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DUDU about info comming soon...



AUROPHARMA 26 Aug 11:35 AM

at resistance level....within few days will towards

NSEI 26 Aug 11:35 AM

For today, Nifty continues to have good support 17400/17350 (spot price!) and resistance at 17700/17780. Same way, Bank Nifty has good support at 38700/38500 (spot levels) whereas resistance lying at 39400/39700!!

HINDALCO 26 Aug 11:34 AM

BUY HINDALCO ONLY ABOVE 442.5 SL 437.4, cash levels keeping happy sl in mind. Thanks!

COALINDIA 26 Aug 11:34 AM

How would you rate my call of Coal India futures guys - suggested to buy at 229.4, conservative may book or trail the sl to cost now. Thanks!

PNB 26 Aug 11:33 AM

PNB is not far away rs40 and above ,again and again i tell small retail investors hold and accumulate this under valued stock

NAUKRI 26 Aug 11:33 AM

How would you rate my Call of Info Edge guys - No stopping, keep booking or keep trailing the sl. Happy Trading!

NSEBANK 26 Aug 11:32 AM

38700 intrday target. play accordingly with PE

HBLPOWER 26 Aug 11:31 AM

HBL, 81 is the knife...imp resistance, lets see, if today it break or next week....big jump on board....stay invested...GOOD LUCK!

NSEI 25 Aug 09:53 AM

Waiting to buy USDINR next week near money CE to hold till MON. Tomorrow RBI data could be very bad and all EU yields are near record highs. so some bank burst rumor in Spain / Portugal / Italy not ruled out.

NSEBANK 25 Aug 09:53 AM

Confirm News Today Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy for Target is 39600 by 3 PM Today make my words sure sure today today

METSL 25 Aug 09:52 AM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

AWL 25 Aug 09:52 AM

as long as company is able to pay its dues.....its not a worry of debt.....I think gautam sir knows it very well.

BATAINDIA 25 Aug 09:52 AM

10% up for my targets set Dollars for rupiya che bhai Bay target best

ADANIGREEN 25 Aug 09:51 AM

Slow and steady move once breakout happen above 2575 very fastmove start buy now..

NSEBANK 24 Aug 11:50 AM

if it crosses 39000 then huge short covering will be there

NSEI 24 Aug 11:50 AM

Bought 17 600 CE.. 10 lots.... 80 Rs.. Target 100 Rs.. SL 58 Rs.. Respecting all ENTRY EXITS WITH STOP LOSSESS...

BCG 24 Aug 11:39 AM

today is last chance for BUY after today you have to put AMO order until it reach 60.

SANGINITA 24 Aug 11:36 AM

Shriram Transport Finance Company inches up on planning to raise funds

TEXRAIL 24 Aug 11:36 AM

today closing 51 to 53...big news coming out keep adding

GREAVESCOT 24 Aug 11:35 AM

Hello !!! 200 coming soonπŸ‘πŸ‘β€¦ wait and watch Harish πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

CHAMBLFERT 24 Aug 11:35 AM

Opportunity to Buy : Its temporary situation... Bounce back will see .

HCLTECH 24 Aug 11:35 AM

Fundamentally its a very strong stock , all divisions are firing, buy and keep it for posterity

NSEI 23 Aug 10:23 AM

.fallow the market trend ✌️ short now 😎..super fast unwinding of pe

TVSMOTOR 23 Aug 10:22 AM

we may see good profit from this stock in short span of time as electric segment are in demand in it will going to grow for sure

NIKHILAD 23 Aug 10:21 AM

breakout done above 1010β‚Ή , road clear for dhamaal

ISEC 23 Aug 10:20 AM

Indian stock market story lies in its up coming mid and small caps. Some of them likely to multiply 4-5 times in 1-2 years. OnMobile could be one of them.

INDIACEM 23 Aug 10:20 AM

India Cememnts looks great for short term holding. current market price is 210. maintain stoploss at 10% and continue to hold.

NSEBANK 23 Aug 10:19 AM


RENUKA 23 Aug 10:19 AM

buy renuka at CMP with strict SL of 42 . Above 47 it will go to 55/57 levels in quick time .

GUJGASLTD 23 Aug 10:18 AM

buy buy Gujarat gas at CMP 483 tgt 500 stoploss 467

NSEBANK 22 Aug 10:49 AM

Confirm News today Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell at 38250-38310 levels for Target is 38050 today today

NSEI 22 Aug 10:49 AM

At 10.40 am. PE additions at 170k lots and CEs at 380k lots. Can add on to shorts on small bounce back. Nifty can trade in minus 220points to minus 120points.

