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FCSSOFT 25 Jan 12:02 AM

Use this LC to collect this guys..

ZOMATO 21 Jan 09:07 PM

Kaise ho Zomato walo.... Gaya yeh bhais bhi paani main

PVR 20 Jan 12:42 PM

3 lots taken at 16.40 mam

PAYTM 13 Jan 11:48 PM

Aa Raha bhaais paani mai... Mark my words for 300 rs stock

IDEA 11 Jan 09:50 PM

Mam... How can yu just do it ...predict it like this

IDEA 11 Jan 09:49 PM


IDEA 11 Jan 09:49 PM

Thanks mam anywys... Yu had guided us to never trade on this stock.... Now all money gone of greedy investors

RELIANCE 28 Dec 02:32 PM

Mam super call as always

KPRMILL 27 Dec 10:42 PM

This is a gem of a stock, today was rocking performance... Waiting for 1000+ in coming month..

TRIDENT 02 Dec 06:39 PM

Re entry advised only below 35 levels .

HDFCAMC 30 Nov 06:59 PM

Mam..super call as always...proud premium member......

AURUM 25 Nov 11:16 AM

No words to thank you mam .

AURUM 25 Nov 11:14 AM

This is just super move in Aurum, history of a multibagger witnessing in real time... Thanks the queen's team

FOODSIN 23 Nov 01:45 PM

Nice pick madam...

FOODSIN 23 Nov 01:45 PM

Nice pick madam...

FOODSIN 23 Nov 01:45 PM

Nice pick madam...

PAYTM 19 Nov 09:20 PM

As I understand by market sentiment and PAYTM valuation, we shall see 800 coming soon

PAYTM 19 Nov 01:10 PM

1300 is correct, but 2100 is only dreams I guess

PAYTM 19 Nov 11:53 AM

Guys .... What do you think is the right price to buy or invest in PayTM, Reply please.

AURUM 15 Nov 05:29 PM

Super call mam... You gave this call to buy on August...and am holdng since then...

RECLTD 13 Nov 10:15 AM

REC should consolidate around 132-148 levels in Nov exit.

SHREYAS 09 Nov 02:39 PM

Amount invested 11.3 lacs... 3300 qty

SHREYAS 09 Nov 02:38 PM

Mam...3300 qty taken with 1.3 lac investment....

SHREYAS 09 Nov 11:45 AM

Shipping companies are booming in revenue post COVID .. results on 11th I guess...what's your view

IRCTC 19 Oct 10:06 PM

You guys are ranking top on Google...I searched irctc stock discussion and I saw you just on 2nd place.... Good website it's shaping up

ICICIBANK 18 Oct 08:38 AM

I am sure another jackpot in making .. apka calls fail nahi hota

ADROITINFO 18 Oct 08:37 AM

Stock seems to giving high volume breakout now... Interesting to see above 12.80 levels this will non stop rally to 16-18+

SURANASOL 18 Oct 08:36 AM

This stock expected to open in UC again... Our pick simply doubling in flat 15 days... Another record in making.

NMDC 17 Oct 02:15 PM

Looking at the mineral fight and china episode, big breakout expected here... I foresee 200+ targets by next 2 quarters

ICICIBANK 05 Oct 10:55 PM

Expect good opening tomorrow morning mam...I am holding

HINDUNILVR 29 Sep 05:10 PM

Yes... Soon market is expected to cross 18k and HUL 3000 must come

BIOCON 16 Sep 08:08 PM

Great RAMI, Madam ke saath we always make profit... Thanks to mam from my side

NSEBANK 13 Sep 10:15 PM

Live call share karo sir....will be more better

NSEBANK 13 Sep 10:15 PM

Mam... BNF 36000 ke neeche ayega kya

DABUR 07 Sep 01:16 PM

Bnf call was super... I booked both ways in CE AND PE today.... You rock

MRF 05 Sep 10:28 PM

I wish I could have this stock for my portfolio

HFCL 26 Aug 08:41 PM

MAM.... It's in UC after your call..should we buy tomorrow

GUJGASLTD 25 Aug 01:42 PM

Sell GUJGAS now for 700 target intraday possible

HDFCBANK 22 Aug 12:59 PM

Any idea about upcoming bonus or dividend announcement

IRCTC 20 Aug 06:50 PM

Any idea about IRCTC split date and news... What will be the split ratio

IRCTC 20 Aug 06:50 PM

Aaj toh apne kaamaal kardiya mam.... Just Wonderful calls on IRCTC

TCS 20 Aug 06:49 PM

Nice aadya ji... 3500 ho gaya

TCS 20 Aug 06:49 PM

Nice aadya ji... 3500 ho gaya

SBIN 17 Aug 08:05 PM

Expext sbin closure below 400 this expiry ...keep 434 spt sl

ALKEM 17 Aug 08:04 PM

Rockstar queen...I booked at 50... Super call as usual

AUBANK 17 Aug 08:03 PM

1360 high done mam... How you manage to give such perfect levels.

YESBANK 17 Aug 08:03 PM

Aab toh yeh bank bhi idea ke saath doob jayeg...

