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RELIANCE 03 Sep 03:57 PM

not much downside from this levels...from a two year perspective it is an excellent buy

RTNPOWER 03 Sep 03:48 PM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

BASF 03 Sep 03:48 PM

Price breakdown on thinner volumes than normal would mean one to two key players were inactive yesterday. But this is a true gem to hold for long-term and can really surprise us with EPS of close to 300 by FY 23 end.

HINDALCO 03 Sep 02:21 PM

best buy opportunity from 410 fr the target of 470. till expiry may touch 485.

AFFLE 03 Sep 02:16 PM

Huge growth in business is ahead . Keep hold and buy in dips .

M&M 02 Sep 06:48 PM

Buy M&M for 1 week Target 1369 ,,,,

LYKISLTD 02 Sep 06:30 PM

my first target 72 second 96 third one 150 long term 350

LT 02 Sep 06:29 PM

Buy LARSEN for 1 week Target 2019

RPOWER 02 Sep 06:28 PM

Once market cap reached 15000 crore. it will be part of any index . Then MF need to buy this stock. keep watching

BRITANNIA 02 Sep 06:27 PM

last 5 years brittania has not given gud returns to the new investors,

COCHINSHIP 25 Aug 11:07 AM

349 is a crucial Breaking point from where big investor entered two years back and bought nearly 7 lac shares through block deal

MTNL 25 Aug 11:07 AM

just wait and watch you will come to know it will be 30 Plus

IOLCP 25 Aug 11:06 AM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

NLCINDIA 25 Aug 11:06 AM

NLCs Q1 Consolidated EPS is 4.96 as against Q1 2021-22 figure of 2.58. A excellent performance, We can expect a dividend of Rs 6 to 7 for the FY 2022-23. Buy and hold for a dividend yield of 8 to 9 percent.

KOKUYOCMLN 25 Aug 11:05 AM

Net Sales at Rs crore in June 2022 up 177.89% from Rs. 70.59 crore in June 2021. Quarterly Net Profit at Rs. 8.35 crore in June 2022 up 156.68% from Rs. 14.74 crore in June 2021. EBITDA stands at Rs. 13.69 crore in June 2022 up 253.65% from Rs. 8.91 crore in June 2021. Kokuyo Camlin EPS has increased to Rs. 0.83 in June 2022 from Rs. 1.47 in June 2021

INFY 25 Aug 11:04 AM

INFOSYS GOOD BREAKOUT KEEP TGT 1560 - 1600 - 1700 SL 1500

TIMETECHNO 25 Aug 11:03 AM

Time Techno have a good chance to scale 160 level in short time.

NSEI 24 Aug 06:54 PM

expiry Nifty 17800 to 17850 expected

VBL 24 Aug 06:53 PM

The stock so far not in FnO, then on what basis was this a short covering rally. It is a value based buying by MFs and FIIs that is creating huge interest in the stock even at current levels close to ATH.

CANFINHOME 24 Aug 06:52 PM

Must examine why firms prefer private placement of corporate bonds, says RBI Deputy Governor Rabi

ICICIB22 24 Aug 06:51 PM

India to incentivise rupee-settled exports to boost Russia trade:

HINDPETRO 24 Aug 06:48 PM

Due to sharp deterioration of fundamentals, HPCL could slip as low as 140 after declaration of September quarter results by mid November.

AXISBANK 23 Aug 01:06 PM

banking stock looking week but after some time grow up fastly keep your eyes..

AURUM 23 Aug 01:04 PM

Invest on this stock only if you can hold it for few months with patience. Investing is not an easy mind game, it requires patience to feel the power of stock Market

TATAMOTORS 23 Aug 01:03 PM

soon it reach new high accumulate on every dip

NSEI 22 Aug 07:31 PM

Based on NSE data. Lot of shorts are closed in futures by Client dii fii n pro Fii call short. Pro put shorts. But not many contracts

HINDALCO 22 Aug 07:29 PM

This will go below 410 tomorrow and 400 by expiry, there was bulk deal happened around 410...

