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following MMB code of conduct: official page anibillion/anibillon is a chief economist and a financial analyst and also a technical analyst cum portfolio manager and also a global venture capitalist (one of the most successful global traders and investors with excellent visionaries). I am working as an economist cum financial analyst (and also policy maker) more than 12 years in global market. i have my own investment firm (my firm mange so many top qualities diversify investment portfolio including corporate, NRI, HNI and international retail investors in global market).



NSEBANK 30 Aug 02:06 PM

b n will cross 39500 today just buy, yet be careful

NSEI 30 Aug 02:06 PM

16700 today or is it too much to ask for ?

GKP 30 Aug 02:05 PM

remove sale order for down selling presure

IBULHSGFIN 30 Aug 02:04 PM

Sell for Intraday Target of Rs 135, poor management worst stock πŸ˜‘

ELPROINTL 30 Aug 02:03 PM

125 is coming soon...happy investing

INDIACEM 30 Aug 01:59 PM

Its a fake top someone wants to sell big quantity...thats why it is spread..check before investing.

SBIN 30 Aug 01:58 PM

The movement shows a bullish move and i think it may be the right time to enter.

NSEI 26 Aug 02:45 PM

It is consolidating to fly high. Today before closing or Monday.

NSEBANK 26 Aug 02:44 PM

nobody can stop its crashing buy put or fo for sell .very bad crash will occure .

TANLA 26 Aug 02:43 PM

Very positive news will be announced and very positive sentiments can be seen in tanla from Monday onwards. Fingure crossed.

AWL 26 Aug 02:43 PM

it is life time good also good surplus convert to bonus also

GVKPIL 26 Aug 02:42 PM

On the tape I can see someone accumulating in BSE. Who is it??

PNB 26 Aug 02:42 PM

revised stop loss from 36.50 to 36...............................rebuy target is same

NSEBANK 25 Aug 08:22 PM

US market is up by 1.33%, huge gap up is expected tomorrow..

NSEI 25 Aug 08:22 PM

i was expecting profit booking at 17800 in nifty but later found that 17734 is all time High trend line. if breached it ll be breakout n not fall. hence shorted at 1300 hrs candle for flood gates.

IRCTC 25 Aug 08:21 PM

Dear frnds one can look into IRCTC cmp 742 nd dips for long trm,always make own research first !

IRCTC 25 Aug 08:21 PM

Feeling happy causes every good thing to rush into your life.

KABRAEXTRU 25 Aug 08:20 PM

kabra rockingg and preparing for new highs,initially suggested at 130,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

KABRAEXTRU 25 Aug 08:20 PM

Dear Frnds one can look into India glycols cmp 870 and dips for long trm,initially stock was suggested at 129 in 2016,always make own research first !

TATAINVEST 25 Aug 08:19 PM

Dear frnds one can look into APE cmp 6.5 for long trm trgs 11/15 and more with et 4.1,always make own research first !

CAMPUS 25 Aug 08:14 PM

buy campus its multifold. soon gonna to be 2000. keep Invested

NSEBANK 22 Aug 09:23 PM

Fii and diis not sold much today,why so much falls as is recession came

NSEI 22 Aug 09:22 PM

close watch movement of dow this index same pattern indian market dow jones closing flat or 50plus positive zone almost downside over

BHEL 22 Aug 09:22 PM

BHEL 52 buy it now for target 55 in coming days, keep SL 51

GKP 22 Aug 09:21 PM

I bet you this stock will keep hitting LC for next couple of weeks.

SUBEXLTD 22 Aug 09:20 PM

Subex get fresh order from Ethio for telephone solution. Another good news for Subex.

JSWSTEEL 22 Aug 09:19 PM

JSW steel buy for target 655 soon, SL also 638, cmp 642

APOLLOTYRE 22 Aug 09:17 PM

Great Journey of Apollo from 160 to 250, now ready for 250 to 315.... Gem of Tyre Industry

NSEI 18 Aug 08:06 PM

Nifty next week nearest PE and CE are costing only 130rupees approx. which is abnormally low for a THU closing, with five trading days. Expecting at least five hundred points swing this week.

