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Since 18 Jun, 2022




SEMU about info comming soon...



NSEBANK 13 Sep 11:23 AM

Uprally started .. Buy now

NSEI 13 Sep 11:23 AM

Buy Call NIFTY now 18050............Soon Cross 18150..........Good LUCK

RCF 13 Sep 11:22 AM


HAL 13 Sep 11:22 AM

sell sell immediately target 2500

BHARTIARTL 13 Sep 11:21 AM

Ready 800 Up trend start ....Strongly recommend to Buy : Sort term TGT : 865

TTML 13 Sep 11:21 AM

when it rains all the Mendaks come out only for ttml though not for gtl infra or any other stock πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

NSEBANK 12 Sep 11:19 AM

buy 40500 CE at marget price target 475 2nd target 525 3rd target 575 stop loss 340

NSEI 12 Sep 11:18 AM

IEX , JP Power , RPower , Suzlon inching towards rocket fly ! These power related stocks had been down since long , now going to zoom !

ALLCARGO 12 Sep 11:18 AM

Target 805 in next 4 months. Hold, add once it goes down below 375!

DEEPAKNTR 12 Sep 11:17 AM

2122 is very strong supporting level if it hit next will see the 2134 super buy possible πŸ‘ keepwatching

ONGC 12 Sep 11:17 AM

ONGC has signed six contracts for Discovered Small Fields offshore, with three each for fields in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal.

COSMOFE 12 Sep 11:16 AM

Cosmo ferr will hit a few more LC. Will reach 300 this week/ next week. Book profits and re enter at 300 levels.

NSEBANK 09 Sep 10:22 AM

short banknifty futures for tgt 39375.....

NSEI 09 Sep 10:21 AM

Sell sell because nifty in red coming soon

RVNL 09 Sep 10:21 AM

Now 34.40 is a good support, should maintain the support and move towards 34.80 then we can see good move towards 52 week high. RVNL trying to maintain good work & profit

SHARDACROP 09 Sep 10:20 AM

Consolidation within this range since last few days... now it will start upmove.. immediate target looking 600 possible.

ASIANTILES 09 Sep 10:20 AM

Smell the perfume, people?? its ToTal Gas!! Now or never- buy buy buy recommendations all around!

AMBUJACEM 09 Sep 10:19 AM

Intraday Short at current level and cover at 471.

BALRAMCHIN 09 Sep 10:18 AM

Rice export(certain varieties) banned yesterday , may be sugar sector taking cues from it..

NSEI 08 Sep 11:30 AM

profit booking started in nifty might go in deep red now

KARURVYSYA 08 Sep 11:29 AM

Buy Karur Vysya Bank, target price Rs 88

ASRL 08 Sep 11:28 AM

ASBA amt debited but shares yet to receive in dmat account.

NSEBANK 08 Sep 11:28 AM

exit near 200 not look more up volatile more

IBREALEST 08 Sep 11:27 AM

have a strong feeling . merger gets approval and announced today

NSEI 07 Sep 10:27 AM

adani ent downfall can come higher levels 3400 levels seek break next 3372 and 3340 levels

RTNPOWER 07 Sep 10:26 AM

Good management and IIT passed chairman takes good decisions like Rattanindia enterprises hold and wait for 2 years.

NSEBANK 07 Sep 10:26 AM

TODAY Confirm news today buy buy buy buy buy for Target is 39950-39900 today confirm News TODAY today confirm News

MUTHOOTFIN 07 Sep 10:26 AM

Muthoot Finance Next week 1170- within 2 months 1,500-. Only cash delivery as per your own money investment. No loan investment.

TANLA 07 Sep 10:25 AM

1100 in 3 months and 1800 in 6 months.

IDEA 07 Sep 10:25 AM

these are the days to just watch and do nothing.. enjoy

MITSU 06 Sep 11:41 AM

Company sales rising enabled company to report strong operating profitablity & increase in the operating efficiency

TRIDENT 06 Sep 11:41 AM

cotton price down sharply. Arvind , Welspun, Trident are the biggest beneficiaries.

NSEBANK 06 Sep 11:40 AM

then 42000 fixed by expiry. Such news planted to panic people

IDEA 06 Sep 11:40 AM

A 5 g ready , 25 cr. Subscribers , bank and financial institutions debt 15.2 k , MCAP just 28 crores , veteran with global foot print. Any sense ?????

NSEI 06 Sep 11:38 AM

Now BN reversed exactly from 39650 same level where I booked profit at 39660 , seems FIIs feeling trapped so looking to get out of shorts on bringing the index down. Going to flat trading day with high volatility .

