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news, views and opinions from various published sources like tv, newspapers and websites are shared here. i am not an advisor and only a small retailer sharing whatever i feel, like a twitter handle. boarders are advised not to trade or invest based on my observations and they shall do so by their own homework and i aint responsible for their profits or losses.



NSEBANK 07 Apr 08:00 PM

nifty will open up it will go towards 22700 soon

NSEI 14 May 08:26 PM

Tomorrow Nifty key resistance will be around ninety points either side. BN key resistance will be around 190 rupees either side. BN mostly stays within plus or minus 150 points on expiry days. Tomorrow could be interesting.

NSEBANK 14 May 08:23 PM

47800 pe buy bnf will correct at 1330 hrs

NSEBANK 14 May 08:22 PM

buy 21100 put 21200 put 21400 put hurry up.............

BEML 14 May 08:20 PM

BEML will hiit 6000 mark till ending this year hold tight

NSEI 07 Apr 07:58 PM

Israel war has fuelled up . Iran threatening etc ,,, tomorrow market will be in red if not deep red

RHFL 07 Apr 07:56 PM

Object clause change fron Housing finance to consultancy with all new directors. 99.75% public holding with promoters stake is less then 1%. Typical situation .

BATAINDIA 07 Apr 07:53 PM

Buy in cash for target of 2200 within a year. Fear and good price rarely comes . Zero debt company.

NSEI 23 Jan 07:51 PM

Weekly Index Recommendation (23JAN2023 to 27JAN2023) Buy Nifty 23FEB2023 Above 18330 Stop Loss 18100 Targets 18550-18730 Sell Nifty 23FEB2023 below 18020 Stop Loss 18300 Targets 17750- 17500

RELIANCE 23 Jan 07:49 PM

Reliance up 1% from 1% down - thats 2% gain in FnO and you are saying very misleading call!! Increase your technical knowledge Tmkshare!! Before results Reliance already corrected 200 rupee so market digested news before hands only!!

YESBANK 23 Jan 07:48 PM

Today the show gives us hope on 2 yes bank pe investors capability not on the yes bank. They just can pump 25-30-40 level and dump it. clever operation of share pre market kept low. Almost all banks in India stopped provision except yes bank.

BCG 23 Jan 07:47 PM

why SEBI is delaying transaction of 6th December is a mystery....seems like forever pending...

NSEI 19 Jan 10:31 AM

Most THURSDAYS are eating days with sixty points range either side as there is huge premium to be eaten out both sides. Today also looks like one such day at least for another hour.

PCJEWELLER 19 Jan 10:29 AM

pcj is being manipulated and sold in truckloads. will go below 70

PFS 19 Jan 10:28 AM

rumours of stake sale and prospective buyers using names like tata adani is just a creation speculation there is nothing real about it. whats real is FII exiting who have doubled their money in last 1 year when price was below 80 and 34

FEDERALBNK 19 Jan 10:28 AM

Im expecting huge.fall in bank stocks in coming days..more sell by fiis in coming expecting 120 lower

NSEI 15 Nov 05:32 PM

big down is confirmed before this month expiry see the game..

NSEBANK 15 Nov 05:31 PM

CE might or.might not make money but PE will surely lose money. great are the people buying PEs since last 3 weeks and donating premiums to operators.

UNITECH 15 Nov 05:30 PM

Unitech is now in Action, Lot of things are being updated on the website on the real time basis

COALINDIA 15 Nov 05:30 PM

Coal India may see 180 post dividend exit as CMP and buy below 200 only

NCC 15 Nov 05:29 PM

It seems to be a clear breakout above all moving averages and resistance levels. any views or guidance on movement

NSEI 15 Nov 05:28 PM

Market is in full bearish mode . Heavy selling happening. One stroke and market will be down 1000 points.

NSEBANK 09 Sep 04:24 PM

banknifty strong expiry alert rocks alerted above 40000 next life time high today high 40700 next if cross 41000 next 42000 if hold support levels otherwise attempt break 39990 all are spot levels power of technical analysis rocks again

NSEI 09 Sep 04:22 PM

today expected 18000 was not seen...good one today. BBH.

INDUSINDBK 09 Sep 04:21 PM

Indusind Bank is maintained Outperform with 1280 target by Credit Suisse.

SBIN 09 Sep 04:21 PM

SBI hit a new yearly high of 557 today morning.

COALINDIA 09 Sep 04:20 PM

Coal India says, they expect this 25% wage hike to be offset by the 6% hike in fuel supply agreements.

TATASTEEL 09 Sep 04:20 PM

Negative Alert for Steel Stocks: CRISIL says profit margins of steel makers to be halved from 30% last fiscal to 14% in H1 of this fiscal.

RELIANCE 09 Sep 04:19 PM

Reliance is maintained Buy with 2880 target by MOSL which says reliance is building the next engine of growth.

