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SIMRANTEC about info comming soon...



TATAPOWER 13 Feb 10:25 PM

kisi ko news mili kya 85 k crore investment see guys all mouth ar shut now in comming days

SAIL 13 Feb 10:25 PM

Indian inflation data is wrost then ever currently Dow is up but it will fall any time...might tomorrow trust me resection is waiting and it is tooo close to all...

RSYSTEMS 13 Feb 10:24 PM

D listing is unlikely to happen. Even Mphasis delighting didnt happen for the open offer if Black Stone. Rcsystems turnover will cross 2000 crores by January 2024. R Systems may be merged with MPHASIS T N Ramakrishna

NSEI 13 Feb 10:24 PM

Tomorrow nifty will cross 18k , fii is turned bullish now

NSEBANK 13 Feb 10:23 PM

Surprisingly Inflation numbers are on the positive side against the widely expected negative side. Bank nifty index may be hammered badly.

ADANIENT 11 Feb 10:22 PM

This stock will be peny stock in next 1-2 years like DFFL and RCOM this my opnion as credit is fully lost

POWERGRID 11 Feb 10:22 PM

Powergrd short term buy target are 248 for 1-2 months

KRETTOSYS 11 Feb 10:21 PM

Everyone in the market is talking about Mahasagar Trav....Another stock which is in the news for hitting the upper circuit is Kretto Syscon Ltd.

NSEI 11 Feb 10:21 PM

next 1 year going to be correction f om all time high 18k .. targets in radar 17200, 16500,15200,13500 and 12000... keep selling for onnany rise ..all profit will be zeroed out.. exit before massacre.. blood bath yet to begin

NSEBANK 11 Feb 10:20 PM

next week kuch bada dhamaka hoga? upmove ya down move.....upmove strong possibility

IBREALEST 10 Feb 09:59 PM

interest is only 3.5 cr not 33cr, read figures in lacs thats why saying read it thoroughly

ELECTCAST 10 Feb 09:59 PM

Will Stay In week stock radar

ATHENAGLO 10 Feb 09:58 PM

disasters mistake I have done. I was thinking after result announced it will take jump.

NSEI 10 Feb 09:58 PM

Diis made Futures Index and futures stock long for 2860 quantities and 8440 quantities. In stock options they shorted calls 1717 quantities with selling in cash for less than 1K crores.

NSEBANK 10 Feb 09:57 PM

60 points already up Bank Nifty from 41500 to 14560, should open strong on Monday!!

VEDL 08 Feb 01:35 AM

US plans 200% tariff on Russian aluminium as soon as this week

JUSTDIAL 08 Feb 01:34 AM

just dial buy target 635 and stop loss 618

IDEA 08 Feb 01:34 AM

Since Vodafone promoter very particular to convert govt debt in to equity before getting the fund infusion can I assume fund infusion will happen through ADR or GDR?????? anyone has view in this regard????

NSEBANK 08 Feb 01:33 AM

BNF retesting for downtrend in daily time frame even if it opens gapup , it would eventually pulled down by HDFC Bank.

NSEI 08 Feb 01:33 AM

Fii Not moving reliance . As retailers are bullish on reliance . They are selling reliance so that nifty not go up .

IDEA 04 Feb 09:48 PM

I sold 95% IDEA stocks at 7.10 on Wednesday with 20% loss. At any cost I have to buy this on Monday. Now only sky is the limit for this stock.

ADANIENT 04 Feb 09:48 PM

adanient Looks week and Weekly charts suggest sell for 1850

TATAPOWER 04 Feb 09:48 PM

what to do its consolidate everyday. Totally Brain Damage Stock. In future never trade in this stock for swing trading

NSEBANK 04 Feb 09:47 PM

All doubts now clear. no much exposure from SBI all loan given on tangible assets. and exposure is just 0.8% to the loan book. .......huge budget rally will start Monday onwards.

NSEI 04 Feb 09:47 PM

as long as no clarity on hindenberg reports stocks upside limited and downside open even below 300 not far away...bcoz soo many days completed...but who is having real clarity...??? God only knows

ADANIPORTS 02 Feb 10:02 PM

NSE issued orders to increase the margin listed under ASM to control the price fluctuations. This may force the shorts to cover due to high margin. Minimum 50%. and maximum 100%.

ADANIPOWER 02 Feb 10:02 PM

Wait for 2 years - high levels will be back by then on the back of higher revenue and EPS.

