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Live_Love_Laugh about info comming soon...



NSEBANK 17 Nov 09:21 PM

correction over now good bounce back expected near term

GLENMARK 17 Nov 09:20 PM

going to break 450 very soon ....will touch 520-530+ any time buy buy GLENMARK

FEDERALBNK 17 Nov 09:18 PM

buy FEDERAL BANK at current levels for immediate target of 140+ next month ..big rally coming very soon

KOTAKBANK 17 Nov 09:16 PM

KOTAK MAHINDRA buy for target 2090+...wait for crossing 1970 only then enter.....more growth will come.

KSCL 02 Sep 06:23 PM

expecting some bounce back on tomorrow...lets see...

CHENNPETRO 02 Sep 06:22 PM

Around 350 to 400 can be seen after the next qtr results. and by year end around 1000 can be seen.

ADANIPORTS 02 Sep 06:22 PM

Buy ADANI PORTS for 1 week Target 887

JPPOWER 02 Sep 06:21 PM

Power sector in lime light. jp Power has aproxx 8000 mega-watt capicity its outstanding loans are 5000 crores aproxx , Relience Power had 21000 crores of loans whereas Adani Power loans are aprox 50000 crores

NSEBANK 02 Sep 06:18 PM

US FED meeting is still nineteen days away. So operator can still play and take Nifty past ATH in coming days, if there are more PE buyers willing every week. Need to respect technical data and plan our trades.

HFCL 02 Sep 06:18 PM

outcome of board meet good news to all hfcl till January end 200 rs ath confirmed: 1 cr warrent then convert in equity after stipulated period at the price of 80 rs = 80 cr , plus 41 lakh warrent also at 80 rs = 33 cr ( 80 33=113 cr ) plus 650 cr fund raising from private placement means more qualified institutional investors ( qip) will invest in hfcl for 5 g in both domestic and global market

NSEI 02 Sep 06:17 PM

US employment data is good and as usual DOW FUT is now up 200 points, and eventually it may end flat or marginally negative.

NSEI 30 Aug 11:46 AM

At 10.50 am. PE additions around 530k lots and CEs almost NIL. Nifty can remain super strong in plus hundred fifty to plus two hundred fifty points range.

TATAELXSI 30 Aug 11:45 AM

this has given minus five percent returns this month. hence lot of catching up to do. cheers

MSUMI 30 Aug 11:45 AM

MSwiring shows huge promise. 64/- in April 2022 and racing towards 100/- by end of 2022. People with conviction and patience will get handsome rewards.

IDEA 30 Aug 11:43 AM

Sources becoming active again looks like goi wake up after jiio 2 lac Cr investment carrot.

IGARASHI 30 Aug 11:42 AM

Jai shree Ganesh . Resistance 380.Closing near 380. may be touch 401/405...Stop Loss compulsory

SCI 29 Aug 06:37 PM

Value of this SCI is atleast no less than 700 Rs/share as a Continuing PSU. Dont heed to misleader and impatient investors who are gam blers. I will add more SCI whenever I save more money for equities.

BAJAJHIND 29 Aug 06:36 PM


MSTCLTD 29 Aug 06:34 PM

Very Strong momentum. Keep accumulating for a target price of Rs.360/-

MEGH 29 Aug 06:33 PM

People thinks it will double easily but reality is its operator always sell it down from 130 levels to 115 levels and this game is on from many months, for investors there is no hope but if you can trade like its operator then you can make money.

RELIANCE 29 Aug 06:31 PM

RIL : Ril Says Will update Shareholders About JIO , Ril Retail IPO in Speech Next Year

COCHINSHIP 29 Aug 06:00 PM

Expected to boom again after the visit of PM . Big news expected by this weekend

NSEI 25 Aug 06:48 PM

just check option chain Bank Nifty there is huge put writing at 40k .. who else will have so much guts to write at that level.. its approx equal to the call writing at that level.. I am a bit worried if they will again change positions to be buyers and indeed take indexs to ATH as people say.. I really dont believe if they have good investing sense they will do it but never know.. even they closed all their Longs of the big rally and carry forwarded near 58% shorts for September.. so really dont know who is the big player so confident and bullish in indexes.

PTCIL 25 Aug 06:47 PM

Right allotted shares are there in demat with temporary isin awaiting listing approval . broker will have it in trading app only after listing .

RECLTD 25 Aug 06:46 PM

Bonus shares can be traded from 26 August as exchanges have given listing approval .