NSEI 08 Sep 05:23 PM

Any dip and gap down if comes will be opportunity to go long for 17985

NSEBANK 08 Sep 05:23 PM

BankniftyFut call given at 39600 made a high of

PHOENIXLTD 08 Sep 05:21 PM

Tata Power gains on setting up over 450 charging facilities across national highways

HDIL 08 Sep 05:21 PM

again UC today..that to strong its closer to 7.10..tomorrow will start with UC at 7:35..lets see if it can hold above 7.10 for two days in a row till Monday. if yes I feel it will go to new 52 weeks high..but please take ur own call

UBL 08 Sep 05:20 PM

Websol Energy System touches roof on inking term sheet for establishment of Joint Venture

TATASTEEL 08 Sep 05:18 PM

Tata Steel is given Buy for short term traders for target of 112 by Sanjiv Bhasin of IIFL.

TATASTEEL 08 Sep 05:17 PM

Tata Steel Buy Call Only For HRT: spot is now and buy september future right now for target f 112 within september. nifty rally must see participation from tata steel is the view.

ICICIBANK 08 Sep 05:17 PM

Icici Bank hit a new historic high of today as several brokerages gave higher targets of 1000.

NSEI 06 Sep 01:14 PM

Freefall is expected, short as much as possible,

NSEI 06 Sep 01:13 PM

Positive View on Powergrid: last week i said its trading range is 221 to 231. whole last week it was around 230. yday it fell freakly to 221.7 and by eod 224 and today 228. again it fell to 225 where it is a buy for 230 within this week.

POWERGRID 06 Sep 01:13 PM

Positive View on Powergrid: last week i said its trading range is 221 to 231. whole last week it was around 230. yday it fell freakly to 221.7 and by eod 224 and today 228. again it fell to 225 where it is a buy for 230 within this week.

NSEBANK 06 Sep 01:13 PM

Banknifty Buy Call For HRT: Buy september future around 39700 right now for target of 41000 within September and 40500 within this week.

BAJAJFINSV 06 Sep 01:12 PM

Bajaj Finserv spot is now HRT can buy for target of 20000 within september either before split and bonus or for 2000 after split and bonus.

INDUSINDBK 06 Sep 01:12 PM

Positive Alert for Indusind Bank: K R Choksey gave Buy rating for Indusind bank with 1387 target price. this is among its top picks for trading gains in september.

MARUTI 06 Sep 01:11 PM

Maruti is given Buy rating with 10585 target by K R Choksey.

NSEBANK 03 Sep 06:39 PM

India leaped past the UK in the final three months of 2021 to become the fifth-biggest economy this will boost market ,monday will be GAPUP

NSEI 03 Sep 06:38 PM

now market will come down drastically in this week. put buyers will gain heavy amount. looking such market.

RELIANCE 03 Sep 06:37 PM

Positive Alert for Reliance: Reliance is set to take on HUL, ITC and others in everyday items. detailed article in today cnbc website.

BPCL 03 Sep 06:37 PM

Double Advantage for Indian Refiners: not only they are getting cheaper russian crude oil but also saving on forex as russia is allowing to trade in rupees, rubles or any other asian currency.

BDL 03 Sep 06:36 PM

Positive Alert for PSU Stocks: PSUs may repeat historic returns of 2001 to 2011 bull market, says ICICI Pru MF.

BSE 03 Sep 06:36 PM

Positive Alert for India Inc: For April to August 4 months of this fiscal, CBDT refunded 1.14 lakh crore rupees. 61252 cr is Income Tax refunds and 53158 cr corporate tax refunds.

NSEI 03 Sep 06:35 PM

M&M, Coal India, Tata Motors, ITC and NTPC are the top 5 stocks that rose highest among Nifty 50 companies in last one year.

ONGC 03 Sep 06:35 PM

The Curious Case of ONGC: What led to the fall of a prosperous Maharatna into penury. full article in ET.

NSEBANK 02 Sep 08:37 PM

American markets started todays session with green ticks at morning and opening

NSEI 02 Sep 08:35 PM

Sgx is showing false move,,,,,, dont get trapped Monday,,, Sell only,,,,

HINDALCO 02 Sep 08:34 PM

Hindalco is given Buy rating with 500 rupees target by brokerage Icici Direct.

EICHERMOT 02 Sep 08:34 PM

Eicher Motors is given Buy with 4100 target by share khan.

BPCL 02 Sep 08:34 PM

BPCL is given Hold with 331 target by Prabhudas Lilladher.

GRASIM 02 Sep 08:33 PM

Grasim is given Buy with 1880 target by Motilal Oswal.

NSEI 02 Sep 08:33 PM

Positive Global Cues: Dax spot is now up 400 points. Dow trading up 350 and could rise much higher by eod. Sgxnifty future is now around

RELIANCE 02 Sep 08:33 PM

Positive Alert for Reliance: Reliance to set up Indias first and worlds largest carbon fibre project at Hazira which will be a multi decade growth engine for O2C segment.

