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NSEBANK 16 Jun 10:43 AM

reversal inside candle market will ho up now

NSEI 16 Jun 10:41 AM

Update retailers may get trapped here see nifty todays low write it down will update soon now, no longs here still fiis

BCG 16 Jun 10:39 AM

I think there may be trading at 28 to 33 level as it is near its 200 dma. One consolidated it will again starts its upward journey. So dont panic .....just chill.

RANASUG 16 Jun 10:39 AM

sugar stocks going to blast withina month due to delay in monsoon. all stock move up. 20% within month and 50% to 80

NSEBANK 14 Jun 08:19 PM

today no short covering do may come tmrw .once fed meeting is over it shud go up. idiot hdfc bank shud ne out on bn. worse stock opens up n selling starts bn has support around 43970 n resistance 44025 about 50 points it keep on dancing

NSEI 14 Jun 08:15 PM

Thursday closing till WED closing Nifty has moved 120 points up. OIs indicate a likely swing from 18800 to 18650 to optimally gain from these OIs.

ADANIENT 30 Jan 01:40 PM

Because Adani Enterprises wants to subscribe a portion at the current level as well as cut 10% from FPO and prolong their date within a day or two, their costs are higher. Few stockholders sell their shares of these companies at a better price.

IRB 30 Jan 01:38 PM

Gem of successful infrastructure projects in India, this is ready to take off.

NSEI 30 Jan 01:37 PM

Market will recover in the second half as this budget is last budget for Modi Govt to announce very friendly budget and a pro poor budget.

NSEBANK 30 Jan 01:36 PM

Market will move up anytime expecting budget.. 41000 will be a real quick

BPCL 30 Jan 01:35 PM

Buy at your own risk, if results are negative and no dividend and if markets are not favorable then it may go to 303.

NSEBANK 12 Nov 01:30 PM

FTX exchange Default will Impact on Bank nifty.?

NSEI 12 Nov 01:30 PM

Wait for the whole market trading hours and probably Nifty may be closed 18500 on Monday. Accordingly you can make the profit booking.

ASHOKLEY 12 Nov 01:29 PM

REUTER - AL is prime company of Hinduja Group which consists of four brothers between 70 & 86, based in UK. The group employs more than 150K people and owns wealth exceeding Rs 110K Cr.

SHREYAS 12 Nov 01:28 PM

just buy and hold friends. There is huge value in this share

SMLISUZU 12 Nov 01:27 PM

loss has increased 4 times you nitwit.

BAJFINANCE 12 Nov 01:27 PM

Since Reliance announced Jio financial services listing market sees it as a competition, bajaj finance is out of favour till clarity emerges

NSEBANK 13 Sep 03:45 PM

banknifty strong expiry alert rocks yesterday alerted above 40000 next 42000 comes now 40900 day high tomorrow 40700 act important levels if hold 41500 above expiry otherwise break 40000 levels power of technical analysis rocks again

NSEI 13 Sep 03:45 PM

Boss FII covered some shorts. Longs created. DII sold.

SAGAR 13 Sep 03:44 PM

Sagar Diamond closed at Rs.44.9 with a volume of One lakh fourtyone thousand shares.Today Spurt in Volume by more than 2.74 times

OSCARGLO 13 Sep 03:44 PM


BALRAMCHIN 13 Sep 03:43 PM

On 13th september 2022, Balrampur chini mills ltd:Moving Averages : higher than 5 day, 20 day and 50 day moving averages but lower than 100 day and 200 day moving averages

MINDAIND 13 Sep 03:42 PM

please expert tell why today share price gone down around 3%

TIRUMALCHM 13 Sep 03:42 PM

why it fell down today can any one explain even after good volume

NSEI 05 Sep 03:00 PM

Tomorrow Nifty might be positive IMO, with resistance at 17 727 mark, rest market is king

GRASIM 05 Sep 02:59 PM

Firmly move towards 1800 based on huge demand and superb Distribution Network.

IDFCFIRSTB 05 Sep 02:59 PM

its good its falling from days highs , breakout will be more reliable

VIKASECO 05 Sep 02:58 PM

Buy now for huge upside marky words inr 67 within two three years ..

NSEBANK 05 Sep 02:58 PM

bn is crazy going up to 39800 all the time rigging hdfc

RENUKA 05 Sep 02:57 PM

why SRS not move??? its move around 45to48????????

