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Dear frnds, myself arvind, basically a big textile business man from surat. started stock mkt investments around 2001/2,,,,,since than i have learnt a lot abt technical analys ,tracking stocks on unique formula ,which i gradually discovered by year 2005/7,,,,i have been highly benifited by investing in stock mkts based on my unique research ! later i decided to share my views via mmb,so dat i can use my deep mkt knowledge for all investors favour. dear frnds, i m only giving my bullish or bearish views,,,as per my calcutions, decide on your study before investing on my views. i strongly beleive one shud never depend solely on fundamental analays,,,, technicall view shud never be ignored. frnds if u wanna make good fortunes for urself,stock mkt is best place in this universe,provided u make sensible decision @ rite time.



NSEBANK 15 Apr 07:13 PM


NSEI 15 Apr 07:12 PM

See us market opens one percent up today

IBREALEST 15 Apr 05:40 PM

Now tgt 110 ib hsg is coming down daily

IDEA 15 Apr 05:40 PM

Even though vi NSA network is 90% ready it will take 5 to 7 month to launch substantial 5g network.. 20 months to generate 30 % revenue from 5g.. Till then AGR issue might have solved. OTSC waiver announced. New gov in centre. Tariff hike for 15% done.. VI should have been stopped sub loss. VI share price might crossed 30 rs.. Clsa might have given 15 rs target.. Goi will start refoem 3.. sbi cap guy said FPO will be successful once anchor investor details will be out.. Loss making company clear 17000 Cr debt. Why this money not spend on capex? What happened to BG return money ? Why VI not selling any assets? For whome price band kept low?

YESBANK 15 Apr 05:39 PM

One thing I know. Yes Bank cant remain at 25 forever. It is Bank with more than 3.5 lakh cr total assets. That means 1.2 lak cr more than IDFC first bank. As and when profit will increases, yes bank will increase. I am just dumping my extra money regularly in yes bank.

NSEI 10 Apr 02:32 PM

Nifty fut 22845 is sl thats ath yes sl tgt below days low

NSEBANK 10 Apr 02:26 PM

again going to touch top, take blindly CE positions

NSEBANK 10 Apr 02:26 PM

Guys dont take PE....Take CE in few and book profit and keep strict stop loss

TRENT 10 Apr 02:25 PM

see this will fly again and close above 4070, Friday 4150, pik up fast. Buyers are increasing v fast

YESBANK 10 Apr 02:24 PM

"Yes Banks deal value should be Rs 88,000 crore (Rs 30.5 per share "as per MC article........hold tight for sure gain in next 2-3 years. Better return then FD for sure....only for long-term investors.... short-term rosk takers avoid as it can drop down to 19 also if overall market goes down due to political scenario change circumstances.

CONCOR 10 Apr 02:23 PM

View on Concor is to consolidate till 940-935 in coming session.

NELCO 06 Sep 05:08 PM

The way to experience miraculous circumstances that seem to come out of nowhere and fall into your lap, is with gratitude.

NSEI 06 Sep 05:06 PM

I am holding 17700 ce, can anyone suggest what would be tomorrows target

BSESN 06 Sep 05:05 PM

Sensex ends choppy day 49 pts down DreamFolks rallies 42% pvt banks weak

AFFLE 06 Sep 05:04 PM

May settled at around 1000 to 1050.

PFIZER 06 Sep 05:03 PM

RateGain zooms on getting selected by Jazeera Airlines for AI-powered pricing insights

SUZLON 06 Sep 05:03 PM

Guys dont get confused with volume/price action and never buy based on news also. look how much ebita is improved since last quarter and also eps. Do your own analysis and stay strong.

NSEBANK 06 Sep 05:02 PM

axis, Bandhan , hdfc bank, tomorrow these three banks are the heros of bank nifty they will lead the bank nifty

NSEI 30 Aug 07:55 PM

Guys...we can hold onto our technicals and data points while FII grab and grasp our markets are nothing but gamble ground of FIIs..God save your capital!

HDFCLIFE 30 Aug 07:54 PM

nothing volumes uts only internal loss profit game.. chacha bhatija, mama, uncle😀 dont buy at this Lvl. only sort 584/589/597 keep stoploss. its worst than lic.. myself nit hanged but after researched. its Shane fir hdfc group stocks

NSEBANK 30 Aug 07:53 PM

lol today 3pm it wa slike expiry bank nifty went up 250-300 points. hope u all booked profits. operators have completed weekly expiry today itself along with financial index weekly options expiry. day after only premium eating. enjoy.