ASHOKLEY 01 Sep 03:44 PM

Ashok Leyland is just a tad away from posting a new historic high as share is up 4% already today.

BAJAJ-AUTO 01 Sep 03:44 PM

Positive Alert for Bajaj Auto: August domestic sales up 48% yoy but exports down 32% thus two wheeler sales registering only 8% growth yoy.

ESCORTS 01 Sep 03:43 PM

Escorts Kubota domestic tractor sales in August rose 8% while exports rose 4% yoy.

NSEBANK 01 Sep 03:43 PM

Banknifty Buy Call: Buy banknifty future around 39100 while spot is around 39000 for target of spot 40000 within next week.

HDFCBANK 01 Sep 03:42 PM

Positive Alert for Hdfc Bank: Hdfc Bank is raising 10000 crore rupees through local bonds this week and ET says icici bank and axis bank and subsciribing them.

NSEI 01 Sep 03:41 PM

Today View for Markets: having seen fast recovery, markets may slide again today to eat call premiums. stay out of markets for today and let them fall and we get better prices to buy tomorrow morning.

NSEBANK 31 Aug 07:30 PM

Hdfc Securities says 17600 is the support for Nifty and 17900 is a strong resistance. if 17900 hurdle broken positively, nifty can go up to

ARTSONEN 31 Aug 07:30 PM

Artson engineering will get some big orders from Tata aerospace

RTNINFRA 31 Aug 07:29 PM

See the behaviour of these guys with senior citizen. I did not say anything of about rattan india since last two three months but people are unnecessarily blaming me. I invested and stuck so I have right to raise my voice.

LICI 31 Aug 07:28 PM

LIC today got knocked out of top ten wealthy firms as it slipped to 11th place.

NSEI 31 Aug 07:28 PM

LKP Securities see 17500 as support for nifty and expect 18000 to 18100 in short term for Nifty.

BSESN 31 Aug 07:27 PM

Negative Alert for Markets: 8 Core sectors growth in July grew a dismal 4.5

NSEI 30 Aug 12:09 PM

17992 to 17161 need to check price action at this level.

COALINDIA 30 Aug 12:07 PM

Coal India is given Buy with 255 price target by Edelweiss.

RELIANCE 30 Aug 12:06 PM

Reliance investors were disappointed as mukesh ambani said the twin IPOs of Jio and Retail will be announced only in next fiscal.

NSEBANK 30 Aug 12:06 PM

September Banknifty future bought by HRT at 38400 yesterday is now around this over 500 points gain may be booked as it came within one day.

NTPC 30 Aug 12:05 PM

NTPC Positive Breakout: if spot closes above 163 for three straight sessions, expect 180 within september series.

BAJAJFINSV 30 Aug 12:05 PM

Positive Trigger for Bajaj Finserv: Stock split and bonus ex date is fixed as 14th september. expect 20000 spot by or before 14th.

NSEI 30 Aug 12:04 PM

India Q1 GDP Data will be released today evening or tomorrow. this is a quarterly event to watch by markets.

CONFIPET 27 Aug 12:37 PM

hope that it will rise again or we have to exit from it for sometime till some good news there may be preferantial issuing of share is a trap to build up.... but still company has future related to its business..

EKI 27 Aug 12:35 PM

you all expect it to go up 3k 6k and 20k but not expect that it will come to 2k ? 1.5k and 1000 ? how is that justified ?

ZUARI 27 Aug 12:35 PM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

TATAELXSI 27 Aug 12:34 PM

Add when it come below 5000😜😜🤣🤣🤣 Jokes apart …. Seein the business model n stron order book and tye chart which bever lies…. Chances of Going blow 8500 looks grim n unrealistic

NSEBANK 27 Aug 12:33 PM

Positive Alert for Banknifty: SBI and large private sector banks better positioned now as headwinds are rising, says Geeta Chugh, S&P Global.

NSEI 27 Aug 12:33 PM

Negative Global Cues: Dow trading down around 500 and Dax trading down around 300. Sgxnifty futures also trading down lower than today spot close.

BSESN 27 Aug 12:32 PM

Fed chair Powell says bringing down inflation will cause pain to households and businesses in Jackson Hole speech.

NSEBANK 23 Aug 05:47 PM

In bnf opening will be around 38750 to 38800 but if sustaining above 38850 than we me see 39100 tomorrow itself. 38500 is good support now

NSEI 23 Aug 05:46 PM

tomorrow prediction today... nifty will open gap up till 17620 and if crossed 17650 to 17670 levels than we may see 17750 tomorrow itself otherwise heading towards 17250 levels.

AWL 23 Aug 05:45 PM

If one thinks about the business of the group, it would not be possible to avoid the strong parallels with Anil Ambani. Too much leverage funded on debt in companies which are in totally unrelated fields. It looks like a recipe for disaster.

