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I am working as an analyst cum portfolio manager. I`ve around 15 yrs of stock markets investment & trading consulting experience , have been supporting several HNIs,DIIs,NRIs portfolios.



NSEBANK 09 Sep 01:09 PM

200 down from high another 200 expected lets see

NSEI 09 Sep 01:09 PM

FII buy equity at higher prices.. Stock option profits help them to reduce cost of their equity.

DHANBANK 09 Sep 01:08 PM

may be next LAXMI VILAS BANK . Be cautious

MFL 09 Sep 01:07 PM

mfc is a silent mover. the real productivity price. and within few months it will fly just like rocket. only buy ihe solution. buy buy.

BHARATFORG 09 Sep 01:06 PM

We are interested in investment and Buying 1,10,00,000 Qty shares in Bharat Forge from 1000 If come Today or Monday in Bharat Forge LTD..

ZOMATO 09 Sep 01:05 PM

Credit Suisse has today ranked Zomato as an "outperformer", and has given it a new target of Rs.90/-. ENJOY!

NSEBANK 06 Sep 01:19 PM

buy buy 39900 CE at 300 tgt 360/70 stoploss 250

NSEI 06 Sep 01:19 PM

At 1.15 pm. PE additions around 200k lots and CEs at 240k lots. ABSOLUTE NO TRADE ZONE. Nifty can trade in plus or minus fifty zone for some time.

ZOMATO 06 Sep 01:18 PM

zombie is trying to show it can stand by trading firm this will always fall even if rises some fall will be more pronounced see ndtv i suggested before lower circuit happenend

LICI 06 Sep 01:17 PM

Exited from my position in this script. Nothing positive will happen. Better to invest in other script to cover losses.

TTML 06 Sep 01:16 PM

IT will positively move upwards AND GIVE a surprise by EOD TODAY

NSEI 30 Aug 11:23 AM


RELINFRA 30 Aug 11:22 AM

Target 180 for today

RELIANCE 30 Aug 11:22 AM

whopping volumes since volume after a long time..something big is coming up i guess..needs to cross 2620 at the eariliest

RAMRAT 30 Aug 11:21 AM

Very Cheap to its Peer. Huge potential to become Multibeggar.

NSEBANK 30 Aug 11:20 AM

all levels played out for intra..BANKNIFTY is 38800 is the intraday this level .if 38800 sustain more rally towards 39200 on expiry day .

NSEBANK 23 Aug 04:15 PM


NSEI 23 Aug 04:14 PM

This month expiry would be around 17k, this is just pull back from and this is pree defined 😎

GGPL 23 Aug 04:13 PM

please dont put sales order from tomorrow, Get a normal platform and then had given a 535 percent return in five yr and having 536 cr market capital so dont be rush to sale at lower and lower circuit

MRPL 23 Aug 04:11 PM

real market for crude oil and refinery having good demand but on experts words and their article looks western color to it

KPRMILL 23 Aug 04:10 PM

Bank of India rises on signing MoU with IREDA

HCLTECH 23 Aug 04:05 PM

Is it true that learning to trade can be done only through books and online classes? Visit this unique platform, stocksports, where you can learn, practice and gain rewards.

IRCTC 23 Aug 04:05 PM

Parliamentary panel calls IRCTC for briefing on citizens data security, privacy

GAYATRIBI 23 Aug 04:04 PM

Gayatri Bio is on fire moving up daily. Another stock which is on fire is Creative Eye ltd.

ZOMATO 23 Aug 04:02 PM

Maybe the Zomato tomorrow will touch 67 levels before Weeknd touches 70 rs.

NSEBANK 17 Aug 03:40 PM

is there is any possibility word economy wobble but Indian economy flying high pure manipulation

NSEI 17 Aug 03:40 PM

Weeks of Drama is over for now. Retailers sat for weeks without any profit. Even CE guys didnot made much money. Now see from tomorrow what is going to happen. Already FII started offloading. Jai Modiji.

BALRAMCHIN 17 Aug 03:39 PM

Moving Averages : Balrampur Chini is trading lower than 5 day, 20 day, 50 day, 100 day and 200 day moving averages

AWL 17 Aug 03:39 PM

let it not touch the circuits for some time., so that it comes out of ASM ASAP

KELLTONTEC 17 Aug 03:38 PM

every stock has recover when market up only except this . avoid for some time it will touch 60-50 if market in profit booking.

