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NSEI 07 Jul 03:37 PM

Another wonderful trading day... Strong Nifty back again

NSEI 07 Jul 07:16 AM

Another boring and volatile day ahead.... Nifty around 16k is most risky

NSEI 06 Jul 09:57 AM

avoid long at the moment till next 2 hrs it will consolidate b

NSEI 06 Jul 09:57 AM

solid rejections of lower levels buy the dips market

NSEI 06 Jul 09:55 AM

In last 15 mins many option buyers lost half of their Capitol. both side stoploss in minutes

NSEI 06 Jul 09:55 AM

Just hitting stop loss on both sides.. for retail players its impossible to make trade today till now,

NSEI 05 Jul 12:44 PM

Neha mam, Brijesh Bhai....what's your view now ... Bulls are back??

NSEI 05 Jul 12:43 PM

Why are you in dreams to crash nifty.... Now it's all way up

NSEI 05 Jul 11:37 AM

Uup up and up .. as told yesterday .

NSEI 04 Jul 09:05 PM

I still think market will go up to orrow.... 16000 in cards

NSEI 04 Jul 05:54 PM

Today 15800 was breached where most volume was present. Next target 16300 levels in next 10 days.

NSEI 04 Jul 05:53 PM

I am seejng quite a few guys eithwr praise someone or abuse them...first it was brojesh when nifty did not close abofe 15800 twice and now stay safe...if you idiots cannot trade and have to blindly rely on somebody elses trading ideas...then handover your money...bcos j will lose it anyways...use your brains and your wallets to trade...if you cannot take the heat in the kitchen get out of it...but for heavens sake , your competence is not an excuse to abuse another person...yes, j am short the mkt and j lost koney j had to put jn more hedges.. am not happy abtnit...but i am not abusjng anyone either...if you want yo play the game, then stick to the rulrs..if you want to gamble, then just walk blindfolded on the road!

HDFCBANK 03 Jul 01:23 PM

HDFC LTD credited dividend and HDFC Bank automatically debited same amount after 2 hrs. Is anyone seeing such related transaction in HDFC dividend with HDFC Bank account?

HDFCBANK 03 Jul 01:23 PM

HDFC LTD credited dividend and HDFC Bank automatically debited same amount after 2 hrs. Is anyone seeing such related transaction in HDFC dividend with HDFC Bank account?

IDFCFIRSTB 03 Jul 01:23 PM

Friends. I am a long term invester in idfcb. I want to keep invested for another minimum 6 to 8 years. I suggest all the long term investors like me to open an account, keep deposits, transfer your loans and take credit card from idfcb and also make your friends, family, collegues and neighbours to do that. Considering lakhs of shareholders Surely it will have a ripple effect on growth of bank. I have started doing this.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:50 AM

Option key 14 : SBI deposits give you six percent yield for a full year. If you get anything above twenty percent in few hours or a day, pls book out. Most option buyers see Notional profits, and ACTUAL loss. being greedy traps you.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:49 AM

Option key FRIDAY thirteen : Never make your option buying decision based on other tips or messages in this forum without your own homework. Your success ratio will go up.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:49 AM

Option key twelve : Never buy PEs or CEs regularly. Never buy more than one or two lots at any time. Ninety nine percent of the times you will lose money. Go for combo shorts or combo longs after thorough homework on your OWN.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:45 AM

Option key 10: Whenever you buy any CE or PE, always decide on the stop loss level , say around thirty to forty percent of your investment value, and exit without fail.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:45 AM

Option key 9 : If you find PE price going up beyond YDAY by ten percent approx. with rise in OI, and simultaneously you see CE price going down at least ten percent with rise in OI. then you can consider short position. preferably combo short. with wider stop loss

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:44 AM

Option key 8 : Simultaneously check the 2300PE which closed at fifty seven with VWAP of 54. On MON this price has to go below fifty rupees, and with rise in OI. which indicates strength.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:44 AM

Option key 7 : 2500CE VWAP is sixty four and closed at fifty nine. First it has to go to AT LEAST SIXTY SIX , along with unwinding in OI. This is first step to consider buying the CE. NOT TO BUY. BUT TO REVIEW THE NEXT STEP ALSO.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:44 AM