QUADRANT 23 Aug 05:45 PM

Well Brs ! Let them book profits completely at RHS, because this pressure comes in every stage, so be careful in every entry/exit levels...

EICHERMOT 23 Aug 05:44 PM

more UP move possible, if market remains green it will go UP tommorow.

ONGC 23 Aug 05:43 PM


CENTEXT 23 Aug 05:43 PM

Century Extrusion has huge potential to become a Multi-Bagger Stock in 2 yrs time frame given its segment potential and booming market condition

DEEPAKFERT 23 Aug 05:41 PM

It looks like this company will be taken over by Adani. Will this become Adani fertilisers and petrochemicals??? Just kidding. Long term investors, enjoy. Dont book profits.

KOTAKBANK 19 Aug 11:50 AM

Positive Observation on Kotak Bank: FIIs seems like hiking their stake in Kotak Bank becoz this is the only private bank with lowest FII stake.

NSEBANK 19 Aug 11:50 AM

Banknifty precisely behaved in the same manner yesterday also twice.

ONGC 19 Aug 11:49 AM

Positive Alert for ONGC and VEDL: windfall tax on domestic crude oil cut from 17750 to 13000 rupees per ton.

ULTRACEMCO 19 Aug 11:49 AM

Ultratech is given Buy with 7135 target by Investec.

NSEBANK 19 Aug 11:48 AM

Banknifty is little subdued in the morning as rupee breached 80 mark but now rupee is at 79.73. if rupee strengthens, banknifty will also rise.

PSB 19 Aug 11:48 AM

Positive Alert for PSBs: RBI advises gradual withdrawal of government control from Public Sector Banks.

NSEI 19 Aug 11:47 AM

After Q1 Earnings, MOST top 5 upgraded stocks are Coal India, Tata Steel, Hindalco, Ultratech and UPL while top 5 downgraded stocks are BPCL, Tata Motors, ONGC, Apollo Hospitals and Shree Cement.

NSEBANK 18 Aug 08:34 PM

tomorrow selling trg 800 points banknifty. global markets all selling trend

KARURVYSYA 18 Aug 08:33 PM

Stock is entering a correction phase which may bring the price to 58-59.....better to hold for long term and not sell during fluctuations.

JUBLFOOD 18 Aug 08:32 PM

Jubilant Food Buy at 620 will go 680 sl 601

JAYAGROGN 18 Aug 08:32 PM

This boarder possibly an insider in league with operators & promoters likes to trap innocent small investors with his comments & wishful thinking.

AXISBANK 18 Aug 08:31 PM

sell sell axis said it is about to huge profit booking from 775...made low of 763 today one is 730, 700

ICICIBANK 18 Aug 08:30 PM

Icici Bank is given Buy with 1100 price target by Jefferies. full article in cnbc website.

NSEI 18 Aug 08:29 PM

Positive FII Alert: Nomura and Goldman Sachs revised downwards china growth figures. FIIs are now expected to shift from china to india.

NSEBANK 18 Aug 08:28 PM

As observed correctly, banknifty rose much more than it lost and up 220 points.

CGPOWER 18 Aug 08:28 PM

Thirteen States barred from power exchanges after they failed to pay bills. full article in bloom berg.

NSEI 17 Aug 03:45 PM

Blood bath from tomorrow going down

NSEBANK 17 Aug 03:44 PM

banknifty strong expiry alert rocks alerted above 39000 next attempt to cross 40000 now 39500 tomorrow 39800 important levels if hold weekly expiry above 40000 if break maximum downside 39300 all are spot levels power of technical analysis.

IOC 17 Aug 03:43 PM

Positive Alert for IOC, BPC, HPC: Media reports say PSU OMCs bought millions of barrels of russian crude at a steep discount in last 3 months which benefit will be seen in Q2.

NTPC 17 Aug 03:43 PM

Positive Alert for NTPC: Business Line says of the 16548 cr approved for renovation and modernisation, 9050 cr has already been spent and balance will be spent this fiscal.

ONGC 17 Aug 03:43 PM

Negative Alert for ONGC: Falling crude prices on recession fear weigh heavily on ONGC stock. full article in Business Line.

NSEBANK 17 Aug 03:42 PM

Q1FY23 GDP data will be released by the govt next week and RBI expects it to come at 16.2% while CARE estimates it at 17.8%

PFC 17 Aug 03:42 PM

Positive Alert for Power Stocks: PFC and REC equal stake JV to rope in other partners to fund and take over stressed power plants in India. power demand is unable to met by existing power plants.

NSEI 12 Aug 02:39 PM

2.55pm to 3.15pm movement might give some clue on TUE opening . This should be in addition to the technical checks you do. Good luck to all.

APOLLOHOSP 12 Aug 02:38 PM

Apollo Hospitals share is top loser in nifty today as its Q1 profit fell 35%.

