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Pasion to read Financial Magazines, and keeping records of Corporate actions, whatever interesting to me, Companies created History of Records in Indian Capital market, Initially I also lost money of my 5 - 7 years of my salary / bonus / incentives in the markets. Reading Economic Times and Financial magazines is my hobby. Whatever I am writing here for exchange of knowledge only and not my recommendation to Buy or Sell or Hold. First consult with your Aditor / Financial Advisor. I am NOT registered with SEBI. Markets are 100% risky . Markets cannot listen to your tunes...It is monitored by several lakhs of Investors across the World... Required Deep acquaintance of required knowledge of Financial Markets on Fundamentals



NSEI 25 Aug 03:39 PM

Nifty 17650pe went from 14 to 127 mark, super duper

STLTECH 25 Aug 03:38 PM

Short term 177...214. by Oct 224 booking profit at169.50. shows short term trend triggered. base is 155.... supports is164... closing any time reaches 169 again . BULLISH stock as of now.

BIOCON 25 Aug 03:37 PM

UNO Minda zooms on investing around Rs 300 crore to expand manufacturing capacity

KIRIINDUS 25 Aug 03:33 PM

market is supreme than me..I know , you know this,but for sake of spamming you post something!!!

BAGFILMS 25 Aug 03:32 PM

after hitting UC closing falt on yesterday price..someone has offloaded heavily..

VIKASPROP 25 Aug 03:32 PM

resistance level at .95 is soon going to be over.....strong resistantance....then strong resistance at 2...then 3....then 4...these are styrong resistance

NSEBANK 22 Aug 03:13 PM

38000 put 174 now buy given on 149 book profit

NSEI 22 Aug 03:12 PM


JPPOWER 22 Aug 03:12 PM

UC of 8.90 there is no remote chance of UC, Retailers and Large holding are dumping it on every rise, I have doubt it will not sustain 7.90 forget crossing 8.00 level.

TTML 22 Aug 03:11 PM

The price is continuously falling, no statement from the management. At least now they should reshuffle the team.

ZENTEC 22 Aug 03:09 PM


WIPRO 22 Aug 03:08 PM

dont get panic in wipro will recover strongly in next trading days buyonly buy call

NIITLTD 22 Aug 03:05 PM

something is cooking in NIIT, positive in weak market , attractive price take it 400 in this week

AFFLE 22 Aug 03:02 PM

if affle india will closed above 1314/-. it will become a new life time high...

NSEBANK 18 Aug 07:57 PM

bank nifty par se barosa hi udah gya hai ..,..,..

IOC 18 Aug 07:56 PM

when Bonus share will be credited?

NSEI 18 Aug 07:55 PM

brijesh bhai come back.....wats ur view now

ZENSARTECH 18 Aug 07:55 PM

zensar is a good bet ,next quarter it will rock..keep in basket for target of 290

BCG 18 Aug 07:54 PM

I think operator chad gya bus pe 不不

DODLA 18 Aug 07:54 PM

Now its time for DODLA DAIRY Ltd to lead from the front big upmove expected once breaking the levels of Rs551 underowned stock in dairy space Buy DODLA DAIRY Ltd 10 to 15% returns on cards Accumulate

NSEBANK 16 Aug 04:28 PM

banknifty will come at 40000 befor 18 August expiry because huge call writing happen which is covered by operator

NSEI 16 Aug 04:27 PM

it is time to hold your trading and wait and short nifty at 18200

TEXRAIL 16 Aug 04:26 PM

something wrong with texmaco rail they have cleared all the order book why there is no order which was there previously

RELINFRA 16 Aug 04:25 PM

no if cross 130 easily touch 150 in no time...once cross 165 than easily touch 240

MARKSANS 16 Aug 04:25 PM

by November this scrip should be trading in the range of 69to 72 provided the mkt supports.

IDBI 16 Aug 04:24 PM

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given its nod to the government on structuring the IDBI stake sale. All the issues relating to the structuring of the deal have been suitably resolved with the Reserve Bank of India.

YESBANK 16 Aug 04:23 PM

buy jppower guarantee double your profit

NTPC 13 Aug 04:43 PM

Buy NTPC SHORT term tgt 175/185

NSEBANK 13 Aug 04:43 PM

Buy Banknifty Spot level short term tgt 39700/40500/41000

RELINFRA 13 Aug 04:42 PM

Results are very good in all sense. Tomorrow it may give morning reaction little but by closing it should be above 120 atleast as per my opinion. It has already corrected from 131 to115. So more down side is very limited.