MOHITIND 30 Aug 07:52 PM

promoter n operator sell n exit ur position then I will take it up to 500₹

ICICIBANK 30 Aug 07:50 PM

Buy ICICI BANK for 1 week Target 923

RELIANCE 30 Aug 07:49 PM

Reliance AGM Highlights: MOSL in its report today says 5G, New Energy and FMCG foray in focus.

NSEBANK 25 Aug 08:12 PM

have u observed if nifty closes down next day it will go upabd 8f closes up goes down next day. operators go against the tide to make money

NSEI 25 Aug 08:12 PM

US GDP improved by per data statistics published EST -0.7% Vs. Actual -0.6%

REPCOHOME 25 Aug 08:10 PM

repco is going to be a multibagger

HAZOOR 25 Aug 08:09 PM

refer to my earlier post..... considering the EPS of this company and thle sectorial PE the target of rupees 148 is not too fa..r .... !!!!

GET&D 25 Aug 08:09 PM


ADANIPOWER 25 Aug 08:03 PM

adani power suggested at 22 hit trg 400 as updated,one can buk upto 60% profits and hold rest for long trm !

YESBANK 25 Aug 08:02 PM

all postive news are not worked out for yes bank Its become an 5 paise movment stock yaar daklo yes ko keep investing good days ahead

SUZLON 25 Aug 08:02 PM

I bought 23000 share at price 7.40 , hope it will touch 15 rs. before March 2023

NSEBANK 22 Aug 03:25 PM

bank will recover soon state axis kotak and many others

NSEI 22 Aug 03:24 PM

17300 is next support level

BAJAJFINSV 22 Aug 03:23 PM

Tomorrow another 250 points down, All the best PE holders👍

RAMASTEEL 22 Aug 03:22 PM

BTST in Ramasteel: buy near 563-564, sl 555, target 590

IRCTC 22 Aug 03:21 PM

750 is crucial resistance for IRCTC. Stock should close above that level for further upward movement..

MANCREDIT 22 Aug 03:21 PM

Mangal Credit will double within no time so buy and hold. Another stock which has the capability to double is Creative Eye ltd. which is also a strong bonus candidate.

GTLINFRA 22 Aug 03:18 PM

Tomorrow Onwards Green Journey will resume. Keep an eye....

GNFC 22 Aug 03:18 PM

tomorrow below 700. 136 eps. 10 rs dividend. look at adani grp shares just on announcement of some news daily rising. no value for quality share.

NSEBANK 19 Aug 03:09 PM

my 1st target completed this call buy banknifty 39000 ce at 314 target 400, 500, 600 keep sl 280

NSEI 19 Aug 03:09 PM

Definitely it will go down on Monday even on Tuesday and take support at 17300-400

KTKBANK 19 Aug 03:08 PM

Great Buy Opportunity For Long Term Investors. Do Your Own Research Before Investing.

CHENNPETRO 19 Aug 03:08 PM

Back to 44 Moving average i.e 284. Close below 284 is not good for stock

SKMEGGPROD 19 Aug 03:07 PM

sell and not take home 66or down next week

MIDHANI 19 Aug 03:07 PM

Mishra dhatu share boom boom 💥 🤑🤑

MCDOWELL-N 19 Aug 03:06 PM

Today If it closes above 795-97 then one can buy for a tgt of 845 within a week with SL of 777

NSEBANK 18 Aug 03:24 PM

Tomarrow Gap up opening 40k....real aazadi hai... Buy Buy Buy.... BTST

NSEI 18 Aug 03:24 PM

lets see how remaining 4 candles go. green or red. yesterday at closing last 4 candles were red.

ZOMATO 18 Aug 03:22 PM

Just observe daily the stock is growing by 2-3rs the graph moving upward yesterday close at 65 today 67 tomm it will close with 69-70

BCG 18 Aug 03:22 PM

It will cross 150 ....if its come down accumulate more and more .it will cross 150

IRCTC 18 Aug 03:21 PM

Wow, This Train has taken off :) NonStop Now, Target 800 by Aug 30th.

HINDMOTORS 18 Aug 03:21 PM

AGM of HM will be held on 28/9/2022. By that time, I think the management will be able to conclude the JV and make announcements for making EV2wheelers

CGPOWER 18 Aug 03:20 PM

cg post says tonight they are going to reveal whats coming. May be they are expanding into consumer products like mixers etc

NSEBANK 18 Aug 03:19 PM

😄😄😄 short covering of bank nifty told watch out rod leke ghumaya ..

IDFCFIRSTB 18 Aug 03:18 PM

45 to 35 ?? How ? There is no good news or bad news about this share. Then why will this fall ? Is Nifty and BN bull run exhausted ?

IRCTC 18 Aug 03:18 PM

IRCTC is up 7% suddenly, whats the news for it to blast ...