NSEBANK 05 Sep 10:23 AM

bank nifty 40100 call 250 buy given on 195 enjoy full profit

NSEI 05 Sep 10:22 AM

Nifty- Support: 17550 Resistance: 17760

MIRCELECTR 05 Sep 10:22 AM

buy it above 22.20 level...can get 50 to 70 %return in just 3-4 days....

VAIBHAVGBL 05 Sep 10:21 AM

If there is recession in the US

TEJASNET 05 Sep 10:21 AM

Ready for a 670 rally

KTKBANK 05 Sep 10:20 AM

Once upon a time Indusind Bank was also oscillating between 23 to 80 for morethan 7 years. As soon as Mr. Romesh Soboti taken over as ceo, it started rising from 23 to 2000 within 10 years. Karnataka Bank is also following the same path as Shri Mahabaleshwara M.S. has taken over as Managing Director. He has already started showing the improved results. That day is not far when Karnataka Bank will also start zooming like Indusind bank. Its intrinsic value is also like Indusind Bank, so it can easily move to 500 once it gains momentum. So grab it as much as possible for enjoying its consistent handsome dividend every year with a chance to get a lottery by way of share price appreciations to its true value.

MOIL 05 Sep 10:19 AM

172 possible today. keep it up.

CHLOGIST 02 Sep 01:25 PM

looks like started fir double digit. will it cross 7 or uc today? I personally believe it will

NATCOPHARM 02 Sep 01:24 PM

Its ongoing can since last one year. Their license agreement expires in 2025. Theres no much impact on company business. Buy on every dip for the target of 1500 in one year time

RELIANCE 02 Sep 01:24 PM

reliance has not gain single point while nifty has moved 50 points

IEX 02 Sep 01:23 PM

Testing patience once every one tried with this then it will run last time when everybody sold this then it was rocket after 3 years so plz have patience and hold

NSEI 02 Sep 01:23 PM

Nifty Strong Ness seen above 17593....... Strong buy........GST collection record high Last six months......May Nifty....100 to...150 points up side.

NSEBANK 02 Sep 01:22 PM

Bank nifty soon red πŸ”΄down fall pe buy buy n hold it good luck

NSEI 01 Sep 11:29 AM

Bank NIFTY going up , now NIFTY, will be driven by Reliance! 17700 coming soon

NSEBANK 01 Sep 11:27 AM

Bank Nifty BUY TGT 39800-900 SL 39450

GRSE 01 Sep 11:27 AM

will hit new high on Monday. soon price will cross 400 in few weeks

HIKAL 01 Sep 11:27 AM

Wait for sudden hike in Hikal. Dear buy for great return, I promisey

PANTH 01 Sep 11:26 AM

Jitna bonus diya,usse 10 guna investors se nikal liya

ADORFO 01 Sep 11:26 AM

rasi electrodes raised 10%...ador is far better company than ten years, manufacturing will boom...all welding companies are bound to grow

NSEBANK 31 Aug 10:32 AM

sgx nifty shows tomarrow rally is a fake one what you think

RECLTD 31 Aug 10:31 AM

final dividend is not credited as yet. it will done after the voters approve in the AGM scheduled on 16 Sep 2022.

NSEI 31 Aug 10:31 AM

No need to worry if tomorrow our market goes down. Already our market has covered 2 days gain so if any fall comes we will be in profit only - Bulls

IBREALEST 31 Aug 10:30 AM

I dont think the company have any significant stake in pharma as that business is running in losses with no clear cut vision. so rule out pharma in valuing ib enterprise then value it.

SOUTHBANK 31 Aug 10:29 AM

Company going to Listing on NSE exchange any budy knows date please post

NSEBANK 30 Aug 12:17 PM

will see 39600 soon ..good luck ..

NSEI 30 Aug 12:16 PM

I dont know whether any of you noticed but Nifty has crossed Fridays closing of 175 58.9

SBCL 30 Aug 12:16 PM

Now the this share is under GSM observation. Take decision accordingly.

BEL 30 Aug 12:15 PM

Bharat Electronics will reach β‚Ή350/- by the time of record date.

RASIELEC 30 Aug 12:15 PM

buy as much as possible. it is a multibager for long term. only few players available in this sector

NSEI 26 Aug 09:47 AM

Stay Safe G,Kindly Tell Option Chain Data

NSEBANK 26 Aug 09:47 AM

Confirm News Today Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy at 39300 levels for Target is 30600 confirm News Today Make my words

ADANIGREEN 26 Aug 09:47 AM

keep away till 2:30 pm, free of cost suggestion else you will regret, very dangerous if it does not close above 2415 .