ONGC 12 Aug 02:38 PM

ONGC underperformed all its peers and despite windfall tax removal hopes and historic high profit estimates, stock is still not rising. hightime THY rise it above 140 and give cheers to its investors.

POWERGRID 12 Aug 02:37 PM

Powergrid is maintained Neutral rating by Credit Suisse which gave a price target of 210 which is lower than cmp.

NSEBANK 12 Aug 02:37 PM

Most private banks are majority owned by FIIs. THEY control the indices.

DIVISLAB 12 Aug 02:36 PM

Divis Labs Q1 profit rose 26% but market says it fell below their estimates. so stock is top loser in nifty down 4%.

ONGC 12 Aug 02:36 PM

till 1.30 pm ONGC buy volume was three times more than sell volume. now at 1.35 pm suddenly sell volume increased and buy volume reduced. something is cooking just before results are out.

ADANIENT 11 Aug 03:29 PM

Positive Alert for Adani Enterprises: Livemint says this Adani group company to set up a greenfield aluminum refinery and a captive power plant in Odisha at a cost of 41000 cr.

SHREECEM 11 Aug 03:28 PM

It is a double positive for Adani Enterprises stock as brokerages are saying it will soon Nifty50 replacing Shree Cements.

HINDALCO 11 Aug 03:27 PM

Prabhudas Lilladher gave Accumulate and 580 target for Hindalco.

ICICIBANK 11 Aug 03:27 PM

Positive Breakout in Icici Bank: stock hit new historic high of 867 today and its market cap crossed 6 lakh crore rupees for the first time and is now 6th wealthiest company of india.

NSEBANK 11 Aug 03:26 PM

Seems like Independence Day Rally is on in our markets and seems like DIIs will also FIIs and turn net buyers to lift nifty further higher.

COALINDIA 11 Aug 03:26 PM

Coal India gets Buy with 294 target from Icici Securities.

NSEI 11 Aug 03:26 PM

tv channels speak of 2.30 factor where a sudden movement in market comes at 2.30 pm precisely one hour before close daily. in a rising market, further upmove comes from that time.

NSEBANK 05 Aug 04:08 PM

buy bank nifty 38500 call 130 sl 105 tgt 180 positional

NSEI 05 Aug 04:08 PM

after market hours anyone say wat happened in todays market

TITAN 05 Aug 04:07 PM

Titan now rose 2% and my observation came correct like it did with bajaj finserv earlier.

ONGC 05 Aug 04:06 PM

ONGC Rumours: speculation is in the street with some analysts and brokers recommending their customers to Buy ONGC on expectations of a Bonus issue and or Stock Split.

OIL 05 Aug 04:06 PM

Oil Indias Q1 PAT and sales are expected to be up more than 200 percentage and 50 percentage respectively (YoY)...

DATAPATTNS 05 Aug 04:05 PM

Data Patterns : Nice consolidation post results. ready for break out. Target 950/ 1100

JPPOWER 05 Aug 04:05 PM

today 12 crs volumes.... highest ever..... Rs. 25 in q2 result.

TECHM 05 Aug 04:04 PM

when will the dividend amount be credited ??

NSEBANK 03 Aug 10:11 AM

Today today Confirm News Today Buy Buy at 37900-38000 levels for Target is 38300 confirm confirm confirm today make my words

NSEI 03 Aug 10:10 AM


SUBEXLTD 03 Aug 10:09 AM

Subex is increasing because it has officially partnered with Jio. Guys please catch the stock or it will be late again

TATASTEEL 03 Aug 10:08 AM

Anuj Gupta of IIFL today gave Buy call on Tata Steel for target of 130.

HCLTECH 03 Aug 10:08 AM

Mehul Kothari of Anand Rathi today gave Buy call on Hcl Tech for target of 980.

MARUTI 03 Aug 10:07 AM

Maruti stock turning ex dividend of 60 rupees today and price action adjustment will be seen accordingly.

NSEBANK 03 Aug 10:07 AM

India goods exports in July fell marginally by 0.76% yoy which is the first contraction seen in over an year.

ONGC 03 Aug 10:06 AM

Double Whammy for ONGC Stock today: windfall tax on domestic crude production hiked by 750 rupees per ton and NGT imposed a fine of 22.72 cr.

NSEI 03 Aug 10:05 AM

Positive Alert for Metals, Cement and Energy Stocks: Media is saying a carbon credit platform for these sectors will be announced by PM on 15th august.

NSEBANK 01 Aug 12:06 PM

as said to touch 37800 touch 37773 as high till now

NSEI 01 Aug 12:04 PM

Nifty 50 17500 PE buying price 436......average on friday at 365 i guess and now its at 260......same goes for 17600 pe and and 17700 pe also......he has ample funds to average even if 17500 pe goes to 100 or below.....but beware about your own your own analysis.....

CIPLA 01 Aug 12:03 PM

Systematix gave Buy with 1156 price target for Cipla.