ALKEM 17 Aug 10:22 AM

Mam ... Thanks..booked above 47 now.... Next call pls

LUPIN 16 Aug 10:12 AM

Mam... I guess end to bull pharma run is over now.... 900 possible for lupin...Rakesh J dumped all stocks...

IDEA 10 Aug 06:25 PM

I think I will come out of my compete position here

NSEI 05 Aug 11:29 PM

Nifty to continue winning spree tomorrow, 16500 is not far away now...

IDEA 05 Aug 05:30 PM

Biocon good support at 380, so don't worry... Metroglobal not worth to keep... Indus hold

BOSCHLTD 05 Aug 10:41 AM

Watch out today . 14500pe above 400 only... CMP 360. So wait for the trigger.

IDEA 05 Aug 01:47 AM

Idea gone, their marriage with Vodafone stupid company was worst decission.... Kick the Vodafone employees first.... I booked loss stop 5-3-1-Delist.

TCS 05 Aug 12:19 AM

Time to accumulate tcs again for next bull run.... Bonus offer soon to come around 3500

NSEBANK 04 Aug 09:52 PM

Nifty probably touching 16350 by this expiry...

IRCTC 03 Aug 10:30 AM

Mam...140 now... What a call ..what a call

CHOLAFIN 02 Aug 02:22 PM

Already high 22.... I booked at 21.60

CHOLAFIN 02 Aug 02:12 PM

CholaFin 22. This is our power... People can only dream of having such calls.

TVSMOTOR 30 Jul 10:31 AM

Mam... Such calls can be given only by you.... Jackpot profit

DRREDDY 29 Jul 11:37 PM


RELIANCE 29 Jul 11:32 PM

Target 65-70 by next week possible....

DIVISLAB 27 Jul 10:51 PM

Mam... Did you had insider news on this.... Else it's an impossible call

DIVISLAB 27 Jul 10:51 PM

Mam... Did you had insider news on this.... Else it's an impossible call

YESBANK 23 Jul 09:40 PM

Yes Bank announced its first quarter earnings on Friday in which the bank reported a net profit of Rs207 crore as compared to Rs45 crore in the same quarter last year, marking a rise of 355.2 per cent. The rise in net profit, highest since December 2018, came on the back of decline in provisions and rise in non-interest income.

YESBANK 23 Jul 09:09 PM

Finally YESBANK rocked everyone with its results.... Way to go for 5 UC now

BIOCON 23 Jul 02:01 PM

Mam ... I am swinging in range ... Expecting breakout . @naveen.... Expect 9-10 in this 400ce...

COLPAL 22 Jul 01:49 PM

Super level mam as always..really happy... Waiting to follow you here as well

COLPAL 22 Jul 12:25 PM

Mam... This can be jackpot if 1800 reached.... Blast can come here any moment.

ULTRACEMCO 20 Jul 12:10 PM

As always we are fan of your calls... Can't we get some notification when you post such calls

NAUKRI 14 Jul 10:19 AM

Target Done Mam.... Thank you mam.... Super call

RPPINFRA 13 Jul 10:09 AM

Super call mam... Booked at 78 now

KOTAKBANK 12 Jul 09:57 AM

Ok mam...order placed... Anyway we can follow you mam for your live calls

TATAMOTORS 10 Jul 12:34 PM

What about the news impact of Indusind bank puhsing sales of TM vehicles....big positive?

INDUSINDBK 08 Jul 07:15 PM

Indusind looking good at current valuation, soon breakout to 1200

AXISBANK 08 Jul 07:15 PM

Please read as 800+ targets short term

AXISBANK 08 Jul 07:15 PM

In this dips one should catch axis bank for 700 targets short term...

BALKRISIND 08 Jul 07:09 PM

Great mam.... Target done...thanks for this wonderfull calls.

TATAMOTORS 06 Jul 08:18 PM

Tata M crash was only on news of semiconductor shortage for JLR production... Sales expected to reduce to 50% next quarter.... Are you holding TataMotors... .. feel free to comment Post your position

INFY 06 Jul 08:02 AM

After Havells profit.. going for this one...keep up the good work

HAVELLS 06 Jul 08:01 AM

Thanks mam...booked at 1029.75. got 2900 profits almost...super call

HAVELLS 06 Jul 07:15 AM

Order placed mam... 1000 qty.... Thanks... Let see now

TECHM 01 Jul 06:27 PM

All IT stocks in radar to buy... We expect 1200 here soon by august

ADANIPOWER 30 Jun 06:15 PM

Who all are stuck here in this Stock? Any idea on what wil be July outlook

MAJESCO 26 Jun 10:58 AM

It's a cash rich company... Soon 300 coming

BEL 24 Jun 05:06 PM

The stock has broker it's resistance...soon 200 on cards... Today queen's call on BEL was also rocking....

BERGEPAINT 23 Jun 06:37 AM

Queen.. I have taken 5 lots now.. average 7.20

BALKRISIND 22 Jun 09:58 AM

thanks mam... You are great...I booked at 21+++ great call

RAJTV 22 Jun 11:35 AM


MAJESCO 08 Jun 09:33 PM

Invested in majesco just chill now... Not invested.... Buy as much as you can for the magic...

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