TTML 26 Aug 09:46 AM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day...

UNIONBANK 26 Aug 09:46 AM

UP DOWN is part of bazaar. UBI is good going share as on today. we can enter at this level for long term.. . i. e. 2-3 year.

JTLINFRA 26 Aug 09:46 AM

Surya Roshni is up 10 percent n JTL is also in same business n next month JTL will reach 270

NSEBANK 25 Aug 11:25 AM

first it will go down 100 point then again rise and end up 500

RTNINFRA 25 Aug 11:25 AM

Swamiom as you know, 7 lac odd share promoters have purchased at 54 for 6.75 cr shares for trust will they buy above 60,70 or more ...i doubt...

BHARTIARTL 25 Aug 11:24 AM

I dont understand why someone has to sell at lower price. In 3 months can exceed 800.

JPINFRATEC 25 Aug 11:24 AM

Promoters and DII increased stake 300 % why ?

BAGFILMS 25 Aug 11:24 AM

huge fall, big fall in international market ....exit shares for the day..

AJOONI 25 Aug 11:23 AM

whaoo add on CNBC some thing big is cooking

NSEI 25 Aug 11:23 AM

now enjoy free fall haappyy traading

BALRAMCHIN 25 Aug 11:22 AM

Daily charts help traders to figure out short-term stock price movements

LICHSGFIN 24 Aug 06:12 PM

125-150 best buy , not a new , same typical govt. kind.

NDTV 24 Aug 06:12 PM

go and check the market cap of bagfilms (NEWS24) which is available at throwaway valuations and just compare it with the market cap of NDTV

CADILAHC 24 Aug 06:11 PM

Atleast it is less risky stock now. downward potential is less. Only upward if at all.

ADANIPOWER 24 Aug 06:11 PM

other bad day for adani power, Holder.

GTLINFRA 24 Aug 06:11 PM

jung or jug stock , astro comments posted here will take this from here to way up to sky price. rocket ready ! :)

BCG 24 Aug 06:10 PM

Many put sell order on uc thinking price will come to uc after lc and also thinking they will be able to buy at lower price next day. so nothing fake.

NSEI 24 Aug 06:10 PM


NSEBANK 24 Aug 06:10 PM

Operators have done this fake rally in last 2 days so that they can profit book on monthly expiry. Do not buy calls tomorrow. Short on rise

NSEBANK 23 Aug 04:58 PM


NSEI 23 Aug 04:58 PM

if dow supports for coming 2 days...we may see this month expiry near 18000.....

GKP 23 Aug 04:58 PM

connect me on fb Nimai Thakkar we have to get unite for this scame please everyone comd together and lets fight together

AUBANK 23 Aug 04:57 PM

Bank of India rises on signing MoU with IREDA

IPCALAB 23 Aug 04:57 PM

its in bull runπŸ˜‰ keep buying for a whopping profits ☺️

SIEMENS 22 Aug 09:39 AM

siemens is a safe and strongest stock for investment ,never think to sale this gem, infect buy in every chance,this stock capable to par 3500/4000 in coming months.

SCI 22 Aug 09:38 AM

No ji i am always thinking for profit Hereafter I will share my ideaology of earning profit in this forum as well as you are senior member ok with discussing other share here to make profit

PVR 22 Aug 09:38 AM

Buy Subex ltd Any time upper curcuit Few minutes secession buy buy hurry up

RELIANCE 22 Aug 09:38 AM

Today ready for 2550 and below sell sell sell πŸ”»πŸ”»πŸ”»πŸ”»

NSEI 22 Aug 09:37 AM

Its gud to see IT cos taking action to protect n improve margin , expect a gr8 short trapping today , lets c

IBREALEST 22 Aug 09:37 AM

cantabil English rose and palfr25 Market25000 better be cautious ⚠️ with these ids dont listen ols fobtoyr own research and invest .

GVKPIL 20 Aug 02:40 PM

Lot of people mentioned abt their assets ikebana coal mines and all. But nothing is mentioned on their site. As no major stakeholders except promoters no one ask these questions.

KIRIINDUS 20 Aug 02:40 PM

Dystar money already priced in at current levels as standalone business is running in losses.FPIs need volumes which comes during court events and they will use it for sell whenever opportunity comes

NSEI 20 Aug 02:39 PM

sgx nifty 100point down. monday morning asian market what refer. positive things is Fii buying open down position nifty react 40 t0 50 down then market take position positive but B group shares are up on monday.

