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NSEI 22 May 12:45 PM

Brent is now down 5.3% over past month - OMCs are now seeing hefty jump in marketing margins. Buy Indian Oil for a target of 172

NSEI 16 May 08:42 AM

US or EU will not be able to survive without China. Either side needs the other. US and EU will sowly and steadily reduce their dependence on China which can take another three to six years. Till then China stocks can keep performing relatively better as they have been hit severely.

RELIANCE 16 May 08:41 AM

The good news for Reliance is windfall tax cut from today 16th May to Rs 5700 from Rs 8400 per metric tonne, average Rs 2700 per metric tonne , This will.add immense profits to Reliance and will now zoom for sure to scale higher.....and higher

COLPAL 16 May 08:40 AM

The company does not foresee any spike in input costs for the immediate quarters.

BAJFINANCE 16 May 08:39 AM

rbi had a meeting with nbfc head yesterday . Today bank and nbfc sector in focus

BBL 16 May 08:39 AM

sure shot buy from here big rally is coming

NSEBANK 07 Sep 04:48 PM

can see 500poiint correction in bank nifty but not more than that... too much bullish 40k above this month expire.

NSEI 07 Sep 04:47 PM

tomorrow again 200 point gap down.

KTKBANK 07 Sep 04:46 PM

point taken, meger can also contemplated if p/b value p/e ratio applied same as kotak to ktk, point is premium has to be given, also real estate assets has to be revalued, clsa report says all high profile banks struggling to get low cost.

CDSL 07 Sep 04:45 PM

Tomorrow again 5-7% Rise and if market supports then we may see 20% UC.

JPPOWER 07 Sep 04:45 PM

slowly going back I mean same pattern no change at promoters side. operator is king. will move until it reach 6 and somebody buy there then again down else someone sell there then up. just operator game.

HAL 07 Sep 04:44 PM

Shares of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) rose over 2 percent on September 7 after the company said it assembled and tested gas turbines that were used in recently commissioned aircraft carrier, IAC-1 Vikrant.

TATAPOWER 07 Sep 04:43 PM

Strong upmoves expected, when rising it is more than AP and when falling it is lower than AP!

NSEBANK 02 Sep 05:26 PM

buy 39500pe and go.. we all retailers should be aware of that banknifty is not going up nor will open above 40000.. make loss in short not in long...

NSEI 02 Sep 05:25 PM


VEDL 02 Sep 05:24 PM

Book value at 222 and i dont fell shorting here is wise.shorts will have to run for cover post 9 th of this month is my view.

HINDPETRO 02 Sep 05:23 PM

if crude remains above 100 rs around 80 per $ & still omcs donot increase pump prices under govt pressure then every possibility that HPCL may touch 135 again by Dec 22 no chance of declaring dividend for 22-23 then

SJVN 02 Sep 05:23 PM

SJVN jumps on eyeing to develop 5,000 MW of renewable energy projects in Punjab

BEL 02 Sep 05:21 PM

Whether Record Date for Bonus Issue announced or not?

NSEBANK 29 Aug 04:17 PM

strong support 37850 if trade below support then 37500 & 37300

NSEI 29 Aug 04:16 PM

FOR WHATEVER REASON BEST KNOWN TO MKTS , THEY DINT WANT TO FALL HAD EXPECTED THAT IT WOULD CLOSE MUCH LOWER. Makes you wonder that maybe they don t want to go down as all the factors were stacked up against them.

SUBEXLTD 29 Aug 04:15 PM

5G will bring a lot of automation machinery, and it will do it all in real time. So the world will change and subx being its expert will gain business from every changes. So future of company is bright..

HATHWAY 29 Aug 04:14 PM

this year is going to be massive for hathway... RIL introducing ultra 5G...dont think that jio id dumb to hold 75 percent in hathway... patience always pays....

NELCO 29 Aug 04:14 PM

NELCO is a must in your portfolio. Will touch 1500 in medium term. Buy buy

DLF 29 Aug 04:13 PM

how much will dlf more fall tomorrow.

