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Since 06 Jul, 2022




Diksha about info comming soon...



SUNCLAYLTD 24 Jan 10:51 PM

sundaram clayto Remains weak below 5000, new buying starts only after crosses 5100

SIS 24 Jan 10:51 PM

security Accumulate on All Dips here on, Target 430 In Weekly Trade Soo

DCBBANK 24 Jan 10:50 PM

dcb bank growing Stock, Buy At All Dips For 140 Target

VTL 24 Jan 10:50 PM

BUY Vardhman Text above 335 Only In Hourly Charts, Target 350

LAXMIMACH 24 Jan 10:50 PM

Lakshmi Machine Looking Weak On WeekLy Charts, SELL immediately

CHAMBLFERT 24 Jan 10:49 PM

Buying Zone. keep buying. good risk reward at this level.

INDUSINDBK 24 Jan 10:49 PM

Buy IndusInd Bank target of Rs 1408

NSEBANK 24 Jan 10:48 PM

banknifty expiry alert tomorrow 42800 important levels if hold 43200 above expiry otherwise break 42500 levels all are spot levels power of technical analysis rocks again history repeats itself to know more follow us on

NSEI 24 Jan 10:47 PM

Not only did nifty close at same spot of for 2 consecutive days, Put OI is also same for 18k & 18.1 k to know more follow us on

SEYAIND 24 Jan 12:08 AM

120 should come but it should cross 45 for it.

XPROINDIA 24 Jan 12:06 AM

Xpro India share will open at Rs.750 and close at Rs.900 on 26th January 2023 !! It will be a wonderful trading experience on 26th January 2023 !!

WIPRO 24 Jan 12:06 AM


NSEI 24 Jan 12:04 AM

SGX.....100 POINTS UP......TOMORROW 18300 PAKKA... to know more follow

NSEBANK 24 Jan 12:03 AM

profit booking start in dow jones To know more follow us on

LICI 17 Jan 12:31 AM

According to current scenario LIC will see peak in 2023 itself

L&TFH 17 Jan 12:30 AM

Lt housing finance big upmove coming 140 soon was 70 now 98 next upmove 140 with ib hsg finance

PRAKASH 17 Jan 12:29 AM

Now we will be seeing a resistance this week around here. As said needs to close above 67.5-68 for 3 consecutive days for 80

NSEBANK 17 Jan 12:29 AM

All banks numbers showing healthy hence bank nifty will be more than 42800 in couple of days ce and ride it...

NSEI 17 Jan 12:28 AM

tomorrow 1000

NMDC 17 Jan 12:27 AM

Accumulate NMDC till budget target 151 - My target for NMDC is Rs 151 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs 125

MACPOWER 17 Jan 12:26 AM

Sold 9k shares above 345. Great selling opportunity. . minimum TP 270/245/205

HINDSYNTEX 17 Jan 12:26 AM

Hind Everest- hope 640 price coming soon

RELIANCE 06 Sep 02:19 PM

BUY RELIANCE AND RELIANCE POWER IN EVERY DIP. Both are sure shot to double soon

NSEI 06 Sep 02:18 PM

no further fall 17800ce.......

WIPRO 06 Sep 02:18 PM

Wipro : Intra day target : 410, buy buy buy and make some good money in this IT

PAYTM 06 Sep 02:17 PM

Paytm is sure to touch 730 levels in intra day trade buy

POLICYBZR 06 Sep 02:17 PM

Intra day target : 510 , buy buy in this active counter to make some decent good money today. Counter is heavily active today in intra day .

NYKAA 06 Sep 02:16 PM

Nykaa : Intra day trade : 1390 , buy buy in this fashion to cosmetics counter...make good money today

MARUTI 06 Sep 02:16 PM

Maruti : Intra day target : 9050 , buy buy buy and make some good money today in this automotive buy buy for intra day gains ...technically it is very bullish.

TCS 06 Sep 02:16 PM

TCS : Intra day target : 3135 , buy buy in this large IT counter...very active...good counter,,,make money,,,,buy now.

NSEBANK 06 Sep 02:15 PM

buy for Target is 40300-40400 today

SBIN 06 Sep 02:14 PM


REDINGTON 05 Sep 02:10 PM

Hello all trader pla attention here inside new is here big news Redington support for Reliance 5g , when laungh 5g redington will go upto 500/

AURUM 05 Sep 02:10 PM

bought 11000 shares of aurum proptech at an average of 139.5 today.