TATAPOWER 22 Aug 10:48 AM

time to short again tata power

SUNPHARMA 22 Aug 10:47 AM

Today many taken 900 CE options for this expiry. Need huge premium. So Operators playing very much today. This is sunpharma.

SBIN 22 Aug 10:44 AM

SBIN BUY ON EVERY DIP KEEP TGT 530 - 550 - 600 SL 475

DWARKESH 22 Aug 10:41 AM

buy buy this is good level

KINETICENG 22 Aug 10:40 AM

it will rally like rattanindia. hold on.. multibagger in next 2 years. waiting for kinetic new EV vehicles. 200 easily

NSEBANK 20 Aug 10:23 AM

Monday banknifty gap up r gap down

JPPOWER 20 Aug 10:22 AM

Adani / DB has a valuation of 6cr per MW. Based on this 2220MW of JPP could be valued at to Rs 19.43 per share

EASEMYTRIP 20 Aug 10:21 AM

very very strong for long-term on charts. heavy consolidation have happened. means new people have entered and old people have exited the stock. it can blast any time 20% upper circuit.

SNOWMAN 20 Aug 10:21 AM

i was holding since 2020 . I bought at 65.5 too high Exited fully in july with 50-55% loss And invested in tatasteel. Tatasteel will become 2x in near future but snowman cant😝

NSEI 20 Aug 10:20 AM

Profit of atleast 100 point because bn close below 200

SHREYAS 20 Aug 10:20 AM

looks like there are vested forces wanting to cover this share by keeping prices down. I wish investors would understand the value of this share..they would then BUY, BUY and BUY

TATAPOWER 20 Aug 10:19 AM

Diwali target : Tata power 220 then 200. Adani power 500 then 600 then 800 then 1000 never ending. Modi ji jab tak he Adani ka share ase hi bhagta rahega. For next 10 year only adani.

NSEBANK 19 Aug 01:34 PM

buy at 39150 tgt 39250/300 today buy will go up from these levels nifty again to cross 17800

UNIONBANK 19 Aug 01:33 PM

what the common feeling is that it is headed for 44 rather than its a one day correction only and upmove should continue. should close above 41

GREAVESCOT 19 Aug 01:33 PM

no point holding this for 180 target !! there is no upside from here on and i am seeing downside of around ,50 rupees from here on !!

GODFRYPHLP 19 Aug 01:32 PM

Happy Krishna Birth Day. Hope may be cross today 1235 & hold stay above 1235 five minutes then try to touch 1249/1260.

INFIBEAM 19 Aug 01:32 PM

buy bf utilities at current rate for good returns with a stoploss if 385

NSEI 19 Aug 01:31 PM

RIIL is working on best charts postion at current levels last day we saw many breakout above 1030-1045 levels above horse power relly will come and many more breakout will cross 1300 levels will hit next very minimum time

NSEI 18 Aug 10:01 AM


FORCEMOT 18 Aug 10:00 AM

again back stabbing started.. It cant even sustain bloody one green day after an year.. Close your shutter till next year again

ABCAPITAL 18 Aug 10:00 AM

GARP AB Cap will do nothing even in 2 or 3 years unless they aggresively emerge their NBFC, INSURANCE and give shares of these companies to AB Cap shareholders. Have completely separate management and let them grow. But I am not sure if the have enough sense to do so

NSEBANK 18 Aug 09:59 AM

Buy 39500 ce Target 200

INDIACEM 18 Aug 09:59 AM

breakout after 3 time one mone buy India cements new star buy buy India cements INDIA CEMENTS ROCKET

TATAPOWER 18 Aug 09:58 AM

Adani power 400 touch 15 ka 400 Tat pow 20 also can t move up seems big scam to hit

ZOMATO 18 Aug 09:58 AM

Zomato above 68 is very strong this may be hit 75 in 2 weeks time

SOTL 18 Aug 09:57 AM

look its savita oil is now 1470 sure

NSEBANK 17 Aug 01:50 PM

Today Sell Sell Sell Sell at 39350-39300 levels for Target is 39100 ...sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell

NSEI 17 Aug 01:48 PM

pointless report and video in my opinion, as if we dont know the effects of a nuclear war..