INSILCO 29 Aug 04:13 PM

Why suddenly it jumped almost to uc, with a decent volume. Any idea ?

NSEBANK 25 Aug 12:28 PM

Today closing will be above 39600 mark my word buy in the money call option for making good money

NSEI 25 Aug 12:28 PM

It is consolidating at 17700, will definitely cross

JISLDVREQS 25 Aug 12:27 PM

ope it moves swiftly and look forward to that upmove

DATAPATTNS 25 Aug 12:27 PM

This is great defence and aerospace company, order books running full for next many years and looking at india strengthening make in india program to become self sufficient, R&D/Defence companies are going to rock for next 20 years.

INVENTURE 25 Aug 12:26 PM

LAST AUGUST - DECEMBER also price was range bound between 2.60 to 3, and suddenly started zooming and touched 6.75 within 15 sessions and promoters started selling and price had a free fall, in case if q2 and q3 results are good it will reach6.75 by January and will move forward if promoters care for share holders wealth - GOD BLESS

HARDWYN 25 Aug 12:24 PM

Fourth upper circuit in a row without any reason big trap .

RTNINFRA 25 Aug 12:23 PM

Today it can give big break out with high volume. lets hope for the best.

RTNINFRA 25 Aug 12:23 PM

Today out break is going to happen anytime once it locked in upper circuit it can reach 80 in next two days.

CONFIPET 25 Aug 12:22 PM

Board meeting on 27th to issue fresh equity, need to see is it to the promoters or outsiders, they have history of issuing shares at premium, what they do this time.

NSEBANK 22 Aug 10:15 AM

still will fall till 38325/38300 so hold on till then

NSEI 22 Aug 10:14 AM

Nifty 17 525 is the next support under xx538 dip, can go long with SSL of 20 pts as the gap of 11th may be filled up and some recovery might be seen.

WIPRO 22 Aug 10:13 AM

wipro looks dead as a company..

BALKRISIND 22 Aug 10:12 AM

sell for target of 2120 stoploss day high

ZOMATO 22 Aug 10:11 AM

The 50rs brokerage targets old news before results, current news target 115 before year end

BORORENEW 22 Aug 10:11 AM

ADD constituted around 9.7% of duties. Borosil Renewable selling price is arrived at after theoretical calculating all the duties. Obviously, the realisation will come down by 10% . This will put downward pressure on the stock as valuation.

SUNPHARMA 22 Aug 10:10 AM

Take 900 PE option for huge gain tomorrow. Now 15-16, tomorrow 25, 35, 45. This expirty 55. Dont lose your money in ce option.

RPOWER 22 Aug 10:09 AM

15.8 was reached from 15.3 in just 10 mins... i am revising my second target further to 16.25 will be seen...

NSEBANK 20 Aug 11:58 AM

May raise to 39300 as correction all most over and shows 39900 on expiry, fallen a lot

NSEI 20 Aug 11:57 AM

no chance, tomorrow it will touch 17800 again even more probably

CAMS 20 Aug 11:56 AM

it is not always bad for the company with promoter selling their shares but only if the performance of company is also deteriorating which in camss case is not so it is not panic situation, lets see who bought those shares.

CADILAHC 20 Aug 11:56 AM

Just waiting 350 level this stack qualiey.......

MOTHERSUMI 20 Aug 11:55 AM

PAT is not the only factor dear, if the company announces any big order booking, if there is any proper guideline for their new project or that can show the market their good future, the price can be taken to new skies.

CGPOWER 20 Aug 11:54 AM

AMATEURINVESTOR ji You are too honest, wise and very helpful like Mr Vigai to all Forum Members. Undoubtedly we trust you much more than the socalled management itself. Therefore the doubt arises out of lack of transparency and ethics. Your opinion in one word either to Hold or not would be confidence building nevertheless the outcome later. Good luck and best wishes....