BSOFT 02 Feb 10:01 PM

very good results tomorrow UC Lagega

NSEBANK 02 Feb 10:01 PM

looking at last 30mins of todays trade... BN may open atleast 500 points up

NSEI 02 Feb 10:00 PM

IT sector may give some support to nifty tomorrow.. with Pharma . but bank may drag due to loan given to adani group as adani already going down daily.

SPICEJET 01 Feb 10:01 PM

continuously profit equity segments So what are you waiting for.

ADANIPORTS 01 Feb 10:01 PM

Adani Group Acquires Strategic Haifa Port In Israel For $1.2 Billion

ADANIENT 01 Feb 10:00 PM

cradit suite says Adani bond velue zero percent how can posible share at 2000 level it will go mor down side

NSEI 01 Feb 10:00 PM

Highest Put build up for Adani Port is at 450 while 500 levels has dome call build up. Next build up is at 550. So prices are likely to be between 520 and 430. Any cross over 520 can trigger short covering towards 570.

NSEBANK 01 Feb 09:59 PM

Bcoz Nobody can predict the future thats the fact. everyone have their own opinions. My suggestion not to trade for 2 to 3 sessions to be on safer side. market can jump either way

NSEI 30 Jan 10:33 PM

on Wednesday premium will be eaten (BN,NIFTY) and Tomo finnifty premium will be eaten market no where Tomo...just 100 points range low to high BN crack at least 260 points...

ADANITRANS 30 Jan 10:32 PM

Circuit Revised to 10%... UC confirms from tomorrow till 2 to 3 session

BSHSL 30 Jan 10:32 PM

Very low sales and profit even market cap is 5000 cr ?? Superiors?

ADANIENT 30 Jan 10:31 PM

I find his comment demeaning the sacrifice of Indian freedom fighters. Such a shady company and they are comparing themselves to martyrs. So cringe. Despicable. Also on martyrs day. Thoda to sharm rakh.

NSEBANK 30 Jan 10:31 PM

most of companies result comes superb so after 31 Jan big rally possible, if budget positive

IRCTC 29 Jan 09:03 PM

this is the only company after rec and Nhai which is used as a 50 lac captial gain exemption. huge money will be inflow for at least 5 years. no one is close to this nbfc in terms of loans. this share will cross 65 soon

SHRIPISTON 29 Jan 09:02 PM

shriram pistons buy at 1210 target 1230 stop loss 1190

GREENLAM 29 Jan 09:02 PM

greenlam ind buy at 315 target 330 sl 297

NSEBANK 29 Jan 09:01 PM

Ukrain war again i think market will down tomorrow

NSEI 29 Jan 09:01 PM

Wait for fed meeting...the real game will begin then!!!

NSEBANK 27 Jan 10:19 PM

how can Adani be reason for fall of banking shares? very nominal exposure of our pvt banks secondly debt equity ratio is 1:10

LICI 27 Jan 10:19 PM

LIC will buy more Adani stocks and force short sellers to cover their shorts.

ADANIGREEN 27 Jan 10:19 PM

This is definitely not a dead script. Its a good opportunity for investors to invest and created wealth. Look out for levels below 1000 and enter this

ONGC 27 Jan 10:18 PM

ONGC Buy Target Rs160 and Stop Loss Rs137

JKLAKSHMI 26 Jan 08:14 PM

Currently cement stocks may return for upward momentum. Major player out s That!!!!

RELIANCE 26 Jan 08:14 PM

Hero of Made in India stock

ULTRACEMCO 26 Jan 08:13 PM

Series of sell calls given on weak results like United Spirit, Ultratech whereas Maruti BTST gave bumper profit - what a morning guys :)

NSEI 26 Jan 08:13 PM

Nifty futures ended in 17988 yesterday (Feb series) So anything above the level in SGX may reflect. For 100 points gap up open we need to sustain 18100 in SGX

NSEBANK 26 Jan 08:13 PM

bn tomarow 41100 expiery 40500 Tak jasakti hai

NSEBANK 24 Jan 10:14 PM

Kal market minimum 300 up

ZOMATO 24 Jan 10:14 PM

zomato will not only turn profitable this year but will reach 250 in next 18-24 month the cash they have burned for business expension and tremendous and in a sector were I dont think any third player after swiggy will survive.