Option key 6 : RIL fell over three percent on FRI. So MON could mostly see it opening at least slightly negative. VWAP is 2434. CMP is 2406 i.e., twenty eight rupees buffer available for operator to show false rise and trap retailers into buying more CEs.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:43 AM

Option key 5: You should never be with majority. Any option you want to buy, pls check the option chain. If that side IS IN MAJORITY , then AVOID buyiing.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:43 AM

option key 4: Operator also should have bought most of the PEs on FRI. Identifying that is relatively easy. He will be doing this only few days in a month. you will see BOTH OIs AND PRICE going UP.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:43 AM

Option key 3 : Given huge gains and positive news flows, RIL saw mad CE buying YDAY right from morning when it opened nearly three percent down. Till EOD CEs added over fifty k lots with over fifty percent drop in price.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:43 AM

Option key 2 : Operator would have accumulated lot of RIL PEs in the previous few days, and also distributed as much CEs as possible. very difficult to identify this.

NSEBANK 03 Jul 09:42 AM

Option key 1 : RIL saw massive four to five fold rise in cash volumes with big drop in price. Every FNO share will begin with such moves either side. In April HDFC twins started with sixteen percent gains .

BIOCON 28 Jun 04:52 PM

Expecting huge bounce before expiry to 330-350 levels

NSEI 27 Jun 08:33 PM

World markets looks again negative to flat play..

LT 27 Jun 07:41 PM

Any News About L&T & Sulabh Engg Take over deal ?

FSL 27 Jun 07:26 PM

Bse code 542802 Galactico buy 38.25 rate circuit to circuit short term Target 135

ICICIGI 27 Jun 07:26 PM

Today counter ha seen good volume with decent deliverable volume. It has also given BO ON symmetrical triangle above 1130 will show strong momentum

SAIL 27 Jun 07:25 PM

ex date btao devident ka akhir itna late kyu,ispr koi mahan nhi bolta kuki usko lgta h jo negitive bolta h wo sochta h ki usko to jhinga milega means laddu,isi liye koi ghr se is mtr ko oprate nhi krta h,negitive commnt free ko mt dia kro,

SPICEJET 27 Jun 07:24 PM

Exit and run away from this stock. This will soon go below 10 rupee. Look at losses in all aspects, and nearly 100% promoter shares are pledged.

NSEI 27 Jun 07:23 PM

Big Crash Today Monday and Tuesday Real Crash real blood bath stocks will be open lower circuit and will crash 20 to 30% Crash today and monday .. Be Alert, real blood bath today monday and Tuesday Be Alert for regular heavy Blood bath... Big Crash..Big Crash today Monday and Tuesday Real Crash real blood bath stocks will be open lower circuit and will crash minus 20 to minus 30% Crash today Monday and Tuesday .. Be Alert, real blood bath today monday and Tuesday Be Alert for regular heavy Blood bath... Big Crash..

FCL 26 Jun 08:58 AM

Only buy, for the long term.. dont see the price every day. Once 3X-5X than only review for next year.....

IBULHSGFIN 26 Jun 08:58 AM

Indiabulls Vent in extremely oversold zone and hope soon will recover up to 70 to 80 rs shortly. stick to your holdings. be positive.

NAZARA 26 Jun 08:57 AM

Price have become half that is why people buy buy buy

NSEI 26 Jun 08:56 AM

How can Black swan event by RBI can influence our market?

ZOMATO 26 Jun 08:56 AM

Blinkit acquisition at 4445 crs will create pressure on Zomato share price, anytime it can go below 50 as both are loss making company. It rise only to lure more retail investors to buy for the safe exit of FII/DII.

NUVOCO 26 Jun 08:56 AM

i hope that share prices today the ipo price before March 23

SARDAEN 26 Jun 08:55 AM

surrendered 970 accepted 27 shares . surrendered 40 accepted 17 shares. surrendered 20 accepted 8 in 3 portfolios.

ITC 24 Jun 11:24 PM

My fav stock to buy and expectations

KOTAKBANK 23 Jun 12:12 AM

How can anyone not invest in this this levels .?

IDEA 22 Jun 10:45 PM

Mungerilal ke sapne dekhle

IDEA 22 Jun 10:44 PM

In your dreams... Don't do false comments ๐Ÿ™‚

ITC 21 Jun 09:01 PM

I am always game to buy this any levels..