DHANI 20 Aug 11:53 AM

if you are long term,why worry of 20% ckt unless one wants to day trade.

VEDL 20 Aug 11:52 AM

More than the negative bias, giving half truth or false news to add weight to the negative news is to make the retailers confuse. But that will not sustain, and real truth will prevail. In metal sector, only YoY is to be compared

NSEBANK 18 Aug 12:15 PM

bank nifty going BN 39500 PE......will be good profit

NSEI 18 Aug 12:15 PM

may move towards 20th July level of 16562in some should check and observe themselves before taking any action

KTKBANK 18 Aug 12:14 PM

if i but today can I eligible for dividend

LTI 18 Aug 12:13 PM

4660 lots of large Bulk stake buying will be seen today and tomorrow from 4660 in LTTS LTD

HFCL 18 Aug 12:12 PM

good news in hfcl......hury up dosto....ab dekhna dosto ye kaise bhagta hai kam se kam aaj 80 tak to jana hi chaiye.or to bhagwan ki marji

BCG 18 Aug 12:12 PM


NSEI 16 Aug 11:24 AM

market will end above 18860

NSEBANK 16 Aug 11:23 AM

Confirm news big fall today sell BNF immediately .Huge call writing going on

BSESN 16 Aug 11:22 AM

nifty operators standing standing ovation u decide the markets we fools invest and loss

CENTURYPLY 16 Aug 11:22 AM

Seems will consolidate in a 50 point range for few days before major upside , lets

HDFCLIFE 16 Aug 11:22 AM

HDFC Life guys suggested as investment idea at 510-530 levels, 580 is the first target, enjoy the gain :)

BOSCHLTD 16 Aug 11:21 AM

Hello friends, Bosch recently inaugurated its 76-acre, A-IoT-enabled smart campus in Bengaluru. The investment cycle is completed and now it will yield revenue and eventually also add to the bottom line as well. Let us hope for the best.

NSEI 16 Aug 11:20 AM

Europe market is falling big trap exit early and save ur money..

NSEI 13 Aug 02:24 PM

India is depend on us and uk and Europe ..which severe drought is facing.

NSEBANK 13 Aug 02:23 PM


HAL 13 Aug 02:22 PM

result published on the economic times

STARPAPER 13 Aug 02:21 PM

operator and big players will try to grab it by creating panic at lower level,donot fear if initially it goes down few rupees.Keep patience and hold,anant mey isko uper hi jana h.If get opportunity at lower level,will try to add few more.

HEALTHY 13 Aug 02:21 PM

1000 may cross if Reliance Retail BUY this company in future .very good growth of nearly yearly as per chittorgarh and moneycontrol.BUY and HOLD for next 5 years

JISLJALEQS 13 Aug 02:20 PM

results are not as per expectation

NSEBANK 09 Aug 10:18 AM

to all those thinking markets will fall tomorrow- please dont burn your money again tomorrow, think before you buy PE , MARKET IS EXTREMELY BULLISH !!

NSEI 09 Aug 10:17 AM

Also FIIs futures longs are made at 16700 levels on which they are on very good profit of 800 points. So if FII have to change position they can do it at current levels as well.

GSFC 09 Aug 10:16 AM

Gsfc not rallied when market up that why it goes up but gnfc already rallied 22 percent in a month now even RSI is over bought

MRPL 09 Aug 10:15 AM

Get ready for big up move ...just wait for one month.

APEX 09 Aug 10:12 AM

yes ,it will touch 430 this time and we will see some consolidation and sell 380-390 after touching 430..and rally back to 465 by Sep 1st wk.

TRIDENT 09 Aug 10:09 AM

Guys any update on result, today is result as well as interim dividend announcement

NSEBANK 06 Aug 11:30 AM

EPFO has a total corpus of around 18 lakh crore rupees and it started investing 5% in equities to begin with which later rose to 10% and then to 15%. now it is being upped to 20% which means around 4 lakh crore rupees pumped into equities.

