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Trading in dreams....



NSEBANK 29 Jan 03:20 PM

Still no comments or advices from the government authorities,Sebi , Finance minister or from the Adani.....a doubtful 🧐 case indeed |

NSEI 29 Jan 03:19 PM

Guys, if Adani would be defensive like reducing price / extending FPO , or give some excuses then market would react negative but he gave confident reply means that funds for FPO are already managed .

AXISBANK 26 Jan 07:31 PM

Dear Frnds one can look into Dhanlaxmi bank cmp 20 and dips for long trm,always make own research first,views only for long trm investors !

GICHSGFIN 26 Jan 07:22 PM

Awesome jalwa GIC housing 10% up,from 184 to 234 in rocket style,enjoy the moneyrain frnds

COALINDIA 26 Jan 07:22 PM

When you close your eyes and imagine having money and doing all the things you want with that money, you are manifesting a new reality.

BAJFINANCE 26 Jan 07:21 PM

How to overcome our fear of losses incurred by return TIIgram TIPS809

NSEI 26 Jan 07:21 PM

As far as Year to date performance is concerned our share market is worst performer among major stock markets all over the world. Achhe din khatam.

NSEI 26 Jan 07:20 PM

after big fall tomorrow sure recovery because buyers waiting for apportunity

ZOMATO 26 Jan 07:20 PM

Fii buy on dips karta jaa rhaa hai 6 months se and retailers apna stake Fii ko loss mein sell karta jaaa rhaa hai....becoz kabhi bhi ye trickk retailerss ko samjh nahi aai aaj tak and stock market se lossss karke exit ho jaate hai

NSEBANK 26 Jan 07:17 PM

Nifty Bank setup is similar to 2021 budget.. Look at the Weekly chart. Most of indicators same except few like willams. We may continue down move on Friday but do not get scared. On Weekly BN formed inverted and ascending scallop.. Based on height and base the up move is setup for !4400 pts from whatever may be the low by Friday.. In case of bearish move on Friday a low is possible anywhere between !40800 to !41200. But close very likely will be around !41600. So I am thinking of A trade of buying !42500/!43000 call whichever between !50 and !75 for an up move close to 1k /1.5k. At the same time for every 4 calls planning to buy 1put of !38k/!39k/40k. Very likely budget will not be a non event. Budget will be a trigger... The monthly looks a setup towards !38k/!32K but to me there will be a overshoot towards !46K. It is matching monthly channel scalping resistance if we treat !41600 as low add the upmove calculation that I came up with. Suggest to stay with BN instead of Nifty. It is possible for Nifty to retest that !18800 too. Myself planning to focus on BN. And ready to donate whatever money I am putting into this trade but believe will work out... Best Wishes.

NSEBANK 24 Jan 08:35 AM

China Plus one! We have been hearing this phrase quite often in past two years It was actually coined in way back in 2013. China Plus one is a global business strategy where companies avoid investing only in China & diversify their businesses to alternative destinations

NYKAA 24 Jan 08:34 AM

Nykaa shareholdersπŸ‘‡ -Issue was subscribed 81.7x Prices adjusted for corporate action -IPO at 187.5 -CMP at 122 -All time high at 429 Stock has corrected -From issue price -35% -From All Time High -71% At the same CMP and MCap

NSEBANK 24 Jan 08:34 AM

The Securities Appellate Tribunal directed NSE to pay Rs 100 cr for lack of due diligence to the Investor Protection and Education Fund created by Sebi.

NSEBANK 24 Jan 08:33 AM

The tribunal, however, upheld the direction given by Sebi to prohibit NSE from accessing the securities market for six months

NSEI 24 Jan 08:33 AM

Tata Motors confirms delisting from NYSE, termination of ADS programme. yesterday 23rd january was the last day of trading in tata motors ads.

NSEI 24 Jan 08:33 AM

NARCL or Bad Bank last week completed its first bad loan purchase. Japyee Infratech bad loan bought at 45% net asset value where 15% paid in cash and balance 85% in govt backed security receipts.