SUNPHARMA 01 Aug 12:03 PM

Dolat Capital gave Buy with a price target of 1150 for Sun Pharma.

M&M 01 Aug 12:02 PM

M&M is top gainer today up around 7

NTPC 01 Aug 12:02 PM

Positive Alert for NTPC: PM on Saturday launched floating solar power plant at NTPC at Kayamkulam.

NSEI 01 Aug 12:01 PM

Positive Alert for Markets: India Manufacturing PMI for July rose to an 8 month high of 56.4

NSEBANK 01 Aug 12:01 PM

Positive GST Data: July gst collections came at 1.49 lakh crore rupees which is 28% up yoy.

NSEBANK 28 Jul 04:19 PM

39125 in next two session.. thats the bottomline icici.. hdfc will lead now

NSEI 28 Jul 04:19 PM

The best thing u post Chaosis is.. You are holding shorts with hedge.. This, is really important for even the new traders who would want to copy the trades without knowing the reason and direction...

SKIPPER 28 Jul 04:18 PM

May be insider selling after knowing some news. As usual we will get to know the news later

TORNTPHARM 28 Jul 04:17 PM

Thermax rises on executing shareholders agreement with EverEnviro

VEDL 28 Jul 04:16 PM

results below expectations, wonder where will the movement be tomorrow considering that the stock has already taken a beating

LAXMIMACH 28 Jul 04:16 PM

Gartex Texprocess India%u2019s New Delhi Edition to Be Bigger than Ever with More than 175 Exhibitors Confirmed

SOMANYCERA 28 Jul 04:15 PM

Schaeffler India rises on reporting 76% rise in Q2 net profit

NSEBANK 26 Jul 10:46 AM

Buy above 36470 with Stop Loss 36325 first target 36725 second target. 37090

NSEI 26 Jul 10:45 AM

Great work brijesh, stay safe and learner.. we just breached You guys are doing amazing job. We should always give credit that is due.

PEL 26 Jul 10:44 AM

Is there any demerger news

IDEA 26 Jul 10:44 AM

Jet Airways trading at 104 rs and VI at 8 rs so dont worry every company has its day... But in VI promo only delaying that day.

ICICIBANK 26 Jul 10:43 AM

sell sell sell icici bank at cmp near 802.25..... target 750/730/........

VAKRANGEE 26 Jul 10:42 AM

dont get trapped. it will never reach 40. sell target 26. some are giving false target to trap investors high pe 35, zero corporate governance sell only

HDFCBANK 26 Jul 10:42 AM

Elephant seems strong. It is relatively holding its ground even in this fall market today.

NSEI 26 Jul 10:41 AM

Today and tomorrow wednesday mood for add all lower circuit till 10% to 20% correction stocks in portfolio ..

YESBANK 23 Jul 05:18 PM

Yes Bank Q1 profit is up 50% yoy due to low base but down 15% qoq.

ICICIBANK 23 Jul 05:16 PM

Positive Results from Icici Bank: Q1 profit came 50% higher yoy but fell a tad lower qoq. it just met street estimates and stock may be up mildly is my view.

NSEBANK 23 Jul 02:06 PM

I am extremely bullish on Bank Nifty. FII data is positive side. So, Monday Bank Nifty and FII will pull the nifty towards Reliance , kotak Mahindra Bank results are very good compared to last few quarters. Crude oil price is also in favour. Russia and Ukraine signed a deal on Friday to reopen grains exports from Ukrainian Black Sea ports. So I believe NIFTY should go above Thanks🙏

BAJAJFINSV 23 Jul 02:02 PM

Monday NIFTY and Bank Nifty both will trade higher side.. Nifty will trade above 17,000. FII and Bank Nifty will pull NIFTY towards 17,000...I wont be surprised if NIFTY trade above 17,200 within this expiry... As Sentiment is also positive side... thanks...

AXISBANK 23 Jul 02:01 PM

Axis Bank and Tata Steel results are declared on monday.

TATASTEEL 23 Jul 02:00 PM

Tata Steel, after face value split from 10 to 1 on 28th, it will be the only stock in Nifty50 available in two digits or below 100.

UTTAMSTL 23 Jul 02:00 PM

All good readers today can become good writers tomorrow. happy authorship satisfaction which form of contribution remains forever.

TATAMTRDVR 23 Jul 01:59 PM

Tata Motors Q1 results are on 27th and most brokerages seeing yet another quarterly LOSS. if tata motors comes back in black and post a profit of 1 rupee or more, street will cheer it.

NSEBANK 23 Jul 01:56 PM

well bro, sadly these days, Indian Auto, Pharma, IT companies are acting less Indian and living more global. they are taking indian money, earnt on indian soil and then borrowed money from indian banks and buying companies in usa and europe and enriching those economies, giving jobs there etc. tata steel corus. tata motors jlr.