NSEBANK 04 Sep 11:54 AM

bank nifty next 40000 levels .....soon ..........Friday sell maruti given at 9140 ....hit the target nd made low of 8919.

NSEI 04 Sep 11:53 AM

Bitcoin will be zero in coming days and nifty will touch new high Kadva hai lekin sach hai.

WELSPUNIND 04 Sep 11:50 AM

The Management has bought 3,05,616 Shares at Rs.232.21 Lakhs. The Management is buying Shares through its Trusts. A Huge Positive for Welspun India. Have a watch on the Stock can just blast off with good Price and Volumes very shortly.

NSEI 04 Sep 11:47 AM


SIMPLXMIL 04 Sep 11:47 AM

πŸ’ŽMultibagger STOCK, VB Desai Finance Ltd, Bse Code:511110. All Time High.β‚Ή.242.30, on 15 June 2008, Buy For A target 🎯of Rs.50/-. uppercircuit rally can begin at any timeπŸ’₯boomπŸ’₯ boomπŸ’₯ Enjoy the Ride.

TATASTEEL 04 Sep 11:46 AM

TS technical heading towards 100 steel commodity prices has fallen sharply....Buy TS near to 100 levels .... Happy Investing !!!!

NSEI 02 Sep 05:19 PM

Equal OI 17500 PE & 17600 CE looks range bound Monday VIX above 19.5

NSEBANK 02 Sep 05:19 PM


HBLPOWER 02 Sep 05:18 PM

HBL Received ordered of 700 cr from defence on Monday it will in U C keep hold

BANCOINDIA 02 Sep 05:17 PM

till 6 th September it should show in your deemat account to get rs 20 dividend

SAMRATPH 02 Sep 05:16 PM

surely it will give multiple times return. fundamental sound, micro cap lot of growth scope, superb product. " Dynamic Cables" also a similar one. study once

ADANIPORTS 02 Sep 05:16 PM

Adani Ports trades in green on handling cargo volume of 29.3 MMT in August

LAXMIMACH 02 Sep 05:15 PM

HBL Power Systems jumps on receiving purchase order from Integral Coach Factory

NSEBANK 01 Sep 03:51 PM

banknifty strong expiry alert rocks alerted above 39000 strong support from day low 39000 to 39500 now but premium erosion only avoid options buying hedge perfect for market next week 40000 cross 42000 comes otherwise break 38800 .Β 

NSEI 01 Sep 03:50 PM


ZOMATO 01 Sep 03:49 PM

When nifty up by 440 pts on Tuesday this fell down to create negative impression, now when nifty down this moved 9% up. Chalu chees hai ye.

SUZLON 01 Sep 03:48 PM

Energy and financials are 2 broad based categories to invest in currently as per most brokers/analysts/investors. For mid term ntpc is the safest bet. It is going to have largest renewable capacity in few years

IBULHSGFIN 01 Sep 03:48 PM

Zomato & PNB Housing Recover by Operators from Lower and this manupulate Trap at every level to every one after good buying volume...

INVENTURE 01 Sep 03:47 PM

one day will come when so much buy order and none for sell and i want to see that day when its price come to double digits. wait and watch situation. every day 5 paisa

RPOWER 01 Sep 03:47 PM

266 large deals today. keep watching

BALRAMCHIN 01 Sep 03:46 PM

Seeing a breakout in Balrampurchini above 366, lets watch out. Happy Investing!

NSEBANK 31 Aug 03:58 PM

tomorrow banknifty open at 38500 and close at 40100..mark my words

RECLTD 31 Aug 03:57 PM

Within the next two months the stock price will cross Rs.125 or so.We will get a hefty dividend also by mid November. The dividend will be anything between Rs.4 to Rs.5.

NSEI 31 Aug 03:57 PM

Today gdp data will come below anticipated that news already leaked thats why sgx down more than 300 points

LICHSGFIN 31 Aug 03:56 PM

For the year ending March 2023,the EPS will be around Rs. 80 plus minus a couple of rupees.At that EPS the stock will command a PE multiple of 8 to 9.