BAJAJFINSV 25 Aug 06:45 PM

4 August to 2 September is period when postal ballot /e-voting is on for approval of split and bonus . RECORD DATE will a date after approval of postal ballot . it can be announced any time before or after Postal ballot closer .

PEL 25 Aug 06:45 PM

i do not do FnO but my understanding is ...all open position of FnO will auto expire eod 29 August . fresh strike price will be developed on 30 August based on discovered price in cash of the truncated PEL .

GOLDCORP 25 Aug 06:44 PM

Discovered price of 200 is accepted by promoters . with shares at or below 200 numbered 10 lac 4102 promoters now hold 91.81% .

YESBANK 24 Aug 05:17 PM

stock may see a dip to 15-15.5 before touching 20

JUBLINDS 24 Aug 05:16 PM

Fertilizer will drag profits in Q2 due to high price rock phosphate, costly dollar and drought in UP and Bihar. Buy only on dips.

CHENNPETRO 24 Aug 05:15 PM

Iran s Return Would Fill a Russia-Shaped Hole in Oil Supplies

IDEA 24 Aug 05:14 PM

tomorrow around 10, if cross 10.15, next series target 12 for sure, today huge volumes

NSEI 24 Aug 05:13 PM

Think youre viewing it on Tradingview theyve moved to September futures, rest of the platforms its still August futures... 17610 or thereabouts.

TCS 24 Aug 05:04 PM

Stocks can move from zero to infinity but not in a straight line, the downside is capped not the upside.

ADANIPORTS 22 Aug 05:14 PM


WIPRO 22 Aug 05:13 PM

WIPRO is a very good fundamental stock....may give u 20-30% in long term for sure.

TECHM 22 Aug 05:12 PM

TECH MAHINDRA technical charts are very bullish....will cross 1300+ very

SRTRANSFIN 22 Aug 05:11 PM

The weekly momentum indicator has triggered a bullish crossover. However the RSI factor should be considered to analyse the entry point

NSEI 22 Aug 05:10 PM

I think todays fall in Nifty is limited to some extent due to the consolidation in Reliance. If Reliance too fallen today badly. them nifty might have tested 17300 today itself. Tomorrow may be its turn and Nifty may kiss 17200 down side of Dow also fall tonight more than 500 points.

IOC 22 Aug 05:07 PM

IOC climbs on getting nod for capacity expansion of Digboi Refinery in Assam

BANKBARODA 19 Aug 05:41 PM

banking stock looking week but after some time grow up fastly keep your eyes..

ULTRACEMCO 19 Aug 05:40 PM

Opportunity to Buy : Its temporary situation... Bounce back will see ....

ADANIPOWER 19 Aug 05:38 PM

If you have bought at any level (100s, 200s, 300s), then simply HOLD! Allow this stock to go up & down. Sell later .. when you need the money

IRCTC 19 Aug 05:36 PM

super finish of 2.35% up whrn nifty 198 points dien. goodluck fir 800

EMBASSY 19 Aug 05:35 PM

interesting stock to buy lovely balance sheet more of conservative stock to hold dont know its a correct to buy at this price

RAMASTEEL 18 Aug 01:47 PM


CLEAN 18 Aug 01:45 PM

it will try to take 1770₹ again, so hold

NSEI 18 Aug 01:44 PM

17900 nifty 1.6 crore calls written. 17900 nifty 1 crore puts written. difficult to see any big movement

GREAVESCOT 18 Aug 01:43 PM

actual value of this should not be more than 100 rupee !! rest its market where Garbage can also fly and Planes can drown !!

ADANIPOWER 18 Aug 01:42 PM

Adani power 5% up again,new highss,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

SHARDACROP 18 Aug 01:42 PM

Dont worry, it will cross its ATH also... But will take some time. Patience is virtue. This is a great company.

TTML 18 Aug 01:41 PM

What will you get from a stock with negative book value.

TATAELXSI 16 Aug 06:03 PM

buy before bonus,After bonus it will shoot like anything

HINDALCO 16 Aug 06:02 PM


TATAMOTORS 16 Aug 06:01 PM

BUY TATA MOTORS 489 SL 485 TARGET 495/500,

NAVKARCORP 16 Aug 06:00 PM

After this sale Navkar will become 100

HINDUNILVR 16 Aug 05:59 PM

Looks like upward trend just started after hitting rock bottom. Fundamentals are far better than many companies trading on exchanges. Buy now and wait 12 months for at least 3 times returns. Current price is 90% discount.