GUJGASLTD 21 Jun 08:54 PM

Palkon... No more weekness... Now it's all up..

GUJGASLTD 21 Jun 08:54 PM

430ce tomorrow is a rockstar opening tomorrow....

TV18BRDCST 21 Jun 06:26 PM

it happens with most of high beta share,Market always behave like that for high beta share.It is good that now market and other indice has fallen after tv 18 .so it may rise with market

NSEI 21 Jun 06:26 PM

nifty will cross 15800 us markets will open positively and 2%gap up.all PE holders trapped

JISLDVREQS 21 Jun 06:25 PM

With every monsoon season this stock will add 50rs ... accumulate

TATASTEEL 21 Jun 06:24 PM

July it will be with split - Should be around 120/130 ideally to show at least some respect to this GEM!

GTLINFRA 21 Jun 06:12 PM

My dear genius rich guy. No data science ever works when it comes to stock market. Please stop self praising urself inside and come out of the dilema u r living in.

AMBER 21 Jun 06:12 PM

considering positive market trend amber should increase atleast 10 percent tomorrow if not better switch to another counter

NSEBANK 21 Jun 06:12 PM

Today as on 21st/July/2022 Fiis sold shares worth Rs 2701 Crores while DII bought shares worth Rs 3066 Crores respectively!!

CONCOR 21 Jun 06:11 PM

Charts are positive, expecting 650 within this week.

NSEI 21 Jun 06:11 PM


TRIDENT 20 Jun 09:35 AM

back to back lc..... again trapping people here

MRPL 20 Jun 09:34 AM

Dev is seeing 85 and you are right. Tell us what next?

RPOWER 20 Jun 09:20 AM

If market supports you can see 12.70

WABAG 20 Jun 09:19 AM

upper curcit 100 no chanch buy, will need to wait

SITINET 20 Jun 09:17 AM

penny stocks are always a 2 way gamble strategy

TATASTEEL 20 Jun 09:16 AM

dividend not credit yet... anyone update here if you have got..

ONGC 20 Jun 09:15 AM

Today also 2.85 rupees down. Everyday this happens..

VEDL 20 Jun 09:15 AM

Good news about sterlite. This is closed more than 4 years back, and appears is not contributing much revenue or profit. Hence the sale may not have any impact on existing figures. But the sale proceeds can be used for better purpose.

YESBANK 20 Jun 09:15 AM

Yes Everyone There Is A Buying Opportunity to Encash it Buy just one Stock Safe MTNL 19.20 Target ๐ŸŽฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

JSWENERGY 20 Jun 09:15 AM

Today closing below 200 likely from where it could bounce for some short covering up to 225 and again fall between 185 to 190 now it may take months to reach 300 and in positive environment

SAREGAMA 20 Jun 09:14 AM

ENIL LTD, A Times Group company, with 71 percent promoter holding & almost 13 percent with FII, DII and private equity players. Stock is at attractive valuation with Book Value of 160 and CMP of 170. Company is debt free with 230 crore of cash with market cap of 800 crore. As one can see India consumption story is on high growth with advertising revenue on top with tourism fully booked and festive season coming up. Company has also transformed itself into digital company with high growth expectation and media right of IPL sold at such a high valuation. Company is about to launch app where one can listen to radio and its contents anywhere around the world. Enil can be a turnaround story with next 6-8 quarters with high revenue growth and pe expansion. At CMP stock has very limited downside with a target of 350-475-700. Buy with 2 years perspective for good returns.

HFCL 20 Jun 09:14 AM

Buy buy buy only buy Low inflation data of may and crude oil price slashed 10 percent these two news can convert into big rally

SPICEJET 20 Jun 09:14 AM

The bad news comes whenever it starts upward journey. What will happen to you today, Kalia?

VBL 20 Jun 09:13 AM

many have still not received bonus shares in my portfolio.. Any idea when they will get it their portfolio...

KARDA 20 Jun 09:12 AM

2.5 cr share lower circuit per ha

RSYSTEMS 20 Jun 09:12 AM

Has anybody received the dividend amount of Rs 6.50 per share ?