CAMS 17 Aug 03:38 PM

one of the worst stocks ever... i regret buying this junk...

UNITECH 17 Aug 03:36 PM

Can some one highlight the progressive outcome of SC Hearing today on Unitech

ONGC 15 Aug 06:08 PM

ONGC , may be going up because mostly government will announced windfalls new slab which is beneficial for ongc

SONACOMS 15 Aug 06:07 PM

mahindra has launched 5EV SUV. SONA BLW is the component supplier to the company. i am expecting 10000 per share by 2025.

NSEI 15 Aug 06:06 PM

PUT buyers please keep buying 17500 level 17000, 16800, Thanks a lot. Buy maximum quantity, buy PUT and unwinding CALLS. Bears friends are support to our market. Thanks for your support.

RBLBANK 15 Aug 06:00 PM

KKR to sell entire 27% stake in Max Healthcare tomorrow, likely to raise Rs 9,000

RBLBANK 15 Aug 05:59 PM

Brightcom Group reports 163% jump in Q1 net profit at Rs 277

SAREGAMA 15 Aug 05:57 PM

buy, at good valuation, taget 475 to 500

ZEEL 12 Aug 02:32 PM

Buy by ZEEL cmp 243 use dip for 250/255

REPCOHOME 12 Aug 02:32 PM

I am once again repeating ...... present management stuuppids doing for salary only worry about organisation / investors

GMRINFRA 12 Aug 02:31 PM

GMR is consolidating below 34 for long time GMR loss has reduced performance is improving.holand accumulate for a target of45 in one month

NSEBANK 12 Aug 02:30 PM

dont fall in trap..... its temporary correction market ll rebound on next trading session

EKC 12 Aug 02:30 PM

Stock EKC rising now, with ultra rich have sold away, wait and see it cross 125 today itself, 129 - 134 on a positive note possible.

SAIL 12 Aug 02:29 PM

3pm ke bad 83 touch krega see

NSEBANK 11 Aug 03:24 PM

huge bears entering please stop it otherwise market crash let market move 40000 give way to bull

NSEI 11 Aug 03:24 PM

At 11 am today I said expiry may be around 17 650 and now nifty is almost there only.

BCG 11 Aug 03:23 PM

big player bought Between 35.75 to 38.35 more thn 3cr share are with thm so understand... they will take Price ahead n book profit on good price... may be 57 65 or 80

VOLTAS 11 Aug 03:22 PM

This stock is expected to stay on the upward trajectory from a short to medium-term perspective

FIEMIND 11 Aug 03:22 PM

FIEM WILL SETTLEED IN NEAR 1550. I think it will pull back towards 1625-1650.

AFFLE 11 Aug 03:21 PM

hi if affle cross the 1200 it will again on fire... keep hold and enjoy... hip hip hurray

SDBL 11 Aug 03:21 PM

Som is giving an opportunity to buy at 96 lvls...soon it will trade above 120

SAGAR 11 Aug 03:20 PM

Moving Averages : higher than 200 day moving averages but lower than 5 day, 20 day, 50 day and 100 day moving averages

NSEBANK 11 Aug 12:20 PM

market soon blood batha as FiIs are selling stocks in open market without any bad news and diis lost all the money

NSEI 11 Aug 12:20 PM

there cant be a range when channel breakout is expected lol either wild move will be made for sure

NDTV 11 Aug 12:19 PM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

OIL 11 Aug 12:18 PM

Would any one please let me know that if i sell my share Today then would i eligible to get dividend if suppose company declare some dividend based on quarterly earnings.

APARINDS 11 Aug 12:17 PM

Shriram Transport Finance Company inches up on planning to raise funds

GENNEX 11 Aug 12:17 PM

Very bad result is going to declared Hold the position and average the price at 6 rs. lower circuit expected on Tuesday.

HINDUNILVR 11 Aug 12:16 PM

HUL : Intra day target : 2638 , buy buy buy

NSEBANK 10 Aug 05:20 PM

Dear friends, be ready for 37500 levels tomorrow by lunch time

NSEI 10 Aug 05:19 PM

people who want to take longs, just move to next or next week expiry by means of pe selling only, or buy deep ITM in limited qtys. tomo something may or may not happen, but the effect might show up on fri.