SNOWMAN 05 Sep 02:09 PM

Any moment hit buy will start non stop to 45 level sl 32 target 50

JUSTDIAL 05 Sep 02:09 PM

sell anytime goes below 600

BANDHANBNK 05 Sep 02:08 PM

definitely it will cross 300rs soon

IDFCFIRSTB 05 Sep 02:07 PM

if it closes above 50 then it will go to 54 in few sessions..hope for the best

TCS 05 Sep 02:07 PM

sell call on tcs pressure comes on despite of market upward target 3100 and 3060 levels

NSEI 05 Sep 02:07 PM

nifty now crossing 17800 and in next 3-4 sessions 18600.soon 19000 happy investing:))

NSEBANK 05 Sep 02:06 PM

Breakdown may start anytime for 38500, call buyers be safe

NBVENTURES 05 Sep 02:06 PM

Breaking 217...I am done and happy for 70 pct gain...Good bye every one..see you in some other stock bye

EIHOTEL 02 Sep 03:05 PM

Mahindra Holidays looking rock solid at the moment now its time for EIH to participate in market rally stock facing major resistance at Rs163

NSEBANK 02 Sep 03:04 PM

ready to sell now 39360 is the buying level just relax and wait

UJJIVANSFB 02 Sep 03:03 PM

Buy for intraday target of 21 buy for delivery target 24 (1week)

BAJAJFINSV 02 Sep 03:03 PM

And new price would be one /tenth of closing price the day before.So if closing price is Rs 20000 ,new price would be Rs.2000/=.Cheers

RPOWER 02 Sep 03:02 PM

today cross 23 rs next week target 28 rs .good luck 😊

RTNINFRA 02 Sep 03:01 PM

May be In next few days Rattan Power and Rattan Ent will be same means = equal at 40 Level

HEG 02 Sep 03:01 PM

BUY HEG AT mouthwatering current price, again very good results like 2-3 year before reached 4900/ price, now at 1300/- by next qty may be around 3000/- grab GOLDMINE stock

MRPL 02 Sep 03:01 PM

volumes matters for this stock , SL should be 71.85 Tgt 75 plus

HBLPOWER 02 Sep 03:00 PM

Dipawli Target 150 Note My Words

ITC 02 Sep 03:00 PM

ITC will push up today to Rs 330 levels fast buy recommended

HDFCBANK 02 Sep 02:59 PM

this gem will zoom soon and lead to market at life time high.

TTML 02 Sep 02:58 PM

Looks. Distribution over. Now. May. Fall to. 120-110. Slowly. Exit. Who took in 90

NSEI 02 Sep 02:58 PM

Dont you thjnk a 100 point move wother ways would be a fitting finale for a volatile wud be an anti climax if the nifty just meandered itself to a flat close to a friday...bring it on.

PNB 30 Aug 01:37 PM

its going to be above 38 by 3.30

NSEBANK 30 Aug 01:36 PM

Book 70% the profit and carry remaining position. I am also planning the same. 39400 CE I have but I will do it around 2:45pm 35% and 3:28 remaining 35%

TIINDIA 30 Aug 01:36 PM

UC will see ... Company plan to launch EV three wheelers in next month .... 3000

NSEI 30 Aug 01:35 PM

no fall today or even day after tomorrow.. 18000 is possible next week.. be ready for booo00oom

PATELENG 30 Aug 01:35 PM

Patel to close below 26 levels today and 25 level on Thursday.. brokers waiting for distribution to complete .

TTML 30 Aug 01:34 PM

52 week high was 290 still scope to get money double with news flow in telecom

FORCEMOT 30 Aug 01:34 PM

First tgt of 1330 reached as hold for 1405 and 1550 as bears 🐻 will be watching in disbelief....πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ |

NAUKRI 30 Aug 01:34 PM

only dilevery baying anjoy after one year 8000

BANDHANBNK 30 Aug 01:33 PM

it will touch 300 rs within this week

PAYTM 30 Aug 01:32 PM

Payment will close at 713 levels today. and can see below 700 level on Thursday

BAJAJFINSV 30 Aug 01:32 PM

Bajaj Finserv also fell 100 from morning high, only to rise 200 from this intraday trading bottom range. similar rise is seen in NTPC in next two hours by me.