ARMANFIN 17 Aug 01:47 PM

This will run up to 2000 in short term. i m very bullish on it.

ISEC 17 Aug 01:47 PM

upper circuit upper circuitupper circuit upper circuit..

JSWSTEEL 17 Aug 01:46 PM

Good Days in Bajaj Finance, JpPower, Future Consumer

NATIONALUM 17 Aug 01:46 PM

When sensex turn in to green will cross 550 Opportunity to Buy.

WHITEORG 17 Aug 01:44 PM

Target 10 as operated share.

M&M 17 Aug 01:44 PM

Mahindra is trading at PE of 17 despite a great EV story and Maruti os trading at PE of 60 and no word on EV transformation. We Indians need to make it trade on 50 PE multiples. Buy in huge quantities nothing to loose only gains.

ZEEL 17 Aug 01:43 PM

my price 293 I cant average because of iam holding 5000 shares I buy by mistakeof IPL media news in last quarter

NSEBANK 16 Aug 09:29 AM

Today Buy buy buy buy buy at 39400-39300 levels for Target is 39600 by 3 PM Today

NSEI 16 Aug 09:28 AM

stay away from steel. All IT companies cutting down variable pay of employees. they got mails of friday evening

RUCHI 16 Aug 09:28 AM

Approx book value should be 258.

MRPL 16 Aug 09:27 AM

Stock is on the rise. Go on investing with full heart. Traders may be doing as per their capacity.

GMDCLTD 16 Aug 09:27 AM

hopefully GMDC can lock in upper circuit today

OPTIEMUS 16 Aug 09:26 AM

Optiemus revving up like a beautiful Mercedes engine .... Put on your seat belts for the ride of your life in the next 12 months

SUBEXLTD 16 Aug 09:26 AM

Keep hold and buy as much u can this level ... Any time sudden Big upside again today

NMDC 15 Aug 11:36 AM

Global markets in deep red, todays blood will be scattered on Monday as well

IDEA 15 Aug 11:36 AM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day..

BHARTIARTL 15 Aug 11:30 AM

banking stock looking week but after some time grow up fastly keep your eyes..

NAZARA 15 Aug 11:30 AM

tomorrow testing time for Nazara. why because tomorrow it seen huge selling pressure

GTLINFRA 15 Aug 11:24 AM

Indias wait to become 5G network country is about to end, will cover villages: PM Modi "Our wait is about to end and we will soon become a 5G network country," said PM Modi during his address on the occasion of 76th Independence Day.

NSEI 15 Aug 11:22 AM

Once Europe opens and then later when US market opens up thats when the real run-up will start for the ultimate charge tomorrow!

NSEI 13 Aug 02:29 PM

Indian market only FII hands any dissemination bye or sell

NSEBANK 13 Aug 02:28 PM


STARPAPER 13 Aug 02:27 PM

operator and big players will try to grab it by creating panic at lower level,donot fear if initially it goes down few rupees.Keep patience and hold,anant mey isko uper hi jana h.If get opportunity at lower level,will try to add few more. Analysis yourself also before taking decisions.

DUCON 13 Aug 02:26 PM

Hope it does not fall below 13.7 levels , if it falls then it may test 11 - 12 levels befor giving solid upmove.. Happy investing

RTNINFRA 13 Aug 02:25 PM

Little boys what is the amount tax paid by company till so far ? This quarter or previous quarter? Boys please have a look on that before next class.

BLACKROSE 12 Aug 11:18 AM

This is a Multibagger stock, not very well known to people... a good result can take this to new high in no time .

KARDA 12 Aug 11:17 AM

daily 3-4 cr share buy and selling all same share

ZOMATO 12 Aug 11:16 AM

sakuma export looks good,results day.... add to your portfolio

GREAVESCOT 12 Aug 11:14 AM

dont worry few days , before we see it around 150 levels dude !! but for 180 not ever in next one year !!

8KMILES 12 Aug 11:14 AM

loss is widened. EPS is worsen. Operating margin is lowered. It is the worst result. Be careful guys

AWL 12 Aug 11:12 AM

good time to look for metal stocks .,AWL is a clear long term hold

NSEBANK 12 Aug 11:12 AM

it may fall anytime be cautious. 38800 to 38700 by EOD

NSEI 12 Aug 11:11 AM

nifty will not close red thats all i know , may be 1 point or 200 point plus I dono

NSEI 11 Aug 09:04 AM


CONFIPET 11 Aug 09:03 AM

today mark positive target on dips good result with sustainable growths

KMSUGAR 11 Aug 09:03 AM

back to back 3 uc in 3 days price going to cross 42 level next 2 days

NSEBANK 11 Aug 08:59 AM

Today is raksha Bandhan but people celebrating diwali on bank nifty target 39200 for sure ,buy blindly till 40000

DIVISLAB 11 Aug 08:57 AM

Is opening above 4000 today. Tomorrow can we see minimum 4200

ADANIPOWER 11 Aug 08:57 AM

Buy Adani Power once it crosses 342.5 , for Intraday targets of 352.