MOTHERSUMI 10 Aug 05:17 PM

pls dont enter at this level.better to wait and see the situation of Taiwan china tension. if war start then it will available at 85-90 level. Kadua hai lekin Satya hai.

VALIANTORG 10 Aug 05:17 PM

NCC zooms as its consolidated net profit doubles in Q1FY23

LAXMIMACH 10 Aug 05:17 PM

Torrent Power gains on reporting 2-fold jump in Q1 consolidated net profit

HIKAL 10 Aug 05:16 PM

Hikal reported a loss of Rs 8.66 crs for 1q23..

SPICEJET 10 Aug 05:16 PM

Spicejet always encounter one good news with two bad news!!!

NSEBANK 08 Aug 06:13 PM

In the profit booking which will follow soon, I intend to earn some 10 to 15 lakhs.... lets see how it goes. Will inform which to buy and sell, ofcourse with sl only.

NSEI 08 Aug 06:12 PM

Gap up for sure on Wednesday. Trend is in favour of gap up. Rest is upon the FIIs as usual. There will be no gap down for sure

IEX 08 Aug 06:12 PM

IEX DAM data up to 8th July shows over a twenty five percent decline YOY. This is without any market share grabbing by HPX. Overall power trading volumes are down it seems. Review by fifteen may throw some light.

IGL 08 Aug 06:11 PM

33% increase in PAT YOY and QOQ both.

GKP 08 Aug 06:10 PM

danger now it may fall also i booked profit of 60k

GNFC 08 Aug 06:09 PM

Results are out. PAT : 572 CR vs 644Cr(March 2022) and 242Cr(June 2021) Great YOY Growth

SUBEXLTD 08 Aug 06:08 PM

in the last one decade Subex turn over never crossed 100 cr, in fact it is drifting down.Again conf call he will make lofty promises like sitting on gold mine but will never lay eggs.

NSEBANK 05 Aug 02:25 PM

operators play opposite now sentiment positive write put options.. only..

NSEI 05 Aug 02:25 PM

options are not being written to guage today moves sudden falls suden ups relax buddy no big moves could be seen Nasdaq futures are green only

IDFCFIRSTB 05 Aug 02:24 PM

First of all everyone has to understand that all news and information available, is available for all. If any arbitration opportunities are there, price has been get adjusted for that in both the counter.

BALRAMCHIN 05 Aug 02:23 PM


ICICIBANK 05 Aug 02:23 PM

sell as soon as possible market will correct next week for sure.

ZOMATO 05 Aug 02:22 PM

will cross 60 last 1 hr trade. Shorters be carefull...

SKMEGGPROD 05 Aug 02:22 PM


NSEI 05 Aug 02:21 PM

Indian indices showing fake strength, has to fall big..

NSEBANK 04 Aug 07:10 PM

Bank Nifty Weaker Showing Red Candle ,Not Strength After RBI Rate Hike Up or Down ??????? Wait it See

NSEI 04 Aug 07:08 PM

I am carrying straddle...expecting a volatile session tomorrow...will try to book full.

AUROPHARMA 04 Aug 07:08 PM

bad news bahut aati rehti hai but no problem company is very good achive in this year.

CHAMBLFERT 04 Aug 07:07 PM

target of this year 900 accumulate above 354..only

ADANIENT 04 Aug 07:06 PM

Be ready for 10 percent fall operator play there game similar thing happen with upl open flat then 5 percent fall

ADANITRANS 04 Aug 07:06 PM

Circuit revised today.. 20.percent..... tomorrow Circuit

YESBANK 04 Aug 07:05 PM

It will boost the confidence of Banks depositors, investors and lenders.

NSEBANK 03 Aug 07:32 AM

Profit booking must be seen today.. Nifty & Banknifty may correct to 1% & 3%

NSEI 03 Aug 07:31 AM

good morning all, today buy nifty around 17280-17300 target 17400,17440,17510 with small SL 17220...

TATASTEEL 03 Aug 07:31 AM

Today 116 cant be ruled out!!

DHANUKA 03 Aug 07:30 AM

Its good results by the company.. hold tight n sit tight will fetch ard 800 in a month

TIRUMALCHM 03 Aug 07:30 AM

are IG petro and this company in similar product lines?