ELPROINTL 25 Aug 01:31 PM

Wonderful move...Be invested .. Bright future ... First target is 100 in short term..

MINDACORP 25 Aug 01:31 PM

Minda Corp if level 204 Above maintain then Rally 235 : 245 : 280

AMINTAN 25 Aug 01:30 PM

do not sell a single share.....making leather from mango waste will take this company to next levels by 40 buy and sit strong tight ✍️

NSEI 25 Aug 01:27 PM

Dow Jones future 230 points up today guys dont shorts nifty will touch 18k on Monday on my view πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

MANGCHEFER 25 Aug 01:26 PM

126 done... charts are super... keep holding

STARHEALTH 25 Aug 01:25 PM

Accumulating more this will cross 800 in few sessions & move to next target 🎯 definitely

ABHICAP 25 Aug 01:25 PM

ABcapital looks good 115 to 111 can test 130 support at 106. Positionalview

CHAMBLFERT 25 Aug 01:24 PM

chambal is in buying zone can buy for tgt 360/- can touch

HISARMETAL 25 Aug 01:24 PM

145 bhi cross kare to accha hai.... 150 ko touch karke wapas 140..... third class move ever.....

NSEBANK 25 Aug 01:23 PM

Buy at 39500 levels for Target is 39800 sure today make my words

BHARTIARTL 25 Aug 01:23 PM

Hold future for tomorrow. If low, add more for average. Target 756. Show

ADANIPOWER 25 Aug 01:22 PM

Robust results, massive expansion, good technicals. - My target for Adani Power is Rs 600 for the long term with a stoploss of Rs 320

EKC 22 Aug 07:14 PM

tomorrow it will be up .. nothing to worry ...14 and 15 is support range

ELECTHERM 22 Aug 07:13 PM

Buy it for the target of 125 So Abhi nahi to kabhi nahi......

HINDPETRO 22 Aug 07:13 PM

Book value reduces from 291 to 209 with current losses

DAAWAT 22 Aug 07:12 PM

94 to 98 is a huge resistance zone. Stock deserves 15 PE. Target 150 plus.

TATAMOTORS 22 Aug 07:12 PM

next level for tomorrow..440 ...after that reverse trend will start

NSEBANK 22 Aug 07:11 PM

tommorow it will cross 39000 and expiry above 40000 is also possible

HEROMOTOCO 22 Aug 07:11 PM

support at 2700..if that breaks, then no stopping.

NSEI 22 Aug 07:10 PM

tomorrow nifty will open -250 again .. weekly expiry at 16800-16850

NSEI 22 Aug 01:23 PM

Buy Nifty 50 pe 17500 at 81 , Tgt -200, 250, 300, sl - hero zero Exp (25 Aug)

ATGL 19 Aug 03:14 PM

Adani gas new highss,from 110 to 2910 now ,enjoy the moneyrain frnds

CONCOR 19 Aug 03:13 PM

sell target 600 ans sl 740

TATAMOTORS 19 Aug 03:13 PM

now days tatamoter not good stk its falling daily and expert giving buy call lol its not close 500 above

VINDHYATEL 19 Aug 03:12 PM

More likely to hit new 52 week high possible anytime sharply rise expect close by 1377

NSEBANK 19 Aug 03:12 PM

my 1st target completed this call buy banknifty 39000 ce at 314 target 400, 500, 600 keep sl 280

NSEI 19 Aug 03:11 PM

nifty will break upto the level of 17300-400

PVR 19 Aug 03:10 PM

1778 want to take some qty shares in PVR today

WOCKPHARMA 19 Aug 03:10 PM

having 6000 at 206. enjoy profits. but I will say sell at 400 only. it will go to 500 when company even makes normal profit.