SUPERHOUSE 13 Aug 04:42 PM

Good result.w.r.t.mcap revenue and profit is very good

NSEI 13 Aug 04:41 PM

Nifty now buy in dip 17300/16900 short term tgt nifty will made new life high 18600 upside tgt 19600/20000 for Nifty

KELLTONTEC 13 Aug 04:41 PM

decent nos.hope coming quarters should be good as per the management declaration

NSEI 09 Aug 02:07 PM

Almost CE innocent buyers trapped yesterday... Be alert tomarrow stay away... Otherwise for temporary up movement we may trapped again...

IOC 09 Aug 02:06 PM

Chennai Petroleum cuts crude runs by 25% at southern India

TTML 09 Aug 02:05 PM

from tomorrow will downtrend in the stock... soon will reach the level of 90.....

BOROLTD 09 Aug 02:03 PM

Results are Bad, both in terms of Q-o-Q and Y-o-Y, The Management knew that results will be bad, thats why they declared results on Holiday.

TATASTEEL 09 Aug 02:03 PM

Google ki kal watt lagne wala hai! Google not working in many countries! search for SHORT CIRCUIT CAUSED GOOGLE OUTRAGE!

SUBEXLTD 09 Aug 02:02 PM

Subex ...Many telcos are going to come to have partnership deal for 5G networking like jio in days to come.So SUBEX is going to shine like anything. we have to wait patiently atleast one year time.

NSEBANK 06 Aug 02:56 PM

SBI posted v poor numbers..will drag down bnf in Monday..weak sentiment and dragging international markets will tk bnf down to 37000 levels

NSEI 06 Aug 02:55 PM

i think market consolidate hokar rsi ko 70 tak laya jayega , then you will see strong buying till 17800 and 18000

USHAMART 06 Aug 02:55 PM

It will open on upper circuit for sure on Monday

AMARAJABAT 06 Aug 02:54 PM

Wow 20% increase in revenues qoq & 30% in yoy, margin are hit yes but inflation was highest in q1, revenues will remain strong & margin will recover, this stock will reach ATH within a year i can bet.

MORARJEE 06 Aug 02:53 PM

Morarjee Text is a good stock for long term investment. Another stock which is good for long term investment is Creative Eye ltd.

ZOMATO 06 Aug 02:53 PM

monday crash in market expected, so stay away in all of these volatile counters,

BPCL 06 Aug 02:52 PM

Monday will break the silence.with good results. so waiting is best.ready fr blast.

NSEBANK 03 Aug 08:05 PM

reversal is seen...lets begin with put market in next coming sessions.... option traders have no a bear and be a bull... 鳶

NSEI 03 Aug 08:04 PM

After looking at current seems to be the same behavior tomorrow also but obviously level might shift by 50-100 pts up

PAYTM 03 Aug 08:03 PM

One can buy now Paytm for a short term of 1k after q1 result as it improving revenue & narrowing loss. Buy on dip..

INOXLEISUR 03 Aug 08:01 PM

superrr superrr results. tomorrow 650 levels.

BALRAMCHIN 03 Aug 08:00 PM

result is tomorrow. Triveni ind result was very bad. present price of balrampur chini seems to factored the impact of bad result. therefore if results are excellent then it should hit upper circuit.

MINDTREE 03 Aug 07:59 PM

Buy Mindtree 3435 Tgt will be 3480 Keep sl 3402

VAIBHAVGBL 03 Aug 07:59 PM

NSE must take immediate action against this Company. Innocent investors are heavily affected.

CONCOR 03 Aug 07:58 PM

its a buy for 714-720 target.. results cant be guessed.

NSEBANK 29 Jul 09:08 AM

Nifty tgt 37890 sl 37230

NSEI 29 Jul 09:06 AM

Expiry will be 17200-300 range

NSEI 29 Jul 09:06 AM

SGX nifty trend shows a gap up opening of about two hundred points but difficult to sustain. Any how this rally is not based on any fundementals

KARDA 29 Jul 09:06 AM

anstup trading private limited and nakshatra garments please buy this stock not sell please help retail investors

SUZLON 29 Jul 09:05 AM

But soon Big Fund houses who are putting share on selling as bait may loose interest and then share price may start rising

DWARKESH 29 Jul 09:04 AM

Buy Dwarikesh Sugars for Target of Rs 125/- By August End..

NSEBANK 27 Jul 02:12 PM

looking strong will go and close above 36800 today

NSEI 27 Jul 02:11 PM

BE ALERT :::: MKT is near to strong :::RESISTANCE:::: as per day chart ....decide y/self

BCG 27 Jul 02:11 PM

Just because a company is Hyderabad based it becomes unreliable is highly prejudice thinking. please correct yourself.

CHAMBLFERT 27 Jul 02:10 PM

Yes...this stock can touch the 360...levels....short term,...!!!!!!!