NSEBANK 23 Jul 01:54 PM

For dumping indian money abroad, and helping foreign countries with indian money, these promoters are getting highest civilian awards from india. i never heard any PM having guts to tell them not to invest abroad and invest only in India.

RELIANCE 23 Jul 01:54 PM

Reliance Industries warns of global recession headwinds after profit miss. full article in bloomberg.

NSEI 23 Jul 01:53 PM

After registering over 20000 new corona positive for 4th straight day, India active cases crossed 1.5 lakh for the first time since february.

KOTAKBANK 23 Jul 01:53 PM

Kotak Mahindra Bank Q1 results pdf file of 44 pages uploaded in nseindia website an hour ago and one can read details there.

ICICIBANK 23 Jul 01:52 PM

Icici Bank Q1 results with media at 5 pm today. at 6 pm analysts and investors meet.

KOTAKBANK 23 Jul 01:52 PM

Negative Review of Kotak Bank: Q1 profit came LOWEST in Four Quarters.

NSEBANK 22 Jul 09:16 PM

another reason for my seeing all 4 days red for next week is very high ce premiums even for deepest otm with 4 days to expire. so it is easy for THEM to sell and eat all ce.

PFC 22 Jul 09:14 PM

Positive Alert for Power Stocks: Jefferies says power sector to witness strong growth for next 10 years and gave four buy calls with higher price targets.

ASIANPAINT 22 Jul 09:14 PM

Negative Alert for Asian Paints: MOSL downgraded Asian Paints to Neutral rating with a lower price target of 2840.

NSEI 22 Jul 09:13 PM

In last week of monthly stock options expiry, additional margins imposed on itm options. so retailers buy only otm and deep otm. these CE premiums rose too much which means fall is imminent.

RELIANCE 22 Jul 09:12 PM

Reliance GDR, post results, lost all its 2% gains of the morning and fell flat. so 2

NSEBANK 21 Jul 12:23 PM

PCR is trending up, Futures OI up by 10% dips should be used to buy! Next weekly contracts very beneficial!

ITC 21 Jul 12:23 PM

Positive Alert for ITC: ITC Chairman said in its AGM that hotel demerger will now happen which was on hold earlier that will unlock value for ITC shareholders.

MARUTI 21 Jul 12:22 PM

Positive Alert for Maruti: ET says Maruti is to launch a multiple models of New SUVs.

NSEBANK 21 Jul 12:22 PM

Indias Economic Recovery Falters as High Prices Start to Bite. full article in bloomberg.

INDUSINDBK 21 Jul 12:21 PM

Dolat Capital gave Buy rating with a price target of 1150 on Indusind Bank.

NSEI 21 Jul 12:21 PM

As said earlier, Indusind Bank is top gainer up 5.3% now. historically, if results are good, stock rises 5% and if results bad, stock tanks 10%. so upside is now over for july.

WIPRO 21 Jul 12:20 PM

Dolat Capital gave Reduce rating on Wipro with a price target of 440.

NSEI 19 Jul 09:34 PM

All pe people trapped. tomm is the end. lungi dance for CE holders

HINDUNILVR 19 Jul 09:33 PM

Negative HUL Q1 Review: Sales rose 19% yoy and profit rose 11% yoy. this tepid growth is despite 3 price hikes and low base last year. QOQ, sales rose a dismal 6% and profit FELL 3%.

NSEBANK 19 Jul 09:32 PM

As said last week, Indian markets will stake NON STOP RALLY all days whole july series till 28th. there will be intraday falls like we seen today morning which are like boons for traders to go long.

NSEI 19 Jul 09:31 PM

Reliance will be the first one if it keeps Retail and Jio with itself. |

NSEBANK 17 Jul 07:25 AM

No worries n no domination on Monday, guys market will be closing in just - 150 points upper or lowerl in surprise.

NSEI 17 Jul 07:24 AM

Buy buy buy buy nifty 17k by july monthly expiry. Big move coming. Bull run has just started.

SCTL 17 Jul 07:24 AM

Volume is increasing day by day so buy and hold for longterm it will become big multibaggar company soon

BALLARPUR 17 Jul 07:23 AM

thank you sir for your advice.its a universal formula to safe play in stocks.goodluck.

GMMPFAUDLR 17 Jul 07:22 AM

Darling stocks of 2021 are now trading at 50-70% down. Retail investor is normally lured with such short term cyclical rally. Rule based fundamentally strong stocks will never let you down !!!

FEDERALBNK 17 Jul 07:22 AM

Federal Bank target prices after Q1 results declared yesterday: Emkay Global 128 Choice Broking 110.

NSEBANK 15 Jul 01:53 PM

Banknifty next thursday 21st july expiry: expect 35555 spot in banknfty anytime by or before eod next thursday which is 1000 point jump from now.

ADANIPORTS 15 Jul 01:52 PM

Positive Alert for Adani Ports: Adani and Gadot consortium has secured rights to buy 100% shares of Haifa Port Company, which is second largest port of Israel.