IDEA 31 Aug 03:55 PM

The government should note my point that VIL will not deposit even a single rupee in the government treasury until the DOT are not recalculating AGR dues, not even after four years of moratorium. The government will have to help VIL, otherwise it and Banks will be drowned 2 lakh crores and 25 crore customers will wander here and there

INFY 31 Aug 03:55 PM

India not desperate to get bonds added to global indices, says govt

NSEBANK 28 Aug 02:24 PM


NSEI 28 Aug 02:23 PM

Tomorrow nifty will move upwards target 17620 close

INDIAHOME 28 Aug 02:23 PM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

SHVFL 28 Aug 02:22 PM

promoter company . never gives return to shareholders..

IDEA 28 Aug 02:22 PM

VI gets into FNO ban every month once or twice which helps operator to eat up premium both sides and kill the PE and CE buyers. Avoid VI PE CE buying friends.

HEIDELBERG 28 Aug 02:21 PM

taking an awesome support levels and shown a good upside if get above 200 levels πŸ’₯ then buy if after dividend this stock stayed above 195 levls than in next few weeks we can see a huge upside from 215-250 levels..

POWERMECH 28 Aug 02:20 PM

May drop to. 1250. Again buy. For. A. Target. Of. 2000. By. December. This. Year. Some more orders. To come. And. Donot sell all may be. 50%. And buy near 1250. Next week. Markets will be week.

NSEBANK 27 Aug 12:30 PM

Monday will be blood bath, minimum 700 point down . pe holders get 10 times return.

NSEI 27 Aug 12:30 PM

just think continuous uptrend more gaps to be filled this is the best time to fill up the gaps valid upwards movements waiting upcoming days .

RCOM 27 Aug 12:29 PM

it is put under additional surveillance measure so it will only trade on Monday

RELIANCE 27 Aug 12:28 PM

Inflation in the US is already at a four-decade high while UK inflation is expected to cross 18% in 2023 ... but now India is the right place to invest for world ....

JBFIND 27 Aug 12:28 PM

who is buying this share when everyone knows company under liquidation,I will loose heavily

KOTAKBANK 27 Aug 12:26 PM

Buy Kotak Mahindra Buy at 1902 will go 1950 sl 1883

ZOMATO 27 Aug 12:25 PM

Kotak Institutional Equities has raised Zomatos target price to Rs 85 from Rs 80 earlier, and has retained buy rating on the stock. The target price implies a 36.5 per cent potential rally from the last close.2 days ago

SBIN 27 Aug 12:25 PM

Buy SBI Buy at 523 will go 560 sl 503

NSEBANK 24 Aug 12:04 PM

Update bank nifty 39 k pe 336 from 225 safe traders may exit rest may hold for Tgt

NSEI 24 Aug 12:03 PM

Nifty 17650.....expiry rahega...wait and watch...!

GKP 24 Aug 12:03 PM

bonus will credit September 15 to 20 ....only hope bonus ... please dont put selling oder ...once its down 150 ...we can sell our shares.. wait for AGM Meeting

JSWENERGY 24 Aug 12:01 PM

It is very bullish and the rally continues.. It can do long jump at any time. Be ready..

DIXON 24 Aug 12:00 PM

Soon this will be making new 52 week high on or before Diwali... Add/ accumulate on each dip.

TATAELXSI 24 Aug 12:00 PM


PVR 24 Aug 11:59 AM

Tata Motors rises on entering into strategic partnership with Renesas Electronics along with Tejas Networks

BEPL 24 Aug 11:59 AM

Huge buying in fund houses due to zero deit company and company further margin improve in future.

NSEBANK 23 Aug 02:37 PM

next 2 days 1300 point bank nifty will move up buy any ce bindas ..

NSEI 23 Aug 02:36 PM

That 5 min green candle at 2:20pm was the final trap weapon used against retailers :D

COALINDIA 23 Aug 02:35 PM

buy its peer company NLC india.... momentum is due.... check its results also .. very good pick on every aspect

IDFCFIRSTB 23 Aug 02:35 PM

as thought 5% uomvoe happening

YESBANK 23 Aug 02:34 PM

Hold. It will turn into gold in 3 months. You will have to have patience with Yes Bank.

GUJALKALI 23 Aug 02:33 PM

Opportunity to Buy : Its temporary situation... Bounce back will see ....