HDFCBANK 24 Jan 10:14 PM

Hdfc buy 2745, keep target in short term 2800

SWARAJENG 24 Jan 10:14 PM

Big Five Banks Gross Advances Or Total Loan Book: SBI 31 lakh cr. Hdfcbank 15 lakh cr. Icicibank 10 lakh cr. Axisbank 8 lakh cr. Kotakbank 3 lakh cr.

NSEI 24 Jan 10:13 PM

I am not dreaming, I pray God that whatever negativity today entered in my mindset proved to be completely wrong.

KHAICHEM 23 Jan 05:05 PM

Profits are reduced from 29 Cr. to 7.5Cr. and revenue reduced from 273 Cr. to 214. Disappointing results!!!

JKPAPER 23 Jan 05:05 PM

At the same time when FII holdings increased , DII holdings decreased to 2.9% from 4.5% on Sept22 and 5.9% in June22. Thats why probably the upward movement in JK was capped due to offset selling by two different institutions.

NCC 23 Jan 05:05 PM

if it cross 98 it will go upto 140 to 150 level within 6 months

NSEBANK 23 Jan 05:04 PM

I bet you tomorrow the market gap down and hit 42500 again

NSEI 23 Jan 05:04 PM

really disappointed by nifty performance today....tomorrow i foresee nifty to touch 17900...

COSMOFILMS 20 Jan 07:39 PM

Process is bit different from broker to broker but brokers trading app will have provision to apply buyback , open offers and delisting .

NYKAA 20 Jan 07:39 PM

tomorrow it will rise 10℅ confirmed.

MISHTANN 20 Jan 07:39 PM

this stock needs volume by genuine investors to sustain and not by operaters. this stock is good but it can climb only when real investors will come up.

NSEI 20 Jan 07:38 PM

ab aaj google k layoff par US market na gir jaye!!

NSEBANK 20 Jan 07:38 PM

you stoploss was hit how can you post that Target achieved?

BCG 19 Jan 05:58 PM

Tolerate pain for handsome pain no gain!!

POWERINDIA 19 Jan 05:58 PM

Rallis India trades lower on reporting 43

WIPRO 19 Jan 05:58 PM

In falling market showing good strength ... 430 coming soon

NSEI 19 Jan 05:57 PM

Today as on 19th January 2023 Fiis bought in cash for 399 crores while Diis sold in cash for 128 crores respectively.

NSEBANK 19 Jan 05:57 PM

who take overnight ce stay calm, you wil be rewarded tomorrow.

VEDL 18 Jan 09:31 PM

Buy Vedanta cmp 324 for tomorrow target will be 330/335

INDOCO 18 Jan 09:30 PM

After the 3rd quarter results on 23rd Jan. Indoco Remedies will move up faster and after the fourth quarter big announcement is expected from the company.

MONTECARLO 18 Jan 09:30 PM

no is buying 😂😜 thats why montecarlo started posting profit from loss in every summer quarter.....Lolzzzzz

NSEI 18 Jan 09:29 PM

now tomorrow profit booking day nifty reverse back 18000

NSEBANK 18 Jan 09:29 PM

Tomorrow expecting Indusind to get this move to 2-3% for bank

JMCPROJECT 17 Jan 10:00 PM

jmc projects Looks strong on charts here, Buy and accumulate for 130

INGERRAND 17 Jan 09:59 PM

Ingersoll strong on charts and technical suggest to buy for 2055

DELTACORP 17 Jan 09:59 PM

Delta corp buy 211 target 224

NSEI 17 Jan 09:59 PM

NIFTY IS GOING TO TOUCH.....19500 MARK ❣️ THEN NEXT...21000.....THEN ITLL BACK TO 18000***

NSEBANK 17 Jan 09:58 PM

tomorrow 41700 .. be careful..

NSEI 16 Jan 09:38 PM

FIIs are still short, no changes on trading values. Be cautious as they may push the index to 17000level the way selling is ON

NSEBANK 16 Jan 09:38 PM

today buying 42300 CE price 300 , 65 rupees down close, tomorrow hold or sell, please advise

IDEA 16 Jan 09:38 PM

ready for take off to 2 digit today buy in opening

HAPPSTMNDS 16 Jan 09:37 PM

Bull rally is starting I think so......just hold ur position

TCPLPACK 16 Jan 09:37 PM

Recession free stock : Strong fundamental : Opportunity to Buy : TGT : 2000

SOUTHBANK 13 Jan 08:31 PM

Today South India bank officially announced that 3rd quarter published on 24th January. Pl check BSE website.