RELIANCE 11 Aug 08:56 AM

big FII brokerage firm predict 15 % correction in India up to end of this month, so Ril must effected highly and tumble down possible bec. there result is not upto mark,book profit if have or do not buy any fresh stock now! target 2200.

IBULHSGFIN 11 Aug 08:56 AM

Seems like this stock may be closed positive today

KTKBANK 11 Aug 08:55 AM

Will it touch Rs. 78, today ? ? ?? ? ? ?

MCDOWELL-N 10 Aug 09:10 AM

Long weekend thus week makes liquor stock attractive for next 3 days. All tourism sector get big boost after long time.

SUBEXLTD 10 Aug 09:10 AM

Today 12 noon is the Concall. Surely there will be a lot of Qs on Jio tie up. We will get clarity on that and other issues

BLUESTARCO 10 Aug 09:09 AM

Buy Blue Star target of Rs 1250

NSEI 10 Aug 09:09 AM

Gd morning.. buy divis lab, ultratech, Tech Mahindra... enjoy

ACC 10 Aug 09:08 AM

nasdaq closed in red last night. bears going to rule today morning session (probably)

NSEBANK 10 Aug 09:08 AM


GTLINFRA 10 Aug 09:08 AM

Anytime, I am not claiming to be a great astrologer btw, atleast analysis can serve as motivational right, lets not sit on critics plane always.. be realistic.. 🎯

AWL 10 Aug 09:07 AM

comments are welcome for the following targets in next one year AWL. 2000 to 3000 APL. 2000 ATGL. 5000 Kohinoor food. 1000 Yes Bank. 50 IDFC FB. 150

NSEBANK 09 Aug 11:22 AM

Dow, Singapore, Nasdaq all are in red for now will IND follow the same path tomorrow any guess ?

NSEI 09 Aug 11:21 AM

Nifty call: Go long on a break above 17,515 for targets of 17800 to 17900,

IRCTC 09 Aug 11:20 AM

IRCTC will cross 700 tomorrow

NYKAA 09 Aug 11:19 AM

Another brokerage firm, Edelweiss has also maintained its buy rating on Nykaa but has trimmed its target price to Rs 1,743 from Rs 1,859 earlier, baking in a higher cost of capital and stiff competition as the key risks for the valuations

RELIANCE 09 Aug 11:18 AM

Yes, as insider should know the surprises, it should move upward from tomorrow onwards

PAYTM 09 Aug 11:18 AM

ICICI Securities has maintained its buy rating with an unchanged target price of Rs 1,285 based on the customer lifetime value methodology.

SANDUMA 09 Aug 11:17 AM

can anybody inform the procedure for selling rights entitlement in the market

SANGHVIMOV 09 Aug 11:15 AM

Good results on 11th Aug. Just hold for a new 52-wk high

CONFIPET 09 Aug 11:15 AM

kal result hai aur stock price bhe slowly recover ho raha hai...expect to get a good result hopefully 🀞🏻

ADANIPORTS 09 Aug 11:14 AM

The companys consolidated revenue in the quarter slipped marginally at YoY at Rs 4,637.95 crore against Rs 4,671.19 crore in the corresponding quarter of the last fiscal year.

NSEBANK 08 Aug 08:46 AM

Nothing to be excited in today`s sixty paise rise. if global clues neg..Β 

VINATIORGA 08 Aug 08:37 AM

Absolutely spot on the demand for this company products ae e always there almost having a monopoly in 1 of their product. This can definitely go to higher levels

INDIGO 08 Aug 08:37 AM

Buy Interglobe 2070 - 2072 Target : 2110 - 2130 KEEP SL : 2030

SUBEXLTD 08 Aug 08:36 AM

The only concern investors should consider in Subex is the absence of promoters. All other things are very positive about the company. Almost debt free, good financials and bright future aspects.