RSYSTEMS 19 Jun 09:15 PM

R Systems Intl is a good stock for long term investment. Another stock which is good for long term investment is Pvv Infra Ltd |

APARINDS 19 Jun 09:14 PM

APARIND seen accumulation buy promotor should move seen fresh high 1000 best buy 800-830

DBL 19 Jun 09:14 PM

guys dont disappoint and dont exit from this stock..this will go its previous high soon ...

NBCC 19 Jun 09:11 PM

Most stocks are available at 50% lower to their 52 week high and NBCC is No exception.This is currently the safest stock to be invested in.

MRPL 19 Jun 09:11 PM

onyxhub dot com you can track in asian benchmark refinery margin (not the ones that news channel cover but its the GRM closer to one that MRPL delivers

INDIANB 19 Jun 09:11 PM

Friday market was not so negative or other PSBs were not so down that it went minus 3.5%. Looks like again a fall down to 135-137 level is imminent.

TTML 19 Jun 09:10 PM

Its a ten days old news published in business line on 9 june. latest news is on 15th june Cabinet minister has approved for private players to play in 5G bid. Airtel , Jio, TTML, Nelco and Tata Communications will march upwards in share pri

SPICEJET 19 Jun 09:09 PM

jabalpur flight returned back, # save spicejet

MOREPENLAB 19 Jun 09:09 PM

I think they are calling me managements paid agent! This is funny but I have significant share holding in this company.

WIPRO 19 Jun 09:09 PM

Guys two unit merger is big positive aur niche nahi ayega Friday is the last day 10 percent uc khulega

KELLTONTEC 19 Jun 09:08 PM

We want to invest only in Frontlieners Because US Fed rate hike badly affect IT stocks and More fall is expected

NSEBANK 19 Jun 09:08 PM

Equity ko recover karney ke liye jo triggers maangta woh koi bhi dikh nahi raha other than short covering. Its clearly a sell on rise market so far and once it moves up operators will trap retailers big time.

FCONSUMER 19 Jun 09:07 PM

soon it will be zero.. dont invest in this crap guys.. zero value company

ITC 19 Jun 12:45 PM

Personally holding for 350 targets... Holding from avg of 220

CGPOWER 19 Jun 10:38 AM

14 lac CG Power shares taken delivery on Friday by retail individual investors (RII) ! Also 9 crore Warrant Converted shares are getting listed from Monday 20th June with 3 years lock-in period !!

TATAMOTORS 19 Jun 10:26 AM

Buy Tata motors, with govt imposing 15 percent export duty on the steel products, margins will improve in the cmng quarters. Company management also has strong optimism for electric vehicles. Company will become net debt zero by 2024

TCS 19 Jun 10:23 AM

Accumulate Tcs , they are going to be biggest beneficiary of private 5g captive network.

TCS 19 Jun 10:23 AM

Accumulate Tcs , they are going to be biggest beneficiary of private 5g captive network.

JKIL 19 Jun 10:22 AM

J Kumar has notched 128% higher Q4 EPS of Rs 9.8 and Rs 27.2 in FY22. This could take FY23 EPS of Rs 35 backed by its strong order book. Accumulate for 30% gain.

JAYAGROGN 19 Jun 10:22 AM

Jayant Agro-Organics engaged in the business of castor oil

VBL 19 Jun 10:21 AM

marching towards 2200 levels...brace yourselves for this year....

ASIANPAINT 19 Jun 10:21 AM

marching towards 2200 levels...brace yourselves for this year....

HAL 19 Jun 10:21 AM

It s going up constantly and seems it s a little worrisome . Investors need to be cautious before taking any rash decisions

TITAN 19 Jun 10:20 AM

This Tata Gem is becoming more and more attractive, thanks to ongoing correction. Nothing wrong in company or business. Just accumulate

COALINDIA 19 Jun 10:19 AM

COALIND could be considered for combo long trades on MON, subject to data confirmation. From around 198 levels it has moved down and consolidating in 184 range. PEs have lost sixty to ninety percent value.

RELINFRA 19 Jun 10:19 AM

Under the Buy Global Manufactured in India scheme , there should be min 50% Indigenous content on cost basis of the total contract value which can be achieved in the mfr of either the entire equipment or spares/ assemblies/sub-assemblies/

CREST 19 Jun 10:19 AM

some people looks this chance to exit ...and some people looks this chance to enter. the mantra of this market ..Buy when it is down and others are fearfull and sell when it is up and others are Greedy..Take your decisions wisely ๐Ÿ˜Ž

NSEI 19 Jun 10:18 AM

Russias war in Ukraine could last years: NATO -

DELTACORP 19 Jun 10:18 AM

From almost 340 to 160 odd levels and still seems risky bet unless you are ready to take one.