IEX 18 Aug 08:05 PM

Buy IEX cash target 175/186 soon

BEL 18 Aug 08:04 PM

ex date to announce karo BEL management j hold karke bethe hai

KPRMILL 18 Aug 08:04 PM

Above 640 ...... every chances to touch 738 levels in s flash ..........

NSEBANK 18 Aug 08:04 PM

Congratulations ! Means Pls think...if u write here at entry time more people can earn & give u blessings.

SBIN 18 Aug 08:02 PM

Buy sbin cmp 532 and sl 528 and target 540/545

ADANIGREEN 18 Aug 08:02 PM

adani green face value is Rs 10 and sw solar Re 1,Now decide which is more valuable

NSEBANK 17 Aug 07:31 PM

Bank nifty dances along with ICICI more than HDFC bank. But more recently to every other bank in the portfolio.. whichever it can use to maintain higer values.

NSEI 17 Aug 07:29 PM

No emotions 17900 ke uper morning open hua to bhi exit karo otherwise decay hojayega and below 17900 exit as early as possible. Kal short sellers bhari pade to ye log 17900 se 17800 ke range me market ko phasa daalinge full day

FIEMIND 17 Aug 07:28 PM

Ride to continue with profit booking intervals. Price may cross 2000 gradually

IPCALAB 17 Aug 07:27 PM

Its in a bull run. Buy IPCA labs for huge profits. Next targets --- 985, 1010, 1080, 1300

VISESHINFO 17 Aug 07:27 PM

Next result time it slowly will go again 0.85 paisa after result again will come down 0.70 paisa super duper drama ha ha ha rocket going to die

INEOSSTYRO 17 Aug 07:26 PM

offer price wont be increased.they dont want to buy shares from public but open offer is compulsory as per Sebi rule

NSEBANK 16 Aug 05:49 PM

Now Resistance time over - only PE, mark my word I am not doing FNO but my prediction is bearish from Here

NSEI 16 Aug 05:47 PM

kalanag24 dow34000 today if goesinus Or plus Nifty firm up 18500

ADANIPORTS 16 Aug 05:47 PM

Adani ports rocckingg 3% up,towards new highss,initially suggested from 260 cmp 790 !

BAJAJ-AUTO 16 Aug 05:46 PM

earlier i posted....(buy buy buy bajaj auto near cmp 3853.85.... target...3950/3980/4050)mu all target crossed today now 4091.20..... enjoy money rain friends.... keep use trailing of luck...

TRIDENT 16 Aug 05:45 PM

HOLD is the suggestion. By Deepavali it will cross Rs 55

MANAPPURAM 16 Aug 05:44 PM

People did short Muthoot Finance due to below expectation result.. Manappuram got the hit as a collateral damage. Hold it without much worries. Should be able to see 200 within a 1-2 quarters

TRIDENT 16 Aug 05:43 PM

Mr Rajinder Gupta still controls the TRIDENT through 72.24% holding in the company.

MANORG 16 Aug 05:43 PM


NSEBANK 14 Aug 11:54 AM

Dow j 34000 like nifty nowadays Dow following nifty trend---18000

GTLINFRA 14 Aug 11:54 AM

Rakesh jhunjhunwala pass away today its shocking news for banking sector he told dont invest in Telecom sector so now avoid Banking sector barish mode on now telecom sector boom πŸ’₯

IDBI 14 Aug 11:52 AM

Very Sad to hear the sad demise of our hero ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala ji .Bhagwan unki aatma ko Shanti pradaan kare .

NSEI 14 Aug 11:49 AM

Sentimentally very bad for the market 17100 on the cards

IDEA 14 Aug 11:44 AM

V i quietly deployed 5G technologies Massive MIMO, Dynamic spectrum reframing, Cloudification of core, Automation & Artificial Intelligence. V i moving right direction

NSEI 13 Aug 09:16 PM

No reason why so much runup but markets can be unrealistic at times . I can not trade against the markets , if it wants to go up on big money we can not stop so then only way is to go with the market , on Tuesday I will buy on declines .