NSEI 22 Aug 07:27 PM

Singapore nifty has recovered... tomorrow gap up opening

3IINFOTECH 22 Aug 07:27 PM

Stay away from this counter. Highly risky without corresponding high return. Better try First Source.

MMTC 22 Aug 07:26 PM

result will publish August 30, waiting for big upmove after that

NSEI 18 Aug 03:49 PM

sgx nifty just breached 18k. adani power on uc streak. adani power on 52 week high. The Indian economy is so strong that it wont go into recession. bulls rejoice

ELGIEQUIP 18 Aug 03:47 PM

This stock has seen a decent outperformance to the broader markets in the last couple of months. Prices have a good support around Rs 330 while immediate hurdle is seen around Rs 420.

RADICO 18 Aug 03:46 PM

radico crossing 1500 soon happy investing:))

JUSTDIAL 18 Aug 03:46 PM

You are dreaming, stop dreaming. Next target will be between 875-925...

BCG 18 Aug 03:44 PM

There are many good shares in the market but there are very few shares which can give quick return of 3x to 5x in a year. BCG is one of them. 👍

EXIDEIND 18 Aug 03:41 PM

Stock enjoys good fundamentals. it is cash rich by reason of sale of insurance business. Has deployed part of proceeds into EV battery venture which is a logical move for it to make.

NTPC 16 Aug 06:20 PM

Power stocks moving in the last few days. So NTPC should end this expiry around 170.

GVFILM 16 Aug 06:19 PM

GV is consolidating to 0.82. Shortly it will start up move

GAIL 16 Aug 06:19 PM

Target 141 till Friday keep accumulating for the target of 200 till December

SBILIFE 16 Aug 06:18 PM

BUY SBI LIFE INSURA 1309 SL 1295 TARGET 1320/1335,

NSEI 16 Aug 06:17 PM

Today as on 16th/August/2022 Fiis as USUAL BOUGHT SHARES WORTH RS 1376 Crores while DII sold shares worth Rs 136 Crores respectively.. The derivatives data is yet to be out.. Will post it once it comes..

NSEI 13 Aug 03:28 PM

There are 7 to 8 gaps left from 16300 to 17800 .Normally such gaps are filled in max 6 weeks .Similarly there are couple of gaps till 18000 .Everything would be filled up by end Sept max .Around 2500 points movement in nifty in next 6 weeks

SANGHIIND 13 Aug 03:27 PM

Promoter stake is 70% Non promoter stake is 30% Please see trader volume and delivery volume.

GNA 13 Aug 03:26 PM

result is out at BSE website...its brilliant!

HONAUT 13 Aug 03:26 PM

Revenue Q2Q growth = 17.6%, Revenue Y2Y growth = 15.6%, Profit Q2Q growth = 38.9%, Profit Y2Y growth = 11.3%, EPS Y2Y growth = 11%

ZOMATO 13 Aug 03:25 PM

Its not going to reach previous high of Rs 170 any time in near future but surely bounce back to Rs 80 to Rs 100 in few months on fundamentals as Management declared Company is going to make profits in 3-4 quarters & is already Cash positive. Dont be too much optimistic nor pessimistic. Company is not going to bankrupt as Yes Bank case. Nor Going to post extremely bumper profits. As Shorters are trapped, its going to benefit something from that angle in addition to profits.

AXISBANK 13 Aug 03:24 PM

The weekly momentum indicator has triggered a bullish crossover. However The RSI factor should be considered to analyse the Entry point

HINDUNILVR 13 Aug 03:23 PM

Any dip can be taken as a fresh buying opportunity. The upside rally can take the share price so high in coming quarters

RELINFRA 13 Aug 03:23 PM


TTML 05 Aug 04:59 PM

1 more trading days until results guys, lets hope for the best. if the 195cr one time agr interest is going to be on the books, results will be -90 to -120 cr as opposed to -278cr last quarter. still good improvement. fingers crossed.