NSEBANK 16 Aug 07:28 AM

today bank nifty will play in 600 point range . Thursday it will be gamma expiry

NSEI 16 Aug 07:27 AM


DIVISLAB 16 Aug 07:27 AM

today it will reach 3800 level in the opening buy buy more buy

VEDL 16 Aug 07:26 AM

Vedanta is looking good. Stock gradually inching up with rise of market. Heading towards 300 level within short term.Risk reward ratio looks to be favourable at cmp. One can take the position for 20-25% gain in short term.

IDBI 16 Aug 07:25 AM

Currently they seem to make money by short-selling and then pushing the price down.

RTNINFRA 16 Aug 07:25 AM

result is not good this time... posted a loss of 200 crore

NSEI 16 Aug 07:24 AM


NSEBANK 13 Aug 09:11 PM

Bhai Logo Get Ready For 40K on Tuesday Sure Shot

NSEI 13 Aug 09:10 PM

This time upside participation has been less by retail mostly enjoyed by FIIs , still huge FOMO left which may drag upside . Once retail start to put bigger money on buy side then markets will fall and FII will then sell.

FIEMIND 13 Aug 09:09 PM

Excellent results from FIEM IND. Tuesday It will touch new 52week high🌹

SYNCOMF 13 Aug 09:08 PM

result declared .. check on bse

SAMRATPH 13 Aug 09:08 PM

Absolutely amazing results! YOY- 83% increase in revenues and 881% increase in PAT

COALINDIA 13 Aug 09:08 PM

Target Revised: ICICI Direct - 294/- Centrum Broking - 306/- Prabhudas Lilladher - 255/- CLSA - 250/- As per technicals breakout of 220/- share price will go to 270/- 305/- and 320/- in very short time..stop loss will be 216/-

DIVISLAB 13 Aug 09:06 PM

Divis Lab ended 5.5 per cent lower at Rs 3,730. The pharma major reported a 26 per cent yoy rise in consolidated net profit at Rs 702 crore for the June quarter compared with Rs 557 crore in the same quarter last year.

NSEBANK 12 Aug 09:21 PM

banknifty strong expiry alert rocks alerted above 38800 next 39300 afterwards attempt to cross 40000 now 40000 due to holiday range bound movement maximum premium erosion next week crucial support levels maximum downside 38000 and upside 40000 all are spot levels power of technical analysis rocks again history repeats itself

NSEI 12 Aug 09:20 PM

Nifty already gave breakout today. See the charts carefully, It will go below 17k but first it will make new highs, all time high will be made in this month.

VEDL 12 Aug 09:19 PM

finally received dividend today in my demat account,,,,🥳 in love with vedanta😍

POLYPLEX 12 Aug 09:19 PM

Not sure what to see and what not to see on QoQ or YoY basis. I have 500 FREE Polyplex shares from trading profits for lifetime in Coffee-Can. Have nothing to do with results as such. Cheers.

HAZOOR 12 Aug 09:18 PM

Fentastic result Profit and income, both, more than double

HINDPETRO 12 Aug 09:18 PM

people are Posting any thing but no sense to grab share at lower price. pity

NSEI 07 Aug 09:55 AM

Indian Flag in Space, World coming to meet India. FII waiting for Monday for Shopping. DII waiting to SELL

NSEBANK 07 Aug 09:55 AM


GHCL 07 Aug 09:54 AM

to asservative and all: i do not doubt the performance of company.but crooks in top block fruits of such performance from reaching ordinary shareholders.

MTNL 07 Aug 09:52 AM

is there is a scope for Adani take over MTNL?because he is concentrating on only Cities

SAKAR 07 Aug 09:52 AM

Q1 Results looks average. Magins increase. Sales down and depreciation up. New plant has recently been capitalised. In injectable takes time to ramp up. Oncology segment is niche. It might reward like natco in longer time.

RTNINFRA 07 Aug 09:51 AM

Every stock has different dimensions and you have to observe all the parameters along with its dimensions with appropriate methodology. Sometimes we focus on one dimension but ignore other dimensions. It does not make any sense.

AXISCADES 07 Aug 09:50 AM

Post ER stock will jump 100 percent from to close above 200..sellers will repent... Result will be best of last 30 qtrs. good luck friends... keep adding...

IDEA 07 Aug 09:49 AM

just work out the numbers after 5 g auction. RIL is in big trouble

NSEBANK 04 Aug 07:02 PM


NSEI 04 Aug 07:00 PM

Now we have to see for best opportunity for 17520 above and 17160 below

PAYTM 04 Aug 06:59 PM

ON a monthly chart extend the third wave

ICICIBANK 04 Aug 06:59 PM

ABC corrections in the stock were not enough. Presently we are in wave X and Wave Y should start. Entry at 800 - My target for ICICI Bank is Rs 600 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs 830

SBIN 04 Aug 06:58 PM

Corrections have started in the form of wave Y. entry at 523 - My target for SBI is Rs 433 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs 546

SAIL 04 Aug 06:58 PM

Finally SAIL made announcement , result on 10 Aug 2022 .........