CHENNPETRO 19 Aug 03:08 PM

Back to 44 Moving average i.e 284. Close below 284 is not good for stock

SKMEGGPROD 19 Aug 03:08 PM

sell and not take home 66or down next week

ACRYSIL 19 Aug 03:08 PM

good news in acrycil buy

MCDOWELL-N 19 Aug 03:07 PM

Today If it closes above 795-97 then one can buy for a tgt of 845 within a week with SL of 777

SBICARD 19 Aug 03:07 PM

sale it may test 900 leval

ADANIPOWER 18 Aug 02:13 PM

Next Target 500 rupees in Diwali

MINDTREE 18 Aug 02:13 PM

Mind tree will retrace back to 3450, intraday target only

CANBK 18 Aug 02:12 PM

it will reach 290 very soon

KTKBANK 18 Aug 02:11 PM

If it closes above Rs. 80 just before the Ex-dividend date, we may see 85 - 90 level in August itself.

INDIACEM 18 Aug 02:11 PM

209-210 is strong resistance for this stock...................breakout burst above this level

APOLLOHOSP 18 Aug 02:11 PM

Buy Apollo Hospitals Enterprise target of Rs 5000

GREAVESCOT 18 Aug 02:10 PM

Buy Greaves Cotton target of Rs 215

HEROMOTOCO 18 Aug 02:10 PM

Buy Hero MotoCorp target of Rs 3405

MOTHERSUMI 18 Aug 02:10 PM

it definitely requires a strong resistance at 80 to sustain its level. I hoping by tomorrow EOD it show trade above 90

TATACHEM 18 Aug 02:09 PM

no upper circuit 1100 only

NSEI 18 Aug 02:09 PM

i still feel that nifty will close in positive territory.

NSEBANK 18 Aug 02:08 PM


SONACOMS 18 Aug 02:08 PM

thank god i exited this stock. now ready to see below 500 soon πŸ˜‚ might close around 500-510 today.

LT 18 Aug 02:07 PM

Positive Alert for L&T: Larsen stock not rerated to same extent as peers, says Credit Suisse while giving Outperform with higher price targe of 2250.

RAMCOIND 18 Aug 02:07 PM

buy moving forward, target Rs200 short term

UBL 17 Aug 08:20 PM

United Breweries | Buy | Target Price: Rs 1,720 | Stop Loss: Rs 1,570

SONACOMS 17 Aug 08:20 PM

Sona BLW Precision Forgings | Target Price: Rs 843| Upside: 48% / 1 year duration

NSEI 17 Aug 08:20 PM

Today nifty confirmed stability above 17800 now only one hurdle resistance at 18170, above it will be heading towards history . See August month expiry above 18000/ marks.

NSEBANK 17 Aug 08:19 PM

I have given a buy call on 39300CE at 9.20am when it was around 200 made a high of 291. Check the levels.

LICI 17 Aug 08:18 PM

Important for LIC to move above 700 on CB which is likely on Monday after this weekly closing.

NBVENTURES 17 Aug 08:17 PM

16 block deals happend today some are at peak price of 265.85. See the demand

INDUSTOWER 17 Aug 08:16 PM

this expiry is above 220/- oversold stock now ready to fly

HINDCOPPER 16 Aug 02:30 PM

starts towards 120 enjoy investing

NAUKRI 16 Aug 02:29 PM

This stock is expected to stay on the upward trajectory from a short to medium-term perspective looks good above 4410

ICICIBANK 16 Aug 02:29 PM

ICICI is holding above its recent fresh ATH level, 878cp could see bullish moves till 1000 by year end.

BCG 16 Aug 02:28 PM

Share price of BCG will be reached Rs 600/- within 2 to 3 years ... BUY and HOLD

MFL 16 Aug 02:28 PM

target is tgt 2500 before end of the year

SAIL 16 Aug 02:27 PM

retailers will start buying when it would start trading above 100 levels. Investors should always target a company with rich valuations

VEDL 16 Aug 02:27 PM


NSEBANK 16 Aug 02:26 PM

buy 39400 CE at 150 tgt 210/220/240

KOTAKBANK 16 Aug 02:26 PM

Low Interest rates and system liquidity will be a reason for bullish in upcoming trading sessions. To know when exactly to trade looks good above 1940

RELIANCE 16 Aug 02:25 PM

Not easy to break 2650 level, looks like next month possible now

NSEI 16 Aug 02:24 PM

as now, nifty have resitance zone at 17868 -17888...Nifty could also reach 18k as n when closed above 17889.... (lets , it first to close this )....

IL&FSTRANS 16 Aug 02:24 PM

it will cross 5/-very soon

BANKBARODA 16 Aug 02:23 PM

its consolidation will be over soon, new targets will be 135, 150 then 165.