NMDC 05 Aug 04:58 PM

NMDC Q1 : CONS. NET PROFIT DOWN 54 % AT 1467 CR (YOY), DOWN 20 % (QOQ) REVENUE DOWN 27 % AT 4767 CR (YOY), DOWN 29 % (QOQ) EBITDA DOWN 55 % AT 1899 CR (YOY), DOWN 29 % (QOQ) MARGINS AT 39.4 % V 64.1 %(YOY), 40 % (QOQ)

NMDC 05 Aug 04:53 PM

within Dec 2022, the script may cross 200 rupees including Nmdc steel shares. Hold and enjoy super profits. All the best from my side to all small shareholders who holds this share from a long time.

GTLINFRA 05 Aug 04:51 PM

Monday is the testing time if it crosses 1.5 and closes above 1.5 then its a sign of rocket otherwise same story, old wine in a new bottle.. rockets firing 🚀🔥🎯

NSEI 02 Aug 04:20 PM

Obviously there has been some serious unwind of put writing at the very end pkus some cash selling prjvably.. but nk futures shorts have been hnwound...the spike in Vix clearly shows that puts were bought in big for the big... 

TATAPOWER 02 Aug 04:19 PM

tata power looks good if closing above 240 in coming days can expect to go till 260

PHOENIXLTD 02 Aug 04:18 PM

Spandana Sphoorty Financial inches up on raising Rs 23 crore through NCDs

BARBEQUE 02 Aug 04:18 PM

Barbeque-Nation Hospitality gains on getting nod to further acquire stake in Red Apple Kitchen Consultancy

IDFC 02 Aug 04:16 PM

CCI approves divestment of IDFC AMC, says IDFC

SOTL 02 Aug 04:15 PM

by the time the results were disseminated , it was 20 minutes for market to be closed. After the results will be digested ( later today) - Tomorrow i expect the share price to cross and close above 1350.

CGPOWER 02 Aug 04:13 PM

FTSE Rebalancing on August 19th... expected inflows into CG Power is 250 crs as per brokerage estimates - CNBC Awaz

BALAMINES 01 Aug 08:58 PM

it can take 3750₹ also, so hold enjoy

NSEI 01 Aug 08:57 PM

CEs above 17600 seems exhausted with Little increases in OI change suggest people have stopped buying OTM CEs and anticipates fall. Expiry 17400 to 17600 level will be max.

BANKBARODA 01 Aug 08:57 PM

BOB ready to move to fresh 52 week High! once break above 135 we can see 150 in no time... keep an eye for 1 quarter.

INFY 01 Aug 08:52 PM

Any dip can be taken as a fresh buying opportunity. The upside rally can take the share price so high in coming quarters. Looks good above 1600

GTLINFRA 27 Jul 04:40 PM

Many seesaw and jigsaw will be there patience is the key till March 2023 is the key, rockets takeoff 🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🎯🎯🎯

NSEI 27 Jul 04:40 PM

Nifty 16800 to 16850 ... little profit booking and thn nifty 17200.... Happy Investing !!!!

ONGC 27 Jul 04:37 PM

ONGC inches up on signing MoU with Greenko ZeroC

OPTIEMUS 27 Jul 04:37 PM

Wait for Few More days many good news are on the way . OPTIEMUS is the BEST company in this segment with huge potential

DHANUKA 27 Jul 04:36 PM

Siemens trades in green on inking MoU with Tata Power Delhi Distribution

VEDL 27 Jul 04:35 PM

Iron ore copper n steep prices are continue rising .... Vedanta to benifit good results will lift share towards 500 levels.... Happy Investing !!!!

AWL 19 Jul 11:40 AM

Adani Wilmer is a GEM, Sit Tight atleast One Or Two years to See Miracles Once again in Coming days... GD Luck.

AVANTIFEED 19 Jul 11:39 AM

Avanti is very much due for Bonus. Equity 13cr and reserve 1800cr.

JSWSTEEL 19 Jul 11:35 AM

Steel stocks can be among top losers today, as more negative news flows are pending. hold on to your JSW JSPL shorts. can add TISCO to that.

NSEI 19 Jul 11:32 AM

When you find the PE additions higher than CEs by one lac lots during the day, you can close down your combo shorts. Till then you can hold on, even as BTST. Max risk is limited.