ZENSARTECH 16 Aug 05:58 PM

Zensar and Biocon are one of the safest and best kinds of sure shot high yielding stocks at the moment. Both available at attractive price range

SUNFLAG 13 Aug 01:42 PM

M Cap is 1,500 crore. Award received is 1,200. Price will adjust accordingly over time.

TATACHEM 13 Aug 01:41 PM


RPPINFRA 13 Aug 01:40 PM

Results are positive as compared to previous quarters and borrowing has been decreased. pledged shares are increased by 6% but it is not that company is fraud but it is a type of investment by organization. it is slow but definitely hold for 6 months and it will be around 55-60.

NSEBANK 10 Aug 03:29 PM

banknifty strong expiry alert rocks alerted above 38000 next touch 38800 day high 38400 tomorrow 38000 act as important levels if hold close above 38500 otherwise break attempt 37800 all are spot levels dont buy option rather than future trading with strictly stoploss government operator loots options premium erosion only avoid options buying power of technical analysis rocks again

JPPOWER 10 Aug 03:28 PM


TRIDENT 10 Aug 03:27 PM

today only a diy assumption for everyone that result is bad then it will down 2 days it will br slow move PLUSER side....

GODREJPROP 10 Aug 03:25 PM

Exit Godrej Properties and buy DLF for a target of 415

SAIL 10 Aug 03:23 PM

Downside expected in SAIL tomorrow consequent to poor results. 75 to 76 is a good level to buy.

TTML 10 Aug 03:22 PM

TTML joining hands with Airtel. Announced soon..

NHPC 10 Aug 03:21 PM

next week price above 37/. generally price comes down on results declaration.. todays law will not be touched in next 10 days..

SUBEXLTD 08 Aug 05:10 PM

result is good from qoq,5x jump in profit, this quarter people were expecting to declare loss. business is getting stablized, JIO deal will add more revenues and market cap will double soon. we can expect 70 before next quarter result.

BHARTIARTL 08 Aug 05:07 PM

Very Good Result ! It will move up by this week end at 780.

CGVAK 08 Aug 05:07 PM

New life time high with volume. Results not far away. expecting fast journey to 400 and then 500 525.

RENUKA 08 Aug 05:05 PM

Karnataka Government Approves ethanol Investments for 18 Projects amounting 34,433 Crore including Renuka Sugar (775cr)

INDHOTEL 08 Aug 05:01 PM

Outstanding results ! good luck to all investors Likely to open 7-8% gap up

ACE 05 Aug 04:24 PM

After QIP issue 245 the stock has gone to touch 291.75. p ease remember once again

NMDC 05 Aug 04:23 PM

NMDC Large Trade | 1.7 crore Shares (0.6% Equity) worth ₹192 crore change hands at ₹111.35/share

ACRYSIL 05 Aug 04:22 PM

Acrysil company has increased its delar network from 1500 to 1880, company planning to reach 3000 delar network by 2023.

HSCL 05 Aug 04:21 PM

target 190 in 2022 and 240-280 by 2023.

GAIL 05 Aug 04:18 PM

Board of Directors recommend Bonus on its meeting held on 27th July, now it will be passes first by shareholders in AGM. Then company declare the record date for eligible shareholders, and exchanges declare the ex bonus date. At present GAI... 

GTLINFRA 05 Aug 04:17 PM

buy with a target of 2.5, 3.0 within next few sessions

NSEI 04 Aug 11:17 PM

Market might open 70 -ve tomorrow and then go bullish above 17400 till 500 n may be then fall again like today if it fails retest at 400.... just my guess... other factors matter too... #happytading

SUBEXLTD 04 Aug 11:15 PM

Great chance again, to big deal with adani group for subex hypersens analytics software for their private 5G usecases.

LICHSGFIN 04 Aug 11:14 PM

one should not expect share to be lower than 520 soon. this is the price at which LIC raised its equity. a multiple of 8 on rs 16 quarterly eps. Tomorrow i expect it at 410 in first half

DEEPAKFERT 04 Aug 11:12 PM

Ammonia expansion will make this share to reach new high. 1200 soon. its started reflecting in the results. start enjoying the profits

BHARATFORG 04 Aug 11:09 PM


KALPATPOWR 04 Aug 11:06 PM

Not a good result profit declined from rs. 115 cr. to 88 cr. from march qut. Eps only 5.43 for june

TATAPOWER 04 Aug 11:04 PM


BIOCON 03 Aug 12:35 PM

Domestic pharma firms capable of producing anti-retrovirals and anti-virals are preparing plans to produce anti-virals and other drugs that may be effective against monkeypox, according to industry analysts.