NSEI 06 Aug 11:28 AM

Any time you see, PE additions more than CEs, at least avoid buying any PEs which is the majority side. Operator keeps selling both PEs and CEs for ninety percent of the times.

SPARC 06 Aug 11:26 AM

IOC climbs on getting nod for capacity expansion of Digboi Refinery in Assam

RCF 06 Aug 11:18 AM

see the huge upward rally of deepak fertilizers.huge upside possibLE here also

CIPLA 06 Aug 11:18 AM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

BAJAJFINSV 06 Aug 11:17 AM

banking stock looking week but after some time grow up fastly keep your eyes..

SKYIND 06 Aug 11:16 AM

Guys check out Creative Eye . It has posted very good results and anytime soon it will declare a good dividend and bonus.

NSEBANK 02 Aug 12:04 PM

BN has shown a rejection at 38k level if it can not cross in next 15 min decisively then we have to sell BN at 38k level. If it breaks then 38200 may also hit today itself.

NSEI 02 Aug 12:03 PM

I have also taken the same position today with the view till tomorrow

AWL 02 Aug 12:03 PM

this will cross 800 in next few sessions- enjoy profits. All the best.

MAGMA 02 Aug 12:02 PM

This is ready for 300/320/340 once cross 351 sustain rocket rally 390/420/450

SHARDACROP 02 Aug 12:01 PM

Sharda crop will trade above 600 within a week ..keep hold short target 700

PAYTM 02 Aug 12:00 PM

Hold it with Patience...bahut lambi race ka ghoda hai ye...

LXCHEM 02 Aug 12:00 PM


NSEBANK 29 Jul 07:47 PM

huge profit booking will be there on Monday in bank nifty. so be careful. may be come to after that you can go up side. today the whole picture is clear for Monday.

NSEI 29 Jul 07:46 PM

just wait and watch... once Europe is closed down trend will start ...

EKI 29 Jul 07:46 PM

EKI is leader in sunrise industry with immense growth potential. its also continually expanding internationally. Results reflect the exponential growth. hold tight & enjoy the ride.

ASIANPAINT 29 Jul 07:45 PM

what should I make out of these left right center BUY rating with higher targets !!!πŸ™‚

GOKULAGRO 29 Jul 07:45 PM

Very impressive results YoY...check management commentary...quite promising in the wake of inflation and increase in commodity prices.

MCDOWELL-N 29 Jul 07:44 PM

monday it will fly target 810 due to election of gujarat

NAUKRI 29 Jul 07:44 PM

is their core business and doing well

NSEBANK 27 Jul 10:52 AM

right time to buy PE I dont see any support level the market will surely go down

NSEI 27 Jul 10:51 AM

market definitely go down in 2nd session tgt-16450

GRAVITA 27 Jul 10:51 AM

Right price right stock right company with excellent vision

RATNAMANI 27 Jul 10:50 AM

Very steep rise which we had expected in Ratnamani metals appears will infact happen today. Stay invested

IOC 27 Jul 10:50 AM

how much do you think would me the loss on marketing front for retail fuel sale for qtr 1.

ZOMATO 27 Jul 10:49 AM

Buy zomato at 40 levels, If you remember tata motors , motherson sumi , balrampur chini and vedanta also were trading at 50-60 Rs couple of years back , see where they are now.

CHENNPETRO 27 Jul 10:48 AM

Q2 inventory loss for 10.5 mmtpa refinery , taking 20 day inventory is 400-450 crore , if crude price is down by 20 use per barrel . This loss is one time loss , for Q3 Q4 this loss will be 0 . we can safely assume 2400 crore profit for remaining 3 qrtrs . this gives profit for the year in excess of 4500 crore , which is more than present market cap . This share deserves rerating with target of 900

TANLA 27 Jul 10:47 AM

it will mostly only be revised if it hits LC today...

NSEBANK 25 Jul 10:49 AM

Buy bank nifty 36600 pe 28 july near 300 Target 400/450/500 stop loss your choice.