NSEI 18 Jul 05:50 PM

Today as on 18th/JULY/2022 both Fiis and Diis have bought shares worth Rs 156 crores and 844 Crores respectively.

SITINET 18 Jul 05:47 PM

Today I purchased in five digits and in future also I will buy more .God bless all shareholders of SITINET..

SPTL 18 Jul 05:45 PM

bought big quantity couple of days back at lowest average now 4.10 .... definitely looking at rs 7.50 in 3 months time...i am specially thankful to the chickens who shout nclt and hand over stock to us at throw away every counter we have these chickens who panic incur loss and help people like us to make money

RELIANCE 18 Jul 05:43 PM

Investors are being misled that RIL is being taxed on windfall gains on high GRMs. Actually the exact calculations in litres is based on gains in RUSSIAN crude and exchange parity as Russian crude has been bought in Indian Rupees. As and when this reverses the export tax will be reduced or done away with. The very reason why ONGC is recovering.

UCOBANK 18 Jul 05:41 PM

Let it 1st reach its target of 19. Afterwards we must think about dividend. Still it hurdles below its right issue price .

NMDC 18 Jul 05:39 PM

NMDC long target 150-165 before demerger..But chances are high that it can test 87-90 range before making such highs! Buy on Dip..After August u may see Good returns in this script

NSEBANK 14 Jul 07:58 PM

ICICI bank is quite stable until now. The day profit booking comes.. its game over for Bank Nifty.

NDTV 14 Jul 07:54 PM

if it trades above 185 to 190 levels on daily closing basis possiblity of a big move cant be ruled out. Once it will trade above 207 levels on closing basis. it will catch momentum. waiting and watching.

SBILIFE 14 Jul 07:53 PM

each and every inshurance company is known as on embaded value ... 5.41lakh crore ... way better then any other comparator ... kal se lic me dhamaka shuru... do not sell .... if you know embaded value

NSEI 14 Jul 07:52 PM

Results of Morgan Stanley are very bad NASDAQ will be crashed

SUZLON 14 Jul 07:50 PM

ministry will be taking the normal single bidding route for the wind projects.

KOTAKBANK 14 Jul 07:47 PM

Buy KOTAK MAHINDRA for 1 week Target 1824

VOLTAS 14 Jul 09:50 AM

Nothing doing market guys, trade light and remember being expiry day could be volatile also in the second half. Have a great morning everyone!

JUBLFOOD 14 Jul 09:48 AM

Buy Jubilant food for target of 600 in next 1-2 days..

NSEBANK 14 Jul 09:47 AM

Bottom-less fall in BN after 12. An imperfect expiry day today.

NSEI 14 Jul 09:45 AM

it will fall anytime 30-40 points so stay cautious and book the profits, market is week ans its a trap taking it to Play safe

TCS 14 Jul 09:44 AM

1 day is enough to recover. its tata the magical man. 29th all tata shares will burst out. dont sell keep on buying

CARERATING 14 Jul 09:43 AM

keep buy. up to 440. it will bounce back soon. fast. short covering will comes .

SAIL 13 Jul 04:24 PM

FY 2022 dividend 2.25 ex date will be announced once approval recd from shareholder meeting. wait for further announcement from this month. Aug or sept they will distribute the dividend....

BHARTIARTL 13 Jul 04:22 PM

Airtel has a minimum guarantee on swings. Their management will not play with public and retail stakeholder trust. The cheap vi will simply destroy 50-60% of wealth. Highly inflammable! stock with zero values

MINDTREE 13 Jul 04:21 PM

Results are there in the Mindtree website, numbers are excellent, except attrition rate. EPS for Q1FY23 is 28.3.

TCS 13 Jul 04:20 PM

will surely break important support in few days hence sell and exit

GLOBUSSPR 13 Jul 04:15 PM

Yeah, may wait for those levels to come once. If it reverses from 965/970 then dont wait. This is a pure gem in liquor space.

TIMETECHNO 13 Jul 04:14 PM

the pledge of shares is yet to be released

SHYAMCENT 12 Jul 03:55 PM

If people are negative, it gives an opportunity to buy LOW and one can then ride the UCs. Please be thankful for such brothers who help us in accumulating at every fall.