RELIANCE 27 Jul 02:09 PM

call writers and put writers are making money, that is the reality

HEROMOTOCO 27 Jul 02:09 PM

huge short covering will see in today and tommorow session...hope to look 70-80-100 rs upside till tommorow session due to short covering and good rating from experts and brokerage house

RPOWER 27 Jul 02:08 PM

Future is electricity power sector in India as demand is increasing Look at results of all power Companies. Market price of Rpower is lowest compare to PE ratio of other Power sector Companies.

ONGC 27 Jul 02:07 PM

quick 18 points done in 1st shot from our buying level 700. Enjoy 18 points gain till now much more fireworks is on the way. Jai Hind

NSEBANK 26 Jul 05:46 PM

I have given buy call on 36500PE at 9.20Am when it was at 230 made high of 340. check levels.

NSEI 26 Jul 05:46 PM

Interestingly, in todays selloff, the defensive value growth stocks of Prashant Jain, such as ITC, Coal India moved up or were down nominally (SBI, PFC, REC)

TANLA 26 Jul 05:45 PM

upgradation expenses also impacted the profits which will not be present from next quarter

SANOFI 26 Jul 05:45 PM

Results out . Not great . Dividend not out yet

BALAMINES 26 Jul 05:45 PM

Can in one day after such a rise it reverses as panic selling. This trend is continuing since last January. Firstly the price is rigged up

GHCL 26 Jul 05:44 PM

Ghcl is not for trading. It will take out 900 within two months to one year. Hold it if you trust the future of Soda ash.

RBL 26 Jul 05:43 PM

Result analysis please. Has anyone studied the numbers. Please share on on board.

PCJEWELLER 26 Jul 05:42 PM

Full day volume reduced furthere, yesterday it was 110k today 60k... bad signs..

NSEBANK 23 Jul 01:43 PM

Guys, note down this stock - SANCO INdustries.. currently trending around 11.50 on Nifty.... regret if you dont buy and keep it

NSEI 23 Jul 01:26 PM

tata steel wont cross 940 if crosses also it wont go more than 960.

KOTAKBANK 23 Jul 01:25 PM

Prashant Bhai is retiring better than Donald Bradman: Nilesh Shah, CEO, Kotak Mahindra Mutual

NSEI 23 Jul 01:24 PM

MC should not post anybody on market close days..what do you think guys?

RELIANCE 23 Jul 01:24 PM

Reliance July Expairy 3200ce now cheapest rate..grib it Monday quickly 埠埠休

HINDPETRO 23 Jul 01:24 PM

chodan rupees dividend. Target 280 in about 20 days before it goes ex dividend. Stay put. Very cheap. Company bought back at 250.

PERSISTENT 23 Jul 01:23 PM

Rail passenger concessions discontinued during pandemic may chug

YESBANK 23 Jul 01:22 PM

gross npa declined to 13.45 from 13.93 (qoq) and from 15.6 (you).

NSEBANK 14 Jul 02:11 PM

today close around 34500/35000 vote pls

NSEI 14 Jul 02:10 PM

buy 16000 pe for 5 min wont be much decay being in the money chances of making 1015 points in swings

CADILAHC 14 Jul 02:09 PM

LIC shares have increased by around 1 percentage. one cn check it in share holding pattern

MASTEK 14 Jul 02:09 PM

Moreover every time it fell below 2000 it see vol of 40-60k range means heavy buy sell zone avg vol I want to see first is 1-2 lakh on regular basis or 40-45

BSOFT 14 Jul 02:08 PM

slow poison expected to close somewhere 311-312 the way dairty promoters manipulating ,no fundamental

IONEXCHANG 14 Jul 02:08 PM

Aditya Birla Capital rises as its arm unveils fixed-maturity plan

IDEA 14 Jul 02:07 PM

how will adani buy 18% stake from open market when only 25% is available. and why will he remain minority shareholders to Birla lol. at least read once before writing something illogical.

BCG 14 Jul 02:07 PM

chlo bhaito UC ka khel KHTM ab LC ka chalu .. dekhte jao -- target 30.

NSEBANK 13 Jul 04:42 PM

34500 on card for tomorrow. indusindbank hdfc will drag it further down

NSEI 13 Jul 04:42 PM

US inflation already discounted,so anything near 8.6%or below will be good for market

HINDZINC 13 Jul 04:40 PM


IDEA 13 Jul 04:40 PM

Verizon might enter vi.All the 4 players may wii have equal spectrum after the auction .....

DIVISLAB 13 Jul 04:39 PM

Strong recommendation to go for Buy with a target of 4000-4200 by expiry. After long time Divis labs taken 1st position in Nifty 50 Gainers. Enjoy call holders.