VMART 13 Jan 08:30 PM

The company doing good business, getting good orders from abroad. Good results coming soon, stock may rally upward direction.

WIPRO 13 Jan 08:30 PM

Wipro results meet street estimates but profit dint come historic high like its other three peers.

NSEBANK 13 Jan 08:29 PM

as per our prediction today market was go good up side next week i think again market will come down side

NSEI 13 Jan 08:29 PM

does that mean FIIs are selling in cash, and going long on FnO?

CONCOR 12 Jan 08:57 PM

buy for 800 as stock can blast anytime.

INFY 12 Jan 08:57 PM


EDELWEISS 12 Jan 08:56 PM

70 touched.. not it will go back to 61-62 again..

NSEBANK 12 Jan 08:56 PM

indian cpi inflation at 5.72 vs 5.88,for December month good for indian banking.

NSEI 12 Jan 08:55 PM

sgx nifty is mostly traded by Chinese speculators dont take a direction based on sgx nifty use your own mind

NSEI 11 Jan 08:15 PM

That is not the point. Just checked my system, there were only 2 days in the past when more than 10k crore gross selling was done by Fiis in a non trending day and both turned out to be huge later. That is my point.

NSEBANK 11 Jan 08:14 PM

US market will go down ahead of inflation data, followed by asian market going downside tmrow,

PRAXIS 11 Jan 08:14 PM

praxis home bullish on charts, technical suggest buy for target 35-40

PROZONINTU 11 Jan 08:14 PM

prozone intu strong on charts and technical suggest to buy for 30

BGRENERGY 11 Jan 08:13 PM

bgr energy looks weak and weekly charts suggest sell on rise 70

NSEI 07 Jan 07:22 PM

book profit on Monday on opening if ur profit enough...Max 140 possible beyond that doubt ...only price increase

NSEBANK 07 Jan 07:22 PM

Can we see 43200ce at 300 by Tuesday/Thursday my avg is 380 am now 55 I am in huuuuugeeeeee losss please suggest what can expect BN by Thursday 12th Jan?

GGL 07 Jan 07:21 PM

only buy for long term only buy for long term

BCG 07 Jan 07:21 PM

why r u so concerned when u r not an investors and if you have then that shows ur foolishness.

IRCTC 07 Jan 07:21 PM

IRCTC has strongest monopoly business in India, nobody can compete with it.

IOC 06 Jan 07:04 PM

my 1st target reached next target is 83.65 and 86.55 rs this monnth

DOLAT 06 Jan 07:04 PM

Why this scrip is not moving. Company is doing good on ground.

MAZDOCK 06 Jan 07:03 PM

actually the share name is ," MAZDOCK Not for Sale" and hold...till budget reaches 1200...

NSEBANK 06 Jan 07:03 PM

bank nifty can decline to 41000 ,be cautious,fiis in heavy selling mode

NSEI 06 Jan 07:03 PM

sell on raise on Monday till it strong move in praise action ,if gap up then sell ,if gap down sell more

NSEBANK 05 Jan 09:29 PM

big guys are selling heavily more accident to happen BN bleeding of 500 to 1000 points still pending

NSEI 05 Jan 09:29 PM

nifty predefined entry and expiry level.. follow t g dharshfish

JPINFRATEC 05 Jan 09:28 PM

Jaypee infra Looks weak and Weekly charts suggest sell

TVSELECT 05 Jan 09:28 PM

Tvs electric hit TP 405. Hit high 418. Next 451/530. Buy on every decline. Buy call from 270/288. Next rally seen in Salona Cotspin. Buy Salona at 262/266. Target 351/410/570/660. Huge rally expecting in Salona

ABAN 05 Jan 09:27 PM

Aban Offshore Weak Below 50, Sell immediately

NSEI 04 Jan 06:07 PM

Nifty and BN PCR at .55 , downside is limited from here almost discounted any negative news in FED minutes , if nothing bad comes then good recovery may happen tomorrow

BRITANNIA 04 Jan 06:06 PM

Britannia is growing well and increasing consumption will help the company to reach the 5060 level in short term to midterm, by RK Finament.

IRB 04 Jan 06:06 PM

1:10 bonus ... tomorrow UC pakka

ONGC 04 Jan 06:06 PM

ONGC is increasing its production and healthy rates of fuel price will increase its price to the level of 172 in the short to mid-term, by RK Finament.