BERGEPAINT 12 Jul 03:52 PM

Inflation factored in.crude price is cooling. This is the best time to buy. BUY BUY

KALYANKJIL 12 Jul 03:50 PM

Ion exchange will not rise unless there is clarity on its sri lankan operations… lets see the results for one or two quarters

IONEXCHANG 12 Jul 03:49 PM

Ion exchange will not rise unless there is clarity on its sri lankan operations… lets see the results for one or two quarters

NETWORK18 12 Jul 03:46 PM

good valued stock , accumulate at lower levels, upward journey should start any time in July

TCNSBRANDS 12 Jul 03:44 PM

Once the festive season begins the stock wont be available at this rate as this year the foot falls in their stores will be better than last couple of years. TCNS Clothing will out perform this festive season

BCLENTERPR 08 Jul 02:12 PM

It must go up from this level.. Just wait till the change of circuit filter.. Probably in this Month it will be changed..

NETWORK18 08 Jul 02:11 PM

Patience is the key,it will move but not in the near future . Even if forthcoming qtly results are good it shall show a downtrend.

XELPMOC 08 Jul 02:06 PM

The Map tourism business will likely give a much needed stream of income to make it cashflow and EBIDTA positive

NSEI 08 Jul 02:03 PM

dont carry forward nifty long .. next 2 days anything can happen in the world cautious...

ELECTCAST 08 Jul 02:00 PM

looks like FII started buying Electrosteel again, as of now delivery percentage is above 75.

NSEBANK 08 Jul 01:59 PM

Stock market continuous up and down not possible.. Last 3 days up movement.. So correction 300-500 points required for healthy market

SRTRANSFIN 07 Jul 07:18 PM

Shriram Transport Finance Company inches up on planning to raise funds

CANBK 07 Jul 07:15 PM

Hold tightly will add in every dips for long term wealth creation

INFY 07 Jul 07:13 PM

UK PM along with UK Fin Min Rishi quits will it setback for infosys UK buisness ?

IBULHSGFIN 07 Jul 07:08 PM

Further fall looks limited, but moving up big time will depend on IBH showing growth indications which is missing as of now. Till Nifty bounces back substantially, IBH can remain in narrow range.

HINDUNILVR 07 Jul 07:02 PM

Too much manipulation going on in this counter. Not a BUY or SHORT call. Watch and trade. Long term no worries.

TATACHEM 07 Jul 07:01 PM

Tata Chemical is an investment idea at 800 levels, very attractive valuations and risk reward certainly favours in Tata Chemical risk is 15% as SL and reward is 40% from here in medium to long time!

CUB 07 Jul 07:00 PM

this year psu banks will show nice hold it.

SAIL 07 Jul 06:58 PM

fiis is neutral in rsi indicator sail

DELTACORP 06 Jul 06:41 PM

Slowly slowly getting closer to make new 52weeks lows in next coming days

ONGC 06 Jul 06:40 PM

Crude Shock: ONGC and Oil India tumble up to 7% extending

DLF 06 Jul 06:38 PM

Retail participation sinks to 5-year low on market downturn, new margin

RELIANCE 06 Jul 06:33 PM

correction over now good bounce back expected near term

IRCTC 06 Jul 06:31 PM

Seems like it is a good time to accumulate this stock.

TATAPOWER 06 Jul 06:31 PM

Fundamentally its a very strong stock , all divisions are firing, buy and keep it for posterity

IDBI 06 Jul 06:28 PM

~~IDBI~~ today has formed a inverted hammer~~bullish~~may see a upward move in tommorows trade~~

OIL 06 Jul 06:28 PM

Oil India climbs on getting nod for capacity expansion of Digboi Refinery in Assam

IEX 06 Jul 06:24 PM

looking gud for long term buy on any dip and hold

TATAPOWER 06 Jul 06:24 PM

looking gud for long term buy on any dip and hold

TATAPOWER 06 Jul 06:23 PM

looking gud for long term buy on any dip and hold

TATAPOWER 06 Jul 06:23 PM

looking gud for long term buy on any dip and hold

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