REPCOHOME 12 Aug 08:03 PM

two parameter to be seen first impairment/provisioning down significantly. company more efficient as pat margin increases. eps of rs 9 this quarter full year 36 p/e of 5 will reach180 levels. can expect upmove of 8-10 percent on tuesday

CAMLINFINE 12 Aug 08:02 PM

I think bad results are already discounted. stock is 45%down from 52 week High

NSEBANK 12 Aug 08:02 PM

banknifty strong expiry alert rocks alerted above 38800 next 39300 afterwards attempt to cross 40000 now 40000 due to holiday range bound movement maximum premium erosion next week crucial support levels maximum downside 38000 and upside 40000 all are spot levels power of technical analysis rocks again history repeats itself

IDFCFIRSTB 12 Aug 08:01 PM

buy for initial target of 53-54/- short term........60 within 2-3 in truck loads...

PACIFICI 12 Aug 08:00 PM

pacific 304 and 292 rs per golden buying chance milega but 2 year holding periodπŸ‘πŸ‘βœˆβœˆ

NSEI 12 Aug 08:00 PM

Expect nifty to retest 16800 if there is no breakout above 17800 on tuesday..Source - Many positive news flowing will spoil the bull rally..Lets see

HAVELLS 12 Aug 07:59 PM

it should bounce back to 1340 next week

ADANIENT 12 Aug 07:58 PM

Totally Manipulation in AEL Stock. Huge Profit booking expected in next 2-3 days. It will come down to 2600 levels soon before expiry.

MPHASIS 04 Aug 08:12 PM

Buy Mphasis Buy 2320 Tgt will be 2390 keep sl 2290

GSPL 04 Aug 08:11 PM

Buy Dr Lal Path Lab 2358 Tgt will be 2440 keep sl 2311

LALPATHLAB 04 Aug 08:11 PM

Buy Dr Lal Path Lab 2358 Tgt will be 2440 keep sl 2311

INFY 04 Aug 08:10 PM

Buy Infosys 1566 Tgt will be 1630 sl 1511

CHOLAHLDNG 04 Aug 08:10 PM

Buy Cholamandalam 757 Tgt will be 790 sl 730

TATACOMM 04 Aug 08:09 PM

Buy Tata Comm 1073 Tgt will be 1100 sl 1056

TITAN 04 Aug 08:09 PM

Buy Titan Company 2416 will go 2500 sl 2394

NIITLTD 04 Aug 08:08 PM

Buy Niit Tech 3869 will go 4000 sl 3801

ONGC 04 Aug 08:08 PM

NG buy again 633 ,,Hold position for the target at any cost ,,,,,,,,Good luck

EKI 04 Aug 08:07 PM

enjoy 20% ckt limit from tomorrow onwards...

JSWENERGY 04 Aug 08:07 PM

This has to come 300 level

NSEI 04 Aug 08:07 PM

Nifty correction till 17200/17150 is better for further rise of 18k/18600/22k ... Happy Investing !!!!

NSEBANK 04 Aug 08:05 PM

37500 tomorrow open bank Nifty red

CIPLA 04 Aug 08:04 PM

Conservative BOOK CIPLA at 1042 or TRAIL SL at cost CIPLA LOOKING GOOD for BTST

NSEBANK 02 Aug 07:39 PM

If fails to hold 37750-80, next downside support nifty lower side as long it trades below 17325-30.

NSEI 02 Aug 07:38 PM

If fails to hold 37750-80, next downside support nifty lower side as long it trades below 17325-30.

ONGC 02 Aug 07:38 PM

sell half quantity ng can add more if get 632-635..tgt 592-90.....exit only if it sustains and close above 638 for min 15.

AXISBANK 02 Aug 07:36 PM

#AXISBANK should seen weakness here CMP 722-725 caution view

DEEPAKFERT 02 Aug 07:36 PM

Frnds can into PUNDIX cmp near 0.66 and dips for 70 to 100% gains in med trm,always make own research first frnds !

BHARTIARTL 02 Aug 07:35 PM

Guys Bharti Airtel is an Investment Idea pick and seeing a target of 840 plus in one year time frame. Bharti Airtel is must stock in Portfolio for long term wealth creation. Thanks!