TRIDENT 23 Aug 02:33 PM

dheere dheere 38 touch karna bhi shayad mushkil ho jayega iske liye

REPCOHOME 23 Aug 02:32 PM

Companys profit has more than doubled in the first quarter with an EPS of 11.75 against 5.16 yoy. On an annualised basis it is quoting at PE of less than 6 & BV is 366. It will go a long way.

SPORTKING 23 Aug 02:32 PM

golden egg for future --------- 10000- hit very soon intranc vle 2900 rs ,

NSEBANK 21 Aug 01:08 PM

May raise to 39300 as correction all most over and shows 39900 on expiry, fallen a lot

NSEI 21 Aug 01:08 PM

Our Nifty is strong and has its own pattern but only for tomorrow it should follow Nasdaq and Dow. PE walon ka ka hojayega.

ADANIPOWER 21 Aug 01:07 PM

950 by year end. 7000 cr. plant acquired with 1200 mw capacity o level d and also add regularly.....

BPCL 21 Aug 01:06 PM

Good tep forward, immediate up rise will begin on Monday , daily up . . . .

KANCHI 21 Aug 01:04 PM

When small cap rally starts , just 1 or 2 good quaters , within a year or two such companies may become 3 to 7 times

GTLINFRA 21 Aug 01:04 PM

its only a matter of time in the nearby horizon the satellites are fast approaching its a matter of docking and then it will be history, rockets to fire πŸ”₯πŸš€πŸŽ―

DBCORP 21 Aug 01:03 PM

DB Corp should move up soon.

INDIGO 21 Aug 01:03 PM

Incidents such as poaching of staff are only expected to rise in the months ahead as Air India, under new ownership, debutant Akasa Air, and a revived Jet Airways all look to hire pilots and cabin crew. This will put pressure on salary cost...Β 

NSEBANK 19 Aug 03:56 PM

Monday we see a big fall in bnf due to global cues and fii selling ..thr wil be gapdown opening .fall min 500 points ..happy shorting

NSEI 19 Aug 03:56 PM

I think Market Fall today Due to Rupee getting depreciated against Dollars

AMBUJACEM 19 Aug 03:55 PM

Nobody will sell the shares and instead if price comes down which is unlikely people may buy more now as adani grp stocks are highly rewarding stocks.Good to add still.

TTML 19 Aug 03:53 PM

Big promo is going on to increase share value but share price is going down day by day to from rs. . What kind of improvements going on ? qoq result also no good in top line and bottom line. Management has to explain about future plan

MOKSH 19 Aug 03:49 PM

why do you think after good results Q-O-Q and Y-O-Y this script is still falling from rs 20 even when we are experiencing bull market? cause thats operators are now dumping, when it reaches rs 10 level they will pick up huge quantities.

BAJAJFINSV 19 Aug 03:48 PM

bonus share and split need to be completed with in 2 month of announcement . we can get record date confirmation on Monday or Tuesday. this gem is poised to touch 20000 before ex dates . accumulate as much u can.

WOCKPHARMA 19 Aug 03:48 PM

Monday gap up opening expected, may go upto 300.

MARUTI 19 Aug 03:47 PM

auto stock on fire why this script is falling .... .... even nt stable 2 % down ......

NSEBANK 17 Aug 10:26 AM

buy dont worry asian indices very high and nifty to hit 17950 today and bank nifty scenario to cross yesterday high tgt 39500

NSEI 17 Aug 10:26 AM

PCR Shot up to 1.43 within first hour of trade. Also VIX is up almost from morning levels. Looks like some consolidation ahead.

MANAKSIA 17 Aug 10:25 AM

Manaksia is ready to fly anytime... Enjoy money rain..soon it will cross 100

DUCON 17 Aug 10:25 AM


MAPMYINDIA 17 Aug 10:24 AM

sell at 1330 ..huge qty with sl 1345...tgt 1290 to 1295..lets see

VOLTAMP 17 Aug 10:23 AM

Buy buy huge upside possible from here tgt 2999

APOLLOHOSP 17 Aug 10:23 AM

4441 is my target in 2 trading session. Buy as much as possible 1yr target is 5k

KIRLOSENG 17 Aug 10:22 AM

kirlosker oil,huge buyer n very less sellers.something is cooking,definately,may be it is being acquired by some bigger if you hold few shares,dont sell them,for few rupees gain.i expect price above 300 after few be patient.