ZOMATO 03 Aug 07:29 AM

It might go below 50 as reported for exit. But it will bounce back.

SAHYADRI 03 Aug 07:28 AM

Q1 results - Net Sales at Rs crore down 2.36%. Net Profit at Rs. 21.81 crore down 33.08% . EBITDA at Rs. 36.69 crore down 22.61%

RPGLIFE 03 Aug 07:27 AM

better than many so called strong ones ........can keep invested

NSEI 01 Aug 11:59 AM

positive PMI data another boost for the market

NSEBANK 01 Aug 11:58 AM

bank nifty 38000 call 207 high almost tgt hit enjoy full profit

NMDC 01 Aug 11:57 AM

Self proclaimed superstar runs away whenever it happen opposite of his call, he will come running when it will go in green

NSEI 01 Aug 11:57 AM

whole market will go negative soon keep watching on eye 😎

NAZARA 01 Aug 11:56 AM

Expect Onmobile to cross Nazara in long run. Should start shooting up any day

MOREPENLAB 01 Aug 11:54 AM

Iam waiting for the day Honorable respectable Suri ji to quit as MD & sound management take over. I hope SEBI also bar Suri from markets forever

BALRAMCHIN 01 Aug 11:54 AM

optionstrade pls dont disclose secrets bhai ..... Europe will come to know about it

RTNPOWER 01 Aug 11:53 AM

PM Modi urges states to expedite clearing Rs 2.5 lakh crore power dues

NSEBANK 28 Jul 02:27 PM

now wait for tgt 37500 on closing basis

NSEBANK 28 Jul 02:25 PM

sell Bank nifty at current price target 37100/36900 SL 37510

NSEI 28 Jul 02:24 PM

till 02.30 nifty to cross 16935 if this happens wait for levels 17000 today itself

YESBANK 28 Jul 02:24 PM

SELL and BUY with holding shares for few paisa profit not recommended for any stock ....

SBICARD 28 Jul 02:23 PM

great 1000 soon. Accumulate

GHCL 28 Jul 02:23 PM

Now the only option is buying at current price

BCG 28 Jul 02:23 PM

BCG is going to benefit huge from Forex Gain as most of its earnings are in Dollar. Hence good 1st Qtr result is expected.

ZOMATO 28 Jul 02:22 PM

ICICI Lombard General Insurance gains on offering new pay-as-you-drive policy

NSEBANK 26 Jul 12:07 PM

it looks like FOMC meeting may give less harsh surprise. rally will continue current expiry above 37000

NSEI 26 Jul 12:07 PM

market close in is trap now

NSEI 26 Jul 12:06 PM

this is bear market sentiment is short on rise.. bears market short generates money..

TANLA 26 Jul 12:06 PM

It is a very very strange movement today. Results are not very very bad. But reaction is very very huge.

ZOMATO 26 Jul 12:05 PM

long back told you guys to hood your greed.....zomato ka tomato nikalna abhi bhi baki hai....every quarter its making huge promoters....who is responsible if this goes below or sink to Rs.5 so guys hold your greed or make losses

TRIDENT 26 Jul 12:04 PM

8 weeks passed. it couldnt crawl from 38 to 40 and strongly stay above. 8 weeks and couldnt even make 1 rupee high strongly holding the position above 40.

LSIL 26 Jul 12:04 PM

Huge accumulation is happening guys..

WIPRO 26 Jul 12:01 PM

Good luck shorting. Shorting is not an easy trade anymore in IT stocks.

NSEBANK 22 Jul 08:22 PM

BN continous up for the last week. US Markets are in red.BN for sure will tumble down to 36000 on Monday and 35000 on 28th Expiry. PE holders lease hold the positions for multiple returns. 35000 PE available at 25 and will rocket to 250 by Wed

NSEI 22 Jul 08:21 PM

Monday 17000 nifty spot price touch. then only expect consolidation. enjoy CE holders

KARURVYSYA 22 Jul 08:20 PM

something big going to happen in this stock...huge buying volumes can be seen nowadays..I think it will touch three digits in coming months... Dividend also given by company

JSWSTEEL 22 Jul 08:19 PM

Monday gap down for sure thank God I have shorted 10 lots, atleast 6 percent gap down on Monday.. cheers πŸ₯‚

RELIANCE 22 Jul 08:18 PM

bulls being ignorant ... just the worst miss from estimates ... half of wt was expected .. if nothing like demerger in conference .. u can say God bye to 2500 on monday

HFCL 22 Jul 08:17 PM

target doesnt changes on quarterly results mr. raj. growth is eminent here.