NSEI 24 Jan 08:32 AM

18180 nifty and 43000 banknifty spot are hurdles and bullish or positive moment comes only after breakout of these levels, says analysts at cnbc.

NSEI 03 Aug 04:40 PM

I have been saying all the while that this time they are with a single-minded approach and mission. The name of that mission is Mission 19k by Diwali! Going short or hedging with straddles etc will not give you any money instead eat the capital slowly. Buy fundamentally good companies and do your SIPs in MFs. Contrarion trades in stocks and sectors make some sense but not in derivatives. Bhasin asked people yesterday to buy Put and today has reported sick!!! Stock to basics of investing and rake in the moolah for experiencing the power of compounding.

NSEBANK 03 Aug 04:39 PM

tomorrow big gap down market expiry will be 37200 be careful with tomorrow trades

PAYTM 03 Aug 04:18 PM

looks like china ant group want to exit at higher valuations and make some money to tight taiwan

NSEBANK 03 Aug 04:14 PM

Logically our market should go down. it is only a question of when. We have a lot of extremely expensive shares which contribute heavily to the Nifty be it Reliance Bajaj Finance Maruti HUL Or Asian Paints.

FSL 03 Aug 04:13 PM

mitron abhi market ka haal aisa hai ki jis company ka result aacha ho raha hai usko operator gira de raha hai. aur jiska result kharap ho raha hai uska bhaw bar raha hai.isliye firstsource 123 tak chal jayega dekhlena.

ADANIPOWER 03 Aug 04:13 PM

Company n shandar result present kiya hai ..profit 17 times ⁷ so buy in bulk qty because continue upper circuit before 600 target

NSEI 03 Aug 04:09 PM

FII View: Today Nifty created swing doji candle with the help of Relience, TCS & HDFC Bank. since all these stocks are primary stocks of FII which indicates that positive momentum will be continue by FII.

DEEPAKNTR 02 Aug 10:01 PM

kal to blood bath hoona hai isme, result are not as per expected by institute, rest every thing was discounted but then too margins fell. God save us from free fall

KPRMILL 02 Aug 10:00 PM

15 paisa dividend, its better to give nothing instead of giving 15 paisa.

GEOJITFSL 02 Aug 10:00 PM

pat 43% down yoy, 38% down QoQ ab ye stock niche Jayega 40 tak niche Jayega result karab aya hy....

NSEI 02 Aug 09:59 PM

So Pelosi news is over .What next Nifty 17500 , IT vl lead. China is investmed so much in US bonds n markets , nothing vl happen

NSEBANK 02 Aug 09:59 PM

So Pelosi news is over .What next Nifty 17500 , IT vl lead. China is investmed so much in US bonds n markets , nothing vl happen

ADANIPORTS 26 Jul 08:58 AM

Buy Adani port today going towards higher side 5-7% up side possible keep watching adani port

NSEBANK 26 Jul 08:58 AM

Tech shares with their lack lustre performance and margins remain over-valued. Sell Infosys for a target of 1455 and Wipro for a target of 386. Banking sector has performed far above expectations in spite of the large write-downs on their gsec portfolio due to rise in interest rates. From Q2, banks will get full benefit of the recent rate hikes and will deliver far better results - top banks like Axis is now quoting at forward PE of 12 - about half of that of large cap IT stocks. Buy ICICi, Axis for a 15-18% upside in 4-6 weeks

NSEBANK 26 Jul 08:58 AM

Tech shares with their lack lustre performance and margins remain over-valued. Sell Infosys for a target of 1455 and Wipro for a target of 386. Banking sector has performed far above expectations in spite of the large write-downs on their gsec portfolio due to rise in interest rates. From Q2, banks will get full benefit of the recent rate hikes and will deliver far better results - top banks like Axis is now quoting at forward PE of 12 - about half of that of large cap IT stocks. Buy ICICi, Axis for a 15-18% upside in 4-6 weeks

NSEI 26 Jul 08:57 AM

Approach Cautiously, Keeping Volumes Low, dont mistake it as reversal till it is above 16530 on closing basis! 16793 remains Resistance for now! Fed decision awaited, stay Cautious, avoid aggressive directional play!