NSEBANK 04 Jan 06:05 PM

tomorrow banknifty cross 43500 definitely

IDFC 03 Jan 02:39 PM

waiting for provisional numbers , are u sure they will publish , as of now not any bank has published, is their Any change in rules , rbi guidelines

SPIC 03 Jan 02:39 PM

buy buy buy 100 By end of week

VIJAYA 03 Jan 02:38 PM

Saw stock recommendation on ET and bought, now stock is going down and down. I am in loss.

NSEBANK 03 Jan 02:38 PM

bhai logo pUT mai profit book kro

NSEI 03 Jan 02:38 PM

Given the massive call OI on 19200 Finnifty compared to the 19200 and below finnifty puts, it makes good risk reward to buy 19150 pe and 19250 call. but i wud go for 19150 pe bcos the mkt is prone to selling at these levels.

NSEBANK 02 Jan 03:22 PM

Im expecting that bank stocks will suffer..better stay away from banks and nbfcs.. some fall in bnf.. expecting 42k below

NSEI 02 Jan 03:22 PM

zoom zoom zoom up up and away !

INDUSINDBK 02 Jan 03:22 PM

those who believes in bank stocks they can buy.but my view ,it would go below 1100 in coming days..

TATASTEEL 02 Jan 03:21 PM

Shorters are trapped now... hahahaha

CIPLA 02 Jan 03:21 PM

day by day cipla performance going down its an overrated share

IOC 31 Dec 07:06 PM

be cautious guys can move towards 70 fast or can move towards 85 fast... dont know which direction but surely fast movement is there... any other experts pls guide which direction...

RBLBANK 31 Dec 07:06 PM

i can only sense caution ... ia m not saying it will not go up but before that 150 easy ......

PACIFICI 31 Dec 07:05 PM

jbm ji right date announce 5 jan . monday ko 5% down or 5% up sure buy every dip i am wait 350 to 338 rs🤫🤫🌍🌍

NSEBANK 31 Dec 07:05 PM

bnf 42500 gapdown opening on monday. further dip to ce holders exit cost to cost

OIL 31 Dec 07:05 PM

May touch 300 at the time of 3rd and 4th quarter superb result also bonus maybe in Feb March 23

NSEI 31 Dec 07:04 PM

Are what whooping yaar , 2-3 BN shares ko manipulate kar ke bol rahe ho market ke naam pe , apna small cap and mid cap shares ke return bhi check kar lo and share genuine information here how much negative.

NSEI 29 Dec 08:31 PM

us will open in green

CIPLA 29 Dec 08:31 PM

1dt buy call 1110 after that buy cash meh share yo call ko badneb meh sahita karege aj mostly people will trap now decision is yours

SUZLON 29 Dec 08:30 PM

Guys do not expect a run away rally in this counter, but Rs. 18 to 20 is intact within a year.

RVNL 29 Dec 08:30 PM

Very funny presentation of delivery percentage. Yesterday the scrip rose by 5% hitting UC and the delivery percentage as low as 30%. Volumes have gained.

NSEBANK 29 Dec 08:30 PM

big breaking news bank nifty tomorrow done side

RTNINFRA 24 Dec 07:57 PM

You brought up an interesting point , generally the holder of pledged shares in this case IIFL wealth management...wont they ask for additional pledge of shares instead of triggering stop loss?? Not sure of the exact process....

PTC 24 Dec 07:56 PM

Channu ji, those who dont want to fall in the trap of Ill motives of some people to malign the image of PFS and who were behind the mass resignation of IDs

YESBANK 24 Dec 07:56 PM

And please can you enlight us why you consider a hostile takeover a possibility.. did the pe investors come in just for fun?

NSEI 24 Dec 07:56 PM

Hi Sir n all friends- Closing below any crucial level should be for 2 days not single day, so Monday movement is crucial for this market n for bulls!

NSEBANK 24 Dec 07:55 PM


SHALPAINTS 23 Dec 09:16 PM

it is just loss makeing company never going to buy this script

CHOLAFIN 23 Dec 09:15 PM

holding with 2000 qty 708 ....Target 736

AWL 23 Dec 09:15 PM

stay away from adani shares for few week.

NSEI 23 Dec 09:14 PM

koi support ya resistance nahi hai...sirf Covid ka khatra hai....par jab tak hai...sirf down...down...down...BUY PE ONLY....ANY STOCK

RELIANCE 22 Dec 08:02 PM

Reliance Jio deposits Rs 3,720 cr in SBI escrow account to acquire Reliance Infratel

BHEL 22 Dec 08:02 PM

Positive divergence formation on charts and don t think it will stop at 82 can see 87/90 also flip side if 77 is broken then we will have to wait till January

MAZDOCK 22 Dec 08:01 PM

Today FIIS purchased stocks from market of Rs 929 crores and DIIS purchased of Rs 2207 crores from retailers... understand the meaning of that and who is becoming losers....