RECLTD 13 Aug 09:16 PM

Buy at Rs 135.40 Target: Rs 143 Stop Loss: Rs 131

L&TFH 13 Aug 09:15 PM

Buy near Rs 76 Target: Rs 84 Stop Loss: Rs 72

ICICIBANK 13 Aug 09:14 PM

ICICI Bank shares today rallied 2 per cent to hit a 52-week high at Rs 866.15. The stock of the private lender also crossed a market capitalisation of Rs 6 lakh crore for the first time.

IBREALEST 13 Aug 09:13 PM

once the QIP price is declared the real game will take shape last 10 trading days flushed out lot of short term investors

AARTIIND 13 Aug 09:13 PM

Buy Aarti Industries, target price Rs 1,000: Phillip Capital

NSEBANK 12 Aug 09:09 PM

both index overbought Nifty and Banknifty. And strong resistance ahead.. high chance of pullback.

NSEI 12 Aug 09:08 PM

strongly overbought Nifty and Banknifty.. pullback possible on Tuesday.

IRCTC 12 Aug 09:07 PM

900 in 3 months before next results sure. If u want money buy and hold no stop loss till target achieved.. Best ever performance in thus stock better than pre pandemic it will continue..

OPTOCIRCUI 12 Aug 09:07 PM

lost my hard earn money in this share I have 50000 shares average price 11.35 is any hope of listing again

COALINDIA 12 Aug 09:05 PM

Buy COAL INDIA for 1 week Target 231

GTLINFRA 12 Aug 09:04 PM

let them realise....all positive guys will trap all me... they are pulling me to buy in this stage...but i will not...

NMDC 12 Aug 09:04 PM

India inflation numbers are out July (Current) inflation came out at 6.71% Inflation in June was at 7.01% Now possibility of Export Duty removal increases.

NSEBANK 05 Aug 08:24 PM

dow & nasdaq down 1000 point partnership today.

NSEI 05 Aug 08:23 PM

Dow will close in red only...... strong employment data means intermediate big fed rate hike

CHENFERRO 05 Aug 08:22 PM

Chennai ferrous may rise again with next good result but needs patience.Alternatively Garbi finvest is high growth low PE stock with multibagger ability

COFFEEDAY 05 Aug 08:22 PM

Result in next week, expect nearly 57cr profit

VAKRANGEE 05 Aug 08:19 PM

Declaring a dividend of 0.5 Paisa was unwarranted. Management could have skipped this year if they so desired. 😑

GOKULAGRO 05 Aug 08:19 PM

Crude oil prices are going down regularly, its very good for Gokul as it consists 70% of material cost. Profit gonna increase in the 2nd quarter by a lot. Keep adding this gem, its gonna make you all crorepati 😁.

MTNL 05 Aug 08:18 PM

Department of Telecom (DoT) has allocated 5G spectrum to Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited (MTNL ) huge buying expected on Monday

ADANIPOWER 05 Aug 08:18 PM

320 will be good level to Enter.

NSEBANK 03 Aug 01:50 PM

support at 37800 resistance 38000 whichever sides break take trade in that direction

NSEI 03 Aug 01:49 PM

buy Nifty 17300 CE at 65-68 today its definitely hits the target price of 86-93

ZOMATO 03 Aug 01:49 PM

Take a bow for todays fight.

BSESN 03 Aug 01:48 PM

big crash coming stay away from long position

IDBI 03 Aug 01:48 PM

IDBI Bank Share with face value 10 is better than YES Bank. No risk involved. Good Buy on every dip like SIP. I am buying.

BLACKROSE 03 Aug 01:47 PM

Futuristic stock must be few quantity of this stock in your portfolio .............

STARHEALTH 03 Aug 01:47 PM

When sensex turn in to green will cross 550 Opportunity to Buy.