NSEI 25 Jul 10:05 PM

Nifty took a breather today. Picture looks promising. Upside is more than downside. tellerarargram sanfin stocks. Many money multipliers to clients. Nifty if sustains above 16800 on closing basis then 17000-17400 open and this may come in AUGUST

NSEI 25 Jul 09:38 PM

Market will open 16800 tommorow, because all over and all big companies are doing great even every economy is very strong.. bull is always winner. . bear should go for drink beer.... cheers

NSEBANK 25 Jul 09:35 PM

For tomorrow, Both NIFTY and Banknifty have narrow CPR..should be a trending day.. Nifty may fill the gap between 16357

ASIANPAINT 25 Jul 09:34 PM

Asian paints will bounce back strongly before July expiry

ASIANPAINT 25 Jul 09:33 PM

asian good company. and excellent management. tellerragram sanfinstocks. so many money multiplier calls to our clients. asian looks good for 3100-3300 and ultimately 3600

ASIANPAINT 25 Jul 09:33 PM

results expected fantastic, leading company this option expiry will expected very positive

ADANIENT 25 Jul 09:32 PM

Adani Enterprise is looking very much stretched.....a good correction must be there...

MRPL 25 Jul 09:32 PM

If CPCL goes to UC of 20% tommorow, whether MRPL follows UCs of 5% for 4days. Thursday is MRPL results & it may post further better results than CPCL. But one thing we are Missing is circuit filter would have been 20%.

STLTECH 25 Jul 09:28 PM

sterlite posted loss of 311 crore this quarter agnst profit of 42 crore prev quarter

TATAPOWER 25 Jul 09:26 PM

Guys this will cross 300 very soon. Keep accumulating. Results will be fantabulous. It is a sure shot to be Multibagger. Just buy buy buy buy buy buy.

NSEBANK 25 Jul 09:25 PM

Friday..Nasdaq 1.87 negative..dowjones -0.8 low...but today u saw the market behaviour..SGX mainly look into it. nifty bank become week and range bound

NSEBANK 25 Jul 09:24 PM


VEDL 20 Jul 08:50 AM

Vedanta complete 23.6 % Fibonacci level at 240. from 206. now further up side possible up to 257. coming days down side stoploss 225. 216. close basic.

NSEBANK 20 Jul 08:50 AM

Negative Alert for Banknifty: Over 1.6 lakh cases pending at debt recovery tribunals as at February 2022. full article in BL.

NSEI 20 Jul 08:50 AM

Negative Alert for Banknifty: Over 1.6 lakh cases pending at debt recovery tribunals as at February 2022. full article in BL.

NSEI 20 Jul 08:47 AM

Nikhil ji... follow me, i have followed yu too... nice to get your insights

HAVELLS 20 Jul 08:46 AM

it was similar to Sonam's level.... nice one though

HAVELLS 20 Jul 08:46 AM

this was good one Sonam.... nice to follow yu

CONCOR 20 Jul 08:45 AM

Sonam... holding concor in large qty as per yur reco

NSEBANK 20 Jul 08:41 AM

Shorters You are requested to continue your shorts. You have earned lot so loosing will not be much painful for you. Please short heavily and loose heavily. Your Losses will compensate our losses.

NSEI 20 Jul 08:40 AM

17000 is on the way in current expiry... monsoon me sab green green... accha lagta hai πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

JUSTDIAL 18 Jul 08:31 AM

UC expected today...strong set of nos.. good luck friends...

NSEI 18 Jul 08:31 AM

The upside for the week is considered to be 16 500.. Downside is expected (not seeing it go huge down for the week) still.. The down side cannot go below 15 850- 15 900.. As per sgx Spot is considered to be opening around 16 200...So the upside is 300 points far and downside is again 300 points far. This, clearly indicates a STRONG STRADDLE which will be formed at 16 200 from Monday to Thursday to take the decay benefits. Moreover the reduced Vix will help the swings be less and premiums stay low...