NSEI 25 Jul 10:48 AM

as if now pe positions are strong in nifty and bank nifty . if fiis also started selling then we can hold the Pe position for tomorrow as well.

NSEI 25 Jul 10:47 AM


DEVYANI 25 Jul 10:46 AM

time wise consolidation happening between 160 and 170...lets see what happens around results date.

GRANULES 25 Jul 10:46 AM

suddenly a momentum. Will it close above kindly comment friends.

GAIL 25 Jul 10:45 AM

whats to do now?Tata steel,vedanta,Gail,TCS or adani power?which one take now?

VINYLINDIA 25 Jul 10:44 AM

must be good June numbers to follow

ICICIBANK 25 Jul 10:43 AM

looks like it is ready for bounce back...lets be positive

NSEI 23 Jul 11:09 AM

If Dow goes to 32600 and above Nifty can close at 17000 for expiry.With bad Reliance results and Fed event ,this looks improbable and Nifty is moving towards 16400 and below now

NSEBANK 23 Jul 11:15 AM

This week majority banks results will anounce... banknnifty outperformed.. Icici and axis , kotak uplift banknifty... bull Run wiill continue..

WELCORP 23 Jul 11:08 AM

when dividend credit anyone know?

YESBANK 23 Jul 11:08 AM

Yes bank is the only banking share where FIIS have increased their stake in June 2022 quarter... A sudden jump to much higher levels can be expected anytime and few day traders who do day trading for a few paise may loose their holding

POLYPLEX 23 Jul 10:57 AM

stock again showed strong upmove yesterday and still has some more steam

NDRAUTO 23 Jul 10:56 AM

NDR owns 28.66% in Bharat seats worth 75cr and also company has 50cr cash in the books. It looks very interesting.

NSEBANK 19 Jul 02:20 PM

can anyone confirm w pattern on todays chart 15 min for 35627/35693 levels on bnf

NSEI 19 Jul 02:19 PM

immediately exit nifty and bank nifty both are going for red

GNFC 19 Jul 02:18 PM

Buy for minimum target of 660 to 665.

HCLTECH 19 Jul 02:18 PM

With latest order, order book of the company at its record high. Expected to well in the coming quarter. Best to buy at this rate.

TV18BRDCST 19 Jul 02:17 PM

Result reaction subdued flat...There might be something otherwise it cannot be so poor Result

MANAKSIA 19 Jul 02:16 PM

Good time to accumulate, price will be in three digits in three months.

NSEBANK 14 Jul 10:56 AM

as said 34600 CE tgt 350 hit now can see sell off so buy 34700 PE tgt 130

NSEI 14 Jul 10:56 AM

bought 16100 puts 7 lots at avg of 82.4 today morning and sold all at avg. price of around 97 ....had profit of 4900 third consecutive profit in my third options trade which i started buying this 11k profit...

QUADRANT 14 Jul 10:55 AM

What are some good stock market beginner tips and tricks?

HINDALCO 14 Jul 10:54 AM

jsw Steel and jspl are performing much better then this stock ... hindalco has become like sail...

IGL 14 Jul 10:54 AM

p c Jewels for bay to indraprasth bay to target market share104

BANKBARODA 14 Jul 10:53 AM

it will move to 120 in short term..

BIOCON 14 Jul 10:52 AM

biocon ltd will hit 350 very short time - My target for Biocon is Rs 150 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs 325

NSEI 12 Jul 11:41 AM

Market wide Red spills, Midcap, Smallcaps in red! Banks had their run coming to an end!

NSEBANK 12 Jul 11:40 AM

Bank nifty may soon retrace, as 35440 is 200 DEMA, usually dead end of every spike in falling channel! Even if holding longs place SL at 35133 which is 100DEMA! Also 35000 PE holds huge OI! Shorting thoughts below break of

SEYAIND 12 Jul 11:40 AM

Can you please explore anything you know about the company. Court matter is not settled yet with Beacons.New Production is not yet started which they had expanded.