SUNTV 19 Jun 10:17 AM

Sun Tv is a good company but facing lot of challenges from OTT and other competitors and still one needs to wait for sometime before entering

COFFEEDAY 19 Jun 10:16 AM

C. C. D.:- ๏ฟผCNN-News18 is an Indian English-language news television channel founded by Raghav Bahl located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is currently owned by Network 18 and Warner Bros. CCD

HINDPETRO 18 Jun 03:09 PM

They can't keep India under nooose anymore....

ITC 18 Jun 09:44 AM

Final dividend will be given after 111th AGM on 20th July and it will be credited between 22nd July to 26th July.

DELTACORP 18 Jun 09:34 AM

RJ is no doubt a genius and incomparable but afterall he is humanbeing and bound to make mistakes .Hope all goes well with DELTA inspite of his selling a chunk of qty

PNCINFRA 18 Jun 09:33 AM

It has broken the support of 226........It may not go beyond 295 for a long time.........

WIPRO 18 Jun 09:33 AM

Soap ad case: HC s relief for HUL, Wipro

IDBI 18 Jun 09:32 AM

idbi looks good at this level. taking support at 33, IDBI can be bought at 33.45 for 36 SL 32.80

YESBANK 18 Jun 09:32 AM

In market anything is possible. Though im expecting supports at 12.10 and 11.10 to hold the levels, global/local cues would have an impact in short term. Imo, 10.5 will have higher probability than 100 in 5 yrs. But dips are buying opportunity.

MOTHERSUMI 18 Jun 09:10 AM

Rare buy rating : Buy Motherson Sumi Wiring India target of Rs 80: Motilal Oswal | Jun 16, 2022

RBLBANK 18 Jun 09:10 AM

No reason for this to fall as RBI has given a clean chit to the finances of the bank...... They have given positive comments on the appointment of new MD

HAL 14 Jun 10:34 PM

Sanchi... Time frame please...

PVR 24 May 08:58 PM

Thanks.. booked around 15.... Will follow next trade.

PAYTM 16 Mar 08:29 PM

The target price is in its name itself... 197.

PAYTM 12 Mar 07:54 PM

How many powerful lower circuit can this stock fall into... Now target is down graded to 420 .

PVR 25 Feb 08:26 AM


FCSSOFT 25 Jan 12:02 AM

Use this LC to collect this guys..

ZOMATO 21 Jan 09:07 PM

Kaise ho Zomato walo.... Gaya yeh bhais bhi paani main

PVR 20 Jan 12:42 PM

3 lots taken at 16.40 mam

PAYTM 13 Jan 11:48 PM

Aa Raha bhaais paani mai... Mark my words for 300 rs stock

IDEA 11 Jan 09:50 PM

Mam... How can yu just do it ...predict it like this

IDEA 11 Jan 09:49 PM


IDEA 11 Jan 09:49 PM

Thanks mam anywys... Yu had guided us to never trade on this stock.... Now all money gone of greedy investors

RELIANCE 28 Dec 02:32 PM

Mam super call as always

KPRMILL 27 Dec 10:42 PM

This is a gem of a stock, today was rocking performance... Waiting for 1000+ in coming month..

TRIDENT 02 Dec 06:39 PM

Re entry advised only below 35 levels .

HDFCAMC 30 Nov 06:59 PM

Mam..super call as always...proud premium member......

AURUM 25 Nov 11:16 AM

No words to thank you mam .

AURUM 25 Nov 11:14 AM

This is just super move in Aurum, history of a multibagger witnessing in real time... Thanks the queen's team

FOODSIN 23 Nov 01:45 PM

Nice pick madam...

FOODSIN 23 Nov 01:45 PM

Nice pick madam...

FOODSIN 23 Nov 01:45 PM

Nice pick madam...

PAYTM 19 Nov 09:20 PM

As I understand by market sentiment and PAYTM valuation, we shall see 800 coming soon

PAYTM 19 Nov 01:10 PM

1300 is correct, but 2100 is only dreams I guess

PAYTM 19 Nov 11:53 AM

Guys .... What do you think is the right price to buy or invest in PayTM, Reply please.