TCS 18 Jul 08:30 AM

sell below 3000 until closes above 3180 dont buy only sell

NSEBANK 17 Jul 09:24 PM

follow my undisputed Bank Nifty calls, telegram channel link

ADANIPOWER 17 Jul 09:22 PM

Adani Power is in receipt of 8708 Cr as dues payment from Maharashtra and Haryana discoms. This will add to the income for this quarter. Imagine a profit above 10000 Cr.

ITC 17 Jul 09:21 PM

280 on card soon, stay cautious

POLYCAB 17 Jul 09:21 PM

Buy on dips...will fire any time ..

MAHABANK 17 Jul 09:20 PM

i have received dividend per share.. hope they ll announce dividend with q1 results too.. stuck at 19

JINDALSTEL 17 Jul 09:20 PM

It appears, Q1 result is better than the expectation. The Q1, 23 EPS of 19.73 is good compared to Q4,22 EPS of 14.81 and full FY EPS of 56.4. Experts may kindly analyse and give opinion.

CADILAHC 17 Jul 09:19 PM

barabar bole bhai aap sahi ho, bear market he hamesha gir nahi sakta thodi dead cat bounce to dikhayega hi, zydus bhi girega agar market gira to. target 300

RECLTD 17 Jul 09:19 PM


BEL 17 Jul 09:18 PM

results are not good. expected to touch 228 by next week. long-term no need to worry.

INDIANB 17 Jul 09:18 PM

If the share is available in your demat account on the record date, you are eligible for the dividend.

SWELECTES 17 Jul 09:18 PM

This has good future in Solar energy sector having due profit potential available cheap presently.

NSEI 17 Jul 09:18 PM

some RBI announcement mentioned in ET notification may bhe huge inflations

NMDC 17 Jul 09:17 PM

down side is limited, good time to accumulate. Profit making and good dividend payout. Price will cross 130 in three months

ARCHIES 17 Jul 09:16 PM

Archies is a good stock that must hold for multibagger returns in future. Another company which can give you multibagger returns is Creative Eye Ltd.

TATASTEEL 17 Jul 09:16 PM

Source : Circuit can get revised after sometime spent on 10% UC as stock is in FnO. Agar ek UC lag sakta hai then multiple bhi lag sakta.

TATASTEEL 17 Jul 09:15 PM

I doubt if this news can lift big..Any update on results of tata steel

NSEI 17 Jul 09:15 PM

yes sir you are a giant among dwarfs and copy cats ROaming here

TATASTEEL 17 Jul 09:15 PM

Depends what news this guy is basing it on. If it is to do with the Capex disclosure nothing more than 3/4% is possible. If theres something beyond that then anything can happen.

JUSTDIAL 17 Jul 09:14 PM

test bhai lagta hai short kiye hai tabi to.khair hum bi just dial ko 600 marege kal

NSEI 15 Jul 08:20 AM

Stunning recovety in the equitirs mkt notwithstanding, the mkt is waking up to more bad news for India...oil has made a big bounce having beesched the 95 level intraday...and now with the news that the review mtg on windfall tax js jot for today...relaince maybe hnder pressure again. the bond and ccy mkts keanwhile are pricing the bad news properly whilst equities are more focusded on earnjngs whilst temperarily igkorjng the bad news...HDFC rwaults are due over the weekend , so some movement is expected on thst front...if the mkt opens positve a mid day ahort on that stock may give some returns. infavt a decent gap up might be a good thing for the bears as operators will try to lure more option buyers by making two way swings....massive call writing at 16k and 16100k means that they need to now sell puts...and that alone might contribute to nifty coming down in the second half. Rupee weekly expegt a lot of fireworks in the ccy market.

NSEBANK 15 Jul 08:19 AM

For expiry people I feel Bank Nifty has strong support at 34400 and resistance at 35400 where as Nifty has strong support at 15800 and resistance at 16200 hope this helps if you are expert in selling options to eat premium on expiry day!

NSEI 15 Jul 08:19 AM

Now we know that HDFC Bank is coming out with results.. Ofcourse we are not aware and can speculate how it can be.. But just before the results Fiis buys in cash.. Have bought huge calls yesterday.. also sold puts even though its less quantity.. Moreover, no major fall can take place when Vix is so down.. And not even touching 19 forget 20 mark..