MARUTI 02 Aug 07:34 PM

Maruti rockingg new highsss,from 6700 to 9080 now,enjoy the moneyrain frnds

TATAINVEST 02 Aug 07:34 PM

Tata invest 8% up rocking,intially sugested at 700 cmp 1520,hold for long trm frnds !

MAGADSUGAR 02 Aug 07:33 PM

Magadh again 5% up, will continue jalwa frnds, enjoy the moneyrain

NSEI 01 Aug 07:40 PM

tomorrow's nifty gap down of 120 points is sure. Dow will lose up to 400 points tonite

NSEBANK 01 Aug 07:39 PM

tommorow atleast 1000 bank nifty down then fresh buying start

NTPC 01 Aug 07:39 PM

NTPC is maintained Buy rating by with a price target of 196.

MARUTI 01 Aug 07:38 PM

Maruti rockingg new highsss,from 6700 to 9080 now,enjoy the moneyrain frnds

ADANIPORTS 01 Aug 07:37 PM

Adani ports rocckingg 3% up,towards new highss,initially suggested from 260 cmp 790

TATAINVEST 01 Aug 07:37 PM

Tata invest 8% up rocking,intially sugested at 700 cmp 1520,hold for long trm frnds !

IOC 01 Aug 07:36 PM


ITC 01 Aug 07:36 PM

Tata Motors at 471 Keep Booking or keep trailing the sl upwards. Thanks!

ABFRL 01 Aug 07:36 PM

Conservative Book Tata Motors at 465 or trail the sl to cost. Thanks!

IBULHSGFIN 29 Jul 01:48 PM

ab yeah 96-97 tak jaigaa next week Wednesday Tak, it is sureshot target, it is called plan game. it ways done by operator ,he has planning how to trap investors

NSEI 29 Jul 01:48 PM

buy 17150 at 97 tgt 140 stoploss 82

HDFCBANK 29 Jul 01:47 PM

HDFC Bank going strong....resistance around 1525 levels... keep holding

DRREDDY 29 Jul 01:46 PM

Dr Reddys is given Buy rating with a price target of 5120 by Yes Securities.

AARTIIND 29 Jul 01:46 PM

shorted 10000 above 779...................with stop loss of 790 to 795.....................

BSOFT 29 Jul 01:45 PM

Clear cut breakout above 330 and holding 335 for more than 4 hours is a very positive sign. Now this counter will rock

DCMSHRIRAM 29 Jul 01:44 PM

Buy fir target 1050.excellent result by company,stay invested

BANKBARODA 29 Jul 01:44 PM

dont sell a single share 128 is the high

MALLCOM 29 Jul 01:43 PM

This time after result 30.07.2022 , this stock will fly to 1000 first.. Keep watching

BPCL 29 Jul 01:43 PM

sell above 335 If come........................ and keep your sl

DEEPAKFERT 29 Jul 01:43 PM

very good result .......hope to see 3 to 4 UC....

TIRUPATIFL 29 Jul 01:42 PM

tirupati forgings locked in uc of 10% at Rs.12.10

BAJFINANCE 29 Jul 01:42 PM

present target 7500 going to touch 8000 in short spell very strong in charts More so J. P. Morgan upgraded this script to 8500

NSEBANK 29 Jul 01:41 PM

38000 today target.... Its a challenge to bnf

NSEI 29 Jul 01:40 PM

Buy fearlessly 17150CE at 98 ... keep stoploss if you want at 85... congrats target 150-160

PVR 29 Jul 01:34 PM

Friends - ONly couple of days ago suggested that above 2000 fresh breakout in PVR and here you go 120 rupee plus gain just in last 2 days :) Ride the profit by trailing the SL, now 2000 psychological levels should be your trailing SL!!

TATAMOTORS 25 Jul 09:33 PM

Buy Tata motors for tomorrow morning 458/468

CANBK 25 Jul 09:33 PM

Buy Canara bank for tomorrow morning 230/234

COALINDIA 25 Jul 09:33 PM

Huge Profit Booking Planned from FII and DII Coal India Sell Coal india Target 180rs this month

NSEBANK 25 Jul 09:32 PM

I am also holding 300 quantity at the same price. hope we can exit tomorrow in profit.

SAIL 25 Jul 09:31 PM

I believe Devidend will be credited to your account on 29th July itself.... SAIL waiting to give breakout above 76 levels ... Happy Investing !!!!