ZOMATO 20 Aug 02:38 PM

As per all forum members what is the Monday target for ZOMATO?

SBIN 20 Aug 02:38 PM

Target 600 in short time on dip strategy....stay invested...😊

SUNPHARMA 19 Aug 10:13 AM

Since last month result date to till date, sunpharma favour to all future shorters. So urgent sell and immediately exit cover below 890 today monday 850. hurry sell.

SUZLON 19 Aug 10:12 AM

it is related to crude oil and not wind energy sector

JPINFRATEC 19 Aug 10:12 AM

this is my 2nd stock which delist . 1st is Sintex Industries and 2nd this one ... really i feel very bad and both company i have huge quantity ... too much loss

NSEI 19 Aug 10:11 AM

Europe market is falling big trap exit early and save ur money..

NSEBANK 19 Aug 10:11 AM

Was caught on the wrong side in short yesterday, covered it in the fall today. No shorting this market.

DRREDDY 19 Aug 10:11 AM

stock gathering its energy to rise again

VTL 19 Aug 10:10 AM

Stock turn in to long term positive zone .. Ready for 350 Strongly recommend to Buy : TGT : 450

NSEBANK 18 Aug 12:14 PM

Today Sell Sell Sell Sell Sell at 39300 levels for Target is 3900 today

AWL 18 Aug 12:13 PM

will cross 875 before Diwali but journey after closing above 875 might be very rapid.. sameera nahi... kaise bhaga.. retail investors like us need to just sit quite in SPL and AWL.

POKARNA 18 Aug 12:13 PM

if i but today can I eligible for dividend

IDEA 18 Aug 12:12 PM

I have been following Birlas since Bhiwani Cotton Mills days. much water has since flown under the bridges. Birlas are no more THE BIRLAS of yore.

RELIANCE 18 Aug 12:12 PM

investors trapped company looted future group investors and existed from deal with the help of institutions now operated in Kanpur in name of smart bazar with Reliance monogram

ONGC 18 Aug 12:12 PM

winddall tax cut boom boom ongc

BANKBARODA 18 Aug 12:12 PM

i am seeing 118 target in few sessions on downside.

NSEI 18 Aug 12:11 PM

Have been posting about days low to be broken to get premium swings faster.. After two days today is THE FIRST DAY WHEN THE MORNING DAY LOW OF 17 860 was broken thus, the Put pf 17 900 gained momemtum... And remember in expiry day never hang out keeping Buying options (Pe or Ce) active for longer duration as you will jist give treat to Option Writers...

NSEBANK 17 Aug 01:42 PM

Bank nifty ready for big fall....Target 38900

YESBANK 17 Aug 01:42 PM

it will move uptoday we will discuss it tomorrow 2morow we will see it trading above 20 dont worry hold it

PEL 17 Aug 01:41 PM

Target hit guys book and close positions at 110 initiated at 62

ADANIPOWER 17 Aug 01:41 PM

youre not going to get it for Rs. 3000 by coming march 2023, I guess.

VBL 17 Aug 01:40 PM

I think in next 3-4 weeks VB will easily cross 1100. Buy with your surplus money.

CREST 17 Aug 01:40 PM

SHORTERS will b the shorts before it cross 195 again anytimeπŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

AARTIDRUGS 17 Aug 01:40 PM


NSEI 17 Aug 01:39 PM

tremendous buying pressure seen in nifty. buy 28k call at cmp target 45 - 50

AMBUJACEM 16 Aug 10:49 AM

acc acc. acc. acc. 7000 target immediately buy buy buy buy

GALACTICO 16 Aug 10:49 AM

Daily its trading around 40k shares Next week lc will get opened around 35-40..

ARMANFIN 16 Aug 10:48 AM

i will love to see it on UC today. Everything is possible for arman.

RECLTD 16 Aug 10:48 AM

short rec share intraday target 133

NAVKARCORP 16 Aug 10:47 AM

very bad news...... take care of your hard earned money......

TATAMOTORS 16 Aug 10:47 AM

rate ::: 83.. minimum tgt ....decide yourself

NSEI 16 Aug 10:45 AM

Ive kept Oc of 500 points active for weekly expiry approaching just in 3 trading sessions... From the strikes of 17 500 to 18 K.. And now at 10:40 AM its showing Call additions at 92K and Pur additions at sky high 372Ks... And again 17 800 ..