NSEI 08 Jul 04:18 PM

If you see the weekly time frames in Nifty charts.. Whenever Nifty has made Bullish ENGULFING on weekly eating the previous red weekly Candle.. The entire next week it has bound to stay up MOST OF THE TIMES(obviously not all)... For eg.. 28th Feb weekly candle was red closing and next week 7th/March closing was a big green.. That was consecutively followed for next week with another green.. Again 9th May weekly closing was red.. But 16th May closing was as good as Bullish Harmi.. And next week again the closing stayed green.. Now finally we have seen the same scenario for this week.. Even if its bound to come down it has good chances of opening again gap up...

NSEI 08 Jul 04:18 PM

By the EOD I see good Put writing at 16 200 with 83K OI.. And also Call writing with 92K OI.. Similarly theres no further 80K call writing anywhere at further strikes except 16 500 with OI of 81K.. Thus, increasing the spot support from 15 900 to 16K again.. And Similarly keeping range intact at 16 500

NSEI 08 Jul 04:17 PM

Look at USD now.. Again back to drowning at 79.19 all the way from high of 79.31.. Thus, a STRANGLE serves better for entire Monthly trade ofcourse with adjustment whenever necessary

NSEBANK 08 Jul 04:16 PM

yaha bhi spammers aa gaye.... oh lord.... @admin pls help keep the forum ad freee.

NSEI 08 Jul 01:20 PM

aap abhi bhi positive khel rahe ho Sonam ji..... streangh nahi hain market main..

NSEI 08 Jul 01:16 PM

indian stock market pure gambling ban gayi hai tchnical zero work nine thirty ke baad no one percent working market open hote hi trade karna bina technical ke pure gambling app expect bhi nahi kar sakte kaha move karega

NSEI 06 Jul 09:27 AM

16k may not cross today.Operators will put Nifty at 15950 giving hope to PE buyers and selling tonnes of 16k.And than finish the game tomm after selling 16k/16050/16100/16150 PEs.With same PE premium collected they will lift Nifty

NSEI 03 Jul 09:48 AM

.........Friday .... nifty pe buy given 15600 at 158 nd hit 180 nd exited...... tlgm at rm ll remain flat to negative next week............

RELIANCE 03 Jul 09:47 AM

*JPM On RIL* -If export unit is exempt from export tax, then earnings impact is minimal -Our earnings estimates based on realized GRMs of $18.5 for 23, $12.5 for 24 -Even after todays export tax, realized GRMs should be higher than forecasts -Stock fall entry opportunity

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:46 AM

Big Breaking: Explosions reported in the Russia near border City 29 mins ago (03:16 GMT), Kyiv fired missiles on Belarus , Belarus warns of INSTANT response. War has reached to the lethal stage... Gap down 500pts

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:46 AM

I should have added more Puts 😭 because It will open double

ICICIBANK 29 Jun 04:54 PM

IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals inches up on incorporating wholly owned subsidiary

RTNINFRA 29 Jun 04:54 PM

here some thinks they are more intelligent by saying to those who give thefacts are fake id. one should accept or not to accept the views expressed is their choice. any how let them think as they wish.

AWL 29 Jun 04:54 PM

This anibilion guy is fraud . His real name is Animesh and he is from Kolkata . I can provide his number and address if forum boarders want . People can meet him in person maybe then he will stop his drama here

SUPREMEIND 29 Jun 04:53 PM

Jammu & Kashmir Bank rises on getting board s nod to raise up to Rs 2,000 crore in FY23

DELTACORP 29 Jun 04:53 PM

Straight UC pe khulega kya? Why operator unable to bring it out of the ban? |

NSEI 29 Jun 04:53 PM

Yes Dow will be in Deep green tonight and FIIs will show their true colors tomm giving Nifty biggest expiry day jump in recent times

ZOMATO 29 Jun 04:52 PM

Zomato loses about $1.1 billion of market value in two days after Blinkit acquisition deal

ZOMATO 29 Jun 04:52 PM

some people i know also facing same thing... theirncapital 134k so now 50

ZOMATO 29 Jun 04:50 PM

its on its way to become a penny point in holding such stock which has lost almost 50 per cent of its value...selling pressure would be on each rise....its better to book loss and exit rather than incurring more loss....