NSEI 15 Aug 11:59 AM

this week will see another side of nifty.. 17200 target is intact by this expiry!!! sgx will give shocking numbers tomorrow morning and live market movements like add icing on the cake!!!!

NSEBANK 15 Aug 11:59 AM

There is nothing positive in PM speech . Market is overbought,and no positive symbol from US and Global Market. Behave of global market also show that a good correction in US and Global markets are required and surely on the way

TATAMOTORS 15 Aug 11:58 AM

Dont lie on Friday international market was up side

MSTCLTD 15 Aug 11:51 AM

Good news for MSTC- Additional auction of 5G wave of 37-42.5 GHz spectrum to be also available for the Auction and is estimated to be more than 35,000 Crs at base. MM wave of

DECNGOLD 15 Aug 11:50 AM

Deccan might not have the resources to bid for these mines. They need to partner with someone who can put in the money for the auctions

NSEBANK 12 Aug 01:32 PM

After 2 PM Today Sell Sell Sell Sell at 39000 levels for Target is 38600 today

NSEI 12 Aug 01:32 PM

if you dont have any idea when to buy in current scenario, just take call any time as per your wish and wait for 1 day!!! your call return u 50% profit...

RCF 12 Aug 01:29 PM

RCF is very worst stock. m holding for more then 20 years. NO RETURN at all compare to any midcap or bluechip company.sold today 2000 shares

AWL 12 Aug 01:29 PM

It may find difficult to move up since zaby will create additional surveillance 5 and put this under it.

YESBANK 12 Aug 01:28 PM

dear management...i humbly request u to change the name from Yesbank to Nobank as it is proving to be a complete no no for a long term investors like us...

EXIDEIND 12 Aug 01:28 PM

Buy Exide Industries Ltd For Target Rs. 226 - Geojit Financial Services

NURECA 12 Aug 01:27 PM

valuewise its currently small, but conceptually very robust....hold this rare GOLD

VIVIMEDLAB 12 Aug 01:27 PM

Today result day of... Vivi..... please watch....πŸ’―πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

NSEBANK 10 Aug 01:55 PM

200 percent confirm news today buy buy buy buy at 38300-38400 levels for Target is 38600 by 3 PM Today confirm news

NSEI 10 Aug 01:54 PM

Long built up Nifty 18000 ce......... FII continue buying inIndian market

IRCTC 10 Aug 01:54 PM

zee business live company targets 900 buy now train ac tikets up sale 5000 cr company big news flash irctc profits up double

SUBEXLTD 10 Aug 01:53 PM

sell sell sell now. re enter after 6 months

HINDALCO 10 Aug 01:53 PM

Excellent result. Share will cross Rs 500 within 4 to 5 trading session.

KUANTUM 10 Aug 01:51 PM

this is the worst company in this sector. this stock should trade at 10

HDFCLIFE 10 Aug 01:33 PM

this stock best picks for Rakshabandhan short term target 600 above only buy tomorrow top gainer.

IDEA 10 Aug 01:33 PM

75% promoter holding is enough to hold... that too without pledge

TATASTEEL 10 Aug 09:03 AM

Three trading days ahead. Tata Steel should touch 110 target at least.

BECTORFOOD 10 Aug 09:01 AM

good results . thought yoy PAT is lower the top line is 30% and RM cost and depreciation hit the expenses.. if u adjust then PAT trend is good . seems fully valued but maybe market will take it to 400

DWARKESH 10 Aug 09:00 AM

Friends keep buying for current levels any time its moving towards uptrend. Best of luck for long term prospect.

LINDEINDIA 10 Aug 09:00 AM

Guys... What are the Net Profit of Linde India ? Still not Showing.... Money not in decipline.. Worst Service and not active to give results at time. πŸ€”πŸ€”

NSEBANK 08 Aug 12:46 PM

any clues for down fall guys ... iam holding 38000 pe avg 270rs ...but it continuesly raising....

NSEI 08 Aug 12:46 PM

Put buyers insanely taking nifty to higher and higher. look at the PCR ratio. looking at this nifty even cross 18K in this august series.