TRIDENT 08 Aug 08:36 AM

you can sell your one force you to hold this stock

DISHTV 08 Aug 08:36 AM

today keep ur fingers cross, it will again go to 12 and tomorrows will cross 13 guys, result is superb.

NSEI 08 Aug 08:35 AM

all set to create new high today...17530 possible...if closes above 17530 then we may see min 700 points rally from here...if sustains below 17500 then we may see 17000,16850

NSEI 06 Aug 12:19 PM

This is a wonderful forum where you can share your views and it will be good to look for opposing messages first so that we can review our trade or investment seriously and be doubly sure.

NSEBANK 06 Aug 12:19 PM

50 basis hike in interst rate, not good news for home or people who takes loan!!! Now live in high interest rates scenerio!

HEROMOTOCO 06 Aug 12:16 PM

Seems will consolidate in a 50 point range for few days before major upside , lets

SHREECEM 06 Aug 12:15 PM

Stocks can move from zero to infinity but not in a straight line, the downside is capped not the upside.

XELPMOC 06 Aug 12:15 PM

Global markets in deep red, todays blood will be scattered on Monday as well

LXCHEM 06 Aug 12:14 PM

Holding this stock in my long term portfolio since many years now

UPL 06 Aug 12:14 PM

Daily charts help traders to figure out short-term stock price movements

SUZLON 06 Aug 12:13 PM

Hi Friends enjoy the weekend because we are heading to an eventful and holiday shortened week, regain your charisma that is lost last week.

RELIANCE 06 Aug 12:13 PM

forum members muje ye batado ki itni regulatory asset he approx 50k cr dvc or dmrc ka payment pending he fir ye 625 ke book value ka share 125 me dene ka kya matlab he log samaj nahi rahe dmrc ka payment to samjo court ke hukam se 2-3 sal bad bhi aajaye ga par vo 50k cr ki regulatory asset aek loli pop hi he ..

BRITANNIA 06 Aug 12:12 PM

Centrum Broking yesterday gave Buy rating on Britannia with a price target of 4183.

MOTHERSUMI 06 Aug 12:12 PM

volume was not must go beyond 133

NSEI 05 Aug 12:26 PM

Market to stay sideways for this week . Be cautious as per my experience and wait for fall below 17200 for buying puts otherwise premium will be eaten badly. I have chosen to not to trade till 17200 or above

CEATLTD 05 Aug 12:26 PM

long consolidation near 1340-45 from few days...getting ready to spike towards 1400/ and keep in your radar.....1500/- possible next week...πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

CHEVIOT 05 Aug 12:25 PM

we may expect buy back next quarter 2500 Rupees

ERIS 05 Aug 12:25 PM

results will be declared on Aug 5 along with interim dividend

TATASTEEL 05 Aug 12:25 PM

Short for cool 10 rs gain in august, tgt 96, distribution going on , it will not cross 110 as first it will test 96 and on break of that 85 levels

LINCOLN 05 Aug 12:24 PM

Invested 25L..Avg 345 .. Currently loss..

COCHINM 05 Aug 12:24 PM

Smart Moves in Cochin Minerals, JPPower, Future Consumer, Evexia Lifecare.

HINDPETRO 05 Aug 12:23 PM

that has already been discounted. If the Sensex or Nifty corrects then only it may fall.. And that is applicable for other stocks as well. Happy investing.. Hold it Tight..

ASRL 05 Aug 12:23 PM

Dont fall in will fall to 50-60 levels after Right issue completion

GUJALKALI 05 Aug 12:22 PM

5% down after good result - really surprising................

NSEBANK 05 Aug 12:21 PM

After 1 PM Today Confirm Sell Sell Sell Sell at 37900-38000 level for Target is 37600 again again confirm today today

NSEBANK 04 Aug 10:23 AM

again buy at 38050 levels will go up again tgt 38200/350

HDFCBANK 04 Aug 10:23 AM

HDFC Bank : Intra day target : 1450 , buy buy buy

NSEI 04 Aug 10:22 AM

think china-Taiwan news will be our savior. lets see how it goes

TATASTEEL 04 Aug 10:22 AM

big big buying in tata steel Sail Sail Sail sail Sail sail

MAXIND 04 Aug 10:21 AM

if possible can you explain the stps involved .. how to go about the process of submitting shares etc. ...

MAXIND 04 Aug 10:20 AM

if possible can you explain the stps involved .. how to go about the process of submitting shares etc. ...