NSEI 22 Dec 08:01 PM

Technical Research Analyst, HDFC Securities gives comments to BUY when market is up

NSEBANK 22 Dec 08:01 PM

bumber green day is coming...Dont short...44k is coming next week

NSEBANK 20 Dec 06:23 PM


NSEI 20 Dec 06:22 PM

market is bullish...participation reduced due to coming christmas holidays...volatility will be there ..but uring volatility only market see new highs or lows

RBLBANK 20 Dec 06:22 PM

Retire funds bought Rbl at 140/150 region very bright future ahead insides buying …….looks bank will be heavy profit in coming time

CINELINE 20 Dec 06:21 PM


ASALCBR 20 Dec 06:21 PM

this is dead stock. no doubt. Ventura securities and zee business are fooling the retail people.

NSEI 19 Dec 06:32 PM

It looks like DIIs have become the Santas now.

MAHABANK 19 Dec 06:31 PM

one should not forget to book partial profit if you are seating with huge profit. BOM will get resistance at Rs 36.50 and if it crosses then we will see Rs 40 very soon.

IOB 19 Dec 06:31 PM

Thanks for sharing your views with ME here .... My dear arvind151 bhai

UTTAMSUGAR 19 Dec 06:31 PM

As per technical chart and fundamentals basis tomorrow we will see Uttam sugar above 320 at sharp 9:15 am .

NSEBANK 19 Dec 06:31 PM

hold with stop loss of 43650 target 43300,43200,43100 and below ( till expiry)

ITC 15 Dec 05:42 PM

Reliance Consumer Products Limited, the FMCG arm of Reliance Retail Ventures Limited, launched its indigenous made-in-India consumer packaged goods brand, Independence, in Gujarat on December 15

BALKRISIND 15 Dec 05:42 PM

this is already in overbought position. looks like the consolidation is triggered now.. tomorrow watch out for 2085..

NBVENTURES 15 Dec 05:42 PM

The company has a high amount of Short and Long Term Borrowings which is 3,863 crores which is one of the highest in this industry and the proceeds of this amount will be used to repay the loans.

NSEI 15 Dec 05:41 PM

always have a trailing stop loss instead of selling

NSEBANK 15 Dec 05:41 PM

i had 500qty of 43700pe at 10.40 my badluck sl hit and it went to 205....really dont know what to do...same happens everytime...

NSEI 10 Dec 11:51 AM

Even if CRUDE OIL is available at 10 Dollar, the Petrol or Diesel price in india will be at 110 rupees per liter.. Because of FUEL TAX loot, and high input costs - the industries cannot show profit..

NSEBANK 10 Dec 11:51 AM

43900 was the target Nifty touched, now 43500/43300 and finally 43000 on closing basis good support! Hope this helps n banks all buy on dips very strong!

KALPATPOWR 10 Dec 11:51 AM

Buy for minimum 10% gain in short term from here.

TATAMOTORS 10 Dec 11:50 AM

Tata Motors is looking to increase passenger vehicle prices from next month in order to make its model range compliant with stricter emission norms which kick in from April 1 next year.

RELIANCE 10 Dec 11:50 AM

Divis lab at 3500, Reliance at 2670 are there. What to do?

PNB 10 Dec 11:50 AM

Huge short build up yesterday. That is bit surprising.

NSEBANK 09 Dec 05:19 PM

daily break high very bullish may cross 44000 on Monday opening and go upto 44500 easily

ADANIENT 09 Dec 05:18 PM

IT investors turning to Adani , stock is set for uphill climb.