VEDL 13 Jul 04:38 PM

We can expect 2nd interim dividend from Vedanta to pass back Hind Zinc dividend to escape from tax

GREENPOWER 13 Jul 04:38 PM

Great example of pumping and dumping now we will see 8 levels again

NSEBANK 12 Jul 02:49 PM

Better not to carry any position for tomorrow guys. Just keep your cash ready for good opportunity

NSEI 12 Jul 02:48 PM

buy any ce bindas will move sharp up move ...

MTNL 12 Jul 02:48 PM

They are on improving their income and very soon come to operating profit just like bsnl is come no need to any pvt player to run it ! See trai customer data every month

TINPLATE 12 Jul 02:46 PM

rainoam, since long, I have been giving a Target of 500/- for TINPLATE Company. Recently Arvind151 too confirmed this, which has made me double confident. BUY urgently and HOLD for the first Target of 500/-

KIRIINDUS 12 Jul 02:46 PM

please see how openly DJ .l deviating my earlier post of it seems to go below 500 by tomorrow ..but DJ..l is saying I gave 500 call for today..this is how this gang is attacking me!!

GOACARBON 12 Jul 02:45 PM

result not come . just big move without results. result will come 6 pm above

AVANTIFEED 12 Jul 02:44 PM

Good set up and charts looking good. Next Targets Rs.475,510. Expect Good Q1 Results.

NSEBANK 11 Jul 01:57 PM

pure moneypulate with retailers money by NSEs Operator. All market are RED except NSE. NSE try to hund retail trader.

NSEI 11 Jul 01:56 PM

Angel broking buy Nifty 16100 pe.......... Strong Recommendation.......

TATIAGLOB 11 Jul 01:56 PM

Tatia Global is a constantly moving up everyday other company which is constantly moving up is Creative Eye Ltd

SUZLON 11 Jul 01:55 PM

After reducing of debts, financial cost, material cost in turnover, order book the profit of Rs 500 crores will easily come soon. Mark my word and do your research also. It will rs 70 plus within a year.

DEEPAKNTR 11 Jul 01:54 PM

Just check the latest releases shareholding pattern..FIIs and DIIs have increased their stake in this quarter as well....showing good sign for upmove.

RELIANCE 11 Jul 01:54 PM

2600 touch in May 2022, Please note it. Good company.

NSEBANK 10 Jul 12:27 PM

Yes true. All banks head quarters are in Srilanka. Even new bse get operated from there. So Monday it will crash !! Kuch Bhi !!

NSEI 10 Jul 12:26 PM

And if one can read Brijesh rightly it could slide down Intra-Day at most below 16k which I believe will not happen. It will slide below 16,100 but respect 16k very strongly. Next weekly expiry and this month expiry is bound to be a stellar one to drive the bears out with pants down!

NSEI 10 Jul 12:25 PM

Ukraine pm zelensky sacked his ambassador from 5 countries including India

LXCHEM 10 Jul 12:25 PM

after 1st quarter results it will go below Rs.200

AMARAJABAT 10 Jul 12:24 PM

any update on the court case?

DEEPAKNTR 10 Jul 12:24 PM

Stay invested on blue chip stocks with irresistible charm that have got the potential to steer you to profitss despite market swings.

TORNTPHARM 10 Jul 12:24 PM

Torrent pharma can give investors stupendous returns over medium term.

GTLINFRA 10 Jul 12:23 PM

Adani group participation could make bidding for the C-band (3.3-3.67GHz) aggressive, as these airwaves will be available in metros and tier-1 cities. The question is wether GTL Infra will have towers in above said area?

NSEBANK 09 Jul 01:24 PM

Yes. But free advices are taken lightly. It s not so hard to see also Try harder

NSEI 09 Jul 01:22 PM

i am waiting for this level, nifty is coming around 14000 series

NSEI 09 Jul 01:20 PM

thats a good point to consider.. so, do we expect selling to start from Mon onwards? if yes, what would be your target downside? 15k to 14.5k?

DEEPAKNTR 09 Jul 01:20 PM

Gujarat pollution regulator allows partial resumption of Deepak Nitrite s Nandesari plant

E2E 09 Jul 01:19 PM

did you know: 5g auctions are sheduled on july 26. parliament monsoon session will start shortly whereas data protection bill introduction is expected and also quarterly results.An important month for e2e investors. happy investing..

TATAMOTORS 09 Jul 01:18 PM

Tata Motors hikes prices of its passenger vehicles from today.

APOLLOTYRE 09 Jul 01:18 PM

After AGM 5 days take to credit your account AGM 11 /7/22

LT 09 Jul 01:17 PM

Frday ....v hv given.larsen.....ce buy 1700 at 23.4 nd hit 32 day high nd exited... tlgm at rm wealth....Larsen also given last week buy at 1581..for just one week 1702.........