HINDPETRO 12 Jul 11:39 AM

This Government is effectively making all OMCs bankrupt. By not allowing OMCs to increase Price and with USD/INR expected to cross 80, loss of OMCs will increase too much.

RELIANCE 12 Jul 11:39 AM

Dear RAJ MISRHRA89 what about chambal fertilizer and which is the best available sugar stock for short term for buy?

HCLTECH 12 Jul 11:37 AM

SONAM 21 mam and NIRAJ_GOSWAMI sir , Can we add INFY and HCL TECH now for higher targets...your views

NSEBANK 11 Jul 11:50 AM

dowjohns future down 243 point.... act accordingly... πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

NSEI 11 Jul 11:49 AM

one can buy both indices stocks aggessively put buyers are planning for short trades..nifty will touch 16350 soon,nothing can stop that .

DRREDDY 11 Jul 11:48 AM

exit now...exit is all set to crack. target 4475 or near for todays close.

RTNPOWER 11 Jul 11:47 AM

Has anyone seen kohinoor share how it rallied from 8 rs to 122... so just chill this share will trade above 50...

RELIANCE 11 Jul 11:47 AM

ten fingers fill with profit as dollar income

RENUKA 11 Jul 11:46 AM

Let price sustain above 48.85 and 49.35 first, if cross 49.35 then can expect 51 to 52 today s closing .... but market is also poor today ...

TEGA 11 Jul 11:46 AM

most subscribed IPO, monopoly in the business,Profit increasing every quarter, chemical and oil exploration is the future. bright future in long term perspective.

NSEBANK 10 Jul 10:41 AM

monday is trending day πŸ‚ bullish, no doubt at all, keep calm 😌😌😌😌

NSEI 10 Jul 10:40 AM

many reasons for marker to go towards downtrend. 1. Cruide oil price increase 2. Rupee fall 3. Srilanka crisis 4. Russia ukrain war Many more

TATAMOTORS 10 Jul 10:39 AM

tata motors is heading for a big break out time add

MARKSANS 10 Jul 10:39 AM

This will go to 80 easily....lets see. Market will support the buy back which looks a win-win....Cheers!

IDEA 10 Jul 10:39 AM

That is the very purpose of operators not only in VI but all highly traded penny stocks.Many bought at from ten to fourteen or higher and now being forced to sell at loss. I expect some God corporate announcement after 15th of July.

BCG 10 Jul 10:38 AM

Anyone who wish to know the future potential of ad-tech business can go through the article of TOI dated April 23, 2022.

CONTROLPR 10 Jul 10:38 AM

it has very good business with strong revenue turnover, only debt is hurting its profit margin. If it manages to get any PE investment of 800 crs then its debt equity ratio can come down to zero approx and its share price can zoom towards 1200.

VTL 10 Jul 10:37 AM

buying buying buying..... buying buying buying target 350 in short term

NSEBANK 09 Jul 11:06 AM

Hello guys. just sell in the opening on Monday. IT share stock result is not good as expected on Friday. Might be some IT stocks will be down more than 15%. Be careful guys.

NSEI 09 Jul 11:05 AM

japam ur doing dont short after reaching that its when strong buying will happen its where u should avg players avg profit positions and exit losses immediately oversmart traders who are experts in making losses do opposite

SBILIFE 09 Jul 11:05 AM

SBI Life has the lowest cost structure compared to peers, which is a substantial edge especially in current times when there are significant challenges to business growth.

MMTC 09 Jul 11:03 AM

be investment in this stock for long term (1 to 2 year) for double your investment from this levels

MORARKFI 09 Jul 11:03 AM

Target 🎯 180/- In this Quarter

JSWSTEEL 09 Jul 10:59 AM

As because honestly and transparent about views are welcomed at every where

M&M 09 Jul 10:59 AM

Buy Mahindra and Mahindra target of Rs 1250: Emkay Global Financial

CONCOR 09 Jul 10:58 AM

Buy Container Corporation target of Rs 750: Motilal Oswal

NSEI 08 Jul 12:01 PM

Nifty will close in solid green towards 16350 and bullish trend to continue next full week....PE buyers SL will be triggered today ... Happy Investing !!!!!