RELINFRA 08 Aug 12:45 PM

kewal bought at 280 look 1000 easily achieve

HEIDELBERG 08 Aug 12:45 PM

load Heidelberg for 235 and 450 over next year. cement demand is bouncing back

SPICEJET 08 Aug 12:44 PM

Too many red flags in recent days for Spice jet latest being not providing bus for air passengers for 45 minutes after landing in New Delhi ( all implications of no cash to run day to day operations ) . How long wii investors ignore them ?

SUBEXLTD 08 Aug 12:43 PM

delivery % to be highest today !! guess this is poised for much higher levels !! boom boom

NSEBANK 07 Aug 04:43 PM

BUY 36000PE 11 aug bank nifty ABOVE 35

NSEI 07 Aug 04:42 PM

Nifty will see a gap down & slight fall expected as per technical chart

CUBIFIN 07 Aug 04:41 PM

Now cubical flight ready to take off target 1st 15β‚Ήβ‚Ή very fast coming....πŸš€πŸš€

AWL 07 Aug 04:40 PM

Buy AWL to make handsome gains by Diwali πŸͺ” πŸš€ πŸ”₯

RENUKA 07 Aug 04:40 PM

This is good news for Shree Renuka sugar please don t sell share hold only 1 year for good returns

ADANIPORTS 07 Aug 04:39 PM

Adani ports rocking 5% uppp,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

TITAN 07 Aug 04:39 PM

TITAN is the best stock for portfolio , soon to touch Rs 3000 πŸ”₯

NSEBANK 05 Aug 01:31 PM

Today Confirm news Sell Sell Sell Sell at 37900-38000 level for Target is 37600 again again today Sell Sell

NSEI 05 Aug 01:30 PM

Be cautious market is running one way even 50bps hike is more than expected , book your profits so profit booking is natural before weekend closing .

BANKBARODA 05 Aug 01:30 PM

bob target 146 said Moti lal oswal and sherkhan

GAIL 05 Aug 01:29 PM

sell confirmed target 120 SL sell current price 133-134 confirmed target

20MICRONS 05 Aug 01:29 PM

buy and hold for target of 200 with in this month

BCG 05 Aug 01:27 PM

Bottom line is finished now, only look for upward trend. 1st quarter results make this company favorable.

RELIANCE 05 Aug 01:26 PM

aisa kyu feel ho rha h ki reliance upr jana chah rha h pr usko jane nhi diya ja rha h, kvi v green blast hoga i think

FORCEMOT 05 Aug 01:25 PM

yes gurkha will come under SUV category.. they are publishing in that category.. volumes are very thin less than 10 per month

NSEI 04 Aug 10:06 AM

look at the data now closing is expected above 17500

NSEBANK 04 Aug 10:06 AM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

BALRAMCHIN 04 Aug 10:05 AM

guys your views on Balrampur chinni results today. what is your opinion on the results today.

ELECON 04 Aug 10:04 AM

Strong upmove expect our tgt 377

RECLTD 04 Aug 10:04 AM


NSEI 04 Aug 10:03 AM

All Super strongest Upper circuit stocks we will Add in our portfolio today with lots of Bulk and Block Buying Deals today.

LT 04 Aug 10:03 AM

L&T : intra day target : 1820 , buy buy in this capital intensive counter and make some good money buy buy

NSEBANK 02 Aug 05:12 PM

closing price is the average of last 30 mins..hence rise..tomorrow opening price of options will reflect correct price..

NSEI 02 Aug 05:12 PM

Nifty futures closed at a discount. Nifty might go down anytime. also nifty is too overbought.

MARUTI 02 Aug 05:11 PM

Maruti Suzuki catches speed on reporting 8.30% rise in total production in July

PSB 02 Aug 05:11 PM

Punjab & Sind Bank moves up on reporting 18% rise in Q1 net profit

ADANIPOWER 02 Aug 05:10 PM

IndusInd Bank zooms on partnering with Rupyy to offer paperless loans for used-cars

VGUARD 02 Aug 05:10 PM

V-GUARD breakout level will be at Rs243 then only positive momentum will built up in this laggard counter

NTPC 02 Aug 05:09 PM

RattanIndia Enterprises surges as its arm gets approval for Aero Domain

MEGH 02 Aug 05:09 PM

Varun Beverages hits new 52-week high on reporting over 2-fold jump in Q2 consolidated net profit

NSEBANK 01 Aug 08:03 AM

HDFC raises retail prime lending rate on housing loans by 25 bps from 1 August

NSEI 01 Aug 08:00 AM


SHALPRO 01 Aug 08:00 AM

when promoters increased more than 50% stakeholders then only flay the stake . now somebody gambling the stake......