NSEBANK 21 Jul 12:19 PM

Buy 36300 ce Target 150 soon

NSEI 21 Jul 12:17 PM

BNF and NF will come down drastically in an hours thanks to HDFC

HINDZINC 21 Jul 12:17 PM

when will be dividend credited in account

TATASTEEL 21 Jul 12:16 PM

can try to keep invested for 1400 tgt as first one .................

JYOTIRES 21 Jul 12:16 PM

so 2500 tgt is so visible now - can keep invested ...............

QUESS 21 Jul 12:15 PM

just see.....this week only cross 650....

NSEBANK 15 Jul 01:45 PM

buy 34000 PE at 130 to 140 and stop loss is 105 target will be 210 plus

NSEI 15 Jul 01:45 PM

today market will give hint about direction. if closed below 16,000 then think its game over for bulls, if give closing above 16,000 then chances are there market will try for 16,150 once

MRPL 15 Jul 01:44 PM

wind fall tax is ttaken in cabinet today for discussion today. If positive than it will sky in TV.

NAVINFLUOR 15 Jul 01:44 PM

very soon now 3900β‚Ή coming , enjoy, yahoo

CAPPL 15 Jul 01:43 PM

can try to hold it more for 1400 med term tgt ...................

NSEBANK 13 Jul 07:33 AM

minimum 300 points gape down.....and can recover from red to dont be late to book ur profit who has made PE position last evening...

NSEI 13 Jul 07:32 AM

Market run its own but maximum posts are as per own vested interest. Nifty may pass time in between 15,500- to 16,400- for time being.

ITC 13 Jul 07:32 AM

52 week high crossed. As per futures and option data, 303-310 is on cards in a day or two. Buy with huge quantity no risk. In August it may touch 350-380 so

ADANIPOWER 13 Jul 07:31 AM

Adani wants to avoid UC. We need to break into higher circuit limit of 20%. Then we will see the stock at 450

CGPOWER 13 Jul 07:30 AM

dkarthi..EV motor story will be a real trigger as the segment can be a lifetime earner, even exports...TI orders will be a quality certification also..prices may surely gain on more data about future verticals or events..Management had stated that they are exploring various options as part of growth strategy..CG is into growth stage and coming days can be surely eventful..prices can be anything on events/growth aspects...Hope you hold EKI...JV hitting the ground can be a trigger on fundamentals..Nature based..Large investor fancy is another aspect to be watched out..

RUCHI 13 Jul 07:30 AM

Name Changed....Thats sound good now....lets see how much happiness it can add to us.

VIKASPROP 13 Jul 07:29 AM

again i am telling you dont lose your valuable shares in the hand of operators , sooner or later work will start. this is the time to add not sell , rest your wish

RPGLIFE 13 Jul 07:27 AM

not much time left for new high s ................

NSEBANK 06 Jul 03:30 PM

tomorrow bank nifty will be dead call holders wil be dead tomorrow be very caredull

NSEI 06 Jul 03:27 PM

Wow all the way to the highs of 16010... From OTM CALLS it has become an AtM strike for 16K... near closing time.. Target is still intact.. 16 140 that had posted from second half!!

IDEA 06 Jul 03:27 PM

yet again last 10 minutes its going down to eat call premium

SPICEJET 06 Jul 03:26 PM

govt is watching whosoever is doing it

PFS 06 Jul 03:25 PM

Since followed up UC did not happen, it is likely to continue its slippage, even tomorrow.

KIRIINDUS 06 Jul 03:25 PM

paper money trapping is on today with flood of takes minimum 2years or more for this paper money to become real ,again God knows! what happens!!

