It s forty seven lakh loss TBS. What s the basis of 470 k calculations. Please help with details

IBULHSGFIN 19 Dec 06:37 PM

Guljack I just thought I will come back and say hi to everyone here 😊

PETRONET 19 Dec 06:37 PM


NSEI 19 Dec 06:36 PM

sahi hai bhai january per shift hojao monthly agar opportunity aachi mili to. ye week ki expiry se pata chaljata bhai kis side ki opportunity open hone wali hai. best of luck.

NSEBANK 19 Dec 06:36 PM

nifty nifty 195 ...not comparable ...tomorrow again bank nifty may rise at very past pace

NSEI 15 Dec 05:33 PM

Big Crash will be seen now... Nifty will around 17000 level before this expiry.... Mark my word and BN will touch 38000-38500 level ....

IDEA 15 Dec 05:32 PM

i still remember this stock rending bnfs.At 4 rs one time

ADANIPORTS 15 Dec 05:32 PM

just add n hold until next Thursday, boom boom dont miss

YESBANK 15 Dec 05:32 PM

The ARC deal is likely to be concluded this week itself. Mr PK is very much confident 🤣. Waiting and fingers crossed ⚔️

NSEBANK 15 Dec 05:31 PM

hi venx, happy times. break some champagne.

VEDL 14 Dec 06:40 PM

till now divident is not credit to my bank account. can anyone knows when it will come

RPOWER 14 Dec 06:39 PM

dukh bhare din beete re bhaiya ab sukh aayo re rang jivan main nayaa laayo re ho dukh bhare din beete re bhaiya ab sukh aayo re Remember targets on.

GGENG 14 Dec 06:39 PM

Seems it will reach 52 weeks low 1.55. Minimum 10 words only

CEREBRAINT 14 Dec 06:39 PM

bounce back till 25 as gap left there ..thanx me later

NSEI 14 Dec 06:38 PM

You are having huge Qty. No issues. Keep it up to expiry then you will be rewarded with good profit.

NSEBANK 14 Dec 06:38 PM

I guess tomorrow atleast 1 percent up.Enjoy guys.

NSEBANK 13 Dec 02:36 PM


NSEI 13 Dec 02:36 PM

might be possible at this circumstances. lets see how it closes today

YESBANK 13 Dec 02:36 PM

120 crores plus volume today means and share is upmoving means shorters are also covering.share should move towards 27-30 levels in 1 week . my 1 year target 12-30 looks compleetd in 1 week is possible in coming yes bank.

BHAGERIA 13 Dec 02:35 PM

bhageria indu Strong charts above 170 levels only, stay long on charts for 180 target

ONGC 13 Dec 02:35 PM

OIL INDIA LTD will blast forward now. Catch this rocket 🚀 🚀 if you can. Target is DOUBLE from here. Hoping this stock will show us Upper Circuits now. Book Value is 343. Fair Value as per Graham number is 760.

KARURVYSYA 12 Dec 07:46 PM

karur is gearing to cross its 52 week high very soon.

M&M 12 Dec 07:46 PM

Strengthening of this stock is rely powerful Buy After Dip Dont miss

BANDHANBNK 12 Dec 07:46 PM

Jack 1975. where are you..Scaring everyone with -ve comments..150/190 target...ThirdEye thankful for your candid analysis which helped all of us to hold the st ock.

YESBANK 12 Dec 07:45 PM

aur jab ye 17 pe vapis aega na tab crorepati ka bhut niklega

NSEBANK 12 Dec 07:45 PM

hold till Thursday keep sl 44000 on closing basis target is 41600 from here

ONGC 09 Dec 01:07 PM

Lots of good happenings in line or in perspective of ONGC are being developed thats why it shows strength and will fly once Windfall Cess removable news flows, Production increase seen etc etc

GUJGASLTD 09 Dec 01:07 PM

ready for bull run, People selling other shares & entering Here.. will cross 600/-

DUCON 09 Dec 01:06 PM

remember Ducon infra got just single order in last 4 years..adding to that promoters sold more than one crore shares in 2019 in the name of pledge defaulting. these are enough to not touch this penny category stock.

TECHM 09 Dec 01:06 PM

More people will befit in the next week, a sharp rise is expected soon. . . .

NSEI 09 Dec 01:06 PM

I think this abcd character is a broker and that is why he is standing on the roof top and asking every one to fall down

NSEBANK 09 Dec 01:05 PM

Ok, banknifty expected to fall further. Banknifty may see fresh low at 43350 But trade safely.

VISESHINFO 01 Nov 06:44 PM

Biggest hurdle tomorrow UC 20% is .84 in NSE and .91 in BSE.. Need to cross convincingly, Friday can expect a close of 1.10 if all goes well before results should touch 1.50.... rockets readying 🎯🚀🔥✈️

INDORAMA 01 Nov 06:44 PM

Pathetic results. Already sold. Looks like all textile companies would show similar results.

NSEI 01 Nov 06:43 PM

The correction will come in December before Christmas and New Years party time.

VEDL 01 Nov 06:43 PM

divided.... decide.....17november. finely.

NMDC 01 Nov 06:43 PM

NMDC may settle at 85 level to adjust spin off this may good accumulation level

NSEBANK 01 Nov 06:42 PM

Confirm news - chienese & Singapore investor to sale their stake in HDFC anytime 4 percent down. 😀 poor investor sale your stake before they do.. dont get scam by calls. book profit even if goes up nothing to lose..

ASRL 12 Sep 04:51 PM

promoter reduced his stake in company by selling share, right issue share always negative to shareholders, more equity dilution. so stock fall according. stock may remain pressure up to one or two weeks.