AURUM 15 Nov 05:29 PM

Super call mam... You gave this call to buy on August...and am holdng since then...

RECLTD 13 Nov 10:15 AM

REC should consolidate around 132-148 levels in Nov exit.

SHREYAS 09 Nov 02:39 PM

Amount invested 11.3 lacs... 3300 qty

SHREYAS 09 Nov 02:38 PM

Mam...3300 qty taken with 1.3 lac investment....

SHREYAS 09 Nov 11:45 AM

Shipping companies are booming in revenue post COVID .. results on 11th I guess...what's your view

IRCTC 19 Oct 10:06 PM

You guys are ranking top on Google...I searched irctc stock discussion and I saw you just on 2nd place.... Good website it's shaping up

ICICIBANK 18 Oct 08:38 AM

I am sure another jackpot in making .. apka calls fail nahi hota

ADROITINFO 18 Oct 08:37 AM

Stock seems to giving high volume breakout now... Interesting to see above 12.80 levels this will non stop rally to 16-18+

SURANASOL 18 Oct 08:36 AM

This stock expected to open in UC again... Our pick simply doubling in flat 15 days... Another record in making.

NMDC 17 Oct 02:15 PM

Looking at the mineral fight and china episode, big breakout expected here... I foresee 200+ targets by next 2 quarters

ICICIBANK 05 Oct 10:55 PM

Expect good opening tomorrow morning mam...I am holding

HINDUNILVR 29 Sep 05:10 PM

Yes... Soon market is expected to cross 18k and HUL 3000 must come

BIOCON 16 Sep 08:08 PM

Great RAMI, Madam ke saath we always make profit... Thanks to mam from my side

NSEBANK 13 Sep 10:15 PM

Live call share karo sir....will be more better

NSEBANK 13 Sep 10:15 PM

Mam... BNF 36000 ke neeche ayega kya

DABUR 07 Sep 01:16 PM

Bnf call was super... I booked both ways in CE AND PE today.... You rock

MRF 05 Sep 10:28 PM

I wish I could have this stock for my portfolio

HFCL 26 Aug 08:41 PM

MAM.... It's in UC after your call..should we buy tomorrow

GUJGASLTD 25 Aug 01:42 PM

Sell GUJGAS now for 700 target intraday possible

HDFCBANK 22 Aug 12:59 PM

Any idea about upcoming bonus or dividend announcement

IRCTC 20 Aug 06:50 PM

Any idea about IRCTC split date and news... What will be the split ratio

IRCTC 20 Aug 06:50 PM

Aaj toh apne kaamaal kardiya mam.... Just Wonderful calls on IRCTC

TCS 20 Aug 06:49 PM

Nice aadya ji... 3500 ho gaya

TCS 20 Aug 06:49 PM

Nice aadya ji... 3500 ho gaya

SBIN 17 Aug 08:05 PM

Expext sbin closure below 400 this expiry ...keep 434 spt sl

ALKEM 17 Aug 08:04 PM

Rockstar queen...I booked at 50... Super call as usual

AUBANK 17 Aug 08:03 PM

1360 high done mam... How you manage to give such perfect levels.

YESBANK 17 Aug 08:03 PM

Aab toh yeh bank bhi idea ke saath doob jayeg...

ALKEM 17 Aug 10:22 AM

Mam ... Thanks..booked above 47 now.... Next call pls

LUPIN 16 Aug 10:12 AM

Mam... I guess end to bull pharma run is over now.... 900 possible for lupin...Rakesh J dumped all stocks...

IDEA 10 Aug 06:25 PM

I think I will come out of my compete position here

NSEI 05 Aug 11:29 PM

Nifty to continue winning spree tomorrow, 16500 is not far away now...

IDEA 05 Aug 05:30 PM

Biocon good support at 380, so don't worry... Metroglobal not worth to keep... Indus hold

BOSCHLTD 05 Aug 10:41 AM

Watch out today . 14500pe above 400 only... CMP 360. So wait for the trigger.

IDEA 05 Aug 01:47 AM

Idea gone, their marriage with Vodafone stupid company was worst decission.... Kick the Vodafone employees first.... I booked loss stop 5-3-1-Delist.