NSEI 25 Jul 09:30 PM

tomorrow I feel nifty will retest 16700 and may see one can short here for wed trades. 28th is anybodys guess. try to close positions tomorrow or max wed

SBIN 25 Jul 09:29 PM

Sbin cmp 517 above for TGT 530/540 soon

TATAPOWER 25 Jul 09:29 PM

Tata power is looking good at 232 for tomorrow 340/244

INDUSINDBK 25 Jul 09:28 PM

Buy Indus bank 962 for tomorrow morning 972/980

ITC 25 Jul 09:28 PM

Fresh opportunity is there in this stock for 315

ACC 25 Jul 09:28 PM

Can sell this Stock when it gains another 3-4% Selling an investment is like buying one-you have to make sure it is in line with your investing and financial goals. Looks good above 2410

NSEBANK 20 Jul 08:16 PM

looks like rangebound tomarrow should touch magical figure of 36500 which it tried expiry jackpot open pls πŸ™

NSEI 20 Jul 08:15 PM

Again same reply.50-50 chance.16650 can also come or this can become zero.I was carry forwarding all CEs below 16200

NSEI 20 Jul 08:14 PM

FIIs are playing the expiry game.They have made up their mind to expire Nifty above 16500 tomm.

INFY 20 Jul 08:14 PM

Infosys watch out last few days high is taken out, if sustain fresh breakout for 2-4% move!!

HDFCLIFE 20 Jul 08:13 PM

Hi Atul - HDFC Life all brokerages gave 650 to 850 targets this morning after results, I am a buyer in HDFC Life at all dips closing basis SL is 480 and I have 650 as the first target. Hope this helps!

TATACONSUM 20 Jul 08:12 PM

Hi Sir - It is always advisable to book once you are in substantial profit partially or fully or trail the SL above your cost well into profit. Once in 5-10K profit per lot no way you should book loss in that trade, always book partial, trail the SL lower by 1.5% to CMP and ride! Hope this helps!

SBIN 20 Jul 08:11 PM

Oh Wow Vikas Jee 48K profit running, very happy for your profit jee either book or trail the SL to 494 on closing basis in SBI and Ride. Choice n discretion is yours, always advisable to book profit or trail the SL upwards!

INDUSINDBK 20 Jul 08:11 PM

Hi Sir - Results are likely to be strong about 40-50% profit up may come after market hours, but would not advice holding FnO positions as stock up or down 3-5% tomorrow morning you never know, investing wise stay hold but FnO book profit! REst upto one discretion!

RELIANCE 20 Jul 08:10 PM

Hi Sumesh - Reliance, SBI, Larsen, Bharti Airtel, TCS, HCL Tech, ICICI Bank, Exide, MnM, Larsen - Hope this helps if you prepare the portfolio in above 10 stocks in SIP n staggered manner keeping happy stop loss in mind!

NSEBANK 19 Jul 08:52 PM

tomorrow market will go down 100 % and there will be gap up but it will go down by 200 to 300 point for sure.

GESHIP 19 Jul 08:51 PM

GESHIP seen good volume n breakout today 450 should ready for 500 in 1 week

SANDUMA 19 Jul 08:49 PM

Yes Mr Kartik , Continue to hold those 2 shares, those targets will certainly come inside 3 months,Godawari Power Rs 600, Maithan Alloys Rs 1800, also Indian Metals n Sarda Energy, Continue to hold on for similar Targets

POLYCAB 19 Jul 08:48 PM

sell it short it very much bad result. going to fall massively this year tgt 900-1000

AUROPHARMA 19 Jul 08:47 PM

Buy Auro Pharma For Shortterm Target 570/580 ....

TIINDIA 19 Jul 08:46 PM

Tube investment suggested today morning at 2140. now made high 2318. congrats if you followed this cal

ONGC 19 Jul 08:44 PM

ng will fall down only.. it will not cross not today high 603

ICICIBANK 19 Jul 08:44 PM

ICICI Bank resistance between 780-790. If crosses resistance then will go 830.

YESBANK 19 Jul 08:43 PM

same here ...I bought for 53 now 74% loss running

NSEI 19 Jul 08:43 PM

dow joens huge swing 31700 levels to cross it today will cross

CAPPL 18 Jul 10:08 AM

Can keep patience and hold this safer one .