ALPA 01 Aug 07:59 AM

Expected result is very can see 80 in this week.....once cross 80.4, it will surely cross 52week time to invest and hold....

JUBLFOOD 01 Aug 07:59 AM

one day it will open gap up above 600 and that day will mark the beginning of bull rally. but the question is when. hope till then it lingers around 550 levels. lets wait and watch.

IOC 01 Aug 07:58 AM

Big Crash Today due to Losses Posted

YESBANK 01 Aug 07:57 AM

In bad times we look at book value, in good stable time we look at PE multiple. In times of transition we just hold and hold.

NSEBANK 29 Jul 01:05 PM

unless and untill banknifty go below 37240 there is a less chance of coming in profits.this my view

NSEI 29 Jul 01:04 PM

200 points downfall expecting today & Monday 500 down

SONACOMS 29 Jul 01:04 PM

MF again touched resistance line & fell down. πŸ˜‚ Even descending channel has come down from 700 to 572. Only saving grace its not negative in super bullish market.

INDUSINDBK 29 Jul 01:03 PM

Indusind bank next level breakout anytime

PETRONET 29 Jul 01:03 PM

Petronet to post good 25% profit up YoY, at good support of 218, fresh investment idea for 270 targets.

YESBANK 29 Jul 01:01 PM

board to meet today for fund raise,,, what impact on share price? lets see

CGPOWER 29 Jul 01:00 PM

UC happening everywhere everyday. Sensex 1k half K upside every now and then. CGPians hungry of at least one UC despite bumper results. Hopefully it will happen soon. ...

KARDA 29 Jul 01:00 PM

buy much as possible multibegger stock

ZOMATO 28 Jul 09:09 AM

Seems like Zomato above 44 very strong, we can keep 43 stoploss and try for Buy thetarget 46.40 and 47.80.

NSEBANK 28 Jul 09:09 AM

Watch airtel today.. bank nifty buy 37500 4th Aug expire... can see double...

NSEI 28 Jul 09:08 AM

Bears....chalu kari averaging...The aim would be to finish off capital today...All the best

TANLA 28 Jul 09:08 AM

we may see upper circuit today. but dont be too optimistic and dont be too pessimist. as the result was not as per expectations, we may see range bound price movement till q2 results . may stay below 1000 till q2. probably 600-800 range.

DLF 28 Jul 09:07 AM

Result expected excellent : Today 390 , 395

COROMANDEL 28 Jul 09:07 AM

daily chart show that after a big run coromandel always take a pause and negative for few session

JUBLFOOD 28 Jul 09:06 AM

bad results. will be back to levels where it started this month with

NSEBANK 25 Jul 03:07 PM

problem with Banknifty is that its easily manipulated,hence I dont track or trade into it.There is a possibility that they may maitain it stable and eat away all premium

NSEI 25 Jul 03:06 PM

nifty expiry this week 17100 touched

HFCL 25 Jul 03:05 PM

dear Mr.roy how u consider todays volumes . do u consider this as positive or negative ?

UFLEX 25 Jul 03:05 PM

SRF packaging division has given good result. Expectation is Polyplex/Cosmo/Uflex give good result. Zee Business analysis. Operators game going on. need to wait till result.

VETO 25 Jul 03:04 PM

Veto Switch is currently trading at well below the book value and the TTM P/E works out 9.27 vs the sector or industry average P/E of 60 ...gross underperformance!!!

VEDL 25 Jul 03:04 PM

Metal Index is 1.6% high. tomorrow is dividend. Still Vedanta finding it difficult to climb,

CAMPUS 25 Jul 03:03 PM

seriously? 450? selling pressure is going on...and you are talking for upper circuit i dnt understand.....

JPPOWER 25 Jul 03:03 PM

where FII is selling most of the counters we see FII holding increased in JP Power. something retail investors dont know yet is already on the cards.