NSEBANK 08 Jul 01:12 PM

Today Confirm news Buy Buy at 35100-35200 level for Target 35400 by 3 PM Today confirm Wait and Patience

NSEI 08 Jul 01:13 PM

FNO system is designed to lure unsuspecting traders into over leveraging. As a process we should avoid buying PEs or CEs regularly. Only when you get clear data indications based on your homework, you can go for combo trade or even writing PEs or CEs.

HINDZINC 08 Jul 01:11 PM

Forum for all & sundry self promotions with nothing related to company, thus wasting others time & energy as no control for such uselessly posts, why ?

IMAGICAA 08 Jul 01:11 PM

I think it may go upto 150 now ....huge buying today

SRF 08 Jul 01:10 PM

as said bull zone is seen through out the day

ARMANFIN 08 Jul 01:09 PM

hum bolega to bolenge ki bolta hai, from 1100 to 1300 in a jiffy

SINTEXPLAS 08 Jul 01:09 PM

Really , On Tuesday it has 10% lower circuit for two days and yesterday it got changed to 5%, Why? Circuit doesnt change continuesly, it fixs in one long time frame. All these things are looking doubtfull and your negative comments confirm it too. keep your negative comments to you , This company has very big name in this sector, Try to find it in Goggle , it has been shown in 10 most famous reliable company of world in water tank area. it it having business in many companies. Nobody are fool there to waste their money in bad product. only good reliable work make coustomers in India too , even we have bought it almost 25 years ago, and still we hasnt face any problem with it till date. shops near to my house are having its small quantity tanks. so stop misguide innocent investors and try to take their hard earned money shares in loss rate as much possible.

HDFCLIFE 08 Jul 01:08 PM

Life insurance sector requires years of capex and reliable network building, brand establishing. HDFC Life has done that in the past 12 years. Inorganic expansion is targeted, ex. Exide life. HDFC has been wealth creator and the philosophy has not changed. Face value o the share is 10, open for bonus and splits. Just hold on and sit tight. - My target for HDFC Life is Rs 1600 for the long term with a stoploss of Rs 0

NSEI 07 Jul 11:37 AM

Classic expiry day.Nifty kept stable upto 12.30.Tonnes of PEs written and than will be risen by 100-150-200 points after 12.30 pm today.PE buyers and CE sellers wont even come to know what hit them

NSEBANK 07 Jul 11:37 AM

it might go downwards artificial up move is suspected

HFCL 07 Jul 11:36 AM

As I said hfcl today may up 10 to 14 percent upper circuit anytime buy now and hold tight

CONCOR 07 Jul 11:35 AM

good consolidating...will spike up any time keep watch

HGS 07 Jul 11:35 AM

company declare buyback announcement but no declare price of buyback & date why?

SUBEXLTD 07 Jul 11:34 AM

management doesnt seem to be serious about the investors. people trusted on Anil Singhvi but he also has left the investors in hell. Subhash and Alex could run the company far better than Anil and Vinod. The only mistake they did was aquisition of Syndesis.

CRISIL 07 Jul 11:33 AM

Two nalco 1 mth 130 to 66 ibr 200 to 58 ibll hsg 300 to 93 any stock can fall in 1 mth

ABCAPITAL 07 Jul 11:32 AM

holding since 2017, this is the only stock which never raised to its purchase price, and its been very digusting.

NSEBANK 06 Jul 08:02 AM

BN is about to fall....GB ruling Govt crisis is worsening....Earlier I was predicting spot level fall till 32800 but it will fall below that levels like 32000/31800 in month of July...Be careful on long and bullish positions....Market is falling very soon more badly...keep money out of market and invest at more down side....July result season will worsen the market more volatile to downside.

SCI 06 Jul 08:02 AM

WORLD_INVESTOR1 ji in share market followers sink first and their leader never sink he knows I m fooling them so escape from sinking,sinking all his followers in deep. Do you think Analyzer72 does not know its real value, no never he knows very well but he reveals less and conceals more.

GOLDTECH 06 Jul 08:01 AM

Olectra will retain the order as BEST Won the case. HC rejected the TMs application. Its disqualification is upheld by HC. Good news for OG.

SCANDENT 06 Jul 08:00 AM

The promoters are going to dilute the equity by another Rs. 42 crores at price of Rs. 30 per share. So after the rights issue the price will drop to 30 or 35 rupees. Real investors can buy after the rights issue.