ICICIBANK 15 Jul 01:52 PM

ICICI Bank Q1 Net Profit seen up 39% YoY to Rs. 6,407 cr, says Arihant Capital.

SBIN 15 Jul 01:52 PM

Positive Alert for SBI: SBI fully owns SBI MF. SBI Contra Fund AUM doubles in last one year to Rs 4,688 crore.

NSEBANK 15 Jul 01:51 PM

Positive Alert for Banknifty: Credit growth rose a stellar 13.3% in fortnight ending 1st july compared to 8.3% seen in previous fortnight ending 17th june.

NSEI 15 Jul 01:48 PM

China gdp growth fell qoq but managed to post yoy a tad positive growth.

NSEI 13 Jul 11:37 AM

Dow futures is also rangebound which indicates that market will go down.

NSEBANK 13 Jul 11:36 AM

Negative Q1 Preview for Banknifty: Banks to report mark to market losses of 13,000 crore rupees on rising bond yields, says ICRA.

HCLTECH 13 Jul 11:35 AM

Yes Securities maintains Buy on hcl tech with a price target of 1140.

RELIANCE 13 Jul 11:35 AM

Positive News on Reliance: ET says Reliance is in talks with London based luxury gourmet, gifting and hospitality retail chain Fortnum & Mason for an exclusive partnership for India. The British luxury department store chain is known for curated premium foods, wine and spirits, gifting and restaurants, and has a close association with the British royal family.

HDFCBANK 13 Jul 11:34 AM

Big Results of Hdfc Bank on saturday 16th which is two more sessions. all brokerages seeing consistent over 20% jump in profit.

NSEI 13 Jul 11:34 AM

Positive MF Booster for Markets: MFs line up NFOs as embargo lifts, a dozen schemes expected. Experts say resumption of NFOs will help support inflows into equity schemes, which are key to offset selling by foreign funds.

HCLTECH 13 Jul 11:33 AM

My Positive View on HCL Tech: stock smartly recovered from freak fall to 905 this morning and I see stock going green by eod and stock must kiss 1000 levels within july fno expiry.

NSEI 07 Jul 03:45 PM

Nifty will cross 16300 in next 7 days and on a good day it will touch Ultimate reversal will start but bottom is made at 15200 levels. Inflation rates will be stabilized and Fed rate hike will be muted. But second half of july will see panic selling or profit bookings. Take wise positions according to this.

NSEBANK 07 Jul 03:44 PM

banknifty strong expiry alert rocks alerted above 33000 next target 34500 and 34800 today high 35000 tomorrow range 34500 to 35300 maximum pain upto 34000 all are spot levels power of technical analysis rocks again history repeats itself

AXISBANK 07 Jul 03:43 PM

Axis Bank Q1 profit is seen down 16% qoq but seen up 60% yoy.

SBIN 07 Jul 03:43 PM

Negative Preview for SBI: Q1 profit seen down 17% qoq despite seeing as much 17% growth yoy due to low base.

INDUSINDBK 07 Jul 03:42 PM

Positive Preview for Indusind Bank: Q1 profit is seen up 45% yoy and also seen up 5% qoq.

HDFCLIFE 07 Jul 03:42 PM

HDFC Life Q1 profit is seen up 12% yoy but seen down 6% qoq.

SBILIFE 07 Jul 03:42 PM

SBI Life Q1 profit seen up 23% yoy but estimated down 59% qoq.

POWERGRID 07 Jul 03:41 PM

Negative Alert for Powergrid: CBI arrests 6, including ED of Power Grid Corp, in bribery case involving Tata Projects.

NSEBANK 06 Jul 03:20 PM

bank nifty 34000 put full tgt hit enjoy full profit

NSEI 06 Jul 03:19 PM

In fag end of session Nifty50 in process to achieve 16k levels once again

HEROMOTOCO 06 Jul 03:18 PM

Positive Preview for Hero Motocorp: Q1 profit seen up 27% qoq while it is more than doubled yoy.

M&M 06 Jul 03:17 PM

Positive Preview for M&M: Q1 profit seen nearly doubled yoy while qoq it is up 28%.

ONGC 06 Jul 03:17 PM

Positive Preview for ONGC: Q1 profit seen at 15924 cr which is up 80% qoq and three fold jump yoy.

RELIANCE 06 Jul 03:16 PM

Positive Preview for Reliance: Q1 profit is seen nearly doubled to 23925 cr yoy which is up 48% qoq.

LT 06 Jul 03:13 PM

L&T Q1 topline and bottomline are seen rising 19% and 26% respectively yoy but both seen falling qoq.

MRPL 04 Jul 09:14 PM

I hope it may go up side from tomorrow, if not then I have to leave. Already in heavy loss now...

DHANI 04 Jul 09:13 PM

Daya madam long time no see Lol is samir gehlot still absconding from ED and in london Lol