NSEI 18 Jul 10:06 AM


INFY 18 Jul 10:05 AM

infosys has the potential today to reach 1480, keep watching the gains.

IRCTC 18 Jul 10:05 AM

605 above is a top gear of IRCTC then 620/635

HDFCBANK 18 Jul 10:04 AM

Bank Nifty will underperform in long run due to underperformance of HDFC Bank as HDFC Bank is having maximum weightage on Bank Nifty. The weightage of HDFCBANK should be reduced for outperformance of Bank Nifty

KARDA 18 Jul 10:04 AM

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! KBC! Buy KBC! Anytime soon KBC will BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

KOTAKBANK 18 Jul 10:03 AM

Can sell this Stock when it gains another 3-4% Selling an investment is like buying one-you have to make sure it is in line with your investing and financial goals. Looks good above 1900

BSESN 15 Jul 11:35 AM

India ad market to expand by 16% in 2022, become fastest growing

TATAMOTORS 15 Jul 11:34 AM

Buy TATA MOTORS for 1 week Target 441

INFY 15 Jul 11:33 AM

Sell sell sell. All IT stocks in bearish mode. Even TCS near 52 week low. Keep selling calls for profit. I have sold 3 lots of 1500 CE of next month 😊

IGL 15 Jul 11:33 AM

28 days to go before igl boom boom result and upper circuit

IBULHSGFIN 15 Jul 11:32 AM

As soon as it broke 100 many public exit aab oper 90/100 time passin

KARDA 15 Jul 11:31 AM

KBC is skyrocketing model. It will blast anytime soon. Do not miss this rocket to space. A true hidden treasure at this price.

NSEBANK 15 Jul 11:31 AM


NSEI 15 Jul 11:30 AM

A 50-100 point loss here or there doesn't matter.I have taken a position for the week and won't worry much even if Nifty goes to 15900 today

NSEI 15 Jul 11:29 AM

You are taking the wrong trade.Reverse your direction and buy 15500 CE instead

SBC 07 Jul 09:04 PM

sudden 5% upper circuit good to see

HINDALCO 07 Jul 09:03 PM

Copper up by 5 percent in a day. Aluminium up by nearly 3 percent. Alcoa up by 9 percent. Tomorrow upside continue. Surely this will reach 430 levels in no time

APOLLOTYRE 07 Jul 09:02 PM

falling cride oil prices is a positive indication for growth of tyre companies

FSL 07 Jul 09:02 PM

stock movement can give a hint on the upcoming results.... something brewing in fsl. This can cross 150 in a blink.

HINDZINC 07 Jul 09:00 PM

aluminium buy call almost 8 points up. .

NSEI 07 Jul 08:59 PM

Hi Brijesh... actually its not very difficult.2 weeks back Nifty was at 15300 which is 52 week's low.I betted on reversal since 2-3 weeks and hit actual profit this week. Observe Dow and Nifty .When Dow goes to 33k,sell Nifty and when Dow goes to 30k,buy Nifty.Not rocket science

HDFCLIFE 06 Jul 08:27 PM

Sell hdfc life with target of 552 & stop loss at 562..

ONGC 06 Jul 08:26 PM

Sell ongc with target of 208 & stop loss at 212...

NSEI 06 Jul 08:25 PM

Yesterday markets closed higher starting from lower side. lets check tomorrow morning, who knows we might see 3% downside too.

SBICARD 06 Jul 08:23 PM

testing big resistance today with volume.i am positive on the stock now.resistance will become support and possible 4 digit soon.

SRTRANSFIN 06 Jul 08:23 PM

sureshot 1300 high tomorrow, tomorrow day high 1304 mind it

RELIANCE 06 Jul 08:22 PM

nifty down to 95 usd. expect gap down tomorrow.

NSEBANK 06 Jul 08:22 PM

100% kal bnf 1000poit fl dwn...just rememeber my word tomrw

SUBEXLTD 06 Jul 08:21 PM

with result prospective np down 6 % and stock down 60%..surprise surprise at the current valuation stock is in multibager bench.currently bearish but things may change dramatically.

CHENNPETRO 06 Jul 08:20 PM

intrinsic value is 150 after export tax. sell before you are late. dont wait for big fall

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