WOCKPHARMA 06 Jul 07:59 AM

Short term target of Wockardt Rs 227/- ...BUY and HOLD

FSC 06 Jul 07:59 AM

yellow alert hope you are good. any update you have on FSC? THIS BOARD is very quite for last many days...

SANWARIA 06 Jul 07:56 AM

same thing said by Mr bola not to sell and .....but he himself sold and made other peoples in trouble. what the basis of ur assumptions.

NSEI 06 Jul 07:36 AM

Single piece of data,FII buying yesterday changes the whole thing.FIIs buying 2 days before expiry is more of indication,they want to manage the expiry and take Nifty to certain levels.Hence the expiry actions shifts to untill very last moment

SAIL 05 Jul 04:35 PM

sell SAIL it is going to TOUCH 35 soon and shift other stocks.

PNCINFRA 05 Jul 04:35 PM

MMTC zooms on transferring 49.78% stake of Neelachal Ispat Nigam

GREAVESCOT 05 Jul 04:33 PM

EVs in India set to become cheaper as government cuts GST on battery packs ...GST Council has slashed GST rates, making them standard at 5 percent across the EV industry in India.

NSEI 05 Jul 04:33 PM

India stood as sixth largest economy in the world for the year 2021.

RTNINFRA 05 Jul 04:32 PM

1St time i am seeing a great message positivity of HOLD...........that what we are doing ....tell us if anything else is running in your mind......

PTC 05 Jul 04:31 PM

rs 10 dividend per share plus rs 11 special dividend. enjoy so rs 21 in all

OIL 05 Jul 04:30 PM

Next support 175. why this stock came down from 300 to 175 in such a short term? some big players doing this ?

BSESN 05 Jul 04:29 PM

SENSEX is being played by big organised muscles and money Lords. Enjoy the see saw ride of daily sensex movements. Good luck.

NSEBANK 05 Jul 04:29 PM

300 to 500 point gap up tomorrow lets wait n watch.. i personally holding ce... risk takers hi aage badhte h life me..

NSEI 05 Jul 04:27 PM

Once Nifty crosses 16k,PE buyers will ensure it will jump 200 points more.Exactly that was happening today,which caused Nifty to go above 16k

DIXON 05 Jul 04:26 PM

exit nows the chance...after this the fall would be much ur profits at 3650 levels...Im exiting ...

SRF 05 Jul 04:25 PM

Stock seen 12600 fell to 2k 1973 was touched after bonus and war fell off and goes 2770 this was not a joke this quarter numbers and street expectations will decide its shape for short term long players add every dip

BANKBARODA 04 Jul 11:12 AM

Plz keep away from Spammers ! plz keep thinking what your mind said .

OPTIEMUS 04 Jul 11:11 AM

It s not going anywhere UP. There is No Strength. Look at the Volume. Below 300/- is a Big Risk

SUZLON 04 Jul 11:11 AM

Suzlon is at strong support ..will bounce back to 10 with month end ..operators are playing with retail investors ..all they want is to grab at cheap prices

LXCHEM 04 Jul 11:10 AM

Good consolidation has taken place at these levels. Getting ready for a big take off.

BCG 04 Jul 11:09 AM

where are Dolley team with negative boaders disappeared now those were saying Fraud company, fraud management, fraud profit, fraud tax etc and expecting / dreaming share value in single digit or delist? They were all liers and paid workers to create confusion among investors to sell. Those weak mind investors sell shares are crying crying now to get back shares but not getting.So conclusions never ever listen these negative guys.

SITINET 04 Jul 11:08 AM

So exactly retailers ko bolo buy karne if its gonna become MULTIBAGGER then why dont you buy at such a cheap level, buy all 10 lakhs at ,1.94 pese and sell after one year at 10rs plus... buy buy 不 this stock will touch 1.40 and worst case 0.90 first. price match and lower circuit from tomorrow.

VEDL 04 Jul 11:07 AM

Even though AA has not disclosed which Company will do JV with Foxconn to Manufacture Semiconductor, I am 99% sure it would be Vedanta Ltd. Reason? If not Vedanta Ltd then Which other Company has Funds or Borrowings capacity of $ 15 Billion? Think logically. Vedanta Resources Ltd has humongous debts today & no lender will give more loans to it Same with AA at his personal levels. Use Common sense.

KARDA 04 Jul 11:06 AM

operters daily big quantity sell order per laga date ha price increase nhi karne date

MRPL 02 Jul 12:44 PM

It is for q1 23 and yearly above 50... I have mentioned that 120 price will reach in month on july 22 meqns this month...