IOB 12 Sep 04:50 PM

Trends Update IOB stock today able to settle almost nearer to its day highs

TATAPOWER 12 Sep 04:50 PM

tomorrow 260 cross for sure.

AJMERA 12 Sep 04:50 PM

closing above Rs298 will surely add positive momentum in AJMERA REALTY will come out from consolidation phase after breaking the levels of Rs300 plus decisively with huge volume breakout....

NSEI 12 Sep 04:49 PM

Today 5.30 pm is our inflation data expected to come a bit bad are market reacts sirf Bhagwan jaane🙄🙄 Not BBH 🤭

NSEBANK 12 Sep 04:49 PM

BANKNIFTY target tomorrow 41000.. exit PE BUY CE .. It shall rain profits tom

NSEI 11 Sep 12:16 PM

FII have purchased overall 45000 more quantity of put lots than calls on last Friday. Source :- market hacks.

MOTHERSUMI 11 Sep 12:15 PM

motherson sumi should move to atleast 140 plus very soon ,when auto sector is showing all time high ,a fifteen percent high from its recent low of 120 so hold on tight

RTNINFRA 11 Sep 12:15 PM

Famous song of adnan Sami ? Do u mean senior citizen has no right to sing a song. It is just prayer to god for the benefit of investors.

NDTV 11 Sep 12:15 PM

Monday ko lower circuit lagega or uske baad uc cnfm

BCG 10 Sep 07:08 PM

who missed the today conference call can here on YouTube by search brightcom group investor conference call

AKSHOPTFBR 10 Sep 07:07 PM

very soon this will start its up journey again and will not fall to 10rs ...

NSEI 10 Sep 07:07 PM

guru mjakt bhai ..uska lottery nahi lagaa... 09sep ko gap down nahi hua....ab bhi minus 20k leke khadaa hain... toh abhi woh kya kare ?

RELIANCE 10 Sep 07:06 PM

Can anybody throw light on as to whats the resolution plan (latest) submitted by Hazel Merchant? A news published in March 2022 says that the haircut could be between 90% to 95%

INDUSINDBK 10 Sep 07:06 PM

Buy IndusInd for a target 1260 by end October

NSEBANK 10 Sep 07:06 PM

Now BN weekly chart 100 % reached to RSI INDEX , plz check once before buy long position 😀

GTLINFRA 09 Sep 11:40 AM

Bro, Afternoon European Markets to crash due to 75 basis points increase by ECB yesterday, looks like downward journey started, rockets halted 🔥🚀🎯

PNB 09 Sep 11:39 AM

isko bech ke dlf lelo 40.50 rs jump mil jayega in coming days in dlf

JPPOWER 09 Sep 11:39 AM

every year AGM hoti h bas 2021 me nhi hue thi...kuch nhi hoga AGM me ,do not be overexcited

WIMPLAST 09 Sep 11:39 AM

As I told you yesterday it exactly touch high of 448 and it is heading towards 484 and 539 in very short term. Long term target is in 4 digit. Accumulate and HOLD tight.

NSEI 09 Sep 11:38 AM

market rewards teamwork let s work on profit sharing

NSEBANK 09 Sep 11:38 AM

smooth green together on profit sharing basis on opportunity only

NSEBANK 08 Sep 06:05 PM


ADANIPORTS 08 Sep 06:05 PM

930 coming very soon keep booking profits and enjoy

TTML 08 Sep 06:04 PM

The Ndtv article starts with a heading on TTML, but when it came to tie up with Renesas it carefully mentioned only Tata Tele, leaving people to guess if it is TTSL or TTML.

NSEI 08 Sep 06:04 PM

stop all bs as if expert talk (dont want to take names) on market correction, crash etc. Our baseline now is around 17k & no further downside. No operator or some unknown play.

SANGHIIND 08 Sep 06:04 PM

The stock is in consolidation mode and all set to cross its 52-wk high once again

NSEI 07 Sep 04:24 PM

On August 8th Nifty was at 17500 levels, today a month later Nifty is at 17600 levels, no movement at all. in that one month, Fiis have pumped in 20k crores in cash just to keep markets propped up, and we think they are the smartest people on Earth!

IDEA 07 Sep 04:23 PM

Soocho agar kal 11 cross kia toh kya karoge shortest....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

PNB 07 Sep 04:23 PM

sleeping lion hahahha sleeping ye stk sleep mode me he rahega delhna girta hai jab iski he nahi uper jaye huge writer 40 ce me jam ke

FSL 07 Sep 04:23 PM

Formed an insane bullish candle , levels of 125 can be seen in 5 trading sessions.

RAJRATAN 07 Sep 04:23 PM

what a cracking show ,nobody can stop this momentum, it will take some correction and again reach 1600 mark.

NSEBANK 07 Sep 04:22 PM

tomorrow premium minting day so dont trap in options buying

ASAHIINDIA 05 Sep 04:50 PM

Buying was seen from 654 levels around 3 PM today and stock started its rally. Closing was seen at 670.

GUFICBIO 05 Sep 04:49 PM

its amazing stock after 2 .3. year its a multibager share I think its 10x retun give u

CGPOWER 05 Sep 04:49 PM

I have about 5 lacs what should I purchase period 3toa 6 month.My email is My board i d is g.k

NSEBANK 05 Sep 04:49 PM

IC, thats encouraging to hear some bearish pattern in bank nifty, I am still holding on to combo shorts and month end pura in bank nifty, ready to get butchered this week :-(