NSEBANK 22 Jul 03:16 PM

there is a resistance at 36900 , still 100 points left before it can take a U turn. lets see on monday

NSEI 22 Jul 03:15 PM

You can continue the same and will be in profit for this expiry

RELIANCE 22 Jul 03:15 PM

see you guys next week with 2900 on cards...either they will declare special dividend or some bonus shares

LICI 22 Jul 03:14 PM


HFCL 22 Jul 03:14 PM

dear miss neena what do u think about future of hfcl in reference of 5G scope & about fundamentals of co. plz. enlighten .

NSEBANK 21 Jul 02:57 PM

as said all tgt hit now again can see going down 36100

NSEI 21 Jul 02:57 PM

Later market maintain to go on up..only for todays

DMART 21 Jul 02:56 PM

may cross even 4100 today. good momentum.

VEDL 21 Jul 02:56 PM

good arbitrage opportunity, buy cash n sell future. No risk, profit of 19.5.

PHILIPCARB 21 Jul 02:55 PM

Being ready for sudden spike, lets see...

BAJAJFINSV 21 Jul 02:55 PM


NSEBANK 20 Jul 02:01 PM

1400 points plus BN has run up in two days so some profit booking will come, upto 300 points or 500 points. So buy some puts and wait for dip.

NSEI 20 Jul 02:00 PM

Inflation is never a point. Even if the inflation is 20 percent but the constituent companies have a cagr of 40 percent the market index would still be extremely bullish

OBEROIRLTY 20 Jul 01:59 PM

Morgan Stanley has maintained its equal-weight call on Oberoi Realty with target at Rs 885 per share

HINDALCO 20 Jul 01:59 PM

worst worst worst stock. ..first to fall other metal stocks are up and this is down

TCS 20 Jul 01:58 PM

No OI additions* upmoved led by short covering!

MEGASOFT 20 Jul 01:57 PM

buy for target Rs 86 in three months

NSEBANK 19 Jul 10:15 AM

Buy 35700 ce Target 300 till 3 PM very bullish today

LT 19 Jul 10:14 AM

Dont panic. If cut 1690, then exit. Still hold till result. Show

AUROPHARMA 19 Jul 10:14 AM

as usual intra day sharp reversal.. momentum stuck in between..should reach 670 while returning back..

VOLTAS 19 Jul 10:13 AM

Voltas can short sell for good profits... sell at CMP for 10-15 points... positional 30-40 points fall possible short Voltas

NSEI 19 Jul 10:12 AM

now one can create short position with 16320 as stop loss for 16140 target today.

NOL 19 Jul 10:11 AM

any updates on why share is moving upwards for last 1 or 2 weeks??!!

NSEBANK 16 Jul 12:29 PM

By next expiry 35500 will cross

NSEI 16 Jul 12:28 PM

Europe and US both closed higher above 2 percent and look at our market full day deep red stocks with indexes being manipulated and bnifty so weak. Every Friday the same thing happens and by Monday the sentiments change and the gapup sentiments weaken and at least 1 sector is made to open weak due to which there is no proper bull rally instead all gains are erased during the day and stocks move deep red. IT, Metals, Banks one of these sectors could be manipulated on Monday to weaken the market. Let us see on Monday if we get a proper green bill rally till eod or the market just belongs to manipulations like it has always done in the past 5 months.

DHANI 16 Jul 12:28 PM

If its too real then u have invested 17 lac amount in this company ? Either u r lying or taking high risk bet

NMDC 16 Jul 12:27 PM

Nice to see u on this forum. Hope your prediction may come true and small investors might be benefitted with your valuable inputs. Thnx

NSEI 15 Jul 10:18 AM

Stay Safe try going incognito in chrome and open NSE option chain it will work.. I was facing the same issue since yesterdays closing..

IDEA 15 Jul 10:18 AM

no outside investor will be announced unless govt convert debt to equity. they have already mentioned that, rest hope for the best. good luck to all.. god bless

ONGC 15 Jul 10:17 AM

Q1 PAT may be seen up by 240% YoY : Prabhudas Liladhar

NSEBANK 15 Jul 10:17 AM

Market unable to move up as heavy selling pressure in BN heavy weights. Expect a short covering rally when market moves and sustains above ~34750. Till then market will be in a range

BLISSGVS 15 Jul 10:16 AM

Smart move in Bliss GVS, JPPower, Future Consumer, Evexia Lifecare

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