CHEMCRUX 16 Aug 10:45 AM

it will again go to 260 level withinn 2 days sales off..

RELIANCE 16 Aug 10:43 AM

Two Stock....(1) ... Reliance... (2) .. Deepak nitrate..... Todays hot πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

NSEBANK 16 Aug 10:43 AM

As I read fed is skipping meeting,on rate hike, in Aug next fed meet is in sep correct me if Im wrong

HCC 15 Aug 03:00 PM

Many person who were doing blind faith in HCC now their eyes has been opened that what kind of promoter is doing trickery. As the promoter with operator will manipulate the price higher, from that back door promoter will sale the share and price of share will come down drastically.

HAL 15 Aug 02:57 PM

fantastic stock and I invested at just 870

KIRIINDUS 15 Aug 02:57 PM

I think , I will be in deep trouble tomorrow

VEDL 15 Aug 02:45 PM

AA needs minimum 90% share holders approval for his Delisting price. LIC is Holding around 7.5% & FIIs are around 8%. Dont trust DIIs as they are in AAs pocket. They sold it to AA at Rs 160. After that Company paid Rs 100 Dividend & todays price at Rs 260, so actually its Rs 360. More than double in 18 months. Have they made such returns in other investment from this proceeds? I dont think so. DIIs are corrupt. Dont invest in Indian MFs. Instead do ur own research & invest.

BODALCHEM 15 Aug 02:44 PM

what happened to Soda Ash price increase news & its profitability jackpot ???? what happened to all that news ?????

NSEI 15 Aug 02:44 PM

Winter is coming guys...For thise who are short, this channel of 17700 to 17900 would be a good time to think about averaging...the S& P is getting closer to 4320 levels, the last and final hurdle before the all time is also just above 4230 which is the 50 percent retracement. if it closes below that fir a couple.of days, we should see the sell off of thr bear mkt resuming always, hedge completely. but the odds of a shirt trsde paying iff now is much higher than it was a couple of weeks ago. obviously use mknth end trades.

NSEBANK 15 Aug 02:43 PM

There is nothing positive in PM speech . Market is overbought,and no positive symbol from US and Global Market. Behave of global market also show that a good correction in US and Global markets are required and surely on the way .A big rally had been happened in BN ,so a correction of at least 500 to 700 points must must be happened in BN on Tuesday. To salute Rakesh sir does not give indication for further upmove in BN As some forum members are shouting that he was on short side in BN ,so real salute to him will be when BN falls .After all it seems that A fall of at least 500 points must be in BN

ABFRL 13 Aug 01:16 PM

abfrl to operate Reebok brand also.

RTNINFRA 13 Aug 01:15 PM

Stock market is forward looking most times. and what happens if the company does 5000 cr revenue next year. what should be the market cap then. What about policybazaar which trades over 20 times revenue to market cap. I am not justifying PB valuation here. giving a idea. if they can trade at 20 times then rel can surely be at 4 times. what about asian paints. check its price to earnings. This is my view. You can disregard it but dont misguide people with imposing and strong statements. Forum is meant to share facts as well as views and people are free to consider or not consider them.

IDEA 13 Aug 01:15 PM

Let there be either AGR big cut announcement or some big fund infusion of forty or fifty k crores by Promoters or some friends as their other companies are flourishing. Till then VI is not worth investing. Those holding it should lighten up.

IRCTC 13 Aug 01:14 PM

Please dont dump ur holdings.. dont let them buy at cheaper rates..Do whatever you want in derivatives segments.. but dont dump ur share holdings in IRCTC .. If you do so ur the one who will create a selling pressure and he would take the opportunity.. aur tum kuch nahi kar sakogey.. u will jump at higher levels and get stucked.. dont do this mistake

VEDL 13 Aug 01:14 PM

Its a high dividend paying stock. I almost recovered my investment in dividend only. I am adding this gem on every fall in small quantities. This is very good time to add it your portfolio. it will definitely touch to rs. 350 in 3 to 4 months.

NMDC 13 Aug 01:14 PM

Hi , once NMDC holds their Q1 post results press conference sometime next week , hopefully we will get more authentic info on demerger time line. Good luck to you.