RELIANCE 02 Jul 12:43 PM

The government levied an additional excise duty on export of crude and petroleum products to cater to the domestic demand as international oil prices soar globally. A special additional excise duty of Rs 5 a litre on petrol and Rs 12 a litre on diesel was levied, according to the statement. Special additional excise duty of Rs 23,250 a tonne of petroleum crude and Rs 6 a litre of aviation turbine fuel was also levied. The additional duty is not applicable on oil producers in special economic zones and 100% export-oriented units, according to notification by Director General of Foreign Trade.

DYNAMIND 02 Jul 12:33 PM

Innovation is not rocket science, heres how SMEs can ace

NSEBANK 02 Jul 12:31 PM

Bank Nifty can be sold at this level keeping happy sl in Mind. Thanks!

NSEI 02 Jul 12:30 PM

Sell every Rise till 14900 comes.This Level is pending.

TATAINVEST 30 Jun 04:19 PM

Mastek zooms on partnering with Netskope to accelerate Cloud Security Transformation Journey

ADANIENT 30 Jun 04:17 PM

highly rated script will be down minimum rs 1000/ in 2/3 months save investers

PLASTIBLEN 30 Jun 04:16 PM

Good dividend paying company.sustainable business.PE of 13. Must buy for long term.

LICHSGFIN 30 Jun 04:13 PM

Allied Digital Services surges on receiving Letter of Intent (LoI) worth Rs 49 crore

NEULANDLAB 30 Jun 04:13 PM

Sundram Fasteners zooms on planning to invest Rs 100 crore in defence business in next 2 years

RELIANCE 30 Jun 04:11 PM

tomorrow this junk will break 2500 ultimately and 2300 by next weekly expiry

KARDA 30 Jun 04:10 PM

remember kbc global bjp supporter and see previous records.... so something better....

RAMCOCEM 30 Jun 04:09 PM

PVR shines on planning to open as many as 125 screens in FY23

IEX 30 Jun 04:09 PM

For Q1 , the topline and PAT could be showing QOQ de growth which the markets may not like. need to avoid any long till Nifty shows signs of fast recovery.

DIVISLAB 30 Jun 04:08 PM

Minda Industries gains on acquiring 5.24% stake in FRIWO AG

LXCHEM 30 Jun 04:07 PM

IOC climbs on getting nod for capacity expansion of Digboi Refinery in Assam

NSEBANK 30 Jun 04:06 PM

Intraday I followed ur strategy.. sold 33500 CE PE both and bought 33800 CE and 33200 PE for hedge.. still I am long in July banknifty Futures..

TCNSBRANDS 30 Jun 04:04 PM

TCNS clothing is India specific working class story. Growing market share and capturing market share from un organised sector.

AWL 29 Jun 12:16 PM

Adani has fooled the nation by declaring 60000 crs as free charity just to scale up his profile with political arena. Anyways the script is too weak and slide downwards sharply. No hope for up move for next 4 qtrs. Thanks and enjoy

SANDUMA 29 Jun 12:15 PM

As per my knowledge PTC industries announced right share 3 for 2 share held on 10 th August 2022.Still the company has not declare record date for right.If I am wrong pls correct me.

GODREJAGRO 29 Jun 12:13 PM

charts showing weakness in near term, may be we can see new 52 weeks low in few months. Below 400 will be a good buying opportunity.

SCI 29 Jun 12:12 PM

Floor test tomorrow. Most probably MVA government will collapse and BJP led government will be formed. Good for SCI as state government approval for the transfer of Shipping house and Training institute can be easily obtained.

SUBEXLTD 29 Jun 12:12 PM

Will Subex head upward to 33, 54, 70 or we need to wait for a year

NSEI 29 Jun 12:11 PM

As I said 15850 was the target but now it loos the market will cross 16000

IEX 29 Jun 12:10 PM

Look at the abnormal sale n purchase of shares and these are my views.

BCG 29 Jun 12:09 PM

Promotor stakes are keep on reducing on past quarters, so be careful while investing money in this stock

KANPRPLA 29 Jun 12:09 PM

The ban on single use plastic is getting stronger. Will it affect or will it help Kanpur Plast..

NSEI 29 Jun 12:08 PM

Today first target might be 16000, then 16150, 16225

BARBEQUE 29 Jun 12:06 PM

Our tgt is 1188 is intact just buy

CRESSAN 29 Jun 12:03 PM

run away before losing your money...0 percent promotor holding

NSEBANK 29 Jun 12:02 PM

buy bank nifty 33500 call 140 sl 110 tgt 190

GLAND 27 Jun 03:41 PM

all depends on their june quarter results. If they are good, it may go to 4000 levels.

BCG 27 Jun 03:41 PM

Markit not good . That why lc. Greed of average i bought few shares at 35.7 ... Going down ... My avg still high .

AMARAJABAT 27 Jun 03:40 PM

please see the LME LEAD Pricess .. down huge and now at below pre covid levels.