BEML 09 Dec 05:18 PM

but BEML bids are expected within weeks .what is important to know is the bid price and new owner. Formal process of handover is not going to move stock much

NIRLON 09 Dec 05:18 PM

Adani Enterprises gains on acquiring entire stake in Alluvial Mineral Resources

SHIVA 09 Dec 05:18 PM

immediate tp 90/97/109.. buy on every decline. . we maintaining strong buy in sarveshwar foods

NSEI 09 Dec 05:17 PM

buy ce as this is bottom price you wont get this orice again buy now and enjoy your tomorrow buy 18700 ce now or never recovery is about to start

NSEBANK 12 Sep 05:59 PM

tommorow market will be very volatile high up and very low down it means 1000 to 1500 point swing so trade safely

PNB 12 Sep 05:58 PM

7% headline inflation. way beyond the target of 4%

E2E 12 Sep 05:58 PM

once again shouting king of king Indian infotech 120 to 150 biggest news coming blast💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣 circuits changed 20% buy buy buy hold only 3 month very soon blast💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥💣

RPOWER 12 Sep 05:57 PM

The beauty of Reliance Power is when it was trading at 1, it was looking very weak because due to negative trend it was falling continuously from 430. NOW THE TREND HAS BEEN REVERSED. SO when it will reach 30, it will be a stable stock, when it will reach 50 , it will be a strong stock & no doubt once it reaches 💯, it will be a strongest stock and then it will not look back. Lets us watch these levels for its assurance one by one.

NSEI 12 Sep 05:57 PM

dont worry shorters market will give a dip towards 17720 ..even 50,80 points below...but it will give a sharp bounce and may breach 18200,18300 shorters pls do change ur view after little bit of profit booking

GAYAPROJ 10 Sep 07:02 PM

very soon this will break 10 rs levels so dont buy now

GLAND 10 Sep 07:02 PM

Bull puts shit....and what else it can give😀

NSEI 10 Sep 07:02 PM

Decline in one side would be lower as compare to increase on other side gains ...

VIDLI 10 Sep 07:01 PM

💎Multibagger STOCK, VB Desai Finance Ltd, Bse Code:511110. All Time High.₹.242.30, on 15 June 2008, Buy For A target 🎯of Rs.50/-. uppercircuit rally can begin at any time💥boom💥 boom💥 Enjoy the Ride.

NSEBANK 10 Sep 07:01 PM

operator new strategy now gap up opening and eod closing always in above the previous day hence go ahead buy CE AT 3PM AND SQUAREOFF NEXT DAY BULLISH ONLY THIS WEEK 42000EXPIRY

NSEI 09 Sep 04:03 PM

Nifty GAP UP 18K on Monday.

JPPOWER 09 Sep 04:02 PM

it is destined to dance between 7 and 10 for years

LICHSGFIN 09 Sep 04:00 PM

you have to see futures price and not spot price ce premiums follow futures price

IDEA 09 Sep 03:59 PM

Savior will continue to post more warning messages until the final stop loss of 2.. your most beloved savior will not warn you after idea is pushed through NCLT..

NSEBANK 09 Sep 03:57 PM

500 points profit booking can come in just 5 mts. Just brace yourself. Let it go in its own direction. Anyway, I am not carrying anything for Monday since I am in profit today. Cheers

TATAMOTORS 07 Sep 05:39 PM

Guys soon it will cross 475 level ...keep watch...enjoy investing...shorters be careful

IDEA 07 Sep 05:39 PM


NATIONALUM 07 Sep 05:39 PM

Nalco hugh buying will be seen for devidend .... Target 84~88~99 post q results .... Happy Investing !!!!!

FSL 07 Sep 05:38 PM

This stock having strong bounce we will more upside

NSEI 07 Sep 05:38 PM

Very difficult to trade options these days as mkt moves randomly any direction.

NSEBANK 07 Sep 05:38 PM

Tommorow 40500 confirm...level..fibbonacci level 0.618 support

APTUS 06 Sep 06:15 PM

The zeel of trading comes with Red color in our portfolio to make it Green

RSWM 06 Sep 06:15 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

ONGC 06 Sep 06:14 PM

715 to 676 on NG, told you long trade is wrong trade in NG .. told you dont buy

IOC 06 Sep 06:14 PM

This fall is a opportunity for long term investors ....... dividend yield is also much attractive .............

NSEI 06 Sep 06:13 PM

tomorrow CNF new gap down opning and short karo bazar open hote hi CNF new CNF news

NSEBANK 06 Sep 06:13 PM

tomorrow all CE holders will because there is huge gap down of 500-800 points

NSEI 05 Sep 06:24 PM

india is superpower unaffected with global event all super rich leaving in india we r going to rule entireworld index as vishwaguru guiding us to heaven

NBVENTURES 05 Sep 06:23 PM

Aswin would have sold to EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF TEXAS - SELF MANAGED PORTFOLIO who bought at 246 almost same qty.. Why it has not not happened? Some game is going on. Not sure who will win

IBULHSGFIN 05 Sep 06:23 PM

Todays call was good I would say on dividend they said they are not sure so which clearly means they are re investing back in business... good luck 🤞

OIL 05 Sep 06:22 PM

Search in google adani green recommendation by prit Patel

NSEBANK 05 Sep 06:22 PM

as per global marke nifty and bk nifty need to open 500 and 1000 lower respectively

TTML 03 Sep 12:29 PM

Tata Play may soon file draft papers

RAMASTEEL 03 Sep 12:29 PM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

EASEMYTRIP 03 Sep 12:29 PM

promoter company . never gives return to shareholders..