GOLDTECH 06 Jul 03:24 PM

olectra already has 1500 bus order that they have to deliver first its good for ogl with this they will get extra time to ramp up production New unit having 10000 production facility will functional during mar-apr 2022.So ogl also got enough time to deliver earlier order in Q1 around 140 buses were delivered so results going to be fabulous.18-20% revenue increased compare to previous quarter and more than 100% compare to last year

ORIENTREF 06 Jul 03:23 PM

Ready for 550 Strongly recommend to Buy

PAR 06 Jul 03:22 PM

can try to keep for long term 1050 tgt .......................

NSEBANK 04 Jul 04:44 PM

with closing of banknifty over 34000 today, a strong trend reversal will take banknifty to 35000 tommorow itself

NSEI 04 Jul 04:43 PM

dow jones can sharp downside come 30700support levels break than 30300 levels watch

IONEXCHANG 04 Jul 04:42 PM

Endurance Technologies surges on picking up 51% stake of Maxwell

RELIANCE 04 Jul 04:41 PM

Yes , highly possible to see 5000 in Reliance in the next 2 years . Growing demand for Retail and Jio to bring many benefits

ONGC 04 Jul 04:41 PM

All PSUs systematically bringing down its share price for one Private sector shark to gobble at cheap valuation. Even Reliance was not spared in thus nexus.

SATIN 04 Jul 04:40 PM

Satin should have AUM in excess of 8000 crs. A NIM of 9 percent with operating expenses remaining as usual and NPA in control due to no disruptions will give a yearly net profit beyond 250 crs

TRIDENT 04 Jul 04:40 PM

With the current price its almost overvalued than its peers as per PE ratio. Expect near 20 target soon. Also promoters are selling at this pricepoint means another 30 to 40% dip is highly possible.

IDEA 01 Jul 02:47 PM

as per telecom minister 30june tak dot ko draft taiyar krke dena tha reform 2.0 ka or govt equity transfer ki News kbhi b aa skti h ye month me sb clear ho jayega .... good luck 🀞

PFIZER 01 Jul 02:46 PM

Atul Auto catches speed on reporting over 2-fold jump in June sales

TANLA 01 Jul 02:44 PM

buyed at a level of 1800 before Q3 2021. Still holding. operator game is very high in this share.

OMAXE 01 Jul 02:42 PM


WSTCSTPAPR 01 Jul 02:40 PM

Buy call worked out perfectly with a 20 Rs jump over the past 3 days

BCG 01 Jul 02:40 PM

You need lot of patience in stock market. We need to be fearful when others are greedy. This formula you need to apply in stock market.

NSEBANK 01 Jul 02:36 PM

dow futures recovering fast this will blast tgt 33550

NSEBANK 01 Jul 02:35 PM

ful support at 33400 ..trying for 33500 . .hold ce

NSEI 01 Jul 02:33 PM

Do not take any fresh positions , sell & book Profit , NIFTY will settle at 15500

NSEI 01 Jul 02:32 PM

Waiting for 3PM now for FII candle , if market not fall will sell more puts at 3.15pm

HINDMOTORS 30 Jun 02:06 PM

Don t know on what basis you are saying this . It will be back to single dight by Aug. Mark my words

DEEPINDS 30 Jun 02:06 PM


INDIAMART 30 Jun 02:04 PM

see the target suggested by any of brokerage house . all are above 40% plus ...... all research analysis cant be wrong . little settling phase very soon it be attajnbghe glory . say 4400 with in next week mah touch again to7000 plus up to diwali. have anyone seen the crowd near bh diwali at any of its store . Min. 450 four wheelers and 500 two wheelers are parked and engaged in purchasing at any time . que in billing counter is 20 people x 10 counters Avg any time.....

BCG 30 Jun 02:03 PM

Sellers should go completely dry atleast till 65 - 75 levels as other stocks just lost around 40% - 50% in this crash and BCG investors lost hugely because of a few greedy nayserys who spread 24*7 fake negativity messages in social media about the Management and the Company and the Management took more time to provide proper responses. We only had 3 big issues and 2 of them have been resolved and only 1of it is pending now and the Management has iterated many times on FA that around 40% of their account is audited by one of the big 4 Accounting firms in the world - Ernst & Young. Also most of their revenues comes from Israel and US, two of the most regulated countries in the world. 1. SHP clarification βœ… Wait for few days to see 30% to 40% promoter holdings back in SHP 2. Media Mint Acquisition βœ… crores as Equity and crores as cash paid in Advance. So when share price reaches some decent levels of preferential warrants to Media Mint (65-75) they will pay remaining 200 crores and close this deal ASAP 3. FA outcome awaited 🀞

NSEI 30 Jun 02:02 PM

buy nifty 15900, 15850 very low price...Nifty will atleast give a 170 point move now.