NSEBANK 08 Jul 12:01 PM

below 35070 banknifty tgt would be 34950 where one can enter so sell

KARDA 08 Jul 12:00 PM

Now everyone is taking about recession and if it is true then what will happen to those companies who have huge debts. Certainly gone case.

MMTC 08 Jul 11:58 AM

mmtc get max 3500cr because as per SPA First liability bank , employee due will be clear.ninl bank lone approximately 6500cr.

AKSHOPTFBR 08 Jul 11:57 AM

Demand of fibre to be rise with implementation of 5G in coming days

BHARTIARTL 08 Jul 11:56 AM

can some one guide how to insert indicators in advance charts on permanent basis as we do in trading view charts / zerodha ? otherwise difficult to apply every time

TARSONS 08 Jul 11:55 AM

Today Ready for Second High of This Stock... You should add this stock in your Portfolio at this level....

KGDENIM 08 Jul 11:55 AM

KG Denim as always made good wealth for its long term investors. Another stock which is making multibagger returns for its investors is Creative Eye ltd.

NSEBANK 07 Jul 08:04 AM

diw futures down. hangsang is down .it is only six nifty being rigged .ladt one week the market being rigged .it will dall sudde ly .lit if call.sellers at 34300.lets see what happens it eint go below 34000 but one dies not know operators

NSEI 07 Jul 08:04 AM

u can hold some times it will do drama dont fall for it hold till end massive gains milega

BAJAJ-AUTO 07 Jul 08:03 AM

Lacklustre buy back yesterday , only 23k shares yest..

MINDAIND 07 Jul 08:02 AM

Received Bonus shares in my account today- Thanks Minda, wishing you all the success in all the steps you take

SUZLON 07 Jul 08:02 AM


AMARAJABAT 07 Jul 08:02 AM

now it looks to be the time for amara raja ...until there are shorters who want to spoil the party

WIPRO 07 Jul 08:01 AM

hold on no problem good for investment...

HEROMOTOCO 07 Jul 08:00 AM

hero 3200 in next 2 weeks bullish breakout Flag pattern

NSEI 06 Jul 03:41 PM

usa market again heavy downside 1000 point correction in expected today in usa market

NSEBANK 06 Jul 03:41 PM

bank nifty is really scarry gives wrong dignsls n operators r rigging hdfc n kotsk bank to take it up

KPRMILL 06 Jul 03:40 PM

As Indian cotton fabrics are gaining popularity on grounds of quality and competitive prices one can look to buy KPR Mills

ISEC 06 Jul 03:40 PM

Yes Securities came out with its Q1 Preview of all sectors and is available in some websites.

TTML 06 Jul 03:39 PM

market sentiments me apna finally Hara rang dikhaya and closed in green..πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

SHALPRO 06 Jul 03:38 PM

ab sab maal utha liya last main puri game he bhai 5 rs aayega non stop ek baar 5% upar khul jaye

SAIL 06 Jul 03:38 PM

dividend 2.25 declared but still no Ex dividend date announced. anyone can comment, in how many days ?

INDUSTOWER 06 Jul 03:37 PM

if indus tower cross 215 n sustained than only.momemtum will come otherwise as usual it will come down to 205

RELINFRA 06 Jul 03:36 PM

agar patience nahi hei to bech do kisne roka hei..ek asli khani suno .. Vijay kediaji ne Atul industry liya 4 rs mei unko malum tha ki oh 1000 jaldi ho jayega after studying...after 2 yrs price is 3rs many said pagal bech do but he is confident..he sell that after next 2 yrs in 1800...n kept few... go n c rate today

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