TCS 05 Aug 12:19 AM

Time to accumulate tcs again for next bull run.... Bonus offer soon to come around 3500

NSEBANK 04 Aug 09:52 PM

Nifty probably touching 16350 by this expiry...

IRCTC 03 Aug 10:30 AM

Mam...140 now... What a call ..what a call

CHOLAFIN 02 Aug 02:22 PM

Already high 22.... I booked at 21.60

CHOLAFIN 02 Aug 02:12 PM

CholaFin 22. This is our power... People can only dream of having such calls.

TVSMOTOR 30 Jul 10:31 AM

Mam... Such calls can be given only by you.... Jackpot profit

DRREDDY 29 Jul 11:37 PM


RELIANCE 29 Jul 11:32 PM

Target 65-70 by next week possible....

DIVISLAB 27 Jul 10:51 PM

Mam... Did you had insider news on this.... Else it's an impossible call

DIVISLAB 27 Jul 10:51 PM

Mam... Did you had insider news on this.... Else it's an impossible call

YESBANK 23 Jul 09:40 PM

Yes Bank announced its first quarter earnings on Friday in which the bank reported a net profit of Rs207 crore as compared to Rs45 crore in the same quarter last year, marking a rise of 355.2 per cent. The rise in net profit, highest since December 2018, came on the back of decline in provisions and rise in non-interest income.

YESBANK 23 Jul 09:09 PM

Finally YESBANK rocked everyone with its results.... Way to go for 5 UC now

BIOCON 23 Jul 02:01 PM

Mam ... I am swinging in range ... Expecting breakout . @naveen.... Expect 9-10 in this 400ce...

COLPAL 22 Jul 01:49 PM

Super level mam as always..really happy... Waiting to follow you here as well

COLPAL 22 Jul 12:25 PM

Mam... This can be jackpot if 1800 reached.... Blast can come here any moment.

ULTRACEMCO 20 Jul 12:10 PM

As always we are fan of your calls... Can't we get some notification when you post such calls

NAUKRI 14 Jul 10:19 AM

Target Done Mam.... Thank you mam.... Super call

RPPINFRA 13 Jul 10:09 AM

Super call mam... Booked at 78 now

KOTAKBANK 12 Jul 09:57 AM

Ok mam...order placed... Anyway we can follow you mam for your live calls

TATAMOTORS 10 Jul 12:34 PM

What about the news impact of Indusind bank puhsing sales of TM vehicles....big positive?

INDUSINDBK 08 Jul 07:15 PM

Indusind looking good at current valuation, soon breakout to 1200

AXISBANK 08 Jul 07:15 PM

Please read as 800+ targets short term

AXISBANK 08 Jul 07:15 PM

In this dips one should catch axis bank for 700 targets short term...

BALKRISIND 08 Jul 07:09 PM

Great mam.... Target done...thanks for this wonderfull calls.

TATAMOTORS 06 Jul 08:18 PM

Tata M crash was only on news of semiconductor shortage for JLR production... Sales expected to reduce to 50% next quarter.... Are you holding TataMotors... .. feel free to comment Post your position

INFY 06 Jul 08:02 AM

After Havells profit.. going for this one...keep up the good work

HAVELLS 06 Jul 08:01 AM

Thanks mam...booked at 1029.75. got 2900 profits almost...super call

HAVELLS 06 Jul 07:15 AM

Order placed mam... 1000 qty.... Thanks... Let see now

TECHM 01 Jul 06:27 PM

All IT stocks in radar to buy... We expect 1200 here soon by august

ADANIPOWER 30 Jun 06:15 PM

Who all are stuck here in this Stock? Any idea on what wil be July outlook

MAJESCO 26 Jun 10:58 AM

It's a cash rich company... Soon 300 coming

BEL 24 Jun 05:06 PM

The stock has broker it's resistance...soon 200 on cards... Today queen's call on BEL was also rocking....

BERGEPAINT 23 Jun 06:37 AM

Queen.. I have taken 5 lots now.. average 7.20

BALKRISIND 22 Jun 09:58 AM

thanks mam... You are great...I booked at 21+++ great call

RAJTV 22 Jun 11:35 AM


MAJESCO 08 Jun 09:33 PM

Invested in majesco just chill now... Not invested.... Buy as much as you can for the magic...

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