TIMETECHNO 30 Jun 02:02 PM

Bajaj Electricals shines on forming unified lighting business segment

JSWENERGY 30 Jun 02:01 PM

Sell for the trgt of 200 with 218 as stop loss nw one should sell and buy and then again buy and sell

ONGC 30 Jun 02:01 PM

now crude oil 8697 once book full profit here and exit please...

ZOMATO 30 Jun 02:00 PM

it just tried to 66 but came down a little bit, surely rocket hit for Zomato anytime soon, will cross 62 levels

IEX 30 Jun 02:00 PM

The stock has clients of neighborhood countries, stock may bounce

NSEBANK 30 Jun 01:59 PM

sell banknifty spot at cmp mins closing and nifty spot 15901...15 min open deep red...

PNB 30 Jun 01:57 PM

PNB results this quarter are very crucial, if there are no additional bad loans on book and NPAs are within provisions then expectation is PNB making profit of 60k cr, else its not going up

BAJAJHLDNG 30 Jun 01:55 PM

NSIL. chepest holding company. Rs. 16000.Book value. price only rs. 1500.Jsw group. Ten time chepest.. Also KICL. KALYANI GROUP.

20MICRONS 28 Jun 02:43 PM

buy guys shortly it ll in UCs,,very good fundamental s,,,it has the capability to double from here with in short span of time

NSEBANK 28 Jun 02:42 PM

Hold CE strong.. Expecting big news from G7.. which will takes Nifty and Bank Nifty 🟒 🟒 🟒

ONGC 28 Jun 02:42 PM

today crude oil 10/ upward its uc confirm

AVANTEL 28 Jun 02:41 PM

Company sales are growing CAGR of 40% and Net Profit margin of 18%. With this rate, Co can return a Net Profit of 26 Cr in FY23 and an EPS of 16 ( post Bonus equity) and PE of 17 on FY 23 earnings. Scope for share price increase.

SYNCOMF 28 Jun 02:40 PM

I never listen to anyone other than my own study and conviction. I just mocked a fellow who always give free advise on this forum. Good luck to all.

NSEI 28 Jun 02:36 PM

In order to become successful trader , retailers should trade only in btst ... that is gap up and gap down... it doesnt makes sense if you are trading in normal market hours you will not have risk.... nobody will give you marksheet and grades for risk free trades. just bet your money at one particular side and earn in lakhs within months. if you trade in market hours you can never earn a single rupee whole day

PRAKASH 28 Jun 02:34 PM

metal,,,,oil,,,gas,,,,energy,,,,power,,,,,much more diversify portfolio ,,,,,,,,,,BV 157 rs ,,,,,,,,definetly will cross 60 to 75 rs very fast

BAJAJFINSV 28 Jun 02:33 PM

result announced on 28/7/ rally will be start soon..

ZOMATO 28 Jun 02:33 PM

Blinkit with a loss of 6k crores with a turnover of 2k crores will only burn cash.. See zomato a penny stock in next few months.

IDBI 28 Jun 02:32 PM

IDBI bank at rock bottom level. Those who can invest for one year can mint money

CAPLIPOINT 22 Jun 09:32 PM

Can keep invested - better than so many strong ones .................

MRPL 17 Jun 02:13 PM

can try to hold/accumulate - soon may start upmoves again ................

BAJAJHIND 14 Jun 08:05 PM

Can keep invested for 28/30 med term tgt ................................................

CAPLIPOINT 14 Jun 08:05 PM

Safer than many .... can keep invested for four digit lvl........................

INDIAGLYCO 14 Jun 08:04 PM

again we may get 1050 tgt here in few weeks - can hold

JYOTIRES 14 Jun 08:04 PM

can try to keep invested ............... stock split / bonus candidate ..............

CHENNPETRO 14 Jun 08:03 PM

around 250 percent so quickly it has delivered .........can start partial gains booking now on each big rise

MRPL 14 Jun 08:03 PM

Can hold with 88 SL for 160 tgt....................................................

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