JKTYRE 03 Aug 12:34 PM

if its cross 135 ...the target will be 165 in 15 days ...

RENUKA 03 Aug 12:33 PM

how frp increase 15 per quintal is positive for srs positive for farmers not for sugar mills first understand bro

NSEI 03 Aug 12:32 PM

market may recover in the second half as US futures are in positive territory.

SRTRANSFIN 03 Aug 12:30 PM

Shriram Transport Finance Company inches up on planning to raise funds

BASF 03 Aug 12:27 PM

Bumper results in the offing for sure. Patience will reward handsomely in this!

ADANIPORTS 03 Aug 12:25 PM

Opportunity to Buy : Its temporary situation... Bounce back will see ....

NSEI 02 Aug 02:10 PM

as told nifty will rise , support given by bank sector, nifty can touch 17350 eod

TVSMOTOR 02 Aug 02:07 PM

Impressive movement of this hopefully it maintains its upward trend

MISHTANN 02 Aug 02:06 PM

all negative news. Its financial performance was very good in last quarter. But, it has gone down in the market. Now, this news

AUROPHARMA 02 Aug 02:05 PM

Our group today 18% Equity want to Buy from upper circuit 613 in Aurobindo Pharma Limited Today.  

M&M 02 Aug 02:04 PM

Buy M&M for huge returns as auto sector chip shortage issue is 95% resolved now.. Maruti Statement today

ZOMATO 02 Aug 02:04 PM

when the zomato was 40 then technically it has to cross 50 for the strength and now today crossed 50 with Strong volumes and finally some strength has been seen in the counter and possible tgts can be now 70 but have a strict SL.

NSEI 01 Aug 04:51 PM

Unbelievable runup , must faster than last runup till 18300 almost 1/3 rd time , fundamentally things are very bad its pure manipulation but I follow the market whichever way it goes.

KCLINFRA 01 Aug 04:50 PM

Perhaps this is biggest ever RIGHTS RATIO .......9 share on 1 share

PRESTIGE 01 Aug 04:49 PM

Prestige Estates Projects moves up on acquiring 10% stake in Prestige Sterling Infraprojects

TEJASNET 01 Aug 04:47 PM

Tejas Networks shines on getting Rs 298 crore optical network contract

BEL 01 Aug 04:46 PM

Board meeting on Thursday to decide on BONUS allotment. 300 on cards.

IRCTC 01 Aug 04:45 PM

IRCTC rises on launching 8-day trip package to Rajasthan

PETRONET 01 Aug 04:45 PM

Godrej Properties trades higher on acquiring land parcel to develop luxury project in Mumbai

TTML 28 Jul 02:48 PM

TTML moved to A group. TTML is best share to hold for next 5 years. This is digital stock from TATA, getting revived.

IBULHSGFIN 28 Jul 02:47 PM

Dividend possible of Rs. 15-20/- this quarter minimum target of Rs. 145 within 1 month

GENESYS 28 Jul 02:44 PM

Great time to buy genesys will touch a new 52 week high. Next 18 months positive with Google partnership and new geospatial policy.

DAAWAT 28 Jul 02:43 PM

Please check previous quarters trend, company result Good quarter by quarter but after result share price fall. no issue wait and watch tomorrow.

ONGC 28 Jul 02:41 PM

Crude 2% up again after yesterday 3%up, GRM at 18 usd ...

HDFCLIFE 28 Jul 02:39 PM

it might go to 545-547 and again reverse back from there i guess

NSEI 28 Jul 02:38 PM

Next week options indicate PE additions at 210k lots and CEs at 70k lots. Nearest premium is around 135rupees which is less than normal.

TATAPOWER 28 Jul 02:37 PM

Buy TATA Power. It is in the oversold territory zone

SEYAIND 27 Jul 10:10 PM

the company should solve the matter as soin as possible .dragging it too long will mean loss of reputation.

JINDALSTEL 27 Jul 10:08 PM

Huge upside potential. Good fundamentals and is currently trading at more than reasonable PRICE.