MARUTI 29 Jun 04:49 PM

Maruti Suzuki inches up on introducing EECO CARE Ambulance Shell across ARENA dealerships

NSEI 29 Jun 04:47 PM

personally expecting tomorrow gap down, resistance 15880 and support 15700 untill it break both of them it wont be bullish and bearish as of now market in consolidation stage as per my understanding.

NILKAMAL 29 Jun 04:46 PM

India Cements moves up on acquiring entire paid-up equity, Preference share capital of SMPL

BSE 29 Jun 04:46 PM

bitcoin & crypto have no historical backing. that is why their support is weak & crypto is in free fall. bse limited has a 148 year old history to support it, it will not crash so easily in market correction when all stocks are rearranging themselves according to merit

VEDL 28 Jun 09:15 PM

Looks like Vedanta has created a range from 220 to 240. Similar to 300 to 320 range earlier. With One nifty down, It broken down from that range earlier and went below 300.

VEDL 28 Jun 09:15 PM

good company at a very low price. Once the plant is sold, it will get higher

AXISBANK 28 Jun 09:14 PM

If Global Economic Conditions, Rule of Economics and Geo Political stances are taken to be granted then tomorrow Market should open with Gap Up, ( Hope no Major Earthquake or Tsunami will not occur at midnight or No one will shoot Biden in these hours) but Indian Market now a days are notoriously handled by Operators and they have huge CE Writtings at 34500 so they will not allow to cross 34500 at any cost this expiry. Then its advisable to Sell your position on tomorrow opening, as the day will grow your profit will vanish

HDFCBANK 28 Jun 09:11 PM

zabardasti bnifty ko red kar rakha hai.. big players ke favourites kotak hdfc twins icici indusind bandhan ko pakad ke rakha hai nifty is 10pts up and bnifty is 210 pts down... totally nonsense.

BAJFINANCE 28 Jun 09:11 PM

All the bank share are up more than 6 percent in last 1 week.. Book profit and cautious.

RELIANCE 28 Jun 08:59 PM

Change of leadership doesn t mean that Mukesh will not guide him. Even if RIl falls it should be back up soon as the results this qtr should be very good, esp with record GRMs.

GMMPFAUDLR 28 Jun 08:59 PM

An opportunity for bonus stripping. likely to cross 5000 before record date. Ex bonus would plunge owing to selling pressure for tax benefits

RELIANCE 28 Jun 08:58 PM

it is not reliance management its jio management it gives way to demerger so can be rated as positive...

ROUTE 28 Jun 08:58 PM

Wow..Attractive Buy back offer 1700 β‚Ή.. Share will fly tomorrow... Rocket πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€ Buy tomorrow at open price and forget for 3-4 sessions... It will cross 1700 β‚Ή... Target - 1850 β‚Ή for next month

TATASTEEL 28 Jun 08:58 PM

Positive commentary largely from the CEO in the AGM. When is the split date likely to be announced?

NSEBANK 28 Jun 08:55 PM

about 21 mins 05 sec ago USDINR making new highs and that is really bad and dow didnt sustain opening bullish momentum and the day is volatile and I hope we end up gap down or flat but gap up is not possible.

NSEI 28 Jun 08:54 PM

Dow an nasdaq has become more like our nifty/bn and sgx...1% up and 2

NSEI 28 Jun 08:53 PM

SGX is flat.... expecting positive tomorrow..