KTKBANK 13 Aug 01:13 PM

present PE of the bank is below five. There was some issues in between but that is history average is above 20 but considering the smaller size of the bank ,I expect it will maintain PE of 12 ie price of Rs 200. Target of 200 can be achieved in six month . This is also merger candidate with any big bank

NSEBANK 13 Aug 01:13 PM

dont make fool its danger zone to buy .supply will come then slide because only ve nh ho skte -ve .sidhe sidhe chal rha itne dino se .itni upar me buy nh banta ab its my view. dekho sirf and war situations

NSEI 13 Aug 01:12 PM

but if market open above 17900 then surely it will touch 18k once on tuesday reliance and sbi will be the market mover and ongc as well the same

NSEI 12 Aug 11:09 AM

Buy last chance United Spirits McDowell can blast towards 810--820. buy fast for good profits

CESC 12 Aug 11:08 AM

buy above 84 ....seen sharp move....95-100 level in a week..

TATACHEM 12 Aug 11:08 AM

better book profit to avoid loss later.

JINDALSTEL 12 Aug 11:07 AM

Buy and Hold for 2 months 600 is the target

BIOCON 12 Aug 11:07 AM

buy this stock stoploss 306 tgt 320

GRANULES 12 Aug 11:06 AM

Generally Buy back price touching after one year ..

NSEBANK 12 Aug 11:06 AM

Confirm News Today Buy Buy Buy at 39000-38900 levels for Target is confirm 39300 today make my words

IGL 12 Aug 11:05 AM

nobody can stop this ghoda.. drunken ghoda... next stop will be 460

HEG 11 Aug 10:43 AM

Yes Bhai, will show surprise moves post results and am sure they are going to be another set of fantastic numbers like last quarter and not like Graphite India.

NSEI 11 Aug 10:43 AM

NIFTY above 17720 CAMRILLA monthly break out

HEROMOTOCO 11 Aug 10:43 AM

when we buy at the bottom and sell at the top

KABRAEXTRU 11 Aug 10:42 AM

Buy this gem at current level it will give fantastic return in coming days.

ALPA 11 Aug 10:42 AM

Buy Buy immense reversal from now on , looking on the upper circuit mode.

KTKBANK 11 Aug 10:41 AM

Let us wait and see, in market nothing is impossible

MAGMA 11 Aug 10:41 AM

time to sell poonawala fin corp highly manipulation and gone up too fast

NSEBANK 11 Aug 10:41 AM

Patience PE holder.. market will give you some relief for sometime.. exit ontime .. to cover loss

IBULHSGFIN 10 Aug 03:03 PM

Bhai sahab ye results ke baad 130-135 pe heavy shorts by Operators be careful traders and investors

BHARTIARTL 10 Aug 03:03 PM

Icici Direct gave Buy with 860 target for Bhartiairtel.

RELIANCE 10 Aug 03:03 PM

last 3 months everytime it has tried to.take out 2600-2620 one it has fallen for some reason or other. dont understand whats the relevance of 2600. they seem to be manipulating price below 2600 for some reason.

RELINFRA 10 Aug 03:02 PM

todays tgt 125.......buying badiya he aaj....

NSEI 10 Aug 03:02 PM

This is purely time killing and premium killing market. operators eating premium of put and call options

APOLLOHOSP 10 Aug 03:01 PM

I think today only it will touch 4550 by the end of the session..and tomorrow 4750-4800..

KOPRAN 10 Aug 03:01 PM

Can u throw some light on the line item - " purchase of stock in trade ". It has gone up from 1.2 cr to 16.4 cr YoY and from 1.0 cr QoQ. What could be the reason??? Thanks in advance.

NSEBANK 10 Aug 03:01 PM

BN so strong so dont buy PE so dontake yourself as looser PE is looser looser looser

NSEBANK 09 Aug 10:22 AM

yesterday I have given a buy call on BNF 38000 CE at 9.37 when it was at 230 made a high of 473. check the levels.

GLENMARK 09 Aug 10:21 AM

At this point of volatility, you cant predict if this Stock will gain or lose. Follow the momentum and buy at range looking the previous records People in the stock markets love to look at the historical prices of a share and make buy or sell decisions. Looks good above 400

TATAELXSI 09 Aug 10:21 AM

dont wait for correct price, start accumulating at every dip. It will pay back in long term

SPORTKING 09 Aug 10:20 AM

buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy and hold for long term period, because in coming quarter we can see good profit due to low electricity used .....

ASIANTILES 09 Aug 10:20 AM

This stock should trade above 200 levels but due to stupid management decision stock made to fall when the stock was trading at 120 levels why management decided to offer 63/- for fully paid share that made the stock to drag down lower to 40 levels

VEDL 09 Aug 10:19 AM

Shareholder have a shares on record date, he is entitle to get dividene

RELINFRA 09 Aug 10:19 AM

FCCB 3.200 DMRC 2,700 and DVC 900 crores. Total = 6800 cores. Result = Stand-alone becomes debt free and consolidated debt reduction by 50% to 6000 crores. Share capital is highly concentrated. Can move quickly.