TOYAMIND 04 Aug 06:57 PM

what happened to its OTT show? is it not performing, price hitting low and low everyday

GVKPIL 04 Aug 06:56 PM

Fainally after one year of worries and agonies they are back to business. Let us pray for reasonable listing price by GVK

YESBANK 04 Aug 06:56 PM

heading for 20 rs. keep patience. 20 is incoming........

NSEBANK 03 Aug 07:53 PM

tomorrow gap up opening is expected...... Enjoy the ride ,all CE buyers gonna enjoy tomorrow as well......

NSEI 03 Aug 07:52 PM

tables got turned in last hour of trade.... bad for shorters.... sold my nifty 17500 calls EOD at 4000 loss... guess I should have waited till morning.... anyways as of now everything is green.... all the best

ZOMATO 03 Aug 07:50 PM

Plenty of shorters put little brake. But it will sail like big ship. Keep a strict SL of 49 for big targets 60/63/67/72.

VIKASECO 03 Aug 07:50 PM

Market movement is based on many factors. Emotion is one of them. But retail and big investors do not seem to have good feeling and trust on this company. The promoters of the company failed to gain the confidence of the investors. As soon as the shares move up, they sell their shares and buy shares of different companies with the proceeds, which creates more doubt on the promoters for the investors.

TTML 03 Aug 07:48 PM

Looks like results announcement on .....9th August...!!!!!!!

GTLINFRA 03 Aug 07:48 PM

Around 3.97 cr delivery at 69

SATIN 03 Aug 07:47 PM

The mammoth provision is due to the written off loans of 274.5 crores, that too in consolidated result.

NSEBANK 01 Aug 09:38 PM

bank nifty PE will make profit or exit pl let me know continue up movement also a dangerous

NSEI 01 Aug 09:37 PM

Kotak Securities today gave Buy calls on these Nifty stocks with price targets: Axis Bank 960. Icici Bank 975. Infosys 1690. M&M 1400. Reliance 2980.

SCANSTL 01 Aug 09:36 PM

companys revenue is more than One thousand crores , book value per share is Above Rs. 60 . shares are available below its book value . First Quarter EPS is Rs 3.93 . dirt cheap company .

BSOFT 01 Aug 09:35 PM

buyback ratio per holding is very low,. due to huge demand ??

PCJEWELLER 01 Aug 09:35 PM

deliverables percentage had came down from 60 odd plus to 30 35 odd

WIPRO 01 Aug 09:34 PM

lots of investors are stuck at and above 700. is it possible for wipro to reach that level ever. answer is yes. hold for long term target 850..

NSEBANK 31 Jul 10:20 AM

chinese may try bring down usa market but bn will go up thanks to operators. lets see tmrw

NSEI 31 Jul 10:18 AM

dj has 100 dma around 33000 which should be attempted once in next 10 days.

COMFINCAP 31 Jul 10:17 AM

Please fasten your belts. Its about to hit 120 before October. Best of luck.

BALMLAWRIE 31 Jul 10:16 AM

12 th august is the annual general meeting…going by their past record around 20th august should be the record date for dividend…and you should get the dividend in your account by 22nd august

PARADEEP 31 Jul 10:16 AM

paradeep Phosphate will trade above 250 next year same month mark it

IEX 31 Jul 10:14 AM

Happy to discard this one after feeling the manipulation of prices when the last bonus was declared immediately sold and exited on profits. Else i would have lost my wealth to half by holding this.

NSEBANK 30 Jul 01:20 PM

Great kiyara jii - Save this profit as this becomes a part of your hard earned capital now. Have a great day and a weekend ahead. Thanks!

NSEI 30 Jul 01:19 PM

NIFTY for Monday has a R1 of 17300 and strong R2 of 17500-600.. and S1 of 17000 and S2 of 16900...... Either break of any side will follow the trend.

ZOMATO 30 Jul 01:18 PM

While waiting for 35 , missed adding at 40.6-41 ...

IDEA 30 Jul 01:18 PM

Wolf got ded while CORANA time. But still Id got ues by families bussines, look chhapari language, which too different. try to learn from father then putt msg wolf son.

WIPRO 30 Jul 01:17 PM

17. In wipro there will be new phase of green build up

IDFCFIRSTB 30 Jul 01:16 PM

see, indusind bank mooved 29% in 1 month - effect of good result. If outstanding result and good commentary from management, this counter may moove towards 47-48-50 in 2 week time.