GSFC 03 Sep 12:28 PM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

BPCL 03 Sep 12:28 PM

Jolly, You will see 600 very soon, starting Monday afternoon ..... Promise . .. . .

NSEI 03 Sep 12:28 PM

lets make huge money together on profit sharing and recovery your past losses

NSEBANK 03 Sep 12:27 PM

smooth green together on profit sharing basis on opportunity only

EQUITAS 01 Sep 05:28 PM

Stock will touch 180 by Amalgamation date - around November. It has consolidated since last 1 year and will bounce back like a multibagger by Diwali

NSEI 01 Sep 05:27 PM

1992 ..2008...2022 year gap frustrates ...who knows knows.

SUNPHARMA 01 Sep 05:27 PM

Every day rise after ce option premium eating by operator. What a fantastic stock !!!

ASHOKLEY 01 Sep 05:27 PM

Ashok Leyland soars on bagging mega order in UAE

IBULHSGFIN 01 Sep 05:26 PM

Tushn bhai Sell his holding at One thirty eight want to re buy on one twenty seven......

VIJAYA 01 Sep 05:26 PM

Strides Pharma rises as its arm receives EIR from USFDA for Drug Products facility in Bengaluru

NSEBANK 01 Sep 05:26 PM

PEs will most likely lose premiums tomorrow. 37000PE is so out of the money that even if bank nifty falls 500 points tomorrow 37000PE will lose premium

SAKSOFT 31 Aug 02:24 PM

Oh. You compare with TCS and info. So sad. Hope it will become so.

NHPC 31 Aug 02:23 PM

j331, in quite some years it has crossed 38 , which occasion are you refering to and spreading this misformation, are you a shorter or an operator?

GRSE 31 Aug 02:23 PM

350 easily reachable in a week

NSEI 31 Aug 02:22 PM

According to Reuters Russia halted gas supplies via a major pipeline to Germany citing the need for maintenance. PEOPLE FORGET THAT THE WAR IS STILL GOING ON ! ALL THE UNCERTAINTY WIIL AFFECT THE ECONOMY AND ALL ASSET CLASS.

IDEA 31 Aug 02:22 PM

Every month series beginning time we will get few positive messages and also some negative messages. It is to invite traders into buying PEs and CEs ,which operator will happily distribute. Need to avoid trading in VI anyway.

NATIONALUM 30 Aug 05:10 PM

buy buy buy nalco cmp near...80.55 ....... target 85/88/90... short term....

MEGH 30 Aug 05:09 PM

it is sleeping from long time when it will wokeup it will be a market leader wait to cross 126 then it will show 52 wk high. I am also waiting to cross 126/-. .

LYKISLTD 30 Aug 05:09 PM

it is multi bagger stock

TTKPRESTIG 30 Aug 05:09 PM

ttk Prestige has restarted the long bull cycle performance that can go till 2024

NSEI 30 Aug 05:08 PM

GDP data must be good that is why rally has started due to more shorts short covering also happened both took nifty ,bank nifty to high levels...may continue on Thursday till 12, do not short the market

NSEBANK 30 Aug 05:08 PM

Remember Thursday expiry and new month starting and market in rally mode. All positive sign to reach 40000 target

VBIND 29 Aug 06:30 PM

VB Desai Fin is a Multibagger Stock. Buy For A Target🎯 of ₹.50/- witheen a period of one year from Now.

GKP 29 Aug 06:30 PM

Sir, you may be right but why making such statements and making stressed out people depressed...sorry to say but it may drive someone badly trapped to take extreme step.

RCOM 29 Aug 06:29 PM

As per SC reliance is supposed to pay the AGR dues of Rcom.

20MICRONS 29 Aug 06:28 PM

Tommarrow it ll hit UC,,,so u can place order pre opening market hours,,, afterwards u wont get it,,✌️✌️✌️