NSEI 09 Aug 10:18 AM

This is wrong assumption. Till one month before I was a PE buyers but I post all positive things now. I even praise VishvaGuru Modi Ji than any other person in this forum, Once upon a time I was blaming Modi govt and FM for scamming and manipulating index

KTKBANK 09 Aug 10:17 AM

Everything is okay why the management is trying to sell Q I P shares of 1000cr rupees value at very low price. Since the book value is above 200rs.and reserve above 6000cr rs.Q I P share value must be at least 300rs.but trying to sell market price.

IEX 09 Aug 10:17 AM

You cannot check the up to date sales data for any other NSE company till they declare their quarterly results. Handful of companies declare their monthly sales volumes. For IEX you can check every element on a daily basis. Traders can make best use of it.

SUBEXLTD 08 Aug 11:07 AM

Multibagger? subex is Multibagger in coming days?

TCS 08 Aug 11:07 AM

TCS is clear buying opportunity for fresh investors, this gem sure par 4500 in future, just buy and hold for long time in portfolio.

RELIANCE 08 Aug 11:07 AM

Sell 2566 to 2570 with SL 2576. T1 2550 T2 2542

IDEA 08 Aug 11:06 AM

Why there is no move in this counter when the index is up by over 250 points.

NSEI 08 Aug 11:06 AM

massive short covering may be possible today ...closing above 17600

RECLTD 08 Aug 11:05 AM

I guess it will be in the range 135-140. Exbonus, it can be 100-105.

IEX 08 Aug 11:05 AM

I personally dont believe its gonna touch or give closing on 170 market is in bullish or in bearish direction..

NSEBANK 08 Aug 11:04 AM

whats the point of holding the put option.. the premium is only not increasing even when going down

NSEBANK 06 Aug 10:34 AM

Europe market is falling big trap exit early and save ur money..

NSEI 06 Aug 10:34 AM

Knath2017 thats a generous thought and pist you have mentioned. Ive already posted 10 stocks in my previous msgs.. Which will be a good investment for further 6 months.. Good luck.

BHARTIARTL 06 Aug 10:33 AM

to risky. 50 points per lot gain is enough for me

MANAPPURAM 06 Aug 10:32 AM

Buy Manappuram Finance, target price Rs 126

KARURVYSYA 06 Aug 10:31 AM

Hold Voltas, target price Rs 1030

KARURVYSYA 06 Aug 10:30 AM

KVB will trade above Rs.67 / 70 next week. Stay invested.

TRIDENT 06 Aug 10:28 AM

this is a retirement stock dont take it lightly

SPANDANA 06 Aug 10:23 AM

Buy Spandana Sphoorty Financial, target price Rs 500

GTLINFRA 06 Aug 10:23 AM

Anything possible in GTL INFRASTRUCTURE after 10 years or more hope this time all time high but its take take πŸ”œπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ till face value 🎯

NSEBANK 05 Aug 01:04 PM

just buy any ce bank nifty to move up

TATASTEEL 05 Aug 01:03 PM


NUCLEUS 05 Aug 01:02 PM

Ridiculously undervalued stock. Company has 550 cr cash on hand. Extremely honest management. Company on verge of major business breakthrough. Can be 5x from here. 60% of loans transacted in Indian Market are managed on Nucleus platform.

BLS 05 Aug 01:02 PM

BLS is on growth track. Q1 result will be excellent, as there is no covid restrictions and people travelled a lot for business and personal trip. Short Term Target Rs. 280.

TIRUPATIFL 05 Aug 01:00 PM

stock being corrected at every rise, gaining strength, it is good indeed.

LXCHEM 05 Aug 01:00 PM

Momentum pick up in laxmi organic from Monday/Tuesday .

MARUTI 05 Aug 12:59 PM

no semiconductor shortage will occure in future : confirmed by maruti suzuki management.

ALOKINDS 05 Aug 12:58 PM

new law will help alok Ind to its true value

NSEI 05 Aug 12:58 PM

Slide in Nifty as well as Bank nifty will start. Market exactly on support. Be careful band exit all longs is market starts going down. I am short already

NSEI 04 Aug 11:24 AM

Dont jump out early.I am sensing even 17200 and below can come today

TATAELXSI 04 Aug 11:23 AM

Europe market is falling big trap exit early and save ur money..