NSEBANK 29 Jul 07:31 AM

buy buy buy bank nifty cmp near 37340..75 ........................ target ..37750../38000...

NSEI 29 Jul 07:30 AM


ULTRACEMCO 29 Jul 07:29 AM

a red hot stock ::: bleeding for profit alert ...

UJJIVANSFB 29 Jul 07:29 AM

Hold Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd For Target Rs.28

DRREDDY 29 Jul 07:28 AM

techguru even if it falls by 4℅this share will up by 4% with in no time. Good luck if you have PE option enjoy your profit Do not wait for more down fall

SBIN 29 Jul 07:27 AM

a hot stock :::: below 560 ...take profit alert

NSEI 29 Jul 07:27 AM

FII and DII Data: For July till today FIIs net sold 7614 cr while DIIs gave good cushion by net buying 10547 cr

BAJAJ-AUTO 29 Jul 07:26 AM

Hdfc Securities gave Reduce with 3743 price target which is lower than cmp for Bajaj Auto

NSEBANK 27 Jul 04:49 PM

today Indian market behaved like a expiry day. shortcovering happened in most of the stocks. that is the reason for this spike in indices . based on the todays dow movement tomorrow maket will gooo.

NSEI 27 Jul 04:48 PM

as per candlestick chart analysis and PCR tomorrow gap up sure minimum 50-60 points

TATAMOTORS 27 Jul 04:47 PM

Turnover increasing but profit not even 0.5%- then what is the management

RELIANCE 27 Jul 04:47 PM

reliance is the lead bidder of 5G spectrum...wait for the final confirmation.... tomorrow will be huge gap up for reliance...

VGUARD 27 Jul 04:46 PM

how can I check V guard quarter 1 results which is declared today?

TATAMOTORS 27 Jul 04:46 PM

Rs 5006 cr loss against 1300 expected- management don t care about shareholders- every quarter booking loss

DLF 27 Jul 04:45 PM

👉how would you rate my calls all target hit today.

TANLA 27 Jul 04:45 PM

operators Doing their best to avoid LC..otherwise tomorrow only 10%LC... the price will fall another 19%tomorrow...530 will be the tomorrow closing price....Dont buy... Huge scam is going to expose by coming days....

NSEI 25 Jul 08:12 PM

nifty will be open at 16710 and gone to 16820 then reversing back to down

ZOMATO 25 Jul 08:11 PM

PG hinted this 2 weeks back strickly saying retail should not hold this stock once it cracks below 50 more downfall ,dont waste time on this prospective penny stock

RELIANCE 25 Jul 08:10 PM

Sensex and Nifty can not end July Expiry in positve territory without RIL going above 2500 in next 2-3 days.

BCG 25 Jul 08:09 PM

yes elder brother of BCG is now in a dream journey. International Constructions Limited SUBCAPCITY 176 is now.vowwww..I think you are right eldho. it is going towards 1000 that is a dream journey.

CANBK 25 Jul 08:09 PM

230 rs share on a annualized basis will give you 44 Rs EPS ... just wait for the year end for a 15 to 20 rs dividend

KREBSBIO 25 Jul 08:08 PM

Why so much upside.seems net profit may come positive this time.

ANURAS 25 Jul 08:08 PM

During the quarter, we have added a leading Japanese MNC as a customer.

ZUARI 25 Jul 08:07 PM

surely will cross 200 in short term!!

TANLA 25 Jul 08:07 PM

main thing to watch management commentry over the future outlook and growth of company

MPHASIS 25 Jul 08:06 PM

Dear frnds Mphasis initially suggested at 450,hit high of 3600,cmp 2300 can looked into fresh,always make own research first !

SBIN 25 Jul 08:06 PM

Positive feelings are completely effortless because they re our true nature. We are made of positive feelings we are made of joy, happiness, and love.

ARTEMISMED 25 Jul 08:05 PM

Dear frnds one can look into APE cmp 6.5 for long trm trgs 11/15 and more with et 4.1,always make own research first !

NSEBANK 21 Jul 01:36 PM

started falling buy 36300 PE at 135 tgt 160/170

NSEI 21 Jul 01:35 PM

Hello Brijesh bhai, is it worth buying 16600 PE for July expiry only for tomorrow

HCLTECH 21 Jul 01:34 PM

What is your View regarding Market, Is it Bullish or Bearish.

IDEA 21 Jul 01:34 PM

Tbs.. I believe the merger agreement in the 2018 format has been outdated wit ogger to government.. more over why would plc make an equity investment 13.3 and later 10.3 if they were to sell in open market?