BHARTIARTL 27 Jul 10:01 PM

tomorrow opening at 690 followed by 695 and day high of 700

NSEI 27 Jul 10:00 PM

Statement by federal reserve officials - they misread the inflation. Lol its time for correction

HINDUNILVR 27 Jul 09:57 PM

This stock is expected to stay on the upward trajectory from a short to medium-term perspective

TVSMOTOR 27 Jul 09:55 PM


NSEI 26 Jul 04:45 PM

I still see 16600 by expiry. Its been bears day from last 2 days. Bulls can come back strongly. Thats my analysis. Rest you all should do your own analysis before making any decision.

TANLA 26 Jul 04:42 PM

Rs.650 support by at these level

TATASTEEL 26 Jul 04:39 PM

100 shares purchased on 27 July will be 1000 share son 28 July .....SPLIT is always in continues trade .

TATAPOWER 26 Jul 04:31 PM


JUBLFOOD 26 Jul 04:29 PM

looking weak in short term... can avoid till a clear breakout is indicated in charts

TATAPOWER 26 Jul 04:24 PM

worst result, see margin..profit is up due to equity joint venture..may down 6 to 8%

DEEPAKNTR 26 Jul 04:12 PM

Chemicals coming back into limelight . Some companies with average Q1 numbers doing well when 10 to 15% correction was possible . Feels like sector rotation is going to happen and chemicals are ready for new rally .

COALINDIA 26 Jul 04:11 PM

coal India successfully closed above 200 in two consecutive days in an otherwise weak market. it will swiftly move towards 220 with in a week. keep watch it.

BALRAMCHIN 19 Jul 06:26 PM

Rising Investor Participation : Delivery Vol of 3.99 lacs on 18 Jul has risen by 6.1% against 5-day avg delivery vol

HINDUNILVR 19 Jul 06:25 PM

Excellent result posted. Beyond analysts expectation. Visit BSE site for result update.

IRCTC 19 Jul 06:20 PM


NSEBANK 19 Jul 06:18 PM

Now this is called systematic deal.. Fiis buying and Diis selling.. Today as on 19th/July/2022 Fiis bought shares worth Rs 976 Crores while DII Sold shares worth Rs 100 crores respectively!!

NSEI 19 Jul 06:17 PM

after so many days good amount buying by FII 900crore plus . due to this data mkt sentiment will positive and look like gap up opening

NSEI 18 Jul 12:39 PM

markets may fall from here keep a tab Russia ear update

NSEBANK 18 Jul 12:37 PM

35300 is on Cards nothing will go down today, start of strong UP trend

TATAMOTORS 18 Jul 12:36 PM

over priced may be bearish at any time sell it.

ORISSAMINE 18 Jul 12:33 PM

omdc approval received from orrisa govt,buy in bulk and hold

NAUKRI 18 Jul 12:32 PM

book proffit and sell for intraday target 3870

JSWSTEEL 18 Jul 12:30 PM

excellent result of jsw will push the steel share prices up 5 percent as it has corrected a lot

INDUSINDBK 13 Jul 03:19 PM

ED to enquire indusind bank. tomorrow more downfall.

CONCOR 13 Jul 03:17 PM

Container Corp: Dont sale a single share before privatisation. Target 1100 /1200

IOC 13 Jul 03:13 PM

Dividend yield working out to 16 % as per moneycontrol

PANTH 13 Jul 03:05 PM

when marker will rise this will fall badly.dont be blind

INFY 13 Jul 03:04 PM

JEffries has reiterated its Buy rating on the IT stock with revised target price of 1,830 per share.

INFY 13 Jul 03:03 PM

JEffries has reiterated its Buy rating on the IT stock with revised target price of ₹1,830 per share.

NSEBANK 12 Jul 09:13 AM

more than 1000 points down alert today bank nifty be 🔴 very very carefull on bank nifty

EICHERMOT 12 Jul 09:12 AM

Buy Eicher Motors, target price Rs 3340

TCS 12 Jul 09:03 AM

3200 target intact dnt sell current price nothing wrong with this company

ATGL 12 Jul 09:00 AM

Atgl enter into uncharted territory now 2775. is important level break and trade above can open new range upto 2839. 2880. 2910. down side possible up to 2670. 2640. 2605.

ARIES 12 Jul 08:59 AM

multibagger of the future, I value it at 5x in next 12 to 18 months

MOLDTKPAC 12 Jul 08:58 AM

TARGET 1000 THIS YEAR. New TITAN in Making. Whole India is its market.