RICOAUTO 04 Aug 11:22 AM

onece cross 50 than imidiately 54/55 possible and my final tgt 70/85 this is my opinion

3IINFOTECH 04 Aug 11:22 AM

Company is doing well, their revenue is increasing but i have 1 questions to management..... they sold software business to Azentio and the deal is completed but where is money?? why they are not showing.

IRFC 04 Aug 11:21 AM

Heading towards 22 -23 by this month end.

TATASTEEL 04 Aug 11:18 AM

keep buying short term target 125

NSEBANK 04 Aug 11:18 AM

My calls will answer.. Wait and watch And u can see it s just made high of 56 already 3X return

WINDLAS 04 Aug 11:16 AM

target 400 in six month πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

BASF 04 Aug 11:16 AM


LICHSGFIN 04 Aug 11:15 AM

i personally think bad results are leaked

COFFEEDAY 28 Jul 01:09 PM

multibegger stock... wait till 80!!!!!

BIOCON 28 Jul 01:09 PM

Badly stuck at rs 374 with heavy investment. Greatest mistake of my life that I bought biocon.

SBIN 28 Jul 01:08 PM

SBI is an investment idea as at 450-570 very valuable stock and should be in core portfolio for 650 targets.! Happy Investing!

RELIANCE 28 Jul 01:08 PM

2nd half will more strong in reliance...huge buying will see for tgt for heavy gains

NSEBANK 28 Jul 01:07 PM

I am not able to understand why BN is moving up and not going down side when today is expiry

BAJAJFINSV 28 Jul 01:07 PM

Result is not upto mark, Book already 30% given in month. Buy at 13000 on Monday

RENUKA 28 Jul 01:07 PM

I mentioned here before few days, after 23rd July market can go up. You all experienced same. Only SRS share is banned by sugar mills owners and operators. Investors are loosing good chance to cross Rs 54/-, where many investors trapped.

UJJIVAN 28 Jul 01:06 PM

Target ,first, 172 just now reached. Enjoy profit!

NSEI 28 Jul 01:06 PM

Nse operators are looting public money if bank nifty grow they have pay high amounts so keeping down

LT 27 Jul 06:00 PM

what next for Larsen and toubro next levels .. target .... sl ... ??? buy sell hold ???

GNFC 27 Jul 05:59 PM

It will cross 800 as soon as quarterly results will be announced...

NATCOPHARM 27 Jul 05:59 PM

Even with few negatives like P/E above 70, dispute with FMC the stock is holding on. Looks like it is bottoming around 650. Q1 numbers could be good.

VGUARD 27 Jul 05:59 PM

Super result V Guard Industries advanced 1.58% to Rs after the companys standalone net profit jumped 119.3% to Rs 54.02 crore on 80.1% increase in net revenue to Rs 1,009.64 crore in Q1 FY23 over Q1 FY22.

LICHSGFIN 27 Jul 05:58 PM

LIC Housing Finance results are on Wednesday, 4th August 2022.

COALINDIA 27 Jul 05:58 PM

Quarterly results will drive the stock to 225-230 levels... Hold for a months to reap the benefits....

DENORA 27 Jul 05:58 PM

Whether result is priced in or any fresh breakout to touch or cross 52 week high? Will have to wait until tomorrow.

NSEBANK 27 Jul 05:57 PM

my suggestion never trade everyday, its an addiction, better trade only 4-5 trades per month, thats good

NSEI 27 Jul 05:57 PM

Everyone knows that if inflation is high Reserve Banks will increase interest rate. It is factored in and expiry will be Nifty.

HFCL 23 Jul 01:00 PM

I mentioned numerous times & warned about bogus orders as it was not reflected in sales since last 5 quarters. If Company was receiving so many orders worth Crores of Rupees, where it went? Its MN Company & whole World knows him since KP era. Very notorious man.

HATHWAY 23 Jul 01:00 PM

jio net profit and revenue jumps to nearly to 20percent...positive for hathway

RELIANCE 23 Jul 01:00 PM

fools often talk as vaguely as you have

SURYODAY 23 Jul 01:00 PM

SURYODAY has been penalized by RBI kindly check the news and Results will be out on 4th of Aug 2022

ASTRAMICRO 23 Jul 12:59 PM


ICICIBANK 23 Jul 12:59 PM

Kotak declared very good results, my prediction is wrong. I thought kotak to fall 3%, but after the results it will go 3% up