VALIANTORG 03 Aug 01:46 PM

Ajmera Realty soars as its arm acquires property from Tata Communications

AWL 03 Aug 01:46 PM

tomorrow result. thinking to buy awl (its not showing any downside move). lets see if it sustain above 700 then will buy (but with such scenario conviction level 0.001%) . but tomorrow will decide after result.

ESCORTS 03 Aug 01:45 PM

sell it it will be 600 soon within 12 -15 months remember it

NSEBANK 01 Aug 06:56 PM

before month econamy weak year low after month econamy boost why logic

NSEI 01 Aug 06:53 PM

Had purchased 1L shares of battery maker Romeo Power in US market just a week before at 0.5$ rate. Its already 30% up in pre market 🀘Bull rally everywhere

BAJAJFINSV 01 Aug 06:51 PM

Buy Bajaj Finserv Buy at 1547 Tgt will be 1800 sl 1510 zoin smgoriginal ontelgrm 23k pluse subscribers

APARINDS 01 Aug 06:50 PM

Long term target Rs 3000, within a year. Suggested to buy on dips. Enjoy the rally based on good numbers.

UPL 01 Aug 06:50 PM

the results are great a re eating can on charts 840 - 880 can be seen ....

MSTCLTD 01 Aug 06:47 PM

70 percent of the 5G auction is complete...minimum ten words minimum ten words

CARBORUNIV 01 Aug 06:47 PM

they have missed the estimate. I think it will fall tomorrow.

3IINFOTECH 01 Aug 06:46 PM

Even I am wondering the same....When will it start upward movement?

NSEI 27 Jul 08:00 PM

cool Dow may test max 32100 levels...from there we can see min 800 points fall and our sgx min -250 points fall...

NSEBANK 27 Jul 07:59 PM

RIP TO PE HOLDERS , Already Nasdaq open bumper 2% Up

IDEA 27 Jul 07:58 PM

Which issue server down . Must be Sci case and Agr recalculation.

ZOMATO 27 Jul 07:56 PM

really confused about employees allotment price, is there a lock-in period for the allotment at 1β‚Ή

RECLTD 27 Jul 07:56 PM

This is a fundamentaly strong company with a high dividend yield and low PE .A must have in your portfolio.Just track the net profit during the last 2 years.It has more than doubled during the last 2 years.

SUZLON 27 Jul 07:55 PM

This is the only form where investors can express their frustration and by chance if suzlon management looks at these forum, can understand how investors are frustrated

NSEBANK 26 Jul 03:09 PM

BTST - Bank Nifty Jul below 36450 for a target of 36780

NSEI 26 Jul 03:09 PM


HFCL 26 Jul 03:08 PM

I again telling u all tommorw gap up open happens buy today hfcl fast 69 to 71 with In 2 days

ICICIBANK 26 Jul 03:08 PM


BANCOINDIA 26 Jul 03:07 PM

Last five years ABSOLUTE Returned of BANCO PRODUCTS is negative (-20%) where as TALBROS AUTOMOTIVE Returned is ( 140) % both Auto Ancillary company

SUNFLAG 26 Jul 03:07 PM

Flag Finin is a good stock for long term investment. Another stock which is good for long term investment is Creative Eye ltd.

AETHER 26 Jul 03:06 PM

excellent result guys just keep buying for 10 times return.

TATVA 26 Jul 03:06 PM

so keep buying its going to grow superb 10 times investment tgt even also keep buying aether ind its also 10 times tgt and clean science 4-5 times tgt

NSEBANK 24 Jul 12:13 PM

bank nifty can move till 36880 for axis bank results, from there it has to do the corrections axis bank may move 20 points upper side, but not more than that. tomorrow market will be decision making day plan according to that.

NSEI 24 Jul 12:12 PM


ZOMATO 24 Jul 12:11 PM

The risk reward ratio is not in its favour, overall markets seem to be in the rebound, booking ones losses in Zomato and reinvesting in momentum stocks will give a better return over a 12 month period than staying invested here.