KIRIINDUS 21 Jul 01:33 PM

Jefferies, which raised the target price by the highest quantum to ₹3,050//

ADANIPOWER 21 Jul 01:33 PM

The counter has corrected almost 65 percent from its high of Rs 687 in July 2021. At this point, the stock has reversed from its historical support which is respected many times earlier

NSEBANK 20 Jul 04:33 PM

Ukraine seeks to postpone Eurobond repayments by 24 months

NSEI 20 Jul 04:32 PM

Hope you booked your profits and buyed puts now , last 1 hours selling or profit booking already gave a good indication to switch sides now, all indicators showing market as hugely overbought.

SBIN 20 Jul 04:30 PM

btc 28 to 30k first than will review,overal no limits ~

SBIN 20 Jul 04:29 PM

not much interesting ashuji enjoy the moneyrain on mmb ~ arvind bajaj

NSEBANK 16 Jul 04:21 PM

the problem in this forum is the opinions are biased. those who hold put expect market to go down and those holding call expect market to go up. accordingly they post their messages.

YESBANK 16 Jul 04:19 PM

Partially true. Loans (i.e assets) have grown marginally. But CASA has not. I expect YB to remain range bound. 11.xx to 20.xx for quite sometime.

BALLARPUR 16 Jul 04:19 PM

hi checkmate recent example of imajicaaworld cameout from nclt equity increased from 89 cr to 400 cr.shares are allotted at 15 rs to creditors and promoters.lets hope positively for bilt goodluck.

NSEI 16 Jul 04:18 PM


TITAN 16 Jul 04:17 PM

Monday it will be 2.5 to 3% UP. bee ready to incase the opportunity.

HDFCBANK 16 Jul 04:17 PM

Many known nos. Result strength. Operators in hand. 1400. Show

NSEBANK 14 Jul 02:17 PM

exact put call data is. not received from experts but up move is. probable

NSEI 14 Jul 02:16 PM

Today NIFTY will be dragged down to below 15800 levels , book profit & sell

KAPSTON 14 Jul 02:15 PM

June quarter results are very important...if they are disappointing, the stock will be hammered towards 60-100 levels...if you see financials, they are in bad shape..high valuations are not justified..

MINDTECK 14 Jul 02:14 PM

anytime see sharp entry level..will recover with mkt recovery...

LICHSGFIN 14 Jul 02:14 PM

no buyers in call options which is why it is not falling..once enough calls written it will be in sync with market fall..back to ₹333

BSESN 14 Jul 02:13 PM

Bank nifty sensing some green will see who wins

TCS 14 Jul 02:13 PM

Retailers are punished for having too much faith in TCS

FIEMIND 14 Jul 02:12 PM

in short term fiem will goto 1600 once it breaks 1645 then next target would be 1800-1900. But it require time to move on it. Give atleast 4-5 month.

NSEBANK 13 Jul 02:04 PM

EOD target 35100 and by tomorrow it will be at 35400-500... Its just to push weak hands away... Dow is recovering....

NSEI 13 Jul 02:04 PM

Rally will start again around 15900to15850. Till then dont buy calls.

RELIANCE 13 Jul 02:03 PM

looking weak, come down upto 2200 sure in next few days, do not hurry to buy now.

SUZLON 13 Jul 02:03 PM

Why its falling every day. Hope it takes support at 6 levels and start reversal.

BALAMINES 13 Jul 02:02 PM

Slight profit booking after yesterday upside, getting ready to up again and test 3400 levels, yes Subsidiary Company Balaji Speciality IPO is coming....Strong Hold

PARSHINV 13 Jul 02:02 PM

this is fake news to prop up share price

PCJEWELLER 13 Jul 02:00 PM

weak hands exit power 💪 full people buy

NSEI 12 Jul 04:38 PM

Option writers want slow and steady upside that is what decays both sides OTM premium options best way. Fall increases vix and put side premium increases more than warranted. More panic in the market not good for option writers.

GMRINFRA 12 Jul 04:37 PM

GMR Hyderabad Airport saves Rs 10 Crore by employing Solar Power.

AWL 12 Jul 04:36 PM

Just look at ATGL , 400 to 2800 in less than 18 months . Next is AWL 🔥 🔥 🔥

ZOMATO 12 Jul 04:36 PM

zometo rally is started... seller Gaye Kam se ab

MORGANITE 12 Jul 04:35 PM

the problem is sales,they r stagnant Q-Q

NSEBANK 12 Jul 04:35 PM

Bank Nifty may have expiry at same level it was on last Wednesday... means 34200 if market doesnt have major bad news nahi toh seedhe 35800 bhi ho sakta hain

SHREECEM 12 Jul 04:34 PM

Buy Shree Cements for 1 week Target 20561

NSEBANK 11 Jul 06:17 PM

36000 target Tommorow be careful or buy on every dips

NSEI 11 Jul 06:15 PM

bought one lot of nifty 16200 put at 113 rs today....placed multiple orders for multiple lots at prices between 109 to 113 but only 1 order executed....