NSEI 28 Jun 08:53 PM

hi tomorrow opening level 15706/15709 right πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

BIOCON 28 Jun 08:52 PM

expecting 330 by thurday... riding on 320ce... sonam mam ka call hain

IDEA 27 Jun 09:25 PM

insider news is that Amazon promotor is waiting for govt. to finalize his stand and after that they open the takeover news they already bought this company in same manner as reliance buys big bazaar. Bezos want to slap bambani openly near India gate and its possible only through vi takeover. note my words its win win for all vi investors. buy Karo bindaas

IDEA 27 Jun 09:24 PM

just for benefit for all ....preferred equity means equity worth 16.3k Cr sitting neither debt nor it does not get treatment of debt yet has higher rank upon liquidation preference in such case direct debt amount would come down by 16.3 k Cr ....they will have option to convert into equity at a set date ....but only option...else they can take back 16.3k Cr at later stage.... 16.3 k Cr does not appear in debt side also helping per share valuation the begining of the reform package they said govt decision either to convert into equity or preferred equity ...if it is going to be equity then it is issued preferentially to govt at 10 rupee.... please note in 2020 when jeeyo sold 33 percent they had 150k Cr preferred equity given to parent reliance that they never presented detailed balance sheet or even income statement.

VEDL 27 Jun 09:16 PM

Presently Aluminium around 2500, Zinc around 3400 and Crude around 110. Whereas as per JPM calculation, The stock price reflects LME Zinc at $2,500 per tonne, Aluminium at $2,300 per tonne, and Brent crude oil at $80 per barrel. This means even at the present level of these metals, this stock is 25 percent discount. In india, the cost of production of aluminium is less. Whereas, in Europe, higher energy cost make this metal more expensive, and so deficit in production. Even then many global aluminium stocks have given more than 30 percent return in last one year. Whereas, Vedanta and Hindalco are 20 percent less than last year level. From 52 weeks high of 440 and 640, both these stocks have fallen heavily to 220 and 320. Good opportunity and the stocks are in sweet spot.

VEDL 27 Jun 09:15 PM

Ready for Gap down tomorrow, those who invested today. Nasdaq has started weak.

NSEBANK 27 Jun 09:15 PM

am holding 34100 ce at 285 and current price is 213.. hoping that it wil increase tomorrow..any advice or suggestions for tomorrow market prediction

NSEBANK 27 Jun 09:15 PM

am holding 34100 ce at 285 and current price is 213.. hoping that it wil increase tomorrow..any advice or suggestions for tomorrow market prediction

NSEBANK 27 Jun 09:13 PM

Tomorrow going to touch highs. Buy for intraday for the levels of 34200

AWL 25 Jun 06:49 PM

Rate increase of 75 points by Fed in July and 50 points in September is factored in by the market I think. Besides that no tension.

HEXATRADEX 25 Jun 12:26 PM

Even out of two remaining big bidders, goes with majority then D.P. will be at Rs. 172/-.

TATACHEM 25 Jun 12:26 PM

Keep using current lvls and dips in Tata chem frds,cmp 805,for 1200/1500 long trm trgs ! Always make own research first !

NSEI 25 Jun 12:25 PM

request admin to take action against abusive members, spoils the essence of the discussion

NSEI 25 Jun 12:25 PM

Nirajji how can you be so much disrespectful to the most senior member on this forum? they are very experienced investor and knowledgeable person who has seen all previous crashes in market from past many decades, only his accurate calls made me in super profits today

STAR 24 Jun 05:13 PM

sandeep39 Strides ShasunFollow about 8 mins 59 sec ago Price when posted : NSE: Rs. 342.60 My earlier msg was deleted by the authorities as they took objection to my classification of this stock as something unparliamentary, which I retract. Coming to the price and volume movement today , its just short covering

WABAG 24 Jun 05:12 PM

Va Tech is coming in hydrozen liquid. Where is this news. Do you have any proof or reference. Pl clarify because it is very important.

ROHLTD 24 Jun 05:12 PM

June 2022 Quarter should return aa one of the best set of numbers in Companys history. This quarter is very good on Occupancy rate & ARR both. Revenge tourism coupled with MICE and marriage season is driving the business.

NSEI 24 Jun 05:11 PM

selling the strangle can you pls explain with example pls.. @jitu

NSEI 23 Jun 09:07 AM

After BRICS meeting, Putin said Russia is rerouting its trade and oil to BRICS countries.

NSEBANK 23 Jun 09:07 AM

Positive Alert for Retail Stocks: Putin said Indian retail chains like Reliance Retail, Dmart etc., could do business in Russia soon.