ICICIBANK 24 Jul 12:10 PM

ICICI BANK next week target 900/- due to the good quarterly results and overall market optimism.40/- jump on Monday itself.

SRF 24 Jul 12:09 PM

Moreover what is companies erm strategy what they disseminate in annual report and what they give opinion in public is different

ABCAPITAL 24 Jul 12:08 PM

will there be any dividend declared this time????

CYIENT 24 Jul 12:08 PM

Neha jee.. Whats your opinion on Cyient and happiest minds. Best Regards

BCG 24 Jul 12:07 PM

Some pupil gaved ads . Missing shares transferred to lenders . Zero debt how lenders ? Also pledge shares less . How 19 crores swapped for 1 crore pledged shares . Not transparent .

IEX 24 Jul 12:07 PM

Those with huge holding in IEX can also consider some lightening up i.e, unwinding as it could be heading for decent correction towards hundred forty levels with increasing competition.

RELIANCE 24 Jul 12:06 PM

result not good. monday downside tgt 2-2.5% in reliance. short sell tgt 2100 and within 12 months can be corrected upto 1800 level.

NSEBANK 14 Jul 06:22 PM

banknifty will open around 34400 and will slide towards 34100 tommorow

NSEI 14 Jul 06:22 PM

There is a reasonable co-relation between DOW and Nifty. DOW fall from high, leaves another five hundred points fall due in Nifty . over the next few weeks they should adjust anyways.

IBULHSGFIN 14 Jul 06:20 PM


TATAELXSI 14 Jul 06:20 PM

Thanks for the information I try to find the detailed results in the news channel, great relief...

ZOMATO 14 Jul 06:18 PM

soon we will see 70-74 level . .. till next week

RATEGAIN 14 Jul 06:18 PM

at 300 , order of 5 lakh shares are placed by a big investor . Lets see how this goes.

BCLIND 14 Jul 06:16 PM


NSEBANK 13 Jul 01:50 PM

buy bank nifty future at current price within 2 dyas bank nifty shows 35500 target... sl 34650

NSEI 13 Jul 01:49 PM

Nifty down side upto 15930-890.....wait and see....

HINDZINC 13 Jul 01:48 PM

even sensex 350 points down, its trading is strong positive side.....

NMDC 13 Jul 01:48 PM

If it is sold in open market then definitely 95 can be touched.

HDFCBANK 13 Jul 01:47 PM

buy at current price target 1410 at 7 dyas and sl 1320

ROLEXRINGS 13 Jul 01:46 PM

already strong subscribtion and buy suggested on listing for tgt 2700 and so on. just keep patience. great going

HCLTECH 13 Jul 01:46 PM

short sell HCl tech tgt 890 trading tgt time frame 2 days

AWL 13 Jul 01:45 PM

guys market all about buy sell and hold. so bear also have full permission to discuss Lower level. its as per nmb code of cony

NSEBANK 12 Jul 08:46 PM

mixed signals cpi no change, fii net seller, crude down. cant figured much.

NSEI 12 Jul 08:44 PM

FII have have resumed selling heavily and they have sold index futures as well in huge. I dont know how people are bullish. if not tomorrow by expiry market is going below 16k.

KOKUYOCMLN 12 Jul 08:41 PM

its trend line touches 462 rs to 712 rs anytime big upmove possible buy friends long-term target is very appreciated

ONGC 12 Jul 08:41 PM

its obvious ongc will go down...put buyers will rock tomorrow..

BSE 12 Jul 08:40 PM

will be. correct. level. as. per. nasdaq. referring.

PEL 12 Jul 08:40 PM

todays fallis 33 bucks dividend getting discounted

VISHWARAJ 12 Jul 08:39 PM

Why is this stock such a bloody dud???

MBECL 12 Jul 08:39 PM

Picture abhi baki hai mere dost, just wait and watch ......

NSEI 08 Jul 02:48 PM

as usual Nifty will close flat to distribute first day options... nothing more cannot except...