NSEI 12 Jul 08:57 AM

SGX indicating 131pts negative open, and Nifty may go in that direction as there is every opportunity to short on rise in this market. Nifty may dip to 16 037 and worse case scenario 15 995 levels.

COALINDIA 11 Jul 02:37 PM

Coal India capex up 65% new block for mining open today higher ever dispatch in Q1 23 report this week buy coal india limited immediately at current time Current level Target Rs 204 in this week 💯

JPPOWER 11 Jul 02:31 PM

Quick Run in Vodafone, JPPower, Future Consumer

EICHERMOT 11 Jul 02:28 PM

Eicher motor is my top pick in auto sector, I have 4000 plus targets for Eicher!

JSWSTEEL 11 Jul 02:26 PM

Buy JSW Steel as BTST for targets of 600-625-630

KHAICHEM 11 Jul 02:24 PM

They do reflect in that front, you are right. We can confirm by checking notes to accounts in upcoming financial statements theyll show it in income statements.

NSEI 11 Jul 02:22 PM

dont go against the trend ....huge buying happening form lower levels in intraday that itself shows how bullish is index...

IDEA 11 Jul 02:20 PM

Vi is going placing above and above its recent bottom.

SBIN 10 Jul 01:22 PM

SBI is an investment idea as at 450-570 very valuable stock and should be in core portfolio for 650 targets.! Happy Investing!

AURUM 10 Jul 01:19 PM

Long term investors should start buying here in SIP mode

ELECTCAST 10 Jul 01:12 PM

looks like FII started buying Electrosteel again, as of now delivery percentage is above 75.

CREATIVEYE 10 Jul 01:08 PM

Guys check out Creative Eye l. It has posted very good results and anytime soon it will declare a good dividend and bonus.

RENUKA 10 Jul 01:05 PM

Next week SRS will cross Rs 51/-. But not hopeful to cross Rs 54/-. Long-term investment is advisable.

INDIANACRY 10 Jul 01:01 PM

Indian Acrylics as always made good wealth for its long term investors. Another stock which is making multibagger returns for its investors is Creative Eye ltd.

IEX 09 Jul 03:46 PM

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund IEX Acquisition of Shares 7.14%

IRFC 09 Jul 03:45 PM

₹15 to ₹14 level possible based on the chart pattern

SCANDENT 09 Jul 03:42 PM

Eagerly waiting to see results

NSEI 09 Jul 03:41 PM

Dont make any trade first hour on Monday watch India Vix , if it goes below 18 and sustains then slow upmove will continue but if it starts going up close to 20 then sudden big downside may come anytime .

SAIL 09 Jul 03:38 PM

RR ration favorable 10:100 in steel n iron ore counters .... Happy Investing !!!

DMART 09 Jul 03:36 PM

Avenue Supermarts Q1 profit jumps 6-fold to Rs 680 crore as revenue spikes

CUB 08 Jul 10:57 AM

What We told happen now this may move 160 levels in this series Sit Tight and add on dips

HINDUNILVR 08 Jul 10:55 AM

HUL will come down to below 2400 levels due to results. Results will be hampered due to inflation.

ADANIPORTS 08 Jul 10:51 AM

Adani ports is going to make huge profits in coming days compare to others Adani group portfolio

DATAPATTNS 08 Jul 10:49 AM

On daily basis delivery increasing keeping tgt 1200 in mind soon

NSEI 08 Jul 10:32 AM

Nifty may correct a bit before continuing upmove

AMBUJACEM 08 Jul 10:24 AM

In the past more than two months, Ambuja Cements is trading within a very narrow range and has formed a symmetrical triangle formation on the daily time frame.

RELINFRA 08 Jul 10:23 AM

Dont give hope to the innocent people , operators are just playing , promoters are begger , helpless ...rediculous

RELIANCE 07 Jul 06:53 PM

Reliance Industries Q1 PAT seen up 138.2% YoY to Rs. 20,469.6 cr: Prabhudas Lilladher. Net Sales are expected to increase by 81.6 percent Y-o-Y (up 22.7 percent Q-o-Q) to Rs. 1,64,441.7 crore, according to Prabhudas Lilladher.

PARAGMILK 07 Jul 06:52 PM

68% contribution from value added products that is higher margins than other dairy companies.

ROHLTD 07 Jul 06:51 PM

Stock closes high since 13th April 2022. Miles to go !!

ONGC 07 Jul 06:48 PM

now ng 464 book another 5 lot pro fit now here... now side ng all work done....