SPICEJET 23 Jun 09:06 AM

buy spicejet below 25rs. It will go down heavily after quarter result were published.

JAGRAN 23 Jun 09:05 AM

πŸ”₯Jagran Prakashan: Promoter Groups Tarun Gupta and Devesh Gupta bought 6,953 shares on June 20.

PRINCEPIPE 23 Jun 09:04 AM

as I told 2-3 months back this stock almost touch will further down to 350 or less

RATEGAIN 23 Jun 09:04 AM

minimum 10% up, good deal, buy and accumulate fast, UC

INOXWIND 23 Jun 09:04 AM

A beginner may occasionally need to hedge or protect against downside risk in a substantial portfolio, perhaps one that has been acquired as the result of an inheritance.

INOXWIND 23 Jun 09:03 AM

An options contract is an arrangement between two parties that grant rights to buy or sell an asset at a particular time in the future for a particular price.

GOLDIAM 22 Jun 10:03 PM

Global sales are strong. Profitability is strong and roadmap for growth appears robust. - My target for Goldiam Inter is Rs 160 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs 110

NSEBANK 22 Jun 10:02 PM

What will be the affect Maha Bemel Thagbandhan of Maharashtra Shiv Sena. Forming of BJP government affect on stock market ?

NSEI 22 Jun 10:02 PM

Guys Dev, is not god for market prediction no one knows how and where it goes so pls watch the market offcourse market opening deep red and ends with green depends up on operators mind game and expiry on tomorrow too so watch the levels where it goes sideways...

KARDA 22 Jun 10:01 PM

i told from 10rs onwards., best buy 2-3rs... now its a reality πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚

VISHAL 22 Jun 10:00 PM

dba_ ye zero to jayega hi jayega mark my words.

TATASTEEL 22 Jun 10:00 PM

Who says what that is immaterial tgts ahead 880/920/950 soon *** so only buy & trap shorts ** no hurry

TORNTPOWER 22 Jun 09:59 PM

sell torntpower for the target 440-420 by next at 472

GOKULAGRO 21 Jun 06:10 PM

Its extremely undervalued without any doubt...think of long term rather than 1 year. It will grow alongside Adani Wilmar and Ruchi Soya but at a much faster rate than its peers.

MRPL 21 Jun 06:10 PM

mrpl ka target kitna hoga please koi to batavo

DATAMATICS 21 Jun 06:09 PM

What an impressive rally seen today! Much undervalued.

IBULHSGFIN 21 Jun 06:09 PM

why August future is trading very low.any reason

STARCEMENT 21 Jun 06:05 PM

Good buy,star cement is good

ORIENTCEM 21 Jun 06:05 PM

dont sell below Rs125 wait for 3 months

STEELXIND 21 Jun 06:04 PM

There was Volume of 5L shares being traded with delivery taken around 70pct on NSE. Accumulation going on by the investors who are bullish on future prospects. Buy for super gains in medium term.

NSEI 21 Jun 06:04 PM

Since this forum has many innocent traders i want to keep messaging. PcR has time delay. It shows current positions not future. From yesterday PCR at 15400 no one was able to predict that it will breech But it even reached Thats what manipulation is. For your safety dont rely on and option chain data. only rely it for intraday trading.

AMBER 21 Jun 06:03 PM

the reason for continious down trent of amber is not known promotors should look inti the matter lot of small investors are frustrated and cheated poor counter

TATAPOWER 21 Jun 06:02 PM

which report of Citi you are talking about . I could not find any in public domain

NSEI 21 Jun 06:00 PM

Your ability to predict what FFI are going to do is simply amazing. Thank you Brijesh. You are not only making profit but helping people like me to get profit as well. God bless you and your Family.

HDFCBANK 21 Apr 02:13 PM

my personal target 1460 by this expiry..

SBIN 21 Apr 02:12 PM

what is your stake.... seems banks will tank amidst lockdown fear.

AXISBANK 20 Apr 07:25 AM

Buying Axis now for long position around 650 -- target 675 - 700 soon...

HDFCBANK 19 Apr 08:26 AM


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