NSEBANK 08 Jul 02:47 PM

European markets turning cautious

ALLCARGO 08 Jul 02:46 PM

once again.people r trapped above 58rs .now buy once it cross 59 upto that now wait situation .

HFCL 08 Jul 02:46 PM

once again.people r trapped above 58rs .now buy once it cross 59 upto that now wait situation .

ONGC 08 Jul 02:45 PM

ONGC New targets Bhaseen sir 130-135-140.Breakout in July month

TORNTPHARM 08 Jul 02:44 PM

short sell tgt 1200 very soon. before bonus after bonus tgt 600 here.

AWL 08 Jul 02:43 PM

awl finished. soon 360 done. all adani stocks going to fall badly and justify with ultra high valuation haha

NSEI 07 Jul 01:15 PM

Nifty is going to touch 16300 from here . Heavy buying seen . Buy CE without second thought

NSEBANK 07 Jul 01:14 PM


SARDAEN 07 Jul 01:14 PM

Sarda Energy is one of rare companies identified as stuborn to rough condition to market one like the present. If some body has past records of market movement and this company share value, they can figure it out. But believe me I have observed since last 10 years Sarda energy always stood tall during crisis. This shows the strong fundamentals and tight spending. Now it has grown big and so as the returns. Those who have patience will invite big wealth in next 6 month investing in this company by earning atleast double.

RELINFRA 07 Jul 01:13 PM

Now trading is going started to go down again.

BANKBARODA 07 Jul 01:12 PM

Buy BOB Sell PNB........ contra trade.............................

SHREECEM 07 Jul 01:12 PM

within six months it will touch 25000/- wait and watch.

NLCINDIA 07 Jul 01:11 PM

any good news, share never move, just hold even small Qty and enjoy dividend. safe and like bank FD. nothing more. price range 58 to 72 maximum from long time. 79% holding government. no way . buy small and just hold Rs.1.50 dividend.

AWL 07 Jul 01:11 PM

guys sell it going to touch 360 level soon

NBCC 06 Jul 11:40 AM

Is it coming out of F&O again effective 1st August?

ENDURANCE 06 Jul 11:40 AM

ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGIES - New order wins and products to drive growth

NSEI 06 Jul 11:40 AM

Nifty climbing up side.....Wait and Watch...........

IDEA 06 Jul 11:39 AM

Operator seems to have succeeded in his mission to frustrate Investors and so capped the counter in the range of 8.25 to 8.75. However, I am optimistic about next range of 8.75 to 9.5 and so, have gone for a long position for short term.

NSEBANK 06 Jul 11:38 AM

weekly PCR kuch jarurat se jyada hain..may sudden crack..500 points...stay alert

AMBIKCO 06 Jul 11:38 AM

Right time to buy and hold for prices have fallen substantially from the top.Expect a price of around 2800 by mid October.

DHANUKA 06 Jul 11:37 AM

2 New Products Launched for Domestic Market Fungicide for control of early blight and bacterial disease in Tomato. Herbicide for maize for control of Cyperus, Narrow and Broad Leaf Weeds

IBULHSGFIN 06 Jul 11:37 AM


GUJGASLTD 06 Jul 11:37 AM

GUJARAT GAS Has Cut Prices In Its Industrial Segment By Rs 5/Scm

GRINFRA 06 Jul 11:36 AM

Signs Concession Pact With NHAI For Road Project Signs Pact With NHAI For Rs 1577 Crore Project

NSEI 06 Jul 11:31 AM

Smart Recovery seen.....Fii buying.......................on Rock Nifty.........up up

NSEBANK 06 Jul 11:30 AM

pure trap by operators. retail investors be careful. the rally may fizzle out at moment. book the profit and get out of market for today.

NSEBANK 05 Jul 02:04 PM

As mentioned on yesterday banknifty Just kissed my target. Now need to cross and hold above 34350 level for further uptrend.