MAXIND 04 Aug 10:20 AM

if possible can you explain the stps involved .. how to go about the process of submitting shares etc. ...

LLOYDSTEEL 04 Aug 10:18 AM

Himachal fiber and WELSPUN SPECIALITY SOLUTION is best penny stock to buy at current level...

ITC 04 Aug 10:17 AM

what is the point of recommending tata consumer products in itc forum

GARFIBRES 04 Aug 10:17 AM

Fundamentally its a very strong stock , all divisions are firing, buy and keep it for posterity

NSEBANK 03 Aug 10:26 AM

waiting for 37800 broke then free fall up to 37600 sure

YESBANK 03 Aug 10:25 AM

at every downfall, accumulate Yes Bank, itll surely hit 20-24-30-40 in short term. do not listen to shorters or operators. keep accumulating this gem.

KOTAKBANK 03 Aug 10:25 AM

Kotak bank will touch 1865 levels today in intra day trade. Buy buy buy ...

GALACTICO 03 Aug 10:24 AM

i have 3500 shares,its my promise to all my retail investors that I will wait and do not put sale order till LC break

LESHAIND 03 Aug 10:24 AM

Buy and accumulate until next week, Results will be good and after Result another rally will start with continuous series of UC.

NSEI 03 Aug 10:24 AM


DRREDDY 03 Aug 10:23 AM

no need to worry...anytime short covering can start and it will reach day high of today

ZOMATO 03 Aug 10:23 AM

Yesterdays UC was well planned by BOfA and Uber... to Pump and dump... now this will be a pain again and stay rangebound around 45 to 50... there are better shares without risk now in will stay away till next quarter results...

NSEI 02 Aug 10:46 AM

sell nifty ame bank nifty fast 600 points down tomorrow mager fall will see in bank nifty sell now bank nifty and ce holders may effect tomorrow sell ce and buy pe for more down fal tomorrow

NSEBANK 02 Aug 10:45 AM

another one hour we can see big fall with bank nifty ...use this opportunity to buy . if reaches 600 point down.

BANKBARODA 02 Aug 10:44 AM

Again confirmed News Today Bank of Baroda Sell Sell Sell at 121-122 levels for Target is 119 today

MANAPPURAM 02 Aug 10:44 AM

time to hold could be a big day 108-112

BCLENTERPR 02 Aug 10:43 AM

next upper level 2.05 . after that 2.55

EKC 02 Aug 10:42 AM

Keep a stop loss of 140. structure is not so great. but still can go upto 220 if momentum stays

DEEPAKNTR 02 Aug 10:42 AM

May be close above 2010 today.....

NCLRESE 02 Aug 10:41 AM

Bumper results expected for Q1... UC journey started from today !

BAJFINANCE 02 Aug 10:40 AM

HOLD. Correction is over. it will go to recent ath soon

NSEI 01 Aug 11:18 AM

Nifty Call addition is mere 30% while Put addition surpassed 75%. BN call addition 35% and Put addition 120%. Operator is capable to lift the market with another 70-80 points

HINDALCO 01 Aug 11:14 AM

earlier i suggested when 396.10( buy buy buy hindalco cmp near 396..................... target 420/430.... short term.....) my first target achieved..... should following use trailing stoploss...

PNB 01 Aug 11:13 AM

pnb by eod may touch 33.50 this tgt may achive even today.

KRISHANA 01 Aug 11:13 AM

Krishna phoschem will not go below 270 as there is strong support at 250 level

SBIN 01 Aug 11:13 AM

sbi target 700 buy and hold very bullish chart and good bank

UNITECH 01 Aug 11:12 AM

considering assets and land bank of unitech, this share is grossly underpriced.

NSEBANK 01 Aug 11:11 AM

buy buy tgt 37800 to touch once

GILLETTE 01 Aug 11:11 AM

i think price is increasing ...may be it can get momentum...

SHALPRO 29 Jul 10:23 AM

1 month as it moves like a snail and it will get stuck at times.

TATAMOTORS 29 Jul 10:23 AM

Tata motors is jet airways of AUTOs, from results to management to stock performance, compare it with JET airways 5-7 years back. Only talking and no on ground performance.

HATHWAY 29 Jul 10:22 AM

Market 57000 pahoch gaya but isme Koi changes nahi small tezy aati he vo Friday ko next week fir se vahi kaam down.

SCANDENT 29 Jul 10:22 AM

trading is going on with high volume and the price is coming down. what is happening?