BIOCON 27 Jun 03:40 PM

this is the WION story on this . the situation. is not we cqn see q positive resolution.

KSCL 27 Jun 03:39 PM

maybe this time we will need to hold for Long term .. more value is there in kav. if we keep it. it will move but we need patients and earnings and growth. next year will be better. short term can exit now

RBLBANK 27 Jun 03:39 PM

Be ready expiry around 100 plus easily , be prepared for that.

ONGC 27 Jun 03:38 PM

Opec meeting effects, closing any side 130 or 150. Trade safe.

ZOMATO 27 Jun 03:37 PM

Blinkit cofounders is a cofounder in business on public money...

MINDAIND 27 Jun 03:36 PM

Tata Power Company inches up as its arm commissions largest floating solar power project in Kerala

KENNAMET 27 Jun 03:36 PM

Hindustan Copper shines as its board to consider proposal to raise up to Rs 500 crore

IOC 27 Jun 03:35 PM

My call to Buy IOC remains intact 107 also

RECLTD 27 Jun 03:34 PM

it will fly before June 30th once it crosses 122 so invest now & sit for 1 year if one wants to double its investment on capital gain with Dividend of 12%-14% p.a.

ADANIGREEN 27 Jun 03:34 PM

Buy Adani Green all set to go up to 2100- 2150 before close of this week...

GODHA 27 Jun 03:33 PM

uc by eod buy in bulk target of 45 in coming days

HFCL 25 Jun 01:07 PM

HFCL good to but at 32 level so wait guys

INDHOTEL 25 Jun 01:07 PM

Buy Indian Hotel For Target Rs. 278 - Motilal Oswal

GATI 25 Jun 01:06 PM

Buy Gati Ltd For Target Rs 288 - ICICI Securities

ZEEL 25 Jun 01:03 PM

there is a good chance that Zee Sony deal will be called was only eyewash..

BAJAJ 25 Jun 12:59 PM

Buy Bajaj Auto Ltd For Target Rs.5,378 - Sushil Finance

SEQUENT 25 Jun 12:58 PM

you are won the reward if you are free

NSEBANK 25 Jun 12:57 PM

IMF slashes US growth forecast to 2.9%, sees narrowing path to avoid recession. Get ready for a bigger fall on Monday. Dont know when this bear market will end.

NSEI 25 Jun 12:55 PM

yesterday DOW closed 600 points up. SGX futures is 170 points up. lets see what happened on Monday morning. expecting 150~200 points gapup opening on monday.

NATIONALUM 24 Jun 12:29 PM

Its real intrinsic value is almost 200, due to wrong market condition its trading so low must buy and stay invested.

RECLTD 24 Jun 12:28 PM

Its real intrinsic value is almost 200, due to wrong market condition its trading so low must buy and stay invested.

COALINDIA 24 Jun 12:28 PM

Good time to buy and accumulate it for the target of 185levels...

NMDC 24 Jun 12:27 PM

Exactly this is the right time to buy and keep on portfolio around 100 for short to long term aspect....

SUBROS 24 Jun 12:27 PM

Keep on adding this auto ancillaries scrip for the target of 400 and more. Company is very good and market leader

AETHER 24 Jun 12:26 PM

We will see soon the name of Aether in the front line of Chemical business ..very good company..good business model and expansion plan u/p..

IBULHSGFIN 24 Jun 12:24 PM


BFINVEST 24 Jun 12:24 PM

buy now this last chance to see bfinvestment around 250to260level

AUTOAXLES 24 Jun 12:24 PM

who miss the rally in this stock you can buy bfinvestment which holds this company this very low now buy

KPITTECH 24 Jun 12:22 PM

Accenture posted beats estimates so best time to start investment in IT before it again start for a rally..KPIT has already shown best result from past 2-3 quarters where stock hit 20% on a single start accumulating and get good returns.

AMBUJACEM 24 Jun 12:21 PM

Superb consolidation...creating support and getting ready for blast. I will fly soon.

532656 24 Jun 12:20 PM

back on fire again now the next stop will be above 12

KARDA 24 Jun 12:19 PM

dont add fresh stake its just a bubble let it correct to 2 rs level then buy in truck load

HTMEDIA 24 Jun 12:16 PM

adani is going to buy ht media soon

NSEI 24 Jun 12:15 PM

more horror for bulls might come when in few minutes Bhasin will appear on tv with vintage line , " lene ke moke h"

NSEI 24 Jun 12:14 PM

as predicted nifty rebound from 15,620 levels ... but not strong short covering happened... so again it will test 15,620 and this time will break till 50 pts further down that means 15,560

UCOBANK 23 Jun 11:22 AM