BALRAMCHIN 07 Jul 06:44 PM

Highly speculative stock, volume increased 100 % today. Stock is good long term bet and darling of FIIs

SAIL 07 Jul 06:43 PM

Foreign investors increased their holding in Sail .... Happy Investing !!!!

PROFINC 07 Jul 06:39 PM

Profin capital services share buy target Rs 18 confirm big postive results declared soon so buy hurry up....

TCS 06 Jul 06:12 PM

promoter company . never gives return to shareholders..

REDINGTON 06 Jul 06:09 PM

looking gud for long term buy on any dip and hold for more

ULTRACEMCO 06 Jul 06:08 PM

cement sector looking good you can buy on any dip.

RELIANCE 06 Jul 06:06 PM

Europe market is falling big trap exit early and save ur money..

HDFCBANK 06 Jul 06:04 PM

banking stock looking week but after some time grow up fastly keep your eyes..

FSL 06 Jul 06:03 PM

The government stops the speed, there is any effect of tax because profit is much more than taxes. Only operators try to pull all shares rather than direct 150 non-stop. It may be 60 in coming sessions.

SAIL 05 Jul 10:24 AM

Once nfty metal index crosses 4800 strong rally can be seen in Sail n Vedanta.... Happy Investing !!!!

GLAND 05 Jul 10:22 AM

EBITDA margins were impacted by the changes in geographic mix, and higher logistic and utilities cost.

IDEA 05 Jul 10:21 AM

atleast 60% upside till mid of Aug 2022....Cheers

PSPPROJECT 05 Jul 10:18 AM

the company is valued at 10.5x FY24E EPS to arrive at the target price of Rs 665/share, implying an upside potential of 26% from the current levels.

KIRIINDUS 05 Jul 10:16 AM

promoters themselves selling in market, they know court case is already time pass and using it to distribute as many as possible along with FPI insiders.

TATAMOTORS 05 Jul 10:14 AM

Fundamentally its a very strong stock , all divisions are firing, buy and keep it for posterity

BALKRISIND 05 Jul 10:14 AM

Buy intraday Cash Balkrishnaind above 2203 Tgt 2215-2230-2250 Sl below 2193

HINDUNILVR 04 Jul 09:58 PM


FEDERALBNK 04 Jul 09:56 PM

buy FEDERAL BANK at current levels for immediate target of 110+ next month ..big rally coming very soon

TATASTEEL 04 Jul 09:56 PM

Record date is July 13th. Hold or Buy more before split

JKPAPER 04 Jul 09:54 PM

only paper company whose target is 4 company..

LTTS 04 Jul 09:53 PM

LTTS professional team of wealth mentors already indepth anlaysis of balance sheet top AND bottom very good

TITAN 04 Jul 09:51 PM


TCS 04 Jul 09:48 PM

3350 tgt 1 , 3400 tgt2 , tgt 3 3500. shorts have full liberty to cover short. positive news spread on money control

COMPINFO 04 Jul 09:40 PM

Very in cheap price. Valuation Very Attractive. Can buy in this rate for Target 26in short Term.

EASEMYTRIP 01 Jul 06:47 PM


MARUTI 01 Jul 06:46 PM

The weekly momentum indicator has triggered a bullish crossover. However the RSI factor should be considered to analyse the entry point.

HDFCBANK 01 Jul 06:42 PM

When you relax you let go of resistance, and you re in harmony with the Universe and the law of attraction. Relax and live in the moment.

COALINDIA 01 Jul 06:40 PM


RELIANCE 01 Jul 06:38 PM

In Reliance share price, Petroleum value is around 350/-. 50% is exempt for SEZ and balance 50% old Refinery falls in export. Rs. 200/- fall in share is too much . Monday Recovery is must !!!!!

DIVISLAB 01 Jul 06:36 PM

the best in the segment. investor friendly..Never regret the investors

SBIN 01 Jul 06:33 PM

Saturate the magic of gratitude into your passions, encounters, actions, and life situations to make all your dreams come true.

NATCAPSUQ 01 Jul 05:41 PM

This new quarter onwards, this company profits will be increased over 50 % , they have black mail led customers either to return loans or interest increased by 50% . 7 P . A increased to 11%. RBI IS SLEEPING. So next quarter results will be very good. Buy for 1500 for 2 quarter.