VEDL 29 Jul 10:21 AM

Metal index is firing on all cylinders ...

RAIN 29 Jul 10:21 AM

270 is exit .....hold with confidence....maybe 1-3 months

IBULHSGFIN 29 Jul 10:21 AM

down will stop near to 107 or 108, long time investors hold it short time investors sell it and buy it at 106-107.

AWL 29 Jul 10:20 AM

the stock has not hit lc / uc for sometime ., so the control mechanism is very strong.

VIKASECO 29 Jul 10:19 AM

you also misplaced the decimal its 0.167 after 4 years.

NSEI 29 Jul 10:19 AM

High risk traders can take a combo Nifty short now. Buy one lot of 17150CE at 120rupees . Take one future lot short. Max loss around seven thousand per lot by THU if Nifty does not fall.

NSEBANK 29 Jul 10:18 AM

TODAY Confirm Sell Sell Sell at 37500-37600 levels for Target is 37300 By 3 PM Today Today confirm today confirm

NSEBANK 28 Jul 11:51 AM

it can blast up till 400 also.. it has not come down in last half n hour...sustained its position for long time so might blast up

NSEI 28 Jul 11:51 AM

under favourable climate all will try tpp buy stocks which gave good results now which inn turn boost market now.

SAIL 28 Jul 11:50 AM

Fresh leg of rally started in Sail and metals ...All the best ... Happy Investing !!!!

CEINSYSTEC 28 Jul 11:50 AM

keep holding Ceinsys Tech.... tgt 230

TRIDENT 28 Jul 11:49 AM

Trident will go 100 rs soon

GODREJPROP 28 Jul 11:49 AM

buy for the target 1550 next week

HFCL 28 Jul 11:49 AM

just hope your analysis comes true Oshowin Bhai..can do with some profits..its been a long long wait

NSEBANK 27 Jul 12:00 PM

sell banknifty around 36620 tgt 36350 tgt 36100.

RELCAPITAL 27 Jul 12:00 PM

Decade of low inflation is ending for emerging Asia, warns

ZOMATO 27 Jul 11:59 AM

apply your mind, they are not at your pay roll, they promoting stories that they are paid for, nevertheless this is fights of bulls so dont come between this type of bulls. My views your choices

HUHTAMAKI 27 Jul 11:59 AM


IDEA 27 Jul 11:59 AM

Do not disagree with some borders who opine that Thursday closing may be the lowest of the week and so I have prepared myself to buy further one Lot tomorrow by close.

NSEI 27 Jul 11:58 AM

fed ne agar .75 bps rate hike already factored in h market me so kal 16 800 ke aas pas gap up opening ho sakti h... its only a view point not a suggestion

TANLA 27 Jul 11:58 AM

Big Sharks already booked profit and made innocent public to get in to trap. Big Sharks will again buy when it will be 2 digit.

NSEI 26 Jul 10:15 AM

16500 to 16600 todays market directions.......16500 to 16600 todays market directions.......16500 to 16600 todays market directions....

NSEBANK 26 Jul 10:14 AM

recovery in little profit booking is phenomenal again bounce back at 11.30noon

ADANIPORTS 26 Jul 10:13 AM

Buy Adani Port fast keep buying going to blast towards upper side postional hold for 1000 level soon buy Adani Port and hold for good profits

SBIN 26 Jul 10:12 AM

No matter how things appear in the world, all is always, always well.

CANBK 26 Jul 10:12 AM

any possible to cross 235 in this week.

VINATIORGA 26 Jul 10:11 AM

this time before result vol new high cross after result 2500-2700 new zone

CHENNPETRO 26 Jul 10:11 AM

i request all who trapped in this stock they curse to manipulators of this Stock they would get Very Big losses in future

CENTRALBK 26 Jul 10:10 AM

best result net rise 14% total gross profit 235 cr

SANDUMA 25 Jul 08:01 AM

IF you already hold or buy SHARE by 25 July , you will automatically get RE in your demat before 8 August . suppose you get 100 RE you are eligible to apply and get minimum 100 rights shares . you can apply for additional rights shares too . you do not need any print out of anything while applying through ASBA , it is online process unless you are doing physical asba

KALYANKJIL 25 Jul 08:00 AM

what is reason for 20% UC bro

AXISBANK 25 Jul 08:00 AM

Profit will decline by 12 % which will make the stock price to decline. short term target 700 can be seen by this week.