GALACTICO 11 Jul 06:15 PM

voluem last ten days good 91 buy 9 sell ... i i hope hold .. 125 target ... total100 buy and 100 sell never see ... beacuse some way exiting any time grwoth time ... sotck hold on

GTPL 11 Jul 06:14 PM

Owned by Reliance, future gem, can reach 350 very soon

MRPL 11 Jul 06:14 PM

MRPL board to meet on July 15 to discuss shares issue MRPL board to mull plans to meet minimum public holding rule ET Now

RAYMOND 11 Jul 06:13 PM

Tomorrow it will hit upper circuit...

ONGC 11 Jul 06:13 PM

Europe on high alert as Russia temporarily halts gas flows via major pipeline

NSEBANK 10 Jul 01:08 PM

31450 is a Monday target expected for indian bank nifty, Trend is up side and buy side is recommended. Most people loose money trading against trend Nifty 16300 buyers very active strong buy side up trend... 3 lakh 72000 jobs very strong data by US. US down jones futures moved til 31500 & resistance. SGX moved till 16300 & resistance. Indian Nifty buyers holding & data shows a positive move at least 16300. 2 days nifty consolidation may expect breakout for 100 points uptrend or follow trend, against trend can be headache. At the moment srilanka news has nothing to do with India

IDEA 10 Jul 01:07 PM


BCG 10 Jul 01:07 PM

No need of FA report , every AR itself is proof ... Every industry is multi billion industry , does not mean every anciliary is multi billion dollar business . It is like DTP software user , providing dtp services claming software multi billion industry . Similarly lathe machine user claiming multi billion iron ore based business ... try to compare mediamint with Brightcom group ... which is apt ...

TATACONSUM 10 Jul 01:06 PM

tata consumer buy axis bank Zydus lifescience

NSEI 10 Jul 01:05 PM

mkt will be trying to test 16350 16500 in next expiry.

AKSHAR 10 Jul 01:04 PM

Guys check out Creative Eye l. It has posted very good results and anytime soon it will declare a good dividend and bonus.

NSEI 10 Jul 01:04 PM

Monday any interview by our FM with medias.

RENUKA 10 Jul 01:03 PM

Next week SRS will cross Rs 51/-. But not hopeful to cross Rs 54/-. Long-term investment is advisable.

NSEBANK 09 Jul 01:52 PM

there is no reason for Gap Down on Monday it has to Test 36K by this expiry

NSEI 09 Jul 01:49 PM

On 7th and 8th July FIIs made huge buy in INDEX Futures and Index Options. So their buying interest is not gone. It may be the sign of their coming back for short term. So Index will not go back before it touch 16700 at least ignoring minor corrections.

KABRAEXTRU 09 Jul 01:47 PM

Hold to the OUTCOME of what you want, and feel it as here now. That is your job. The HOW it will come about is the Universe s work.

RELIANCE 09 Jul 01:46 PM

JIO gave free services for two years yet for a longtime there were hardly any takers. It is quite difficult to get existing users to port as who like to disrupt services even for a few days even if it is easier these days. JIO came with free service, unlimited data offers and 4G after 2 years to setup 2 years of free service. How can Adani come up with some tempting offers like free for 5 years with unlimited data? As it is Sunil Mittal is grumbling with low ARPUs?

NSEBANK 09 Jul 01:43 PM

Privatisation will enable better governance, lead to more credit creation: Former CEA KV

SCI 09 Jul 01:43 PM

Fintech startup Innoviti raises $45 million led by Singapores Panthera Growth

SANDUMA 09 Jul 01:42 PM

It seems SMIORE has attained the positive sentiments on declaring information about its rights issue. Eagerly waiting for reaching its previous 52 week high until record date. Good luck investors. 👍👍

IDEA 09 Jul 01:41 PM

We have seen such hype many times in this counter and on this forum. Thanks for the Modi style motivational speech. Yes hamare dilon me urja bhar deta hain. ROFL.

KARDA 09 Jul 01:40 PM

Nim333 pledge shares will be appear on BSE after q1 result

NSEBANK 08 Jul 02:41 PM

Do not dare to shoot. Any it is your money.

NSEI 08 Jul 02:41 PM

As far as Nifty is concerned I had posted that a fresh Nifty buy position should only be considered if it breaks 9 45 AM resistance 16 236.. Which it has not broken for the entire session.. Similarly, Nifty spot would go weaker for immediate gains only below 16 150.. Clearly not before that..