RCF 05 Jul 01:52 PM

By. more. 80 to 81. ta. 140 to 150. 2 to 3 month. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

RELCAPITAL 05 Jul 01:52 PM

Buy "SHARPLINE" & "" & "LESHAIND" & ABHICAP πŸ†™Ext Time nw: Book profit πŸ’ΆπŸ’ΆπŸ’΅πŸ’ΈπŸƒgo

AMBIKCO 05 Jul 01:50 PM

when cotton prices incresed company has pass on upon customer and now decreasing the benifit company pass on customer. nothing is benifit or losses.

AUTOAXLES 05 Jul 01:49 PM

Today After 2:50 pm Cross 2150 easily... tomorrow 2300 cross and next week 3200 so hold tight and enjoy..

RTNPOWER 05 Jul 01:49 PM

Slow consolidation happening. some good news waiting , those who are bit aware are accumulating . most likely to touch 4 in coming week

BSE 05 Jul 01:48 PM

This Dumb stock again from days high to day low....Again below 600..... Zero Movement overall

IDFCFIRSTB 05 Jul 01:47 PM

Very sad that this is happening to this stock today...frankly speaking this script down even deserve consolidation.

BCG 05 Jul 01:46 PM

Last year, profit was 914 cr. Next year, their expectation is about 1300 cr.

NSEI 05 Jul 01:45 PM

At 1.35 pm. PE additions at 530k lots and CEs at 210k lots. Nifty can get into absolute eating zone. Can trade in plus hundred sixty to plus sixty levels. Rupee down fourteen paisa. hold on to shorts.

VEDL 05 Jul 01:44 PM

Dollar index is surging up. There could be possibility of temporary down side, we may see 215-214 levels depending on dollar index predictions.

GUJGASLTD 28 Jun 07:39 PM

can see 8/10 percent increase in coming days. let see sl 424/425

PETRONET 28 Jun 07:37 PM

fundamentally good share ...please buy this level... expect a gap up opening tomorrow.

KARDA 28 Jun 07:37 PM

2 bulk deal same rate firest sell second buy second sell firest big house fund only retail investors se maal nikle ke liya yeh planning ho rhi ha

TALBROAUTO 28 Jun 07:36 PM

It can touch 380 to 430 levels so dont for quick buying . wait for a dip enter in sip mode between 380 to 430 levels with strict stoploss of 370 on closing basis. Waiting and watching.

TATASTEEL 28 Jun 07:36 PM

Why is GDR showing a down tick?

ROUTE 28 Jun 07:35 PM

Theyll buy from open market of around 7 lakhs of shares at the price of 1700 Rs. wit the value of 120 Cr worth of shares. Such a small cap Cmmkany and look at their vision. Excellent corporate governance. πŸ‘Œ

NSEBANK 28 Jun 07:35 PM

kal dekhna sab mil ke operators ka game kya hota ha. chote player ki kya halat karne wale h y. pe bhi katwayege ce m faswa denge.

AWL 28 Jun 07:32 PM

we are enjoying the moment. market finished. adani share also finished. 🀣. keep shouting. 2000 bla bla. not going back to 850 level. but easily means very easily going to touch 450. koi jaldi nhi hai. aj nhi to kal 450 ho jayega

DENORA 28 Jun 07:32 PM

click here awesome going soon going to be 1200 but avoid fresh entry. a great company. old favourite

BCG 25 Jun 01:17 PM

i have also heard that this million dollar revenue company doesnt have a proper office, and works from a hotel room.... is this true?

RELINFRA 25 Jun 01:11 PM

in bal sheet 20-21 show gaurantee given for rcap rhfl but showing no gaurantee in 21-22 pls clarify if any one know

532323 25 Jun 01:10 PM

we can walk 100 miles but the last mile will always be very difficult....

NETWORK18 25 Jun 01:09 PM


INDTERRAIN 25 Jun 01:06 PM

Current market cap is 200 crores. what is debt? anyone can plz answer...why big companies like Aditya birla or arvind fashions is not buying this company as this company has good brand image...