YESBANK 25 Jul 07:59 AM

Hi friends, people who all are comparing last Q4 results should see the extra 250 Cr expenditures for new Branch expansion and employees annual bonus paid in Q1. profit could have been 550cr in Q1.. think before sharing false information.

VEDL 25 Jul 07:59 AM

you are 100% eligible to get Dividend if you sell on 26 July . you are even if you buy on 25 and sell on 26 July (BTST).

NSEBANK 25 Jul 07:59 AM

banks and banknifty options, most liquid money maker.

NSEI 25 Jul 07:58 AM

today if nifty tends to go upside and sustains whole day then put waale better exit ur positions ,they may show a fall but it might be on expiry day or Friday by that time put premiums will be peanuts no use...

TANLA 25 Jul 07:57 AM

however, even if tanla posts highest ever qrtrly results , we cant predict the movement in share price, as it is in severe downtrend. only hope is a good result and a reversal as soon as possible.

NSEBANK 23 Jul 10:00 AM

Crude oil still below 104 dollar which is good for economy. rate hike by ECB and fed may take crude below 95 dollar. which is even further better. we are at peak of negativity. now good news shall start flow

CGPOWER 23 Jul 09:59 AM

Thanks for sharing this info JVJ .... also almost 10 percent shares are unpledged so total pledged shares now down to 87 percent.... looking forward for that news where all shares are unpledged after paying of full debt

RELIANCE 23 Jul 09:58 AM

Can 2550 opening be seen in RELIND on Monday or will it be back to 2570 levels seems heavy 2500 put writing is there fir July

GOODYEAR 23 Jul 09:58 AM

next target is 850 for good year

ALOKINDS 23 Jul 09:57 AM

company result is available in BSEINDIA site.The net sales and earnings increase compared to previous year. company is progressing well and it will take few years to become a profitable one.

NAUKRI 23 Jul 09:57 AM

looks like it will go matter what anyone says ...πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

YESBANK 23 Jul 09:56 AM

looks possible looking at past quarters. I believe that uttarayan ka prarambh huwa. Yes bank is KRBL OF 5 6years back.

DLF 23 Jul 09:56 AM

Guys DLF is a good stock to Invest in keeping happy sl in mind. Thanks!

ANIKINDS 23 Jul 09:56 AM

Anik is good company with increasing sales and profit every quarter , it will zoom to 52 week high in no time STRONG BUY RECOMENDED

NSEI 23 Jul 09:55 AM

Tata Steel, after face value split from 10 to 1 on 28th, it will be the only stock in Nifty50 available in two digits or below 100.

MUTHOOTFIN 22 Jul 12:10 PM


PARADEEP 22 Jul 12:09 PM

Opportunity below to buy 50 for fence sitters....Accumulate as big players are buying in bulk

LSIL 22 Jul 12:08 PM

Jo shares apne high se 38% down chala jaye. With good results and improving fundamentals. Uske promoters kitna jyada jhool maal karte honge.

NIITLTD 22 Jul 12:08 PM

good recovery from day low.. good results.. should close in green EOD... lets see

PHILIPCARB 22 Jul 12:06 PM

Exit at current level and wait for few days till it reach 94 irrespective of market momentum …. Then enter …

ZOMATO 22 Jul 12:06 PM

every thing is possible in this market. 20 nahi 10 bhi ho sakta he. No business model behind this company. only this is a service platform provider company. mega cities ke alava ye payment me bahot der karte he apne dealers hotels ko.

NSEBANK 22 Jul 12:05 PM

its in range bound 36300 to 36650

NSEI 22 Jul 12:05 PM

FIIs started buying for the last 5 sessions .. Better be cautious on long positions .. Past history shows FIIs start dumping once the price reached a higher profitable level...

ICICIBANK 21 Jul 10:41 AM

πŸ‘‰Buy ICICI BANK for intraday target of 787-790and till Monday it will cross 810-820, bcoz ICICI BANK will post Stellar results and if he beat Street expectations than it will cross 820-830.

GLAND 21 Jul 10:41 AM

why this gland is down by 2000/- per share from its 52weeks high of 4350/- to 2320/- now. what is wrong with this script. and it is behaving like a third class stock..worst stock ....

EKC 21 Jul 10:40 AM

Volumes are ok not down compared to 20Day avg vol

IBULHSGFIN 21 Jul 10:38 AM

1400 to 100 left ….stock trend weak