MUTHOOTFIN 01 Jul 05:35 PM

This new quarter onwards, this company profits will be increased over 50 % , they have black mail led customers either to return loans or interest increased by 50% . 7 P . A increased to 11%. RBI IS SLEEPING. So next quarter results will be very good. Buy for 1500 for 2 quarter.

TRIDENT 30 Jun 01:33 PM

full week will get over but it wont close above 40

TATAPOWER 30 Jun 01:30 PM

Results should be out by the end of July. It will be a blockbuster. Share price will cross 300. Buy in ship loads. Buy buy buy.

MOREPENLAB 30 Jun 01:27 PM

Get ready for UC any monent it may spike on the upside, just heard some very positive news in Pharma stocks.

SALASAR 30 Jun 01:26 PM

more accumulated by investors and there is chance to cross 55 near by one month

CHENNPETRO 30 Jun 01:24 PM

just like team csk high potential but drowning is confirmed will continue to be volatile thanks to bookies

MARUTI 30 Jun 01:23 PM

New Breeza ex showroom price 7.99 lacs. This is very competitive. Hold.

EKI 30 Jun 01:22 PM

last trading day in SME 1 July which will be cum bonus . listing as EX bonus from 4 July at BSE main n board .

CHEMCRUX 30 Jun 01:21 PM

My observation for today indicates that someone is trying to keep the price at lower circuit. May be he is trying to accumulate shares by this zig zag. However this is my learning and I am just a beginner. Please think yourself and act accordingly.

PFC 30 Jun 01:20 PM

REC will declare bonus today. Most benificial of this BONUS is PFC as PFC hold REC 52.63% as promoter. Government of INdia has sold all its holding to PFC. Of this BONUS PFC will became the stronger hence ionvestor can think of investing in PFC.

TATASTEEL 30 Jun 01:19 PM

Did any one receive dividend

RELINFRA 30 Jun 01:18 PM

be ready guys if we lucky we get chance to grab shares next week .. i think some dirty game is going on share price ke leke .. use this chance to grab at lower level

BSLGOLDETF 29 Jun 06:04 PM

dividend on july 14 ex date

ZOMATO 29 Jun 05:58 PM

this is bhangar stock.. better keep away from this... every rise is may get lucky and get good profit once but 99% bhangar stock didnt perform

CHENNPETRO 29 Jun 05:56 PM

350 will be coming tomorrow sure .... crude at its best

WOCKPHARMA 29 Jun 05:54 PM

Today delivery % on NSE is 51.84%. After a long time delivery % has crossed 50%.

RELINFRA 29 Jun 05:53 PM

once Promoters official stake becomes majority most probably dividend declaration would also happen. Considering low equity, dividend can be declared easily.....Looking at that perspective an investment at current price is worth....

IOC 29 Jun 05:52 PM

MRPL is subsidiary of ONGC, and can get more crude then earlier.Good decisions for oil sectors.

PARVATI 29 Jun 05:50 PM


MRPL 29 Jun 05:50 PM

Indias cabinet has approved a proposal which will allow upstream oil companies to sell crude oil to any company in the domestic market, a move that will boost the exploration and production sector

YESBANK 29 Jun 05:49 PM

fantastic consolidation in yes bank in last one month...upside breakout expected anytime ..long term investors can always chill and enjoy monsoon

ONGC 29 Jun 05:48 PM

16 crores volumes is very high . today bulk deals happened .. tommarow 160 rps for sure .chart is looking bullish ....hold it tight ..... all the best ongcians..

SYNCOMF 28 Jun 06:27 PM

Syncom formulation board approves listing of shares on NSE

JISLDVREQS 28 Jun 06:25 PM

Will cross 50 in short term, hopefully all good things will come together after a long consolidated time frame. Good time to enter now

GLOBAL 28 Jun 06:24 PM

Expectation high with Global to touch 150 point very soon. So exciting.

RENUKA 28 Jun 06:21 PM

Let opretor do time pass buy once close abv 57.2 closing till then trade stock is gd must keep small qty and stay invested long

CHENFERRO 28 Jun 06:20 PM

8000 target right now seems unrealistic if Chennai ferrous progress continue quarter by quarter then it will give good returns let see where it goes

BHARTIARTL 28 Jun 06:15 PM

last 5 days trading shows something is going on in this counter... investments, 5G etc... might touch 750 in July series once break 686-692 levels

JSWSTEEL 28 Jun 10:27 AM

JSW Steel showing little bit lower ticks due to impact of weak global clues