WIPRO 25 Jun 01:02 PM

wipro adr also going keep investing in wipro....dont sell single share..keep SL 399

NSEI 25 Jun 01:01 PM

just mail or add us on hangouts (niftybank28 at the rate gmail. com) hurry up i made my 4.5 lac loss covered in-single day. Those who wanted to earn and recover huge losses just invest 1 lac with return of 5-7 lac in week

530461 23 Jun 04:14 PM

saboo sodium is going for unchartered territory even if it is so for short term.

DEEPAKNTR 23 Jun 04:13 PM

The most difficult task in stocks is being sitting idle and watching the stock price without action. Do what ever you want to do.

KANPRPLA 23 Jun 04:12 PM

KP may find support at 110 if market remains volatile to neutral.

HDFCLIFE 23 Jun 04:10 PM

future looks bright here, if market gives helping hand, it can be a decent returner.

IDEA 23 Jun 04:08 PM

Perhaps it has locked 8 as its bottom in the short term.

DEEPAKNTR 23 Jun 04:05 PM

stock is consolidatng with heavy short build ups like it did when it was around 2200 ... inverted flag pattern on day chart...more fall will be seen in upcoming session....clowns should hold their long position....

NATIONALUM 23 Jun 04:00 PM

strong resistance at 65... we can see some up trends in Nalco. next week target 75.

VEDL 23 Jun 03:58 PM

time for 10-15% recovery.... copper plan contribution is not mare than 4% in total revenue so that news sentiment cant drag this stock further. also, metal price is stabilizing so this stock will swing between 230-260 for few weeks.

HAVELLS 23 Jun 03:58 PM

should cross 1220 tomorrow... good script to add at every dips

AWL 23 Jun 03:55 PM

450 this week most probably. but thats not important. important all adani stocks going to fall massively and significantly and will not recover.

AWL 23 Jun 03:54 PM

no absolutely fine balance sheet. its best time to invest in clean science. clean science multifold in next bull market after this big bear market. but adani stock not.

TATASTEEL 20 Jun 08:24 PM

760 knocking tik tik quick quick metal fall brutally

HAL 20 Jun 08:23 PM

exit this share going to fall below 700. soon below 1000. big scam there.

MRPL 20 Jun 08:21 PM

MRPL share correct 40

CHENNPETRO 20 Jun 08:18 PM

Asian refinery benchmark margin is at highest ever 35.12 dollar. Hopefully it will reflect in shareprice too within another 2 weeks.

TATASTEEL 20 Jun 08:15 PM

ohhh tata steel soon 760 and even below 760 convincingly 😊. no one can stop it.

ADANIPOWER 20 Jun 08:14 PM

adani Wilmar soon touch 450 and even go more down. no one can stop it

ADANIGREEN 20 Jun 08:14 PM

adani wilmar 450 this week most probably. but thats not important. important all adani stocks going to fall massively and significantly and will not recover.

ADANIENT 20 Jun 08:13 PM

no absolutely fine balance sheet. its best time to invest in clean science. clean science multifold in next bull market after this big bear market. but adani stock not.

JSWSTEEL 18 Jun 11:26 AM

awesome click here already positional sell suggested at 710 for tgt 640 then 550 then 480 great going.

AMARAJABAT 18 Jun 11:26 AM

click here awesome going short sell

NMDC 18 Jun 11:26 AM

click here positional short suggested at 157 fr tgt 120 going to achieve soon.

HAL 18 Jun 11:25 AM

short sell - My target for Hindustan Aeronautics is Rs 850 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs thgtrh

SAIL 18 Jun 11:25 AM

hahahahahah guys click here click here short sell suggested at 95-97 for tgt 75 done. next tgt 60. nothing there in sail

TATASTEEL 18 Jun 11:25 AM

click here already positional short sell suggested going towards 760

JINDALSTEL 18 Jun 11:24 AM

awesome click already positional short suggested at 520 for tgt 480 then 400 done next tgt 320

ADANIENT 18 Jun 11:23 AM

short sell - My target for Adani Enterpris is Rs 1400 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs refrg

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