DABUR 08 Jul 02:38 PM

Any declar final dividend?? PL reply this question

IBULHSGFIN 08 Jul 02:37 PM

Well as stated earlier merger with Dhani will mean a ratio of 1 share of Dhani for every 6 shares of Yaari, as market cap for Dhani is 2000 Crore while Yari is just 290 Crore and falling. Cheers.

KIRIINDUS 08 Jul 02:37 PM

The court has not passed any verdict 2 days back . They have reserved their order . But the DLOM has for sure been set aside , so that discount money will get added to kiris kittty for sure .

HDFC 08 Jul 02:36 PM

Why is bank up and this down!?

KAJARIACER 08 Jul 02:35 PM

weekly positional Buy Call: TGT : 1150

MAGADSUGAR 08 Jul 02:34 PM

Magadh sugar 6% up,jalwa continues ,enjoy the moneyrain frnds !

NSEBANK 07 Jul 01:09 PM

Up due to expiry. Better to wait or buy next week PE. BN currently 34730

NSEI 07 Jul 01:08 PM

i think nifty may close around strong buying is happening in beaten down stocks and crude related shares. worth looking at some chemical shares which are beaten down for no reasons.

HFCL 07 Jul 01:07 PM

Despite Market Showing Signs Of Ascension Why This Daridrapu Stock Is Not Moving Up.....

RELIANCE 07 Jul 01:04 PM

Update reliance FUT beat 2393 kindly exit now fut, will trade later

MINAXI 07 Jul 01:01 PM

Minaxi Textiles is on fire moving up daily. Another stock which is on fire is Creative Eye ltd.

GREAVESCOT 07 Jul 01:00 PM

as expected its coming down !! will breach 155 today itself !! keep SELLING at every GREEN

MSTCLTD 07 Jul 01:00 PM

Between 229 and 220 hardly anything to choose. I think they have a clear plan to push this lower irrespective of market conditions and without any fundamental reasons also. Huge wealth destruction for the moment in the hope of better times, hopefully that will not eat into the CAGR?

DLF 07 Jul 12:59 PM

time to go short near 338

NSEBANK 06 Jul 11:29 AM

34000 put 165 now buy given on 145 book partial profit

RPOWER 06 Jul 11:28 AM

good morning to all small investor buy around 11 rs 10.70 I think from next week it will go upside so buy only 11 rs and 10.70 in sip mode my target for year ending 23 rs

LICHSGFIN 06 Jul 11:26 AM

Trading at very cheap price now. LICHF is worth above 450 plus. Offering very low home loan interest in the country backed by strong LIC . soon FIIs will enter this counter to take this to new high soon.....

JYOTHYLAB 06 Jul 11:26 AM

Green Time in Jyothi Labs, JPPOwer, Future Consumer

IBULHSGFIN 06 Jul 11:25 AM


NSEI 06 Jul 11:25 AM

fine enough begging we will try to pull the index upto 15950thats the maximum help you will get today.that too cuz we are benevolent

IDEA 06 Jul 11:24 AM

Investors will not move the counter the way, boarders on this board like. So, the counter shall continue to move the way, majority of Investors dislike and based on this theory, Traders mostly chalk out their strategy.

FORINTL 06 Jul 11:22 AM

Fortune Intl is a good stock that must hold for multibagger returns in future. Another company which can give you multibagger returns is Creative Eye Ltd.

WELCORP 06 Jul 11:20 AM

updated earlier,good lvls 700/800 approx for tata steel as long trm investment

SBIN 06 Jul 11:20 AM

People who are happy and successful think more about the good things that can happen than they do the opposite of those things.

DEEPAKNTR 29 Jun 09:14 PM

guys short (future available) Deepak nitrites 500-600 going to touch. hahaha short as much as.

MRPL 29 Jun 09:14 PM

india is started importing gasoline and diesel, which means fuel demand is exceeding domestic refining capacity .

NSEI 29 Jun 09:13 PM

Heavy selling can be seen in last 1 hour as economic conditions is not good in us markets.

GPIL 29 Jun 09:11 PM

the way it is beaten from 497, it clearly the game of big players. i am also holding 12000 qty at 288 average. my target to remove half qty at 550 but unfortunately it did not achieve and now a days moving below my buying. still i can see the minimum 650 target by december2022... someone is pressing it down. once big sharks will increase their stake with higher volume, you will enjoy a beautiful ride.

ONGC 29 Jun 09:10 PM

now crude oil 8847 near my 2nd tgt 8790 today sell given from 8990 with 2 lots

HIGHENE 29 Jun 09:09 PM

Record date of sub division of Share is 10 August.

AWL 29 Jun 09:09 PM

support near 550 , of it sustains than 600 otherwise no support till 425